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(generated from captions) Plus, the $23 million Lotto winner that they do contain. what they say on the outside don't contain I'm horrified to know that some cans to show you just what's left. We take away the water about how much the food weighs. Don't believe what the labels say Also tonight, canned food. when you see how he makes his money. The answer is obvious be pocketing welfare? Why would someone with so much money I'm Naomi Robson. Hello, and welcome to Today Tonight. welfare cheat. and he's also Australia's wealthiest He's worth an estimated $40 million seriously rich. This man is rich,

the shocking extent And you're about to see They've always suffered. has come out on top. who has had dealings with Malcolm I don't think anyone he is not what he seems. like Robyn Griffin will attest, enemies, However, as many of Mr Pettingill's over a huge marijuana crop. once jailed Not bad going for a former bankrupt and he's won in a canter here. high price yearling raced by M. Pettingill, RACE CALL: Silent Action, is valued at $500,000. and one of his prized racehorses for $3.5 million a horse stud recently bought his home is a sprawling, flaunts all that wealth - where Mr Pettingill It's in the sport of kings this man would not stop at. There's just nothing one of Australia's richest men. that should make him Malcolm Pettingill on his word, So if we're to take $40 million. who boasts that he's worth as a big-noting property tycoon He prances around Yes. on a $3.5 million horse stud. And he's living the high life on a $3.5 million horse stud. and I'm renting I am on an old-age pension Please, go away. You promised to return that money. that he had properties, racehorses. millions, he bragged that he was worth He came across as a high-flyer, Frank Pangallo went to find out. claiming Centrelink benefits. just how can he get away with So you couldn't be blamed for asking his own business and luxury cars. sprawling properties, with all the trappings of wealth, He's a multi-millionaire you're about to meet. but none quite like the one our fair share of them Over the years we've come across But first tonight, to welfare cheats. down the drain". you know "there's another one getting letters just saying, It's very depressing, without any luck. who's applied for 2,000 jobs And, we meet a young woman into a demolition derby track. and how he turned his neighbourhood

as well he's fooled perhaps other bodies If he's fooled Centrelink, an annual turnover of $8 million. showing his group of companies have like this even sending them cashflow charts to lend him money, with anyone prepared he was generating new property deals his assets were worth just $20,000, While telling Centrelink reveal the extent of his deceit. Documents we have obtained to expose these people. and upon the media and they rely upon the public Centrelink can't find them get away with it. and because they know that they can because they're getting away with it fraudsters - they're laughing and that's the problem with a lot of Centrelink, right at the moment This guy is probably laughing at but more about him shortly. with a notorious financial history, another former bankrupt Malcolm Ongley, usually set up with his business chum all through a raft of $2 companies and business interests, amassing dozens of properties from lenders and private investors, he has been borrowing millions As the pension has been rolling in, real estate empire. Just take a look at Pettingill's way too much assets as well. but he's also got way too much money, He's not only earning able to get away with it for so long. is astounded that Pettingill has been welfare agency's inadequate practices who's about to release a book on the Rod Whyte Former Centrelink investigator I've seen. This is one of the worst cases and he still is. of more than $11,000 a full disability support pension Pettingill's been pocketing For at least the past six years. which we have discovered. his appalling secret is desperately trying to hide The self-proclaimed multi-millionaire You don't want to talk to us? Can I talk to you about that? out of their property? you've lied and cheated Can I talk to you about the people and even worse, a welfare cheat. a cunning con man for what he really is - as we expose him of Mr Pettingill's lies and deception

without her knowledge and she says one thing that is disabled about against it she says, after he orchestrated huge loans she owned outright She lost the million-dollar farm Now, how can he pick up a pension? racehorses and everything, all this money - and he's supposed to have some of those assets, taxation officials are chasing him for thousands of dollars in unpaid taxes and duty, the police fraud squad want to interview him, and thanks to us, Centrelink are now investigating too. after he ruined me Here I am picking up a pension by Mr Pettingill's wily charm. is another stung 76-year-old widow Lois Williams Yes, because you're manhandling me. Now you're manhandling me, sir. Tell me what's happened to the money. where it's gone. and we still don't know to this day took it and spent it Now these two crooks just walked in, to take her home. Now Robyn's bank is threatening What's happened to the money? what you've done. Well, sir you should be arrested for Well stop trying to arrest me. your hands off me. I will leave, sir, but please take Please leave. What have you done with it? the premises, thank you. you stole from Robyn Griffin? Can you please leave What have you done with the $200,000 Please leave. What have you done? some of their own debts. it was used to pay off although we've since learned to tell Robyn where her money went, Mr Ongley and Mr Pettingill refused with my money. They committed an act of deception I've been deceived. didn't go where it should have. but the $200,000 she borrowed She mortgaged her home and his partner, Malcolm Ongley. put together by Pettingill investment schemes was lured into one of the failed Grandmother Robyn Griffin should be behind bars. that's doing this sort of thing It's disgraceful and anyone like the Australian Taxation Office. such as Mr Pettingill it's his conscience. He's cheating too many people and he's got to be stopped. He doesn't seem to know any other way of living. It looks like the net may finally be closing in on Malcolm Pettingill. Mortgage lenders have begun seizing

with them when they go? I've been given pillows before that, my exact words were on one of the pillows I was given was, "I wouldn't even let my dog sleep on that." For the most part, Jim Mailing has happy memories of his time in Australia, but also a few horror stories. Don't get me wrong, Don't get me wrong, it's only been a few, but some of them are really grotty. We never want to see that. That's what we strive for. The thing is our businesses work long and hard to get everything right. Steve Gaff runs one Melbourne's cleanest and best-known youth hostels - The Greenhouse. For as little as $22 a night, he offers spotless dormitories, bathrooms and kitchen, even a luxury lounge with big-screen cinema. Steve's also the co-founder of the Backpacker Operators Association of Victoria. If they have a run of particularly unclean premises, they may return home to Europe or wherever and start saying, "Well, Australia wasn't that flash "a lot of the properties we stayed in were not clean or up to scratch." It's only a handful of bad apples hurting the reputation of the rest. Many are unlicensed, run out of vacant apartments and advertised only and advertised only with a mobile phone number. Today the Australian Tourism Export Council launched a crackdown after a report found there were more than 2,000 unlicensed or sub-standard beds on offer in Melbourne and Sydney alone. Their interest may be further spiked by the so-called pensioner's failure to disclose that he has been married for the past six months. Frank Pangallo with that report. If you know of a welfare cheat or someone rorting the system, please get in touch with us on our web site or just give us a call. Now to Australia's backpacker shame and to the growing number of filthy and highly dangerous hostels that are giving the industry, and our reputation overseas, a bad name. As Glenn Connley reports, shonky operators are setting up illegal and often overcrowded hostels without any consideration for the lives they are putting at risk. Almost half a million backpackers a year pour $3 billion into our economy but what sort of message do they take

Well, it undermines the legitimate hostels Julian Ledger from the Youth Hostels Association says there are also issues with illegal hostels avoiding tax and, more importantly, they don't meet fire safety standards, illustrated so tragically at Childers in 2000 when 15 backpackers lost their lives. While that fire was deliberately lit, it raised serious questions over things like sprinklers, locks, fire prevention and escape procedures. It's bad news for the backpackers themselves because they can be exploited or be staying in unsafe premises. It's not good for other operators, the legitimate ones who are paying fees to comply. The most common bug-bear is bed bugs. Up north I stayed in a couple that were just really bad - bed bugs and stuff like that, they didn't clean the showers there. Our clients, 70 or 80% are tertiary educated, they're not fools. In the end the people will be weeded out by the lack of business. You've got to respect our clients. Some people think we're on the bottom end of the market but, as I say, our clients are discernable people. Clever they may be but young and on a tight budget they're also vulnerable and the last thing we need them taking home are stories like this. I couldn't live in an environment that was dirty and grimy and bed bugs among other things, you know, raw sewerage in the bathroom. Glenn Connley with that report. Now, it's not for want of trying that Cassandra Ockrim can't get a job. After all, she has applied for a staggering 2,000 positions since the beginning of the year and all she's got to show for it and all she's got to show for it is knockback after knockback. But she's not about to give up, as Chris Simond reports. I thought I would have a job within two weeks and I thought I wouldn't have to be on Centrelink as long as a month but it's been since January now. Plenty of jobs around and we're really short of candidates. It's very depressing getting letters and saying there's another one down the drain. She did come across well in the interview but I didn't feel there was enough passion. Loads of jobs in the newspapers, plenty more on the net but try and score one, it's impossible says 18-year-old Cassandra Ockrim. And she should know. For the past few months, Cassie's been applying for up to 15 positions every day. Any job offers, no. REPORTER: Since the beginning of the year, Cassandra, how many jobs have you actually applied for? About 2,000. 2,000? Maybe more, I can't remember. did you receive? Out of those, how many interviews did you receive? Eight or nine. I'm just ringing about the ad you had in The Leader today. Desperate to escape the dole, the former florist has been hitting the phone. I have applied for cash shee jobs in all like Franklins, target, Myer, coals. I have applied for child care trainees. Administration trainees You have been to be able to attract employer's attention, say I am going to bring something to your workplace. Cassandra, good to meet you. I'm Julia Ross. We asked top recruitment consultant Julia Ross to meet with Cassandra and help improve her chances of gaining employment. I notice on it you left out the dates you had done these various jobs First the resume, sketchy details of past job, no references and general layout could be a lot sharper Where do you think she may have been going wrong? She's been going into job boards and ticking the box which says "are you interested in the job" and sending a resume that's nonspecific to that job. With the best will in the world that's going to be an issue. We're looking for people that will We're looking for people that will go the extra mile with effort. Cassandra was one of 86 candidates applying for the receptionist's position at Eric Willma's dental practice Word of Mouth. He says she was not nearly as well prepared as her competition. Conscious awareness of this particular role, why she was the best fit for this role, she probably really wanted the job but it wasn't communicated. Wasn't hungry enough? Yes. To help Cassandra and all jobhunters struggling to score Julia's offering some tips to improve your chances. Please give me a job. I am a hard working person. Please give me a go. That report from Chris Simond. If you can help Cassandra in her search for work, you can get in touch with us through our web site. Still to come, the $23 million Lotto winner who has turned his neighbourhood into a demolition derby track. After the break, canned food. We take away the water and show you what you're really getting in our special consumer investigation. I was unpleasantly surprised by the results. Manufacturers should always err on the side of giving a customer more. WOMAN: I can't believe a large, quality block at Ginninderra Ridge in Dunlop starts from just $152,000. We can choose our own builder and design something that's right for us, with access to great facilities and all so close to Belconnen and Gungahlin. I'd better call Land Development Agency now. Now to canned foods and whether we're really getting what we're paying for. You can forget what the labels say because, as you'll see tonight, when you take away the water you're often left with a lot less content than you think. And Rodney Lohse takes a look at some of the worst offenders. Vegies, um...spaghetti, baked beans. Fruit. Tomatoes, tinned fruit. Canned food is probably something we all take for granted, but in the scheme of things it is an amazing invention. It allows us to have quality healthy food on hand anywhere, any time and there wouldn't be an Australian pantry without at least one inside. For convenience mostly and because often cans are cheaper than fresh. But there is one major drawback - you can't see what's inside a can until after it's been bought and opened. I'd say approximately 80% contents and 20% liquid. Sometimes a little bit more. It's now been 18 months since the government introduced new regulations forcing canned food manufacturers to stipulate on the label just how much inside is solid food and how much is liquid as a percentage. And last year our tests showed consumers were being short changed. I was unpleasantly surprised by the results. Of the 50 cans we tested first time round 21 had less solid food than stipulated on the label. Should be looked into more I suppose, so you get your money's worth. This year we conducted even more extensive testing, 41 items, but this time two cans of each, so in total putting 82 cans under the microscope. So after raising the alarm a year ago, has anything changed? It doesn't appear so. Of the 82 cans we analysed, 34 had more water in them 34 had more water in them then stated on the label. 41% failed and made almost no difference if you were buying brands or generics. It means almost every second can you buy is ripping you off. I'm extremely surprised and it's probably taken a show like Today Tonight to find this out. Customers don't know what we're buying and we had no idea we were being misled no idea in this way. Fiona Stewart is from the consumer watchdog and says this is a scandal that authorities are simply sweeping under the carpet, allowing consumers to foot the bill for manufacturers' incompetence. It really amazes me that manufacturers have been doing this and getting away with it for so long. And that's the problem. The authorities aren't doing their job. Food Standards Australia is responsible for writing the rules, and then it's up to Fair Trading and Consumer Affairs in each state to police those rules. When we contacted Consumer Affairs in Victoria they said they weren't sure if it was their job. As for the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, well, they'll only act once a complaint has been made and they are presented with the evidence and even then, they won't always do something. We should be writing letters to Food Standards Australia to say, "Do the job you're paid to do." So, until the authorities get some teeth, here is what we found. Golden Circle the only brand to have both cans pass. Of the tinned pineapple Only Home brand was under, both tins out by an average of 8%. You don't get that much fruit when you squeeze it out. In the tinned mushrooms, even worse. Do you feel like you're being ripped off? Yeah, yeah. Tinned tomatoes were hit and miss too. Both Ardmona cans failed by an average of 6.8% Which brings us to the good news - across the board, of the 10 tins of corn we tested from five brands Canned food is not rocket science. So you would think that over the tens of years we've been eating food out of cans that the manufacturers and the processes that conveyor belt would have got it right. What do you reckon, throw them all in jail? Oh, I'm not quite that harsh today. I'm feeling rather friendly. Rodney Lohse reporting there. Coming up, the man who won $23 million in Lotto and how he's turned his neighbourhood into a demolition derby track. It has progressively got worse. My field, I do what I want. All hours of the night. What are they crying about? STEAM HISSES Excuse me, over here. CAR HORN HONKS Could I get a cappuccino and a latte, thanks? Now you can get cafe-quality ow you can get cafe-quality espresso coffees in your car at McDonald's drive-through, They're so good, you'll think someone else made them. Now, you would think anyone who wins $23 million might be content with a new mansion, a luxury car and perhaps living it up for a little while. Well, not Michael Carroll. He has invested a lot of his huge Lotto winnings into a self-made demolition derby track and he's driving his neighbours crazy. Here's Adene Cassidy. It has progressively got worse... ..and worse .. all hours of the night ..2.00 ..3.00 ..4.00 ..5.00. Michael Carroll is on an absurd spending spree. After pocketing $23 million in Britain's equivalent to our Lotto this man has turned a well-heeled, peaceful neighbourhood into a demolition track. To his neighbours' horror, Carroll, now dubbed "the Lotto lout", splashed out on a fleet of quad bikes, countless banged-up old cars, trucks, a bus, even an earth mover. And he has never even passed his driving test. So began the new hobby that Carroll calls the destruction derby. Cars racing around. We've had motocross bikes, quad bikes, dingo carts. You name it, if it's got an engine in it he'll race it around the field. Neighbours Sid and Allison Skeet have had their dream home turned into a nightmare, tormented by the noise which can start any time of the day or night. He started at 5 o'clock in the morning, one morning, didn't he? Out there with just trousers on, no top, nothing, just racing around, two or three of them. He's just incredible. It was just constant, the droning, the revving, the smashing into each other, which - that is just beyond comprehension. My field, I do what I want. Sister Zoe can't see what all the fuss is about. Michael specifically bought the field so he could drive on it. It's his field, his property, why not? What are they crying about? They're lucky somebody hasn't been killed. No-one has, yet. But fire crews have been called out several times, including one night when he loaded up a mobile home with tyres and fireworks and set it alight. he invited a few friends around This year, for his 22nd birthday, he invited a few friends around crashing 12 cars in an eight-hour demolition frenzy. Luckily Carroll isn't worried that his new buddies are only after him for his cash. No, because I'll stab 'em. Yes, you heard it "I'll stab them". After the infamous fireworks night, police raided Carroll's home. DC Lance Ogbourne describes what they found. We were looking at nearly 20 grams of cocaine, magic mushrooms and a quantity of cannabis. Two hours late for court to face the drug charges, he managed to escape a jail term. His million-dollar home now looks more like a squat, infested by rats. Money doesn't seem to have changed this lout. Only thing that's changed to me is my bank balance. Adene Cassidy reporting there. And coming up, amazing pictures of a seaside town taken over by children, leaving residents terrified. Now to one of the stories I'll have for you tomorrow night, and the residents living in fear with their community taken over by out-of-control children as young as 12. These kids are destroying property and bashing anyone who gets in their way. There's no parental control, no discipline and absolutely no respect. They roam the streets, they drink. There's drugs, there's violence. It could be me next. And that's one of the stories I'll have for you tomorrow night. So I do hope you can join me for that. Until then, enjoy your evening. Please take care, and goodnight. Captioned by Seven Network Email -