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(generated from captions) someone else not as worth as much,

would he do it?

Let us know what you think. This week, the Federal Government announced a review of airport and aviation security and some would say not before time with a Sydney baggage handler arrested yesterday, as part of a drug-smuggling investigation. Security improvements will cost money for that? but exactly who should be paying for that? It's over to our Big Guns of Politics. Human Services Minister Joe Hockey and special guest, Shadow Environment Minister Anthony Albanese. Good morning. Air travellers are being told they'll have to pay.

Why do we need to be slugged twice?

The details haven't been outlined

but we believe in user-pace

But don't we pay already?

Yes, there are extensive security

arrangements put out at the airport

and the taxpayers already pay for

that but their may be additional

security measures that have been

outlined and at that point we will

be asking Australian travellers to pay

Jo, Sharon says she is flying to

New Zealand this morning and her

ticket cost $238 taxes cost $200.

Why are we still - yeah ...

How did she get that?

On top of the $200 because tall

airlines do it separately

But that includes the fuel charge

and a few other things and that is

the airlines. That is not us. The airlines ...

And the Olympic levy?

The Olympic levy - that was four years ago

What I want to know is we have What I want to know is we have a

budget surplus, we all pay taxes

for everything else, why don't we

dip into some of that?

You ran that campaign two years

ago, smashed me about the head. We

got rid of that.

We got Olympic, noise

Noise in Sydney and Albo would

appreciate that

It is a good tax

The noise levy is good

Let's not get into red herrings on

the one tax, thinks $286 worth of tax

This is a Government characterised

- it is the highest taxing

Government that we have ever had

and those taxes are unfair - it is

expert at putting on levies. That

is - what is it expert at?

State Labor governments are expert

too with tolls. But Jo thinks

ridiculous, why can't you pay for

it yourself?

As an individual ...

You dork, you know what I mean.

I pay when I travel on holidays. I

pay my taxes and charges associate wide flying

And you don't mind that?

That is part of the price of

paying. I think it is a legitimate

- where does it stop?

It is a legitimate case put forward by the tourism industry that there

are a lot of taxes and charges on

tourism. That is a legitimate


The detail is yet to be announced

by the deputy PM so let's see where it goes

So when it is we will have this conversation again

I'm certainly looking forward to

John Anderson next week who last

week in Parliament was standing up

saying it is all fixed, the

security issues, there are no

problems, we are on top of it and

in between the parliamentary weeks

we have had this big announcement -

this British guy brought in who has

never been to Australia who will

look at the security of our

airports. I'm looking forward to

his explanations

Why did we have to hire a bomb?

Heathrow is an example of a very,

very busy airport that is managed

in very difficult circumstances and

has got control of the security

issue. If there is anything we can

learn from the best practice in the

world we should learn it

Will we learn from the recommendations?

We don't know what they are. He is

not being brought out here as some

flippant response to the Labor

Party asking questions in Parliament

You had Mick Palmer and you put

him off

This guy has had a key role to play

in the security of British Air

ports, he is regarded as one of the

best in the the world. We want the

world's best practice

Why wouldn't you then accept every

recommendation he has put up if he

advertise world's best?

Some may not be conducive to Australian conditions

You are politiciseing it

You cannot upset the report before

you have seen the recommendations That is politics

No, no, no

That is the problem with politics

Hang on. You can write a report about anything you want

You are hiring the best in the the

world to make recommendations on

securities. You put it in front of

a bunch of politicians who have no

idea on airport security and they

say "I like that one but I don't

like that one". What would you know?

That is what we are paid for

No, you are paying the expert to do it

You are paying us to make decisions

and we are account able at the end of the day

We have hired a American to run

Telstra for $10 million. You cannot

tell me there is no-one in this

country who could have done this job?

I would love to have seen an

Australian to run Telstra We own half

The board goes through if proceed

receives finding the best person to

run the company into future and

they have found an American. It is

about getting the best person.

Remember when Westpac was in real

trouble and they brought Bob Ross

out - he turned them around. You

can always learn from outsiders, can't you?

Telstra is in that deep a trouble?

Telstra is in that deep a trouble?

No, it is a great Australian

company but I think they should be

going to the next level of global

opportunity and till communications

Let's to go the Chinese dip blow

mat or spy, he says he was a spy,

who wants asylum. The Government

seems to be turning their back on him. Anthony?

We are still waiting for a

briefing. We have had Kevin Rudd

who normally sits here has asked in

writeing three times the Foreign Minister to give the opposition a

briefing as to what the

circumstances are of Mr Chen and

that hasn't happened. Yesterday

then it was flick passed to the

Immigration Minister of Amanda

Vanstone and we still haven't had a

date or time set for that. We say

it has gone on for long enough.

There is a prime fairby case that

he is eligible for a protection

visa of an appropriate sort and

that should occur.

His case is being considered on its

merits full stop. He has made the

application for a protection visa.

We get over 3000 of those

applications each year. We don't

run into Kevin, albeit he is a

decent guy. We are not going to do

it in this case

Does it worry you when he says

they have 1000 spice here?

It is a significant allegation and

as Philip Ruddock said you would be

crazy if you didn't think that ASIO

would be investigating that

allegation but I can't comment on that

Can I ask you quickly, this

gentleman who claims he is from

India, been in detention, has now

been admitted to a psychiatric

hospital in South Australia. Is

this right - seven years?

Mel, I just don't know the

circumstances of the case.

The guy was in lock-up for seven

years and we can't work out where

he is from so now the poor man has

been admitted to a psychiatric Ward.

It is a difficult issue

Just say it is wrong, Jo

Where is the compassion?

Compassion kicks in hopefully at

the very begining. I don't know the

circumstances of the case. I can't

answer that. I would be foolish to try.

Anthony, are you embarrassed that

the Democrats are going to vote for

the tax thresholds even though they

are letting it go through?

That is not what they have said at

all. They have said they will vote

for a different tax system

No, they said they would vote them

through but pursue a fairer tax system

No, they haven't. They will vote

first on our proposition and they

will vote for a fairer tax

situation. We are arguing for 7

million Australians, then they have

said they will let the schedules

through Fantastic, courtesy of the

Democrats and not the Labor Party

Thank you for that. Still to come,

the young Aussie who conquered Everest. Find out how he did it at 7.50. You're watching Sunrise right across Australia.