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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. for survivors. Tonight - the heartbreaking search to find their loved ones. Families go from hospital to hospital injured Australians Prince Charles comforts terrorism will not change Britain. as the Queen says

to be with their injured relatives. Australian families dash to London calmly leaving bombed-out trains. And the eery images of passengers Ten News with Tracey Spicer. a possible breakthrough Good evening - London's terrorist attacks. in the investigation into

found in the wreckage of a bus Police believe a body could be one of the bombers. 48 hours for many Londoners. It comes after a heart-wrenching hundreds are injured, More than 50 people are dead, many fighting for life. at least 25 people missing, There are still leaving dozens of families hospitals to find their loved ones. to make the agonising search through may be distressing. Some images in tonight's bulletin

and punctured eardrums, Nursing painful wounds John Tulloch managed a brave face Australian train bombing victim by Prince Charles. for a hospital visit

The tube to Paddington. I am sorry about that. a sociology lecturer, Professor Tulloch, after being saved from the wreckage was rushed to St Mary's Hospital an administering angel. by what he calls

Showing the Aussie spirit, able to hand out degrees next week. the Professor joked he wouldn't be

one has lost an arm. An unconfirmed report says in the attacks, two critically. Nine Australians were injured

who treated dozens of victims says An Australian nurse many had shocking injuries. when I saw this lady I think it got to me the most and she was just shaking that just had blood all over her and the moment she touched me

that transference of fear. I could feel to stalk London streets The emotion of the attacks continues pleading with passers-by with dozens of relatives and friends. for news of their loved ones

they have posted photos Exhausted by their vigils, any tiny piece of information. hoping for his brother-in-law Philip Russell. John Steadman is desperate to find That's the frustrating thing, waiting for someone to contact you. you're just standing here

rang to say he was taking a bus, Philip was on a train and and then nothing. missing on the Piccadilly line. He was like Aneeha Brant, Monica Kochoka from Poland also missing on the bus. Anthony Williams Philip Russell another bus passenger.

Richard Ellery missing on the Tube - see if any news is posted on her son. his mother checking the Internet to

Just an ongoing nightmare. this is really happening. We just don't believe there were flowers for the lost. At Edgware Road At Kings Cross too would not be coming home. a fear that many of the missing She went missing at 5:00 yesterday. This is my sister, Laura Webb. in the Edgware blast. We believe she was She didn't come into work. local hospitals, but as yet nothing. We've checked in all the

She hasn't turned up. Her best friend missing for 24 hours. Sera Johns was one of the lucky ones. because she's a fighter. We do have hope And she was. critically injured in hospital. She was found alive, you are inquiring about? Is there a person has had over 100,000 calls - The emergency call centre in London information, looking for reassurance. voice after voice looking for

to be alive, Paul Mitchell is thankful for the terrorists. but says he can't conceal his hate of a packed carriage He was standing at the back had the back of a leg blown off. around 10m from the blast and a very bright light from behind me All I saw was and then everything just changed.

There was a roaring noise.

I was screaming. Everyone was screaming,

I thought I was going to die. It was horrific. Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. of Australian victims. Mixed emotions from the families escaped the bomb blasts. Some are relieved their loved ones Others are flying to Britain critically injured relatives. to be at the bedsides of their for the Ly family A desperate dash to London

son Sam. to be with their critically injured from Melbourne The 28-year-old IT student on board the double decker bus was one of five Australians the bomb blast in Tavistock Square. when it was ripped apart by with severe head injuries. He's now fighting for his life We want to see him alive.

We want to see him alive. and Tony Cancellera Sydney couple Tania Calabrese were sitting on the top deck, the deadly explosion. just metres from because she had to go to work She just got on the bus that's it. and the bus just blows up, Tony was thrown from the bus and burst eardrums. suffering concussion with only minor injuries. Tania walked away When my husband showed me the bus they had escaped without injuries. and I couldn't believe We are so grateful. I think it's miraculous.

Catherine Klestov from Brisbane. A miracle escape also for 26-year-old She remembers most things, cushioned by the other people but thinks she may have been at the back of the bus. where she was standing Tania, Tony and Catherine are adamant Despite their horrific ordeals, to return home to Australia. they won't be leaving London

back at work on Monday. Incredibly, Tony and Tania want to be Natarsha Belling, Ten News. joins us now live from London. Ten reporter Lisa Goddard-Roles

There's a theory now these bombs

were actually quite crude devices,

what's the significance of that?

Well what's the significance of that?

explosive experts are now saying

they look like they were home-made

bombs set off with very simple

timer, most likely made from

plastic explosives which are

readyly available on the black

market across Europe. They say high

grade military explosives weren't

used because if they were far more

people would have been killed.

What's really concerning

authoritiest real worry is there

are reports that a large amount

are reports that a large amount of authoritiest real worry is there

the type of explosives which were

used is missing from stockpile in

the Czech Republic. Police are

making appeals to Londoners to help

them apprehend the terrorists? They

want Londoners to be nair eyes an

eers. They're asking the public did

they lease a room or rent a room to

someone who has disappeared, did

they notice a garage or shed that has become

they notice a garage or shed that has become vacantly. Did they see

anyone board a train with a

backpack and leave without it. All

of those answers they hope will

come quickly. Thank you, Leisa. As bombs exploded on their trains, London commuters refused to panic. New images captured on a mobile phone video show how passengers remained calm and raises important questions about the timing of the attacks. The air still full with black, sooty smoke.

This was the scene yesterday on board a Circle Line train moments after the Edgware Road bomb. Passengers told us they heard and felt the explosion on the train next to them in the tunnel.

Their train had shuddered to a halt but there was no panic. Intriguingly the time is 8:53, 25 minutes earlier than the police originally thought. A crucial new piece of evidence suggesting all three tube bombs

went off at the same time. Passengers can be heard discussing the explosion which they think is on the train next to them but the wounded survivors - all later rescued - can be heard crying for help. After 20 minutes stuck underground, the evacuation begins. ANNOUNCEMENT: Ladies and gentlemen, we are now evacuating the train.

Could you please remain in the car you're in and remain seated until somebody tells you to move. The first car first. It's about 100 yards away. It will be much easier if you all go very slowly and very calmly.

As the passengers leave through the drivers cab, one asks what it was. "A bomb," she's told. What was it? It was a bomb. There's a big hole in the train next to us.

Can you move along, please. Once off the train, it's a short walk through the dark to the lights and comparative safety of Edgware Road station. The biggest manhunt in British history has begun to find those responsible. It's a monumental task, but authorities say clues are already emerging from the rubble. Just who could create such carnage and how did they manage to do it?

These pictures were taken just 30 minutes after the blast that ripped apart the number 30 bus, killing at least 13 people. Human debris all over the place, bodies, people were wailing. Thought to be among the dead , the person responsible for taking innocent lives. SIREN A handful of shocked police offer what assistance they can.

An unprecedented investigation is now underway to catch the killers. The most important statement I can make today is the implacable resolve of the Metropolitan Police Service to track down those responsible. Less than 48 hours after the bombings a clearer picture is emerging of the attacks. It's thought up to 4.5 kilos of high explosives was used in each blast, the deadly payload carried in something as simple as a backpack.

At this stage we do believe that each device put onto the tube trains was likely to be on the floor of the carriage. SIREN The grim task of removing the dead continues but the hunt for clues is now becoming the priority. Something as minute as a DNA sample may provide a vital lead.

What we now need to do

is methodically and painstakingly sift through all that evidence. Thousands of hours of video from hundreds of surveillance cameras could hold the face of the killers. So far police believe the attacks were not the work of suicide bombers.

As forensic teams work below me here at Kings Cross Station police are now investigating whether the Tube bombs exploded within five minutes of each other

rather than over the 25 minutes as first thought. In the days ahead, the mangled bus and train carriages will be taken to special hangers for even closer inspection. A painstaking task, but one that must be carried out. Dan Nolan in London for Ten News. Still to come in Ten News - Londoners stand defiant in the face of the deadly blasts.

And the Queen cheers her subjects, saying terrorists will never win.

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This program is captioned live. The Queen has comforted some of the injured in hospital.

In a thank you speech to medical staff, she voiced her outrage and horror at the attacks, but was determined they would not change Britain's way of life. The Royal London Hospital in the East End treated the largest number of casualties. These were some of the health workers involved. Many more crowded into the staff canteen where the Queen praised them

and offered her sympathy to bereaved and injured. And then a message to London. I want to express my admiration for the people of our capital city who, in the aftermath of yesterday's bombings, are calmly determined to resume their normal lives. That is the answer to this outrage. Sadly we in Britain have been all too familiar with acts of terror

and members of my generation, especially this end of London, know that we have been here before. But those who perpetrate these brutal acts against innocent people should know that they will not change our way of life. A royal aide said it was unusual for the Queen to speak so soon

after an event like this and it underlined the gravity of the situation. Displaying the stiff upper lip they're renowned for, Britons are standing defiant in the face of terrorism. Many Londoners determined to keep travelling on public transport. The English capital is trying to return to normal despite the shadow hanging over it. A few floral tributes near the scene of the deadly bus blast.

Wary passengers ride the number 30, the route targeted by terrorists. It's still scary to travel on this bus now what happened. because you don't know on the bus and something happens. Somebody might be with you it's not even safe to be here. At the end of the day on the bus though. I think we need more security on the bus at the moment. I just feel nervous about being I wouldn't go upstairs, for example, but I wouldn't go upstairs today. I know it could happen downstairs,

to pass the site, And as the bus slowed down their good luck many of those on board considered

when terror struck. they weren't on board is a necessity for many. Catching public transport is a gesture of defiance. For others, taking the train or bus The London Underground is normally crowded, but today plenty of empty seats. Passengers edgy about unattended bags.

The British Prime Minister personally thanked some of the emergency workers who responded to the attacks. There is no hope in terrorism nor any future in it worth living. In Rome, hundreds gathered to show their solidarity with London. Americans touched by the bombing leaving flowers and signs at the British Embassy in Washington. President Bush also paid tribute. The British people are steadfast and strong.

Once again that great strength of character is coming through. Kevin Wilde, Ten News. joins us now, live from London. Reporter Dan Nolan

I know it's early days but is

anyone emerping as the prime

suspect in this atrocity as yet?

Yes, some British tabloids are

already pointing the finger at this

who also has man,. He's a 44-year-old Moroccan

man,. He's a 44-year-old Moroccan

who also has British citizenship. man,. He's a 44-year-old Moroccan

Scotland Yard hasn't suggested hi

is the mastermind but security

forces across Europe have been

asked to intensify their search for

him. He hasn't actually been

sighted since the Madrid train

bombings last year and it's also

claimed that he has very close

links with Osama bin Laden. With

all these claim he strenuously

denyed in the past and his family

has issued a statement this

denyed in the past and his family has issued a statement this week

saying he has no direct contact or

direct involvement in these latest

London attacks but of course

Scotland Yard are doing their best

to get in contact with him. What

about the possibility of further

attacks? What's intelligence

telling us? They're saying there's

a good chance there could be more

attacks. As far as police know,

these bombers are still at large

and they're harder to track down because they are

and they're harder to track down because they are thought to be

so-called clean skin terrorists

which mean they're British citizens

with British passports and

therefore don't up on the normal

intelligence radars. Police are ams

saying these latest attacks have

striking similaritys with the

Madrid train bombings last year. Of

course the al-Qa'ida cell that was

responsible for those attacks were

planning to take out - to carry out

further attacks until they were

apartment eventually tracked down in an

apartment where they had enough eventually tracked down in an

explosives in there to blow

themselves up rather than be taken

in. So if this London cell has the

same modus operandi, there could

certainly be more attack. So the

main thing is for police to catch

them until they get a second chance.

Time will tell. Thank you. The leaders of Britain's 1.6 million Muslims have condemned the bombings. They've called on their community to help bring the killers to justice. Beneath a steely sky at Aldgate underground station,

Muslims and Christians, Sikhs and Jews stand shoulder to shoulder in prayer. Religious and community leaders who know the next few weeks may be critical in ensuring yesterday's bombs don't tear the fabric of London's multicultural community. Friday prayers at the nearby East London Mosque were rocked by the aftershocks of terror.

The Imam condemned the acts, to be punished calling for those responsible asking their faith or religion. without, he added, Shahara Aktar Islam, Their prayers were for who has not been seen a 20-year-old Muslim woman yesterday morning. since she left for work

on the tube that got blasted I believe she must have been and Liverpool Street. between Aldgate with her. She carries two mobile phones the day from any of the phones. There was no reply all through

She never reached work. somewhere in the tunnel All the signs are that she's trapped increasingly likely and unfortunately it's looking getting bad news. that we'll probably end up I have no words to say. I just hope she'll return home. who carried out this act? What do you think of those people They are not human beings.

for Islam. They are not doing anything they are Muslims, you know. They're probably naming themselves, killing people. There's no such word as Muslim, Despite the terrorist blasts, most powerful nations the leaders of the world's got down to business, to anti-HIV drugs in Africa promising universal access within five years.

to poor nations by $67 billion. The G8 has also agreed to boost aid this could be the first step Lobbyists are hoping to making poverty history. On aid - 10 out of 10. So was this a success?

On debt - 8 out of 10. died of AIDS. Last year, 2.3 million Africans the rest of the day's news Still ahead - a missing plane and its passengers. including the desperate hunt for

a missing plane and its passengers. including the desperate hunt for Hurricane Dennis heads their way. And Americans flee as

This program is captioned live. one of three people missing, A prominent developer is in Victoria. after a light plane disappeared no trace of the aircraft. Searchers have found In heavy snow and low cloud about 90 police and volunteers out on foot and in 4-wheel drives were left with no option but to set for any sign of the Piper Chieftain.

to under 100 metres, With visibility reduced there was no hope of an air search. The last known contact with the twin engine aircraft was about 5.30 last night

after leaving from Essendon an hour earlier. It's believed pilot Russell Lee seen here on the right was at the controls contacting the Mt Hotham airport as he prepared to land. We want to find him find and recover the aircraft and our mission is to go out and that are in the aircraft. and hopeful the people alive

we looking for live people. At this stage, Also believed to be on board developer Brian Ray prominent Queensland property and his wife Cathy. the Alpine region for the search. His family have rushed to to glean to date Intelligence that we have been able

leads us to believe a short distance from the aerodrome. the aircraft has a come to grief a lifelong passion for flying, Described as man with aviation business near Geelong Mr Lee has run his own for the past 10 years. It was his second trip to Mt Hotham yesterday. From all accounts the pilot is well known local pilot in the area and flew in and out of the Mt Hotham strip on many occasions. Severe weather conditions are expected to last for the next 24 hours. Nicole Strahan, Ten News. The Federal Government is hitting back in the war over industrial relations.

in the war over industrial relations. It's taken out full page ads in every metropolitan newspaper,

costing up to $200,000. The Government says they're necessary to counter the unions' misleading campaign against its IR changes. what we proposed, People can see specifically so this is important. tell us no more and no less These advertisement told us for free last week. that what John Howard

with TV and radio ads. The government will follow up hurricane headed their way. Americans are fleeing a devastating in Haiti and Cuba, 32 people have been killed and now Dennis is targeting Florida. a hurricane this big, this early. The Atlantic has never spawned This is a very, very dangerous storm. million Cubans ordered to evacuate. 240km/h winds are belting Cuba, 1.5

Hundreds of homes destroyed, including a new-born baby. several residents crushed, in Haiti, Flooding claimed at least 15 lives others killed by falling debris. Tonight, "Dennis" is speeding towards the US. We expect Dennis will weaken a little bit over Cuba but emerge in the straits of Florida, the south gulf of Mexico still as a major Hurricane,

at least category 3. Florida and Alabama have declared states of emergency. They've joined Mississippi and Louisiana in ordering evacuations. It's kind of disappointing, but it's either this or death and destruction. before fleeing to higher ground. Residents battened down the hatches struggling to keep up with demand. Roads are choked, petrol stations Two hours and waiting. year's hurricanes in danger again. Homes not yet rebuilt after last

Still some residents refuse to leave. You know this is the first one "Let's take our chances." and people are like, Rahni Sadler Ten News. In the United States, has a new leader The Anglican Church in Australia with Archbishop Phillip Aspinall of Australia. elected Anglican Primate Voted in by 40 of his colleagues, hold the position until 2007. the Archbishop of Brisbane will

Archbishops Peter Jensen from Sydney and Roger Herft from Perth

had been tipped as other strong contenders for the position. Dr Aspinall replaces Perth's Anglican Archbishop, who's retired after five years. The weather's next and then it's Sports Tonight with Bill Woods. Thanks, Tracey. We'll report on the game that got away from the Dragons. Also, Warnie back to doing what he does best.

Another stage win for Robbie McEwen. Can you win the British Grand Prix, Michael? Search me.

This program is captioned live. Looking around the nation tomorrow.

That's the news for now.

Tomorrow morning, Shadow Defence Minister Robert McClelland and AMWU secretary Doug Cameron will 'Meet the Press'. That's 8:30 tomorrow. But stay around now for Sports Tonight with Bill Woods. I'm Tracey Spicer. Goodnight.

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