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Interview With Hon. J. Howard MP -

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don't let them get you down. Take

don't let them get you down. Take it easy, keep that chin up. Thanks

very much, Ray, cheers. Back home now, we're joined by Prime Minister John Howard from Parliament House in Canberra. Prime Minister, thanks for your time again. A terrorist attack, of course, has been expected in Britain for a few years now, but it comes as a shock. It comes as a terrible shock because there's no city in the world, outside our own, of course, that we identify more with, and have a greater identification with, than London. We see the photos coming out today. There are black ladies and white men, obviously Muslims, obviously Christians. We It's like Baghdad, just the madness gets everyone.

are all targets and terrorists

are the common enemy of all people.

We are all targets, does it make

Sydney or Melbourne inevitable. If

Sydney or Melbourne inevitable. If you are asking me could we have an

attack on the Australian mainland,

it is possible. I wish I could say

otherwise. I think it is less

likely in Australia than in many

other countries, for a combination

of reasons, but I would be

misleading your viewers if I looked

at them and said to them tonight "I

can guarantee it won't happen in

can guarantee it won't happen in can guarantee it won't happen in this country." I can't. I wish I

this country." I can't. I wish I could. I can guarantee that we will

could. I can guarantee that we will do everything in our power, working

with State Governments and the

with State Governments and the police forces and services and so

forth to prevent it happening But PM, even London have been expecting this for some years. They have the experience, of course, of the IRA bombing, and yet the MI5 and the Metropolitan Police today are saying they had no hint of this, they had no idea it was coming. That's true, there was no intelligence warning of this attack. That's frightening. it's unnerving. I understand that, but it's the world in which we live. I would be doing a disservice to the Australian people if I pretended that somehow or other this country was immune from such an eventuality, You said today it won't affect Australian policy towards Iraq, You cannot have your foreign policy dictated by terrorists. We lose control of our future, our nation, and our destiny if we ever allow that to occur. Are you still going to London at end of the month? Yes, I am. I am more resolved than ever that it's the right thing to do, and this attack only drives home the necessity for Australia to show its deep and continuous and close friendship with Britain. Prime Minister, they're already saying that they are going to need extra security at the Test matches coming up.

Well, that is necessary, and understandable, but they must go on. All the things we do and love must continue, because if we stop doing the things that we normally do and love doing, the terrorists have half won. Thanks for your time. Good to talk to you.