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(generated from captions) to Eagleby near Brisbane. led Sydney detectives to primary schools A nationwide appeal She claims the child was given away. they were discharged from hospital. the infant disappearing when to a daughter, Tegan, Keli Lane gave birth of a Sydney baby nine years ago. the mystery disappearance in the hope of solving Police visited Brisbane an unusual tip-off. until police received for dead Tegan Lane had long been given up when she was only a baby. of a girl who vanished from Sydney who has the same name and birth date of a girl in Queensland First this - the mysterious discovery off Sydney. the whales making a brief stop-over And they're the centre of attention - range of Australians Also tonight - the extraordinary Good evening. and Jessica Rowe. Ten News with Ron Wilson ahead of State of Origin II. And the Maroons brave enemy territory in the Queen's Birthday awards. honoured An extraordinary range of Australians to a little girl's true identity. who may hold the key Tonight - the secretive mum This program is captioned live.

in this country, The talent is so huge with the Australian Ballet. acknowledged for her work a chord with Dame Margaret Scott, Recognising talent also strikes of his adopted country. he'd earn the praise could be so successful, and never imagined a cook with nothing but a suitcase He moved here 23 years ago and this is very sweet. but it's very sweet, It's a hard business for redefining Australian cuisine. to the migrant chef today applauded Humble pie never tasted better than at home and abroad. for their social contributions were acknowledged this year Twice as many males as females the Queen's Birthday Honours list. included on the more than 500 Australians are among and a republican A migrant chef, an archbishop John Hill, Ten News. begins next Monday. of Tegan Lane or suspicious death into the disappearance A coronial inquest born on the same day. from around Australia the backgrounds of hundreds of girls detectives are checking the mystery of her disappearance, Now, in an attempt to solve on September 12, 1996. at Sydney's Auburn Hospital Tegan Lane was born here is getting bigger. Meanwhile, the police inquiry to provide a DNA sample. will then be asked the Sydney mother, Keli Lane, to the family she's living with, the Queensland girl does not belong Police say if DNA tests show I've got birth certificates. Yeah, she's my daughter. is just crap, basically. This story in the paper the family is angry about the mix-up. The mother, Debbie Chapman, says grandmother who was at the birth. and there's evidence from the on this day, That she's born in hospital That's their own daughter. belongs to them. who insist 9-year-old Tegan and members of her family, from the Queensland girl Police have now taken a DNA sample with the same surname. and had a father was born on the same day shares the same Christian name, Tegan Chapman Investigations revealing

of former president Soeharto. with a grandson and bitter custody battle for her broken marriage The television actress is also known ..put the drug in her bag. Put the drug in her bag. ..because somebody... in her bag. MAN: Because somebody put drug We believe that Corby not guilty... Anisa Tri Hapsari. glamorous Indonesian soap starlet in Schapelle Corby's defence team - She's the latest weapon a local soapie star to back her case. but they have recruited to lodge her appeal, Time is running out for lawyers in the bid to free Schapelle Corby. A race against the clock Amber Muir, Ten News. an outspoken republican. despite being happily accepted a gong while TV presenter Eddie McGuire and social causes, for their services to the arts the headline act Bryan Brown and Rachel Ward be without glamour? And what would an awards event of being honoured. are at least sharing in the focus people who often missed out, that little people, It's really recognising of the Boxing Day tsunami. particularly in the wake It was granted for his tireless work, pleased to share his honour. Reverend Tim Costello, Another champion of the needy, the asbestos saga alive! You beauty! Something else to keep on 20% lung capacity. Hardie on behalf of asbestos victims locked in a legal battle with James with that sentiment more, Bernie Banton couldn't agree than ignored, generally. It's better to be noticed for the Church. I don't think it's been all that bad for controversy. unrepentant about his reputation Australia's Catholic leader, The males included of the Order of Australia. a Companion out the day's highest honour - They were among four women to take it's hard to count them. there are so many women and Commonwealth Government levels And now, of course, at State there was only one other woman. When I went into Parliament in 1971, of women in politics. She was joined by a pioneer what we've got here. Sometimes I wonder if we really know It really is.

The mother of three children killed in last week's Wyong house fire has gone into hiding. She fears being blamed for the tragedy. Authorities forced to track her down to establish an appeal for the surviving children. Lying low, fearful of a community backlash, 36-year-old Lisa Forde is an emotional wreck, yet to seek counselling over the loss of her three sons in last week's blaze. Community leaders finally found her today. They've been desperate to set up a formal appeal for her remaining five children. They've gone into hiding, and we want to reassure them received a letter from Justice Minister Chris Ellison saying the Government could not compel Australians to travel overseas to testify in foreign courts. Hotman will have his first meeting with his client tomorrow. Kathryn Robinson, Ten News. And another Australian is facing serious drug charges in Bali. Trying to hide his face, 35-year-old Patrick Guy Prinzler of Melbourne was paraded before the media at police headquarters in Denpasar. He's facing a maximum 10 years in jail for possessing a tiny amount of hashish. It's just 0.7 of a gram, which police allege he bought from another foreigner who's now being sought by drug squad detectives. Corby's defence team But late last week, for the appeal. and Customs and Immigration officials to produce two Australian prisoners calling on the Australian Government on Canberra, is determined to keep the heat In the meantime, Corby's legal team for life. They want Schapelle locked up today. handed over their appeal papers for a tougher sentence, not to bungle their opportunity The prosecution, determined not happen in the High Court level. It means that it probably it will the Australian's chance at freedom. seriously jeopardising to even launch her appeal, may miss the deadline Corby's flashy defence team But there's mounting speculation of the Indonesian public. which is more in favour will issue a decision Usually an Indonesian judge that Schapelle Corby is innocent. to persuade the Indonesian public She's been recruited

that we're not concerned about the parents, we're not concerned about the mother as far as that is concerned. Our concern in the community is for the children. After a slow start, donations are beginning to pour in - free funeral services and caskets, food and clothing, an offer of a fund-raising concert. We've got three children that have survived their family and friends, so it would be nice if they'd be able to get a little bit of a kick along for the future, I suppose. Wyong's Grand Hotel held a benefit night on Saturday, raising $2,500. The Lions Club gathered a further $5,000. That's about the extent of the cash, though. It appears some locals are worried about trust fund money being wasted. There is a concern by the community as to where the money is going to go and I can rest assure them that it will be going to the children. In an alarming development, there's now talk of retribution on the streets of Wyong. The father of one of the dead boys is apparently set to be released from jail in a few days and is said to be quite keen to catch up with the mother's current boyfriend. The fire scene remains a sombre sight. The number of bouquets and soft toys is growing. Among the passers-by, relatives of 6-year-old victim Madison. They travelled from Queensland to pay their last respects. Shaun Fewings, Ten News. Jubilation and heartache after substantial rainfall across the State. Some farmers are optimistic that their Winter crops have been saved, while others are still waiting for that elusive downpour. Cecil Broderick has worked this farm for 38 years. And while he received a few hopeful drops of rain over the weekend, you'd hardly know it. '81 was hard. I was on the road with stock. '81 was hard, I'll admit, but, uh, not like this one. It's worse. Like many in this part of the State, he missed out on substantial rain. He's still hand-feeding the few sheep he has left and praying the oat crop he recently planted will push through the hard ground - that is, if he gets more rain, and the crows and cockatoos haven't scavenged the seed. It shows just how fickle the weather is, when you consider that just over those hills is Canberra. It received three times the rainfall this patch of dirt did. Heavy falls hit as far west as Broken Hill, with up to 55mm at Gunnedah. It was more moderate through the southern tablelands and central west slopes, but barely noticeable over the parched Goulburn region. In Tamworth, though, there's relief and rejoicing at the sight of puddles on the ground - the result of 50mm of much-needed rain. The rain on Saturday morning was more than welcome because we were getting short of water in household tanks and that, and it gave us a bit of hope to sow the winter crops. And for Hugh Ranclaud, the timing was perfect. The rain has come at the right time to save the winter crops, but another fortnight or three weeks, it wouldn't have been. It would have been too late. Others were dry-sowing today - hoping the rainfall predicted for tonight and tomorrow will save their season too. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. Looking ahead to Sport with Tim Webster, and the enemy's here. Yes, they would have felt like the enemy at Parramatta today. The Maroons stretched their legs after their flight today, and, well, not all the comments from the people on the street were complimentary. And is this a good sign as the Blues continue to sweat on the fitness of centre Mark Gasnier? We'll update his chances of playing a little later in sport. And, Ron, we'll also have the friendly advice that cost golfer Adam Scott another huge pay day on the US tour. Next - drastic action to rid Sydney of illegal backpacker hostels. Also - teenagers on the rampage. Vandals stage a terrifying attack on a Sydney bus. And later - the simple cordial that appears to conquer cancer. It's done me the world of good,

FUNKY MUSIC Macleans Extreme Clean has germ-killing, micro-active foam which gets into hard-to-reach places, seeking out sources of bad breath, even in the pores of the tongue, leaving your teeth and tongue so refreshingly clean you can't help feeling a change. SONG: # Why don't you come over 'cause I want you to? # Now available in new Empowermint and new Extreme Clean White. This program is captioned live. Up to eight teenagers are on the run tonight suspected of being involved in a violent overnight rampage on a Sydney bus. It's believed they smashed seven windows with the emergency escape device about 1:00 this morning. Passengers were terrorised as the teenagers vandalised the bus while it was travelling along a suburban street in Sydney's east. Unconfirmed reports suggest the teenagers may belong to a local gang. And a high-speed car chase through Sydney's west. Two people were arrested following a 30-minute pursuit, triggered when the pair failed to pull over at a routine traffic stop. The man and woman kept authorities at bay, driving through three city suburbs in a Holden Commodore. SIRENS WAIL The driver managed to briefly shake off police several times during the chase. Officers finally managed to apprehend the two after the car's rear tyre blew out. A crackdown tonight on illegal backpacker operations. Authorities are warning

that we face another Childers' style disaster unless illegal hostels are shut down. Government, fire and tourist industry chiefs came to a legal backpacker operation One of the problems - the fire brigade doesn't have the power of automatic entry into residential properties. That's likely to change when the Government receives the advisory group report by the end of the year. Paul Mullins, Ten News. The bosses of major retail companies could face jail if a truck driver dies racing to meet a deadline. Tough new laws holding big business responsible take effect from March next year. The changes will deliver the nation's toughest laws to stop truck drivers staying on the road too long or speeding. Many drivers have consistently complained tight schedules are forced on them by companies wanting their goods delivered quickly. So now the responsibility if there is an accident can be shared. to announce the crackdown. If you get caught operating an illegal backpacker operation you're going to get stung. The warning? A Childers-like disaster is very possible here unless the 100 estimated illegals are removed. Overcrowded rooms, no smoke alarms, no exits, no fire extinguishers. and if a fire broke out in a premises like that people wouldn't escape. Heading the Government's advisory group, former South Sydney mayor Vic Smith, who controlled the council during the tragic Kings Cross backpacker fire of 1989. And we want to get rid of the shonky operators once and for all. Backpackers are worth $800 million a year to the NSW economy. Illegal operators cost governments millions in lost taxes. Among the issues to be considered: The Government's advisory group will be targeting illegal operators here at Kings Cross and other parts of Sydney's eastern suburbs.

Make sure that the deadlines that they are setting aren't unreasonable, and that it takes into account the risk of harm from fatigue. From March, a company could face a fine of up to $550,000 for a first offence, $825,000 for the second, and in the most extreme cases up to five years jail for directors. For retailers to wash their hands of a contract as soon as they sign a contract with a trucking company was wrong before and it's wrong now, and the law will take action in the future. Woolworths chief executive Roger Corbett rejected the arguments at a recent parliamentary hearing. He wasn't available to comment today. Some major retailers like Coles Myer already have fatigue management plans for contracted drivers. At face value they have nothing to worry about if a truckie drives excessive hours. We will see big companies that will be fined because of it unless they change their scheduling arrangements. That could mean slower delivery times but safer roads. Kevin Wilde, Ten News. Migrating humpback whales put on a spectacular show as they enjoyed the public holiday in Sydney today. Whale watchers on the True Blue Cruise boat witnessed this playful pod of whales swimming around Sydney Heads and over towards Manly beach. The large humpbacks travelled very fast, breaching several times. The whales are on their migration to their warmer breeding grounds in North Queensland. They're expected to be a regular sight around Sydney Harbour until the end of July. A check of the weather and Tim Bailey is up at Thredbo for the first weekend of the season. Did you get moisture in the form of snow? Mother Nature turned up but the snow didn't. We topped the State with rain, but the forecast for snow is promising tonight and tomorrow, 10 to 15mm of rain expected. Working wasn't going to

stop me having a barbecue. What about the good news with the rain? We had 68mm at Gunnedah. Good follow up rain tonight and tomorrow and it looks like the north-west their marathon Timor mission. And Australian peacekeepers wrap up rocking southern California. Next - the powerful tremors you again in around about 10. were three above average today. See you. Pollution levels up next . We office? I organised that one for you love a Monday without an get a lot of that. Skywatch - don't get a lot slopes and plains particularly will

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everything started to roll. everything started to rattle, Everything started to shake, All of a sudden, "Kaboom!" nearly 200km away. earthquake were felt in Los Angeles, The effects of the magnitude 5.6 the quake struck near Palm Springs. captured the moment A casino security camera by another earthquake. California has been jolted of a UN contingent. will remain as part of the Australian defence force 24 members of its security processes. for this country to take control Clearly, it's time young country that we see today. We see the vibrant and growing, has stabilised. the security situation but the Australians remain confident operating close by in West Timor, Indonesian backed militia are still of local troops. is now in the hands at Moleana The Australian run border base for a final farewell. as Australian forces prepare in East Timor today A symbolic handover about a network of informants. then came forward with revelations Ex-secret policeman Hao Fengjun in Australia. claiming China had 1,000 spies last month, Chen abandoned his Sydney post and the people around the world. from the people of Australia and assistance I have received overwhelming support of the Chinese Consulate, Since I walked out of the prison diplomat Chen Yonglin sent a message. The men are in hiding, but former have rallied in the city. seeking political asylum Supporters of two Chinese defectors Mignon Henne, Ten News. this year if you do the homework. You can actually be a winner ensure you do the ground work. a window of opportunity, But if you see that none of us can escape. Tax time - it's a headache Alive and well. Big brother is alive and well? you're going to get caught. so if you cheat, what you've put in your return and he matches it against from a whole variety of sources The problem is, he gets information has eyes in the back of his head. But watch out, the tax man These Tax Packs ready to be mailed. we have to do it all again. and come June 30, to half of that, income tax contributing over $200 billion in tax, Australians paid Last financial year, to be a private expense. but that's considered of their travel to and from work, they might be able claim the cost when they're an employee, People think they can claim, A key focus - car costs. work expenses under the spotlight. the tax man is also putting And affecting us all, and production workers. food processing healthcare professionals, teachers and academics, These are construction tradespeople, this year. scrutinising a number of professions the Australian Tax Office But he won't be alone - He could get nailed by the tax man. And this year, the pressure's on. It's very complicated. but a lot harder. and sorting through tax issues, vital is crucial getting his measurements right Ian Callahan says Operating his own building company, on a number of professions. the tax office has its sights set And this year of the year again - tax time. Well, it's almost that time We'll bring you pictures at 5:50. from Campbelltown towards Sydney. heavy. The M5 is bumper to bumper to go towards Pymble, it's very going nowhere. When traffic tries traffic moving in, three lanes pictures of the M3. You can see sight, very busy from Gosford. Live return on the M3. It's not a good watching the holiday Macquarieers home from it? Spot on. We're with a public holiday is coming helicopter. Vic, the only trouble Vic Lorusso on the Mix traffic Time to check on the traffic with This program is captioned live.

Ahead - the tourists who experienced much more isolation in the outback than they bargained for. Plus - the simple cordial that appears to conquer cancer. It's done me the world of good, and it's still doing me a world of good. And we'll check out some over the top designs Rakhal Ebeli, Ten News. in America this week. The technology will be showcased become so important. because biosecurity measures put ourselves on full alert if we have a potential problem, We're able to know in advance on our shores. in a response to any outbreak The tests will become the first step $430 million poultry industry. for Australia's could be disastrous Spread of the disease like other ducks and industry birds. in Australia and then pass to other birds could come in on the migratory birds There certainly is a chance that it here each year our biggest threat. The 40 million birds that migrate from three weeks. detection time of the virus The breakthrough tests reduce we can help contain the problem. and that means the sooner that a full alert the sooner we can go onto that there's a problem, The sooner we know Early intervention saves lives. overnight. which can detect avian influenza have developed a new technology Melbourne scientists After years of research, reach our shores. should the deadly bird flu virus the front line of Australia's defence Secured behind airtight doors - in record time. which can detect the deadly virus potentially-life saving tests They've developed in the fight against bird flu. by Australian scientists A major breakthrough for those left homeless. temporary accommodation The Red Cross is providing Lot of stuff gone. The garage - gone. Just gone. to survey the damage. Today, they returned 1,600 residents was injured. but amazingly, none of the town's 24 homes were destroyed in the US. after a tornado swept through a town A huge clean-up is under way of injuries. So far there are no reports in anticipation of further quakes. Several buildings were evacuated Everybody just froze. But nobody moved.

and wild expressions of style as Sydney's Hair Expo reaches full swing.

Here's another real Scratchies winner story. I actually bought a Kriss Kringle gift for a work colleague. And I gave her the Scratchies. I bought her 14 $1 Scratchies. I double-checked the ticket and there was no doubt about it. She'd won $50,000. So we just started screaming. It was great. You could win 50 grand with the new $1 ticket, Aladdin's Lamp. This program is captioned live. Time for another check of the weather. Tim Bailey, it was so good to see the rain on the weekend. And there's more on the way? Yes, there is. Good follow-up rain there's more on the way? Yes, there is. Good follow-up rain tonight and

tomorrow across inland NSW. The north-west slopes and plains in particular to get a good drink. Narrabri54mm, smiles a farmers' faces. This is truth on your television. We've been down at Thredbo for three days. It's the longest of long weekends, but Thredbo for three days. It's the longest of long weekends, but even though we're working on the television, we're having a barbecue. Tomorrow - tops of 21 degrees after an early shower. Here at Thredbo we top scored with the rain. We'll bring the weather photos later and a few bad outfits. A group of missing overseas tourists has been found safe and well in one of the most remote and rugged parts of north Western Australia. A massive air and ground search for the nine women and two men was launched yesterday after the group failed to return from a day trip to the popular Karijini National Park. Earlier, one of the original group of 16 was escorted to safety by three companions after he suffered minor injuries in a fall. The rest of the party walked out of the remote area late this morning and were taken to the mining town of Tom Price for medical checks. An Australian winemaker has created a ginger cordial that's killing prostate cancer cells. Scientists are baffled by the discovery that's made from everyday grocery items. It's called Ginger Punch, a cordial concoction that could revolutionise prostate cancer research. Yeah, it's been like a dream come true. Brisbane winemaker Greg Jardine spent 2.5 years refining his product before sending it to the prostate cancer research group at the University of Sydney. They were open-minded, albeit a little sceptical when he told them the cordial could kill cancer cells. I think our knowledge should be evidence-based, not belief-based, so I said "Yeah, we will do the testing for you." Sure enough, the ginger punch delivered a knockout blow - a 100% kill rate on all three types of prostate cancer cells. Dr Dong was so shocked, he repeated the test twice. Only then did he really believe that it works. But why? That I don't know, and even now we still don't know why these products actually kill cancer cells. The cordial's creator says the answer is a perfect blend of all-natural ingredients available from any supermarket. The Asian ones like ginger, tumeric, also green tea, are anti-inflammatory are anti-inflammatory and we think they make the cancer cells vulnerable and then we turn a self-destruction gene on with the other antioxidants. So far, the ginger punch has only killed cancer cells here in the laboratory. The next step is to test it on animals, and then human trials. Those studies will determine whether the cordial can be used as a genuine treatment. But prostate cancer survivors like 94-year-old Henry Pierce are already on board. It's done me a world of good and it's still doing me a world of good. For more information, go to Dan Nolan, Ten News. Looking for a new do? Well, feast your eyes on this - the very latest in hair design and technology from the annual Hair Expo. Don't bother turning up to Hair Expo sporting a short back and sides - no-one will be interested. Instead it's all about the weird and the wonderful. You just keep poking things in it until it hurts and until you can't get through doors any more. Travel's becomes an issue, cars are very difficult. Now in its 29th year, the Expo gives some of Australia's 45,000 hairdressers the chance to make messes of some tresses. All you need to do is apply it on the hair and make sure you don't let go until it's dry. And then it's done. You can give people some shade if it's bright outside. That's right, umbrellas. (Laughs) No, it's good. A mixture of locks and frocks at a very avant garde fashion parade, where it was sometimes tricky to concentrate on the hair. And a machine that should make apprentices afraid, very afraid - a robotic hair washer. It's all about saving time. Time is money, as you know, and I think it also doesn't damage the hair. Felt a little bit like going through a car wash. But it's not all about the new and unusual. Some classic styles also get a workover. This one's called the Bronwyn. Tonight, the crowning glory of the 3-day tress-fest - the announcement of Australian Hairdresser of the Year, last year's winner giving her tips. People do say I'm a bit obsessed by hair, so I think the obsession's always very good. Angela Bishop, Ten News. Sport with Tim Webster and will Mark Gasnier make it to Origin? Jess, we'll check his progress shortly. Also - the Maroons marooned in Parramatta and didn't they know it. And - on the wild slide in Spain. Want long lasting control of heartburn and indigestion? Unlike antacids, which only provide short term relief, Zantac Extra Strength can control excess stomach acid for up to 24 hours with one tablet. Zantac Extra Strength. Long lasting relief. This program is captioned live. Blues origin centre Mark Gasnier remains in doubt tonight for Wednesday's Origin II showdown. Gasnier could only run lightly at training this afternoon and didn't participate in any ball work with the team. Rob Canning joins us from Maroons training at Parramatta Stadium, and, Rob, the Queenslanders were welcomed with an old fashioned tongue-lashing at Parra today? They copped a verbal baragge on the streets of Parramatta today. They have just completed a closed training session. A big question remains - will Mark Gasnier play? It's a race against time and tomorrow he will have to prove he can do more than just tomorrow he will have to prove he can do more than just jog. An injured left groin hampering his preparation. He was here for game 1 and knows the players and the plan. It's a matter of getting fit and ready to go. It's not like he won't know what's going on. Leading 1-0 know what's going on. Leading 1-0 in the series, Queensland arrived to a chilly welcome. in the series, Queensland arrived to a chilly welcome. Go home! Public enemy number one, Carl Webb, the second rower on the receiving end of a hate campaign. Everyone has someone to hate. Now it's Carl. Someone has to take the role on. Despite Queensland's uninterrupted precisions, we enter the match as precisions, we enter the match as underdogs because they have never won at Telstra Stadium. We're trying to forget the poor record and focus on the job in front of us. It's in the back of your mind and you don't think about it too much. It definitely is nice having the crowd cheer for you rather than them. Craig Wing there. Ashley Harrison has joined up with the Maroons, their 18th man. We'll have more in Sports Tonight. Scans tomorrow will confirm the worst for Dragons playmaker Matthew Head. His season almost certainly over after he tore the cruciate ligament in his right knee in yesterday's win over the Cowboys. But Matthew is clinging to hope of a miracle. Outwardly, Matthew Head was upbeat, but the facade didn't last when he spoke of his season-ending injury. It's one of those things where I go through patches. I'm pretty shattered. When I'm around the boys, I get a bit happier. See, tomorrow, hopefully, scans will come up alright and we'll go from there. Head has no trouble recalling the moment that cruelled his season. One of those things, I just put a bomb up, sort of got taken out when I was in the air. I don't know if I landed on it funny or whatever. I told the physio and then, two minutes later, when I tried to walk on it, it buckled underneath me. Last year's NSW State of Origin full-back Ben Hornby has been called in to fill the breach. It's a little bit strange, obviously. I'm pretty comfortable there, I've played a little bit of half and five-eighth throughout my career. I've definitely got a little more experience, a lot more understanding of how to play the role. After a terrible start to the season, the Dragons have won seven of their last eight and now sit in seventh spot. While the Dragons continue to march up the table with their winning run, neighbours, the Sharks, are on the slide. They have lost three in a row - and it could become four. They'll face the Roosters without prop Jason Stevens, who's facing his second suspension of the season. Just back from a week out for knee lifting, he's been charged for a dangerous throw against the Wests Tigers. He's just probably going through a bad patch when you're in the wrong place at the wrong time. I've talked to him about his wedgie scenario. That wasn't a major drama with the NRL. You've got rules to play with, you've got to abide by those rules. Stevens is the only player to be charged. Tony Peters, Ten News. Melbourne have cemented second spot on the AFL ladder after they belted Collingwood by 45 points at the MCG this afternoon. Trailing at halftime, the Demons blew the game apart in the third quarter. Adem Yze contributed five goals in an electrifying display up forward. COMMENTATOR: Chance for Yze. He's sharp - he kicks another one! The win came at a cost, though - skipper David Neitz fractured a cheek bone in a head clash with Magpie Tarkyn Lockyer. The Sydney Swans are looking for a top-four spot after yesterdays 38-point win over Fremantle. Today, the Swans were in the swimming pool to help recover from the match and will have this weekend off before taking on Collingwood at Telstra Stadium in 2 weeks time. Paul Williams was one of the Swans' best in his first game back since breaking his collar bone in Round 4. We look like we're going to have a lot of healthy guys to cover the second half of the year, which we didn't have in the first half, so it's definitely gonna look good for us. Sydney have now won five of their last six matches and are consolidated in the top eight in sixth spot. McLaren's Kimi Raikkonen has fired up the fight for the Formula One drivers championship after winning the Canadian Grand Prix. Aussie Mark Webber was in the points again after finishing fifth. Looking to continue their great start to the Formula One season, the Renaults flew off the second row of the grid. COMMENTATOR: But look at those two Renaults. Fisichella into the first corner. Australian Mark Webber having trouble with his brakes. But his worries were nothing compared to Renaults' - Giancarlo Fisichella retiring on lap 33 and championship leader Fernando Alonso out just six laps later. Honda's woes continuing as well with fastest qualifier Jenson Button crashing out. His retirement bringing out the safety car and ultimately ending the race of Juan Pablo Montoya, who exited the pits on a red light. Team-mate Kimi Raikkonen taking out his third GP of the year to close within 22 points of Alonso. He wins the Canadian Grand Prix of 2005. Ferrari's Schumacher and Barrichello taking second and third, and Felipe Massa forcing Mark Webber into fifth in a race to the line. In Spain, Valentino Rossi has once again saved his best for last with another dramatic win in the Spanish MotoGP. Is he gonna go to the lead? Yes. Three laps to go. Rossi's win extends his lead at the top of the championship. Aussie Troy Bayliss finished eighth on his Honda. Neil Cordy, Ten News. A strong lead-up to next week's US Open golf for Australian Adam Scott. He's finished with a share of second place at the Booz Allen Classic. Fellow Aussie Steve Elkington also in the running early in the closing round, almost holing this before a double bogey ended his charge. Adam Scott copping some bad luck at the 17th. A bogey after his approach shot bounced off the edge of the green, through the sand and into the water. Spaniard Sergio Garcia making the most of some putting tips from his Australian rival. I offered my advice to him and gave him a practice drill, just something different to do and lo and behold, all I see him doing today in front of me is picking the ball out of the hole. Garcia shooting a 6-under 65 for a 2-shot win. And more golf history for super Swede Annika Sorenstam - she's become the first player to win the same major in three consecutive years. Her only serious challenger at the LPGA Championship was 15-year-old amateur Michelle Wie, who finished three shots back. Annika's ninth career major. She's also the first woman in almost 20 years to win the first two majors of a season. Karrie Webb the best-placed Australian, 11 shots back. That's it for now. Later on Sports Tonight with Ryan Phelan, Ricky Ponting chats about the Ashes tour, Jess. Vak to Vic Lorusso on the Mix traffic helicopter. It's very busy? Yes, we're over Campbelltown looking at the M5. We have light rainfalling over the south-west, making conditions breezey for holiday Macquarieers returning to Sydney. It's very heavy holiday Macquarieers returning to Sydney. It's very heavy on the M5 toward Liverpool. It's slowed down and again for traffic going towards the airport. The M3 and M6 are also busy. Double demerits until midnight tonight. Tim Bailey explains when you'll need your trusty umbrella over the next 24 hours. Then - to the Batmobile. One of the world's most famous cars like you've never seen it before.

DRIVER: What happens to me now? You'll be taken to the police station, you'll be interviewed and you may be charged with some serious criminal offences. MAN ON RADIO: One critical. Driver of the second vehicle out of the car. SONG: # How will you feel when it happens # When a Lotto win finds you? # 'Cause it's the big red ball that makes dreams come true... # (Both laugh) # The big red ball # That makes dreams come true. # SONG: # You better step back and see the mess that you left # Won't you tell it to somebody who cares? # You better step back and see the mess that you left # Won't you tell it to somebody who cares? # I'm stumbling all the way # 'Cause it's not such a beautiful... # HEARTBEAT THUDS LIQUID SPATTERS ON GROUND This program is captioned live. Let's go to Thredbo. Tim Bailey, I'm not an expert, but if those have been on the hot plate for an hour, they're done. They're alright. We've cooked about a hundred. It's meant to be a long We've cooked about a hundred. It's meant to be a long weekend but we're working. That's the first time the general manager of Thredbo has ever worked. You don't see that very often. Congratulate legislations, four days of television live out of here. We've done it. Big round of applause for all the rain that fell across inland NSW. Three cheers for the inland NSW. Three cheers for the farmers that still need more. Narrabri54mm, Thredbo got around 79m Narrabri54mm, Thredbo got around 79 rain. Gale force winds tonight across inland NSW, snow falls, 10mm in the next 24 hours. Good follow in the next 24 hours. Good follow up rainfall for inland NSW, particularly the north-west slopes and plains. We had a big night last night raising money for the early chied hood centre here at Thredbo. $ 2 we had a big night last night and all the nights before that. Your weather and all the nights before that. Your weather photograph is exactly what we have up next. If you have one, send it to us at Satellite - cloud is spreading across southern Queensland and NSW along a jet stream bringing rain to many areas. The map for tomorrow, a trough and front many areas. The map for tomorrow, a trough and front will cause widespread rain across southern Queensland and northern NSW. Rain will clear from south-east NSW and Victoria. Predicted precipitation - rain and storms for northern and eastern NSW! It will clear from the south, but there will be more coming. A trough on Wednesday will weaken causing rain over Queensland. A deep low and Queensland. A deep low and associated cold front will maintain strong winds and showers in Victoria, Tasmania and SA. Tonight's the night for inland NSW, follow up rain on the way for the north-west slopes and plains . Lips struggle to work as we do it. That's it, live from Thredbo.

Another long weekend out of the way. This kid has had more spit on him than any other child in history. I'm sorry. See you tomorrow night. Thank you. The stars of the latest Batman movie have descended on London for its European premiere. A huge crowd turned out well before the screening to cheer the movie heroes, some of whom arrived in style. But it seemed most eyes were on Batman's new star, 26-year-old Katie Holmes, just as renowned as the latest love of actor Tom Cruise. I miss him. I miss him. Yes, he's the most amazing man in the whole world. However, the new Batman star, 31-year-old Christian Bale, was rather self-effacing about the adulation. They're here shouting for Batman. They ain't shouting for me. 'Batman Begins' opens in Australian cinemas on Thursday. That's the 5:00 News. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Jessica Rowe. Sandra Sully will have the Late News at 10:40. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.