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(generated from captions) and wrapped in blankets Dressed in clinical gowns late last night. late last night. to leave the Indonesian Embassy the 46 staff were allowed of decontamination After 12 anxious hours of evil. regardless it was a reckless act but the Prime Minister says aren't dangerous sent to the Indonesian embassy Tests show the bacteria Australia's first bio-terror attack. to help track down those behind to Canberra tonight Indonesian police are on their way But first this evening - happily married for 80 years. how this couple have stayed And a lifelong love - stranded off the Australian coast. The race to rescue dozens of whales Redfern riots. that led to last year's accused of the bag-snatching a not guilty verdict for the man Good evening. Also tonight - and Jessica Rowe. Ten News with Ron Wilson attacked in their own garage. And a couple's carjacking terror, guilty of shocking animal cruelty. for a Sydney man, Six months behind bars for the embassy attacker. as the hunt starts Fears of Indonesian payback, This program is captioned live.

it won't influence the Corby case Authorities say in Indonesia. is front-page and unfavourable news The scare at the embassy Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. could happen in our country. that something like this feel sick in the stomach I think people to the Ambassador and his wife. offering his apologies and flowers doing some repair work of his own, Labor's Kevin Rudd this morning between our two nations. of a prisoner exchange agreement for an eventual signing and hopefully smooth the way to repair any damage to our image Their mission - will go to Jakarta next week. A bipartisan parliamentary delegation will arrive in Canberra shortly. representative and an Agriculture Ministry three Indonesian national police the Bali and Jakarta bombings, helped investigate Just as Australian police to assist with this investigation. have agreed to provide some officers The Indonesian police has asked for help from Indonesia. In a twist, our Government may not be Australians. But the perpetrators that there was a connection. It's hard to escape the belief wouldn't be one such motive. that Schapelle Corby I obviously couldn't say to speculate on the motive. Police are reluctant in Bahasa Indonesian. It was accompanied by an abusive note The package was posted from Victoria. is something to be totally deplored. in the eyes of people in Indonesia of this country the damage done to the perceptions The intimidatory effect, and no less criminal for that. a major disruption and fear, to create non-toxic bacteria was used The preliminary tests showed of pathological significance. It's unlikely to contain bacteria it's anthrax or another major issue. I indicate in is very unlikely reporting any worrying symptoms. that none of his colleagues were No doubt relieved was in good spirits. Ambassador Imron Cotan, Today the target of the attack, and belongings still quarantined. their own clothes they were bused home,

There was some criticism, private overhype this incident? did the Government 'terrorism' - Paul - 'biological agent', from outside the Indonesian embassy. And Paul Bongiorno joins me now In Jakarta, Jeremy Pudney, Ten News. Also other places. Australia's, are heavily guarded. Western embassies, he says, including remains tight. Security across the region of retaliation against Australian. they can't rule out some kind Senior police here in Jakarta say here will seek revenge. but it's feared terrorist extremists not all Australians, anger only at those responsible, Most Indonesians are directing their Corby in any way. It's not a way to help it will hurt not help her appeal. Corby's legal team believe protests have been made. presented before it, not how loud based on the material evidence The judges will decide drug smuggler Schapelle Corby. for the jailing of accused Australian that this was retribution The prevailing view elsewhere around the world. to Indonesian diplomatic missions There were also reports of threats Bali and the rest of Indonesia. news headlines in Jakarta, The embassy threat making in their own backyard. Indonesia, but it can happen when they talk about terrorism - Some people in Australia would think echoing the comments from Japan. and his Foreign Minister The President is one of strong condemnation. and the term that comes to mind We are appalled by what has happened from the highest levels. It's drawn condemnation is an act of terrorism. to the Indonesian embassy And that we feel that what happened could happen in Australia. that such a thing is that we were shocked The general reaction could happen in Australia. that such a thing is that we were shocked The general reaction was an attack on their nation. the incident at their embassy To many Indonesians, but her advisors are worried.

who are being investigated over the alleged cocaine smuggling. That's not acceptable for us. Conwell's criminal contact is Michael Hurley, who's on the run from police and alleged to be one of the Mr Bigs behind the multimillion-dollar smuggling ring that imported drugs by corrupting Qantas baggage handlers. Their corrupt links said to go back more than 20 years. As a senior Qantas manager, he was well aware of the intensive Crime Commission operation at the airport to catch the cocaine smugglers. Ten News has learned Conwell was being bribed by Hurley to tip him off about the investigation into drug trafficking at the airport and to point the out which passengers arriving from overseas were on the Customs watch list as suspected drug couriers. I am very concerned about people working at the airport with convictions for serious criminal offences, and knows some of the people We believe he has knowledge by the airline. but now he's been sacked security manager at Qantas, Conwell became a senior in disgrace, After leaving the police force by the Police Royal Commission. adversely named is a former NSW detective Alan Conwell who's now been sacked by the airline. The man is a former NSW detective, investigation at Sydney airport. about a major police drug a cocaine syndicate over allegations he tipped off is under investigation A Qantas security manager between our nations. way to restoring good faith the Bali bombers. That went a good the Bali bombers. That went a good the Indonesian police dealt with people who did it in the same way way to do it is to prosecute the done? I believe it can. The best up. Can Australia repair the damage would have been accused of covering didn't say something about it, they the PM and the Foreign Minister embarrassment and disruption. If a ho oax caused major embarrassment and disruption. a ho oax caused major hand, this attack, even if it were information too soon. On the other that the Government gave too much criticism at ACT police settles criticism at ACT police settles

working when they are known to associate with significant criminals. Conwell was given an aviation security pass after background checks by ASIO and the police but if ASIO bothered to do a simple Internet search, they'd have easily discovered the former policeman's questionable past. Meanwhile, Qantas maintains more baggage handlers are about to lose their jobs. We believe there's a very small number involved, Anybody who is alleged to be involved, we have under surveillance if they're still in the company. The warning coinciding with new security checks for airport staff as they enter and depart from the airport. John Hill, Ten News. Six months jail tonight for a Sydney man convicted of horrendous cruelty to animals. The dogs he kept were so hungry and malnourished, they turned on each other. This is the man responsible for a horrific case of animal neglect. Adam Sirghon's rented home resembled a zoo - chickens, ducks, goats and 14 dogs running wild in the back yard. Today, he's faced court on 29 charges of animal cruelty. A court's heard how it was a case of survival of the fittest for the canines, forced to fight each other for the few bones and off-cuts tossed over the fence. Their drinking water was putrid. There was virtually no shelter. These photos show a young female boxer receiving treatment. It was mauled so badly by the dog pack, it couldn't stand up. According to the magistrate: Another was the victim of repeated dogfights, 50 bite marks over its body. Four of the pets were put down. Sirghon says the dogs belonged to his estranged de facto. But the magistrate said the dogs were so hungry they ripped apart a kitten which had wandered into the back yard. All that was left of the animal was a leg and part of its tail. There are obligations on a person in charge of an animal, they don't necessarily have to be the owner. Sirghon's been jailed for at least six months and fined more than $27,000. They were dumped in his back yard. They were dumped and he is a Samaritan. Sirghon has lodged an immediate appeal. Shaun Fewings, Ten News. The family bought the high-performance Mercedes A horrifying ordeal for a Sydney family as armed thieves carjacked their $200,000 luxury Mercedes. The masked duo threatening to shoot the driver if he refused to hand over the keys. The family bought the high-performance Mercedes just six months ago. But today, this is all that's left of Simon's luxury car after what police say was a carefully planned sting. Two balaclava-clad men slipped under the garage door as Simon parked the Mercedes around 11:00 last night. One man, armed with a hammer, set upon the car. He threatened to shoot Simon, while the other man raced into the house, forcing the family to lie on the ground, threatening two women with a truncheon. Well, you just don't know. They're crazy people. You don't know what they're going to do. The thieves became anxious when the garage door would not open. And the guy with me became very agitated and shouted at me, "When things go wrong, that's when people get hurt!" The thieves were only interested in the car, taking nothing else from the house except their mobile phones to stop them calling police. While police believe this car may eventually be sold overseas, it's most likely still in Sydney now, so they're appealing for anyone who spots this particularly rare type of Mercedes to report it to police. The stolen silver Mercedes has registration plates ARL-24E. Police fear carjackings are becoming more common as thieves look for a way to get around improved anti-theft devices where cars are virtually dead when the engine is switched off. Evan Batten, Ten News. Still to come - Bob Carr reopens the nuclear power debate. Also tonight - new superbug cases. Why some bacteria in Sydney hospitals could soon be untreatable. And league pin-up boy Sonny Bill's white-hot new look. We'll have that story later this newshour.

This program is captioned live. A man accused of the bag-snatching incident that led to last year's Redfern riots has been found not guilty by a jury. Police had been out hunting for the attacker, when they spotted teenager TJ Hickey fleeing the area. This is the security camera vision police viewed shortly before the notorious TJ Hickey chase began. A vicious bag snatching incident at Redfern on Valentine's Day last year. The victim, Lee Lew, injured when she was dragged onto the road trying to defend herself. Patrols were alerted and a search for the culprit began. That's when teenager TJ sped past on his bike and police followed, checking if he was their man. It ended in tragedy when TJ's bike crashed, flipping the boy onto a metal fence and killing him. His death triggering the country's worst race riots in recent history, with locals convinced police had chased TJ without reason. Within months, police arrested Christopher Carr and charged him with two counts of robbery and one of malicious wounding. But today, after less than four hours deliberation, a jury acquitted him. The Crown had based their case on the security tape, but the defence pointed out the jury would have to be convinced beyond reasonable doubt that the man in that vision was Mr Carr. And in the end they weren't. Mr Carr's family delighted by the result. What do you think about it? I can't make a comment on that. Mr Carr remains in custody with other charges pending, including one relating to another bag snatching incident. Amber Muir, Ten News. A second Sydney hospital has quarantined five patients, who've contracted yet another superbug. It comes just 24 hours after 6 patients were isolated with a potentially deadly bacteria at Royal North Shore. Hygiene standards at yet another major Sydney hospital have been stepped up after a bacterial outbreak forced another five patients to be quarantined and the entire intensive care department to be screened. Three of them were in the intensive care unit at the same time. That automatically tells us we need to check if all our infection control procedures are working well. Called MRAB, the bug is different to the one discovered at Royal North Shore Hospital, but poor hygiene by hospital staff is likely to have spread both. Patients should not experience any symptoms but, in extremely rare case, the antibiotic-resistant bacteria has caused death. It attacks only the very sick. The important thing to remember so that if people are using normal toilet facilities and practising normal hygiene procedures like washing hands, this should not be transmitted. What's concerning doctors is that, on a worldwide scale, superbugs resistant to antibiotics are developing at a rapid rate.

While at the moment most are still treatable, experts warn we're not far off the day when we see a superbug that will not respond to any of our antibiotics. Some doctors want regular screening amid criticism these outbreaks don't have to be reported to health authorities. But the Department denies hospital hygiene is slipping, claiming our infection rates are similar to other countries. If anything, I think post-SARS and concern about influenza, people are much more aware than they were of the importance of hospital control and hand-washing, et cetera. Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. Nuclear energy is back on the agenda, with the Premier describing its demise as premature. Bob Carr wants a debate on its benefits because of the environmental damage caused by coal power. The second nuclear reactor ever built in Australia is nearing completion at Lucas Heights. Costing $330 million, it will be used for research, not power - Australia has in fact never had a nuclear power plant. But the Premier says that might change. The winding back of nuclear power looks premature given the fact that coal-based electricity is melting the polar ice caps and causing enormous environmental grief across the planet. He wants the issue debated before committing either way but says other energy sources, like wind and solar, aren't yet viable. His federal colleagues don't support the concept but Australia's top nuclear science body does. We believe that nuclear power is one of these technologies that needs to be looked at as part of the whole mix of energy supply. There's no plans to build any nuclear power reactors just yet. The Premier wants comprehensive studies into their safety and also the disposal of nuclear waste. Opponents say it would be a ticking time bomb, another Chernobyl waiting to happen. Our Premier would be showing much better leadership if he got on with solving the problem of creating energy through wind and solar power. You could have a wind farm across all of outback NSW - it'd kill every kookaburra, but it wouldn't provide the base-load power we need. Dan Nolan, Ten News. Why do you bother coming in Why do you bother coming in ? I haven't had much to do for around a month now apart from saying fine and sunny and 20 degrees. They still pay me the big bucks and I've seen how little Ron Wilson does so it's a fair deal. What a brilliant day today. Unfortunately we're running out of water. No rainfall on the radar at the moment for the next seven days. In fact, the forecast is fine and sunny and 20 degrees for the next week. Skywatch - that was fine and sunny and 20 degrees. I sound like a broken record but I'm here to tell it as it is. Currently, 17 degrees. Pollution low everywhere. The 7-day forecast, I can use one other word - fog on Saturday. That's it. See you again in around about 10. Next in the 5:00 News - why sending text messages at the wheel is as dangerous as drink-driving. And saving the whales - the race to rescue dozens of the stranded sea creatures.

This program is captioned live. Time for a check with Vic Lorusso on the Mix traffic helicopter. Things are very crowded around the airport. What's going on? Unfortunately the M5 east was closed for an hour this afternoon after a major accident in the tunnel. You can see the runways . Absolutely jamp packed going to the south-west. The delays go back Paris Moore Park into the CBD. If you're heading for the south-west, avoid the airport and M5. A desperate race is on to save up to 150 whales stranded off WA's south-west coast. Volunteers took to the water after the false killer whales beached themselves early this morning. Despite the massive effort, rough seas and a receding tide have hampered rescue attempts. They're large animals, they're weighty, they're difficult to move around, so we're needing more machinery and stuff to deal with those. Fears are held for the condition of the whales, with many now ill and distressed. At least one has died. Rescuers are preparing for a bitter cold night. There will be a fresh attempt to push the whales out to sea tomorrow. Calls for tougher penalties for drivers who SMS at the wheel. They follow staggering research that shows text driving is as dangerous as drink-driving. It's something we've suspected for some time - SMS messaging and driving just don't mix. Now, research on a Monash University simulator proves it. 20 inexperienced drivers, aged from 18 to 21, are put through their SMS paces in the first experiment of its type in the world, and fail dismally. The fact is that it's illegal and the results of this research show that it's very, very dangerous. The report found drivers who SMS: The Monash research declared SMS driving to be just as dangerous as low-range drink-driving. Clearly the penalties have to be the same - loss of licence. Current penalties include fines and loss of demerit points. The drivers involved in the test admitted their performance had been impaired but they were prepared to take that risk. It's partly about a penalty and it's partly about educating them about the dangers of what they're doing. But mobile phones aren't the only driving distraction - researchers point to billboards, car navigation aids and DVDs. Paul Mullins, Ten News. A mass protest in the State's north-west today. Gunnedah residents angered by Government plans which they claim could make the place a permanent ghost town. It wasn't business as usual in the State's north-west. There was silence in Gunnedah's streets, local shop owners walking out of their stores en masse. And the town's 60-year-old mill also came to a grinding halt. 2,500 residents together in a David and Goliath battle against the State Government over its latest forest rezoning. Today Gunnedah again, together with our friends from neighbouring communities, comes together to highlight to the Government that enough is enough. APPLAUSE The plan would see up to 100 jobs axed. The reality too much for some. Our turnover last year was $650,000. We spent over $78,000 on raw material from Gunnedah and other areas. Despite the desperate plea, Premier Carr shows no sign of backing down. We're restructuring an industry to save the western woodlands and all the species which exist there. Ebbeny Faranda, Ten News. Still to come - the new discount deal that could save you plenty at the petrol pump. Also tonight - sliding away. The natural disaster that's left hundreds of millionaires homeless. And the love affair that's still going strong after 80 years. What's the secret of our long, happy married life? They'll share it, later this news hour.

This program is captioned live. Time for another check of the weather. Tim Bailey, Ron was saying he doesn't think you do too much, but I think you do plenty, you brighten up our days. Send that to the boss, thank you very much. Another endless blue sky that looks like it will continue for another fort night. It's incredible how dry things are. 20 degrees tomorrow and no rain at all. We do have some fog around Saturday morning as temperatures drop down a bit. Can you believe the snow season starts one week from today? They're

not even making as much snow as they can because they haven't got the water. The drought is putting its stamp on everything. I'll see you at 5:55. Multimillion-dollar homes have been destroyed in a devastating landslide at California's Laguna Beach. More than a thousand residents have had to flee with many more houses still at risk. The landslide turned millionaire's row into a disaster zone. Residents reported hearing popping sounds just before the hillside let go. Many had just woken when they had to run for their lives. And we could hear this house collapsing behind us, sinking in, and I guess the driveway moved 200 feet as we were running down it but we didn't have a choice. We had to get out. It was crackin' and crunchin' and I walked outside and I knew right away. I had my wife run our kids down the hill in their underwear. As they ran to safety, their houses crashed down behind them. 18 multimillion-dollar homes were destroyed. Some made it to the bottom intact, others split in two. A God-awful cracking noise and I couldn't get any water or electricity so I stepped out on the roof and I just watched this house implode. With up to 20 mansions still teetering on collapse and the hillside continuing to move, authorities have evacuated 350 surrounding houses, leaving 1,000 people homeless tonight. It's not the first time disaster has hit the area. Almost 10 years ago, heavy rain triggered another slide which killed two people and damaged 300 homes. Incredibly, everyone escaped with only frayed nerves and minor injuries. I got out safe. That's all I care about right now. Geologists have moved on site as rescue crews carry out a final sweep to make sure no-one is trapped. It's dangerous up there. There are men and women working up there as the ground and moving. Anxious home owners just want to return to recover what's left. In Laguna Beach, California, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. The Australian share market continued its rebound today.

To CommSec now, and Donohue D'Souza. And our share market's still finding plenty of support. It was a cracker, Ron. The market supported by increased optimism and confidence. The rally on wall Street helped. Investors not spooked by the 5% rise in crude oil prices. The interesting thing is the share market turned around so fast. I have one bone to pick with you, oil prices up again? Motorists, just when they thought they were in the clear, oil prices are hounting us. In the last few days, oil prices up $7.50. Petrol will rise by 1 cent, to be prepared about pay 7.5 cents. We could have to pay more at the pump. If only I could remember to use the fuel vouchers, I'd be alright. Small retailers are joining independent service station operators to take on the major retail chains. They've launched their own discount scheme in a fight for survival. As a stand-alone operator, Jim Nezeritis believes his business would be doomed. However, he's become one of the first independents in Victoria to sign up to a national discount fuel scheme designed to counter the docket discounts offered by the major retail chains. Money's going only one way - to Coles, Safeways - and nothing for us. If it keeps going, I'll be out of business within 12 months. A survey by the Australian Automobile Association has found the use of discount shopping dockets has increased from 50% to 70% in two years. Under the Beepp scheme, small retailers set their own targets for customers to earn dollar vouchers which can be spent on fuel or other goods at independent service stations. The aim of the program is to give a bit of business back to the shopping strips and to draw the customers back into the independent businesses. The biggest player in the discount fuel game, Coles Myer, believes it still has the upper hand - 700 retail outlets and 600 service stations nationwide giving it strength in numbers. While some independent service stations persist with their own discount offers, over 500 businesses in Australia have paid several hundred dollars each to join forces. I need it to work and I believe it will work and I think this is my last chance for me to survive. Cameron Baud, Ten News. Sport with Tim Wester. Some good news for rugby league fans. Yes, Jessica, Braith Anasta has decided not to defect to union. And Sonny Bill Williams as you've never seen him before - why he's changed his look. And Australia's biggest sporting airlift - the incredible logistics of moving the V8s to China .

This program is captioned live. After a month of speculation Bulldogs five-eight Braith Anasta has decided to stay in rugby league. The fear of switching and not making it in union was a key factor. A family meeting last night relieved Braith Anasta of a month's worth of stress and indecision because the Bulldogs star realised he has unfulfilled ambitions in league. I had lot more to offer to rugby league and probably haven't achieved as much as I would have liked to. If I had gone to union. I probably wouldn't have been happy with what I've done in the game. I've worked hard to get where I have in league. Anasta was close to switching codes but he admits a fear of failure was also a concern. I'm just starting to get over that expectation thing in league, and to step straight back into that in union was a bit of a factor too. He now will focus on league long term but Anasta is adamant he didn't use union to milk more money. Despite the speculation, Braith Anasta might throw himself onto the open market after June 30 and find out about interest from Canberra Souths and the Roosters. There's now every likelihood he'll remain with the Bulldogs. Anasta will begin immediate talks with the Bulldogs, who have already offered him $300,000 per season. Bulldogs will always be my first preference and I'll give them all the respect I can. I really respect them as a club. They'll always have the first and final say for me. Anasta's Bulldogs team-mate - if you can recognise him with the mohawk - and Bulldogs pup Sonny Bill Williams featuring in a $3 million advertising campaign. While he'll enjoy a massive profile with his image plastered across 50 billboards and 5,000 bus stops nationwide, he's braced to be the butt of many jokes from his team-mates. Tony Peters, Ten News. Queensland fullback Chris Latham was in shock after he took out the Australian Super 12 Player of the Year award last night. The Reds' custodian won the award for a record fourth time despite a disastrous season for Queensland. Latham edged out Brumbies star George Smith by one vote. I'm just very honoured. I mean, George Smith puts in week in, week out and I definitely would have and I definitely would have backed him in even from the start. I am just very surprised and probably a little bit lost for words so, yeah, very happy. Sorry. Waratahs winger Peter Hewat celebrated a fine debut season with the Rookie of the Year and People's Choice awards, while Ewen McKenzie was named Coach of the Year. The selectors' axe has swung at the Sydney Swans - four players dropped for Saturday's match against Carlton in Melbourne. Paul Bevan has been left out for the first time in his 34-game career along with Adam Schnieder, Matthew Nicks and Jason Saddington. The Swans have brought back sharpshooter Nick Davis after a hamstring injury and have named midfielder Nick Malceski for his first game. It's amazing. I've been at the club and last year I had an injury and put me out all year. It's a relief. Veteran defender Andrew Schauble makes his return, along with recruit David Spriggs. Veteran boxing trainer Johnny Lewis says world champion Kostya Tszyu is hungrier than ever and ready to punish England's Ricky Hatton when they fight on Sunday. The British media had their first glimpse of the Aussie great and he put on a show. Flanked by half a dozen bodyguards, Kostya Tszyu looked more like a Russian politician than an adopted Aussie boxer. But he was determined the 80-strong media scrum didn't mistake him for something else. Guys, you mistaken me. I'm not a movie star. I'm an athlete. Tszyu faces one of his biggest challenges in English hero Ricky Hatton. And he's mentally prepared for the sights and sounds of fighting at 2am in front of a mad Hatton crowd. I'm coming into the ring in a tunnel, a tunnel that is blocking every noise. It doesn't matter what's happening around, really doesn't matter. In the ring, three of us only. Apart from their desire to win the fight, Tszyu said he an Hatton are also bound by pressure and the result could be decided by who handles it best. It's pressure for everybody. Pressure on me because I'm world champion defending fight against a great, undefeated fighter. Pressure on Ricky Hatton in front of his fans and first big world title fight. After a golden reign stretching back to 1991, the pragmatic pugilist made it clear he realises he is getting to the wrong end of his career, but Kostya made it clear Hatton shouldn't delight in that. Every single athlete, good athlete, has to finish his finish line. I think my finish line is in front of me. I can't see it. Maybe it's one corner away, maybe two corners, maybe three corners. I don't know. Daniel Lane, Ten News. Australian pace duo Glenn McGrath and Jason Gillespie have moved a step closer to calling themselves Test all-rounders. Now both the one-time batting bunnies can boast a bat sponsorship. The pair providing areguably the highlight of last summer when they made debut half-centuries against the Kiwis. We don't have a lot to hang our hats on with the bat so we've been milking it for all its worth. The team photo out of the way, the players had their final pre-Ashes training session this morning before flying out on Saturday. The V8s have begun their biggest international journey. At a cost of more than $2 million, 32 race cars and 50 tonnes of gear are set to wing their way to China for Round 5 of the series next weekend. The V8 travelling circus is packing up and on the move - direct from Avalon, bound for Shanghai. Everything else we have done to this point has been for Formula One, MotoGP, Champ Cars, World Superbikes - all overseas operations. This is an all-Australian operation, so we're proud of that. It's a logistical nightmare for the 19 race teams. Their cars squeezed together on bunk beds, their gear jammed into 2.5-tonne containers filled to the top with as many spare engines, gear boxes and wheels as possible. It's a bit tricky, making use of all the available space, but with a bit of prior planning and just having everything organised and whatnot, it's come together quite easily. The Chinese touch isn't a subtle one. Liveries have changed across the board, a Buick is in the field. There's no Betta Electrical stores in China so Lowndesey's paint scheme is all new and driver names will feature in both languages. I'm very fluent in Chinese, Tim. Looking good for going over there, not a drama in the world. I should be able to get along with the locals very sweetly. The first of two Boeing 747s leaves tomorrow night. Tim Hodges, Ten News. Later on Sports Tonight with Leigh Diffey we talk to Wallaby Mat Rogers and will have the women's singles semifin als at the French Open. Back to Vic Lorusso on the Mix traffic helicopter. How's it looking? It's really heavy for traffic getting out of the city and heading towards the south-west the M5 east was closed. Now we're showing you the M5 at Bankstown. This is the traffic still trying to get home after being stuck in the tunnel. The tunnel has reopened but it's going to be a very long drive home in towards Campbelltown. The only way to avoid that would be to go by the Hume Highway . Elsewhere, the M2 has struggled after a smash at the tolls. Tim Bailey's weather after the break. And a record-breaking couple reveal some of their secrets to marital bliss. It's Franklins' birthday! And you can save big and win big with our Birthday Cash Jackpot. There's a total of $150,000 in prizes. Every $20 spent Plus, you'll save big - like two litre Coca-Cola soft drink varieties, $1.65. 750g Sanitarium Weet-Bix, $1.97. With Franklins' Birthday Cash Jackpot.

This program is captioned live. The Ten News has taken out an international award. Ten has won CNN's World Report Award for Best News Story. The award was for coverage of the Redfern riots and the story of TJ Hickey, the boy whose death sparked the clash between police and locals. It was put together by reporter Amber Muir. Onto the weather. Tim Bailey, speak ecof television magic, I know you'll sproi us some. You'll turn the words fine and sunny into four minutes of television? That's my mission. Congratulations, Amber Muir, great job, pleasure to work with you. CNN awards don't come along every day of the week. I love doing the weather at Darling Harbour. There are people everywhere, a few of them get in front of the camera and you never know who you might recognise, who you might not recognise. This is a true story. This is the Porter family who came into Darling Harbour tonight for a 32nd wedding anniversary. Congratulations. That's 120 power bills. You're taking her out for dinner. I'll probably get a good deal for it. Nick off, you have other things on your mind. Weatherwise - your weather photographs are knocking us over each and every day. Keep them rolling in at and we will put each of every one of your photographs on the television because they're too good just for

your families. Weatherwise - fine and sunny and 20 degrees. Satellite - cloud is thickening over WA as a trough approaches causing showers on the west coast. None for us. Tomorrow a high over NSW will generate a cold morning and a dry, mild and sunny day. Predicted precipitation - and a dry, mild and sunny day. Predicted precipitation - pathetic. Isolated showers along the northern coast lines, not much in it. Saturday, warm sunny weather across the mainland. Next week, fine and sunny conditions. That's us live from Darling Harbour. See you again tomorrow night. Finally, it's a story that warms the heart - a wedding anniversary to beat them all. A couple in Britain still together, in love and going strong after tying the knot a record-breaking 80 years ago. It's a love story that has really stood the test of time. 105-year-old Percy and his bride, 100-year-old Florence, have been husband and wife - for better or worse - since 1925. I don't think there's any secrets about you. Hey? What? Is there? No, no. What's the secret of our long, happy, married life? Young Florence was a Sunday school teacher when she met Percy in the choir early last century, and they've been singing from the same page ever since. Otherwise, we've been very happy, haven't we dear? Yes. If only you'd wake up. Today, there was an arthritic knees-up after the Guinness people confirmed the record, and then the kids dropped in to the house they've been calling the family home for 77 years. Well, we've always been a family, we've been a happy family. They've hardly ever been apart. So I think the one props the other up all the time. So what is the secret to a diamond-pearl anniversary? Love, I suppose. But it seems Percy has a different idea. The answer is to always say "yes, dear." And, if Percy and Florence have any say, there'll be many more "yes, dears" to come. Patrick Burns, Ten News. That's the 5:00 News. I'm Ron Wilson. Goodnight. And I'm Jessica Rowe. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.