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(generated from captions) kaftan is done. A town threatens vigilante justice who terrorise the streets. against teenage louts

I'm Naomi Robson. Hello, and welcome to Today Tonight.

Tonight we visit a lawless community of one of our biggest cities. on the outskirts the $50 million farewell package, Also the average Australian can expect. 277 times more than is worth 30 to 50 million dollars. No one Australian you're an accident waiting to happen. If you're not getting any, Plus - sleep.

And Big Brother. with showing non-stop filth? How can they get away to boycott the show. And are advertisers getting set we visit a lawless community But first, where 3,000 locals have had a gutful. not a police officer in sight. Louts control the streets and there's of Russell Island, But now the residents from the middle of Brisbane, only a short boat ride

are preparing for vigilante justice. warn that a number of locals They roam the streets, they drink. there's threatening behaviour. There's drugs, there's violence People are assaulted here. Yes, that's right. teenagers have all the control. In this town, all over this community. They are walking

It could be me next. We're worried. Young teenagers - anything in their path - intoxicated and destroying here they are the law. It's got pretty bad. brought this to a head. Apparently, this beating of mine I was the last straw, so to speak. Allan Sharrock is legally blind. he was savaged by the kids. When he fell over in the street, when they had finished with him. This is what he looked like not know what is going on, To be beaten unconscious, for possibly an hour, and not regain consciousness that's how savage the beating was. broken nose. Multiple facial fractures, I get assaulted by a 15-year-old. I'm a 61-year-old and is another victim. Resident Peter Egan Resident Peter Egan

They just wander the streets, break into shops, break into houses, assault anyone that fronts them. do what they like. They just run free, It's a typical night! A teenager has passed out destroying the real estate agency. then one of the young thugs starts He rips out the lights. "Where are the police?" By now, you will be asking on Russell Island. You see, there are no police on Russell Island.

Brisbane the offenders are long gone. By the time police get here from that live on Russell Island. There are 3,000 people a fire service, There's an ambulance service lives on the island, even a dog-catcher but no police presence. here on the island, When an incident occurs if not days, to respond. it can take police hours, It is becoming lawless island. this is not okay. There's nothing that is telling them says Primary-school principal Sharon Brown into the gangs. her students are being indoctrinated

more lonely, or vulnerable, It's the ones who are a little bit become part of it, yes. where these kids' parents are. You may ask They, too, are part of the community. They admit they have lost control.

and absolutely no respect for anyone. These kids have no fear When they learned was holding a public meeting the terrified community with them as the subject, they went berserk - ripping into the community centre, the night before, doing their best to destroy it. at the age of these people. Have a look because they are scared. These people are here in the police. I don't know what your motto is Is it to protect and serve? and serve the people, The idea is to protect the people or serve yourself. not protect the minister APPLAUSE Chief Superintendent Tony Rand. The man in the hot seat is acting To the dismay of the community a full-time police officer, he will not give them on the island is escalating despite the fact that crime more violent. and the attacks have become to address it as much as we can We, as a police service, have got within our resources. looking after these kids? Where are the parents that are Why aren't they made accountable? under the carpet, every time. All that it does is get swept it is a double standard This community says of similar size to Russell Island when mainland towns have full-time officers. to fund what the community needs. But Tony Rand says there is no money to stop what's going on? Do you need a police presence here a permanent police presence I would always like to have control. in every community I have under my to act within what is available. The reality of it is, that we have isn't it? The budget, it's all about budget you little mongrel. Here we go, let's smash the fence in Dave Wood is a retired police officer three years ago. who moved to Russell Island is being ruined by the kids. What should be an idyllic community to ransom? Are they holding this community

Totally, without a doubt. think of it all. This is what the kids What will happen a full-time police presence? if this island doesn't get about what is going to happen I have grave concerns and are genuinely afraid, because those people who are afraid, are starting to become angry.

Are they going to start retaliating? of vigilante groups and so forth. Yes. They are there's talk They say they've been pushed too far the community is about to explode. and warn for 20 years for it. I'll be prepared to go to jail I'll shoot the lot of them. I won't shoot one, to be walking around on crutches. Some of these people need It's criminal absolutely criminal. that nothing is happening. That's the word, it's criminal,

If you have a problem with out of

control teenagers in your area, we

would like to hear from you. Leave

your details on our web site or

give us a call. Now to Big Brother,

the reality TV show that has caused

out rage. and sexual innuendo. because of its graphic footage at the uncut version of the show Family groups have lashed out big business and it could cost the Ten Network with advertisers being urged to pull out in protest against the show's smutty content, particularly as a lot of its viewers are young children. Here is Chris Simond. BIG BROTHER DISCLAIMER: It contains frequent coarse language, sexual references, adult themes and nudity. For people to think that that's not what's going to be that's not what's going to be on Big Brother, then I would say they've got a serious problem. They have got to watch Bambi and the Disney Channel. This year I think it's not a family show and I think they should bring back the concept of the first three. Big Brother has become big brothel and these wannabe celebrities are keeping the red light shining. Do you want to give me some examples would be good. Every week, producers turn their smut into what is called "Uncut". Although he's so the opposite to what I usually go for in so, so many ways, I respect him so highly. We can't, and wouldn't, show you the program's lowlights but it appears the dirty grab for ratings is starting to wear very thin. I think it's absolutely disgusting, bordering on pornography, or if not pornography. I think people are learning from previous series and things like that, but it's just gone way too far. These are the companies who advertised during last night's show. Conservative groups want them to boycott the program. We would ask advertisers to really where their advertising dollar is spent. Sure, there is better places where they can use their resources to advertise their products and brands. The reality is they're supporting a product that most parents simply don't want their children exposed to. Dennis Hood is from the Family First Party. The brands being associated with this sort of behaviour, do they really want their brand associated with the sexual harassment of women? The Big Brother house is, I think, probably more real this time than it ever has been. So for advertisers who are comfortable to be portrayed as as the kind of brands that acknowledge and understand what young people are today, then that's a big positive thing. Advertising executive Robert Beljuvani says a boycott simply won't happen. Big Brother is big business. Two of his clients, Kia and Sensis, advertise on the show. Sex sells. I'm sure there's a huge percentage of people

Where people get caught out these

days you gate what you want.

Generally speaking there a huge

percentage of the community going, "

How disgusting whieplswhiels being

glue to it. Former But former housemate Reggie Bird says this series is setting a dangerous precedent.

I think some things are better left

in the bed room behind closed doors

and leave it at that instead of

showing it. But as Big Brother

chases rating and contest pbts

chase fame you can't help but think

those doors will always remain open.

It is a good acknowledgment of how

people really are in Australia today. Now to the childcare centre, apparently so filthy and unsafe

that one of its workers has gone to extraordinary lengths to expose the conditions, she says, the children are facing every day. In fact, childcare worker Cathy Hicks took a video camera inside the facility hoping her actions will force the centre, and others like it, to clean up their act. Michelle Tapper reports. If I was to rate the centre for cleanliness and hygiene out of 10, I'd probably give it a one.

Unsafe, unclean and unhygienic, this childcare centre is where some children are spending up to 10 hours a day,

including newborn babies. There are many hygiene and danger zones in this centre that really raise big questions about the intent of the people running it. Holes in walls, ripped screens on security doors, smeared faeces and a disgusting fridge are just a few of the sickening hygiene problems. Would you send your kids there? No, definitely not. The hygiene issue would certainly be a big factor for me, particularly putting a baby in the babies' room where they are crawling around on the ground, exposed to dust and dirt.

There are a host of safety issues. Take a look at the dangerously frayed rope on this swing and the two steel pegs poking out right underneath it. We have been asking for months and months

to get this soft fall for here. So when they fall off, they crack their heads on that. And here is the fence that is supposed to keep up to 65 children inside the centre. This is how we keep the children in.

This is the main gate, which leads straight into the car park. Unbelievably, no lock and no safety latch of any kind.

How many times a day would the kids get out that? Easy 10 to 15. We basically have to have a staff member standing here at all times. And if staff are not watching at all times, parents say chaos erupts. Well, there was an incident the other day

when three children hoicked the fence

and the three teachers hoicked after them, and there was no supervision. Childcare worker Kathy Hicks filmed this secret footage, giving us an eye-opening tour inside her shameful workplace in Brisbane's western suburbs. at the Mother Goose Childcare Centre in Brisbane's western suburbs. So how long has that been broken? That one has been broken for about six months. So under regulations, you're supposed to have a minimum of four bikes and you've got a bike that's broken. That's our ball. I'm concerned about the fence, having the plank as part of the fence.

Lisa Palethorpe from the C & K Creche and Kindergarten Association says the playground is an accident waiting to happen. There were certainly a lot of areas in that playground where I would be concerned that children could hurt themselves. Clearly, there isn't enough money being spent on equipping the centre and maintaining it. Physical environment specialist Prue Walsh says with just a handful of toys inside and out, there isn't nearly enough to entertain 65 children. There is a clear indication from the video that there is insufficient play equipment available for the children both inside and out. It was tired, it was worn out and it wasn't even very well selected in the first place. It is not the first time the Mother Goose Childcare chain, with more than a dozen centres, has come under scrutiny. One in western Queensland was recently closed down for similar hygiene and safety issues with more than 32 infractions cited. But Prue says it is just the tip of the iceberg of what is happening around the country with many centres making profit their priority, not safety. It's not a case of making sure your child gets into a childcare centre, it's making sure your child is going to a high-quality childcare centre,

We repeatedly contacted Mother

Goose for today but none of our

calls were returned. Now to the Michael Jackson saga. As you probably know, the 46-year-old pop star has been found not guilty of all the charges levelled against him. Tonight, we hear from the man some accuse of being responsible for the superstar's troubled life, while others say he has been the one person who has been Michael Jackson's greatest support throughout his most harrowing ordeal.

For 14 weeks the tile had all the

elements of being a a circing


from celebrity witnesses to media scrums, even a defendant in his pyjamas. Today, his fans were vindicated.

I knew he would get off, his rates

and his money, they need to accuse him of something. By Jackson's side throughout the ordeal has been his father Joe. On the weekend prior to the verdict, he sat down in an exclusive interview with Daphne Barrack of America's CBS network,

He's my son, of course I love him.

He finally said, if you love me,

you'll sleep in my bed. It was Jackson's appearance in Martin Bashir's 2003 documentary

Living with Michael Jackson that his family blame for his current predicament.

The first thing I ever did, it was

all along and it happened. It was

all about the money. And today, the

jury agreed. Finding little

evidence to support claims by Gavin

aveezo that he had been abused by

the pop star. The experience

softened the once voltile father of

the world's best known show biz

family. We don't see no tears, that

don't mean I'm not worried. I'm

crying on the inside. Most people

tears come on the outside, mine

stay down in here. And, in an

incredible admission, news that

Jackson was under a suicide watch

just days before the verdict. I'm

concerned. Real concerned. Are you

concerned he might do something?

I'm concerned about his worried.

Uh-huh. You're concerned about his

state of mind? State of mind. But

perhaps the family of the superstar

need not have been. In America,

stars have a habit of beating

criminal charges, the most famous

case being OJ Simpson's acquitted

of the murder of his former wife

and lover. Since then we have seen

Robert Blake cleared of shooting

his wife and rapped P Didy Cooms

have recently escaped the law.

Today the jurors rejected

suggestions they were star struck.

We looked at the evidence and wub

one of the first things we decide

we had to look at him as any other

individual, not just as a celebrity.

Whether his career will survival

the scandal remains to be seen, but

one thing recontinues, the man who

pushed him to the top will continue

to be his supporter. He already

there. That report from Adene Cassidy. up to $50 million to retire. Still to come, The farewell package

the average Australian could expect. that is 277 times higher than After the break, the health risks of sleep deprivation an eye-opening report revealing are in the league as obesity. It affects everything. memory not too good. You can't concentrate, causes people to be grumpy. Lack of sleep AC/DC'S 'THUNDERSTRUCK' PLAYS SONG RESUMES # Thunder! # Thunderstruck! # Yeah, yeah, yeah, thunderstruck # Whoo! # limited edition Storm ute. VOICEOVER: The value-packed The ultimate ride. BRIGHT MUSIC QUIRKY MUSIC BUSY TRAFFIC SOUNDS (Gasps) (Onlookers gasp) If you're into balance, you'll love Kellogg's Just Right. It's the fruit and hint of honey you like your body needs. balanced with the grains OMINOUS MUSIC Kellogg's Just Right: BRIGHT MUSIC to getting a good night's sleep When it comes are choosing work and a social life it would seem more and more of us ahead of extra hours in bed. But it is costing us, of bags under our eyes. and not just in terms and not just in terms

Indeed, for the first time, a multibillion-dollar price experts have put quantity of sleep, saying on our ever-diminishing associated with lack of sleep the health risks commonly attributed to obesity. are right up there with the risks Glenn Connley reports. Darth Vader, He may look a little like at night, but when Peter Baitz goes to sleep strapped to an air pressure mask, happy and healthy. he at least knows he will wake up potentially deadly sleeping disorder, It is his way of dealing with the sleep apnoea. Lack of sleep causes people to be grumpy and grumpy people tend to upset other people. A new report says

up to one in 10 Australians suffers a sleeping disorder, most of course, are not as severe as Peter. In in many cases, the symptoms sufferers only recognise poor reaction times and reflexes. like grumpiness, tiredness, to the problem by his wife. Like many, Peter was alerted It's usually prompted by a partner, can't stand it any longer. getting to the stage where they Is that what happened in your case?

Yes, it really is. What was annoying her most? Oh, the snoring. you stop breathing, literally, With sleep apnoea, and you suddenly take in breaths, and it can be up to a minute

for better use of the terminology. which is a grunting noise, sleep health should be a priority. Alongside good eating and exercise, Alongside good eating and exercise,

Sleep expert Dr Ral Antic says to some of our most deadly diseases sleeping disorders contribute challenges facing our health system. and is becoming one of the biggest at the moment, If one looks in hospitals who have been admitted with a stroke then 50% of people

have evidence of clinically significant sleep disorder breathing. If one looks at the cardiac patients, of the order of 40% have significant sleep disorder breathing. According to a report by Access Economics, sleeping disorders cost the community $10.3 billion a year. Not enough sleep does kill. It may not kill the person, on the road. but it might kill the next person tired, confused, forgetful Crawled myself around, exhausted, just, you know, walking in a fog. suffers the unusual sleeping disorder Bev Yakich known as restless leg syndrome, to just three hours sleep a night. which used to limit her of the sensation I just would have hours that would come into my legs like pins and needles, and I just couldn't stop it. experiencing it and walk the floor, I would have to get up

take hot baths, showers. or sickness, When it comes to general tiredness you consider your sleep. doctors suggest Do you get enough? Is it quality sleep? a symptom of something more serious? Is your snoring to beat the sleeping blues. Dr Antic has five tips to beat the sleeping blues.

If one is prepared to change their lifestyle,

then that certainly can cure the whole problem. And that is a very important point. People need to take charge of that. Glenn Connley with that report. Coming up, the retirement package to take your breath away. And I'm absolutely delighted that we've achieved this hand-over now. is worth 30 to 50 million dollars. No one Australian (Man shouts) Excuse me! and a latte, thanks? Could I get a cappuccino using freshly ground Arabica beans who had two very tough choices - Now to the CEO at the Commonwealth Bank stay on in the top job for around $4 million a year, or retire with a golden handshake $35 million and $50 million. of anywhere between reporting on his decision. Here is Rodney Lohse we've achieved this hand-over now. And I'm absolutely delighted that CEO David Murray be delighted today? And why wouldn't Commonwealth Bank of a lifetime. He just got the golden handshake APPLAUSE After 13 years as CEO,

David, now at the age of 55, of money not to do his job. is about receive an obscene amount package will hit $50 million. It is estimated his retirement was a union shop steward I wish David Murray how to bring the bacon home because he knows about when it comes to fat-cat pay rises. Australian Workers Union Secretary Bill Shorten says

it is outrageous, considering Murray's already been ridiculously well paid to do the job - $4.5 million a year last year, plus bonuses, which in 2002 he got one worth $4.62 million for 10 years. simply for hanging around As for his payout, of shares and options $25 million will be made up he received over the years, which should be hefty plus his retirement package in 1966 as a humble teller. considering he started with the bank Bank was known as the people's bank, Once upon a time the Commonwealth payouts to overpaid executives. now it's just known for obscene Meanwhile the average Australian man with less than $180,000 in super, will retire David's package is 277 times that. But he's not alone. is worth 30 to 50 million dollars. No one Australian that sort of money. Simply put, they're just not worth

and there's a few people in the club It's a giant con and the rest of us of the window looking in. have got our noses on the outside we've got a seamless changeover It's business as usual, in August. and I'll see you with the results Over to you now, Ralph.

David Murray's successor, Ralph Norris, will be paid just under $2 million a year. Coming up, superkids, perfect in every way. And you can order one now. MANY BABIES WAIL Baby peas must be picked at exactly the right moment McCain Baby Peas.

LOUNGE MUSIC (People argue) HORNS BEEP MANY BABIES WAIL at exactly the right moment Baby peas must be picked tenderness and nutrition. for maximum sweetness, for me, will you? Take care of these babies McCain Baby Peas. Ah, McCain, you've done it again. MAN: What? Did you see it? There it is again. Holden's 4 Day New and Used Sale. VOICEOVER: Blink and you'll miss Hundreds of cars must be cleared. Hurry. Ends Saturday. Now to one of the stories I'll have for you tomorrow night when we look at superkids, perfect in every way.

They are smarter, stronger and better behaved. You can order one now! I think we should give parents the choice to decide what sorts of abilities and opportunities their children start off life with. It's a good thing that people live longer and healthier lives and I think it'll be an even better thing when children start off life with a lower risk of disease and a better chance of having a happy life.

And I'll have that story for you tomorrow night. I look forward to your company for that. So until then, I hope you have a great evening. Please take care, and goodnight. Captioned by Seven Network Email -