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(generated from captions) has felt the deaths deeply. The local Wyong community Their poor parents. It makes you want to cry. sifting for more evidence. Detectives returned today too, but we've seen in the last two weeks are dealing with grief, While counsellors there over the deaths. they're also dealing with anger

We're expecting anger from the

xuent. We're saying it's not time

for anger or blame. Detectives

returned today sifting for more

evidence and police will interview

sitting the of these events, The whole of the circumstances the man meant to be baby

children. The whole of the circumstances around this event

need to be looked at. There are

criminalnal sanctions for neglect

issues. But it's far too early now.

Autopsias have been carried out on t

children. Donations and offers of

help have begun pouring in pour the

mother. The phone's been ringing

quite a lot and people have been

wanting to help. The Wyong

neighbourhood centre will be the

central point for collecting cash, clothing and food.

our politicians into action. The Wyong tragedy has pushed compulsory smoke detectors The Carr Government has finally put back on the agenda interstate. six years after they became mandatory re-focused public attention The Wyong tragedy has in all homes. on the need for smoke detectors is moving closer to taking action. And finally, the State Government making it mandatory We're seriously looking at in all residences in the State. to have smoke alarms it's only compulsory for new homes At the moment,

major renovations. and those undergoing mandatory in Victoria for six years? So why the delay, when it's been some cost implications. There are obviously The cost of a life? in the smoke detector take-up rate. Figures show NSW trailing badly a staggering 99%, In SA, installations have hit and just 73% in NSW. 95% in Victoria is planning talks The State Government with the insurance industry, home-owners to install smoke alarms. aimed at putting pressure on But an industry spokesman said to make detectors compulsory any decision from the Government. would have to come with the necessary legislation And there'll be no problems from the Opposition. with the Government. The Opposition wants to work fast-tracking legislation. We are prepared to support smoke detectors save lives. Both sides of politics agree

Paul Mullins, Ten News. separate terrorism offences Two Sydney men accused of

have been committed to stand trial. an architect The most serious charge is against to bomb the electricity grid. who allegedly plotted The Federal Government alleges attack on Australian soil, Faheem Lodhi was planning a terrorist he was the Australian connection the prosecution claiming Willie Brigitte. for French terror suspect The Pakistani-born Australian citizen in preparation for a terror attack. is charged with doing acts

mobile phone accounts in false names Lodhi allegedly opened for himself and Brigitte a map of the electricity grid - and allegedly purchased

to preparing to stage an attack. actions the Crown claims amounted the Sydney architect There were claims organisation Laskar-e-Toiba, had trained with the terror a range of military weapons. learning to fire going on the attack Lawyers for Lodhi today in the Sydney 'Daily Telegraph'. over this headline they said, It was contemptuous and prejudicial, to investigate calling for authorities should face charges. whether the newspaper and its editor a case to answer in a higher court. The magistrate ruling Lodhi had a trial by jury, Mr Lodhi will now face baggage handler Belal Khazal as will former airport on terrorism charges. who has also been committed for trial

making or collecting documents Khazal faces one count of knowingly in preparation for terrorism, the prosecution claims he collated. a reference to a terror manual Mr Khazal's lawyers say downloaded from the Internet. it was only information of inciting terrorism. He's yet to face a further charge John Hill, Ten News. could soon be headed home. Australian terror suspect David Hicks Donald Rumsfeld says US Defence Secretary might be closed, the Guantanamo Bay detention centre to their home countries. with prisoners repatriated by David Hick's father. The comments greeted with caution this opportunity, If the Australian Government grabbed the Americans would release him. I think coming from Rumsfeld. It was a surprise

that said He was one of the gentlemen

because they are all dangerous. we've got to keep them all here not ruled out shutting the facility. President George Bush has also

An Australian has been sentenced

to death for drug trafficking in

Vietnam. He was charged for

conspiring to smuggle heroin into

Australia. The Australian

Government will make very strong

pleas to the veet in a mees

government that the death penalty

not be occurred out. We've done

this with other Australian

nationals who have faced the death

sentence. Our justice Minister

there. Members of the so called Bali Nine that changed their lives have been forced to relive the day in a dramatic re-enactment taking part of the hours before their arrests. In the same clothes as the night of their arrests, and carrying the same bags five of the Bali Nine where their lives changed forever. returned to the place

their holding cells Taken by police from to Bali's international airport, spent 3.5 hours the suspected drug smugglers leading up to their arrests, re-enacting the events clearly marked and shamed, hanging from their necks. with oversized 'suspect' signs It was the first time in weeks Scott Rush and Michael Czugaj Renae Lawrence, Martin Stephens, Andrew Chan face to face. had seen their alleged ringleader the drug mules, Facing death by firing squad, strapped to their bodies, with over 8kg of mock heroin retraced their steps for police, their trafficking trial. in preparation for Renae Lawrence almost looked relaxed, At times, sharing a laugh with co-accused Martin Stephens, as they re-enacted their fateful taxi journey to the airport on March 17. The stress of the situation clearly taking its toll on the others. The accused were then taken back to police headquarters where they are being held. Re-enactments are common practice in Indonesia. Local police are determined to have everything in place in the wake of the Corby trial. Evidence briefs are now expected to go to prosecutors. Kathryn Robinson, Ten News. The chances of tax cuts being delivered on time next month have been boosted. The Australian Democrats giving taxpayers new hope of a take home pay rise from July 1. As far as the Prime Minister is concerned, getting the tax cuts through in time is child's play. It's as simple as ABC -

the opposition parties should get out of the way

and let Australians have their tax cuts

on time, in full, without delay. Signs today the Democrats might oblige the Prime Minister - not by supporting the tax cut legislation itself but by voting with the Government to protect the new PAYE tax schedules from being disallowed in the Senate. No-one is proposing that these regulations be disallowed, including ourselves. The Democrats still think the tax cuts are unfair but it's unlikely they'll want to take the political heat for delaying them. I think it is unlikely to be very effective, myself. The Treasurer joining in to increase the pressure on Labor. Mr Beazley thinks people should get nothing on July 1. That is his policy. Why, Peter, are you prepared to give only $6 to the people who support you while you take $65 for yourself? It doesn't really matter whether the tax cut legislation passes before July 1 or after July 1, when the Government takes control of the Senate. What matters is that the schedules which tell employers how much tax to deduct are in place on July 1. No schedule - no immediate tax cut. The Treasurer wants a deal with the Democrats in writing, in a bid to make Labor's opposition irrelevant.

The Labor Party cannot defeat tax cuts for every Australian. They can only delay tax cuts for every Australian. Greg Turnbull, Ten News. More trouble for Russell Crowe, the New York Police now investigating claims he was given special celebrity treatment to get him out of jail. Russell Crowe continued his promotional tour today, each time trying to explain his violent outburst on Monday morning. I haven't been a husband and a father for that long and I'm just only getting used to the abject loneliness of being on the road. But his best efforts to smooth things over don't seem to be working. His public apologies to alleged victim Nestor Estrada have been ignored. Now one NYPD officer's job may be on the line after Crowe suggested he helped provide special treatment. Look, I've got some friends in this town because I've been coming in and out of New York for quite a long time. People like Tommy Cronin from NYPD made a few calls and, you know, just simplified things, you know? Where most people wait 17 hours after their arrest to be taken to court,

Crowe was transferred after just seven. When I arrived at the New York court to cover Russell Crowe's appearance on Monday, clerks told me, like all prisoners, he would have to wait another few hours before he could be seen by a judge. But the megarich celebrity was dealt with and released just five minutes later. Very fast arraignment. Usually everybody has to be arraigned within 24 hours but we've seen in the last two weeks celebrities running through the courthouse faster with a little bit of priority. Crowe will have another brush with New York's legal system in September which could result in a return to jail. Today he refused to say how he'll plead. I'm not necessarily thinking of those things at the moment. I'm just thinking of what I've got to keep on my mind, when I do interviews like this and talk about the movie. In New York, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. Tim Webster is looking ahead to sport and Andrew Johns prepares to save the Blues. Yes, Jess. But he's warning it won't be a one-man show. Johns has just come through his first training run with the NSW. But that session has produced another major injury concern. Those details a little later. And the English crowds flock to see the Aussie cricketers in a carnival start to the Ashes tour. Later, some big hitting from Hayden and Gilchrist. Also a little later - how the Socceroos conjured up a last-minute win in London.

Ron. Next - the tax crackdown that's hit the top end of town. Plus - proof it pays to choose painkillers carefully. More are now linked to heart disease. And the town where all eyes are on the heavens. Prayers answered as the storm clouds roll in. At least a third have experienced, or are experiencing, dental sensitivity. Drinking a cold drink, fizzy drinks and acid foods will stimulate the dentine of the tooth and they feel a painful response. It can eventually lead to gum disease or even tooth loss. When I recommend toothpaste to a patient, I recommend that they continue using that toothpaste specifically for at least several weeks to let the effect accumulate, and they get an increased benefit over time. The solution is so simple. This program is captioned live. Television legend Bert Newton is expected to be released from hospital on the weekend. Logie winner Rove McManus filled in for Bert on GMA this morning, as the 66-year-old continues to be treated for a virus. A big hello to Bert. I know your getting better. But I'm sure you're watching now, going "Don't you ruin this." But we are thinking of you and I am sure that you will be better soon. Doctors at St Vincent's hospital say the star's in a satisfactory condition, but they want to monitor him for at least another night. A major crackdown tonight on tax evasion at the top end of town. The tax office says it's busted a fraud scheme worth $ 300 million and some big name arrests are expected to follow. Ten reporter Laurel Irving joins us now from Canberra. Laurel, where is the investigation at now?

Over the past few days the tax office, the Australian Crime

Commission and Federal police have

conducted a series of raids across

Australia, including at 15 premises

in NSW. They've netted a huge haul

of documents from the offices of

lawyers and solicitors. This was a

huge investigation involving up to

nearly 300 staff and in the words

of the justice Minister, it's a

massive tax evasion scheme and

massive tax evasion scheme and there will be arrests to follow.

There are 12 persons of interest

currently under investigation.

They're the promoters of the

scheme but also the people who have

been using them. According to the

justice minister, they are big

names. It's alleged they are high

wealth individuals. This is the big

end of town we've targeted and it

sends a very clear message that all

people in Australia are subject to

paying tax. Talking about very

large sums of money. Have you been

able to determine what sort of

scheme it is? It's been described

as a highly sophisticated scheme

involving money laundering and

false documents. The money is sent

off shore and brought back

disguised. It's a scheme the tax

industry says has been around for a

few years and the tax office has

been issuing warnings about it

over the past 12 months. It's

highly criminal activity and the

penalties range from 10 to 20 jeers in jail. Laurel, thank you. Ten reporter Laurel Irving in Canberra. Doctors want smokers to be treated like drug addicts to break their dependence on nicotine. The College of Physicians says heavy smokers could use old-fashioned chewing tobacco to help them quit, even though it was banned over 10 years ago. It's a bit like patches in that you don't get a hit straight into the brain. It's not available at the moment in Australia. We just want that to be looked at as part of a wide range of possible nicotine replacements. Doctors are also calling on the State Government to start subsidising nicotine replacement therapies to make them cheaper than smoking. A warning tonight common painkillers could significantly increase the risk of heart attacks. Australia's drug watchdog is now reviewing some of the most popular anti-inflamatories. They're some of the most common painkillers we reach for, yet, according to a study in the British Medical Journal, they could be causing more problems than they solve.

The researchers looked at over 9,000 heart attack patients and found they were more likely to have taken these medications. Here's how the risk increased. With some, the risk was even greater than the drugs such as Vioxx, which was pulled from sale late last year over the same concerns.

But cardiologists are urging caution. The first thing is that patients shouldn't panic. It's an observational study rather than a randomised trial. Authorities warn, while this study is of concern, it didn't look at what other factors might have led to the heart attacks, such as smoking or obesity. The Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia this afternoon issued a statement confirming all these drugs are now under review, due to increasing evidence of a link with cardiovascular disease. The TGA says these medications should certainly be taken for the shortest possible time, but warns patients not to stop taking them without first seeking medical advice.

There shouldn't be panic for the normal population, but I think in the elderly, the patients with existing heart problems, people with asthma and diabetes

have to use these medications with care.

Jacinta Hocking, Ten News.

Time for a weather check. Frosty

the snow man on your television. I

don't expect him to talk for the

next 60 seconds. The good news -

rain is falling across NSW, the

rain band is moving east. Already

good falls in the south-west. Lake

Victoria had good falls. As I said,

the rain band moves east. Most areas

the rain band moves east. Most areas of the State expecting

between 10mm and 20mm in the next

24 hours. The bad news for the

Sydney region is the dam levels are

unlikely to rise. We'll bring the

dam levels in my next cross. Blue

sky today - the way a long weekend

should start. It has started, folks.

Rain on the way tomorrow, medium

levels of pollution across the

Sydney basin today. Showers

tomorrow, rain Sunday. Tops of 20. Next - an astonishing story of survival after a train's fiery crash. And radio's big name joins a Sydney station with no name SONG: # How will you feel when it happens # When a Lotto win finds you? # 'Cause it's the big red ball... # Welcome to the Bahamas! # That makes dreams come true... # Whoo! (Laughs) # The big red ball # That makes dreams come true. # I get a nasty feeling when I have something that's hot or cold. I was hesitant to bite into the ice-cream because I knew that it was going to hurt. Just a really sharp, nasty sensation. I went to the supermarket and I found Sensodyne. Within sort of a week or so, I wasn't having to hold back anymore. Once you've been using Sensodyne for a while, your teeth are no longer sensitive. I just want to enjoy my life. I want to be able to just drink my coffee and not wait till it's stone-cold. Life's too short to go without ice-cream!

This program is captioned live.

Time to check on the traffic with

Vic Lorusso on the Mix traffic

helicopter. As everyone runs for

the hills tonight, any problems?

It's not the best way to start off

for the long weekend on the M4.

There's been a nasty accident at

Homebush Bay in the westbound lanes.

If your driving to the mountains,

this accident is causing major

traffic delays. Has the M4 there in

peak hour, back past Strathfield

into Concord and affecting the

traffic on Parramatta Road. The M5,

we'll look at it later. The rogue Queensland surgeon dubbed 'Doctor Death' is now wanted for murder. The commissioner heading the inquiry into the hospital scandal that claimed nearly 90 lives says the Indian-born fugitive should be charged with murder, neglect and fraud. Just weeks after he started investigating

the trail of death and misery left by Dr Jayant Patel in Bundaberg, an interim report. Thank you very much, Commissioner. Cabinet immediately endorsing the 43-page report and its recommendations. Mr Morris finding the man dubbed 'Dr Death' should be extradited and charged with at least one death - murdering James Edward Phillips in 2003. Surgeons in Brisbane said it was too dangerous to operate on the cancer sufferer. That didn't stop Dr Patel performing the complex surgery. The Government fully supports all recommendations and they will be implemented immediately. That includes charging Dr Patel with fraud and harming Marilyn Daisy, whose care was botched after an amputation. Under current laws the rogue surgeon could face 10 years jail. The Commissioner goes further, blasting the current medical Practitioners Registration Act

as scandalous. Then belatedly, the Government that initially rejected call after call for a health inquiry pays tribute to the brave nurse whistle-blower

who exposed the scandal. Toni Hoffman is the hero here. If an interim report is so damning, the Government is braced for even worse in the final report in September. Cathy Border, Ten News. Michael Jackson has been taken to hospital for the fifth time since his trial started, The pop star is said to be in excrutiating back pain, exacerbated by the stress of waiting for a verdict. Uncertainty about his future is also taking a financial toll. Not only is he said to be having problems paying bills, but Jackson memoriabillia is also diving in value. A crystal glove once owned by the star but Jackson memoriabillia is also diving in value. A crystal glove once owned by the star had been listed on eBay for $3 million and is now on sale for just $400,000 and still no-one wants it. A radical user pay system is being proposed An explosive crash in France as a train ploughs into a truck packed with gas bottles. The truck broke down on a crossing and the driver fled just before the train struck. The butane and propane bottles kept exploding as firemen tamed the blaze. Ahead - radio's new mega-bucks morning star. Plus - she's never used one of these before, but she'll be needing it this weekend.

We'll check out where rain could be easing the heartache. And what a blast - the explosive space mission with a comet in its sights. Hi! Hey. You might want to be careful. We don't call these the 'flavour explosion' for nothing. Thanks, mate. It's awesome! Mmm! Argh! Domino's new Cheese Burst gives you an explosion of cheesy flavour in every bite of your favourite Domino's. Domino's! This program is captioned live. There's around $1 billion worth of rain sitting in the clouds above NSW tonight.

Farmers say if it falls tomorrow, as expected, they should be able to plant a winter crop that could provide big returns. The umbrella's never been wet and her gumboots haven't seen mud, but today 4-year-old Annabel Hamilton is excited. It's gonna rain. It's gonna rain. Her family's wheat farm at Narromine is bone dry, but today there's clouds coming in from the west the rain is on its way.

REPORTER: Have you ever seen rain on their farm here?

Not yet. Long time ago?

Yeah, long time ago. Tomorrow is D-Day. If the weather bureau is right, they should get 20mm. It doesn't sound like much, but it could be enough to plant a winter crop. Everyboy's talking about this rainfall event.

There's so much riding on this. It's just unbelievable how much is riding on this rainfall event. $800 million is what's sitting up in those clouds right now. That's what it'll be worth to drought-stricken farmers if they can all plant, grow and harvest a winter crop. And that's just at the farm gate. When you take on the flow-on effect, you're talking a couple of billion. Of course, they'll need follow-up rain to make those estimates a reality. There is a good chance of some follow-up rain as well, say about Tuesday and Wednesday. The farmers around here hope before this time tomorrow these paddocks are soaked. They hope to get enough rain to plant that winter crop. Hope seems to be the only thing that hasn't dried up just yet. In Narromine, Dan Nolan, Ten News.

Tim Bailey, what can you tell us

about the weekend rain? What a

great story. That little girl,

uncle Tim says some rain on the way.

The rain band has started in

western NSW. It's moving slowly

east, dropping around 10mm to 20mm

of rain in places like her farm and

it is coming. And following up rain

as well. As far as the Sydney basin

is concerned, we're not looking at

bries. It could be peter out by us.

Kaurpbt dam levels:

Let's just hope the rain sweeps

across NSW and keeps falling.

Back with the latest from the snow,

I'll see you at 5:55.

As motorists hit the car for the

long weekend, you don't have good

news? Oil prices jumped 3%

overnight so prices are quite high,

above US$55 a barrel. There are

concerns about a storm off the

coast of Mexico and what it might

do to disrupt oil supplies. Things

aren't good for motorists. The main

indicator up for the day, but how

was the market overall? The

Australian share market has been

good for investors this week. We've

had positive returns four out of

five days. Oil prices have driven

the energy sector and it has boomed

today, while the banks have been

weaker. A good week for investors

on the Aussie share market.

One of radio's biggest names has joined a station with no name. In a deal reported to be worth $750,000 a year for three years, Angela Catterns joins a stable of radio stars when she finishes up with 2BL next Friday to link with DMG Radio, the owner of the Nova network. She'll eventually host the breakfast program on the new station 95.3 FM. Rather than the offer, it's the opportunity. Very few people get the chance to launch a brand new radio station in Sydney. The launch is expected in about two months In the latest ratings, Catterns was second only to 2GB's Alan Jones. NASA is just weeks away from turning Hollywood science fiction into reality. A deep impact probe is on target to blast a hole in a comet

more than 133 million kilometres from Earth. All going to plan, it will hit on July 4, America's Independence Day. It's a bullet trying to hit a second bullet, with a third bullet in the right place at the right time. The mission will give scientists a rare look into the make-up of comets and, possibly, the building blocks of the universe. Tim Webster is back and another injury drama for the blues? Yes. Now Mark Gasnier is in doubt. We'll tell who filled in for him at training.

But Andrew Johns has stepped into camp ready to prove all the doubters wrong. And Hayden and Gilchrist enjoy a feast of runs in England's picnic atmosphere. This program is captioned live. Just when the Blues thought their Origin campaign was back on track with Andrew Johns arrival, there's another major injury concern. Centre Mark Gasnier now in doubt for Game II.

Mark Gasnier's groin problem has been kept a top secret, but with Penrith's Luke Lewis training in his place today, it's clear the Blues are braced for yet another withdrawal.

I think Gazz will be OK. We're

going to give him every opportunity up to But no such drama with Andrew Johns, recalled to the Origin arena, Wednesday. after just one game back from his broken jaw. When you watch it, you're always envious. You talk to past players and they always spark up this time of the year, so to be given another chance, it really feels like I'm starting all over again.

That's the feeling in my stomach. There are questions about the injury-plagued Johns' ability to play in League's fastest spectacle. A worrying statistic is his only finishing nine matches in two years. Couldn't care less if I'd only played one. I know I'm up to the task, I know I'm ready. I've played I don't know how many games of Origin footy. I know what the game's all about. I know I've done the hard work the last couple of months, I'm ready to go. Newcastle and Queensland coach Michael Hagan was initially relieved when Johns wasn't picked for NSW. Now he's changing the Maroons' match plans. I think he certainly adds a bit to their game. He's a tremendous player.

His passing and kicking game is better than anyone at this level. So he's in a pretty good football team by the same token. Johns is embarrassed by injured team-mate Trent Bart's suggestion he's the man to save the Blues. I feel it's not about me. I'm coming onto the side and I just want to contribute to the side. I don't want it to be about me and fairy tales or anything like that. I'm just here to do a job and win. Injured Craig Fitzgibbon trained for part of the session, but sat out the latter part. Tony Peters, Ten News. Predictions of a physical encounter in tomorrow's Rugby Test against Samoa look certain to be fulfilled. Telstra Stadium is set to shake when the Samoans take on the Wallabies

in the first Test of the season. The only place more dangerous than getting between the Samoan rugby team and their food is to be standing in front of them on the football field. The visitors set to continue their tradition of hard-hitting rugby against the Wallabies tomorrow. COMMENTATOR: He hit a brick wall. We've got to bring that game with us. It's part of who we are, it's just the way we're wired and designed. Former All Black and now Samoan coach Michael Jones, though, keen to add some sophistication.

But at the same time we have to be

very smart and we have to have a

lot of discipline and composureure

and be street wise. The Wallabies

will be without eight of their

front line players for tomorrow's

match but are confident they have

the depth to cover the losses. A

few players have dropped out of the

side but you replace that with guys

with Super 12 and enthusiasm. It's

positive for us. Chris Whittaker

relishing the opportunity to make

his first start in a Test in his

hometown. It will be a special

night for me. A late goal from Simon Colosimo has given the Socceroos a 1-0 win over rivals New Zealand in London. The Aussies peppered the goal in the opening half but could not break down the Kiwi defense. The All Whites producing their fair share of chances as well. Colosimo's goal coming with just five minutes left in the match. COMMENTATOR: Now Colosimo, lines it up - Colosimo! The Socceroos used the match as a warm-up for next week's Confederations Cup where they will play hosts Germany in the opening match. The Sydney Swans have fingers crossed midfielder Paul Williams will be fit to take on Fremantle at the SCG on Sunday. The dual best and fairest winner hasn't played since Round 4 he broke down with a calf injury just when his broken collarbone had healed. I don't want to say too much, given the last time I predicted he'd play, he did a calf. I will suggest he won't play - how's that sound? The Dockers axed two players for drinking booze while recovering from injury. Defender Graham Polak was to line-up on Barry Hall. These two guys really let the club down, but we think it'll strengthen the club. Michael Clarke has announced his arrival on English soil with a hat-trick in the traditional tour opener at Arundel Castle. Clarke took 3/36 against a Masters XI. Australia comfortably won the Twenty20 match by 8 wickets.

Around 4,000 fans turned out for their first look at the Aussies and the opposition isn't crowing quite so much now they've landed. Everyone's a superstar. They'll be difficult competition over Summer. Openers Adam Gilchrist and Matthew Hayden went close to reaching the target with a 131-run opening stand.

Hayden man of the match with a hard-hitting 79 off 46 balls. Marcos Ambrose has raced at some of the most famous tracks in the world, but nothing like Shanghai. The reigning V8 supercar series champion is blown away by the state of the art facility to be used for the first time this weekend. It's the most spectacular racetrack in the world. Shanghai International Circuit stands tall, even amongst champions like Marcos Ambrose. The circuit's big, the grandstand's big, the pit box is big. Just everything is just sized up. It's just like supersize me. Ambrose and team-mate Russell Ingall are ahead of the pack, first and second in the championship, and Ingall's anticipating an exciting debut race in China. There's going to be some corners here there's no way you can block. You know, you'll get in there

and there'll be just tons of opportunity for passing. And, mate, I reckon it's going to sort a few of the boys out. You can't help but be impressed at the enormity of this facility. The futuristic building behind me is the media centre that stands nine storeys above the ground. And this grandstand sits 40,000 people. One car that the Shanghainese will recognise is Rick Kelly's. Holden and General Motors are pushing the Buick brand in China and Kelly sees the benefit. The general public and the media over here have got a better understanding, I guess, of my car than other people, which has definitely helped us out, because it's a huge market over here and for us to have that advantage I think is fantastic. Local race officials need a hand in the dynamics of the V8 supercar, but other than that, everything is set to race. Leigh Diffey, Ten News. All the action from Shanghai is here on Ten from noon on Sunday.

I've almost had enough of this.

It's corrupt. You know, there's

drug-ridden. That's all I'm going to

say. The panel will reconnext

Thursday. To the tips and Michael Sullivan's selections for Randwick tomorrow. That's the day so far. Later on Sports Tonight with Bill Woods -

all the action from Wests Tigers versus the Sharks, plus Karrie Webb to become the third Aussie inducted into golf's Hall of Fame.

Back to Vic Lorusso on the Mix

traffic helicopter. How's the M5?

Not too good. There's been a major

accident on the M5 . Here's the

accident. It's occurred in the

northbound traffic lanes. This is

the citybound traffic we'll show

now. The southbound traffic goes

back past liver Poeppel onto the M5

and past the toll gates. If you're

travelling south, you need plenty of

time, to avoid the M5, go on other roads. Thank you.

What does it do? It never gets the

weather wrong. You cannot afford tonies. And Tim Bailey - there's no business like snow business.

This program is captioned live.

We're having a debate in the studio,

is it the uggometer or uggometer?

It's my invention. It's an amazing

invention. It never gets the

weather wrong. First off, proof the

snow season will be one out of the

box, look at this. Emma is in the

box. Come out. Look at this, a

fully grown woman hopping out of a

box. Quite incredible. Bendy EM,

box. Quite incredible. Bendy EM, round of applause. I love long

weekends at Thredbo. Good stuff,

girl. Shell be performing all over

Sydney in the next six months and

at Thredbo this weekend. Three days

off in a row, rain, glorious rain

sweeping across western NSW moving

east, between 10mm to 20mm in most

areas across the State. What does

it mean for the snow season? It

looks to be a scratchy snow season,

start to the season, but the

uggometer, let's go to it for the

entire snow season. You haven't

seen anything this cheezy in a long

time. How many ugg boots will the

snow season be? Eight out of 10. I

can't believe I got away with that.

My boss will probably have a ward

in my ear after this broadcast.

Snow on the peeks later tonight.

The second one will bring more

around Tuesday or Thursday. The

good news is the rainfall. Already

in the south-west of the State.

Lake Victoria had 30mm and the good

news is the entire State expecting

a drink over the next 48 hours and

there is good follow up rain

moving across as well, which will

be due Wednesday and Thursday. I

thought there would be fireworks,

but we miss it. No, here they are,

fireworks for the start of a long

weekend. I hope you're as excited

as I am. Look at that, beautiful,

costing us lots and lots of money.

Sat lielt - extensive cloud spreads

along a jet stream causing rain.

Tomorrow a low pressure trough will

generate rain over Queensland, NSW,

Victoria and Tasmania. There's good

news. Rainfall tomorrow -

widespread, 10mm to 20mm across

inland NSW. Sunday - a trough will

cause rain to contradict to the

interior. A good mate of mine, John

Laws, Timmy Webster's been filling

in for him. He's in hospital

tonight having a back operation.

He's feeling good and will be back

in a few weeks. We're with you, mate.

That's it from me. This is the

start of a long weekend and I'm

looking forward to every minute.

See you again from here on Monday

night. Thank you, Mr Bailey. Just a

reminder, double demerit points are

in force. Tha's the 5:00 News. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Jessica Rowe. Tim Webster will have the Late News after the movie. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.