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(generated from captions) security. It's a guide to your financial over the next five, 10, 15 years. to the value of your home what's going to happen Our experts will tell you our home is our biggest asset. For most of us, Also, house prices. The consequences almost defy belief. and hit the power pole. control of the car in the corner deleting the message when I lost reading it and in the process of I was playing with the phone, I was is a bloody idiot. while they're driving of why anyone who uses a mobile phone Tonight, conclusive proof

just we weren't paying for fuel. tanks and cars, and syphoning fuel out of petrol We'd been getting around farms to some local farms to steal petrol. Victorian township of Warnambool decided to head out of their Marcus and his friends As the hours passed, for it. and I just wasn't in the mood the day before because I'd had a lot to assume and I didn't feel like drinking we were going to go drinking The initial plan was with his mates. and do a few laps of the town he decided to hit the streets and like so many kids his age, was Marcus' 22nd birthday The 24th of July last year and we're not. We think we're invincible young inexperienced driver. just like any other young person, No, I was pretty much it was to kill with your car? did you have any idea how easy Before this accident happened, can cost lives and ruin lives. even the smallest mistake that when you're behind the wheel, sobering reminder Marcus Johnstone is a tragic, They just don't care. and no-one's taken a heed to it. as well I've wrecked other people's lives Look at me, I've wrecked my life, within a matter of two seconds. I took two lives that night will change your mind. this report from Rohan Wenn of the consequences, or you need reminding it's that dangerous If you don't think everywhere. It happens every day all day when they're driving. and text on mobile phones I'm talking about people who talk have been guilty of doing it too. and no doubt many of us we've all seen them But first tonight, in that lot. Some interesting outcomes to find out if they did keep it off. So we'll revisit our diet champions but keeping it off is tough. Losing the weight was the easy part Australia's weight loss champions - The lonelyness was awful. but what about he failures. We hear of the successes a sea change, a new start in life. Plus, so many of us dream of

causing injury, two counts of recklessly two counts of culpable driving, Marcus has been charged with this for the rest of my life. because now I've got to live with that night I just wish I had bloody went All the time. who didn't walk away from that crash? Do you sometimes wish that it was you legs. couldn't stand. I went weak in the then that they were gone and I died on impact. I pretty much knew that those two girls most likely Authorities would later conclude from the wreckage several minutes to free themselves and four of the other passengers It took Marcus Johnstone and hit the power pole. on the corner when I lost control of the car deleting the message and I was in the process of I was reading it, I was playing with the phone, For about 700, 800 metres for Marcus to read. with a text message on it from the backseat a mobile phone was passed outside the town of Cobden, approached a sweeping corner And then as the car concentrate. because I was finding it hard to to sit down and stop making a racket I've told them multiple times hitting and kicking the seats. in the car, There was a lot of mucking around wearing my seatbelt. I was the only one that was in the car but out of the entire lot you feel a little bit safer, in the car with seatbelts on At least you've got some people to put them on. the ones that have got belts, I asked them a couple of times, two boys and five girls. travelling in a five-seater car, meaning there would be seven people three female friends, stopped to pick up who hadn't been drinking, because he was the only one Marcus who was driving Before the group took off, was the car crash. which the end result a downhill spiral It was just going down if we got into trouble or not. because we didn't really care It was just something we were doing

the rest of us can only dream about. he struck a sweetheart deal five years ago, went shopping for a penthouse property developer Lloyd Williams When one-time casino owner and will be the winners. to work out which suburbs who have crunched the numbers to the real estate experts Tonight Rodney Lohse talks of your home over the next 15 years? What's going to happen to the value but is it all doom and gloom? across Australia at the moment values are on the decline As you know, during our lifetime. investment most of us will ever make Buying a home is the single biggest Rohan Wenn reporting there. of that story for you. We'll keep an eye on the outcome of a loaded gun. It's like being in charge within a matter of seconds. and you can take lives and every young driver thinks that, and we're not because I thought I was invincible we're invincible We've just got to stop thinking and ruined so many others. that ultimately cost two young lives night after night making the same tragic choices just like him because he still sees too many kids he's just chosen to speak out but he says he's not expecting sympathy Marcus says get back in my car and drive off. I usually switch off, walk away, saying I don't deserve to live. stuff like that, calling me a murderer, start hurling abuse, who have an attitude over the crash Usually people who are out have already been made. the judgements in this divided country town, But for many and use of an unroadworthy vehicle. use of a mobile phone while driving driving in a dangerous manner, the age of 16 unrestrained in a car, five counts of having a person under Williams paid, or we should say agreed to pay, $3.5 million for a 114sq $3.5 million for a 114sq Melbourne penthouse in a buy now but don't pay for five years deal. The penthouse is now worth $8 million and Williams is way in front before he even has to put his hand in his cash swollen pockets. But for most Australian homeowners, the crystal ball on house prices is pretty gloomy. The residential market outlook across Australia is for a continued decline if you like, throughout 2005 and possibly also throughout 2006. Demographer Bernard Salt of KPMG has just completed a major study, Australia on the Move. It seems the demand for the McMansions in the outer suburbs will slow. There will be an oversupply in the next decade actually start to die off, this has a direct bearing on the level of demand for housing and of course that takes the heat out of the market. It seems no amount of spruiking or huffing and puffing will fool the truism that for the continual growth you need demand and that's just not going to happen. Here's the current state of play. It's a soft landing but a new take-off is a long way off. Invest in property by the end of next year, hold it for seven years, and you will benefit from an upswing in the next cycle. This bearish judgment gets positively chilly when the giant AMP chips are in, claiming house prices are 25% over-valued. There's certainly a big downside risk in Australian house prices as there are in many other countries around the world, particularly most of the Anglo countries have had house price bubbles as the birth rate declines, high divorce rates and more of our already ageing population move on to the retirement home in the sky. As the baby boomers

AMP capital investors chief economist Dr Shane Oliver predicts it could be a decade or so before prices go up. I think therefore that owner occupiers can afford to take their time in buying a house. However, he rules out a crash. Unless we have a recession or a much sharper rise in interest rates, that seems unlikely. It's also noticeable that even valuations are getting tougher. Near enough is no longer good enough in tougher times. Kieren Canavan is a valuer. What we're finding there is we're finding that they're coming in very low and one of the reasons for that is they're asking their agents to give them a valuation as well. And when the agent values a property they don't value it for mortgage purposes. They value it for resale purposes and often that tends to be on the high side so very often, that causes a bit of animosity between the banks and the lenders, the people doing the lending. But there is sunlight for some, according to Bernard Salt. The Sunshine State will hold up well. The population growth of Brisbane and its surrounds means increasing demand and prices will hold up better than most. Coastal towns will become bigger. That's good news on the property front for the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Hervey Bay and Cairns, and there's certainly a risk that those bubbles could burst. family home in the suburbs. So finally, what about the average is looking decidedly unhealthy. As for the worst, Tassie calling the shots on house prices. the ageing baby boomers are still which tends to suggest prices rise the best Where people move to live is where The tip is follow the crowd. will experience extraordinary growth. 80km south of Perth In the west, Mandurah, over the next 30 years. and housing demand if not treble in population These places are projected to double of capital cities. within striking distance will be the sea change communities for property investment I think The best places and parts of Western Australia. the north coast of New South Wales

we're moving to smaller and smaller households units. Rodney Lohse with that report. Details of those growth areas have been posted on our web site. Now to Australia's real-life grumpy old men. They lived together, they worked together, they shared friends. In fact, they did just about everything together. So what happened when they had a falling out? It all becomes very nasty and ends up in court. apartment building. But all that changed one Friday in February last year when an argument erupted. He became abusive, smashed the beers on my doorstep, smashed the plate of food on my doorstep. I looked at the rubbish and I thought, "Oh, well, I'll start scraping it up, "clean it up." I didn't know what to do. 20 seconds later, I heard the bloody... I'm gonna kill ya." "I'm gonna kill ya, with a very large knife, and here comes George Cassar I've looked up of the stairs opened, ..half a minute the door at the top and even live in the same work colleagues these men have been mates, For the past five years, George Cassar. and this is 58-year-old George Stojadinovic This is 54-year-old No, that wasn't the way it was. being stupid or something. of silly, old, senile men It was just sort of like a couple was an absolute joke. I think the court case Townsville District Court. and it even made it to the but this unusual tale is fact about grumpy old men It sounds like a scene from a movie and a smashed carton of beer. A bitten finger, broken dentures I don't want to know you." I don't want to socialise with you, I said, "Look, go away. and I told him to ---- off. of beer and a plate of sandwiches He's come to my door with a carton Here's Michelle Tapper. over the next 30 years across Australia three-bedroom brick veneer houses There is a reduced requirement for

It was a frightening experience. The loneliness was awful. Shock horror. believing in the dream. I just did it basically, becomes a nightmare? but what happens when the dream at some stage in our lives most of us dream of a sea change After the break, when we visit our diet champions. and you'll find out how hard was hard, try keeping it off if you thought losing weight Later in the program, and his teeth came out with it. I pulled my thumb out of his mouth Natural instinct, onto me thumb with his teeth. and somehow he's managed to latch I didn't have a real good grip around the neck. The other hand I've grabbed him grabbed me left hand with the knife. I've thrown my left hand out, he had it in his right hand, He's come for me with the knife, his teeth. he used the next best thing - and with no weapon on hand, to defend himself George says he did all he could You didn't pull a knife on him? No. Did you pull a knife on him? I've nowhere to run. He claims you tried to kill him. Good. And he says he's afraid for his life. Poor fellow. Now these two friends have become foes and the matter has been dragged through the District Court but the judge has ordered these two grumpy old men to work things out the old way - by talking to each other. Will you move out? No, no, he'll have to kill me. Let's hope they can sort it out.

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Most of us at some stage will dream of a sea change, a fresh start in life with very few cares in the world. But what happens to the families who make the big shift and then it all backfires? For many it becomes a disaster. And it's happening time and time again, as Jackie Quist reports. In the old days, I'd lust after Making a sea change or tree change has become the thing to do and Margaret Gill is one city dweller who swapped the concrete jungle for this. I fell in love at first sight. I just did it basically believing in the dream that it would work. That dream very quickly faded to a freezing cold harsh reality. I was just beside myself. I was so cold because I didn't have the clothes that you needed, I didn't have anything. It just got colder and colder and colder and I bravely set my little office up in one of the rooms and proceeded to start to work, a charming coastal or rural village? in favour of an idyllic life in leaving the rat-race behind Hands up who has not dreamed of I loved that. a little bit. and that had inspired me the TV program, I had watched the program, a little bit. and that had inspired me the TV program, I had watched the program, a ride-on lawnmower and power tools. Now it's loads of wood, a ride-on lawnmower and power tools. Gucci handbags and suits.

"Oh, I sold the house." "When I came home from golf he said, for a while." "Well, that should keep Geoff happy And I went off to golf and said, of what the market is." "just to get the feel "I might put the house on the market He had said to me, way before it became trendy. made the sea change 25 years ago, Geoff, Joan says she and her late husband, as far as I was concerned. Your normal things You can't... there's no movies to go to. Whereas here, things are shut, something going on. and in the city, there's generally I felt incredibly alone as aloneness. It perhaps wasn't loneliness The loneliness, it was awful. cut off from their family networks. that it's expensive and they're their bucolic bless, but find that when they get to Some people do plan for it, for it as well as they could. People perhaps not always plan can very easily end in disaster. the sea change phenomenon her latest research suggests University in WA says Dr Fiona McKenzie of Curtin University in WA says before you do pop your clock. and have a good time not work yourself into the grave It's trying to sometimes. and the ends of my hands went blue. I have never been so cold, in all of my born days. It's a trend that we're seeing and I think it's symptomatic of people wanting to opt out. It's taking early retirement that you would go to aren't there. up until the last six months. and at our age of life, I was getting a bit lonely and at our age of life, you do lose a few friends. It was loneliness that saw Joan Clarke give up her sea change in favour of her old life back in the city. Such a big garden and such a big house to look after and the stairs were getting to me too. So there was really no option

No, it should be good. Margaret Gill is determined to stick it out. Now three years into her tree change, she says her lowest point came when her business was going nowhere and her savings ran out. Looking back now, I have no idea how I survived. ..Peanut butter and pasta. Since then, Margaret says things have improved immeasurably. We've got the chooks outside and they peck around. I just love being out there never be regarded as locals. No! We are still sort of campers even 25 years later. I'd definitely do it again and definitely encourage others if it is in their heart. Remember, sea changers will probably you make your sea change permanent. Rent a house before and try before you buy. like schools and hospitals, services, as well as the availability of the employment opportunities Check out to what it is on the weekend. during the week because it's very different during the week a little bit more, the town out But I would have perhaps scoped I'd have more money saved up. plan before you make the move. and the advice is But it takes a lot of getting used to something like that. in a little cafe, or go and sit by a fire and walk around the lake I love the ability to go and I love the town, I'm very proud of my tomatoes which is something new. I've grown tomatoes, in the garden. are all going to come and visit me. I've got 10 grandchildren that I think I've done the right thing. bought a brand new unit in the city. The house by the sea was sold and she Joan says the decision was easy. After her husband died, for the family she had left behind. are no substitute but says stunning views their time by the sea, Joan admits she did enjoy Shock, horror. What was your reaction?

Losing the weight was easy compared to keeping it off. Twelve months on we'll show you how they fared. Heavy-duty Exit Mould - the number one mould destroyer that works in just three minutes to leave tiles sparkling clean. This is mould. This is Exit Mould. VOICEOVER: McCain Wood Fire Style Pizza, an authentic wood-fire taste straight from your oven. Now to Australia's weight loss champions. While for some of them, losing up to 200kg was the easy part, the toughest part has been keeping it off. So have they managed to do it? 12 months on, Glenn Connley revisits our diet champions to see how they have been doing. You're listening to 99.1. Well, I was about 120kg so I was a pretty big girl, I lost about 70kg, 70kg at first. I'm about back to about 60kg to 65kg now If it is not your dream, if it's only something you're going after because everyone else is - no, it's too hard. Don't do it. But if it's your dream, get in there and have a go. Good advice. Australia's diet champions. Coming up, That report from Jackie Quist.

of her former self. Who could forget the mother-of-four's battle with obesity and depression when we first met her two years ago? Weighed in at about 120kg, didn't feel good about myself at all. Tamara has transformed her life using the kick-start, or soup diet, slashing her body weight by more than half. I've never sort of swelled back to anything like it. I don't think I ever want to feel like it again. I never feel hungry. I think that's the benefit of doing a low-carb diet and doing Atkins in particular, is that seeing that it's high-calorie, energy levels are always up and I always feel full and content. John Rivett embraced the low-carb Atkins diet two years ago. The controversial eating plan has been broadly criticised but it has worked for John and since we last caught up with him, it still hasn't let him down. I've been lucky enough to lose 18 more kilos. So that's a total now in two years of 74kg that I've lost. John's not stopping yet. He's still off the carbs and still chomping through bacon and eggs for brekkie most days. Breakfast would be the bacon and a couple of eggs. Lunch would be the fish and the wraps and probably the low-carb bread, some form of sandwich, with a bit of salad, and then my evening meal would be the red meats or chicken with salad, eggs. But not everyone's enjoyed lasting success. At just 15, Lachlan Joyce tipped the scales at 127kg. I didn't feel very good about my body. It was always big. Lachie shed 42kg joining what he calls the old ladies at Weight Watchers. I didn't want to be there but I knew I had to be there so once I started losing weight, I felt really good because everyone gave you encouragement. Lachlan has let his Weight Watchers routine go. So from 127kg he got down to 85kg. The bad news is he's back up to 105kg, so I lost about half my weight. Tamara's is just a shadow

sadly, headed in the wrong direction. I've had high blood pressure, high blood sugar and I was also getting chest pains. You would have a couple cakes and maybe a couple sausage rolls. There is big Boyd we followed him for some time. His weakness was soft drink. The average was around 10. It teaches you a lot more than just keeping your fat intake down. It teaches you how to maintain it. Tamara says dieting is as much about learning as the physical achievement and she is the living proof. I am hoping to lose half of my body weight. I'm looking forward to losing another 6kg and in the old measurement that's about another stone. A very good effort all round. Now a look at one of the stories I'll have for you on Monday night. A report that shocked the world. For the first time, you'll see what marijuana is really doing to young minds and bodies. Something parents and teenagers can't afford to miss. So we are talking 11 to 12-year-old kids? Yeah, yeah. And you are telling me that you had your first joint when you were 11 to 12? About there. Yeah. It has now caused brain damage. That's the reality of it. It's a public health time bomb. That's among the stories I'll have for you next week. So I look forward to your company for that. And until then, I hope you have a great evening. Please take care, and goodnight. Captioned by Seven Network Email -