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(generated from captions) police immediately evacuated two of near one of the plaitfirms fpt box, placed on one of the tracks cardboard box, the size of a shoe have information it was a small We on one of the platforms. after a suspicious package was found Station around 4.00 this afternoon Ian, police were called to Blacktown Damien, what's happening? is at Blacktown. Reporter Damien Smith on the CityRail network. causing major delays of Sydney's busiest railway stations, the bomb squad has been called to one We begin tonight with breaking news - Good evening. This is Seven News with Ian Ross. This program is LIVE captioned. I'm okay, you know? I'm doing okay. that have cost him dearly. about the scandals And Shane Warne speaks out a week after the terror attacks. More London suspects revealed could happen in Australia. What happened in Britain in our suburbs. there could be suicide bombers Tonight, John Howard's new warning -

it can issue a take-down notice. on a web site, that there's prohibited content If ACMA makes the finding an official complaint. if it receives only shut the web site down the communications watchdog can Despite its content, with Osama bin Laden. and even has an interview supports Islamic extremists, for a Jihad against the US, The site calls Movement headquartered in Lakemba. It's run by the Islamic Youth to web sites like this. The kind who might be attracted A terrorist sleeper cell. with no record of activism. British citizens, The London bombers were clean skins, is that there was no intelligence. about what happened in Britain The stark and arresting thing to ignore the risk. But we would be foolish there is no specific threat. Mr Howard says to tell us all about that. he does need of suicide bombers here there's a serious possibility So if John Howard thinks it's not enough. But the Opposition says what the hot-line number is? ask how many people can tell me I ought to have a test - to beware of terrorism. for Australians Now comes a new, $2 million push, are working hard. Police and security agencies last October. These ads first appeared to be alert but not alarmed. warning us is reviving its campaign, So the government might be hidden in our suburbs. of suicide bombers that a sleeper cell there's a lesson from London Prime Minister Howard has warned A terror attack could happen here. Australia is back on notice. its way any minute now. We understand the bomb squad is on Ian. Police are still here investigating. what the suspicious package may be. No word on but there are delays. and the Blue Mountains, and trains are running to Penrith the Blue Mountains line are open, Other platforms here for lines. for the Western and Northshore flow-on effects tonight But there will be Delays are at least half an hour. on the Richmond lines. those plaitfirms. It stopped trains

It would shock me to the bone but some explosives were recovered. No-one was arrested, and may take some time to complete. is expected to be carried out north of London. swooping on another neighbourhood Police continue their raids, living in Leeds. a Muslim of Jamaican descent Lindsay Germaine, but he is believed to be hasn't been revealed. The fourth bomber's face That's what he told me. four months at Lahore. and they stayed in Pakistan, for a couple of months They went off to Afghanistan They went off to Afghanistan from studying religion overseas. recently returned including Shehzad Tanweer, Two bombers, near Aldgate Station. who killed 21 people popular with friends, The cricket fanatic, the No.30 bus. just hours after he blew up reported him missing whose worried mother The 19-year-old student, the Edgware Road train. and who bombed with young disabled children The teacher who worked hid pure evil. Their innocent-looking faces on the front page of newspapers. more of the bombers' faces Today people here are waking to see and is now on the run. who arrived in Britain last month a Pakistani man aged in his 30s Ian, he's believed to be about the wanted man? Adrian, what do we know Seven's Adrian Brown is in London. a day before the terror attacks. believed to have escaped overseas The suspected mastermind is now the investigation has gone global. One week after the London bombings, No exceptions for VIPs. the Houses of Parliament. as he entered police checks and a body scan His first lesson - as they plan their attacks. to intercept terrorists so that we're better able out of the London experience, wring every last lesson that Australian police I am determined to see Visiting London, might consider. It's something Premier Bob Carr

to a standstill. And then later tonight, there will be a vigil to honour those who died exactly a week ago. The Prime Minister is standing by Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone, despite a scathing report into bungles by her department. But John Howard has apologised to two women for their ordeals at the hands of Immigration officials. by Immigration Cornelia Rau was unlawfully detained by Immigration and held in appalling conditions. Vivian Alvarez Solon was illegally kicked out of Australia and abandoned in the Philippines. Both Cornelia Rau and Mrs Alvarez are owed apologies for their treatment. A report on the two cases which will bring this metropolis They will observe two minutes silence what the bombers couldn't. the people of London will achieve Later today, and totally condemn such acts. in Islam or British society that such outrages have no place We as British Muslims recognise it's every Muslim's duty Prince Charles, meanwhile, says found at Luton Station. explosion on the suspect's car, Police also carried out a controlled to this bomb-making factory in Leeds. Intelligence sources link him and explosives are all in place. ensuring the cars, rucksacks the financing, the logistics, It would be his job to arrange a team of about four to six people. He would head up to have arrived from overseas. Al-Qaeda history shows he is likely the suspected mastermind. for a fifth man, A worldwide man-hunt is now under way and they go off and do their deed. and the bombs, they're given the wherewithal they met at a predesignated spot, where they come from out of town and a classic operation This cell looks like leading up to the bombings. the days and hours investigators are reconstructing Piece by piece, in this town at all. if there was such a violent minority

by former Federal Police Commissioner Mick Palmer found the Immigration Department sadly lacking on many fronts. Clearly, if mistakes are made, then somebody must have contributed to those mistakes, of course. But no-one will shoulder the blame. Former department head Bill Farmer has been promoted and Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone retains the Prime Minister's confidence. They still say, "At no point is anyone to blame, "at no point is this somebody's fault." Ms Rau's sister Christine says only a royal commission would expose the depth of problems within the department. Apologies are fine in their way but what we really need is reform The government says it's already implementing some of the recommendations, including a new leadership team and a review of detention centre management. It will also meet living expenses and medical costs for both women, but nothing for pain and suffering. Ms Solon, on legal advice, has refused to return to Australia. The government is refusing to bring her back on an appropriate care package. It smacks, to me, of crocodile tears. Sydney drivers are likely to pay more for petrol while the Kurnell oil refinery is off-line. The Caltex site shut down after an electricity tower collapsed. It may not be fixed until next week. Analysts say discounting over coming days is unlikely. We might not be seeing the dips in the cycles over the next few weeks. It might just be a flat-out $1.15 to $1.20, $1.25 at best. Caltex says it can supply Sydney for five more days before it has to ship in petrol from Queensland. A magistrate has described evidence against a man accused of smuggling marijuana into Sydney Airport as overwhelming. The case has similarities to the Schapelle Corby saga, with a conviction likely to lead to a prison term. This is what greeted police when they opened the suitcase carried by Chilong Hoang at Sydney's Virgin Blue terminal - 26 vacuum-sealed bags full of cannabis, 13.5kg, worth about $300,000. Hoang arrived from Adelaide yesterday morning but while he was waiting to collect his luggage, drug sniffer-dog Radar was alerting handlers out the back. Police allowed the case through to the carousel and allegedly watched Hoang examine it, pick it up, and walk away. He was nabbed at the exit. The bag had his name on it and a padlock opened by a key the Kingsford man had on him. The case against Hoang is based on the fact it was his bag and drugs were in it, very much like Schapelle Corby, and Magistrate Jay Carney said - the evidence against him is overwhelming. She refused bail. The Schapelle Corby saga raised the possibility of drug trafficking through Australia's domestic airports, but many people questioned why someone would do that if they could just as easily move the drugs by car. Police, though, have been aware of the problem for a long time and the operation that saw Hoang arrested has been going on here for at least six years. Laotian-born Hoang arrived in Australia 20 years ago as a refugee. For seven years, he has been unemployed, on a disability pension. Shane Warne has spoken publicly about his sex scandals and pending divorce from wife Simone. As he joined the Australian cricket team ahead of the Ashes series, Warne says he's okay and ready to take on the English. Fronting the cameras in London, the king of spin was content with a straight delivery. I'm okay, you know? I'm doing okay. Many people think what I'm like. I'm actually doing okay. Team management warned the media "No personal questions", but Warne ventured there anyway. I'm sure if you were in my position and you had your private life splashed all over the place, there might be some interesting reading about all you guys, too. But it's disappointing and it's tough. After sex scandals, a 12-month suspension for taking a banned diet drug, and deals with Indian bookmakers, Warne is confident he can bounce back - again. Too much practice, probably, to be perfectly honest. I suppose over a period of time you start to - whatever happens in your life, you just have to deal with it. The time out in Spain with wife Simone and his children may not have been a waste of time. Although we've separated, we're still good friends. I'm sure she'll be there. We speak, you know, every day. But life after sport is looking even more daunting after he was dumped by the Nine Network as a cricket commentator. It's disappointing, and I'll have to maybe look elsewhere and weigh up my options when I'm finished. But things happen, you know. You've just got to move on. Shane Warne says from here on, it's all about cricket. He's never been part of a team that's lost the Ashes, and he had this message for the English, who, until recently, had forgotten what it's like to lose. Well, you should get used to it. Ahead in Seven News - More frustration for drivers on the M5. Also, the space shuttle launch cancelled because of a dodgy fuel gauge. And the new Australian technology for video on the go. to all Australians. to help 10,000 of the world's poorest children - They are so poor that sometimes they go days without eating. Without help, Anzuruni will struggle to survive. by becoming a sponsor today. You'll help provide the basics every child deserves, like clean water, food, health care and the chance to go to school. When we get updates from World Vision, If you've ever thought about sponsoring a child, please do it today. 10,000 sponsors for 10,000 of the world's poorest children. or call 13 32 40 now. Here's proof. Smoke alarm - just $7.98. 150-watt portable floodlight - a bright $14.98. Poly-Tarp - a low $1.64. SONG: # Bunnings Warehouse. # Lowest prices are just the beginning. A big pile-up on the M5 this morning left peak-hour traffic in gridlock for hours. Nine cars and a truck were involved. It started around 6.30am, when four vehicles ploughed into one another, causing a four-wheel drive to overturn. Five other cars tried unsuccessfully to avoid the collision. A B-double truck also got tangled up in the wreckage. Two people were treated for Two people were treated for minor injuries. A last minute "no go" for the space shuttle Discovery launched some full-throttle disappointment this morning at Cape Canaveral. The crew had already been strapped into their seats when a faulty fuel gauge delayed lift-off. The astronauts woke early this morning, expecting to spend tonight in space. Outside, heavy rain seemed the biggest threat as Andy Thomas suited up for his fourth mission... CHEERING ..the crew of seven hoping for a ride into history. Thousands waited anxiously around Kennedy Space Center for that moment, including several Australians. It's pretty exciting to have an Australian astronaut on the program. By the time the astronauts were strapped in, the weather had cleared. RADIO: MS3 Houston. We hear you loud and clear, Andy. Good afternoon. But two hours before launch, a new problem - a faulty sensor. The vehicle's ecosensors for some reason did not tape today and so we're going to have to scrub this launch attempt. All I can say is shucks. We've come out here all set to go today. The sensor in the fuel tank has caused delays before, but it's left NASA dumbfounded. It reminds me of an old truck I own with an electrical problem. America's return to space will have to wait until Sunday at the earliest. This mission was meant to prove NASA is ready to fly again. Instead, it has only fuelled lingering doubts. Even for a country facing horrific violence every day, the latest suicide bombing in Iraq has caused extraordinary despair and anger. 25 children were killed when a car drove towards parked US Army vehicles and exploded. Witnesses say the children had surrounded the Americans as they handed out lollies. A soldier also died and almost 70 other people were wounded. Last week the US commander in Iraq claimed insurgent attacks in Baghdad had been mostly eliminated. An American family's fishing expedition has turned to an emergency off the coast of Panama. 18-year-old Stephen Schultz hooked a marlin, but got more than he bargained for. Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Stephen suffered cuts after being hit by the 280kg fish, but was released after a visit to hospital. The marlin will live to fight another day after being cut free. Sydney scientists have developed the next big thing for mobile phones. The new technology is set to revolutionise how people watch videos downloaded from the Internet. Getting moving pictures on a mobile isn't new, but there's not much you can do with them other than watch. Not for long. You can go back to the review from the trailer. It's new technology to search video clips like the Internet. Find and retrieve what you're looking for without wasting time, without spending money downloading a whole file. Instead of watching the whole news, just pick a story, or instead of the whole game, just one goal. It was developed by scientists at Sydney's CSIRO for faster lives in a faster world. Even if it's two minutes long, you don't want to sit there for two minutes, you want to sit there for 10 seconds you're interested in. The video can also link you to more detailed clips or web sites. We don't think anyone else has realised video is missing this crucial element of hyperlinking. With interest already in the United States, this Australian technology could be in use in just a few months, becoming part of a global downloading industry worth more than $7 billion a year. It's only brand new, but Elmar Platzer, who is marketing the technology, has seen the future, and it is shopping. You may watch a James Bond movie and you see James Bond driving this car or wearing this watch. You click on that, it could take you off to the web site where to order the watch or get a test drive for the car. Now they just have to develop the car. Time for sport with Matthew White, and the Aussies to play a two-man team in the Davis Cup? Lleyton Hewitt and Wayne Arthurs will be very busy this weekend. More shortly. Also tonight, the hard man of League backs calls to overhaul the judiciary. And pensioner power - it's the real gran prix. Small pieces of information from members of the public can help keep Australia safe from terrorism. Police and security agencies are working hard, but you could help them complete the picture. If you see anything suspicious, call the 24-hour National Security Hotline and help protect Australia from terrorism. Call 1800 123 400. Trained operators take every call seriously, and you can remain anonymous. The Rabbitohs have distanced themselves eight-week suspension handed down the Raiders fuming over the eight-week suspension handed down No backing down at Canberra today - allegations of breaches. to please explain It comes as the NRL asked the Bunnies are rorting the salary cap. that some clubs from comments made by George Piggins

until the AFL finals. to rotate the captaincy The Sydney Swans will continue we always cop it. No! This stage of the year to sign Braith Anasta. they have rorted the salary cap has ridiculed claims And Roosters' coach Ricky Stuart of measurement between. and create some type I think that's what we've got to try that have full-on intent. and then the ones the accidental hit to the head The accidental play, for minor offences. and three weeks there when you're missing three weeks here but it is a bit of a worry where I'm saying I've had enough, but I'm not up to the stage yet you're right, but before Canberra could criticise for previous offences, because the NRL penalises players Woolford's ban was worse, it's not just right. eight-week suspension, you know - Doesn't matter how they come up with eight weeks for this dangerous throw. after captain Simon Woolford copped for the judiciary but the Raiders have little love got a cuddle off coach Matt Elliott, at Canberra training The cardboard cutouts to skipper Simon Woolford. that system, officials rushed to announce a review. Why do you think the NRL chose last night to announce they're going to review the penalty loadings next year? I don't know. Why do you think? It's fairly ironic, isn't it? If it's not changed, some fear players will head to England. That is a chance. You'd hate to see it get to that stage. Loadings are why Adrian Morley copped three weeks for this knee lift. I wouldn't have got a three-week suspension for that back in England, Adam Goodes will complete his two-week stint against the Demons against Melbourne at the Telstra Dome this weekend. Former Demon Darren Jolly is looking for revenge on his old club. They've got one point on us, beating us up here, so we'll be looking to go down there and play like we did against Geelong and hopefully make the score even. The Swans are fifth on the ladder, only behind Melbourne on percentage. Lleyton Hewitt and Wayne Arthurs will bear the full brunt of Australia's Davis Cup quarterfinal against Argentina. Hewitt will lead off in the singles tomorrow against Guillermo Coria, while Arthurs faces David Nalbandian. Priceless. Just go easy, tiger. I've been meaning to get mine serviced. Nuala has Sydney's weather after the break, but first finance. And the market put in a strong performance today. CSR shares fell 4% after issuing a cautious profit outlook. # Thunder! SILENCE # Thunder! # Thunderstruck! # Yeah, yeah, yeah, thunderstruck VOICEOVER: The value-packed limited edition Storm ute. The ultimate ride. The look on gran's face for winning? The prize? A trophy. Top speed? 11km/h. Racing National Championships. in the first-ever Electric Buggy but they certainly hit the limit They were not quite doing burnouts, at a race track in the Netherlands. these grannies were gassing it up Never too old to take up a sport, begins on Seven tomorrow at 10am. Full coverage from Homebush around a doubles court. to know my way in doubles and I've played enough big matches some good practice together We've had in dead rubbers. will only get a start and Chris Guccione meaning Peter Luczak The pair will also play doubles,

Today's temperatures tell the story. along the coast. But the sun came out on top On the ranges, the cloud won out. control of our skies today. The sun and cloud wrestled for Good evening. take ACTION Take it easy, So get back to school anywhere, any school day. to catch any bus, It's a great value way or on-line. most newsagencies from Action ticket agents on sale now It's back to school so don't forget your ACTION school term ticket

moist south-westerly, producing a few showers tomorrow that will clear on Saturday. Interstate - Cloud will continue to drift east across from the mountains tonight, so it shouldn't be quite so chilly. But tomorrow will be cool, tops around 17 degrees with freshening winds and a shower or two during the day. Wetter in the mountains and just 7 degrees. As for the latest on our weekend - It looks like fining up early on Saturday for a mostly sunny and 17 degree day. Fine and 16 Sunday. Same again Monday, turning winds a cooler, It's going to gradually migrate east, that's going to affect our weather. It's this trough of low pressure on the surface chart. There's a lot going on Hello, and welcome to today tonight. Goodnight. Thanks for your company. I'm Ian Ross. And that's Seven News to now. and North Shore lines. on the Richmond, Blue Mountain but there are lengthy delays Train services are resuming, near Blacktown railway station. from the tracks has removed a suspicious package and the police bomb squad Returning to tonight's breaking news, towards the middle of next week. before a few showers redevelop