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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. and welcome to A Current Affair. Thanks, Ray Martin is on assignment. their licenses caught out. Tonight, drivers who've just lost only minutes later. We find them back behind the wheel Also tonight, fool's gold. is real. How to find out if your jewellery Plus, it's official - headaches than men. why women really do get more Powerball winner. And our exclusive with the $6 million treating the law as a joke. First, disqualified drivers

was in court only moments earlier, The man behind the wheel of this car from him. having his licence taken away it made no difference. But as you can see, And he's not alone. to every one of us who use the roads, They are a danger and they just don't care.

And the cop... shown by some of these drivers. There's no respect for the law ..the politician... I think it's really a sick joke. ..and the statistician... Less than 1% go to jail. ..say it's got out of hand. we have about 8,000 a year I know in New South Wales and driving a motor vehicle, caught disqualified so it is a big problem for us. for drink-driving, speeding, Their licences stripped or other serious traffic offences, and threaten lives once again. only to get back in their cars for these people. Deterrence don't work

You must punish them. Take this man for example. driving while disqualified offence, While pleading guilty to his second he was a fine, upstanding citizen Jung Woo Im told the court in the Korean community. his driving record. Not if you look at

The magistrate noting: licence disqualification. Another seven years was added to Im's

even an inconvenience to Mr Im. Losing his licence to 2013 wasn't the court, Just 60 seconds after he left so mind-boggling, what did he did next was so brazen,

it made a mockery of justice. after surrendering his licence, Watch as Im leaves the courthouse and gets into his car.

have no respect for the law. People like this

They deserve to be in jail. He's a danger to our roads. Chief Superintendent John Hartley, Chief traffic cop of NSW, has seen it too many times. in New South Wales again, Over the last five years involved a disqualified driver. over 100 fatal accidents have the policeman's frustrations nicely. Yong Chol Ko illustrates taken away for four months He's j s had his dri r's lic nce He's just had his driver's licence

after being caught drink-driving.

But he's not waiting. and watch this - He, too, leaves the court outside, and drives off. gets into his vehicle, parked right and not a care in the world. A middle finger lifted to the law, with no respect for our laws, Again, that's an example of someone who's been disqualified, certainly another driver and a danger to other road users. Butcher Wayne Humphries worst disqualified drivers. must be one of Australia's He's currently banned until 2037. when he can next drive. That'll make the 31-year-old 63 much hope. The magistrate doesn't hold to take away a licence, When a judge makes a decision to the court. he should ask them if they drove If they did, confiscate their keys to take their motor car. and arrange for somebody else a committee Politician Paul Gibson heads on the roads, that oversees our safety

strong recommendations. and he has some the same car again, If they're caught driving from them and impounded. then their car should be taken for a third time, Then, if they offend again from them and sold. their car should be taken away with or without my licence. I continue to drive for the law. for anything. I didn't have a great respect driver who's now reformed. Daniel is an habitual disqualified

doesn't work. He agrees the current system

up until the point that it happens, I thought the risk was minimal and you are very blase about it.

over the last 10 years. This problem has become more acute the alarming increase Don Wedderbum has been monitoring getting back in their cars in the numbers of mainly male drivers after losing their licence.

in 10 years. It's a jump of about 60% Most of them are going to be fined. A few will be given bonds. to jail Less than 1% of them are going to go kind. for repeat driving offences of this Finally, remember Mr Im? arrogant pillar of his community We tried to catch up with the and guess what? was wrong. The address he gave the court He left it eight months ago. at the law. You can almost hear him laughing Brady Halls there. putting disqualified drivers Maybe the law has to start

under surveillance - just as we did. Now to gold should be aware of. and a scam that every jewellery buyer

A Current Affair has discovered have plenty of glitter, that while many gold items what they're supposed be. they're certainly not It's under-carating, it's illegal. OK. gold you're buying is genuine? So there is no way to know if the There is no way. We didn't get what we paid for. We paid $270 for 18 carat. How easy is it to fool a customer? It's easy because they believe you. your customers? Are you ripping off it feels like gold, It looks like gold, is actually in it? but just how much gold isn't it? It is impossible for us to tell, for you to tell. It is very impossible It's called under-carating. Nic Cerrone says it's widespread. and award-winning jeweller for making gold jewellery - This is the basic recipe with 3.5% pure gold to make 9 carat, a mix of copper, silver, or 75% pure gold for 18 carat - manufacturers to cheat. it's an easy formula for dishonest and take some gold out? So add more copper and silver

Some gold out. And it would still look the same. I wouldn't know. Still look the same. for the jeweller. And it's a lot more money It's very hard to tell.

they're not getting? So customers are paying for gold

Yes. Do you think people have any idea that the gold they're wearing may not be the real thing? No, I don't think so. Professional gold refiner and assayer Howard Wilson has been lobbying for standards in the jewellery industry for years. What practices are in place to stop dishonest manufacturers? There are none. A Current Affair bought gold randomly

from chain stores and independent jewellers. So all of these here are 9-carat gold? Yep. The whole thing, it's all 9 carat. Yeah.

We took the gold, unlabelled, to Sydney jewellery manufacturer Larry Sher, to carry out what's called a scratch test. Here's sample A. Every sample was scratched onto stone, then different strengths of acid were used to determine whether the jewellery was, in fact, the carat the store claimed it was. It is dissolving slowly. And that means...

I think this is under 9 carat. This clasp is hallmarked 925, so it's been silver, gold-plated. So that's not gold at all? No. But have a listen

to how the sales girl at Kings Jewellers in Brisbane sold it to us. It's 9 carat, and it's gorgeous Italian gold. And when you say it's 9 carat, does that include everything?

Everything. Everything in it is 9 carat. You wouldn't be getting what you're paying for. But the scratch test is just an indicator.

The only way to really find out if your gold is genuine is to do something jewellery manufacturers know you'll never do. Carry out a test that completely destroys it. It's a 7-hour test called assaying. How hot is that? About 1,000 degrees. So what's left of our jewellery, Adam? Not much? Not much. The jewellery's then boiled in acid and fired again until all that's left is pure gold. The carat can then be calculated. Howard, this gold bangle was sold to us as 18 carat. It says 18 carat.

Well, Amanda, it's not 18 carat. In fact, it's way under. So is this man's ring. It's substantially under-carated. And these earrings and this bracelet contain half the amount of gold we paid for. Four out of 45 jewellers in this street alone sold us under-carated gold. The ripped us off and we wan out money bac . They ripped us off and we want out money back. We bought this bracelet from this store and we were told it was 18-carat gold but it's not 18 carat gold at all. This jewellers, My Xuan, blamed its supplier.

This is illegal, sir. Exactly, I'll have to speak to our supplier. So are you concerned now about all the rest of your jewellery? Definitely, of course. Why would you have a ring in your window saying 18-carat gold when it's not? I have no idea. It's supposed to be 75% gold, sir? Yeah. Star watches and jewellery also claimed ignorance. What do you think of the fact that this isn't 18-carat gold?

I'm shocked. This ring was $296. Can we have our money back? Sure, no problem. Just Gold jewellers though, refused to admit anything. Doesn't that say 18-carat gold on the box? No, no, no, no, no. Well, it does say 18-carat gold on the box. You can't say like this. But that says 18 carat gold. No, no, no. But it does. Have a look. You can't say like this. It says 18-carat gold. The problem comes from overseas. There is no control, no standard. So apart from the fact that it's yours,

how do I know that it's the real deal? You've got the 18-carat stamp. The stamp should say 750 for 18 carat, or 375 for 9 carat. no alternative marking is legal. If you can't see the stamp, ask for an eyeglass. And always check that the jeweller is a member of the Australian Jewellers' Association. It's like

buying a car, do your research before. Amanda Paterson with that story. When Shane Warne and his wife Simone called it quits at the weekend, there weren't many people surprised by the split. Most were probably wondering how the marriage lasted so long, given the repeated scandals of a sports star who can't seem to help himself off the field. COMMENTATOR: He started off with the most beautiful delivery. Shane Warne has a sex addiction. Oh, beautifully bowled. That, dear Shane, is over - over and out. And got him! I think he's irresponsible, he's run by testosterone, he's thoughtless and he's a downright cad. Needless to say, Shane is in shame. It was supposed to be a romantic new life in England.

And for a little while it was OK in the UK, until the Aussie spin king allegedly spun another line, in another nightclub, with yet another young woman. British student Laura Sayers met Shane Warne. She said he begged her for sex. She claims they had sex. She said as soon as it was over, he fell asleep, snoring,

and didn't wake up. Not a peep from Shane yet, but Australian captain Ricky Ponting was most understanding. That's awful news for anybody to be separated from your wife.

There's no doubt everyone in our squad will be in touch with Shane at some stage. Back in Melbourne, Shane's parents had other concerns. There's children involved, it's a very trying time for them and we're all here to support them and Shane and Simone. I think Simone has made the right decision. Dr Janet Hall is a relationship expert and sex therapist. She had to have the courage this time to cross that line and to show that she has self-respect, to claim her right to have respect from him. It must be terrible for her to go through this time and time again.

How would she be feeling right now towards Shane? I think Simone would have the classic feelings anyone would have when they've been betrayed. She'd be anxious, angry, hurt, devastated, shocked, humiliated. She'd want to crawl into a hole and cocoon up and stay away from everybody. How's the irony? One of the reasons Shane Warne left Australia was this - his every move was scrutinised and monitored by the press.

So he moved to England where the press is the most vicious and vitriolic in the world. And Fleet Street loves nothing better than a famous cad being caught out bowling a maiden over. He seems to hit the media all the time, almost in a serial way. Peter Kell, a sports psychologist, has the spin on Shane. Sports stars continue to live in very insulated and protected lifestyles. I think it's about time he realised where his responsibilities are. I think it's very sad, actually. I think it's always sad. It's sad that a lot of people kiss and tell too. In June 2000, Warne confessed to phone sex with a British nurse. In 2003, this South African woman claimed Warne pestered her with text messages. Later that month, revelations that the man with the flipper had been dating a stripper. Then early last year Simone Warne warned her husband - one more misdemeanour and the partnership was over. On Saturday, it was. Then today, more revelations that Warne had another female friend - Michelle Masters. Shane, my advice to you, if you're listening, is do some serious grovelling because that Simone is a wonderful woman and you've got three great kids. It's worth it. Do it. Do it now. Alana House, editor of 'Woman's Day', has recorded the ups and downs of Warne's life off the field. There's been the betting scandal, there's been the diet pills,

there's been the texting, there's been numerous women who haven't been able to resist his charms. I think Shane thinks he's an absolute magnet for chicks, that's for sure. Being famous, being good looking, obviously having the gift of the gab. Could she still go back with him? I think for Simone's self-respect, she could never get back with Shane after so many humiliating, terrible experiences.

I think he has lost out on something really valuable. It's his own goddam life. We all have ours, so why don't we get involved in those, rather than focussing on theirs. Could she still love him? She might still love him, but I don't think she should. Martin King with the latest chapter in the Shane file. Up next, the truth about headaches for men and women. So I'd like to thank Mick for his kind words. PEOPLE GROAN MAN: Here we go. Listen, I'm retiring on a big super payout We pay low fees, the profits go back to us, not shareholders and that adds up. So stick with CBUS. And now...I'm out of here! CBUS - the industry super fund for industry and construction. Welcome back. We've always known that headaches don't strike everyone the same way. Some people rarely have a problem with them.

Others suffer so badly it can affect their family lives, even their careers. Now science has confirmed that headaches also affect men and women differently. Baby? Not tonight, honey. I have a headache.

I know it is a cliche, but gentlemen, the old headache line is now backed by research which suggests that women are twice as likely as men to suffer a severe headache. (Sighs) Did you realise that there is research that suggests women do, in fact, suffer headaches twice as often as men, almost? We know that. Explain. You can't explain it. It's just one of those facts in life. I'm actually not surprised. Not surprised. The majority of headache sufferers are, in fact, women, which is unfortunate. Gerald Edmonston is the director of Headache Australia. In conjunction with the drug manufacturer Pfizer, his company surveyed 1,245 Australians and found that 84% of us have suffered a serious headache

in the last 12 months. The research did ask people perhaps what caused headaches. Now, women who, unfortunately, suffer more headaches, are quite likely to say their husbands, in fact, for the cause of headaches, or the pressure of families, a job, looking after a family, maintaining the home. That is enough to give anyone a headache. I get a headache thinking about it. It is not so. I do not believe stress actually causes migraine.

Associate professor and neurologist with the Prince of Wales Hospital Dr Paul Spira says emotions might play a small part in triggering headaches, but he says genetics is a greater player in the brain strain game.

There is a suggestion that there is a propensity gene on the X chromosome and because women have two X chromosomes, the suggestion is that this may explain why the incidence of migraine in women may be twice as high as it is in men. It feels like your brain has swollen and is putting pressure on your skull. Elisa Ashenden is one of Australia's many migraine sufferers. The cause is totally unknown and the cure is not available. Control is available.

I have Anaprox, Maxolon for when you are feeling sick, Neurofen Plus, more codeine in those, Amatriptaline, Inderal, Suvalan, also used to take Imigran, and the Ergotamine compound that I now take. Deary me. For a 24-year-old, I feel like a grandmother. Like most chronic headache sufferers, Elisa has tried everything. Chiropractic, physio. They are either having acupuncture or neck manipulation. I have been to a naturopath, an osteopath. Or having chiropractics. An endocrinologist, kinesiologist, paediatrician when I was younger. Essentially what happens is unless you approach the problem in a scientific way,

you rarely find an answer. What saved me? Probably Professor Spira. How fully developed is the headache when you wake? Pretty bad. I wake up, and the first thought I have is, "Oh no, here we go again." While Dr Spira says medication is about the only answer when it comes to migraines, there are some hints for alleviating the less serious, everyday tension headaches. I often recommend yoga. I am the least alternate person on earth,

and yet I believe yoga does have a place in this situation where part of the relaxation phase which follows a yoga class can be very, very helpful in relieving headaches. But no amount of grasshopper positions will see you escape the pain of the mother of them all - the cluster headache. The headache form is fascinating. It's a highly localised, excruciating headache, absolutely debilitating. Fascinating for the doc, but nothing short of hell on earth for sufferer Michael Wolf. Possibly the only way I could describe it is if you could imagine the pain of smashing your thumb with a hammer and that 10 or 15 seconds when you have intense pain, that is the kind of pain you have for maybe 2-3 hours. Three hours, every day, at the same time,

for up to six weeks at a time, which is why it is called a cluster headache. And as if the almighty wanted to even the ledger,

this headache occurs predominantly in men. It attacks the eyeball so the pain centres in the eyeball

and again, what is absolutely peculiar, is that eyeball and that same side nostril just absolutely weep. It just pours during the course of that headache. So, he is a turn on.

What does it do to the relationship during this period? It is very stressful.

Michael's wife Sonya may or may not be pleased to know there is something she might be able to do to help. Interestingly enough, there is a headache form where sexual intercourse may actually be therapeutic, and this is the cluster headache. If that was the case, believe me, I'd be having sex 24 hours a day. Don't get your hopes up, gents - sex as therapy hasn't been proven to work with migraines or standard headaches

which afflict the majority of women. Darling, I have something for your headache. I don't have a headache. Really? James Thomas reporting. And there's more information on the latest scientific findings about headaches at our website. Alright, next, the $6 million man celebrating a Powerball jackpot that all belongs to him. 80-year-old George Ashton has done what many of us dream of. His numbers came up in last week's draw

for a $6 million Powerball jackpot. Now, George doesn't have to share it with anyone, but he will. George Ashton, the $6 million man. How does that sound? Sounds good. Can you believe it? Not really. It hasn't sunk in as yet. George Ashton's story will make you smile, and just maybe you'll think you've won the lottery too. How often do you drink French champagne? That's it. That's the first time? It was like any other Thursday night. George, alone inside this beaten-up caravan he's called home for 20 years. The phone rings. It was Powerball. George has just won the lot - $6.1 million. I said, "Gee". I think that's all I said. I don't get excited very much. Come on, George. $6 million. No, I didn't yell or scream or anything like that. I just - wow. Didn't jump up and down? No.

Didn't crack open a Tooheys New? Didn't have one to open. But he did get straight back on the phone to close friends Ron and Val. I was shaking. I couldn't talk.

I said, "George, I don't believe it." He said "It's true, it's really true. "I'll ring Ron." Ron, a limo driver, thought his old mate had won a few bucks down at the local club when he got the call. "It's George here." I said, "Yes, George. What have we won this time?" and he said, "I've just won $6 million,"

and I said, "Bullshit, George." Have you thought of how you'll spend the money? Apart from getting a boat and investing and buying some cars for some friends, I haven't, no. Tell me what type of car you'd like to buy for yourself.

A Mini. I'm a Mini Cooper fan. You want this one? Isn't this a young person's car? Yes, but I'm young at heart. I reckon you'd look all right in this, although you might get a few looks when you pull up at the lights. Well, I'll have a hat on. And for a moment I thought I was also in the winner's circle. Can I buy you a Mini Cooper S? You would buy me a Cooper? I would buy you a Mini Cooper S, supercharged.

OK, we should probably stop there. George, yes, you can. Here's my number. I'll give it to you. No, don't be silly. I couldn't possibly take your money, Geo ge. While back at the caravan park... Good to share it around a bit. You hoping for a few bucks? No, don't know him. You know, he's offering to buy a few of his mates Mini Coopers. Yeah, I heard that. I reckon you'd look all right in a Mini Cooper. I reckon I would too, yeah. A bit flash for you, Fred. He reckons the moment the cheque comes in, he's out of here.

Good on him. I don't blame him one little bit. That's a lot of money, isn't it? It is a lot of money and I wish it was me,

but I'm really pleased for him. You never think you'll have that money.

Like a bolt of lightning kind of thing. I've never thought of having that much money. What does that tell you about life, George? What does that tell you?

Life goes around, the good and the bad. I've had good days and bad days. Ay 80, George has lived a full and adventurous life. He's been a boilermaker, a World War II veteran, he's owned race horses and loved a punt and a drink,

but it's not the money lost over the years that's hurt the most. I've got a son and a daughter and unfortunately

there is a misunderstanding amongst us and, sadly, I only hope

that something we can resolve our differences. That this fortune in your life will maybe bring you back together? Well, I would rather be back together than have this fortune. That's how I feel. than a dollar. Family is more important Yeah. of lotto wins We hear so many stories because of jealousy over money. where the family is pulled apart for the opposite to happen here. Obviously you are hoping that money As I said, I'd rather not have and have the love of my children. I would. What do they say? of the rainbow? Pot of gold at the end At the end of the rainbow, yeah. that on just for you today. I think the big fella has put of gold, I imagine. Could be, because I've got a pot Good on you. Congratulations. Thank you, David. Thank you. David Eccleston with a story what really matters in life. that shows money isn't always Alright, it was a reaction straight from our hearts. Australians donated $325 million to aid agencies to help victims of the Asian tsunami. But six months later, there's one question demanding an answer - where's the money? Tomorrow night, Ray Martin's special investigation. The Australian people gave us this money in good faith. We can't let it go to waste. It's absolutely critical that the donor dollars get through to the people on the ground and nowhere else. and they've got food, They've got water of millions of dollars in foreign aid but they keep hearing about hundreds that's available. "Where the hell is it?" And they say to us, special report tomorrow night. Ray's back in the chair with that Thanks for being with us. For now, goodnight. by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext Captions