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(generated from captions) just how tough is it? to your heart, that's an issue that's very close ACT which has just been made law in the Offender Register Lets also talk about the Sex about that. because we have had you on before which we won't get into today well that's true. to sort out? Yes and we've still got the inquest issues that need to be thrashed out. So there are a whole range of a natural disaster. what was essentially, when one seeks compensation through to some extent that one draws I think it's a fairly long road case that we will defend the action. it will almost certainly be the of it, I may have a view about the merits it's not appropriate I do. I don't want to talk about the case be representing the ACT, The ACT Government solicitor will Yes most certainly. in to defend? Will you be sending you lawyers I think that's reasonable. courts, or as they see it thought the that they believe they had or pursue the right to pursue an action of anybody the right I'd be the first person to respect to do that, and I respect the right of people I understand that at one level seeking compensation. that people would institute action signals I expected there had been very many Well it's not unexpected, there for a lot of people? Clearly the frustration is still How are you feeling about that? and the NSW Governments their suing the ACT Their taking action, here in Canberra. by the 2003 bush fire victims of this class action Alright, lets start with the news which I am very pleased about. city relationship, and certainly renewed the sister and I learnt a lot and it was a wonderful visit Yes I am, from our sister city in Japan? and Jon Stanhope, your just back cities in the world, that affect life in one of the best range of issues join us for a catch up on a whole minister of the ACT it is a privilege to have the chief But right now, that's a little later. like how do Darleks climb stairs? ask all those really big questions It's a chance for the audience to Doctor Who inside the tardis. to Canberra, of the stage show that is coming we're going to meet two of the stars stick around because a little later 42 years believe it or not and it's been on TV for an amazing Who series, Now if you are a fan of the Doctor

border. we'll start governing across the and say don't you worry about it should not be standing up and the ACT people The ACT Government I need to make that very clear. Goulburn, and for Bob Carr to sought out with out with Yass these are for Bob Carr to sought they're not my issues These are Bob Carr's issues, are issues for the NSW Government. and Goulburn's water supply supply but issues around Yass' water passing and this is not classic buck I do need to say, can we afford to do that? supply, they want to tap into the ACT water running out, they're quite concerned about water, they're in dire straits with their Now with Yass though, have fixed that again. but the frost this morning might of Winter Well it has green up in the middle way? how's your garden looking by the it's been fantastic hasn't it? Now can we talk about the rain, on this 100%. I think the community is with you issue on them re-offending. around what appears to be a real concerned but I think we're all very very way to this, and we can't respond in a knee jerk and we do need to think about them these are difficult issues or sex offenders against children, in relation to paedophiles But it is another layer of control now. and I think most of the states have and we have implemented it, agreed on a model system any territory in Australia now has every state, it's nationally consistent with This is a national scheme, and that's the other aspect of this. We are, with other states? So we're basically coming in line is appropriate. we don't believe that We don't believe that would work, in relation to their family. need to take and take steps that they feel they so that they can perhaps monitor it or where it is that they work know where a sex offender lives, that they should have a right to believe and I'm aware that some people No they can't Or anything like that? No, about their neighbours? actually access any information Alright, can members of the public must tell the police. must register automatically, of 18 against somebody under the age of a sex offence against a child, convicted it requires anybody that's been It is a tough register, is a fundamental issue. after a sentence has been served or what can be seen as punishment to pose some form of punishment or not we should continue particually this issue of whether Issues around crime and punishment and it's a tough issue. Well it's a tough register,

tax payer expense. Alright, Chief Minister a couple of quick questions, OK quick answers for me, Water skiing on Lake Burley Griffin? Well we'll look at it, it's essentially an issues for the NCA but we'll cooperate. There are some issues there, I'd like to see a bit more life in Canberra and I've been a proponent for more life around the Lake. And we should be using the lake a little bit more? But I think we've got to be careful of the amenity, I think most Canberrans would look at the Lake and think of it as a place of peace, a place of some solitude and a place to go for those quiet walks or a ride or a stroll. So noise is a problem, noise is an issue? Noise and amenity is an issue. And just finally the Deb Foskey public housing controversy that was around a little while ago. She's still deciding whether she's going to move out of her home in Yarralumla. Should politicians like Deb Foskey but we won't provide it at the ACT waters is there we'll provide it and the principles is yes if the into an agreement around principles What we're doing is we're entering for NSW. but these are at heart issues We will be good neighbours, we haven't forgotten you it's OK? So the Yass people, us with a certain amount of water. then NSW has to sell us or provide that which will come into being we do do arrangement and if under a water trading it's regarded as NSW's water the ACT to NSW so if water is ever provided from allocation or our cap, where is doesn't come off our in a situation to us we'll provide water water at no cost, In the first place we'll provide circumstances of the situation. and its says these are the and it sets out the parameters sign an agreement the Commonwealth is also going to agreement with NSW, is that we're entering into an neighbours But what we are doing as good set an example for the rest of us and are you looking at changing the laws to possibly make that happen? I respect the principle that Deb Foskey's maintaining, is that she took possession of a Government house at a certain stage in her life when she met all the criteria. But clearly if she can afford it now don't you think she should move on? Yeah, one could argue that, but I think one argue only because Deb Foskey's a politician not because her situation or circumstances has changed. Point taken. We do need to take account of the fact there are 1,300 other families in Canberra in the same position as Deb Foskey. For everything that's said about Deb Foskey in relation to she can afford it, she should leave one has to point the finger to 1,300 other families and say the same to them. And so the attitude the Governments taken, we need to understand a government is not just a house, it's a home. It's a home? With everything, it means with the emotional attachments, the significance. Or maybe we need some income threshold or something there? Or we actually move away from security tendor. The position we currently have is that if you have a some stage in your life feel the need to access Government housing you can be assured in the ACT, that if you wish can become your home to public housing. There's also a lot of people too, who are waiting on that list for a house as well I think we'll just leave it there for the moment. Well they're issues and that's the dilemma. It's a very complicated one but thank you for dropping by today. It's a pleasure. It's always great to have you on State Focus. Thank you very much Ali. Stay with us after the break, we'll head to Orange to talk to State Politician Russell Turner about the problem of teen vandals. That's next on State Focus.

Well, vandalism is one of those crimes that can really get your blood boiling, why would anyone get a kick out of destroying anothers property. In the city of Orange the residents of Yvonne Crescent have had enough, and the NSW MP for Orange Russell Turner has been kind enough to take sometime out of his weekend to join us today to talk about the problems there. Hi Russell, how are you? Hi Ali, very well today thank you. Can you tell me what kind of vandalism we're talking about here? Well what we're looking at is principly homes that are in between tenants that are either Aboriginal housing, corporation homes or department of housing homes. The young Aboriginals principally around that 9,10,11 year old mark are breaking the windows, getting into the homes and some instances smashing the wall panels anything that's in the kitchen such as taps etc, just general petty vandalism, but costs a lot of money to renovate those homes. And I guess that's distressing residence in what is essentially a great little community? Well we've got a number of people up here that are on Department of Housing waiting lists, that have waited months and months to get into a home and then this delays that process by a month or two months because they've then got to bring the contractors in to re-renovate that house because quite often those homes have been renovated, and within a day of the renovation there smashed beyond habitation. Dear, dear, you've been able to meet with some community leaders what essentially is perhaps a solution to this problem? Well, in the past we've tried to look at the solutions perhaps after they've become the issue. What we got to do is try to go back to square one, somewhat, and try to prevent the issues becoming what they are, from day one and what I mean is, try to get the kids that are three, four, five, or six years of age to try and go to school regularly, and try to get them to have some esteem within themselves so that they don't need to go around and vandalise peoples homes, because until we install that sense of confidence within themselves they've got no value or no respect for themselves and they've got less respect for people in the community. So we've got to try and break that cycle somehow. Well lets hope that these early decisions and a bit of tough talk from you Russell Turner and we might see our way to solving the problems in Yvonne Crescent. I'll have to leave it there, thanks for your time this afternoon. Thanks very much Ali. And it has been a busy week right around the region, starting with the ACT - And as the Chief Minister mentioned on State Focus a short time ago, his government will fight residents suing over the 2003 bushfires. Lawyers will be asking for substantial pay-outs for those victims who were badly burnt and lost property. Its now law in the ACT for pubs and clubs to designate one room to smokers, before smoking is completely banned in 2007. Smoke detectors are close to being made compulsory in all ACT homes, just like in NSW. And two of Canberra's worst black spots are getting fixed. A new roundabout for Wakefield Ave and Cowper street at Dickson, and traffic lights at Melrose Drive and Botany Street in Phillip. On the South Coast - Dapto's Lo family has been given an extra two weeks, and another appeal on why they should be allowed to stay in Australia. The family had already made foster care arrangements for their sons to stay in Wollongong. Bega Council sat down this week to try to work out how it will fund new projects, after the government knocked back a 12.5% rate rise. Shoalhaven council is weighing up the value of bidding for a new jail for 500 inmates. And Sandon Point residents have agreed they want to see plenty of space in any redevelopment plans. In the central west this week - The focus has been on Dawn Fardell's decision to quit Dubbo Council. Dawn says she wants to concentrate on her job as state MP for Dubbo. The developer of a planned brothel in Bathurst is going to the ICAC, not for being knocked back on the deal, but because Council has now withdrawn the block of land that he was buying. Real estate prices in Parkes have shot up by 20% in the last 12 months with the average price around $178,000. And our recent rain has bumped up the winter crop forecasts, after 50 millimetres dumped down on Cowra alone. And the rain is still the talk of the town in the Riverina. The month of June was much wetter than first thought, with Wagga receiving 70 millimetres, which is about 20 mills above the average rainfall for that month. Staff at the Riverina juvenile jail, will get prison officer training to handle critical situations. Wagga's new hospital is getting plenty of comment from locals, even though it is still a few years away. And, the cash strapped Oasis swim centre is Cutting its entry fees to try and get more people to use the centre. Well you've probably seen the ads for Canberra's latest apartment hot spots, The Kingston Foreshore development, Sky Plaza at Woden, The Space and the Avenue high rises in Turner and the Gateway in Queanbeyan. Most investors have brought off the plan, and they hope to do well. But David Dawes from the ACT Master Builders Association has seen a few get into some strife. And he joins us with some sound advice today. Hi David. Hi, how are you going? Good, what's the golden rules as far as buying off the plan? Well I think people need to look at a couple of things prior to buying off the plan, they need to make sure that one they can afford that particular investment. So get your finance straight? Exactly because in some cases we've seen the market where people have been able to sell prior to settlement and do very well, that is a bonus. What you need to be able to do is settle on the unit and then also ensure that once you've settled on it that you can afford to carry the payments until the property can be rented out. Now if you're purchasing a large development it can take a little longer to rent out and depending on the time of the year but one of the things that we've always seen in Canberra is that the rental market is very very strong here and it normally only takes a couple of weeks for those properties to be rented out. But you just need to make sure that you have got enough away to cover those short falls. Do you think that the Canberra property market as far as apartments are concerned, have we got too many at the moment? I think some of the developers are looking at some of the developments they may do in the future because there is a number of developments coming out of the ground currently, but there all very well located. Perhaps some of the other unit developments that might have been planned on the peripheral parts of Canberra may stall it and wait and re-assess the market. So another golden rule is to try and buy as close to town? I think when you look at what's happening in and around Kingston is very good property for investment in and around the Civic area and at Woden and obviously with some of the developments that are occurring in Queanbeyan there close to the city's hub and I think that's always a good golden rule to buy good property units in those central locations because it's obviously an easy walk or a bus ride to work or what ever the case may be. Convenience is the golden rule? yes I think that's important, is the convenience. What about developers, how important is it for an investor to do their research about the developers as well? Well I think that always needs to be done, and one of the things that we've seen over the last couple of years is the developers are looking at developing very good display units up front so people can physically see what their going to purchase. When I look back 20 years people would buy off the plan and they'd say there unit would be located there and this is what you'd receive. And no idea about their inclusions or anything? No that's right, but today the developers are actually being up front and displaying what you see is what you get. David Dawes great to have you in and some great advise there for everyone. Thanks for coming in. Thank you and take care. OK right after the break - We talk to a Canberra relationships therapist about separation, Warney style. And we meet the crazy stars of Doctor Who, The stage show, you are watching State Focus. Now it has been hard to ignore the headlines about cricketer Shane Warne and his passion for bowling over more maidens off field than on in England. And after 10 years together Warne's wife Simone has confirmed that she is leaving Shane, with the couple working on separation plans while holidaying in Spain. Mary Perkin is the ACT's chief executive officer with Relationships Australia, and she has seen many couples going through exactly what the Warnes are going through, and she's dropped by this afternoon. Hi Mary Hi Ali. What's the success rate for counselling couples like the Warnes for instance? I think on that topic of an affair or on a threat to a relationship I' be pretty happy to say about 50 - 50. Really there pretty good odds? Yeah I think they are pretty good stats that about half the couples we see it's a very common problem for people to come in being concerned about affairs or having some threat to their relationship by an attraction to another person. Now you know in this day and age couples tend to lead these parallel lives, does that open themselves up to more opportunity so hence there's the chance that infidelity could become a factor in a relationship? It's always hard to say with relationships because each one's different. People that are close and live in each others pockets can also be attracted to a third person. They could have an affair as well? It's not unusual. Every relationship is going to at some point or rather is going to have to face the test of an attraction to another person. Mary can a relationship like the Warnes, I'm bringing it back to those two, survive serial infidelity at all? I would be.. Like someone who cheats again and again? I think they're in big trouble. As a relationship counsellor I never going to give up hope that things can get back together. But the more that people don't learn from mistakes or don't learn from something that went wrong and the more they keep repeating that, probably everybody would know that if you're not going to learn from mistakes you're in trouble and it's not a very satisfying life for most people. If Shane Warne and Simone walk through your door tomorrow where would you start with counselling? Is it up to them? Yes, well it's always fantastic to get help, so I'll never say it's up to them. We try our guts out to try and help them, but I would want to know first what there hope was for staying together, do they still have some glimmer of feeling, is there still a flicker of caring and love for the other person that we can fan that flame? I think there is somehow reading between the lines? Well actually the fact that people walk in the door together is incredibly brave thing to do so that would give me a lot of hope. If they came to counselling, I would have a lot of hope. Well you've got plenty of experience, 30 in the relationship game. Thank you for coming in today. No worries Ali. And of course, Relationships Australia is always there to advise couples and families throughout our region, and this 1300 number will get you in touch with an office near you. Well, they say your either a Star Trek fan or Doctor Who fan and never shall the two inter galactic worlds meet. Well, Canberra has had its fair share of trekkie conventions over the years, but in a few weeks time, the ultimate Doctor Who retrospect will hit town and two of the cast have dodged a few Darleks to be with us today. Katie Manning and Tim Ferguson welcome to State Focus. Thank you. Lovely to see you. Now Tim I'll start with you, what is the difference between a trekkie and a Who fan? Is there a difference? Well a trekkie is easily spotted because their wearing spandex jumpsuits, easily picked in the crowd and you'll be able to see pretty well their lunch, tomorrows lunch, their dinner and the whole thing. Tim's got one. Does he? Yes he wears it at night. He's a Star Wars fan we all know that. Yes well Star Wars people are easy. Well we'll talk about that later. And Doctor Who fans? Doctor Who fans wear crazy things around their necks like Katie, like a little caterpillar. Katie Manning is much more than a fan, she was in the series? I'm an old retrospective darling that's what I've become. Looking fabulous in your feather boa there lovely. Now what side kick, which Doctor Who did you work with? I actually did the first, I am going to sound very trekkie or Doctor Whoie or anaracts, that's what they called Doctor Who fans I actually did the first three doctors regeneration. What year did come in? I was in the 70s when I was playing 18 when she was straight out of school and I had all those trendy little clothes and I had to learn to climb mountains, in great big false eyelashes which when the wind is blowing would knit together very nicely so you can't see where your going. I mean they talk about girl power now, the girl power of the 70s was your character Jo. Absolutely. I'll be the guy who's not wearing a mini skirt and not feeling to happy about it. Basically an MC Master of Ceremonies. So which Doctors have we got exactly on the show? Six and seven, Colin Baker and Silvester McCoy, who is in the Guinness Book of Records for having stuffed the most ferrets down his trousers. Wow that's something to be proud of. So if you've got nothing else to do you can come and watch. I mean 42 years on TV, how are you going to pack all of this into a couple of hours on stage Tim? Well it's going to be tricky luckily we have two Time Lords on stand-by so we can do it quite quickly. Yeah with the tardis that could squash everything, The feng shi and they tardis are amazing. I had a look in there and it's, it's important the feng shi. I thought it was some kind of quantum physics thing but it's really cleverly arranged furniture. And it's good to have you back in Canberra too by the way. Great to be back in town, love the Canberra. Hasn't changed a bit has it? It has, where's the Private Bin? Where is the Private Bin Canberra? Tim Ferguson and Katie Manning thank you Look Tim is the best person we can do this to. Oh for sure you're in very good hands. We'll laugh a lot We're just going to rock got the ferrets. Yes! we've got Colin who really is quite gruff. And can I just say to that there is just the one night only in Canberra for Doctor Who inside the Tardis it's on the 26th of this month at the Canberra Theatre so make sure you book your seats through Canberra Ticketing. Thanks for coming in guys. Thankyou very much Good luck with the show. Alex always a pleasure. My names Ali. I told you what her name was you stupid fool. And from Doctor Who to the phenomenon that is Harry Potter and this time next week, there'll be a quite a few young heads buried in the pages of the 6th Harry Potter book - Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. The book is being released at exactly one minute passed nine next Saturday morning, and many book stores are celebrating with special parties for muggles. Now the day before the books released the ACT writers centre is having a special Harry Potter day at the Dickson Library next Friday. With lots of trivia quiz' and a workshop on learning to write like JK Rowling. And they'd love to see everyone dressed up as their favourite Harry Potter character. But bookings are essential so call, to make sure that your little wizard does not miss out. Well that's about all from us for this week, enjoy the rest of your weekend and we'll see you next time on State Focus, Bye for now.