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(generated from captions) as she realises her only sons, screaming in terror Lisa Forde, a mother of seven, too high to jump and nowhere to run. of a burning house - trapped on the balcony the youngest just 15 months, Three boys and a girl, end in agonising tragedy. A mother's birthday celebrations ran for their lives. Three other youngsters raced through a house at Wyong. The children died as flames on the Central Coast. in tragic circumstances But first - four young lives lost some pretty dumb things in my life. and I've done in my life, I've ever got myself in the most shameful situation This is possibly And Russell Crowe's apology. of helping smuggle a haul of cocaine. a baggage handler accused Also tonight - Good evening. and Jessica Rowe. Ten News with Ron Wilson to enjoy her first meal in months. that allowed a cancer patient And the treatment breakthrough under the Harbour Bridge. The bold plan to run a train tunnel that claimed four young lives. the Central Coast fire Tonight - Wyong's agony - This program is captioned live.

What's happening there now? Evan, a sad day for Wyong. joins us now from Wyong. And Ten News reporter Evan Batten the boys' mother, for extreme shock. for severe smoke inhalation, are still being treated The surviving children occurred. waiting to find out how the tragedy our tragic loss. We're still We are shocked and devastated by through police. has issued a public statement of one of the dead boys The traumatised father to gather evidence. allowing investigators the teetering structure, Firefighters have propped up has been reduced to a pile of ashes. Everything the family owned but a shell of a home left. There's nothing for clues. a very slow and delicate search For investigators it's going to be they found the four bodies upstairs. the blaze, When they finally extinguished by the intense heat. but were forced back Firemen tried to enter the house floor and top floor, heavy smoke. a fire that engulfed the ground arrived, they were confronted with When the firefighters first Firemen tried to enter the house or blanket over a bar heater. when a child placed a pillow One survivor says the fire started to police. Stu has provided a statement No, that's what I want to ask him. they would have been alive. if he was there Wherever Stuey was - looked after by another adult friend. They thought the children were being watching television. were at a friend's house Lisa Forde and her boyfriend only one year old. Imagine him. Standing there and one of them is faces. That's been: Just, you know. I can just imagine their little No help came. ones watched from the balcony. They screamed for help as the little 'cause she couldn't get off. She jumped off the balcony and they saw Alise. They came out there made it out, one breaking her arm. Alise, and another 12-year-old friend, her 12-year-old sister, Chantelle, 13-year-old Keira Ford, (Screams) have died in the flames. and family friend 7-year-old Madison and 15-month-old Harley 7-year-old Jethro, 2-year-old George

have fought hundreds of blazes Both city and rural brigades we've failed. we'd almost have to concede of the last few days, Given the incidents is simply not getting through. the safety message fire services shocked and dismayed It's a tragic toll that's left our fitted in their homes. still don't have smoke alarms a quarter of Australians Even after all the warnings, our laidback attitude. The latest statistics back up message isn't getting through. renewing fears the fire safety 12 people have died in 10 days, for house fires across the State - It's been a killer two weeks another fatal house fire. the street today in disbelief at seen residents walking up and down the community is in shock. We've what help they can offer. Generally rally around this family and see attend. Their reaction has been to that many of the children killed than at the local primary school the shock been more acutely felt tight-knit community. Nowhere has and he describes Wyong as a I spoke to the local mayor today community. How is everyone coping? devastating blow for such a of the investigation. It's a No doubt that will form a key part dedetectors installed in the house. the landlord to have smoke the landlord told us there was a campaign with them today and one of the residents They say there is no evidence of fire detectors nauld in the house. investigation is whether there were will form part of their One of the interesting points that question police are investigating. children. At this stage, that's a responsible for the deaths of these responsible if anyone is found Police are yet to determine who's whether any charges will be laid. that hasn't been answered is the interesting questions today scene for some time to come. One of because the house will be a crime outside of the house. That's have just put up a fence around the for evidence. You can see workmen me blocked off all day as they look Police today had this street behind We're just inside the crime scene.

like driers and heaters on, and have an evacuation plan. Do it today. Don't do it tomorrow, do it today. And that way we can ensure that when we wake up tomorrow morning, our families will be with us. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. It's being hailed as the biggest expansion to Sydney's rail network in more than 70 years - $8 billion to connect our fastest-growing suburbs to the CBD. When it's finished, commuters will ride to work through a tunnel beneath Sydney Harbour. Battling commuters would be happy if the trains just ran on time, but now the Government's planning a new rail line, connecting the city's north-west from Rouse Hill through the CBD and heading south-west towards Leppington. A new rail service to the north-west, the growth areas of the north-west and to the south-west and extra capacity for the CityRail network. But there's a catch - Rouse Hill residents don't leave appliances near the kitchen, have an extinguisher and fire blanket fit an alarm and check it regularly, The warning from both services - we can do it better. and see whether or not we're sending out now the sort of messages we have to critically re-examine What does have to occur is that awareness strategy for the State. to come up with an overall will meet the minister on Tuesday the commissioners of both services is the issue of fire safety, So critical now in the country. the second worst compliance haven't fitted a smoke alarm - in this State And a staggering 24% of people so it's easier to escape. 54% don't leave keys in deadlocks 65% don't have extinguishers. common causes of fires. even though it's one of the most on when they leave the home, think nothing of leaving appliances more than half of all Australians in the latest statistics - That shows up that it won't happen to me. and the old adage are complacent in fire safety, I think, really, people are missing. simple precautions like smoke alarms And, all too often, in the last month alone. will have to wait until 2017 before their trains arrive. They've seen Bob Carr promise to deliver the North West Rail Link four times - he hasn't delivered. The highlights include a tunnel beneath the harbour, connecting two new stations on the north side to the city with more stations at Martin Place and Park Street. The total cost - $8 billion to be spent over 15 years. It will be funded either directly from the Budget or from borrowings or from private partnership. The new line will follow existing tracks, but more will be built - 13km above ground and 25km of tunnel. Leppington is still mostly paddocks and markets gardens, but the Government's about to start acquiring land here, with construction of the railway due to start in 2009. And already for sale - a 2-hectare parcel of land right where StateRail wants to build a station. If Mr Carr would like to make us an offer, we'd be quite happy to hear what he has to say. The new railway right next door to some of Sydney's fastest-growing suburbs. John Hill, Ten News. A rare agreement tonight between the Federal and State Governments aimed at conserving our vital ground water. The $160 million plan follows the release of grim new figures on the drought crisis in NSW. The amount of water made available from rivers to farmers and irrigators will be reduced. But they'll be compensated to allow the installation of new water-saving technologies. To ensure that our ground water resources are used sustainably now and into the future. Farming practice will become more compatible with the nature of the Australian landscape and the Australian climate. The NSW Farmers Association has welcomed the water deal. And later we visit the driest town in NSW. The conditions in Tomingley so shocking, they've had water trucked in every day for the past 12 months. A Qantas baggage handler has faced court today accused of drug smuggling. He was allegedly involved in the movement of $60,000 worth of cocaine between two major cities. Qantas baggage handler Raymond Camilleri was released on bail this afternoon. He's accused of involvement in a plot to smuggle drugs between Melbourne and Sydney. Police intercepted a bag on a Qantas flight on February 17 this year. Inside - 243 grams of cocaine worth $60,000. The accused courier is Kyran Terry, who was refused bail. Phone taps between Terry include him claiming: Tiles being code for the cocaine. Earlier today a baggage handler within the quauts organisation was arrested and charged with being an accessory after the fact to that seizure of cocaine. According to the police version of events, the plan unravelled when police kept Terry's bag. Inside, the drugs were allegedly hidden in his boots. The baggage handler apparently tipped off Terry that the drug squad had his bag. Terry fled Sydney to Tweed Heads, on the Queensland border, straight after this and he was arrested on his return to Sydney. Supporters of Schapelle Corby will take a keen interest in this case. If it is proven it will support their claims that there is drug smuggling between our domestic airports and police at least in NSW have known about the practice since February. Magistrate Alan Moore refused bail for Terry, describing the case against him as "somewhat overwhelming". The matter returns to court next week. Canberra's emergency workers were stretched to the limit today with seven security incidents. Crews were first called to the British High Commission after the discovery of a suspicious package. Parcels containing powder were also found at four other embassies, including America's and Japan's, as well as Federal Parliament and the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. These offences have to be condemned at the highest level. They are nonsensical and we will be pursuing the offenders with vigour. Police won't say if there was any note with the packages. Russell Crowe has gone on American television and apologised for his violent outburst. He confronted the issue head-on and even got a few laughs. Forced back into the publicity ring, Russell Crowe beat David Letterman to the punchline. You may be wondering why I haven't called. LAUGHTER Speaking of that, let me just... Crowe could have abandoned his promotional tour. Instead he copped it on the chin today, publically eating humble pie. This is possibly the most shameful situation I've ever gotten myself in in my life, and I've done some pretty dumb things in my life. So to actually make a new number one is spectacularly stupid. Admitting seven hours in jail has taught him to control his temper. I had some experiences that I really do not wish to repeat ever in my life. He apologised to Nestor Estrada who suffered cuts and bruises after Crowe allegedly threw a phone at him and who's now suing for $2 million. I would understand that right at the moment, Nestor and his family are under a great deal of pressure so I'd like to apologise directly to them for that. Crowe thinks he's being targeted unfairly. When I react to something, it has a greater effect apparently because it's the gladiator getting pissed off. Explaining he was tired after flying to Manchester to see Kostya Tszyu and desperate to check in with his wife. I'm trying to fulfill my basic obligations to my wife who needs to know that I'm at home, in bed, I haven't had too much to drink and - primarily important - that I'm alone. Admitting he's brought shame on his wife and baby. Thankfully, he's not old enough to quite understand what's going on. Promotional commitments will keep Russell Crowe here in the US for at least another two weeks. Only then will he have the chance to return to Australia to see the wife and son he says he misses so much. Crowe is due back in court in September. The actor says he's scared he'll go to jail or lose his US work visa. In New York, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. Tim Webster is looking ahead to sport. And a shock new inclusion for the NSW Origin squad. Yes, Andrew Johns is in the side after a very dramatic turn of events in Dubbo. Trent Barrett was on a promotional trip with the Blues side. It was all going well until Trent strained a thigh muscle. All the reaction a little later. And Anthony Mundine proved he's anything but yesterday's man in the ring despite his world title defeat, but he still faces a career dilemma. And in sport, we'll tell you why there's one special person who could make that decision for him. Next - yet another shocking case of animal abuse. Plus - Patti Newton maintains a bedside vigil after Bert is taken ill. And inspiring stories of courage from the State's driest town. We'll get through it, there's no doubt about that. We don't give up easy.

This program is captioned live. More claims tonight schools are failing to act on bullying. A man convicted of an outrageous act of animal cruelty has been fined just one week's salary. He had confessed to brutally killing a 1-month-old kitten. Rata McGregor pleaded guilty to a charge of animal cruelty today, admitting that in March at his Monterey home he killed a kitten. He admitted that when the tabby sunk its claws into his hand, he threw it against a metal gate. But in Kogarah Court, his counsel argued the 45-year-old did not know he was committing an offence when he did it a second time to end the kitten's suffering. He, in his view, put it out of its misery. Unfortunately, the law says that the person doesn't have the right to put a cat or an animal out of its misery. He escaped a prison term, instead paying a penalty of just $600 and court costs. Animal welfare workers left devastated. I find it somewhat distressing. A lot of time and effort goes into it, and, you know, I'm yet to come across an animal that has deserved anything that it has received. The fact of the matter is they should view each circumstance as an individual case. My client clearly was injured by a cat and acted in reflex. While conceding the maximum penalty for animal cruelty is a 2-year jail term, magistrate Bernard Kennedy said he took into account Mr McGregor's financial situation. The $600 fine equivalent to one week's salary for the Menzies Aviation employee. The RSPCA is considering an appeal. Frank Coletta, Ten News. Schapelle Corby's outspoken new lawyer has written to the Prime Minister. He's confident he can win her release with John Howard's help. Even in a saga full of colourful characters, Schapelle Corby's new lawyer stands out. Covered in expensive jewellery, Hotman Paris Hutapea was signed on this week to boost her legal team as it prepares her appeal. And he says her chances are good. If we get all we need, there is a very good chance Corby will be home soon. What he needs is help from the Australian Government. He wants authorities to find key witnesses including two prisoners allegedly overheard discussing who planted the drugs in Corby's luggage. And Mr Hutapea wants to subpoena Customs officers on duty at Brisbane Airport the day Corby left last year. So he's written to the PM seeking urgent help. To bring somebody here is not a matter of the law any more, it's already a matter of Customs and Immigration. The Federal Government has already promised to do what it can to help in Schapelle Corby's appeal. The Justice Minister, Chris Ellison, will soon meet the Perth QC advising her legal team, where all outstanding issues will be discussed. As well, a group of Australian Federal MPs has met the Indonesian President Yudhoyono to discuss a prisoner exchange program between the two countries. That would allow Corby to serve her 20-year sentence in Australia. But the Indonesian Foreign Minister has made it plain Corby will receive no special treatment. As long as this agreement is not intended for one case or specific case like Ms Corby. Laurel Irving, Ten News. Bert Newton is set to take a well-earned break from the stage and screen after checking himself into hospital. The TV legend is in a satisfactory condition, being treated for a virus and anaemia. Like clockwork, Bert Newton this morning graced our screens for his daily two hours of television. A very happy Thursday morning to you. But the man himself was being treated in hospital, GMA pre-recorded to allow for the hectic schedule that possibly triggered his health scare. Bert Newton presented to St Vincent's Hospital in Sydney yesterday and he's in a satisfactory condition. Struck down by a virus, the star is also diagnosed with anaemia. His hospitalisation viewed only as a precaution. Concerned fans swamped the Channel Ten switchboard after false reports he'd suffered a stroke. Yes, he's fine, thank you. I'll pass that on. Bert plays a lead role in Sydney's season of 'The Producers', but the show is going on. His understudy, Tony Taylor, receiving a standing ovation after Bert finally gave him something to do. He was Mr 100%. He was the only performer, until yesterday, who had not missed a performance. With eight shows a week, the 66-year-old would jet to Melbourne on days off to record 'Good Morning Australia'. But his energy suffered a blow last month after the death of close friend Graham Kennedy. The friendship continues and the thoughts I have about the bloke continue. Bert is telling friends and family that he wants to get back on his feet as soon as possible. And while it's hard to keep a prolific worker like him down for long, he's been given time off from his entertainment commitments for as long as it takes for him to fully recover. Rove McManus will keep the GMA seat warm tomorrow, with others filling in if required. Bert is integral to TV. So I think when someone like Bert isn't there, people will go, "What's wrong? What's changing?" But Bert will be back, don't worry about that. Deborah Knight, Ten News. Don't worry about that. Guess what - it's snow season. Tim Bailey, the only thing missing is snow. Have a look, man-made stuff here. I love having a job where you can get away on a Thursday. Doing it live from Thredbo. We have that rain band moving through far western areas of the State tonight, 10mm to 15mm of rain in that. It will be right across all inland areas of NSW, just about everywhere except the north-west corner. The south-west and north-west slopes could get up to 40mm. That's the best news I've said in ages. Skywatch - can you believe it, the 10th day in a row of above average temperatures, 22 degrees, five above average. Medium pollution in some areas. Tomorrow, 22 degrees. Next - the treatment that's allowed a cancer patient to enjoy her first meal in months. And the desperate asylum seekers who decided to travel by taxi.

This program is captioned live. Let's check the traffic with Vic Lorusso on the Mix traffic helicopter. I know you have a trouble. When do the double demerits kick on? From midnight tonight. You need to take care. We have a major accident with loss of life here at Taren Point.

Completely blocked is the Captain Cook Bridge. Major traffic delays heading out, roads closed, traffic problems also leaving from Sydney airport. We'll give you alternate routes later. School children have been badly injured in a frightening bus crash this afternoon. The bus ploughed into a supermarket at Penshurst, striking a woman on the footpath. Four children in the bus were flung from their seats, including one girl who was taken by stretcher with a leg injury. An employee of a hardware store grabbed a crowbar and cracked open the rear passenger door to free the terrified children, A call from the heart for Australia to take in fugitive Chinese diplomat Chen Yonglin and his family. Parents at his young daughter's school are demanding the Prime Minister intervene. Parents at Sydney's Newtown North Public School met last night worried over the fate of one of the families in their community. No ordinary family - it's fugitive Chinese Diplomat Chen Yonglin, his wife and small daughter. We just can't imagine what's happened to her. She's 6 years old. Fang Rong is described as a popular, beautiful, bright and bubbly child. She was at school one day and then disappeared the next. This is tragic not only that this child is denied the right to come to this school and be here with her friends, but currently they're in hiding in this country. They're in hiding. The parents are writing to the PM urging the Government to put the family ahead of trade. He promises it will. It will be treated on its merits and it's not going to be influenced by the amount of iron ore or coal that we sell to China. And from the Foreign Minister in India an admission he's washed his hands of the case. We have clearly discouraged an application for political asylum. Not good enough according to the Greens - the Mr Chen is more vulnerable than most. This man is a highly placed diplomat who has left the service of a police state. Mr Chen is now waiting for the wheels to turn in the Immigration Department for a protection visa. Dithering, duck-shoving Downer has completely botched the handling of the Chen asylum case. And Australia's other Chinese official seeking asylum Hao Feng Jun was in Canberra today. He's upping the states with Supreme Court Action against the Foreign Minister's restriction on protests by the Falun Gong. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. A new treatment for advanced bowel cancer could help sufferers live longer. The treatment is an entirely new way of treating cancer - by starving the blood supply that keeps tumours alive. For sufferers of advanced bowel cancer, like Helen Frazer, life is a race against time. I have four children. I want to be around for them as long as possible. I'm going to be a grandmother for the first time in a couple of months. Until recently, Helen's tumour was so big it blocked her stomach, making it impossible to eat for two months. But combined with chemotherapy, a new drug, Avastin, has helped shrink her tumour. It interferes with the blood supply of tumours, thereby starving them of their nutrients and oxygen. This shows how. With its own blood supply, the tumour now grows rapidly. The tumour now has a network to spread to other organs. Until now, treatments like chemotherapy poisoned tumours. Avastin blocks what keeps them alive. As a result, the growth of blood vessels feeding the tumour is stopped. Trials have shown patients live 30% longer. Doctors are calling this new way of treating cancer the most significant advance in decades. Already, preliminary trials have shown it could potentially be used to treat breast, lung and kidney cancers, giving sufferers their best chance yet. Broadly speaking, the applicability of this concept could go across all cancers. Not yet listed on the PBS, Avastin costs $4,500 a month. But compassionate schemes are available and health funds are looking at cover. Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. A desperate bid by 13 Cubans to flee their country has failed. The US Coast Guard picked up this unlikely vessel just 32km off the Florida coast. The 1949 vintage taxicab turned makeshift boat braved the treacherous 140km journey to the US mainland. The family falling agonisingly short in their attempt at freedom. Relatives in Cuba have been saddened by the news. It's the latest in a string of attempts by Cubans to make the crossing. The frustration over DA approvals - how does your council stack up? That's next in Ten News. Also tonight - the men from Snowy River have had enough. We'll explain their beef with Government. And the shocking conditions of New South Wales' driest town. Well, we're actually standing in the bottom of the dam, and we ceased to pump here 12 months ago this June.

A new report has revealed that councils are spending more than $30 million of their $1.5 billion in annual rates revenue on legal expenses. The report card also shows which areas have forked out the most on rates Hunters Hill, Camden and Ku-ring-gai councils among the highest charging areas. While residents in the North Sydney, Sydney City and South Sydney council areas have paid the least. And there's a wait for development application approvals in some councils there are delays of more than 100 days. But that time is at least halved in the Burwood, Penrith and Randwick council areas. Hundreds of mountain cattlemen, angered by new grazing bans, took their protest to Melbourne's streets today. The mob was led by actor Tom Burlinson, star of the film ' The Man from Snowy River'. Actors and horsemen converged at State Parliament, furious with the Government outlawing cattle grazing in Victoria's Alpine National Park. Mountain cattlemen care for the high country - it's not just a motto, it's a fact! But other personalities and environmentalists supported the bans, claiming the area needs protection to gain world heritage listing. The Australian share market closed lower today. Donahue D'Souza at Commonwealth Securities, how did Telstra's share price react to news of the new CEO? We're still trying to get the right pronouncation of his name, but the uncertainty surrounding him has been removed. Interestingly enough, Telstra's share price dropped 7 cents after that announcement. The new CEO was thrown into the thick of things especially with the T3 float up and coming. Investors are expecting a lot from him, especially T2 investors. They're still $2.34 out of pocket. We've heard of the pub with no beer, but how about the town with no water? Only 5 hours west of Sydney, and it's getting drier by the day. In the tiny township, Tomingley, just west of Dubbo, the beer is always on tap, but the water is a bit unreliable. It's easier to get a glass of beer than a glass of water round here, yep. The town's dams ran dry a year ago, so all their water arrives by truck. Dave Bunning's tanker holds 30,000 litres. He fills it up the road at Narromine, then drives it down the Newell Highway to Tomingley almost every day. Without his delivery, the township couldn't exist. His business one of the few to prosper during this horrific drought. Well, these things always benefit some people, and not others. So I'm just lucky at the moment. REPORTER: But you'd still rather see it rain? I would. Most definitely. The warning signs at the dam are well out of date. All you'll find here is dried silt and dead yabbies. Bill Millgate has lived in Tomingley for all his 75 years. He was here the day they dug the dam. And I thought that I would never see the bottom of it again, or hoped that I would never see the bottom of it again. And you were wrong? And I was wrong. The sorry sight takes its toll, making hardened farmers choke back tears. It's very depressing and you've got to try to remain strong if you can. If you're a little bit stronger, try and help someone who maybe is not as strong. Those dams used to be fed from here, Gundong Creek. It hasn't flowed for nearly four years, and in a cruel twist of fate, the last big storms that got it going also ruined that season's wheat harvest. They're so sick of waiting for rain, they've now started digging and found a rare underground spring. More tests will reveal if it's the solution. But there's still hope Mother Nature will step in. If we got one big rain, five inches, I think that would get the creek running and fill the dam. The Weather Bureau says they might get some rain this weekend, but nowhere near enough. In Tomingley, Dan Nolan, Ten News. That is the big question - is this rain on the way? Yes, there is. A rain on the way? Yes, there is. A front will move into NSW late tonight. It looks like it will have 10ims to 20mm of rainfall in it. The good news is it looks like it will cover all of inland NSW. Everyone will get some rainfall over the next 48 hours bar the far nas corner. Some areas will do better than others, 80mm could be expected in south-west slopes and plains. Good news for the snowy mountains too. The stuff you see behind me is man-made. The real stuff looks like it will come down to 1,500 late on Sunday. Tomorrow in Sydney - 22 degrees, fine and sunny. Another 5 degrees above average. I'll see you later with the first snowballs of the season. Sport with Tim Webster, and more on the drama in Dubbo for the Blues. Yes, Trent Barrett's bad run with injuries has continued, and what a time for it to happen. Barret's reaction to Andrew Johns call-up shortly. Also - Braith Anasta the target of a $4 million bid. The reaction to that as well. And just how fast the V8 Supercar drivers went in this hot lap with a difference in Shanghai. and the choice of all-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive. This program is captioned live. More on those dramatic developments with the NSW Origin team we brought you earlier in our news. Andrew Johns has been rushed back for game two after Trent Barrett broke down at training. The thigh bones connected to Origin disappointment. An old thigh muscle injury flaring and causing mayhem. A little unexpected, but I've just got to get on with things now and make sure the leg is right. It's only a small thing, so hopefully I'll only miss a week or two. But his problem has allowed for the return of Andrew Johns and he has Bart's full backing. Any doubts people may have on him, I think he'll answer. As the NRL prepares to rescue Newcastle, Craig Harrigan is coming to terms with the club's woes. There has to be some form of change to the structure. It's tough to work with. That's a board level decision and something we can't talk about as of yet. In stark contrast, societies has a reported $6.5 million for Braith Anasta and Matt Orford. They deny any offer and Anasta is keeping quiet. I'm not saying anything, just keeping quiet. At a time when Willie Mason and Anasta are off contract, a former great questioned the CEO's decision to take a holiday. June 30,

which I'm not a fan of, it's June 30 at the moment and this is the time you need your finger on the pulse of your player's movements and players from other clubs' movements. Another early round exit for struggling Aussie tennis star Mark Philippoussis, going out in the second round at Queens to Andy Roddick. The match-up of the defending champ and the Aussie wildcard entry was expected to be a big-hitting battle in the lead-up to Wimbledon. Roddick producing a 243km/h serve, just short of his world record. But Philippoussis, who's slipped well down in the world rankings, either made too many unforced errors or found Roddick running him down with class. Roddick winning 6-2, 6-4. Anthony Mundine will sit down and discuss his sporting future with his dad in the aftermath of last night's world title loss to Mikkel Kessler. But one thing is clear - 'The Man' wants a re-match. Even in defeat, last night's unsuccessful world title challenge was the most impressive performance of Anthony Mundine's career so far. Mundine was also gracious in defeat, and he wants another crack at the world super middleweight champion. I know I can beat Mikkel, um, and hopefully I get another opportunity. It was a great fight, he got the win tonight. So, it's 1-0. Kessler praised Mundine, and is also keen for a rematch. Of course, of course. Now I know how to fight him. MUNDINE: I won't fight that way next time. Kessler brought an imposing knockout record into the fight and Mundine showed toughness to go the distance. Even when he was in trouble, the flamboyant Aussie showed his usually confidence. But his funny faces were no match for the hard-punching world champion, losing a unanimous points decision. COMMENTATOR: Kessler following it up. Great stuff from the champion. Mundine claims he was never in trouble, but he needs to get more focused in the lead-up to big fights, but any possible return to league could be vetoed by his dad. I'll always want to keep my boxing career. But my dad wants to talk to me about my rugby league. Hopefully he doesn't give me an ultimatum. I don't want to talk about it. The V8 Supercar drivers will make motor sport history this weekend with the first championship round ever staged in China. But before that they've already done one unforgettable fast lap on a different track. V8 Supercars are fast, but nothing like this. The maglev train travels at 430km/h and today, it treated some of the drivers to a special warm-up for the weekend. Moving at a slower pace but still attention-grabbing, many drivers enjoyed shopping one of Shanghai's largest markets. But crunching the best deal, Ms V8 Supercar mesmerised the locals. V8 Supercar drivers are some of the best negotiators you'll meet, but here at Shanghai's famous Xiang Yong marketplace, today some of them met their match. A good price for you. Yeah? How much normally? And forget four wheels - four legs was the focal point for some. It's the only place where you can buy frogs in a six-pack. The old-town district of Shanghai is a real eye opener. As reigning Bathurst champion Greg Murphy found out, it's a far stretch from Australia. But it has already proved to be a meaningful trip, and the racing hasn't even started. Leigh Diffey, Ten News. That's the day in sport so far. Later in Sports Tonight with Bill Woods, the Wallabies admit they're struggling to be ready to take on Samoa. And some Eels players try to match it with the Crusty Demons. Jess. Love the Crusty Demons. Back to Vic Lorusso on the Mix traffic helicopter. Where are the trouble spots? The earlier shot we showed, the major accident still has all lanes closed on the Captain Cook Bridge. We're going to get some big traffic delays. We're trying to get around the problem, the Princes Highway. We have traffic back towards the airport. A slow run home. Double demerit points from midnight tonight to Monday night. Tim Bailey is next with all the weather details. This program is captioned live. Time for all the weather details. Tim Bailey is at Thredbo. Tim, with the official start of the snow season this weekend, I thought we should have the first snowball fight. I'm going to get you first. Bring it on. I think I might have just got you. We'll wipe that lens off. We have everything at Network Ten, folks. Live from Thredbo, the snow season starts on Saturday. We're talking about moisture in the air and the fact that NSW is finally going to see some. Through far western districts of the State tonight, the rain band should start moving right across the State, 10mm to 15mm at the very least, the southern slopes and plains looking at maybe even 70mm plus. We're in the lap of the Gods, but we'd be surprised if most of of the State didn't get 15mm at least. What about today in Sydney? Another beautiful day, our 10th above

average. We were 22, five above. Thank you for the weather photographs you keep sending to . I love them. if you have a weather photograph, we'd love to have it. To the satellite - cloud is crossing south-wester than WA with a cold pool of air bringing showers and thunderstorms. A cloud band is crossing Victoria and NSW. The map for tomorrow - I wouldn't leave home without is the - a trough and cold front will generate storms over SA, western NSW, Victoria and Tasmania. Predicted precipitation - here comes some rain across western NSW, Victoria, Tasmania and SA. By Saturday, a front trough will cause widespread rain to develop over Queensland, NSW, Victoria and Tasmania. If you're wondering about the rain as far as Sydney is concerned, it looks like late Saturday and Sunday. We're expecting 10mm to 15mm. Best of luck if you live in inland NSW.

We're hoping you get far more than 20mm. It's almost the long weekend. Live from Thredbo tomorrow night. Have a good one and keep your fingers crossed for the rain. He's still throwing know balls at me. That's the 5:00 News. I'm Ron Wilson. Goodnight. And I'm Jessica Rowe. Sandra Sully will have the Late News at 10:30. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.