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(generated from captions) on why he snapped in New York. shedding some light with Russell Crowe Plus, our exclusive interview so why haven't we been told? they give off dangerous fumes, Even the manufacturers admit are making us sick. on how non-stick frying pans Also, a damning report So why does he keep on doing it? until I'm 139 years old. I'm not allowed to drive a car I'm not allowed to drive a car in his life. But he never even held a licence not once, but twice. banned from driving for life, times for drink-driving Now, this man has been jailed 15 Goodnight. Thanks for your company. I'm Ian Ross.

claims he has been hard done by. He other person. His partner also because of him drinking, it is the If there is an accident, it is not wear my seatple blts, wear indicate. stupid things on the road. I always why people worry, but I don't do the law defies belief. I don't see record, he reasons his flouting of concern considering his outrageous while that punishment is cause for nine month suspension and fine, A Kind 5, he escaped with only a a blood alcohol reading of 0.One Of basically, so I drove. Recorded are had a couple, I had nothing to lose couple of more beers. Turned up, he shop. I just thought, go and grab a caught speeding home from a bottle driving drunk in Queensland. He was 139. But that didn't stop him allowed to drive a car until I'm holding licences thereen. I'm not those states and banned from ever In fact, he has been jailed in couldn't drive in WA or Victoria. pufs worst offender. I knew I would have been to be Australia of drink drivers. Colin Horsfall demonstrates the reckless mentality the limit. This shocking admission probably thousands of times over 15 or 16 times. But I have driven Probably been through court about Karryn Cooper tells us why. and an accident waiting to happen. he is a disgrace other than, by his own admission, say about Colin Horsfall, But first, there is not much you can And Derryn Hinch - dumped again. how your children will turn out. the findings that can predict 30 years and 35,000 children later into your child's future. And a crystal ball

without any food in it. it gets to the danger point Let's see how quickly After this, you may get the flu. between 315 and 350 degrees. at temperatures start coming off the pan The dangerous chemicals are very persistent, Because these compounds and the environment. and research levels in food our population's blood He wants to study are in the blood of 95% of Americans. that come off over-heated frypans or perfluorinated compounds, He says these chemicals, or perfluorinated compounds, the National Measurement Institute. Bob Symons is a scientist at to compounds like DDT. They've being likened And they can even kill birds. Dangerous chemicals linked to - might give you the flu? in most Australian households, from this non-stick frypan, that the fumes Who would have guessed you feel sick today. that you cooked yesterday morning but because of the bacon or eggs and so, you may not know it, feel well, you would feel weak, You get a fever, you wouldn't (igniter clicks) that we are poisoning ourselves. I think it is a case (igniter clicks) Here is Laura Sparkes. that even the manufacturers admit to. emitting dangerous fumes health hazards, But they have turned into fats and oils while we cook. allowing us to eliminate as a healthy alternative, They were introduced are non-stick frying pans? Just how safe looking after it. If they gave me one, I might start licence to be able to hand one back. I have never actually held a 13 from driving from Victoria to WA, had it taken off me from the age of actually had a licence to lose. I in nine months. I have never and plans to get behind the wheel money making his car road worthy up or charged. He has just spent thing that happens and gets locked keeps getting blamed for any little

of developmental problems as well. and a whole load liver disease, reproductive problems to cause cancer, to cause by some of the manufacturers, They've been shown, through research severe health problems. Lab animal studies have uncovered we should worry about. She says it is not just the flu of the National Toxics Network. is coordinator Dr Marianne Lloyd-Smith of our children growing up. of the future generations, impact on the potential but what we do do is that we live in, of this chemical soup the acute effects we may not even feel We may not kill ourselves directly, There's no requirement warning on all non-stick cookware. that is calling for a consumer an association in the US with the Environmental Working Group, Tim Cropp is a senior scientist from buying the pans. and it would stop people the people would see it because that's where on the pans They haven't put a warning label emitted during hot cooking. from vapours chills, fever and sore throat buried in the fine print - of flu-like symptoms you will find a warning and eventually But go to DuPont's Teflon web site but do not say why. cooking over 260 degrees Celsius However, they do caution against a health warning anywhere. and you will not find Go and buy a non-stick frypan absorbing these chemicals as well. but, also, the food is going to be the fumes, You're going to breathe in to reach the dangerous levels. and 21 seconds This time, it took four minutes while cooking bacon. Now let's test the temperature Go for it. a couple of minutes. I mean, that can take and then I get my things organised. because I often put the pan on That's really scary, at this result in her own kitchen. Mother-of-two Moa Alfven was shocked and 45 seconds. It only took two minutes and guess what? Bob uses an infrared thermometer, Bob uses an infrared thermometer, At 1.5 minutes. to reach 250 degrees. Okay, we're just about

And, yeah, I put him in the cage - and dizzy. he got a little bit uncoordinated Two hours after we cooked peach-faced parrot in the kitchen. with her healthy young in a non-stick saucepan for 90 minutes on a high heat she found 47,000 sites about over-heated non-stick pans killing birds. She is now concerned for her unborn child and now only cooks using stainless steel. I don't even like to breathe in cleaning products Millions of us around the world have been using non-stick cookware, for the past 70 years, blissfully ignorant. But it is now emerging that DuPont may have known about these worrying health implications for the past 20 years, including the fact that some DuPont factory workers gave birth to babies with birth defects. In fact, the US Environmental Protection Agency is now taking legal action against DuPont about this hidden knowledge. But DuPont denies any wrongdoing. We don't believe We don't believe there's a health effect from PFOA, human health effects. Leo Hide is DuPont's Australian Research and Development Manager. Carly McGee was boiling meat to kill birds. The fumes are also known didn't really know what was up at that stage. Then I looked over and he was actually dead in the bottom of the cage. Carly pondered why her bird died, but after searching the web He says only factory workers have reported flu-like symptoms due to higher exposure levels. If you get above 350 to 400, the coating will start to decompose. But the levels are so low that the probability of anyone getting fume fever from cookware, to the best of our knowledge - and I can speak for Australia - we've never had a case in this country. But then, people would not know they have got it, because they do not know about it. But if they had flu-like symptoms they would. But they would just think they had the flu. They wouldn't know it was from the... They may not, a documented case, that we know of, but there's never been a documented case, that we know of, in this country. He says because DuPont does not make the cookware, only the Teflon coating, on the actual product. they can't warn consumers on the actual product. Why not put it on the Teflon seal that goes on frypans? There is actually... We put out a series of brochures, which we send out tens of thousands every year - this is in Australia specifically - with warnings on those. But DuPont's critics are not convinced. Even the Federal US Department of Justice has subpoenaed the company on more information on the health effects. This is a very large public health problem. You have a chemical that never breaks down, that's in everyone's blood, that causes many types of health effects. I just think that people should be made aware. Laura Sparkes with that report. Additional details on the dangers of non-stick frying pans can be found on our web site. Tonight, everyone is talking about Aussie superstar Russell Crowe but, unfortunately, once again but, unfortunately, once again it is for all the wrong reasons after he was arrested for assault following an angry outburst at an exclusive New York hotel. On the weekend, our own Sonia Kruger met up with the Oscar winner in New York for an exclusive interview that was clearly a sign of things to come. This was the interview that almost didn't happen. In a moment, what the public wasn't meant to know about Russell Crowe's weekend press call, which left journalists furious and the Oscar winner having to explain himself. CHEERING AND YELLING It was clearly a prelude, and perhaps an insight, into his latest angry outburst. PHOTOGRAPHERS: Russell! Russell! Last night, Russell was at this New York hotel trying to call his wife Danielle, who was back in their exclusive Sydney apartment. When the phone wouldn't work, the 41-year-old father went downstairs and allegedly threw it at a hotel receptionist. The result? Two criminal charges - For the record, Russell says he threw the phone against the wall and never assaulted or hurt the hotel employee. But we all know Russell But we all know Russell can throw a temper tantrum. There was the alleged brawl in a London restaurant, and, of course, that fight at Coffs Harbour. I don't think you can compare Russell with anyone. I mean he's really kind of cutting his own image and making - I mean there's this whole kind of cult of Russell's altercations now. Jane Nicholls is the editor of Who Weekly magazine. Danielle must be going, "Russell, get a grip." I mean, he's got so much going for him and that's the confusing thing I think for everyone when men behave like this. This latest drama comes at a time when Hollywood wants us to love the Aussie superstar. He's got a film, Cinderella Man, to promote, which is why he was in New York. But Russell Crowe did anything but impress the journalists who had flown half way around the world to talk to him. The interview was scheduled for midday. It happened at 7pm and, at one stage, film officials and, at one stage, film officials told us he simply wouldn't be coming. So why was Russell so late? Well, he told me he needed the seven Well, he told me he needed the seven hours to get in the right head space. No, just sometimes I have to make slight arrangements, adjustments in the schedule to make sure that I'm in a communicative place. What that actually means is anyone's guess, but he was clearly distracted by a case of homesickness. Once you get married and you have children, what I've discovered is that no matter how self-contained I was before, I'm never going to be that way again, you know? Because if my wife and baby aren't where I am, then there's always something missing. It's difficult, but right at the moment Danni's working on something and needs to be in Sydney. That's just the way it is. Unfortunately for me, I'm the one who needs to cop the lonely end of the stick. So maybe it was loneliness that made Russell Crowe snap. Remember, he was trying Remember, he was trying to call his wife when he allegedly threw the phone. Now, though, this superstar dad could be even lonelier, facing seven years in prison. Sonia Kruger there with Russell Crowe. Later in the program, yet again. why Derryn Hinch is on the ropes, Coming up, the crystal-ball vision into your child's future. The comprehensive study which shows whether your child is likely to succeed or not. REPORTER: What would you say if I was to tell you that you can't fail? I'd say I was very lucky. And they usually have a very successful career in the employment area. Every parent would love to have some insight into how their child will turn out. The answers may be at your hand in the most comprehensive study ever undertaken involving 35,000 students over 30 years. Glenn Connley reports. When it comes to school work, year 9 student Adele Batrouney's marks are music to her parents' ears. I do set a very high standard for myself with my work, so I try and get as much homework done as possible each night. But you don't need to see Adele's school report to know she's a sure thing to pass year 12 with flying colours, breeze through university and land herself a well-paid job. What would you say if I was to tell you that everything in your life is set up, that you can't fail - you're going to go to university, you're going to do well and you're going to get a really good job? I'd say I was very lucky. This report is the nearest thing the academic world has to an educational crystal ball. For 30 years researchers followed the progress of more than 35,000 Australian students, looking at where they live, what their parents do for a living, how much their parents earn, even what students do in their spare time. And they came up with some pretty amazing conclusions about a student's future prospects which can be determined as early as year 9. Is your child a future leader, a doctor, lawyer, tradesman or high-school drop-out? Well, they say this blueprint can answer all those questions and more. Young people whose parents are in professional occupations - they're managers, say, doctors, lawyers and so on - they do tend to do better. Sheldon Rothman is a senior research fellow with the Australian Council for Educational Research, which conducted the study. They also go on, tend to go on, and complete year 12. They go on to university and they usually have a very successful career in the employment area. The study has found that kids who have both parents working, earning good money in professional occupations, kids who go to good schools in good suburbs have a huge head start when it comes to getting top academic results and a good job. Are you all positive about the future? Do you all look to the future and think, "The world is my oyster"? Yep. Yes. These year 9 students from Camberwell High School have every reason to be positive. They're from middle-class backgrounds attending one of Melbourne's best public schools. I'd like to go to uni. My brother's doing law at the moment and I wouldn't mind doing that as well. I'd like to study psychology. Most have a fair idea of what they want to do with their lives, but argue it's the moral and but argue it's the moral and practical support of their parents, rather than their job or income, helping them succeed. My parents are really encouraging and they always tell me that I can do whatever I want. And I think having a good school helps. If your parents are positive towards your schoolwork and stuff and encourage you, then you'll feel more motivated to do what you want to do. Adele Batrouney's parents are both professionals in the academic world. Mum, Mae, is herself a teacher and takes her role in Adele's education very seriously. Asking them without expecting them to do their homework was quite important. So, you would say "How are you going? What homework do you have?" and if they said "We don't have anything," then I would encourage them to do just a little bit of reading. My mum is a bank manager and my dad is self-employed. Stacey Legan is another student who, based on the research, has every reason to be positive about her future. But with one important difference - she's juggling a part-time job she's juggling a part-time job at her local McDonald's with her year 11 studies. Sheldon Rothman says, within reason, Stacey's job won't harm her school results. Part-time work is dependent on the number of hours that the student works. If they're working up to about, say, 10 hours, which is generally about two shifts, possibly the Thursday night, Friday night shift and then one on the weekend, there's usually very little impact on the student's achievement at school. numeracy or literacy skills, their future is bright. That report from Glenn Connley. Coming up - shame, Derryn, shame! is now even bigger and better. and the Government contribution is even greater. can give their super an extra helping hand. call or visit our website: This Thursday's Powerball jackpot is $6 million. For more chances to win, ask for a Powerball Megapick. You could: your child has well-developed numeracy or literacy skills, if by the early years of high school or what you earn, So no matter where you live in school years leading up to year 9. is basic numeracy or literacy skills is basic numeracy or literacy skills than wealth or location More important there is hope. fit the perfect model for success, But for those families who don't wear or what car your parents drive. It doesn't matter what clothes you and it's more on you. but our school's good and things like that, Maybe they've got more facilities Why not? (All) No. gone to some flash private school? Does anybody here wish they'd The study also found that - then there are other issues. Anything over that,

Broadcaster Derryn Hinch is again licking his wounds, Hinch was hurt and angry and lashed out at the committee. That committee has he lambasted is made up of seven people. Five of them are parents who have got children attending the programs at this place here. I thought it was pretty uncalled for. He's just been misguided of late, and we just thought it was time to finish. Find somebody else who can raise your $800,000 a year, Garry. is still outstanding, Hinch's personal pledge of $5,000 In fact, the charity claims to fund the charity's new building. of the $816,000 collected raised just $4,525 Hinch's on-air appeal for funds in 11 months, In fact, Garry says truthful answer - no. Truthful question, for this organisation? Has he raised $800,000 and would reflect badly on us. to Graham Kennedy was unnecessary We just thought what he did Graham Kennedy had died from AIDS. after his public declaration that to sever ties with Hinch his committee voted six to one Its president, Garry Prigg, says the Cerebral Palsy Education Centre. as ambassador of his pet charity, as ambassador of his pet charity, Derryn Hinch has been dumped This time has been sacked yet again. most hired-and-fired broadcaster Australia's your charity again. I'll never mention HINCH: Sack me - I'll walk away. the decision had to be made. but we knew We thought long and hard about it, get in the way of his story. he is not letting the facts Jackie Quist reports that that Graham Kennedy died of AIDS, And while Hinch is still maintaining the axe from his newspaper job. sacked from a charity and facing

commercial television stations Hinch wrote that several interview, which is inconclusive. who just came back today. I've had somebody in Thailand in Thailand last week. Zammit shot the video Graham Kennedy's long-time lover. who claims to have been sports reporter Rob Astbury, of one-time television is touting the manuscript and video but nowadays Zammit co-directors of a management company Zammit and Hinch were once did die from AIDS. had proof that Graham Kennedy Anthony Zammit, because he was hoping this man, has not admitted he was wrong, The fact is Hinch your friend. And we're going to make fibre I'm Derryn Hinch. TV AD: Good evening. on his $100,000-a-year deal. whether they will keep Hinch And cereal giant Kellogg's won't say have to part company. And, you know, we might our relationship. we'd have to re-evaluate like any other staff member, out there to have a look, Ask him how many times he has been of the school and the location. Ask him to tell you the name Ask him to tell you the name for Dancing with the Stars. He came out to do the promo Well, of course you did. them, I've laughed with them. I have held their hands, I've hugged I have been with these kids, he has been ambassador. twice in the four years his beloved cerebral palsy children the great man has only visited added to that, it says, so the charade is over. And Hinch's career as a Sunday Herald Sun columnist may be on the line too. Editor Alan Howe says Hinch has until this Sunday to apologise for the Kennedy AIDS debacle. Any journalist on this newspaper makes a mistake is duty bound to correct that in the next available opportunity which is our next edition, which is next Sunday. If he doesn't, well, And that is the problem for Hinch. He and Zammit are working hand in hand. Hinch's latest newspaper column even gave Zammit a boost along with a couple of beat-up lines. Hinch wrote that before people judge him on his claims about Graham Kennedy they should wait for Rob Astbury's TV documentary. Fact - there is no documentary. All Zammit has is a 15-minute

Jackie Quist with that report. Coming up, a rare insight into the world of Australia's undercover cops, out to get the Mr Bigs of crime. ENGINE ACCELERATES Police are targeting speeding drivers this June long weekend. Get caught speeding and you could lose your licence. Double demerits for speeding this June long weekend. refused our request for an interview. For the record, Derryl today # We are all waving goodbye. # and he's got to set it right. Derryn has, I make mistakes, Derryn does. We all make mistakes - that Graham Kennedy died of AIDS. to prove the unprovable - on the part of Hinch It all smacks of desperation Care factor - zip. and media personalties as being gay. and outs a number of AFL footballers of his relationship with Kennedy say that Astbury writes including people on this program, and those that have read it, manuscript for more than six months Zammit has been touting Astbury's Fact - there is no book. Astbury's book will have - Hinch wrote that has offered Zammit a zack. Fact - no network the so-called documentary. were vying for

I will have for you tomorrow night Now a look at one of the stories straight from your oven. an authentic wood-fire taste

Email - Captioned by Seven Network Please take care, and goodnight. I hope you have a great evening. Until then, I hope you can join me for that. I'll have for you tomorrow night. That is among the stories Dean and go and buy heroin off them. and then 15 minutes later become as a police officer I was able to talk to people You know, you could end up... dead. to catch the Mr Bigs of crime. and risk everything forge new identities, They change their appearance, of Australia's undercover cops. when we take you inside the world