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(generated from captions) a cheque for $1 million pull out a chequebook and write out 100 Australians the very next day I'm telling you now you would have of $1 million", "I fine you the equivalent "Schapelle Corby, I find you guilty, came out and said, If chief judge Linton Sirait you don't know or have never met? in making such an offer about someone you're being rational or normal But do you think I haven't spoken to her family. Spoken to her family? I haven't spoken to her. Have you spoken to Schapelle? No. Have you met Schapelle? that they'd be prepared to die for. there'd be someone for some reason watching this show tonight, I'm sure that everyone that's car to rescue someone else's life. you'd dive out in front of a moving irrespective of the risk, the road in front of a busy car, If your little child was crossing be prepared to die for someone. But, Ray, every one of us would Some people may think so. about that, isn't there? there's a touch of madness before a firing squad, But to offer your own life, Mad about injustice. I am mad about injustice, Ray. What, are you mad? Schapelle Corby a free lady. I'm commited to the cause of seeing to the cause of justice. I'm committed Well, I am committed. they get locked up for such offers? People get committed, That's correct, Ray. Yes. an Indonesian firing squad? You've offered to face Thank you, Ray. Trevor, good to talk to you. he's willing to die for her. The difference is Schapelle is innocent. Like a lot of people, he's convinced involved with drugs or in jail. who tries to 'save' people is a committed Christian Trevor Johnson by authorities in Indonesia. even if it means he is put to death man who wants to swap places with her We start with Schapelle Corby and the That's later. a heavyweight boxing champ. the supermodel up against American style - And Dancing with the Stars, Find out how that works. first interest-free credit card. Also tonight, Australia's we've been through. want anyone to go through what absolutely terrible. I wouldn't absolutely terr ble. I wouldn't want anyone to go through absolutely terrible. I wouldn't absolutely t rrible. I wouldn't absolutely terri le. I wouldn't absolutely terrible. I wouldn't could this be? This is How made a huge blunder. all because your local council and now it's completely worthless - where it shouldn't be that your dream home has been built Imagine finding out to A Current Affair. Thank you and welcome This program is captioned live. Here's Ray.

from those nearby powerlines. plenty of clearance they had given themselves Noosa Council assured them here in the hinterland, decided to build their home When Jack and Jill Ferguson and quite obvious to us... when we bought the property The powerline was here Yes, yes. And the local council which gave the in the wrong place. because his place was built if they want to, They could even demolish it right over the top of this home. is going to put powerlines The electric company And it's no wonder. no-one wants to buy it. It's worthless - Now to the house that can't be sold. Thank you very much, Ray. thanks for talking to me. Alright. Trevor Johnson, her one and only lifeline. this may just become If Schapelle's appeal fails, what next? If Schapelle's appeal fails, something to bargain with here. to offer Indonesia, I'm offering you something than Schapelle Corby's freedom. and settle for nothing less this proposal, take it to Jakarta brief your negotiators with I'd like to ask our PM, John Howard, Right here, right now, and not without further support. Not without further lobbying Are they? Will they? Correct. to take this seriouslys. You've asked the judges for Schapelle Corby's freedom. I'm looking I'm looking for something in return. to get shot with nothing in return. I'm not offering to go there I'm offering an exchange, Schapelle Corby's freedom. It's a case of securing and we'll let Schapelle go?" "Yes, come on up You think they still may say, I don't that they're not going to. to - but if they shot you... If they shot you - they're not going to do something about it. and the courage of my convictions in this situation the passion that I have But she fully understands before a firing squad. My wife doesn't really want me about this? Trevor, what's your wife think a different price for Schapelle. I'm just paying - offering to pay to pay the price for Schapelle. go-ahead is now ducking for cover. So, when you bought the property, you knew that this powerline was there?

and you don't know what an easement is, listen up - they can ruin lives. We are not developers, we are just the little people. We would never, ever want anyone to go through this. An easement is a right of passage over your land. You might have paid for the block, but the holder of the easement - If you own a house or ever hope to Really? Mm. Can you sell it? Have you been trying? Over the last year we've tried. Peter Archer is the real estate agent who uncovered this amazing blunder. Who's responsible for this bungle, do you reckon? is on Powerlink easement. He said that, in fact, house, land, sit down." "Jill, I've got some very bad news, He said to me on the phone, from the real estate agent. It started with a phone call t rned to a nightmare the property is worthless. Well, 'cause of all this, what's the house worth now? Peter, in your estimation, We've done everything legal. eight years previously. We've gone through all the checks "How could this be?" I went hysterical and said to him, Another 90 metres. Another 90 metres? the easement, right up. It goes right up there, and, in fact, it isn't. 30 metres either side of the lines - that the easement was - This is where we were told by Noosa Council before they built? So what were they told It has been an horrific shock. It is. Must be a shock to the system? Put powerlines straight through. They can. Straight through here, yes. straight through here? That means they can put powerlines over what you do with it. has absolute rights a power company - in Jack and Jill's instance, Jack and Jill's nursery rhyme turned into a nightmare. when they decided to sell, But six years later, first a house and then a pool. So they did - So we could build there. So you could build there? nil incumbrances on the land. which I checked with our solicitor - "Nil other requirements" The final statement says here, through Noosa Council. That is the property search

They call the shots. They tell you where you can build and they were instructed to build here. They've gone quiet. They don't want to know anything. This was one year ago and they just keep pushing it to another But that's pretty cold comfort, because a new powerline is to be built right over the top of their house. Yes, yeah. We had always planned for two lines there eventually, so certainly we do plan it. How can a council do a property search and not point out... Well, I am not going to make any comment on that at all. Finally we've tracked down the mayor, Bob Abbott, but he's still not in the mood for talking. I am not going to make any comment on that at the moment at all. Do you accept it is a stuff-up? No, I don't. Well, it looks pretty obvious. Well, it might look obvious to you. Noosa Council approved the building and now it looks like power cables are going to go straight over the top of her house or could do any day? Well, look, I've spoken to Jill and I've written to her on one occasion, and I've asked her to formally put in a claim and that hasn't been done, unfortunately so it is difficult for our organisation to deal with it. Mr Mayor, y u re wro g Mr Mayor, you're wrong. Jill lodged a formal complaint through her solicitors one year ago. To date, she and her partner have heard nothing from Noosa Council. department, another department. On the other end of the phone is council publicity officer Susie Ozmoston. Ah, no, he's not. He's actually on his way back from Caboolture. Oh, that's funny, Susie Osmoston just told me he was in Canberra. I am surprised - it's just not something that we would expect. Normally we would expect somebody to do a search, they see the easement and then they keep the building off the easement. Keith Callaghan is a manager at Powerlink, Queensland's energy supplier. He says it should have been simple for council to find the easement on Jack and Jill's property. It even shows up in a UBD directory as far back as t e 1970s. and was registered If you do a search of the Titles Office, it will show a plan of your property and if there's an easement on it, it will show that easement quite clearly on the property. Powerlink has assured the Fergusons it won't bulldoze their home. I'd hate to point the finger, but it looks like council at the end of the day.

Is it any wonder they have lost faith? Shocking - I just feel so let down by the whole system. The Fergusons aren't finished. Neither are we. It's not news to us, because we've done so many tragic stories about young people driving and trying to text message at the same time. Now if you didn't know, it's a habit that can kill. John here is 21 - old enough to know better and about to cause a major traffic accident. Hey. Hey! Fortunately for all concerned, he's driving a simulator as well as his phone. Damn dictionary. That was a car. We just got cleaned up. That's it, mate. We're dead. Simulator over. We've long suspected sending and receiving SMS messages behind the wheel isn't just stupid, it borders on suicidal. Now we don't just think it. We know it to be fact. What the results are saying is text messaging is simply too dangerous to do while driving. It's already illegal. Our research proves it's darn right dangerous. John Brown's from the NRMA. It commissioned this latest study. The simulator's at Monash Uni in Melbourne. John and Catherine fall into the target demographic - young, inexperienced SMS-mad motorists. It just depends. I don't do it all the time. You shouldn't do it any of the time. You know it's illegal? Yep. Catherine? You don't? At all? No. You're sure? I read sometimes if I'm stopped at traffic lights. 20-year-old Catherine claims not to do this normally so she's being overly cautious. Dangerously so, in fact. What is Catherine up to? Looks like she's come to a stop in the intersection. In the middle of an intersection? Yeah, that's right. When people are texting and driving, clearly they're putting themselves and others at risk. We didn't need this study to tell us that. REPORTER: Stacey House was only 17 when she was killed in a car accident, the victim of a driver distracted by a mobile. But no matter how many tragedies and near-misses are attributed to texting, until now we've not known exactly how dangerous the practice is. They also were unable to drive straight in the lane. They were swerving all over the lanes. They often left their lane into an opposite lane or onto the medium strip. Simon Hosking conducted the trial and using software developed for the military, he found that while texting the subject's eyes were off the road for 12 out of every 30 seconds. That means they're 400 times more distracted than normal. We had some suspicion that these effects would be quite large. For the purposes of the SMS test, the subjects in there are sent four messages over a 10-minute driving period. They're messages they actually have to think about too. Ash, which message will we send him now? What month is Christmas in? What month is Christmas... Sent, on its way. John, hang on to your hat. Texting is particularly hazardous for a driver because their eyes need to go down to the device. They need to punch in the keys. Sometimes they'll be able to look away but the concentration required is quite intense. John just ran that red light there. Naughty John. He just missed that pedestrian as well. Just missed it? Yep. How are you going? Good. Did you see that red light back there? No. I didn't. No, didn't think you saw it. Catherine fared better, but only just. Neither escaped the simulator unscathed. So if drinking and driving means you're a bloody idiot, then texting and driving means you're literally prepared to write yourself off. From this research, we really do need to re-educate the community to the dangers. That was dreadful, John. That was absolutely dreadful. You scared the living daylights out of me, mate. Oh, dear me. Chris Hill - happy it was only a simulation. Coming up - America gets its first taste of 'Dancing with the Stars'. BIRDS CHIRP, RADIO PLAYS SOFTLY DING! LIVELY CARNIVAL MUSIC MUSIC STOPS Phew! VOICEOVER: New Sorbent Clean and Fresh. Moist personal toilet wipes. Welcome back. A credit card with a zero interest rate sounds too good to be true. But such a card has hit the market. The interest-free period doesn't last forever, just four months. So how does the rate you pay after that stack up against the competition? This is the first true 'zero card' in Australia and that means it's got zero annual fee and zero percent for four months on purchases and balance transfers. Someone has to do something. I think it's great. What about after that four months? Well, it would be nice if it was a little bit more. BankWest's card will hit you with an ongoing interest rate of 12.99%. Four months later you've still got that credit card, you start paying interest. You wouldn't get it? No. When the four months grace runs out, to live beyond their means. that makes people tempted It is the sort of thing of the Credit Consumer Legal Centre. Karen Cox is co-ordinator in the scheme of things. that four months is not a long time but people need to remember 0% sounds fantastic, a very clever marketing ploy. Look, I think this is going forward. and set up good financial habits they have sort out any exisitng debts to take a breath, They have a great opportunity that 4-months interest-free period. are the lack of any joining fee and great advantages He says the new card's for BankWest. David Hunt runs marketing straightforward value products. of giving customers simple, of our strategy There's no catch - this is all part There's always a catch. another one of these? so do we really need on the market, There are hundreds of cards in debt with their credit card. On average each each person is $2,500 go hand in hand. Australia and credit

and the usual 55 days before you start paying interest. And while in-store cards, like David Jones at 21.9% and 23.9% for Myer, are higher than most, GE Capital Finance has the most expensive card - don't pay up on time and you'll be hit with a whopping 27.99%. What's the interest rate after four months? 12.99%? This particular card, though, seems to have a bit of a catch that people might not be looking out for, that is, that cash advances are charged at 19.99%. In other words, don't be tempted to get cash out from an ATM using this credit card, or you'll pay nearly 20% interest. It's certainly a trick for the unwary. And Nine's finance editor, Ross Greenwood, sums up this way. It's all about the long term. Can I trade celebrities? on something they can't do? I mean, who wants to concentrate I'm going to get distracted. When something's hard, of course about 15 minutes of training. The difficulty is after I'm hungry. Rachael, focus. is her ability to focus. Rachael's biggest problem who are the standout talent. boxing champion Evander Holyfield and former world heavyweight it's Rachel and after the first episode, of 'Dancing with the Stars' in the American version She's one of the celebrities has taken on now. But look what Rachel Hunter of Rod Stewart's ex-wives. or as the most famous on the catwalk OK, we're used to seeing her David Eccleston there. 'cause I'll just spend it. No, it won't, that might help you? Four months interest-free - you have got to pay the money back. but by the same token, remember that than some credit cards They are better with a $59 start-up fee is St George's 11.25% credit card, The average rate going you start paying interest. so when you start spending, have an interest-free period, And its downfall - it doesn't but you'll pay $36 annual fee. is the lowest, At 9.55%, the Intech Credit Union than Bank West's. with lower interests rates Currently there are nine credit cards Yes, possibly. Yeah. encourage you to spend up big? Would the four months interest-free

three times a lady of winning, no matter what the game. Up next, improving your chances to knock him out of the competition. It'll take a brave judge Alright. Use your toes. Light, on your toes. The way he runs around the floor. Footwork, think Mohammed Ali. # Just a little bit... # When you get home # Just a little bit Hey, baby is for a little respect # All I'm going to ask you You know I've got it # What you need Baby, I got SONG: # What you want do, getting out of the bubble. Doing something I usually wouldn't to working really hard. I'm looking forward this ballroom dancing. and I'm going to win champion of the world I am the only full-time heavyweight AUDIENCE BOOS AND GROANS it wasn't my cup of tea. Unfortunately, You were a turquoise dream. # I love you. # # And I love you SONG: # Once, twice, as well. "What are you doing?" is like probably going, I'm sure that half of America "What are you doing?" the show, they were like, When my kids found out I was doing

want to h ve one of everyth ng. I want to have one of everything. OK, what do you want? I need to win some money. How are you? Hi. How are you? G'day, Joyce. or on the punt. whether it be the lottery, the pokies down for a win, or we can get smart - waiting for our numbers to come up We can sit through life Come on. Think someone needs a hug. Hi. CAR WINDOW WHIRRS take advice from the people in the know when it comes to putting your money

and he says the way most of us gamble doesn't add up. So what is gambling death? who had a cheque bounced on him There was a farmer in Victoria. Gerry Devine from Tattersalls How do they do it? big time. People win our lotteries every week, you have to be in it to win it. But let's be positive, the old cliche is true - Well, would you like my ticket? than winning that? or hit by lightning that you'll be murdered that there's a better chance Do you know that research shows Tatts too, Tatts too. 9 million to 1. The odds on Keno are almost Keno! Give me a Keno. is just over a million to 1. Death by spider or bee sting 57,000 to 1. The chance of being murdered in NSW, at 1.6 million to 1. Your odds of being hit by lightning, a $25,000 one. $200,000...and I'll have What do you win here - a car? So can I have the 500,000? and scratchies. Lotto, poker machines Don Forbes is a mathematician if you're bit by a venomous insect. You've got a better chance of dying The 12 games, $6.45. What are you trying to do to me? The cheap one! Just a cheap one. Do you want to have a - which size? Yes. for tonight's draw? Can I also have Quickpick struck and killed by lightning. You've got a better chance of being You've got one chance in 2,036,265. Super Draw... in the Saturday Tattslotto $25 million Your ticket to dream could win you One of those. if you're lucky. That's right. You can win $500,000 So how much is that $500,000? of being murdered. You got a better chance are 1 in 27,489,578. Your chances of winning Powerball That's the Powerball number. Number 40 is there. that's on your coupon? Number 40. Is this the one

your chances of winn g by simply increasing the number What did it pay last week? $5,000. The week before? $9,000. It sounds too good to be true? Well, it's not - it's gambling. The downside - if all the favourite teams win, c uld be a fractio of that. the return on that $1,280 could be a fraction of that. So have you won overall, do you think? Yes, most definitely. COMMENTATOR: Chance on his left boot, open goal, kicks it. Why AFL? You spend a lot of time with it. There's only a 2-horse race virtually - you've got team A and B. If you do your stats right, you'll come up with a winner. Righto, let's check this lot. See how we've gone. # That's what I want. # So, Tatts Keno - nothing. Tatts Two - nothing. Wednesday Tattslotto - nothing, Scratchies, oh, look at that! Absolutely nothing. Martin King reporting on how to tilt the odds a little closer your way. After the break, a fair go for women. Not yet. your chances of winning Gerry says you can increase Has he won? from the hymns at church on Sunday. of games on a ticket. But don't always take birthdays. Why? Because everyone else does. And if you do get a prize, it pays less. It's fun. It's a game. People really enjoy playing it. It's not an investment vehicle. What sort of return have you had? I've picked up the odd $1,000 or two. Another tip - mid-week lotto has the best odds because there's only 40 numbers. Also trust the computer. Quickpicks are highly successful. So Joyce, what are my chances of winning something out of this lot? Your chances will be 50/50 - win or lost. So what are you saying the best bet is? The footy tip 8. Why? You're guaranteed to collect. How? You're banking every combination. How much does that cost? $1,280. 1,280! Vince is a gambling expert who runs an AFL betting website. and he uses the numbers There was a chap we've heard of But what else? and he won first division. off the bottom of the cheque and he used the numbers

At Mitre 10, we've demolished our prices and smashed 20%, 30% and 40% off selected products Mitre 10's price demolition - for three days only. and can't put in? Women won the right to vote early last century, so you'd think it's about time they got a fair go. But not if you're a mum with a baby in tow at this shopping centre. They're forced to pay for the basic right to breast-feed or change nappies. No-one N -one No-one else has to pay $5 to go to the toilet. It's extremely discrimatory towards mothers. Discrimflation is something we don't condone at don't co done at ll. don't condone at all. I d n t c done at l . Discrimflation is something we don't condone at all. I think don't co done at al . I thin Discrimflation is something we don't condone at all. I think it's disgusting. It's the shopper centre's responsibility to give us centre's responsibility to give us hygienic, adequate facilities. We're on the case with that story, and plenty more, tomorrow night. See you then. Don't forget the Footy Show. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.