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(generated from captions) that the changes force more workers, The latest claim from the ACTU is and refuse it to your own staff. and flexibility to the community Don't talk about choice onto individual contracts. Staff upset at being forced Relations Minister's own department. this one involving the Workplace Another day, another union protest, on less than the minimum wage. scraping by that some workers will end up He's denied a union claim over industrial relations reforms. to join the bitter row his annual leave The Prime Minister has interrupted pretty confident about tonight. Nice and relaxed. The boys are tonight's State of Origin decider. And - the Blues limber up ahead of family of popular young fire hero. Also tonight - a new home for the Good evening. and Jessica Rowe. Ten News with Ron Wilson a high price. fears families will end up paying And child-care loans - to meet construction deadlines. claims workers are being sacrificed Another young life lost - kidnapping case in suburban Sydney. Suspects charged over a chilling This program is captioned live.

requirements of the public of NSW, It certainly doesn't meet the It's certainly immoral. It may not be illegal. on non-essential items including: Some of it has been spent by an elderly woman. left to the Wollongong District At issue - the $600,000 of inappropriate spending. following claims bosses is in question The morals of Ambulance Service and a big-screen TV. was instead used to buy a barbecue on life-saving equipment Money that could have been spent a generous bequest. has been accused of misusing The State's ambulance service Greg Turnbull, Ten News. to pass the new laws. Government the votes it needs his Senators would give the the new leader was confident wombat of power to Mark Vaile, handed over the symbolic John Anderson As departing Nationals leader So good luck. and that's you now, mate. He goes with the leader Alsatians and balaclavas. was when he had Peter Reith, were in the national interest that industrial relations proposals The last time John Howard argued benefit of the Australian economy. This reform is for the long-term government advertising campaign. and that means stand-by for a big when they're properly explained - will accept the changes but he says he's confident the public being offered by the union movement, by the fierce resistance The PM says he's not surprised that's good. commitment, and he lives up to it, Well, if the PM's given that That will be an offence. the minimum wage. It will be illegal to chisel away to get into the debate. he felt the urge the President of Timor L'Este but after a meeting with his own annual leave The PM is supposed to be enjoying is a complete lie. To argue otherwise or the safety net system. for cuts to the minimum wage In no way are we arguing Employers plead not guilty. a guaranteed minimum income. minimum wage limit, There must be a guaranteed below the minimum wage. onto piece rates, particularly in the textile industry,

pushing for an overly ambitious date I think there's no doubt we were to open last December. It's been revealed they were planning Hornibrook have tried to open early. where contractors Baulderstone another project The Cross City Tunnel, ahead of schedule. getting the job done and workers for managers and engineers It's appropriate to have incentives private-public partnerships. it's time the Government reassessed The unions say if they're finished ahead of time. and bonus payments penalty clauses if they run late Major infrastructure projects face and a number of accidents. a fatality of safety standards on the job, and the end result is an erosion to complete early They're getting a bonus that's cutting corners. We've got a multinational around the pond. had placed a safety barrier if the contractor, Thiess Hochtief, could have been prevented Unions claim the death to Chatswood railway tunnel. while working on the Epping a settlement pond at Lane Cove killed after falling into seen here with his children, 23-year-old Luke Bandrowski, should never have happened. It's a death the union says to meet tight deadlines. in the battle Unions believes lives are being lost on a major Sydney construction site. of yet another young worker over the death Workers are outraged tonight Kevin Wilde, Ten News. spend the $500,000 left. The Service won't say how it will to essential gear. than they should specify the money go on a 600 labeller, and don't want the money spent or to a local hospital, to the ambulance service If you want to donate raised by the debate over spending. There is a wider issue to non-essential equipment. that the donation was diverted with no complaints to the local hospital, The same woman gave $600,000 for delivering training. simple tools and DVD players - that does include televisions and of course in today's technology have been bought, A number of training aids The service can't see a problem. after five minutes in the rain. that leave them drenched in flimsy rain jackets are getting around Ambulance officers in the Illawarra could have been spent on. There are other things the money for managers. and a flash new driveway roofing, airconditioning Also paid for - who want a better service.

are needed to be certain. And while the State-wide recall of the products has been in place since the extortion threat, a teenage boy has reportedly fallen ill after eating a Snickers bar, bought from a western Sydney train station. A convicted paedophile who fled interstate will be sentenced next month. John Michael Watts, who also goes by the name of John Waldock, was found guilty last month of rape, attempted rape and sexual assault of a 14-year-old girl at Riverstone in 1981. But the 62-year-old fled to Queensland the day before his verdict was handed down. Brisbane police arrested Watts at a medical centre on Monday, and he was yesterday extradited to Sydney, where he'll be sentenced next month. The corporate watchdog is fighting back against allegations Steve Vizard was given favourable treatment. The high profile businessman has admitted misusing his position to trade in shares. but police admit further tests is similar to a commercial pesticide, bar sent to Masterfoods last Friday the substance found in the chocolate An interim reports reveals in Mars and Snickers bars. to identifying the contaminant Police tonight are one step closer John Hill, Ten News. for the controversial project. there's still no opening date would open in early June, After promising the tunnel And little wonder. over the Cross City Tunnel. refusing to answer questions The RTA ducking for cover, on the end result. They're more focused the job, they're not monitoring it. They're not doing proper audits of unions say the RTA should do more. And, following a fatality on the job, at one point in time. Steve Vizard dodging criminal charges and a possible jail term has forced the corporate watchdog to come out swinging. ASIC says it has not gone easy on the TV funnyman. Far and above the most significant option for us is a civil penalty looking at directors' duties. Now that is a very serious offence. The ASIC boss denying suggestions the system has let Vizard off lightly. It's already had quite significant reputational issues for Mr Vizard. He also says there's no comparison to the insider trading case that led to Rene Rivkin's corporate demise - a view not shared by the family of the late entrepreneur. While they stayed clear of the camera's glare today, Rene's son Jordan made his feelings clearly known in a statement. Depending on the civil case outcome, the door still remains very much open for Vizard to rejoin the boards of two government corporations should he avoid a director ban. Supporters include Victorian Premier Steve Bracks, who says positions with the Major Events Corporation and Swimming World Championships are Vizard's, all going well. That puts him on a collision course with another Labor leader. We're not's not the Wild West where cowboy capitalism prevails, and ASIC is charged with responsibility for seeing that things are fair dinkum. If found guilty later this month, Vizard also faces fines of up to $600,000. Frank Coletta, Ten News. Tim Webster joins us - and the NSW's moment of truth in State of Origin. Yes, Jess, the series decider is just hours away. The Blues are favourites again. Rob Canning joins us, and the Maroons' fanatical support could be a key factor for the home side? Tim, over 52,000 people are going to pack into the stadium very soon. Most of to pack into the stadium very soon. Most of those are Maroons fans. They're jumping out of their skins at the moment. They were up in the early hours of this morning. It's the 25th anniversary of State of Origin. It's been such a tight series all the way through. NSW have won 11 series, Queensland have won 10. The overall wins factor, 36 wins to each side. The players will wins to each side. The players will arrive very soon and as Braith Anasta told us, nerves will be there, but they're trying to use

them to their advantage. I like to be nervous. It makes me feel like I'm focused on the game and I'm thinking about it. The Blues have been given last minute tips from Premier Bob Carr? He has the annual bet Premier Bob Carr? He has the annual bet with Premier Peter beatie. He says the Blues will win by 12 points. It's a long time since I strapped on the boots, but I think repeat sets and ball possession is the key to a win in State of Origin. That's my observation in the the key to a win in State of Origin. That's my observation in the game. I've shared that with the team and they're taking my advice. We'll have more in sport. A little later - a couple of key Origin tactics and why league whiz kid Benji Marshall won't be leaving the Tigers. Next - fuel prices changing the types of cars we buy. Plus - who needs Victoria's Great Ocean Road? One of the world's greatest drives will soon be south of Sydney. And - community spirit puts the smile back on the dial of a young fire hero and his family. Oh, overwhelmed. It's wonderful. Charmed. Anger. 'IT'S TOO LATE' BY EVERMORE PLAYS Jealousy. Inspired. Happy. Melancholy. Wonder. Despair. Suspicion. Excited. Joy. Outrage. Desire. Delighted. Give your emotions a good work-out for: SONG: # Ride on... # Call FOXTEL Digital on 131 787... # Ride till early morning sun... # ..and see exclusives, like J.Lo's assault on the fashion world... # Ride on... # ..inspired home ideas from around the world... # Like the dawning of the day... # ..and shows for your kids where they'll laugh AND learn. Isn't all that worth $2 a day? Call now: # Go on # Till the night has crept away... #

This program is captioned live. But first this evening - a Sydney court told of a sickening kidnap ordeal. A driver who abandoned his burning car after a smash on the Harbour Bridge may be charged. His Mitsubishi sedan crashed into a hatchback, hit a guard rail, mounted the median strip and ruptured a fire hydrant. Then its engine caught fire. The 28-year-old driver from Balmain took off before police arrived. But a few hours later he turned up at St Vincent's Hospital, where he was treated for minor injuries. Police are waiting for the result of a blood test, and will question the driver in the next few days. No-one in the hatchback was hurt. Champion surfer Koby Abberton has faced court accused of starting a brawl with police outside a Sydney pub. The 26-year-old was arrested in March after refusing to leave the Maroubra Hotel. The pro-surfer allegedly urged around 20 of his mates to attack police, telling them to go crazy and start a riot. He's been charged with inciting others to assault police, and will face court again next week. Fears tonight for the welfare of battlers attracted by a new child-care funding scheme. Consumer groups warn the buy now, pay later arrangement could be too good to be true. Affordable child care. For many Australian families, it's the stuff dreams of made of. But a deal from the country's largest chain of private centres offers a solution - child care now, pay later. They have 15 months interest free. At the end of that time, if they receive their money, they can hand the receive their money, they can hand the cheque back to us. It's a bit like buying TVs or white goods, except the money you pay back comes from the Government. Mother-of-three Sue Griffiths thinks that sounds promising. 18-month-old Lucy already goes to ABC while Sue works part-time, her husband, full-time. It's changed my attitude about going to work. It would be nice to have the choice to do what's going to work. It would be nice to have the choice to do what's best for your family. But while the scheme sounds like the perfect solution to the problem of affordable child care, consumer groups are warning some families could get into big trouble. My major concern is that the amount deferred by ABC won't be the same as the amount they eventually get back from the Government. And if you don't pay in time... It's actually not interest, but a one-off service charge of 8%, but it's only in place for anyone who really abuses the system. It's at our discretion. At this stage we don't know who is going to be eligible for the 30% rebate, so we would not be encouraging parents to sign up for a scheme they didn't know their eligibility for. But Sue and her family reckon it's worth a go. With sensible budgeting, I couldn't imagine getting into strife. Angela Bishop, Ten News. A mother clutching her little daughter scrambled for her life from a burning home in Sydney's West today. Simone Ussher awoke to the blaze in her St Marys home early this morning. Despite the danger of the flames, she says her first instinct was to save her baby daughter Tyler. She was hiding behind her doll house so I pulled her out and grabbed her by the hand and I ran. Mum and daughter were both treated for smoke inhalation. It's still not known what started the blaze. The house didn't have a smoke detector. A Sydney court told of a sickening kidnap ordeal. A woman allegedly kept bound and gagged, locked in a cupboard and repeatedly raped over a six day period. This 16-year-old schoolgirl is an alleged knife-wielding kidnapper. Police allege she and her 23-year-old boyfriend, Joseph Omega, abducted a 20-year-old woman and held her prisoner, blindfolded, bound and gagged on the top shelf of a linen closet for six days. The victim was lured to this Sydney park with the promise of a birthday present. She allegedly ended up a captive in this one-bedroom unit and used as a sex slave. She was abducted and the allegation is she was locked in a cupboard and sexually assaulted and robbed. She allegedly told the man, "Oh, Joey, I trusted you." She tried to escape but was allegedly threatened at knife-point by the schoolgirl and forced to supply her credit card PIN number. Four times she was allegedly released from the cupboard and raped. A court's heard she also went on a blindfolded car trip and was told, It's alleged she was forced to phone her mother and declare she was alright, all the time a knife pressed against her throat. It's alleged that upon the woman's release here at Burwood Park she was told to "Walk to your car - just walk - don't run. "Someone is in the park and they will shoot you. "Don't look back." There was undercover police, there was forensic taking fingerprints or doing something. I didn't know whether someone had been murdered or what had happened. The 16-year-old has been released on bail on kidnapping and robbery charges. Her boyfriend's been remanded in custody. Both ordered to appear in court again next month. Shaun Fewings, Ten News. A new admission from the Federal Government that the Cornelia Rau affair is embarrassing. A report on Ms Rau's wrongful detention is expected next week, but leaked sections reveal a scathing review of the Immigration Department, saying it was in breach of its own guidelines. I don't think any government or any institution can be anything other than embarrassed about what happened to this poor woman. The Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone won't comment until she sees the final report. Time for a check of the weather. He's looking good tonight. Threads like this - you wish! Folks, this is one of Sydney's best kept secrets. We're at waiverton, the old BP site that used to be an secrets. We're at waiverton, the old BP site that used to be an oil refinery. Now it's a brilliant spot. I lied to you last night, my nose should grow. I told you today would be four degrees above average - it was 5 degrees above average. Tomorrow - an crease in cloud will sneak up to 21 degrees. The good news on the weather radar is widespread rain across inland NSW, widespread rain across inland NSW, follow-up rain to last week's. 5mm to 15mm across NSW and in the catchment area. Skywatch was a cracker Jack day. 16 degrees, no problems with pollution. Tomorrow - 21 degrees with cloud on the way and rain across your weekend for the catchment. I'll see you again in around about 10. Next - some of the world's greatest cities and some of sport's greatest names in a last-minute fight to secure the 2012 Olympic Games. Plus - the sportscar that burned more fuel than the owner ever dreamed of. His incredible escape shortly.

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They can only afford one meal a day, This program is captioned live. Time to check in with Vic Lorusso on the Mix traffic helicopter. The M4 in all kinds of trouble tonight? Is sure is. If we're leaving from the city heading west, there are delays. We're at Eastern Creek now and you can see a long line delays. We're at Eastern Creek now and you can see a long line of traffic for all three lanes. The reason an early accident. There's another accident further back. Big traffic delays for motorists travelling into the western suburbs. Best advice - take the Great Western Highway. It seems our taste in cars is shrinking. The latest figures show for the first time the small cars are outselling their bigger rivals and it's all because of petrol prices. At Bob Norman's Toyota dealership, nearly every second car he sells is a Corolla. The demand is very high for them. There's one model that's in short supply, and we need more of those and simply can't keep up. The June sales figures show you But for the first time in recent memory, the tables have been turned in overall sales, with small cars outselling family cars by a whopping 24,000 vehicles. I guess we'd have to put it down to an increase in petrol prices in the last couple of years. People are really starting to think about the vehicle choice. Research shows that it's possible to run three small cars for the same price as one four-wheel drive. The most fuel-efficient car on the market is the Toyota Prius. The engine is a petrol-electric hybrid, which provides nearly 1,000km on just one tank. They sell for around $40,000, but the international demand is so great there can be a 3-month waiting list for delivery. Despite the boom in small cars, dealers say there's no chance of us becoming too European and losing bigger cars altogether. I think we're a very different market. I've been to Italy - they've got no space. Australia does, and Australians love large cars. They love to travel distances. Dan Nolan, Ten News. The cities vying to host the 2012 Olympic Games have made their final pitch for the world's greatest sporting event. But the Olympic spirit has been soured by a food fight between rivals Paris and London. Holding the fate of five nations in their 114 pairs of hands, IOC members gathered to hear the candidate cities make their case. Today will be a long and exciting day with no less than six live broadcasts from the bids that we have to inspect. Security in Singapore is tight ahead of tonight's vote. France the first to make its presentation. President Jacques Chirac addressed voters in person, amid a storm of controversy. Britons at home are steaming after the French leader criticised their cooking and nominated mad cow disease as its greatest contribution to Europe. Team London were staying focused on gold. I'm not going to disparage anybody. I don't disrespect any of the other cities that are bidding. I think to have the Olympics in my manor would be... LAUGHTER Once the greatest, Muhammad Ali faltered before New York's video presentation, offering renewal in the wake of September 11. Welcome to New York. Russian President Vladimir Putin made the case for Moscow - his first address in obviously well-rehearsed English. Moscow is the meeting place of cultures. Spaniards are preparing for a party ahead of an unlikely Madrid victory. But the bookies' favourite remains Paris. The winner is expected to be announced just before 10pm Eastern Australian time. Gerard Scholten, Ten News. Thousands of police are mounting Britain's biggest ever security operation as the world's most powerful leaders prepare to gather for the G8 summit. It follows fears of more violent clashes involving angry protesters. During the day, RAF Chinook helicopters landing inside the grounds of Gleneagles. Going through the gates - bomb disposal teams. Nearby villages like Blackford look like police compounds. On the highways, police in rented vans - they've had to hire over 2,000 vehicles for the operation. This is just a little of what it takes for the leaders of the world's richest nations to meet. Arriving in Edinburgh ahead of the summit - Bob Geldof, vowing to keep up the pressure on the G8 leaders to make poverty in Africa history. He still wants people to come to the city tomorrow, despite yesterday's violence, which he angrily dismissed. They're nothing to do with me, you know? I mean, you know, hitting a young man, policeman or otherwise, doesn't do anything. What's the big achievement there, you know? It's idiotic. 100 of those arrested yesterday appeared in court today, some of them pounding the side of the prison van. Many of them had come from abroad. Not far from Gleneagles, there is an encampment of 2,500 protesters. They wouldn't allow us inside, but many of them don't want to influence the summit - they want to disrupt it. I am going to take part in a blockade tomorrow to disrupt the smooth functioning of the summit. The police will allow a march close to Gleneagle, but they promise a tough response if there's any trouble. So tomorrow, in this extraordinary setting, behind a wire fence with watchtowers, eight men will start discussing momentous issues - climate change and African poverty. Incredible video of a petrol pump explosion in the U.S. Caught in the fireball, a classic 1977 Ferrari and its owner. I was checking myself out thinking, "I gotta be on fire, " but I wasn't. Apart from some singed body hair, he walked away unharmed. The service station owner saving the day with a fire extinguisher. Next - a top civilian job for retired defence chief Peter Cosgrove. Also tonight - the road south of Sydney set to become an international landmark. And - community spirit puts the smile back on the dial of a young fire hero and his family. Oh, overwhelmed. It's wonderful.

This program is captioned live. Tim Bailey, I know all you can think about is a six pack. And it has nothing to do with the State of Origin. I think this will be Australia's newest favourite six Australia's newest favourite six pack, national tree day coming up on the 31st, a six pack of native Australian plants. We'll tell you more about it later. This is one of our favourite spots with the beautiful sunset. One of my favourite mayors. $1 Million worth of planting across here, it's fantastic. We've of planting across here, it's fantastic. We've had lots of national tree days on this beautiful site. Don't forget national tree day. We won't. And John D will be on the television later. Back on the television, making things green and having a six pack on the TV. I'm not normally allowed to do that. A construction update today for a bridge that's set to rival the world's great ocean drives. Work is well underway on a bridge road linking Wollongong with its northern suburbs and the Royal National Park. It's an engineering marvel set to reshape the South Coast landscape. The new bridge, under construction at Clifton, forming a dramatic 600m sweep around the Illawarra coastline, providing the State's newest and most spectacular scenic drive. It is our Great Ocean Road. It's as simple as that. With two-thirds of the construction completed, the search is now on to find a name for the bridge. Local schoolchildren taking part in a naming competition. Constant rock falls forced the closure of this section of the Lawrence Hargrave Drive two years ago, effectively isolating tiny communities, hitting small tourist operators hard. Now many are bracing for a tourist boom. The bridge is scheduled to be completed early next year, and this time, for once, there'll be no toll. The first section of the bridge will connect the townships of Clifton and Coalcliff. This time-lapse photography confirms a $49 million project on time and on budget and generating up to 100 jobs during peak construction. This is a great bit of infrastructure. The Government's aim? An icon tourist attraction for the South Coast. Paul Mullins, Ten News. Peter Cosgrove's corporate career has taken off less than a week after he retired as Australia's military chief. The 57-year-old will be working for Qantas after taking a seat on the airline's board of directors. Qantas says his leadership skills will be invaluable to the company. Cosgrove was chief of the Australian Defence Force from 2002 until his retirement this month. The Australian share market retreated today. To Commonwealth Securities now and Craig James - and interest rates on hold again, Craig. Yes and there could be more good news ahead for home buyers. The economy is in cruise control and frustrationry pressures nrp to be seen and interest rates could be on hold for the rest of the seen and interest rates could be on hold for the rest of the year. More likely to see rate hikes, but not time soon. The Aussie dollar, international travellers will suffer? Indeed. The Aussie dollar is falling not just against the greenback but all major currencies. It's the soggy Aussie and taking on water at quite a fast clip. Local businesses have dug deep to help the family whose home was destroyed by fire almost two weeks ago. The family overwhelmed by the outpouring of generosity. It's a huge boost for a family trying to piece life back together after losing everything. 5-year-old Harry the hero raised the alarm moments before his Tahmoor home was destroyed by fire, saving his two older sisters, mum and her fiance. Today, a local store donated up to $10,000 worth of electrical appliances to the family. What a fantastic job that Harry did saving his family, and for a 5-year-old, he certainly seems so mature. And since we met him, we couldn't help, and community people - we like to support our local area. With a $6,000 fridge, a new microwave, even a TV and DVD. It all helps, but... It's actually getting harder every day. Every time you go to get something, it's not there. Really, there's no memories left at all. A new digital camera can't replace the photographs, but it will help build new memories. After living in motels for two weeks, today they're moving into a new rental home - Harry making sure this one has smoke detectors permanently hard-wired. ALARM BEEPS He's already been hailed a hero by much of the local community, but Harry now stands to receive official recognition for his act of bravery. Local police are putting the paperwork through. He may soon receive a bravery award from the Royal Humane Society and the NSW Police. Investigations continue into what caused the fire - authorities believe it may have been an electrical fault. Evan Batten, Ten News. Tim Webster with sport - and can the blues defy Origin history? Yes, they'll have to defy history as well as 17 fierce Maroons. How NSW are planning to do it, shortly. And already the Blues have turned on an impromptu display of skills. Also - what a way to lose the lead in the Tour de France.

This program is captioned live. NSW are hoping to defy history Boom Wests Tigers five-eighth Benji Marshall has rubbished the rumours he's set to join the new Gold Coast franchise in 2007. Marshall says he'll be a Tiger for as long as Tim Sheens is coach. Benji Marshall was today on promotional duty, talking up Sunday's home game showdown with the Roosters, and talking down a common misconception. There's been all this talk that I'm going to the Gold Coast because I'm from there. I'm not really from there, I just went to school there for a while. I think the lifestyle would be good, but maybe too good for what I want to be. Marshall has bought a property in Sydney, bringing over his family from New Zealand, and feels loyalty to the Tigers, who've spent years nurturing his game. They look after me more than I can ask for and they've looked after my family, so I haven't got any plans to go anywhere. With names like Marshall, Prince and Farrah, the Tigers have some of the best young talents in the game. What the club wants next season is some more size and experience up front. The Tigers have already signed former representative prop Ryan O'Hara and they've offered a 3-year deal to giant young Cronulla forward Keith Galloway. They're hoping to hear from him by the end of the week. A young player like Keith is looking for a senior coach to work with him and improve his game and to be part of a club that's obviously going somewhere. Leanne West, Ten News. NSW are hoping to defy history and win tonight's State of Origin decider in Brisbane. Rob Canning joins us again. And, Rob, all the stats say the Blues are up against it. NSW have only come back from 1-0 down to win the series once in 1984 when their half-back was a man called Ricky Stuart. The Blues had a casual day today. called Ricky Stuart. The Blues had a casual day today. They're the favourites. However, of the six Origin deciders here in Queensland, NSW have lost five of them. Here's another disturbing stat - all the Origin deciders, the team leading at half-time has eventually won the match. NSW will losing at half-time in both former games so a good start half-time in both former games so a good start is imperative. Games I and II we were happy with our efforts, we didn't have good starts and we're looking to improve on that and we could do well. Queensland will try to rattle Andrew Johns early? Try to shake him aup a big way. They'll try to dominate him and they'll him aup a big way. They'll try to dominate him and they'll try and restrict his space and time just like they did to Brett Kimmorley in game I. It's about our forward pack

stkpweting on top. If they dominate, chances are that our halves will play a better role than their main danger man. We'll have a wrap in Sports Tonight. Fullback Mat Rogers and centre Morgan Turinui have been named in the starting line-up for Saturday's rugby Test against South Africa in Sydney. The pair replace injured duo Chris Latham and Stirling Mortlock. While Stirling Mortlock was ruled out yesterday, a last-minute hamstring strain to Chris Latham threw a spanner in the works for Eddie Jones, but the Wallaby coach is confident of covering the losses. Morgan Turinui and Mat come into the side with good form behind them and certainly we're not going to lose too much, if anything. Mat Rogers happy with his preparation for the full-back role. Chris actually had a pretty light start to the week, so I actually ran at full-back for much of the week anyway. And then Chris hurt himself, so it's unfortunate, but, like you said, an opportunity's that's presented itself for me and I'll have to grab it with both hands. With Phil Waugh and John Roe on the bench, the Wallabies will go without a specialist lock. It's a slight risk, but we believe Rocky can cover it, and having Roe and Waugh on the bench gives us flexibility. And, while Springboks coach Jake White has been happy to spice up the build-up to Saturday night's Test with some well-aimed barbs at Wallaby prop Bill Young, his Aussie counterpart wasn't buying into the sledging today. We're just concerned about preparing well this week. We're not too concerned about getting in any debate over issues in the game. For us it's about getting our preparation right. Neil Cordy, Ten News. it's used to help them racks when they run. Lance Armstrong has seized the yellow jersey after a dramatic fourth stage of the Tour de France. The 6-times winner of the classic trailed countryman David Zabriskie by just two seconds going into the team time trial and was made to work hard all the way. Zabriskie was close to retaining the overall lead before he crashed out with just 1.5km to go. COMMENTATOR: Oh, what has happened? He's overshot the bend. Total disaster - the yellow jersey has hit the bend. Armstrong in yellow for the first time in the race as he attempts to win an unprecedented seventh consecutive Tour de France. That's it for now. I wore blue everything when we got beat in game one. Now I'm not. And I'm wearing blue shoes. I am. Back to Vic Lorusso on the Mix traffic helicopter. It's busy on Parramatta Road? Yes it sure is. We have the M4 and Parramatta Road both crippled by earlier incidents. We're crippled by earlier incidents. We're showing a jam-packed run through Auburn and Granville. Even the citybound headlights, traffic is slow. Earlier with the M4 accidents, we had at St Mary's and Granville, they've been cleared but it's a busy run. If you're going into the western it's a busy run. If you're going into the western suburbs, exercise patience. Major changes in the weather ahead this week. Tim Bailey has all the info next. And - the robot that can give you super-human strength.

Our water situation is still critical, which is why Stage 2 Restrictions are now in force, so let's work together to follow them and help sustain our water supply. For full details, call:

This program is captioned live. Good to see you This program is captioned live. Good to see you turning over a new leaf and doing something for the environment. You've found a six pack Jessica approves of. I love pulling out a six pack while I'm working. This is the new six back every Australian will be proud to have at home. National Tree Day. Joining me is a fellow the size of a tree, John Dee. 10th year of National Tree a tree, John Dee. 10th year of National Tree Day and this has to be a brighter idea. It's totally native trees and shrubs. We divided Australia into 57 regions. They're only $16.95 in Coles. Tell me about National Tree Day. How many trees have been planted in 10 years and how many trees have been planted in 10 years and how can people get involved? July 31, by the way, folks. Mark it down. National Tree Day started by planet ark and over the last three days we've planted over 7.5 million native trees and shrubs and a million volunteers have helped us. This is one of those have helped us. This is one of those sites right here. You can't see it because it's night-time, but this was the old BP site at waiverton. It used to be full on cement and now it's green. We're doing this all over Australia? We are. We've planted over 10,000 trees here and we have hundreds of trees here and we have hundreds of other councils around Australia joining us, 2,000 schools involved. Community groups, very keen to get them involved too. Thanks for being on the television with us. There is a website. National Tree Day is on July 31. On July 29 it's school plant a tree July 29 it's school plant a tree day. These will be really happy with me this weekend because we have follow-up rain coming after the beautiful rainfall of last week. It looks like western NSW will get a fall between 5mm to 15mm of rain. The catchment area will get another top-up. The soil damp to is will flow top-up. The soil damp to is will flow into the dams. Exit stage left, thank you. Sat lied - cloud pushed onto the south coast Sat lied - cloud pushed onto the south coast of WA by winds bringing showers. The map tomorrow - cold winds maintain showers and alpine snow in Tasmania, Victoria and cease -- south-east NSW. Predicted precipitation - cloud will bring rain to central Australia. Showers will be widespread in the south-east. Friday - a jet stream will cause rain south-east. Friday - a jet stream will cause rain to spread to south-east NSW. Cold winds will maintain light showers in Tasmania and Victoria. Today we were five degrees above average, 21. Tomorrow - increasing cloud for a top of 21 and then the glorious rain comes again on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, catchment and western NSW in for another drink.

The banjo players, the Queensland State of Origin team. See you again tomorrow night. An amazing invention from Japan that can instantly double your strength. While it might cause a few stares, the robot suit has been designed for the elderly and those suffering weakened muscles or brain damage. The strap-on machine can also help care-givers to lift patients. The makers say there's a growing market for the robot because of the world's ageing population. The suit is expected to retail for about $12,000. That's the 5:00 News. I'm Ron Wilson. Goodnight. And I'm Jessica Rowe. Deborah Knight will have the late news at 11:30. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.