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(generated from captions) but it got us thinking. for reaction We'll cross live to Hollywood shortly on top of the Eiffel Tower. in true style, He popped the question are going to be married. Katie and Tom Well, speaking of upsets, lift this team. something, something has got to Australian cricket team. We need We'll forward them on to the aren't they? and our boys are just in a real slump A massive upset It was a massive upset. fieing. tonight. It is frightening, ster How good are we looking for England Very true at least traditional giants to the last over Australia with push one of the developing cricket nation like I think it is good that a beat us by fiefr wickets beaten by Bangladesh, 5-249. They Can you believe that, Australia shocking result in the cricket. and that's despite that Lisa, it's great to be here it's good morning to Mark Beretta. and with Reaso on assignment, and welcome to Weekend Sunrise Good morning everyone # Put your hands in to the big sky # and Mark Beretta. This is Lisa Wilkinson This is Weekend Sunrise on Seven. # Reach into the sunrise... # This program is LIVE captioned.

have been returned to the centre. treated for self-harm wounds Sydney's Villawood Detention Centre All but one of the detainees from here on Seven. Coverage from 7.30 tonight Australia takes on England tomorrow. We have a game tomorrow. and haven't got much time to do it. We have got a lot of work to do to hitting the panic button. Ricky Ponting says he's close over ensured the historic victory. A six off the first ball of the final a milestone century. was overcome after reaching Mohammad Ashraful Australia's bowling attack. the Bangladesh batsmen dismantled Set 250 to win, by five wickets. defeated the world champions The wooden spooners of world cricket during a one-day international. in cricket's biggest-ever upset Bangladesh has beaten Australia As you've heard, Good morning. here's Simon with Sunday's news. But first, A big show ahead. boy's room. but it is very quiet in the little I'm surp you haven't been there, That is our last great bast young. urinal starting talking to you? How would you react if the about the talking urinal. we'll find out more At the end of today's show, And guys, listen up. We'll get into that this morning. So should smokos be banned? keep going outside for a cigarette. when their colleagues many people get annoyed A new survey says do non-smokers make better workers? Also this morning - I'll take notes. SMS or email You might get some steps vie the sin still with Linda. We're not married, I'm living in Tell me later. Mark, how did you propose to Rachel? web site or dropping us an SMS. Let us know by heading to our It sounds like ra PR stunt. jet and then he pops the question. he had his first date in a private When you look at how it unfolded, this is a publicity stunt. Australia. 67% of Australians think there's a poll been done in Did you see the report last night How did your husband propose to you?

are checked and only 5% of payment decisions the departmental errors are hidden Whyte says half of outlining further flaws. who's about to release a book Centrelink manager Rod Whyte, The claims come from former to the media about its services. also black marks people who complain the Commonwealth agency Melbourne's Herald Sun reports to meet performance targets. reject welfare claims is claiming Centrelink staff A welfare whistleblower his chances for parole. It may have damaged a company director for 20 years. and banned from becoming saw the former HIH director jailed A breach of Corporations Law into his two-year prison sentence. comes just eight weeks The discovery of the letters and money lending deals. family's stock investments detailing how to handle his letters from Adler to his friends Fairfax Newspapers obtained secret New South Wales prison regulations. The move is a serious breach of business career from behind bars. has allegedly restarted his Jailed HIH executive Rodney Adler Three seats remain undecided. with 17 seats. is expected to form a government Chief Minister Clare Martin Labor gained a swing of 12.5%. to Labor namesake James Burke. looks set to lose his seat Opposition Leader Denis Burke in the 25-seat Legislative Assembly. and could be reduced to four seats was almost wiped out The Opposition Country Liberal Party returned to power for a second term. has been overwhelmingly Labor Government The Northern Territory's on the processing of new detainees. including a six-month limit changes to its immigration policy On Friday, the government announced in the past fortnight. after being separated the detainees feared being deported It is alleged as a reaction to the incident. to have suffered chest pain Another female detainee is thought All have Chinese backgrounds. at the centre. in the latest self-harm incident are thought to have been involved Up to 13 detainees Hospital suffering minor lacerations. were taken to Sydney's Bankstown six men with an average age of 30 Two women aged 41 and 51 and

tiger cubs to good health at a Siberian zoo. Their real mother refused to feed them, so zoo workers recruited outside help. Local dog Naida couldn't resist the whimpers of the two babies and volunteered her body for tuckshop duty. The tigers will be weaned off their new mum in a few months in time for September visitors to the zoo. To the AFL - Adelaide and the Western Bulldogs have had easy wins overnight. The Crows thumped Richmond and the Bulldogs easily accounted for the hapless Carlton. The Western Bulldogs are now just outside the top eight. Their 46-point thrashing of Carlton sees the Blues heading for wooden spoon. And an eight-goal haul from Scott Welsh has helped Adelaide put a major dent in Richmond's finals hopes, the Crows thumping the Tigers to the tune of 70 points. The Brisbane Broncos and the Parramatta Eels A dog has reared two newborn of the morning. And now to our cute story you're not putting yourself at risk. to find out how you can make sure to the authors of that report Later on Weekend Sunrise we'll speak with the pharmacists and doctors. discuss their medications further They have encouraged patients to their family's medication correctly. The Guild says adults don't manage the wrong medicine by mistake. up to a million Aussies have taken also says The Pharmacy Guild of Australia their medications. by not correctly taking their medications. are putting their lives at risk up to four million Australians A new report claims to California with his wife. He's soon expected to return to celebrate his release. and a sixpack of VBs of steak and potatoes Yesterday he enjoyed a meal from his captors on Wednesday. The engineer was freed to find a buyer for a book. with a Melbourne management company The 63-year-old has signed to sell his story of survival. Former hostage Douglas Wood is trying despite 41% of them being wrong. retain their top spots on the NRL table after convincing wins overnight. The Panthers stole a much needed win in Melbourne while the Eels and Broncos extended their winning streaks. Darren Lockyer showed his class yet again as Brisbane stretched their unbeaten run to 10. The Australian captain sparked a four-try burst in the first quarter of the match and the Tigers never recovered. State of Origin star Nathan Hindmarsh played the role of super sub for the Eels. He scored within minutes of coming on as Parramatta won their sixth in a row. And just quickly, the Socceroos have suffered their second defeat at the Confederations Cup in Germany. South American giants Argentina beat Frank Farina's boys 4-2. Now to Sunday's weather. And wet in most of our capitals. And we'll have more news at 8.30. Right now, here's Lisa. Thanks, Simon. The Prime Minister says our system of mandatory detention will now have a softer edge. He agreed to major concessions after pressure from some of his own MPs. One of those MPs is Bruce Baird, who's in our Sydney newsroom. Good morning to you. First of all, can we get your reaction to yesterday's events at Villawood. Do you sympathise with the protesters? Obviously I'm always concerned about those who take such drastic action when they're in detention and obviously what we're about in terms of the changes is making the situation more compassionate and softening our whole approach to detention, so I am concerned and obviously will be taking a closer look at what happens to these people after. Let's talk about your deal with the PM now. Do his changes go far enough for you? Obviously we didn't get all we wanted, but it was a major concession and I certainly congratulate him on the approach he took. He certainly showed compassion and his willingness to change. It was great. But you were pushing for the abolition of mandatory detention. You didn't achieve that. We had two bills. One was a more

compassionate approach to the treatment of those in detention and that goes, of course, to families in detention who will now be out, time limits, there will be a six month approach to it and of course long-term detainees will be reviewed every six months after they've been there for two years, TPB holders will all be finalised by October. A great step forward and we were very happy with the outcome of the discussions. But still a way to go now. Well, look, there's always further for reform and so on, but as far as we're concerned, we withdrew the bill. The first bill was about dealing compassionly with those in detention. The second bill was more related to the mandatory detention itself, but we agreed to come promietz and certainly we're happy with the outcome. The changes give Amanda Vanstone wider discretion on who should and should bpblt released. Why should that discretion rest with the minister? It enables her under the legislation, there was restrictions on what she could and couldn't do. It enables her, with families, to take them out of detention and into community housing. That is a great plus. It also enables her, for those who have been in detention for a longer period of time, on her own discretion to allow them out if there is a good case. It frees her up to be flexible in the approach. That is what we see. It is not only being more compassionate in the processing and the time limits, but it is also about the minister having the discretion when she's got a good case saying, "Right, they're out." We often bring cases to her that we're concerned about that other community groups have brought to us, so there's no problems in terms of Amanda, but more in terms of the restrictions that were on us, so it provides more flexible. So we're very happy with that. Do you think Amanda Vanstone is the best possible person to be the minister in charge of this area? Amanda is a great person and it is a very difficult portfolio and certainly I think she's done a very good job. There's been these issues

and cases which have come up have been taxing, but we've also been involved in the process of the reform, so it makes it easier for her to administer her department and show compassion. I accept all of that, but do you think she's the best person toe do the job? I think she's doing a very good job. She is a good person, very bright. Is she the best person to be doing the job? She was chosen by the Prime Minister to do it because she is a person who is regarded as being compassionate and I support him in that decision. Why do you think the Prime Minister buckled? He's always pragmatic, but it is also true to say that he is far more compassionate than he is given credit for. When he understands some of the problems, as they've been brought to light, then I think it was his recognition that things had to change, the whole environment within the immigration department had a change, so there was a more compassionate approach generally that we can't have people out in the detention centres for years on end without any outcome, we can't have families locked behind barbed wire without considering the psychological impacts, we can't have people going into serious depression without it being looked at. The Prime Minister recognised that and when we brought forward these bills, he saw it as a way of achieving some change. We'll have to leave it there. We appreciate your time this morning. And now here's Mark with a complete change of focus. Very true, Lisa. We've been talking about it for weeks, but it's finally happened. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are engaged. So how has Hollywood reacted to the news? Our Nelson Aspen joins us with the latest. Good morning, Nelson. How did it all unfold? Finally happened, like it's been going on for so long, it's only been seven weeks. If it feels like yesterday, it is because it was like yesterday. Tom Cruise takes Katie Holmes and his whole sign toll gist and movie only raj over to Paris, the city of lights, to promote the war of the worlds. He

makes his first visit to the Eifell Tower, he's so overcome with his magnificent girlfriend and her youth and the Eifell Tower that he propotzd to her there. He didn't announce this to anyone until it was during a press conference for war of the worlds the next morning, he let it slip out, Oh yes and I propotzd to her. Of course then adjournment lipss then had to ask what did she say. They'd been up all night, she is wearing a huge rock and the only words that we heard her speak were, "So happy." She sounded very tired, but she is, "So happy." Nelson, I don't want to be a skept tick about this, but they had their first date on the jet and then they get engaged at the Eifell Tower. Is this the real deal? From the Eifell Tower they took a private train and yacht and I think they have convinced themselves that it is the real deal. Her youth, you can kind of understand it. With him, I think it is interesting, because he's always had such a a tightly controlled public image, I don't think we knew the real Tom and if this is the real Tom, sit probably disappointing for a lot of people. Nelson, what about reaction. Has Tom or Katie's friends had anything to say? Tom's wafr war of the worlds co-star, dat fan, who is what is she, 8, says she wishes them the happiest marriage. Oprah, when he was jumping up and down on her couch, seemed very happy about it. I think people are more sur prized by his behaviour. The thing about him is he has an undeniable charisma when you meet him face to face, you will believe him. He is just Mr personality. The Hollywood community that knows him personally I think is behind this. The people that are just kind of watching from a distance are shaking their heads in stunned disbelief. This is third time around for Tom. Is it third time lucky? It will be third time around, we'll say that. The first wife, Mimi Rogers, gorgeous, 49 years old, then there was Nicole Kidman, she's 38, got a birthday tomorrow or the next day, and Katie is 26. So by my calculations, the 4th Mrs cruise is probably not even born yet. Fantastic. Thanks vrs much. Have a great day. What is amazing about those three photos is he goes back 10 years and then another. I think his prediction is right. There are those who say if it walks and talks like a mid life crisis, it probably is. Coming up - the bizarre struggle in Canberra to be on the winning team. Mark Riley will cut through the spin. why some medicines can do you more harm than good. You're waking up with Weekend Sunrise right across Australia. # And we did amazing things # And I wouldn't change it... # with Acutrac for sedan-like handling The possibilities are amazing.

All of us take medicine at some time or another. But new research shows, almost half of us never consider the side-effects of what we're taking. And that can be pretty dangerous. About 140,000 people end up in hospital every year because they've taken medicine incorrectly. Amanda Galbraith is from the Australian Pharmacy Guild. Good morning. Amanda, what's the most common mistake people make taking medicine? Unfortunately, some people can take their medicines incorrectly. It is not that they're intend tenly doing it wrongly, just not aware enough to take them correctly, that might mean taking medicines they've stored in the wrong place or medicines that interact with other medicines, those sort of issues Even taking medicine they put in their cupboard 12 months agofplt I looked in my cupboard last night. I found 12 medicines, they don't have any directions on the tag on the front, but they've got my name on them, but they're still sitting in the cupboard. The pharmacy guild uncovered a case where a man was taking blood pressure medication, but he was also putting himself at enormous risk because he loved licorice. What happened there? Unfortunately, licorice can affect your blood pressure medications. More commonly with blood pressure medications could be cold and flu medications or anti-inflammatories for pain relief. Those things can have an effect on blood pressure medications. Unfortunately, it happens all the time if you don't talk to your farm zils about your medicines. How important is timing? You get to the doctor, get the prescription, take this three time as day, you take an extra one or miss one. How important is the timing? With some of them, it is imperative that you take it at the same time each day or when the doctor has told you. With come some of them, a leeway can be allowed. We have leave let's and they will tell you what to do if you forget to take your medicine at the right time. When you go along to your doctor, you always get a very precise script that tells you exactly the medicine that you should be taking. Can your pharmacist suggest something else that is perhaps

cheaper and is that okay. There are medicines that we call generic medicines and you can change to those if you want to. Your farm size can advise you on what is appropriate. Some types they are not appropriate and other times they are. Anything you want to ask your pharmacist, you can do at any time Your pharmacist can make a house call now. Is that right? We have a program called home medicines review and it is a program for people who take a lot of medicines or be continue fulsd or have been to hospital recently. The pharmacist will go out to your your home, look through your medicines with you, make sure you know what you are taking, when to throw them out when expired Why would you get a farm zils rather than a doctor. Can a pharmacist give you medical administrator vice? The strepblgt of what pharmacists do is medicines, we know everything about your medicines and that is our forte. The doctor's forte, we work with them in the process, they all ask us to do the review, we'll report back to them and they will consult with the patient to see if things need to be done. Pharmacists are all about knowing about medicines and if that is your concerns, that is what we are there for. Choosing the right pharmacist is pretty important. How do you find a pharmacist who a is a good one and b suits what you need? I think that most pharmacists are very good at what they do and I think the important thing is to have a relationship with them, so when you come in and say, "I've got a cold today, what can I take" I already know what you're taking and what is going to affect your medications, it is that relationship that you build up. Even simple things like we might know your mother and your child and your sister and we can keep an eye on how the family is interacting together. So when I go home today and I look at that medicine Cabinet again, should I take all those medicines to my pharmacist and say what are these for, is it okay to keep them if I ever get this symptom again? Yes, and you can get a leaflet and take them home and store them with your medicines and throw out anything that is out of date. In the back of the cupboard is all those things we've kept thinking if

we get sick again, we'll use them. Some medicines when they're out of date can be pwhad more you rather than helping. It is important to do that Very good advice. We will get around to that today. Ahead this morning, should the great Aussie smoko be banned? We'll hear from both sides after 8.30. You see them all the time, wander around the city, they're all out there. I recollect kopbl there is one great time waistner the workplace that has not been addressed at all, the personal email. I reckon that would kill smokos. How many things do we get sent every day, somebody's joke for the day And how do you avoid it? Exactly. We'll deal with smoking first. We will. But next, the latest from the newsroom. And Mark Riley hand-delivers his weekly diary. Stick with us. (Man shouts) Excuse me! Could I get a cappuccino and a latte, thanks? Now you can get cafe-quality ow you can get cafe-quality espresso coffees in your car at McDonald's drive-through, using freshly ground Arabica beans and freshly frothed milk. NetBank Saver, our online account with this big rate. Conditions apply. And how fast can you get your hands on your money? VROOM! This fast. QUIRKY COMPUTER SOUNDS & MUSIC 97% fat free with choices for the carb-conscious. Checking news headlines on Weekend Sunrise. Bangladesh has beaten Australia by 5 wickets in Cricket's biggest ever upset during a one day international. Chasing 250 to win a six off the first ball of the final over ensured the historic victory. The news, as you would imagine, has been very well received back home in Bangladesh. Australia now takes on England tonight. All but one of the detainees from Sydney's Villawood Detention Centre treated for self-harm wounds have been returned to detention. Seven out of a group of 13 protesting detainees were taken to Sydney's Bankstown Hospital suffering minor lacerations. It's alleged the detainees feared being deported after being separated over the past fortnight. Jailed HIH executive Rodney Adler has allegedly restarted his business career from behind bars. The move is a serious breach of New South Wales prison regulations. Fairfax Newspapers obtained secret letters from Adler to his friends detailing how to handle his family's stock investments and money lending deals. And the Northern Territory's Labor Government has been overwhelmingly returned to power for a second term. The Opposition Country Liberal Party was almost wiped out and could be reduced to four seats in the 25-seat Legislative Assembly. Labor gained a swing of 12.5%. Chief Minister Clare Martin is expected to form government with 17 seats. Three seats remain undecided. Now to Sunday's weather. And wet in most of our capitals. Well, what a week it was for team Australia and we're not talking about a sporting side. Here's Mark Riley with his latest diary entry. It was one of those rare moments in the Parliament that will stay in the mind forever. Mr Speaker, I'm delighted to inform the House that the Australian hostage in Iraq, Mr Douglas Wood, is safe from his captors. This is a joyful moment, I think, for all members of the House. The whole post-war strategy in Iraq has been about winning the hearts and minds of the people. The US-led governments of the willing haven't been able to do it, but the Wood family apparently has and now there's a scramble to get on their winning team. # I need a hero. # This was a united Australia trying to achieve the freedom of one of our fellow countrymen. This has been a real Team Australia effort. This has been very much a Team Australia approach. God bless America. Didn't the Americans have a controversial little film about all that? MOVIE: # Terrorists, your game is through # because now you have # because now you have to answer to America. # Don't worry, everything is bowled, we stopped the terrorists. But as with any team, there are those who are captains and then there are others. The Leader of the Opposition has really earned the description of the 12th man of Australian politics. (all laugh) The 12th man of Australian politics, the one who carries the drink but never gets an innings, who never gets a bowl, Mr Speaker. Can't bowl, can't bat. Now, there is a fair dinkum Aussie sledge. But it seems Team Australia has been infiltrated by the bad guys. Lower-order batswoman Sophie Panopoulos took the long handle this week to the so-called dissidents in the Government, wanting change to mandatory detention. She says they're political terrorists. # Freedom, freedom. # Does the Prime Minister agree these members are political terrorists? I'm very proud to lead a very rich and diverse and talented party and it is a coalition Mr Speaker, it is a coalition of all the talents. And Sophie Panopoulos has a particularly rich talent. We're terrorists. Terrorise this. In the other dressing shed, the 12th man still working on simplifying his team message. Mr Beazley, you described Brendan Nelson as an animated raccoon. They can be quite endearing, though, can't they? Raccoons, insofar as they have any characteristics, is that they tend to be all over the bush like a fruit bat. Raccoons, fruit bats? Oh dear. It still sounds like - well... It is a complete shambles. It is a pulsating, "suppurating" mess. So just what is it that fires the burning nationalism of the dedicated political players of Team Australia? Usually a case of malignant narcissism brought on during childhood. Oh, how deeply cynical. Surely there's a higher purpose. But now somebody has supplied the terrorists with WMDs and intelligence tells us they plan to use them. Isn't that right, intelligence? That is affirmative. Oh, yeah, WMDs and intelligence. Mmm... Haven't heard Team Australia talk about those lately. Just another week in Canberra. Just another week. Mark, it is great to have you with us this morning. Normally you're in Canberra The way the Government responded to that and the opposition. There was a lot of mutual continue stkpwratlaigss, it was extraordinary, but politically it look looks good for the Government and Australia. Douglas Wood didn't really follow the script, though. All this talk of team Australia and some of his first words were God bless America We're part of the coalition and America is the leading partner in the coalition and he is lefring in California. It is a natural thing to say. The people around him at that time were Americans, but he did ask for a VB And how Geelong for going in the footy. You focused on Kim Beazley a fair bit there. Six months into the job. What does the report card say, how is he going? A pass. Just a pass? I think so, but really it is difficult for an Opposition Leader this soon into a term to do anything better than that, really. The first big objective for Beazley was to put the Labor Party to sleep after Latham and to bring the focus back on to the government. You can tick that box, although the focus has gone off now. He hasn't set the world alight, but he hasn't embarrassed himself. In the first year of a three year term, a pass. Do you any the party room is happy with him at the moment? No, but the party room is never happy. It will be happy if Labor goes to the Government benches. You're never going to have complete unanimity on a leader, it doesn't matter what the party is. I think on a whole, they're happier now than they were in January, when things looked like a complete shambles, a pulsating mess, shall we say. That is the real Achilles's heel of the Labor party. They seem to be so strong, and a good majority of unity. Can they bring that together? Frpblgt no, you've got to look at the components of the Labor party, it is a fractional beast. The seven factions of the left, the four factions of the right all proprietarying to propel their own candidates into office. You're

never going to have a complete team thrfplt is going to be a bloke who doesn't want to throw the ball. A one word answer. Will Kim Beazley will be at the next election? Yes. Thank you for your one word answer. We'll see you next week from Canberra. But next, do non-smokers make better workers? We'll tell you why the great Aussie smoko is now under threat. Only Sunrise can cover everything from politics in Canberra to a talking urinal. This is must-see TV coming up. One stormy night. Marsha arrives home late... Oh Brad... The car broke down again. Luckily Doug gave me a lift home... H Brad... But Brad has a bright idea... If you bundle four services with ACTEW AGL and TransACT we could win a Ford Territory, from John McGrath Ford. So we'll have to be quick. We'll also get 10% off our electricity, and other selected services. Plus a free privileges card, valued at $285. Oh Brad, you think of everything... Call 13 16 46 In about 20 minutes Scott says Aussie cricket players should pull their heads out of the clouds. I'm happy that they've lost. I don't know that that is the attitude of everyone. In about 20 minutes Matt and Joh will take over your airwaves with Sportsworld. Guys, what a shocking result in the cricket? It is incredible. Normally on a Sunday morning it takes us a bit of time to wake up and get into the groove and that smacked us into action this morning lg. You certainly wouldn't read about it If you think the results are on the pitch is bad, it is what is happening off the pitch. The

Australian management have just finished a meeting who will decide the fate of an tkpru Simons. Who has taken birthday celebrations too far. Rumours are he is going to be dismissed from the team and sent home. Ricki pointing has been saying it is almost time to hit the panic button. I reckon it is now. That is a huge blow. It adds a bit more spice to today's night, which you'll see here on seven. Also Rugby League, the blue's injured skipper will be in. We're going to ask him what is going on and Brett owe gel will join us for his spin on the US open. This is a quote from Friday, I will bet my house on it that Adam Scott will be leading on Sunday morning. And I also piqued band desh. We men tend to get rather reflective when visiting the bathroom. We go about our business without too much discussion or fuss. Guys, that's all about to change. The Government is planning to confront you in more ways than one with talking urinals. Jenny Huxley from the Department of Community Services has gained access to the men's toilet here at Brekky Central. Good morning to you. Why talking urinals and what will they say? Why we're using talking urinals, we have an advertising program happening for some time using posters in the licenced premises and we've been looking for a means of targeting men and what better way of targeting men than using talking urinals.

I've got one right here. That is what they look like. How does it work? How is it activated wharbgs happens? It is activated by motion, so someone actually moving close to the urinal or using it, it will target it and it will talk to the men. Scare the daylights out of you Speaking of which, let's see how they work and I don't think Jenny is going to be able to do the real test. I gather you've got a jug of water. Can you do it for us. It is beyond a joke, it is a crime. Would you like me to do it again Would you mind Spiked drinks, it is beyond a joke, it is a crime. Spiked drinks, it is beyond a joke, it is a crime. Why the laugh? That's got to be disarming for men. Wouldn't it put men off? Sorry wharbgs was that question? Wouldn't that put men off, hearing laughter coming from a moment where they're exposing themselves? I don't think so. I think most men have got a good sense of humour. For us, it fits in with our campaign, which is saying it is not a joke, it is a serious crime, and if you look at our posters, we've got jokes on them. That say it is not a joke, it is a serious matter and if you are a prank ster and you think you can get away with this, you won't, it is a crime. Sorry, Jenny. Excuse me. Be careful, it will laugh at you, Simon. Did he wash his hands He didn't. I just noticed that We'll be seeing these around bathrooms soon They're in manually right now. The licensees have got them in their hotels with the posters and the costers, so it is a new initiative that you certainly will be seeing

around Sydney. You're right, spikeing drinks is not a joke and we do hope they work. Thank you for coming in this morning and sharing the men's loo. That is the first time we've gone inside the mens' toilets. It is a clefrer idea. It is a great idea and hopefully it will work and the guys will notice that. I'm sure they will when it starts laughing at them. Do you ever get frustrated at the work colleague who constantly heads out for a smoko? Should they be banned? Next on Weekend Sunrise we find the answers. VOICEOVER: McCain Wood Fire Style Pizza, an authentic wood-fire taste straight from your oven. The award-winning Ford Territory has reached yet another high in Australian motoring - winning 'Wheels' magazine Car of the Year. Ford Territory - the possibilities are amazing. Do you ever get angry at the work colleague who seems to spend half their shift outside on smoking breaks? According to a new survey, for most of us, the answer is yes. A massive 71% of workers believe smokers should be forced to make up the hours they're puffing away on the job. Garry Brack from Employers First is one man who agrees it's a problem. But the ACTU thinks otherwise. Chris Walton is in Melbourne. Good morning to you both. Garry, is the smoko breeding inefficiency? If you look at the occupational health and safety liability, that means we can't smoke in the

workplace any more, you've got to go somewhere else or don't smoke at all and there is no doubt co-workers say why should they get it and I not get it and they recent it and for employers it is a management issue and management has got to say you either make up the time or if they're a critical employee who works while they're smoking, maybe it is not such a big issue, but for most people it is. The smoko is an Australian tradition. Can you stop it? Once upon a time iplt was a tradition, but it is no longer. A lot of people have give ebb en up smoking. A lot of employers recruit people who don't smoke. Most employers at the time they recruit them, are saying no smokes inside the workplace and limited entitledment to smoke outside the workplace. There is a significant shift in the culture of the workplace, but it is still also a difficult issue to manage, but employers have to manage it and say either no clearly or alternatively these are the times in which you can go and have a smoko, such as when you have a normal not an abnormal, coffee break. How many is too many smoko break as day? If you're having them outside the normal work breaks that other employees get, it is going to be a problem for moral amongst the rest of the workers. Chris, do you agree, are smokos a real management issue? We've got to put this in a bit of perspective. Australian workers work extremely hard. They're working longer and harder than ever before. In fact, by world standards, Australians work longer hours than any other country in the borld and most of that is unpaid, so this is a little bit over the top, we think. I mean, where are we going to go next? We should time coffee breaks? That chat in the workplace, saying hello to people, is that unproductive? Really, this is going a bit too far, we think. What do you think about that, should we time coffee breaks, should it be quid pro quo? Coffee breaks are timed. It might be a 10 minute coffee breaks. If it is 10 minutes legally, it probably

mean 15 or 20 minutes. Employers know that. If you want to be competitive, you have to have some controls on things and it is not about being stupid either, because they've got to get their stuff done and out the door and compete and if they have another 10 minute loss somewhere else through non-work, then that is another 10 minutes of unproductive time and our costs are already high compared with a lot of our competitors. In those circumstances, you either deal with these things effectively or you simply don't sell and you don't have any employees there. The majority of your members are non-smokers. Surely you can understand the feeling they are getting short changed by their colleagues who are taking those longer breaks. Should we have some rules? I can understand people's frustration. They're working so hard and often in short staff situations, if someone ask is not there, they feel under extra pressure, but if you ask those same people would you like to have adequate staffing, have a more social work environment and of course you'd get a very different answer. Everyone should have a decent break. What they do with those breaks is their own business. If they have a smoke in their break, fine, if they have a cup of tea or a chat. Workers aren't robots and this is starting to go too far. The employers are happy for pem to cut their breaks, work longer hours but now have say people have to make up their time when they have a smoko. It is over the top. It is not a question of cutting back. In some workplaces people go and get a coffee and drink while they work. In some places they don't work while they drink and it depends on the - if you're on a production line, there is no way you're going to be able to have the kind of latitude that he's talking about. If you're in a workplace where you're thinking and working and smoking and drinking, even if you're standing outside, it might not be an ips, but in plenty of places it is. It is a very difficult issue, there's no doubt. There is obviously plenty more discussion to be had on this subject. Chris and Gary, thank you for your time this morning. Ofplt maims have been flooding in. We spoke earlier about Tom and Katie. Katie says she toos young, he will most likely leave her anyway We've got here I think Tom cruise is a creep and he wasn't getting enough attention since divorceing Nicole, I think there is the whole thing is a scam. Tom Cruise, small e big ego. We have dumped him like a pot to tai to I think we had to. We talked about proposals as a result of this and I think this one is going to be hard to top this. one from Jane said my hub bee proposed in the sa harass ra desert at one set while quoting Shakespeare, completely unexpectd. I challenge anyone to top that one. This is very good. What we should also do is give an update. There was an email from dee my brother Chris proposed to his fiancee on your program on Christmas Eve last year and they're now expecting their first child in September. A nice story to wrap up. Thank you for dropping by. Frpblts thanks, been great to be here. We'll see you back here next Sunday. Have a great week everyone.