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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. saves his family. Tonight - young Harry the fire hero He's an angel. He's truly an angel. Corruption charges recommended filmed pocketing cash. against the former mayor calls it quits. And the Deputy Prime Minister and Jessica Rowe. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening.

of terror suspects. Also tonight - ASIO raids the homes a very frosty day across NSW. And the big chill - little Harry the hero. But first this evening - is being called an angel 5-year-old Harry Haywood from a house fire. after saving his entire family the State's youngest recipient His actions could make him of a bravery award. They're just wild about Harry. GIRLS: Thank you, Harry. The 5-year-old single-handedly saved and her fiance his two sisters, his mother their home. from a fire that's destroyed He's an angel. He's truly an angel. As flames began to engulf the house, and rushed to the lounge room, Harry got out of bed slowly being overcome by smoke. where his mum was asleep, Just woke up to Harry screaming. like I've never heard before. It was a scream I just honestly don't know. "Mummy!" It was just a shrill scream, the smoke to find her daughters, Nicole Haywood began crawling through but Harry was one step ahead of her. and I shut my eyes I just got out of bed and ran into my sisters' room.

started crying and yelling. He stood at our door and just

The children huddled together, they found their way out, and, feeling the walls, soon followed by the adults. Then the house just went. it just went. In a matter of seconds, More often than not in fires, not the flames. it's the toxic smoke that kills, his family in the nick of time. In this case, young Harry saved Had the adults been overwhelmed, no chance. the children would have had How did you know what to do, mate? I don't know. what started the fire, As investigators try to determine for Harry the hero. there's talk of awards I intend to put in reports through the police service for him to receive a bravery award and actually mention that I believe the youngest-ever recipient. that he possibly would be in his kindergarten class. Something for show and tell Shaun Fewings, Ten News. filmed taking cash from a developer The former Strathfield mayor is now likely to be prosecuted. the ICAC wants charged He's among six people over the Strathfield Council scandal. He was caught on camera with $100 notes from a developer, stuffing his pocket Alfred Tsang maintains he's innocent. but former Strathfield mayor against Corruption agrees, The Independent Commission charged with bribery. but still wants Mr Tsang In a scathing report released today, former mayor, John Abi-Saab, it also points the finger at another the man who handed over the money. and developer Michael Saklaoui -

charged with blackmail The watchdog says they should be to oust him from power. for setting up Alfred Tsang But he told the commission the lunchtime meeting with Saklaoui he was joking during to give the money back. and was always going also recommends charges The investigation filmed the exchange, Scott Allman, against the former police officer who

Howe and developer Anne Bechara. as well as newspaper editor Geoffrey for local government. Today is a sad day apples have to spoil the cart. It's a shame that a few rotten there's no rotten apples left. The new Strathfield mayor is adamant I think most people in Strathfield to do with it. realise that council had nothing a frolic of their own, in effect, It was these councillors off on the entire council We stand ready to sack evidence come to light. should there be any new compelling for the Labor Party here The real message is this was a Labor-run council at the very top. and it was rotten to the core to press any charges. The DPP will now decide if and when documents and transcripts - First it has to read thousands of a process that could take months. Dan Nolan, Ten News. as the Deputy PM calls it quits. Upheaval ahead for the Coalition and a waning passion for politics John Anderson cites health reasons as National Party leader. for his decision to resign There's not much doubt is looking forward John Anderson's family to having him around more often. as Nationals leader and Deputy PM The father of four will quit in mid-July and go to the backbench, revealing today for the first time a debilitating prostate condition. that he suffers from It's one of those men's issues for different men. that plays out a bit differently it's not cancerous. I'm just very thankful he would leave mid-year. He told the PM back in February Mr Howard says he holds his colleague

and affection. in profound personal regard character and principle. John is a person of steadfast

He feels deeply about issues to the life of this country. that he regards important is the nominated successor. Trade Minister Mark Vaile

for his substantial achievements, Kim Beazley also praised Mr Anderson for the Nationals. and had this warning They've got big shoes to fill. They've got big shoes to fill. is not so generous. But the Shadow Minister Among other things, parliamentary inquiry he points to the ongoing the Nationals' 'slush fund' - into what Labor dubs the Regional Partnerships Program. in recent times, You would have seen me, "It's time for John Anderson to go." essentially saying, He has outlived his usefulness. for the Opposition, as well, Change is in the wind Kim Beazley announced today After months of pressure, he will reshuffle his frontbench. Lindsay Tanner Mr Beazley will bring back Laurie Ferguson from immigration. and is expected to move Details will be released tomorrow. that need to change. I can now see things Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. in a major counter-terrorism swoop. ASIO agents have been mobilised They've staged a series of raids, targets in Sydney and Melbourne. fearing extremists are scouting out targeted in the raids The occupants of one Melbourne home keen to keep a low profile. Those inside not prepared to answer questions. MAN: We're not talking, so get off the property. Yesterday it had been ASIO and federal and State police asking the questions as several houses were searched as part of a counter-terrorism swoop. We can confirm that there are a number of search and entry operations. I'm not going to comment on the operational aspects. Among those searched - this home in the Melbourne suburb of Brunswick East. Seven Federal Police rolled up, and then probably about another 10 plain-clothed men and women. They stood out the front for a while. Four people were questioned in Melbourne and two in Sydney but no arrests. The investigation is ongoing. It's too early to say

what evidence will arise out of the search warrants.

The targets - suspected members of an Islamic extremist group believed to be canvassing possible terrorism targets in Melbourne and Sydney. It's vitally important that we disrupt activity before it gets a chance to take hold. One suspect allegedly observed filming Melbourne railway stations and the city's stock exchange. In Sydney, suspects in boats observed on Sydney Harbour and the Hawkesbury River. Police won't say if the Opera House or Harbour Bridge were potential targets. The raids were the result of an almost 12-month operation. It was promted by information uncovered here in Melbourne by Victoria Police. We can say there will be continuing surveillance as required. There is monitoring of suspicious activity. Jeremy Pudney, Ten News. And the raids have prompted opposition calls for round-the-clock surveillance of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House. We can't afford to risk those sites and we cannot afford to have unarmed security guards as the only deterrent between people who want to damage the Harbour Bridge and damage the Opera House. Jackets and scarves were pulled out of wardrobes this morning as Sydney woke to its coldest morning of the year. An icy blast leaving healthy snowfalls across the State. It's been so warm for so long, most of us had forgotten what it means to be cold - until today. With a minimum of -1 and a maximum of just 3, the white carpet was rolled out over the Blue Mountains, Katoomba and Blackheath scoring the most snow. It's a beautiful day, a flurry of clean, white snow. Nothing like it. Orange had its first dumps overnight, obliterating street signs and leaving the illuminated signals to do all the work. The slippery roads causing a few minor bingles, but no major accidents. Snowfalls continuing on and off for much of the day. With many of the schools in the upper mountains closing early today, it was a chance for the kids to have a serious play, many seeing snow for the first time. I thought it would feel soft, but it's actually very icy. The best bit is throwing snowballs. Who's thrown snowballs? We're not allowed. Going down the hill on a for sale sign! Pretty sick, really. The city folk weren't spared the cold snap - our coldest day this year. Sydney only reached a top temp of 12.7. Silly hats and fuzzy scarves out in force for the icy walk through town. But somehow the mountain dwellers look like they were having the most fun. Angela Bishop, Ten News. Tim Webster with a look ahead to sport. And Kostya Tszyu's camp denying claims he suffered bruising to the brain in that battering? They have, but either way it's led to yet another call for him to retire. Kostya certainly showed the signs of a pounding when he arrived back from fighting Ricky Hatton.

And later in sport, we'll hear from a leading boxing doctor who says he should hang up the gloves now. And welcome to the Scud's grand slam nightmare. His heiress fiancee lives out his frustrations during a second-round exit at Wimbledon, a loss compounded by another injury. Also a little later - Lleyton Hewitt's advance.

And we'll have Parramatta's whiz kid half-back under the spotlight ahead of tomorrow's showdown with the Roosters. Next - former HIH director Rodney Adler in strife in jail. Plus, Sheikh al-Hilali's mission to Canberra. And a renewed fight to save the Hawkesbury's oyster industry. I can see light at the end of the tunnel. Want long lasting control of heartburn and indigestion? Unlike antacids, which only provide short term relief, Zantac Extra Strength can control excess stomach acid for up to 24 hours with one tablet. Zantac Extra Strength. Long lasting relief. KISSING Plus $0 installation for Telstra full service home phone customers. Now, that's REAL six appeal.

To join, call: WOLF WHISTLE It's Franklins' birthday and you can save big and win big with our Birthday Cash Jackpot. Every $20 spent gets you an entry form. Plus you'll save big - like 1.25 litre Coca-Cola soft drink varieties: 1 litre Spree dishwashing liquid or 1 kilo laundry powder or concentrate varieties: With Franklins' Birthday Cash Jackpot. This program is captioned live. Australia's leading Muslim cleric has travelled to the nation's capital for a meeting with the Foreign Minister. They discussed Douglas Wood's release amid claims the former hostage may have put other Australians at risk.

No grand Parliament House welcome for the man who says he talked insurgents out of executing an Australian citizen. Sheik Taj al-Din al-Hilali waiting 20 minutes before being signed in, his presence causing a stir only among the tourists. He had expected to meet the PM, but it was the Foreign Minister, Alexander Downer, who first praised his efforts. You did a good job, and we really appreciate the courage that you showed. When asked if the former hostage's strong words against his captors will lead to more Australian kidnappings, the mufti said Mr Wood's not thinking straight. Douglas Wood says he hadn't heard of the sheik until after his release, but the mufti insists the 63-year-old would have been killed if he wasn't involved in the sensitive negotiations. He says he told the head of Australia's multi-agency emergency task force, Nick Warner, the hostage was going to be handed over a day before his release. A day after visiting the home of his AFL heroes, Douglas Wood is taking some well-deserved rest. Declaring his love for a good bottle of red seems to be paying off - a special delivery from the Coonawarra sure to be welcomed. We need to replenish last night's stocks, so this is fantastic. Martine Griffiths, Ten News. And a compelling account from Douglas Wood of the hardship he endured and witnessed during his time in captivity.

He's extremely grateful to be alive. Several fellow hostages not so lucky. And then they gave him a karate chop in the head. He kind of collapsed, and his head was about six inches from my foot. And then bang, bang, bang! Disgraced businessman Rodney Adler is facing more charges, but won't spend more time behind bars. Jailed for at least 2.5 years for breaching corporations law, he's now accused of doing business from prison. While State officials can't increase Adler's sentence because he's a federal prisoner, they can make his life tougher. They can include a reprimand, caution, withdrawal of privileges, confinement to cells. The State move comes after the federal body found he hadn't breached their laws. A financial lifeline for oyster growers along the Hawkesbury River affected by a deadly parasite. The Government offering more than $2 million to rescue the industry. The Sydney oyster industry is crippled - its farmers barely surviving the QX parasite that has infected 100% of the Hawkesbury River's oyster farms. The guys on the Hawkesbury have been wiped out.

There's nowhere else for them to go. The State Government boosting its assistance with a $2.8 million package. The first step is to clean out the affected stock. The clean-up is the most pressing environmental concern in the area. We need to make these areas safe and ready for future production.

For oyster grower Rob Moxham, the funding is a lifeline. It will be able to get us started on cleaning up the river and keep my men employed until we rebuild the industry. The Government's rescue package offers growers $150 per tonne to remove dead stock and infrastructure funding for research into the QX parasite that has wiped out the oysters to help improve breeding lines and training sessions for growers and production technology. It will take five years Sydney's oyster industry. to clean up and restore at new varieties of oysters Growers now looking they can introduce to the market. to start with I'll be growing the Pacific oysters and hopefully as time goes on, out of the river we'll get the infected stock the disease-resistant Sydney rock. and we'll be able to start growing Tim Potter, Ten News.

Just to prove how cold it is out

there tonight, Tim Bailey has his

own warm up act. Get our blood

pumping, come on. (Sings) Tim

Bailey is our weatherman, catch him

if you can, if there's rain or sun

or if there's snow, Look at that,

thank you very much. How are you

focus? It's a little bit freezing,

isn't it down to 10 degrees across

Sydney, our coldest day since

August 17, 12.7 degrees. Tomorrow

at your place? Ugg boots and coats

and wet stuff, tops of 16 degrees.

Skywatch - I told you the blue sky

would run outlet. It didn't until

midday then all the cloud you say

Angela Bishop talk about that left

snow on the Blue Mountains rolled

in. Dropped from 14 to 10 degrees in

one hour. Pollution levels, not a

problem there. A cold one on the

way to your place. Letter in the

show, Jeff Fenech and more with the

man with the piano accordian. We'll

see you again in around about 10. entire communities away. Next - wild floods washing And reunited against the odds - six months after the tsunami. they're back together

This program is captioned live. Time

to check the traffic with Vic

Lorusso on the Mix traffic

helicopter. Down at Liverpool

tonight. We have shower activity.

Is that causing trouble? It is on

the major roads, especially heading

out of Liverpool. We're over the

Hume Highway and can see traffic

bunched up. It extends down to

Casula. The good news is no

accidents or break youpbdz for

traffic proceeding toward the M5.

We've had plenty of calls regarding

Katoomba. The Great Western Highway

dangerous. remains open, but it's very

may defy a police summons Perth socialite Rose Porteous on drugs charges. to appear in court next week of iron magnate Lang Hancock The flamboyant widow a doctor's prescription has been charged with altering for painkillers. the prescription had been changed Police claim pharmacy staff noticed to 25, from just two repeats of the drug

script was changed from 15 to 25. and the number of ampoules for each on Wednesday, Ms Porteous is due to face court

that day but she says she's flying to London for chronic neck pain. to undergo surgery in the Schapelle Corby case - A dramatic development tonight businessman Rob Bakir, her so-called white knight, with the former beauty student says he's ripped up a contract he had after a dispute with her family. of the bid to save Schapelle Corby. He became the public face But now Ron Bakir is under attack. Rosleigh Rose claiming Schapelle's mother he's demanded $500,000 in payment. from the family, full stop. I've never demanded money he had a contract Mr Bakir admits of any money she earned for Schapelle to pay him 50% to help recoup his costs - a contract he's now ripped up. It's never about the money. then so be it. If you decide for me to recoup, If not, I don't want it. The Gold Coast businessman expenses in the next couple of days. will release a full list of his he's worked around the clock But he says for five months. on Schapelle's campaign to the Corby family has been spent. And he questions where money donated to take money I've had plenty of opportunities to the family from media outlets that has been handed over that I negotiated but I haven't taken a dollar and I feel sorry for Schapelle Corby where money's going. because I don't know all ties with the family, Mr Bakir says he's now cutting he set up in Schapelle's name. shutting down a website and a company was standing by her claims But today Roseligh Rose than good. that Bakir has done more harm and we're looking forward. Look, we've got rid of one problem has delivered his counter-appeal Meanwhile in Bali, the prosecutor to Schapelle Corby's sentence, to jail her for life. calling on the High Court judges Michelle Reiken, Ten News. to wreak havoc across southern China, Devastating floods are continuing by the surging waters. with houses crushed has also triggered landslides The rain-soaked earth

across the region. millions to flee their homes, Days of torrential rain have forced to fend for themselves leaving farm animals as water levels continue to rise. have broken their banks. Major rivers in the country's south with the volume of water. Infrastructure unable to cope are almost submerged. Some communities

in the coming days. More rain is forecast for three years A homeless man has been jailed for stalking Mel Gibson. began writing to Gibson 35-year-old Zack Sinclair of the Christ' last year. after the release of 'The Passion mansion and at a church he attends. He later turned up at Gibson's Malibu worried about his family's safety Gibson told a California court he was for Sinclair's mental health. and was concerned at the trial Sinclair represented himself of three years. and was given the maximum sentence a man finding his daughter A wonderful reunion in Aceh - in the tsunami six months ago. after thinking she was killed back together thanks to UNICEF, Muhammad Ali and 15-year-old Sri are 2,000 children with their parents. which has been trying to reunite which destroyed the family home. Sri was swept away in the tsunami Australia's blood supplies in at least four years - have fallen to their lowest level has only one day's supply left. so low, the Blood Service for donors, It's put out an urgent call have enough for emergencies. warning hospitals they may only reserve bank. It's perhaps our most critical saves up to three lives. One blood donation But, as the Blood Delivery Service the ever-increasing demand, works to keep up with there's less and less to pack.

would be filled, Ideally, these shelves to its lowest level in four years. but supply has fallen Levels are critical at the moment, especially for groups O, and group A, we have just over one day's supply. Normally, regular donors ensure there's enough for almost a week. I say it's not because I'm good, it should be normal, and it doesn't take long. But winter colds and flu mean many can't make it. The blood service right across the country has had communications with all of our hospitals and also local Health Departments. and what we're asking them to do, especially with group O+ patients, is to start to prioritise their use of that type of blood.

Aside from solving the immediate crisis, the Blood Service admits

there's not enough donors to meet Australia's ongoing demand. Consider it this way - only one in 30 Australians actually donate blood, but one in three of us will need to use it at some point in our lives. 16-year-old Matthew giving for the first time. My pop has a blood transfusion in about three weeks or so, yeah. Jacinta Hocking, Ten News.

Next - Britain's young royals chalk up sky-high travel bills. Plus - making the most of the snow. Tim Bailey fills us in on the best bets. And home safe and sound -

HMAS 'Tobruk' returns from a crucial mission.

This program is captioned live.

Time for another check of the

weather. It was a freezing day

today. But it doesn't really matter,

because we have a little musical

act here called Joey. I've thrown a

fair bit at you. What about happy

birthday? (Sings) Happy birthday to

you, happy birthday to you. Happy

birthday dear Jessica. Happy birthday to you. Hip

hip Hooray! Who's your favourite

news reader Jessica. Who's your

second favourite? Ron Wilson. We

are about to make Australian

television history. I don't think a

snow report has been brought live

from a Blacktown. How many ugg

boots out of 10 this week? Seven,

folks, it's going to be a beauty.

It's music to a little snow bunny

haunter's ears. Let's look at the

resort report for the weekend. Pled bow, light and dry,

It's been very important to me,

this frozen chook, the entire week.

We're giving it away because we're

out to blow the Channel Ten budget.

Number 12, Jeff Fenech wins a

frozen chook. See you at 5:55. The push is on to establish an official residence for the PM in Melbourne. Victorian business leaders believe homes in Sydney and Canberra are not enough. He has a heritage home in Canberra, a multimillion-dollar mansion in Sydney,

but in Melbourne, John Howard has a hotel room. Not that he minds, the PM chooses to spend most of his time in his home town. The Lodge sits empty for much of the year. I don't think there's any need for any additional residences of the Australian PM anywhere. But what if Mr Howard stepped down? Lets say he was replaced by a Victorian. Suddenly it all begins to make sense. If we had Peter Costello up here or Steve Bracks up as a prime minister of Australia it would be appropriate that there was some sort of residence. Melbourne tycoon and Costello backer Lindsay Fox believes in being prepared. If you entertain the greatest honour you can give anybody is to invite them home to dinner,

even if it's fish and chips. Fish and chips would taste just as good here. This is where the PM is supposed to live and it's costing the taxpayer millions. If Peter Costello did choose Melbourne over Canberra, where would he stay? Is the Treasurer also aware that Mr Fox is now the new owner of Melbourne's Luna Park? Does the Treasurer consider a clown with his mouth open a suitable front entrance for his Melbourne home should he ever become prime minister? I would've thought it would be more appropriate with his mouth closed to have a clown the Member for Bendigo as a model. and I can recommend shouldn't get too excited just yet. Melbourne real estate agents Fenn Kemp, Ten News. to its lowest level in four years, Keeping the royal family has fallen the equivalent of just A$1. costing each British taxpayer But palace travel bills are up are to blame. and it seems the younger royals using scheduled flights, The Duke of Edinburgh saves money on a charter trip to Asia. but Prince Andrew blew $290,000 cost Prince Charles $100,000. One trip on the royal train cost a whopping $700,000. And his tour to Australia for the Australian share market. Finance - and a rollercoaster ride at Commonwealth Securities - Julia Lee

Bad news for retailers today? If

you've bought music from sanity,

you may be familiar with the

company that owns it. They said

profit this year would only be a

little bit higher than previous and

shares plummetted 11%. The slow down

in spending was back in the

spotlight and other stocks fell as

well. Could we be spending less on

clothes? Flight Centre today?

Shares also dropped today. It's not

because we're spending less on

holidays, but it's to do is costs

associated with restructures and

the takeover of a company. Flight

Centre said it won't be able to

meet profit forecasts from this

financial year and shareholders not

today. happy with the price dropping 5% financial year and shareholders not

on the harbour today A special homecoming an 11-week trip to the Middle East. as HMAS 'Tobruk' returned after 145 crew members were welcomed Kevin Taylor by Royal Australian Navy Commodore and friends. and their excited families to deliver vehicles and equipment Tobruk set sail on April 4 on the ground in Iraq. to our armed forces of Operation Catalyst, This mission was part to the the reconstruction of Iraq. our defence force contribution Sport with Tim Webster - faces another big test tomorrow. and an Eels rookie the whiz kid saviour for Parra. Yes, Tim Smith has been hailed We'll hear from him shortly. wasn't the only casualty Also - why the Scud with Marat Safin. in a big-hitting showdown on centre court. I've never seen that And why a leading fight doctor says to call it quits. it's time for Kostyz Tszyu of heartburn and indigestion? Want long lasting control short term relief, Unlike antacids, which only provide can control excess stomach acid Zantac Extra Strength for up to 24 hours with one tablet. Long lasting relief. Zantac Extra Strength. This program is captioned live. his best tennis is still ahead of him Mark Philippoussis says

at Wimbledon. ddespite a second round exit against Marat Safin The Scud wasted chances in tie breaks and lost the first two sets before he bowed out in straight sets. to reach the third round. And Lleyton Hewitt needed four sets with world number 66 Jan Hernych, Team Hewitt arriving for a clash early on. and they had plenty to cheer about The Aussie number one racing through the opening set and fighting back to claim the second 7-5. COMMENTATOR: Well done. That was a well-deserved set. But Hernych proved no easy beat, stunning the number three seed with some brilliant stroke play in taking the third.

This is not over by a long shot. The unexpected setback only firing Hewitt up, back to his fist-pumping best in the fourth, immediately getting the break and winning the match. He went out wide again. That's all it took. Obviously to get a tough 4-set match today under my belt, that's just gonna hold me in better stead for the longer I go in the tournament. Mark Philippoussis couldn't add to the Aussie advance despite three set points

in the first-set tie break against Marat Safin. His father had seen it before. His heiress fiancee now living his on-court frustrations. The heavyweight battle taking its toll on the net.

That's pretty funny. What has happened here? I don't know. I've never seen that on centre court. His ankle was just as faulty. The 2003 finalist bravely pushing Safin to another tie break

in the second. The Scud battling on to a 3-set loss. He does it in style. Everything is going fine, everything is positive. Nothing is negative. I'm not going to jump off a bridge anywhere. Number one seed Roger Federer continued his sprint through the draw, defeating Ivo Minar in three comfortable sets. Thai Neave, Ten News. Another big test of Parramatta's resurgence tomorrow when they face the Roosters. The Eels will be looking to rookie half-back Tim Smith to live up to his rap

as the best prospect at Parra since Peter Sterling. At just 20 years of age, Tim Smith has been a revelation. His meteoric rise has coincided with the Eels' revival. Cool and confident off-field, he finds comparisons to greats like Andrew Johns and Peter Sterling embarrassing. It was a little bit, but I don't try and read too much into that sort of stuff. I just go out there and play footy.

That's what I like doing, so I'm enjoying myself. His biggest admirer is coach Bryan Smith, who concedes his namesake has exceeded all expectations after just 12 games so far in the NRL. I think he has. I think he has probably exceeded everybody's, caught us all a little by surprise. He has done it with a certain air of calmness about him. The Eels have won six in a row. Confidence is sky high, due largely to the rookie half. Everyone's talking about him. He deserves everything that is said, he can read a game that well, and it gives everyone outside him confidence in knowing what he's going to do. The Eels coach is aware his number seven will be a marked man tomorrow night against the intimidating Roosters. Well, that's predictable. Timmy's got a bit of form on the board of recent times. He is an obvious target for anybody at the moment. See how he handles it, it's another test for him. Grothe, who has agreed to a new deal to stay with the Eels, will be trying to win an Origin jersey in front of NSW coach Ricky Stuart. Tony Peters, Ten News. The Sydney Swans are at Telstra Stadium making their preparations for Saturday night's critical match against Collingwood. And that's where we find Neil Cordy. And, Neil, an injury concern for Jude Bolton?

Yes, Tim, Jude Bolton was a last

minute withdrawal from the match

three weeks ago and unfortunately

for the swons he won't be playing

on Saturday night against the

Magpies. It's a shame, because he's

been their best player this season.

Paul Roos, despite the importance

of this match, has decided to err

on the side of caution. It's

probably a couple of days short.

He's come up a bit short, no point

risking him. He ran flat out this

morning, but he needs another

session and he won't be able to fit

that in before the weekend. Lots of

feeling in these matches. The of

field conflict between the chairman

and Eddie McGuire has been well

dockmented but that flowed onto the

ground two years ago. Paul Williams

has said he's looking forward to

crossing paths with Brodie Holland

again on Saturday night. You'd

expect it at some stage. I'm look

ing forward to it, I have no

problems. Things happen on the

field which we all make mistakes. I

have no problems. The Williams

Holland clash should be one to

watch. Those people who have

tickets for the match can travel

free on public transport. A change of pace for the Wallabies in Melbourne this afternoon ahead of their match against Italy at the Telstra dome. Six of them swapped tries for tyres and burned up the skid pan at Calder Park, under the guidance of some genuine V8 stars. It's a little bit nerve-wracking getting into a car and trying to control it when we are going this quick, but, ah, it takes your mind off the game and I suppose tomorrow at training we're certainly going to be fresh and keen to train. Full-back Mat Rogers among those who showed plenty of talented footwork ahead of Saturday's Italian job. Conflicting reports in the aftermath of Kostya Tsyzu's world title loss to Ricky Hatton. Kostya's camp says he hasn't suffered bruising to the brain. However, another boxing medico has warned it's time for King Kostya to hang up his gloves anyway. Dr Lou Lewis has been ringside for every major fighter ranging from Tony Mundine to Jeff Fenech, and he's adamant Kostya Tszyu will bounce back from his world title beating. But his diagnosis isn't as glowing for Tszyu's career. At his age, and the fact that he's had a loss,

the fact probably that the hunger's not there like it was, I think yes. I think his wife said he should give it away, and I think we've got to respect what the boss has said. Tszyu is reported to have suffered bruising to his brain as a result of Hatton's hammering, but Dr Lewis is adamant any injury won't be permanent. I don't think so, no. No, all his pre-tests were perfectly OK, and I see no reason why he should have any long-term effects whatsoever. Either way, the report has justified Johnny Lewis's decision not to allow Tszyu to fight the final round of his bout in Manchester. COMMENTATOR: And it's all over! They've called it off! Johnny spoke to him and he didn't respond, you know? Maybe he was a million miles away thinking of what's happening to him or he just was tired, you just don't know what was going on. Kostya Tszyu, who was unavailable for comment today, is said to be still deciding on his future. Daniel Lane, Ten News. Later on Sports Tonight with Leigh Diffey, Australian speedster Brett Lee set for a start in tonight's one-dayer against England. for rugby league's sexiest man. And the search

What about mark O'Meley? Thank you.

Back to Vic Lorusso on the Mix

traffic helicopter. Where are the

problems? The wet weather holding

up the traffic into the south-west.

We're over Campbelltown, there's

been an accident right near the M5.

Obviously only one lane in either

direction, traffic in towards

Campbelltown is completely stopped,

banked back toward lepgton. Big

delays. Katoomba and Lithgow due to

the snow, the roads are open but

dangerous driving conditions. Take

care if you're heading that way. to stay dry and warm next. Tim Bailey helps us plan a decent dance partner? And struggling to find capable of very fancy footwork. We'll check out some robots

This program is captioned live.

It's a special day here. I feel

very spoilt. You're only half of 70,

so don't panic yet. 35. I'd like to

give you a bunch of roses and

something to remind you of me.

Thank you. Your welcome. Happy

birthday. It's a bit late for that

sort of carry on. The expensive

ones are from me. When you're a

weatherman you have a lot of free

time per day. (music)

An oldie, but a goodie.

Joey, ladies and gentlemen. Live

from the Blacktown RSL, his website

it on your television. Do you know

music fitting for one of the most

famous fighters in this one, maybe

the world? (music) Ladies and

Fenech! gentlemen, please welcome Mr Jeff

Being in a pink vest, I'm scared at

the moment. You're safer than you

were. You're telling me you look

tall on the television, what about

your life recently? Mike Tyson,

probably the biggest name in boxing

in history, whether you like him or

love him, how is he? I love him, it

was a great experience, just to be

around him, feel the electricity

everywhere we walked, to see the

fans. Love him or hate him,

everywhere we go, thousands of

people are waiting for him. A

tremendous experience for me and

hopefully I could share that with

Australia. You'reing flying to see

him shortly. You've had the split

with Danny Green. Will we see him

play Anthony Mundine? I don't think

so. I'm sure Australian boxing

deserves that, but I'm not sure it

will happen. What about the split

with the green machine? Everything

happens for a reason. He's happy,

going on with his fight in a couple

of weeks. I'm more than happy,

spending more time with my family,

with the other fighters in the gym.

Everything happens for a reason. I

wish him good luck oh hope he does

well on his next fight. Jeff

Fenech! The weather - cold day

across NSW, coldest since August 17.

Snow all over the place, Orange, Bathurst.

A cloud band crosses WA ahead of a

strong cold front bringing heavy

showers and storms. A low will head

to New Zealand causing showers to

ease in NSW. Showers along the NSW

coast and ranges, mainly central

and south. Saturday - a high will

send cool winds. Tomorrow -

absolutely everybody, all of these

people - will have a red nose on

their face, red nose day. Let's do

our bit again live from the Blacktown RSL.

Happy birthday to who? My daughter

Kayla and Jessica. He doesn't look

so tough and strong, does he? Have

a lovely one, Jess. Thank you, that's so lovely. Forget 'Dancing With the Stars' - here's dancing with the robots. Japanese scientists replacing two left feet with three wheels

for the perfect ballroom partner. The robots are programmed to anticipate dance moves and use their arms to gently embrace. Said to be a cross between Mickey Mouse and Marilyn Monroe, the robots are only available in the female version but a male dancer is the next step. That's the 5:00 News. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Jessica Rowe. Natarsha Belling will have the late news at 10:30. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.