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(generated from captions) I'm Naomi Robson. was mass murder, What happened in London overnight pure and simple - and maiming of innocents. the indiscriminate killing are asking - The question Australians are we next? is Yes. The answer, according to the experts, It's a case of not "if" the terrorists will strike. but when and where We are very pro-American

Christian crusade and we're seen as being part of this That story shortly. underground rail tunnels is completed Once the full search of the and a final figure is known a double-decker bus, from the blast that also tore apart is likely to be up to 75. the death toll 700, 800 - The injury toll is in the hundreds, it's still sketchy times.

Australian deaths There have been no reported are in hospital, but eight Australians two in a very critical condition. moment by Prime Minister John Howard. For the latest, we'll be joined in a the images that shocked the world. But first, SIRENS WAIL in the middle of the carriage There was a bomb waiting to die. so we were all trapped like sardines praying to God, People started saying prayers, windows with their bare hands. panicking, breaking the carriage seriously injured people there. I don't know, but there are some It's not good. I was in the front carriage

there. and people were severely injured and I don't know if it's right - But I've heard -

further back. that people were even worse

Very scary, couldn't see anything. The carriage was full of smoke. there was crying. There was screaming, because they were blocked, People didn't know which way to exit on the train. basically forced in prison in the carriages where we were Everyone started to panic was filling with smoke because the train

and it quickly spread. the more people began to panic. The more it began to spread, People started to scream. in one of the carriages I was on. It was most distressing When I opened my eyes, (speaks broken English) on top of my left leg, you know, I saw this guy with his leg and it was drop.

and his bone was sticking out. His leg was just chopped off there

the screaming intensified, The smoke intensified, and that was what it was - I mean, the hysteria - became almost pandemonium. living in the UK, There are 300,000 Australians 100,000 in London alone. with a group of Aussie survivors And today we caught up of the horrific bombings. Here's Rodney Lohse. and got your number I was walking in an Internet cafe tried to call a news station, and that's why I, like, so I can tell my family. to let people know he was alive. Australian Trent Mongan was desperate London went into meltdown. In the chaos, telephones across was a plea on national television. His only avenue of communication to your family at all, Trent? Have you been able to speak Oh, no, not yet. they'd be hearing this. Well, hopefully,

Pam Lee Back home, it was the sign his mother flicking channels looking for. had been desperately until this morning I didn't get to speak to Trent when he rang me, with him because I couldn't get in touch during the night at all, which was a sleepless night. and very relieved. I spoke to him this morning, He's still very distressed, and everything else, and the people with what he's seen and everybody know, and he wants to let Australians and his family of course, that he was safe.

out of King's Cross Station As we were walking

there was just like a massive noise and I said, "Mate, that was a bomb". And he just goes "Yup." the way up And we were about three-quarters out of King's Cross Station, just started coming out, and the smoke and we could just hear screaming.

Trent has had a lucky escape. This, however, is not the first time of the Sari Club in Bali He had only just walked out almost three years ago when a terrorist's bomb exploded. black, burnt, bleeding, It was just the same people, just terrorism. covered in blood, blackness and... she now just wants him home. His mother Pam says and just say, I just wanted to smack him else again, "Please don't go anywhere 24-7 from now on." "and I want to know where you are, living and working in England, For Australians it is almost a right of passage. At any one time, more than 100,000 Australians it is estimated are visiting or living in London. it's more than 300,000. In the United Kingdom, there's more than a million That means,

and extended family mums, dads, brothers, sisters, information and stories of survival. back here who are desperate for As I got into the lift, soot and blood on them and things. there were people coming up with live and work in London. Melbourne couple Mark and Erin Brown on separate trains They were both travelling to work in London's underground

when the bombs exploded. So I called Mark and said, some kind of explosion. "There's been that are hurt. "There's quite a few people around around. "There's quite a lot of blood whether I should stay or go, "So I don't know "or what I should do." and get on a bus to work. I told him then I was going to try I told him then I was going to try

to get on a bus and go to work She said she was about from Russell Square and then 10 minutes later, we heard on the news outside of Russell Square. that a bus had just exploded the phone system went into meltdown It was then the worst had happened. and Mark thought we went from Holborn A friend and myself, and we walked all the way around. We walked for about two hours where Erin was. trying to get and find out Erin did not get on that bus. Luckily, She decided to stay and help as the injuries to the steady stream of people

who were coming out of the train station got worse. Just helping, and helping wherever you could, really. It took a while before the paramedics could get there and once they got there, they came in and really took over and they were amazing. I just started to panic. I didn't know where she was and I was thinking it was about two hours later I ended up getting through to her and she sent me a text message saying "I'm fine".

One station away from Mark and Erin, Trent Mangon, too, was helping the injured being reminded of the Bali bombing. When I was in Bali, you know, it was pretty hardcore. It was the first terrorist attack that Australia had known, you know. For Erin and Mark, they love London, and terrorists have not changed the way they feel. I've had my mum on the phone and my sister on the phone saying, "Come home, come home and we will be home for Christmas", but I don't know, it's just a way of life, really, and we have been here for four years and it's been incredible. Rodney Lohse with that report. Prime Minister John Howard is being continually updated on the situation in London. I spoke to him a short time ago. Prime Minister, thank you so much for for your time at this terrible time. Could you tell us what was going through your mind when you first heard of these attacks? Apprehension. At first the news was meagre and I hoped that it wasn't what it turned out to be, but as the events unfolded I realised how terrible it was. Having travelled, as so many millions of Australians have, on the London Underground and knowing how crowded those trains are at peak hour,

it was the act of very evil people who have no regard for life. They're not engaged in an ideology, they are engaged in mass murder. Can you tell us the latest about injuries to Australians in these attacks? The latest information I have is that eight Australians have been injured, two of those are quite critical, and they are being provided with whatever consular and other assistance is necessary, but naturally they are being but naturally they are being cared for in London hospitals.

And I do have to say that the response of the British authorities has been quite remarkable.

They have gone about it in that very calm, stoic, effective British way. It's amazing the capacity of that city to respond to such an appalling series of attacks. Now, Australia is still on medium security alert. Are you confident that that is as it should be?

and because we do not have any specific information

suggesting there's going to be an attack in Australia it's appropriate to leave it at a medium level. But I can assure your viewers that all the agencies

are looking again at security and other arrangements. That's a very natural reaction when something like this happens. And we will do everything in our power working with the States to make sure that all security precautions are taken. But nobody can guarantee that there won't be an attack of this kind in Australia. Yes. Given the nature of the

attack which was obviously on the transport system is our system prepared for a terrorist attack in that area?

Well, we certainly have plenty of contingency planning if an attack does occur but the important thing is to try to prevent it happening in the first place. And I have great confidence in our security organisations, I have great confidence in our police, but I can't and nobody can credibly guarantee that something won't happen. We can work and we can prepare and we can prevent as best we can, but we cannot absolutely guarantee that something won't occur. And if anybody stands up and says they can do that, then they should not be believed. Terrorism experts have been saying it was only a matter of time

before London was targeted.

They are now saying it is not a matter of "if" but "when" for Australia. What do you say to that? Well, I'm not as alarmist as that. That's easy for experts who don't have any ongoing responsibility, they can make those sorts of claims because they're never held accountable for them. I'm accountable, and it's my responsibility to do all in my power to protect the people of Australia and I promise them that I will do that. But I owe them the honesty of saying that I can't guarantee there won't be a terrorist attack. No country is immune from a terrorist attack and countries that have taken a different attitude from Australia on an issue such as Iraq, which is often quoted, have been subjected to terrorist attacks. The attack in London would have claimed the lives of people of different religions, including Islam. It was not an attack that was directed towards white Anglo-Celtics it was an indiscriminate act of murder that would have taken the lives of a whole variety of people. So it rather makes the point that you cannot buy yourself immunity from terrorism by some kind of opportunistic adjustment of your foreign policy. It will never buy immunity from fanatics.

Prime Minister, we appreciate you joining us. Thank you so much for your time. Thank you. With so many Australians living in London it was inevitable that many of them would be caught up in this appalling terrorist attack. Jannay Palter is one such Aussie.

The single mother is over there on business and was lucky to survive one of the bomb blasts as she travelled on the Underground. Janne, thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us. Now, can you take us through what happened? I caught a circle train at about 8.46.

I actually thought the train had hit another train because of the almighty bang. And an incredible amount of debris, dust, smoke, came right through the carriages. That was the most incredibly frightening time of my life. At that moment that the bomb went off, what happened? What was it like? It was just like, you going along...

like you'd be going along in a Melbourne train and all of a sudden, there's this almighty impact incredible sounds that I would never forget and suddenly everything goes dark and you just see this grey mass coming towards you which is debris, smoke and, as they say, 150 years of dust in the Tube which I was covered in. And it was almost the most frightening moment of my life. On the path, we were sitting there, thinking that I was never going to see my daughter again.

And actually, I wrote her a text message on my mobile phone thinking, okay, there's smoke in both areas of a carriage,

no-one's helping us get out, basically, this is it. So how did you get out? I had to walk on the tracks through the closest station which was Edgeware. Well, all I thought was blown-out windows, blown-out doors, I had already seen one dead body. I certainly did not want to see any more. When you realised that you were going to live through it, I imagine that it was an incredibly emotional moment for you? When I got into the platform, that was when I actually burst into tears. Just can't realise it was all over. I was actually I was actually going to see my daughter again. Well, Janne, by all accounts, you're definitely one of the very lucky ones and we thank you so much for making the time to talk to us. Not a problem, Naomi. And the obvious question now is,

"Could an attack like this happen on Australian soil?"

After the break, we will hear from security experts on where we are vulnerable and what Australia needs to do to increase protection.

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But hurry, so you have can have it all at Wells Station. Despite the London terrorist bombings, Australia remains on a medium security alert. But tonight there are warnings

that Australia is also a prime target for terrorism because of our strong alliance with Britain and the United States. Sophie Hull reports.

It's the question we are all asking.

Are we next?

Are we next?

Well certainly we would be a major

target. Fe with can learn anything

from the tragic bombings in London

it's that the terrorists will wait,

they are very patient, they will

pounce when the time is right. But

where? When? I think that this is a

war that can drag on for another 10

or 20 years.

or 20 years. Because it is such a

distinctive building. Keith souter

is Australia's leading authority on

al-Qaeda. Today he showed us our

city through the eyes of terrorists.

When terrorists are planning attacks

what are they looking for? They are

looking to do as much damage as

possible and to kill as many people

as possible and to destroy symbolic

targets. They have a number of

targets but they would be the

targets but they would be the basic

3079 which they would be judging as

significant targets They would be

looking at icons like these? Yes,

because theer are symbols of

Australia. Everybody around the

world knows about the Sydney Opera

House and the Sydney Harbour bridge.

They are saying that not even these

important Australian symbols are

safe from us. We can destroy any of these symbols

these symbols anywhere around the

world and you might be next. Keith

here we are in a underground

station. There is one of these in

virtually every city in Australia.

Why is this a prime target?

Underground railway stations are

prime targets for a number of

reasons. One is there are a large

number of people travelling so

large number of people concentrated

coming through to get on trains.

Secondly, you are concentrating

people within a railway carriage

which if it is underground means

that the explosion when it goes off actually ex sage rates the impacts.

And then another reason is that it

in stils a sense of fear in people that they are trapped underground

like sardines waiting to die. They

are just skised together. - skeezed

together stkpwhrfplgt the The

reality is to try to stop a

terrorist attack on our rail system

is flex to impossible Miles from

international roits being company

says our underground rail system is

a sitting duck It is's open. It was

designed on a open system for act

sis, not with security compl in

nind in any shape or form. Most of

us come to one of these every

us come to one of these every week.

Our shopping centres, are they a

target? Yes, because any place

where you get a large numbering of

people together would be attractive

from the points of view of the

terrorists because they could

therefore kill a large flplg of

people in one stkpw go Where else

might they be looking? Sporting

stadiums, because you have a large

number of people congregate gateing

or tunnels, because they are very

pont for transport and the explosion would be contained within

the waums. Or power stations,

nuclear power or ordinary

electrical power because that would

disrupt the tkpruk of the country.

Another one would be dams holding water. Either you would destroy the

wall of the dam or poison the water

supply and make people sick within

the city. So you have said they

could strike anywhere any time.

What can Australia do to protect

itself? Yes, Australia is a major

target and what we have to do is to

have money going into the health

system and to recognise that the

health system is the front line in

the war o on terrorism so we need

to have good casual teel

departments, large numbers of

doctors and nurses ready to spring

into action Once it happens, our

emergency effort is crucial? Absolutely. The lesson from London

is that you need to have a good

health system ready to respond

immediately to there derrifpt

attack. - terrorist attack. Some good advice there. On the subject of security I spoke a short time ago I spoke a short time ago to Aldo Borgu a former adviser to Australia's Defence Minister. Mr Borgu, thank you so much for your time. Now, it's still unclear as to exactly who is responsible for these attacks, isn't it? Have you heard of the group claiming responsibility,

the secret group of al-Qaeda jihad in Europe? Certainly that specific group hasn't been cited before so they are unknown at this stage. That in itself is an unusual. Al-Qaeda-linked groups have a tendency of using a variety of different names, not least to actually confuse security authorities of what they're actually up against. In your estimation, who do you think is responsible?

Look, certainly the operation does have all the hallmarks of al-Qaeda.

I mean, it's virtually a carbon copy of the Madrid bombing. You are talking about a series of separate but well-coordinated and timed bombings on a mass transport system and certainly that, as I said, is al-Qaeda's form to date. These people are extremists, aren't they. Would it be fair to say that they are not finished?

Without a doubt. I mean, most of these people generally look upon this as being a long-term generational struggle. They are not going to actually be able to realise what they're trying to set up, which is establishment of Islamic regimes across the wider Middle East. These are the sorts of guys These are the sorts of guys who are thinking "Maybe it's my children, my grandchildren, "who will be able to realise the dream" that they're trying to achieve. Yes, they have certainly got our attention. What do they realistically expect to get out of these kind of attacks? I think what they're trying to do is gradually wear us down, wear out our patience, sending troops to places like Iraq, Afghanistan. But really in order to do that

they're going to have to actually sustain the bombing campaign and actually increase it in intensity, because when you just get these sorts of attacks occurring, say, maybe once a year, as has been happening so far, all it actually does is stiffen the resolve of people to make sure that we see the job through. look at increasing its security? So, do you think Australia should look at increasing its security? We'd like to hear your thoughts. to London for the latest. Coming up, we'll cross live to London for the latest.

Say something to me in French.

the Special Edition Statesman International. One drive and you'll understand.

Now for a live update on the situation in London 24 hours after the bombings. Our reporter, Chris Reason, is outside Aldgate Station. Chris, what's the latest?

Hi. The latest is that they are

staying with that figure of 37 at

this stage, 37 dead. 700 yurd. A

massive 700. 925 wounded.

Australians we are saying 8

Australians injured and two of them

in drit kal condition in hospitals

at either end of the city at this

stage. Where I am at the moment,

Aldgate Station, was the scene of

the first bomb as you say almost

exactly 24 hours ago now. It hit at

8.51 am local time and you can

probably see behind me, this is a

scene being repeated across London,

road closures around the four bomb

sites. They are trying to scour all

the areas and particularly the

wreckage of the trains in the

underground looking for any clues

that might lead them to the gang,

the terrorists hofr done this.

Police are also telling us that













YOU UPDATED ON SEVEN NEWS AND TODAY NIGHT. unfolded last night Now, as the events in London Foreign Minister Alexander Downer one of our senior politicians as quickly as possible - was keen to get as much information for the country and for personal reasons. for joining us at this terrible time. Mr Downer, thank you so much as a dreadful shock to you personally This news must have come uses the tubes as your daughter Olivia works near King's Cross, doesn't she? and, in fact, when I rang her Yes. I didn't know, though, that the bomb had gone off or by the King's Cross Station at King's Cross but I found out subsequently that well after I'd spoken to her that Underground system she had been on before the bomb went off. about half an hour is no different from the situation But, look, my situation who have family over there in London of thousands of Australians is for your family in London and obviously your first thought when these situations occur. So after I'd made sure the emergency response was put in place by my department I gave my daughter a ring. But she was okay. should be handled by the Britons How do you think these attacks and the world? very great strength and resolve Well, I think we should show in the face of these attacks. is to send a very tough message I mean, the important thing to these terrorists this sort of an attack, that we will never tolerate to the demands of people and we will never exceed killing and maiming who make demands through in this way. innocent men, women and children on public transport on a work day. There's people travelling of people like that. We would never exceed to the demands living in the UK, aren't there? There are around 300,000 Australians What advice would you have for them overseas at the moment? and those people who are travelling a look at the travel advisories. Very important that people have from country to country. Now, they vary they obviously refer to the fact In the UK attacks in the UK in the past that there have been terrorist of terrorist attacks, and there have been threats and that people should be cautious in their behaviour, and be aware and alert to the possibility of this sort of thing happening. But, you know, that's all they can do and if they don't want to go overseas, fair enough. If they decide to go overseas

about the risks, they need to make balanced judgments will help them do that. and the travel advisories Okay, Mr Downer. Thank you so much. We appreciate your time tonight. It's a pleasure. Alexander Downer. Our Foreign Minister there, tonight. And that's all we have time for stay safe over the weekend. So until next week, Please take care, and goodnight.

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