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(generated from captions) by the chief of the High Court. to be given the sensational news rushed to the Bali court Erwin Siregar, Schapelle Corby's defence lawyer, can hear from new witnesses. so the judges the 27-year-old's drug trial, has agreed to reopen The Indonesian Justice System in her Bali prison cell. have raised her spirits considerably she was given news today that must and her legal team in disarray, locked up for 20 years worse for Schapelle Corby, Just when things couldn't have looked Good evening. Shane Warne's final family holiday. And exclusive pictures of in deep space. Success for mankind's latest quest her Bali drug trial reopened. New hope for Schapelle Corby - This program is captioned live.

left the mission scientists jubilant. in hitting the comet The stunning success involved older than the solar system itself. a giant comet a tiny spacecraft ploughs into display ever, Fourth of July fireworks and spectacular In America's most expensive to be the stuff of life. what may prove and the moment when humanity met 133 million kilometres from Earth, how life as we know it began. the greatest mystery of all - It was spectacular and may unlock into a giant comet. was deliberately crashed about the size of a washing machine when a tiny probe of outer space today to explore the far reaches A true marvel of mankind's quest right after the news. with Schapelle Corby's mother more of that interview And 'A Current Affair' will have Mark Burrows, National Nine News. with the next two months. but it's likely to happen No date has been set, on Corby's guilt. who will then make a decision to the High Court, and then report on its worth will judge the new evidence It appears the District Court the drugs in her bag. who can prove someone else planted a chance to put forward witnesses to present the new case - Hotman Paris Hutapea, It will fall to Corby's new lawyer, The witness. Who? and bring them to Indonesia. they should prepare wants to help Corby in this case, If the Australian Government really a claim he denies. owns the drugs found in Corby's bag - the man two Victorian prisoners claim even Ronnie Vigenser, and Australian Airlines, baggage handlers with Qantas Customs officials, including Australian to hear from new witnesses, the original team of three judges The High Court has ordered to Corby in jail. asking her to relay the breakthrough phoned Corby's sister, Mercedes, Within minutes, one of the lawyers with the development. they were surprised, but happy, Corby's lawyers say but happy crying. I felt like crying,

and was jailed for 12 years. two other girls, aged five and nine, violently assaulted he attacked again, Two months after being released in the early '80s. for raping a 5-year-old girl to eight years in prison Hillsley was sentenced still suffering from the crime. The family are obviously of time for them. It's been a horrendous period I don't think, what's occurred. she's never going to get over it, In years to come, well, they've ever dealt with. it's the worst crime of the investigation say Detectives in charge his then 10-year-old stepdaughter. before kidnapping and raping with a hammer bashing the man to death he broke into their home A week later he was a convicted paedophile. They had no idea for Christmas in 2003. to the family's Campsie home Jeffrey Hillsley was invited for raping other girls. Hillsley had already served time It's been revealed his young stepdaughter. and repeatedly attacking for murdering a Sydney man was jailed for 30 years Today Jeffrey Hillsley only to strike again. by a child rapist who walked free Now to a shocking crime Peter Harvey, National Nine News. won't be known for months. Whatever the comet does contain a very hostile environment here. Our brave little spacecraft is in vehicle approached its target. photographs taken as the impact that began 173 days ago - the last few moments the mission These pictures show to a still-forming Earth. of our existence, such as water, if comets did bring the nucleus once and for all, Scientists hope to establish, flying alongside the comet. by another spacecraft That's now being analysed to worlds like ours. the chemistry of life that might have delivered One of the parts of the system when the universe began. 4.5 billion years ago The impact threw up material formed that we have ever undertaken. and riskiest space missions One of the most dangerous CHEERING

since a contamination threat was revealed last Friday. There were 19 people called in who were feeling ill - a variety of symptoms, headache, vomiting, diarrhoea. Two people went to hospital, but were not admitted. First there was the feel-good global concert, now the political fall out. The weekend Live8 spectacular has sparked a brawl over Australian assistance to Africa, with one aid organisation calling the Howard Government's contribution pathetic. In its defence, Canberra claims it must focus our aid efforts closer to home. A monster rubbish removal repeated across 10 major cities, hosts to the largest live concert ever. Are you ready to start a revolution? At issue, African poverty. Live8 has ratcheted up pressure for action from the G8 leaders, meeting in Scotland this week but there's pressure, too, outside the world's eight wealthiest nations. What we see from the Australian Government a special hotline 2,000 consumers have called of up to $275,000. or face fines all Mars and Snickers bars to remove and destroy are being reminded Retailers across the State on the deals concerned. he actually lost $335,000 but a spokesman says on a family holiday The 49-year-old is currently overseas to profit on the share market. when he was on the board of Telstra of using inside information The multimillionaire is accused by business watchdog ASIC. with serious corporate offences after being charged won't be laughing tonight Former TV funny man Steve Vizard convicted of sexual offences. of teachers to allow for the immediate sacking has also announced new laws The State Government by the Department." "Never to be employed and his file is to be stamped I've signed those dismissal papers to get rid of him. want to know why it took so long Now parents and the Opposition to his home computer. hundred of images 59-year-old Kevin McCoy downloaded child pornography charges last month. following his conviction on near Wagga, was sacked today, A school teacher at Junee, Allison Langdon, National Nine News. should never walk the street again. Predators like Jeffrey Hillsley the 30-year jail term appealed. The family want which is understandable. with the sentence, they're not satisfied The family has indicated that at this time of Live8, however, is not much better than the sounds of silence. In London for talks on poverty, Labor's Kevin Rudd is attacking the Howard Government's aid priorities - just 3% of Australia's $2.5 billion a year aid program goes to Africa. Our aid levels are really much too low. It's a bit pathetic. An organisation like World Vision gives more to Africa than the Australian Government at the moment. We are concentrating on the very real needs that are to be found right here on Australia's doorstep. But the focus on Australia's aid effort is only likely to increase in the lead up to a UN conference on world aid later this year. Australia and Japan are the only OECD countries yet to set a timetable for increased aid spending, And we're calling on the Howard Government to lift its game. But the Government argues Africa faces a greater poverty problem - trade barriers. There's an elephant in the room that can't be ignored and that's protectionism in the rich countries. Tim Lester, National Nine News. And if you want to register your support for Live 8, you can visit our news website at NineMSN and follow the links. A 2-word insult that can't be repeated here has cost League star Bryan Fletcher dearly. South Sydney has stripped him of the club's captaincy, dumped him for one game and dished out a hefty fine after he let fly with a racial slur against Parramatta's Dean Widders during yesterday's game. He's a player who's done it all, but Bryan Fletcher fears he may now be remembered for this one foolish act. It wasn't racism - it was just a comment I shouldn't have made and, for that, as I said, it was just stupid. Stupidity that has cost him the captaincy of Rugby League's most famous club. He's also been suspended for one match, fined $10,000 and will join Widders doing charity work with Aborigines. I can't complain, I've done the wrong thing. It's probably the worst the thing you could ever do, I think. And what makes it even harder to understand is that they're former team-mates who have been friends for more than a decade. He said to me, "I still can't work out why I said it." He said, "It just came out of my mouth "and I can't work out why." Widders says it's the first time he's encountered racism in Rugby League and while he's accepted Fletcher's apology, he also felt compelled to make a stand. Racial vilification is something that I'm 100% against and I don't think any sportsman or any person should ever revert to using those comments. It's important that penalties are imposed so that people in our game understand the ramifications of their actions. Paul Crawley, National Nine News. Still together - Shane Warne's family continues to work through this painful time, in the south of Spain. They were out strolling in a resort town last night finalising details of their separation, before Simone Warne returns to Australia with their three children. Pushing the pram with his family, Shane and Simone Warne with their children after an evening meal at a pizza restaurant. Mummy! Mummy! A quiet casual stroll in this Spanish summer evening and no sign of the tension that split this family. The Warnes have been at this southern Spanish holiday village for the past week after the couple announced they were separating. But, despite these family holiday images, Simone Warne confirmed exclusively to National Nine News last night her marriage has broken down and is soon returning to Melbourne with the couple's three children. Only three weeks ago Warne had moved his family to England from Melbourne telling us at the time it was a fresh start. At the moment I'll be living here, the family will be living here, the kids will be going to school here. But the Australian Test team, preparing for the Ashes, is uncertain about Warne's return, fitness and focus. No doubt there could be something else that bobs up down the track but I think, again, one of the strengths of the side has been that it does tend to deal with controversies or distractions, as you'd call it, or issues off-field. It's thought team management is becoming anxious about their valued spin bowler's return to training ahead of the first Ashes Test, here at Lords - although none are asking any hard questions until at least next week when Shane Warne indicated he'd be back from Spain after settling details of his separation. In London, Michael Usher, National Nine News. On the financial markets - the All Ords closed 10 points higher, driven mainly by strength in energy and resource stocks. A new, free afternoon newspaper will make the trip home a little more interesting for commuters. 'MX' is an afternoon sister edition to the 'Daily Telegraph', available from today at train stations in the CBD. In the news ahead - adventurer Steve Fossett retraces some aviation history. And Delta Goodrem returns to the stage. Whatever you want in life you can have it all at Wells Station Select your ideal land to design and build the home of your dreams. Enjoy the historic views of one of Canberra's oldest homestead properties. Live just 15 minutes to the heart of the city and have beautiful parkland, shops and schools at your doorstep. Have it all at Wells Station Country living in the city. ROBUST MUSIC THEY have created superannuation with OUTRAGEOUSLY low fees - CONCE NED HOUTING They must be stopped! With low fees... (Roars) ..Virgin Superannuation gives more power to your super. To have it all you must register to be held on July 30th. So don't miss out, call 1800 777 952 or visit our site office on Nullabor Avenue, Gungahlin. But hurry, so you have can have it all at Wells Station. On the anniversary of one of Sydney's most intriguing mysteries, an appeal today for new information on the apparent murder of heiress Juanita Nielsen. 30 years on, her former partner wants to know where her body is buried. Those who know, please have the courage to come forward. It's time for them to reveal at least where the body is and let's put a closure to this. Crime figures have denied murdering Nielsen, who was campaigning against high-rise development in Kings Cross. The State and Federal Governments are joining together to clean up the banks of the Hawkesbury-Nepean River. More than $14 million has been earmarked for the catchment area over 3 years. This money will see much-needed work carried out on the banks Hawkesbury-Nepean catchment area, and will breathe life back into the Hawkesbury area. It's also hoped the package will protect native bushland. Going to a pub or club just got a lot more comfortable for non-smokers with new bans which restrict smoking to just one room. And after plenty of warning there didn't appear to be too much resistance from drinkers, but the pubs themselves fear their profits will go up in smoke. Health Department inspectors were out and about making sure the new laws were being followed. Which area is smoke free and which area you allow smoking? Although their puffing rights have been severely curtailed many smokers understand the need for the restrictions. For all the other people to have a fair go, too. Shouldn't have to smoke in front of people who don't like it, so it's okay. In this city club yesterday, this area was a smoking zone. Today, the air was much fresher. The industry says it understands the health benefits of the new rules, but is expecting to take a big financial hit. Certainly going to have some significant problems of the next few years, but that's something we have to face and that's something clubs will and we'll move on. In two years time no smoking at all will be allowed inside pubs and clubs but doctors say there's no need to wait and a total ban should be introduced immediately. I think the longer we wait, the more risks and the more lives we put at stake. And these protesters agree. The AMA also wants a ban on the display of cigarettes and other tobacco products in all shops - an idea first raised 17 months ago. The less they see them then, hopefully, Nina Stevens, National Nine News. In Iraq, the man preparing to take the job as the Egyptian ambassador has been kidnapped on a Baghdad street after stopping his car to buy a newspaper. The rebels who seized Ihab al-Sherif may be hoping to scare off other Arab states which plan to set up diplomatic links. Another achievement for the adventurer Steve Fossett, piloting this replica of a Vickers biplane across the Atlantic. With co-pilot Mark Rebholtz, they took 17 hours to reach Ireland from Newfoundland. The flight was a tribute to the very first Atlantic crossing in 1919, when John Alcock and Arthur Brown made the journey in a similar aircraft. An underwater volcano has erupted in the north Pacific, south-east of Japan, forcing a 1km- high column of steam into the air. Greyish mud has also been seen rising up from the ocean floor, possibly the beginnings of a new island. the songstress performing in Newcastle last night in her first major live gig since undergoing cancer treatment two years ago. (Sings) # I just want to be loved # I just want to be heard...# Her national tour officially kicks off in Perth on Friday. Ken joins us for the last time from Wimbledon tonight where, Ken, Roger Federer has joined the game's elite. That's for sure, Mark. An effortless performance in the final has earned him a hat-trick of titles. Now, that's REAL six appeal. full service home phone customers. for Telstra Plus $0 installation KISSING RAPID BONGO DRUMS ..has just shot up to over: The $2 Jackpot Lottery... for any Queensland onslaught. And Joey says he's ready

for Tony Carroll, the Maroon menace, And he has the highest regard that has been most impressive. but it's the way Johns has handled it the NSW king pin, about trying to nullify A lot has already been said try a wipe me out of the game. and, I suppose, ruffle my feathers and get at me to put me on my backside, They're going to be trying I know what's coming. with a target on his back. Johns remains the only man on Queensland in Origin II, but after after the job he did The Blues are all pumped up, career. one of the toughest games of his for what could be The Blues champion is gearing up he'll be ready. in Wednesday's Origin decider, whatever Queensland throws at him Andrew Johns says WOLF WHISTLE To join, call:

LAUGHTER or something, I don't know. Maybe I'll just punch him become such a complete player. You run out of options because he's I still somehow cannot realise it. it's almost a dream. with the trophy this afternoon - and I'm standing here I came here with huge expectations CHEERING could let his emotions run wild. who appears so calm and in control, Only now this man, Federer early in the second The American did manage to break COMMENTATOR: And that's in. in just 22 minutes. he wrapped up the first set 6-2 Having nullified Roddick's serve, to prove them correct. and today Federer was out bewilderingly superior - masterful, complete, for Federer's game - to find suitable praise But the experts have been struggling the result would go his way. that this time against all the odds Andy Roddick hoping CHEERING the long walk from the change rooms. the number one and two seeds walked Exactly as they did last year, he's all but unbeatable on grass. once again proving Andy Roddick in straight sets, Federer outclassed second seed title at Wimbledon. after winning his third straight all-time greats of tennis Roger Federer now ranks among the National Nine News. In Brisbane, Clinton Fletcher, your spine. it just sends tingles down and get booed when you run out in Brisbane No matter how much you love Sydney but the Blues have no fears. is significant, Their home ground advantage in the new-look Queensland camp. It's steady as she goes on Wednesday. so I'm looking forward to it again up here, where everyone hates you, It's a great experience playing as one hell of a compliment. He's taking the attention on Wednesday night. if all of Queensland turns on him Johns isn't worried Relaxed and confident, and the way he reads it. The way he hits, his technique, in the competition. I think the best defender Without doubt, who will be out to get him.

with all the weather details. After the break - Jaynie Seal champion we got. have a lot of rain and what a was memorable because we didn't year from the championships that And Mark, that's it for another from Lance Armstrong. the overall lead by two seconds American David Zabriskie retains by Belgium's Tom Boonen. but was caught near the line McEwen started his sprint early Wearing yellow and white, one of four Aussies in the top 20. of the Tour de France, on the second stage has finished third Australia's Robbie McEwen and Michael Schumacher. ahead of Kimi Raikkonen securing his fifth win of the season Alonso was in total control, Out in front, when he ended up in the gravel. a spectacular exit Minardi's Christijan Albers made in a sizzling cockpit. for burns he sustained and had to receive medical treatment Aussie Mark Webber was 12th at the French Grand Prix. with a runaway win extended his championship lead In Formula One, Fernando Alonso has in prize money. including the $1.5 million the spoils of victory, For now, he just enjoys The answer to that will have to wait. Just how much better can he get?

which is three above the average. with a top of 20, T-shirt weather to the week - after a sun-drenched start is now 17 degrees The city temperature Good evening.

on the way but, Mark, So not looking like any decent rain and still staying reasonably warm. but clearing up for our weekend on Friday Some light rain may moving in on Thursday, with a top of 17. Cloud should start building and we will all stay dry. Katoomba 12, and the Central Coast. right throughout Sydney Above average temperatures and resting at about 5pm. with sun waking up at 7am Another short winter's day with light, northerly winds. A beautiful Tuesday seeing mostly blue skies once again. So Sydney misses out north of Newcastle. with onshore winds along the coast And just a few showers and frost along the ranges. A cold start with patches of fog and blue skies for Darwin, 32. Clearing showers for Perth for Melbourne, Hobart and Adelaide. Fine with winds increasing with a dry Tuesday, tops of 14. in Canberra, Snuggle up for a cold and frosty one ahead of a change moving into SA. will turn northerly and winds in the west of the State showers onto our north coast, The high will direct a few isolated Tomorrow will be mostly dry again. along the northern Queensland coast. and literally a few sprinkles hail in the southwest of WA Just a few showers and possible small from a high sitting over us. has been cloud-free Most of the country and a pleasant 18 in Gosford. 21 in Liverpool However, we warmed up to a toasty in the west. A chilly morning, especially until Friday at this stage. and we are not expecting anything no rain fell floating by but, unfortunately, There were pockets of cloud about for school holidays. Blue skies galore across the city