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(generated from captions) turned his home into a rubbish dump This hoarder it was a firetrap, he scoffed. and when his neighbours told him laying awake worrying about it, They can waste all night as far as I'm concerned. and we'll show you why in a moment. Well, he's not so cocky now I'm Naomi Robson. Hello, and welcome to Today Tonight. into police radar guns Also, a damning report showing error after error. They can't be trusted. Plus, cosmetic surgery. for cheap makeovers How Aussies are being lured to Asia about the horror stories. but they don't tell you

It's a very dangerous thing to do. developed by Australian scientists And the new kick-start GI diet to shed kilos without hunger pangs. I've lost seven kilos in two months that I've ever followed. and this is the easiest diet into police radar guns. But first, a damning report they're great revenue raisers. There's no doubt But as you are about to see, is under a very dark cloud, their accuracy as Adene Cassidy reports. of us. Let's face it, it's happened to most the road, One minute we're driving along

and pulled over by police. the next we've been zapped

anywhere near 100. There's no way I was travelling show you the back of the actual unit When they pull you over they just speed that you were travelling at. and show you this is the approximate University student Marek the speed limit when he got pinched knew he was travelling a little over but nothing prepared him for this. in a 50-zone. He thought I was exceeding 100 I was just dumbfounded. losing his licence and a $2,000 fine. As you would be, because Marek faced out but what if the approximate speed was hour. and not just by a few kilometres an kilometres per hour They can be inaccurate from a few

up to 30 or 40 kms per hour.

Greg is an automotive engineer. He

has coming to the rescue of many

drivers who have been caught by

hand-held radar and fixed guns. I

use it myself with the heavy rains

and heavy conditions and road

elevation as well and all those

conditions can affect the camera

accuracy Australian s are not the

only critics. Naza did a study

which proved they can be affected

by weather conditions. Other factor

which can trick the radar include.

If you can fight it, take it to

court. There is another way. Just

because something is on a piece of

paper, it doesn't mean it happened

that way in real life He took his

case to court to show the strong

possibility this was a terrible

mistake. Go to the actual spot and

see what are the disturbance or

errors this camera could have

caused. Here is grad using his own

radar gun. It is virtually the same

as used by Australian police

although Grad says his model is

more accurate. He believes he was

the victim of a ghost reading

bumping up the speed by more than

40 kilometres an hour. There is no

way I could have safely pulled out

the vehicle. There would have an

accident It seems the police would

have to accept the evidence

presented. Since then he has helped

five others get off the hook. He

says his own research reveals up to

15% of infringement as a result of

these radar guns are inaccurate. We

believe they are accurate, the

national standard is 2ks on either

side of the reading The police

department stands by the accuracy

and says the equipment is checked

daily by operators. The advice I

have is they are accurate and

elements such as wind and leaves

will not affect them However, Grad

is now challenging police to allow

him to put their equipment to test

and he says it is time where they

are used where they are needed most.

It creates revenue and keeping

cameras at the bottom of the hill

and use them where people get kill

snood and there may be something in

what Grad says. Speed cameras raise

hundreds of millions of dollar each

year however none of them are

positioned near the locations of

fatal accidents. 90% are used in

metropolitan areas and in country

where 60% of accidents happened

only 10% cameras are used. I think

the police have to be honest not

just with themselves but pt public. Now, how wealthy are you? paints a very different picture A report out today most of us have taken for granted. of the Australia the land of opportunity and equality, Far from being it is a classic case and the poor end up struggling. of the rich getting richer Here's Glenn Connley. Well, in a nutshell, no surprise. and a lot of people don't have much. A small number of people have a lot Do you consider yourself wealthy? or fancy car? Do you have a flash house Are you loaded up with debt? of all Australians, If this is pie is the combined wealth shares and bank balances, our homes, cars, That's a lot of pie for very few. At the other end of the spectrum, actually don't owe that much money. The people at the bottom by the rich people In fact, debt is most held that go with it. but they also have the assets who don't have much wealth, But obviously, for people can be a problem. even a small amount of debt by Melbourne University The research has been compiled and it's not about lifestyle. As author Mark Wodden explains, therefore, wealthy in this study, you can be asset rich and, living a rich lifestyle. but not necessarily be a reasonably low-income earner, Is it possible to start with nothing, but build wealth? Most of us do. strongly correlated with your age. Okay, you will find that wealth is don't have a lot of wealth. People under the age of 20 typically the grave, we have a lot more. And by the time we're near family The wealth of the average Australian at more than $400,000, can be measured of the family home, mostly thanks to the growing value by the mega-rich or hyper-rich but that figure is blown out like the Packer family, worth an estimated $6.9 billion. overall wealth is much lower. In real terms, the most common has the family home, Well, the typical Australian family $200,000 worth, has some superannuation - maybe 20% of their portfolio - it's not that much, in the bank, the family car, and then they have a bit of money and that's pretty much it. home contents So what's their overall net worth? For the typical family, that's about $220,000. When it comes to land ownership, own 40% of the property. the wealthiest 10%

That's not in square metres, that's in dollar value. the wealthiest live, too. Not surprisingly, that's where In terms of federal electorates, the five wealthiest regions are all in Sydney's northern beaches, while rural parts of Tassie are the poorest. Wealth is also linked to age. The wealthiest time in our life is the start of our retirement. We've been earning for 40 years, paid off the house and just collected the super. But that's where the good news ends. It is unfair. for over 2 million Australians. Definitely unfair for over 2 million Australians. Andrew McCallum from the Australian Council of Social Services says the wealth report only emphasises the dangerous extremes of so few gobbling up so much of the pie and leaving so little to the rest. Many people who live in the more wealthy, leafy suburbs don't actually see on a daily basis the struggle that many people go through, and it is a struggle for these families. But with all the numbers crunched, no matter where you fit in, this is not a measure of happiness or hope. I don't think we can determine where the wealthy begin and where the poor end. And, anyway, wealth is very much relative. You can own very little and still be very happy or you can have a lot and not be very happy. Glenn Connley with that report. It is becoming all too common these days, women and men being lured overseas for cosmetic makeover holidays.

But why go overseas for surgery? Well, it's a lot cheaper than having it done here. But maybe there is a reason for that.

It would seem that the costs are lower because the surgeons cut corners resulting in some horribly botched jobs which have prompted a warning from Australian plastic surgeons on the dangers of cut-price cosmetic surgery. I was in tears. I was in excruciating pain, I was on morphine. Everything fell apart, everything wasn't the rosy little dream that they painted. Under the knife, under the microscope. The real truth behind those cheap makeover holidays.

Dianne Winzar treated herself to a cosmetic surgery getaway

at Bangkok's Bumrungrad Hospital - the holiday from hell she'll never forget. Horror story. Horror story from day one. For her $20,000 she received - heavy scaring under her breasts, a deep scar across her stomach and a face lift which needs corrective surgery. My right ear is attached to my neck, the lobe is attached to my neck. You can see with my left ear, you can pull it up. With the right, it's dragging my neck up.

When I heard how cheap it was to get it done, I thought "What a perfect opportunity." Tracey Collett now wishes she had paid a little extra to have her breast enlargement surgery here in Australia In an extraordinary incident, her silicone implant burst on the flight home from Thailand. About an hour and a half into the flight, I started having this pain in my left breast. I felt like something was horribly wrong and then it started swelling up. After landing, she was rushed to hospital for emergency surgery. Aussie doctors couldn't believe the amateur handiwork of Bangkok's so-called cosmetic surgeons. it had just ruptured a bit - it could be fatal. We have seen patients who have been on these so-called tours and who have come back to Australia and have experienced difficulties and then expect it or required us to correct the problem.

As spokesman for the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons, Dr Norm Olbourne has heard all the horror stories.

The patient doesn't see St doctor

until they have arrived. They have

invested a lot of time and money.

When they see the doctor they don't

like what he has to say or they

don't think the hospital is clean. I'm every man's nightmare, every woman's envy.

Watch out Playboy, here I come! You may have heard recently about Christa Bradley the $100,000 woman,

completely transforming herself, thanks to - you guessed it - Bangkok's cosmetic surgeons. Hair transplant, brow lift, ears pinned back, Botox, Christa's now promoting cosmetic tours herself, luring Aussie women to the same Bangkok hospital where her transformation took place and all at budget prices. The lower facelift was $3,000 or $4,000. REPORTER: Here? Here, $8,000 to $25,000.

People go off on these tours, particularly to Asia,

and manage to have operations. But at a price. In Australia, we can't even afford to buy the implant, Cosmetic tour companies are operating out of most Australian cities. Just yesterday we visited International Medical Tours in Brisbane. The advantage of our company is all of the standard prices that the hospital charge are exactly the same. That's not how we earn our commission, I'll be honest with you. They give us a rebate. Worringly, this sales consultant even struggles to pronounce the names of the surgeons involved.

These are two of our main doctors, Dr Amore and Dr ... - that's just their first names - their last names I don't know how to pronounce.

And like all of these tour companies,

People could die. I mean it. It's a very dangerous thing to do. Staggeringly, Marg Lennon returned home to find a surgical staple still embedded in her head. She's just one of over 20 patients who have recently required corrective surgery Svetlana Neskovski was awarded a whopping $200,000 in damages after her cosmetic surgeon failed to warn her about risks associated with her breast enlargement procedure. She underwent a double mastectomy as a result. And Donna Patterson recently won $50,000 in damages after a breast reduction procedure left her a mental and physical wreck.

This is real surgery and things do

go wrong. If they go wrong, they

don't happen to everyone else in

the statistics. They happen to you,

the patient and they are devastated. Later in the program, the low GI diet developed by scientists. How it is shedding the kilos and the centimetres. After the break, the man who turned his home into a rubbish tip, ignoring warnings of an explosion and there goes the neighbourhood. I'm the world's best or worst - whichever way you look at it -


I got woken up at 2.00 by Shannon saying there was a fire next door. It's Franklins' birthday, and you can save big and win big and y u can save big and win big and@you can s ve big and win big

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was a time bomb waiting to go off. And they weren't far wrong. Here's Rodney Lohse. What are they? They're grinders out of a machine that grinds up vegetables and meat.

For 2.5 years neighbours of Mike Munzer have been complaining about his hoarding habits. He just seems to come home every day with more and more rubbish. He just plonks it out in the street.

I think they should come with a truck and just pick it up and take it. You've got to admit though, a lot of this stuff is just junk. It's amazing what people will actually pay money for. Neighbours like Kevin O'Conner say it happened almost over night. One day three years ago, Mike, a former school principal,

simply started piling up rubbish around his house. Never seen him. Every day he just keeps coming back with more and more rubbish. And when the eyesore spread out onto the street, the neighbours really started to get upset. Terrible, disgusting actually. We're starting to get mice in the house. Next thing we'll be getting rats Next thing we'll be getting rats or something, I suppose. But that is the least of their concerns. Mike's personal rubbish tip is one giant tinder box. I mean, he's endangering the lives of other people. I do things that please me and that I think are important. If others agree, that's fine. If they don't, well, that's their problem. laying awake worrying about it They can waste all night laying awake worrying about it as far as I'm concerned. And as you can see, despite protests and warnings from neighbours, Mike couldn't care less. He also got letters of demand from the council to clean up his act but he did nothing but simply add more junk to the heap. I think he's a stupid man, doing what he's doing. Despite all the complaints and warnings, Mike openly bragged about his exploits. I'm the world's best or worst - whichever way you look at it - hoarder. But not anymore.

It was a time bomb waiting to happen. Sooner or later it was going to go up. It had to happen sooner or later. Unfortunately for the poor bloke - I feel sorry for him

I feel sorry for him and the neighbours next door - but it was something that had to happen. At least the good news for neighbour Kevin O'Conner is this may have fixed the problem with the mice but for the other neighbours it is far more serious. Within about five to 15 minutes it was up. Andrew and I were throwing water over the fence to stop the fire coming over here. most upset is But what has the neighbours prevented this tragedy could have been Mike's junkyard has caught fire. because this is now the third time neighbours Shannon and Bethany Codes The last time

of the duplex where Mike lives, who share the other half almost lost their home. Shannon quickly running in to dad, I got woken up at 2 o'clock by saying there's a fire next door, really bad. We all ran out and it was bad, 100ft in the air. Flames were about tree, it was pretty bad. Yeah, they were topping the pine like, "bang, bang". As the tree caught, it was just it could be our house The next time, going to do then? and what are people that's our lives gone. Nothing, because nobody lost their lives Well, by sheer luck, their home, but Mike has cost the Codes

too distraught to talk this time. the duplex will have to be bulldozed. Smoke and water damage means But the Codes not only blame Mike, they also blame the council now for almost three years. who they've been begging to intervene Do something about it. at this house, anyway. But it's too late now he's stopped bragging As for Mike, for the moment, where he's going to live. and no doubt wondering Rodney Lohse reporting there. developed by scientists. Coming up, the new kick-start diet kilos and trimming centimetres. We'll show you how it's shedding I've lost seven kilos in two months that I've ever followed. and this has been the easiest diet fit two of me in this now. I lost 50 kilos and I can actually to everybody. I definitely recommend it

If you want to shed a few kilos from your waistline and lose a couple of centimetres back on again, and then some, without the risk of putting it all we might have the answer for you. A new diet has emerged and it is scientifically proven

of fighting the flab. to be a very effective way to explain how it works. Here's Dr John D'Arcy I've lost 7kg in two months that I've ever followed. and this has been the easiest diet everywhere. And I've just lost centimetres

Just seeing that it works. After weighing 118kg, I lost 50kg two of me in this now. and I can actually probably fit And you've kept it off? I've kept it off for two years now, change. because it's become a lifestyle A lifestyle change a shadow of her former self. that has left Chris Bonino

for a lot longer. It actually keeps me fuller normal foods that you would buy And as you can see, this is all and the green grocer. at the supermarket Billy Tribe is another. It has been really easy, things that I really like, and I have been able to add in which has been a bonus. with a minimum of fuss and effort. Easy and it works, I have done is The most important thing and gone to more wholegrain things. cut out sugar and white bread And that's the key, making the switch to low-GI foods, foods that grandma used to feed us. to make you feel fuller for longer. Tucker that is scientifically-proven are going to take longer to digest Low-GI foods stomach for longer, so they're going to sit in your and give you a feeling of fullness. Kay Foster-Powell authorities on the GI science. is one of the world's leading It's grown more in acceptance it impacts on our health. because people are seeing how There are so many studies high-GI diet, that are showing if you eat a high-GI diet,

you're more likely to get diabetes, if you eat a high-GI diet, to have heart disease. you're more likely

The glycemic index ranks foods from 0 to 100. low-fat dairy and grainy bread. Low GIs include all vegetables, highly processed foods. and loads of other easily digested, Like your typical Australian family, are constantly on the move. the Ellises that can be prepared quickly They need things and that usually means high GI. a lot of the times. I suppose we take the easy way out pantry makeover. REPORTER: Righto, time for a low GI high GI, not what you want. Hey, Liz, ordinary potatoes, and here they are. What you need are sweet potatoes, GI labels's on it. This makes our selection easy - the have to look for it. It's on the front. We don't even

seeds on the inside Bread with seeds on the outside, and a relatively low GI. Not bad, eh? Great. Little bit of olive oil, good stuff. Some pita bread for the kids. look at that, fantastic. Now, they'll love the pita bread, Great for sandwiches. great for everything. Great for sandwiches, good stuff. Fast rice with a relatively low GI - index of carbohydrates Understanding GI or the glycemic is pure science.

There's been a revolution in human nutrition and it's all related to the way in which glucose flows into the bloodstream. This is how it's done. line now. Okay, I'm just going to do your base

It is here at the research service

that the GI levels for all foods on

the shelves are assessed and ranked.

The test it's are done on humans.

30 minutes after eating foods the

scientists are able to get a GI

reading from my blood sugar levels.

Glucose is a very reactive little

beast. To have too much in your

blood stream is really bad news. It

can cause damage. We try to get rid

of glucose as quickly as possible

after a meal. Food with high GI

where it is hanging around could be

damaging. Our dieters have avoided

those foods. I repbl it to everybody. can be found on our web site Additional details on the GI diet I'll have for you on Monday night. Now a look at one of the stories with Ian Roberts' fortune, The Cassanova con man who danced off raking in $10 million. along with up to 50 other victims,

What's happened? What's happened

with the money? He is a man without

conscious. Where is the money? I

would like to break every bone in

That's next week. his body.

Just before we go, we ran on 26 May an update on a story Australian House Sitters Directory about legal action involving about legal action involving

and Guy Weymouth, a user of the directory. Mr Weymouth won a case against Australian House Sitters Directory and Administrative Claims Tribunal. in the Victorian Civil But the tables have now been turned. appealed Australian House Sitters Directory original decision on some key points. and the tribunal overruled the The Tribunal found the company did not engage in misleading and deceptive conduct and ordered Guy to take down a web site he had established outlining his initial action and not to use a web site in the future with the name "house sitters". However,

Australian House Sitters Directory was unsuccessful in its claim for costs, damages and intellectual property infringement against Guy. A bit complicated I know

but it is important to set the record straight. That's all we have time for this week. So until next week, I hope you all have a great weekend. Please take care, and goodnight. Captioned by Seven Network Email -