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(generated from captions) Goodnight. Thanks for your company. I'm Naomi Robson. in Australia? Is this the most dangerous man He's a professor at law by the colour of their skin. and judges people It was a catastrophic mistake the White Australia Policy. to abandon That story in a moment. Also, the most incredible birth. by caesarean. The mum who delivered her own baby and remember this moment I just wanted to freeze time and it was groundbreaking. because it was so different Plus, snail mail - that exposes Australia Post - the nationwide test thefts and breakages. the late deliveries, And healthy takeaways - we rank all the fast-food favourites. from sushi to salad bars, But first leading academics to one of the country's by calling for an end to immigration who has sparked outrage to the White Australia Policy. and a return branded as a racist, after saying Professor Andrew Fraser is being and Lebanese people out of Australia. he wants Asians, Africans a migrant from Canada, In fact, Professor Fraser, by the colour of their skin is not only judging people but by their intellect. we look at the storm he has created And tonight to the streets. as he takes his message It was a catastrophic mistake

the White Australia Policy. to abandon narrow-minded intolerant individual. He clearly is a short-sighted, narrow-minded intolerant individual.

My own preference would be for zero net immigration. Australia needs more immigrants. I don't believe a white nation. We are not, and never have been, Why do we need more diversity? We've got a diverse society now. of Australia's most racist man. These are the extraordinary beliefs

attempted to do this job, Pauline Hanson Celtic-Anglo Australians, to speak on behalf of ordinary and look what happened to her. and unpleasant job It's clear that it is a dangerous of white Australians to speak on behalf of the interests sooner or later. but somebody has to do it Andrew Fraser. That somebody is Sydney law professor to defend our national identity. He has taken it upon himself in effect, What I'm trying to do is articulate, the interests of my people I basically mean people like me, and when I say "my people" have really had people who I don't believe in defence of their interests. who are prepared to speak out An immigrant himself, would like to pull up the drawbridge Professor Fraser on Australia's immigration policy. Asians are most definitely out, as are blacks. it should be white Europeans only If we allow anyone in, with it. and he sees absolutely nothing wrong for the Japanese, Japan wants to keep Japan for the Chinese, China wants to keep China Africa for the Africans. presumably Africans want to keep

for white Australia To me it seems perfectly legitimate for the Australians. to want to preserve Australia to want to preserve Australia

Professor Fraser forecasts a future If immigration numbers aren't culled will play second fiddle whereby the Anglo-Celtic population to a ruling class of Asians. one of the things that has struck me As a law teacher in the ethnic make-up of my classes. is the very dramatic change the ordinary white Aussie male In effect, and shrinking minority. has become a small In 20 or 30 years of the law professions, the upper ranks and so on, barristers, solicitors, judges who do not come are likely to be populated by people European, or British, background. from that traditional north-western the first Australians weren't white. I think that's arrogant, because On the streets today met with an angry reaction. Professor Fraser's views the way it is at the moment? So you're not happy with Australia

Amendment getting more worried ,

put it that way. he has more right to be here Drew is saying because he was born in a predominantly white nation whereas you weren't. What do you make of that? I just don't see the argument. to back that up but... I came here to hear an argument Vietnamese Australian Thang Ngo like Professor Fraser like Professor Fraser can't believe an educated man

would hold such extremist views. any evidence to support what you say I don't believe there is and I believe the reason you say it against other ethnic groups. is to support the prejudice you have Professor Fraser has in his sights. But it's not just the Asian community

at Australia's Sudanese population. He is also taking a swipe growing numbers of black populations When you have large numbers and this is almost always associated in crime, violence. with very serious increases with very serious increases

These are people who have come here

fleeing from victimise sayings in

their country and yet they are

coming here and being met with this

kind of attitude on our own shores. David Shoebridge Greens councillor and lawyer at Professor Fraser's opinions. is stunned they are nothing short of dangerous. He believes that someone who's got a profession I find it grossly offensive on public law of teaching and preaching is also at the same time and unacceptance. preaching intolerance, hatred If Andrew Fraser is to be believed, we've been officially told virtually everything

and multiculturalism is wrong. about immigration or not, And whether you agree with him are something Professor Fraser's views very often. you don't hear said out loud a fully fledged colony I can assure you, when it becomes

of the Third World and white Australians are a minority of the great countries of the earth. it will no longer be one Sophie Hull reporting there. will stir up a lot of reaction, And clearly the professor's comments to let us know your thoughts so if you'd like on our web site please leave your comments or just give us a call. reach record highs across Australia Now, as fuel prices our next story almost defies belief. who has been fined It concerns a service station owner for lowering the price of his petrol. That's right, for cutting the price of petrol. And Andrea Burns gets to the bottom of it all. They're just crucifying us. This is bureaucracy gone mad. We believe FuelWatch is a great system. Paul Stinton thought he was doing his customers a favour. It's a favour that'll now cost him 1,600 hard-earned dollars for daring to drop his fuel prices 3 cents.

I don't understand the whole thing. By 2.00 every afternoon service stations across the State have to notify to the Department of Consumer Protection what their fuel prices will be the next day. Those prices are then fixed for 24 hours. Service stations who raise or lower their prices in that time are breaking the law. Actually he has been fined for not sticking to the advertised price. WA Fair Trading Commissioner, Patrick Walker. Clearly we don't like Clearly we don't like to issue infringements when prices are coming down, but to maintain the integrity of the system and to be fair to every other service station around the area we needed to make sure we uphold the rules and regulations that apply.

Look, I know they've got an Act in place but perhaps the act isn't meant to act so bizarrely. The RACV's David Cumming. Western Australia has always been a very backward State when it comes to the service station industry.

They were the last State in Australia to get rid of the roster system for service stations. They were the last State in Australia to allow proper convenience-store selling of a major range of goods in there as well. I mean, they see themselves as a part of some other country. Patrick Walker says he'd like to see FuelWatch operating nationally. Unfortunately people in the east don't have the benefit and understand of the great strengths of FuelWatch, in terms of its price transparency. I believe in free competition. Let the market go up and down as it sees fit. If he can do it, good on him. No, it doesn't make any sense. It's the public that makes your business.

Theft, breakages and late deliveries. Welcome to the world of Australia Post.

It's one of our biggest organisations

and handles millions of items every single day, but are we really getting what we're paying for? Well, tonight we put Australia Post to the test. And the findings are far from flattering, as Rodney Lohse found out. Monday 4 July last week I sent two packages by Express Post. And on Tuesday morning one was delivered and one wasn't. Australia Post. It's called snail mail, but it may be more accurate to call it no mail at all. For three days Australia Post essentially called Todd Barlin a liar. I called again to the 13 number and they said it had been scanned as had been delivered at 5.39 in the morning, and I said, "That's impossible."

An antique dealer, he sent 11 items through the mail using Express Post, from Sydney to Melbourne using Express Post, just as he had many times before, except this time his sculptures valued at $60,000 didn't arrive. For three days Todd called Australia Post insisting something had gone wrong,

but they insisted the parcel had been delivered. Still, all day Friday I couldn't get hold of anybody.

Finally, in desperation he sent a friend to Australia Post's Melbourne distribution centre to ask questions and went to the media begging for help. Then the wheels began to turn. About 6 o'clock somebody called from that dispatch and said, "We have bad news for you." "Your package fell out of the truck and was lost in traffic."

We sent a registered letter back in February this year

And enclosed in it was $200. We had a phone call about five days later from a friend in Sydney saying he hadn't received it. Todd is far from alone.

Barbara Kelly says her friends still haven't received their money, nor has she received an explanation from Australia Post. We were told that ours went missing between the Hastings Post Office and the mail sorting centre.

After losing three articles, that shows that they're not reliable.

Yvonne Copelin lost irreplaceable family photos and jewellery in three separate packages she sent to her sister in Sydney. I think they've been stolen because there is no other reason for three articles to be missing. And then, of course, there's the letter that went missing for 18 years Anita Howard only received her mail when we delivered it

four years after her husband Geoff, who sent it, died. Oh, my God. It's from - it's from Dad.

These are some of stories of mail going missing and if you believe these two former postal workers then there are many more. I've seen credit card fraud, mail that's two years old. Stealing was very common at Australia Post because they could get away with it. Amy, as we'll call her, says she worked as a subcontractor

to an Australia Post contractor for a year during 2000. She says contractors knew what to look for and took pretty much what they wanted, especially around Christmas. Contractors would turn around and talk about money that they have found in packages. Gift certificates. But a particular favourite was mail orders. Danoz Direct was a very big one that was stolen. They'd put them in the van, but later on out on the road they would take them out and take them home or throw them under the seat of the car. Danoz Direct went into administration late last year and in February was bought by a new company. We did, however, contact another of Australia's major mail-order companies who confirmed products who confirmed products going missing in the post was a considerable problem. Staff knock off credit cards and they wait a few weeks later for the PIN numbers and away they go. This man, too, is a former Australia Post worker and says he has no confidence in its service, from theft to late mail. I found mail that was two years old that fell off a crate. We conducted our own survey into the efficiency of the post, sending letters from destinations across Australia with surprising results.

In total we found 21% of the letters we sent were late, not meeting Australia Post's delivery guidelines. 95.7% of the mail is delivered on time and the balance within a couple of days.

Australia Post's Matt Pollard says

Australia Post handles more than 20 million items of mail per day so even using Australia Post's figures

that 4% that run late, that's four million late letters every week or 208 million every year. On balance, the service is highly reliable, one of the best in the world. But our survey found certain parts of the country are suffering more than others. The worst we found was Queensland. 88% of the letters sent to Brisbane were late, followed by Darwin and Perth where 35% didn't arrive on time. Bourke in New South Wales and Cairns also had as many letters The good news is of the 17 towns and cities we surveyed, two had a perfect record. All mail sent to Coober Pedy was on time There are, of course, occasions when trucks break down or have accidents and sometimes mail is destroyed in that process. Amazingly it was one of the oldest excuses in the book given for Todd Barlin's missing artefacts. In fact a truck went over the railway line and the back door opened and some parcels fell on the road. But it still doesn't explain why for three days Todd was told his parcel had been delivered and why it took the driver just as long to report the matter to police. We've apologised to Mr Barlin for that. There was a miscommunication. The good news is after Todd posted a $5,000 reward, no questions asked, and Australia Post did a leaflet drop, the artefacts were returned. But still, $5,000 to send a parcel from Sydney to Melbourne -

it's a bit rich. Don't send valuable objects by Express Post. That report from Rodney Lohse. And coming up later in the show - the health tests on all our fast-food favourites. From sushi to salads, KFC to Subway. And after the break - amazing pictures of a mum delivering her own baby by caesarean. Hi beautiful. I was the first in Australia to assist in birthing my own baby through caesarean.

Regret. Respect. Grief. Surprised. Disturbed. Disbelief. Intoxicated. Shocked. Amused. Resentment. Thrilled. Hope. Admiration. Entertainment. Give your emotions a good work-out. Call: Now to the mum who has created Australian history by helping deliver her own baby by caesarean. And the incredible moment

when little Oliver Beckton touched his mother while still in the womb has inspired other mums to assist with their child's birth. Here's Sarah Clarke with this inspirational story. WOMAN GIVING BIRTH: Oh, hello, beautiful. DOCTOR: Here we go. Oh, I'm going to cry. What you're watching is an Australian medical first -

a mum delivering her own baby by caesarean. Hi, hi beautiful. Being able to hold Oliver immediately after the birth and bring him to my chest is something that was so special and I really can't express what it means to me, as you can see. It was an experience Paula Beckton craved

after the traumatic birth of her first son Eli, now 18 months. After going through the emergency caesarean with Eli I made a decision that I wanted to be a part of my birth with my second child, Oliver. With a natural birth out of the question this time Paula wanted to deliver her second son, little Oliver, in a way never before done in Australia.

Once Oliver's head and shoulders were out I actually reached down and linked my hands around his shoulders and started to pull him out of my womb. We didn't set it out to be the Australian first when we did it,

we just looked at it as a specific request from a particularly motivated woman. Gold Coast obstetrician Dr Gary Swift took a little convincing, but after consulting only a handful of doctors in the UK who have performed this procedure, finally gave Paula the green light. It has the potential I suppose, now that it's been proven safely both here and overseas, to be considered for other ladies in the future. I did at one point think she was crazy to pursue it

because I just wanted a healthy birth and I thought "Why complicate things?" Husband Marty was apprehensive at first, but realised just how much but realised just how much it meant to Paula and supported his wife's decision. She was able to go away from the birth of Oliver a much more fulfilled mum. It made me feel amazing. It made me feel that I have conquered something and that I'm able to change a situation. Many mothers' groups believe Paula's ground-breaking delivery will revolutionise the way women give birth. With one in every four Aussie bubs born via C-section, other pregnant mums have already begun to enquire about doing it themselves. We actually encourage patients to touch their baby as it's coming out and touch it as soon as possible. Former Queensland AMA head, Dr David Maloy, who himself has delivered thousands of babies says Paula's method of DIY delivery is the way of the future. Innovation occurs all the time in obstetrics and we've moved a lot in birthing choices over the last 20 years. Logistically, Paula's doctor followed the same protocol as in a normal caesarean but had to take some necessary precautions. I was actually suited up with some gloves. I was rubbed down with alcohol in case I did come into contact with my own body, I needed to make sure I was sterile. The drip also had to be moved to just below the elbow to allow Paula free movement when reaching for baby Oliver. Other than that, the only difference was the end result. In caesareans the baby is whisked away for medical checks,

sometimes for up to an hour. In this case, mother and son experienced mother and son experienced immediate skin-to-skin contact.

I was able to look at him. I was able to feel him. I was able to touch him and to hold him close.

She now hopes to inspire other mums-to-be, raising awareness that they too can have a hands-on birth. I think women should be able to take some decision making and take control of their own birthing situations. That report from Sarah Clarke. And coming up - healthy takeaways, from sushi to salad bars, we rank all the fast-food favourites. Some of them are very high in fat and kilojoules. You have to know what you're You have to know what you're choosing. Well, the individual in question And that means trouble.

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Now, the days of greasy takeaways appear numbered as Australians become more diet and health conscious. So tonight Helen Wellings goes in search of healthy takeaways, from sushi to salad bars, KFC to McDonald's, to find out how your favourite fast foods rate. I think a lot of people are buying it because they think it's healthy,

but it's not really. Some are healthy and some are very high in fat and kilojoules. I think it is junk food dressed up as something good, yeah. Can I get a turkey and... Australians spend around $30 billion a year on fast food. The biggest spenders are 25-year-olds to 34-year-olds, singles and young families, shelling out a massive $31 a week each just on fast food. But just how nutritional are they and do they live up to their promises of healthier choices? I don't think this is a particularly healthy option. kilojoules and sodium. It's still high in fat, Dr Jenny O'Dea We asked dietician and nutritionist

claims of popular fast-food chains to assess the nutritional value and and the new ones, with their standard food menus. to compare their healthy options This one is quite a good choice. are these Subway rolls? So how healthy You've got to be careful with Subway high-kilojoule option easily. because you can choose a high-fat, If you choose a fatty meat or the meatballs... such as salami or ham The 6-inch Italian BMT or meatball and more than 20g fat has about 2,080kj the fatty meats and the mayonnaise. So be careful not to choose KFC? Jenny says there are some shockers. I think KFC has a little way to go, because the salad, the garden salad with chicken, it's still deep-fried chicken, so it's not a healthy option. The same with the Twister. It's battered and deep fried and it's got a lot of mayonnaise.

You need to be careful with these heavier meats and battered foods as they are very high in salt as well. Dr Jenny O'Dea says Macca's healthier options for dieters are chicken tandoori, Thai chicken and turkey and cranberry, and kilojoules. with one-third the fat for example, and less fat, These have a leaner chicken, so they are quite a good choice. Red Rooster - with a roast chicken breast salad. compare a fresh Sub The salad isn't very filling. with it. You need to have something else coke then, please? Can I have a large fries and a large extra offers are a big trap. Watch those combos, Hungry Jack's? should be filling. Its grilled chicken baguette It's a healthy option. And the new chain, Wellbeing - Lives up to its promises, low-fat tuna sandwich. so does the huge It's a wholemeal bread, than any of the other choices here. it's got more fibre lowest fat and kilojoule meals. Sushi - it's one of fast food's just 800kj, 3g of fat. Six pieces - So the healthiest choices - to a minimum. But keep the high sodium soy

And okay for good health are the low-fat meat option rolls from Subway, Macca's and Red Rooster. And you can get more information on healthy fast foods and healthy diets on our web site. Now to one of the stories I'll have for you tomorrow night.

Australia's street of fear - the family no-one wants to live next door to has already forced eight families and how its reign of terror to flee their own homes subjected to abuse and beltings. while those who've stayed are being (screaming) You say you're and upstanding citizen isn't really upstanding. but bashing people up (screaming) They rule the street. you've done to all the neighbours? Shouldn't you be ashamed of what They think they're God. You're a bully, Lyn. I'll have for you tomorrow night. And that's among the stories