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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. to Graham Kennedy. Tonight - a final farewell you were our court jester, mate. You were not only the king, at Sydney airport. More evidence organised crime is rife a shortcut through a Sydney cemetery. And a teenager raped taking and Jessica Rowe. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. Also tonight - two young men jailed of a promising footballer. over the death as Miss Universe. And Jennifer's final fling farewell to the king of television. But first this evening - a final at a moving funeral service Graham Kennedy honoured filled with love and laughter. paying tribute His closest friends and colleagues Australian entertainment industry. to the man without peer in the millions of Australians His wit and humour touched of TV talent. and inspired a generation beloved Southern Highlands home, Many turning out to Graham Kennedy's near Sydney, to pay their last respects. We all liked him so much. a very nice, good afternoon, It's not a funeral, it's just and very talented man. and we're saying goodbye to a lovely With laughter his religion, for a final comic blast. a small local theatre was the setting centre stage on his coffin One of his record 19 Logies for a celebratory tribute in song. # Love is in the air... # the King of TV at his finest. And onscreen, capturing GRAHAM: Rover? Oh, he's... LAUGHTER Stories shared of Kennedy's humour from pneumonia last Wednesday. even in the hours before his death So the doctor said, to ask me, Graham?" "Is there anything you'd like doctors charge so much?" And he said, "Yes. Why do you LAUGHTER Laughter helping defuse anger that Graham Kennedy died from AIDS. over Derryn Hinch's claims a punchline from the grave. His former writer delivering I hear Derryn outed me. it's rife up here. I've got a hot flash for him - comes an overwhelming sense of loss But with the smiles with an astounding legacy. for a complex and private man that he had on television The influence was quite amazing, the likes of which I can't remember in one particular medium anybody else that Graham had on television. having the influence with the trappings of fame. A star never comfortable loved a lot of things. Our friend Graham himself as much as we loved him. I just wished he'd have loved you were our court jester. You were not only the king, mate - We'll miss you. Vale, Graham. a final standing ovation. His sporting heroes helping attract was a lifelong supporter Graham Kennedy of the St Kilda Football Club, their last respects. and the team was honoured to help pay and several key players The club's coach, captain, president serving as pallbearers. he's finally with the saints. Graham Kennedy's friends saying Goodbye, Graham, we'll miss you.

# We may never meet again. # Deborah Knight, Ten News. In Mittagong, at Sydney airport A secret Customs investigation of criminal activity. has exposed a hot-bed just one of the groups Baggage handlers to smuggle drugs. suspected of helping

under threat from organised crime. Australia's major gateway and Sydney airport -

That's the warning Customs intelligence report, from a confidential leaked to the 'Australian' newspaper. adding there are major concerns Customs says crime is rife, Baggage handlers clearly identified opportunity to smuggle drugs. as the group with the best since 2003, And they've been under suspicion was arrested in Bali. well before Schapelle Corby Customs complains it has no power of the airport to search some airside areas and that it believes bags of drugs from international aircraft, have been taken to domestic flights. retagged and diverted have been involved The report reveals aircraft cleaners from an aircraft. in attempting to retrieve cocaine the large numbers of Arabic men There are also concerns about without adequate background checks. working as security personnel its doing enough. But the government believes

by Customs, We have increased dog patrols by Customs increased closed-circuit television are now being screened. and Qantas and of course aircrew

Questions are now being asked

on its own intelligence report. about why Customs failed to act No baggage handlers were caught to get a green light and crime syndicates continued through Sydney airport. to smuggle drugs why it was kept in the dark Qantas is demanding to know about the Customs report. The airline now calling and security screening for tougher background checks the airport. of all staff entering and leaving

John Hill, Ten News. ever are about to hit, Sydney's toughest water restrictions and the Government's already looking could be. at what the next phase of cutbacks With no relief in sight, how to best preserve it's investigating the little supply that's left. The Utilities Minister plant, at Wollongong, chose Australia's largest recycling of stage three restrictions. for the official unveiling Homeowners given a month's notice is cut back from three to two days. before watering the garden water use and management in Sydney This is the biggest reform in the Tank Stream. since we got weaned off include: Other features of the restrictions

by half The Government is also cutting

the environmental flow into the Hawkesbury-Nepean River. from Warragamba Dam is not flushed Obviously, the river have been. as well as it would otherwise

of choking salvinia weed And that means the possible return to the waterway by next summer. this may be just the beginning. The Government concedes come under review Tougher stage four restrictions if overall dam levels hit 30%. for a desalination plant, And the Government insists its plans if all else fails, remains on track. carefully We're watching the situation and we'll do whatever's necessary to address that. You can be as tough as you like on somebody for hosing their lawn when they shouldn't be. But what is Bob Carr doing about providing more water? Water-saving devices for taps and showers will be made available free to all household customers. Paul Mullins, Ten News. A shocking ordeal for a young woman who took a last-minute shortcut through a Sydney cemetery at night.

The 16-year-old attacked and sexually assaulted by two men. The 16-year-old New Zealand girl was on her way home from work around 7:30 last night when she took a shortcut through the cemetery at St John's Anglican church in Ashfield. She was grabbed by a man and dragged from the dimly lit pathway, forced to lie down among the tombstones where she was set upon by a second man. She was then sexually assaulted. At the time, one of the offenders held a piece of glass to her throat and the 16-year-old girl was assaulted with an object. The assault continued for several minutes until the teenager screamed. The men fled, the girl dialling '000' on her mobile. Police believe the man who assaulted the girl is of African appearance,

late 20s, 180cm tall with a very dark complexion and a muscular build. The second man - 170cm tall, of thin build. It's been six months

since the notorious Inner West rapist has struck, but police at this stage are not linking last night's assault with him, so they now fear there are yet more sexual predators targeting women in the Inner West. Locals surprised anyone would walk through the cemetery after dark. I wouldn't, and I'm 51. I wouldn't walk through here on my own. When it happens outside your door, it's a bit frightening. Police advising everyone to avoid the area after dark. To stick to the roads, stick to the we'll lighted areas. Just for a 5-minute shortcut, she's paid a very severe price. Evan Batten, Ten News. Outrage tonight from the family of a young footballer murdered in the prime of his life. Kane Mason's killer given a minimum of 7.5 years in jail for the crime, his accomplice sentenced to less than half that.

The parents of a murdered footballer lost for words after the gunman is sentenced to a minimum 7.5 years jail and his co-accused to as little as three. It's not enough. Their grief overflowed outside the court while supporters of the prisoners made the victory sign. Kane Mason was shot dead on his way to a party with friends in 2003. Michael Clifford had started a drunken fight with him in the street and called out to his 17-year-old friend to help.

The teenager did, with a gun, killing 24-year-old Mason instantly, then firing at Mason's best friend Darren Ward, severely injuring him. That same mate disgusted by today's result. Very lenient, actually. It's letting the community down. One will be out next year, and that's unbelievable. Something has to be done about this justice system. The shooting rocked the normally sleepy north coast town of Macksville and moved a judge to express sympathy for Mason's family. He said the footballer's death marked a loss for the whole community -

a man who showed so much promise. But the court also had to take into account

the young age of the offenders. The judge described the gunman as a "catastrophe waiting to happen". Raised by a violent father and alcoholic mother, he was drunk and stoned almost daily by the age of 10. The background of his friend, Michael Clifford, wasn't much better.

Yet the court found both showed good prospects for rehabilitation. Do you think the court paid too much attention to their psychological profile? Yes, it did. Amber Muir, Ten News. An Australian woman jailed in Asia

has warned that Schapelle Corby could die in prison if moves to get her home fail. She believes government intervention is her only real hope. Australian Kay Danes

is all too familiar with the squalid prison conditions in which Schapelle Corby could spend 20 years. You know, you could be dead in 10 years. You could be dead tomorrow. Miss Danes endured months in a Laos jail, accused of gemstone fraud. Today she visited Bali's Kerobokan prison. Inmates here were relieved to get out even for a brief trip to court. Inside they're given little, not even soap to clean themselves. Nothing. You just wash - wash with the water, that's it.

REPORTER: And what about the food in there that you're given? Substandard rice and a little bit of fruit. The prison's chief doctor tells us the facility isn't funded well enough. If Schapelle Corby wants good food and other supplies, he explains,

her family will have to keep paying.

But reports from inside say she's in an emotional low and shunning visitors. She's struggling very much.

She's very - she's just struggling. She wants, she needs the Australian people's support. She's apparently upset that her family ignored a request not to visit for a week. Flowers from an Australian well-wisher an illustration of how public opinion at home is with Schapelle,

but public opinion here in Bali is not with Schapelle Corby,

a situation not helped by newspaper reports like this one,

which says Australians are demanding back charity donations made to Indonesia after the tsunami. Many believe the commotion surrounding her case hasn't helped either. Our hope came from the Australian Government, not a big circus act. In Bali, Jeremy Pudney, Ten News. A dangerous escapee still on the run in Sydney - that story when Ten News continues. Also tonight - Cathy Freeman's Commonwealth Games warning to our track and field team. And tears and tiaras as our Aussie Miss Universe hands over her crown. We'll have that story later this news hour. This program is captioned live. Six patients infected with a potentially deadly bacteria that's resistant to antibiotics have been isolated in Royal North Shore Hospital. Special cleaning procedures have been instigated to stop the bacteria, called VRE, from spreading. Patients with confirmed VRE have been isolated, with their treatment continuing as normal. A dangerous prisoner is entering his second night on the run in Sydney. Security in the courtroom he escaped from is now being upgraded, but Corrective Services says it should've been done a long time ago. He's considered a dangerous prisoner and tonight Steven Eatts is still on the run. His getaway car was found in Glebe last night - he'd allegedly used it to run down a police officer after escaping from Central Local Court yesterday afternoon. It was quite an athletic feat from this particular inmate to leap up on a glazed enclosed dock area. The glass wall was 3m high, but Eatts was able to scale it and then jump another 2.5 metres and out a window. Corrective Services wanted the dock enclosed with a glass ceiling but was over-ruled by the Attorney General's department when a security upgrade was completed. Experts came to the decision that a 3m high enclosure would prevent an escape,

and in this case it didn't. The dock in this particular courtroom will now be fully enclosed to prevent further escapes,

but there's still many more that need increased security. Last year Samuel Smith escaped from the same complex after bolting through an open gate. The Opposition says its time to bring back leg-irons. Put these prisoners in chains, put leg restraints on them, and they won't be escaping, climbing walls and hijacking cars. Police are still hunting Steven Eatts and warn the public not to approach him. Dan Nolan, Ten News. Police are hunting a gang of armed thieves who made off with a large sum of cash in an overnight robbery. Two of the balaclava-clad robbers approached guards as they were delivering money to the National Australia Bank in Crows Nest early this morning.

At least one shot was fired, shattering one of the bank's glass doors. Police are also looking for a silver Audi believed to be the getaway car driven by a third person. Rebel Liberal MPs have forced the Prime Minister

into an extraordinary re-think on asylum seekers. John Howard now looking for compromises to head off an open revolt in Parliament. It's the biggest party room rebellion in John Howard's nine years as PM. Catalyst for the unrest - two bills proposed by Victorian rebel Petro Georgiou with the help of colleague Bruce Baird. We've got the toughest policy in the world, that's why we want to change it. A clear demand for a change in the way asylum seekers are treated emerged from two hours of debate and 43 speakers. I think there's always room for improvement. Any policy can be improved and there's always room for more compassion in any policy. Those arguing for substantial change included National Party MPs Paul Neville and Kay Hull along with high-profile Liberal Malcolm Turnbull. 13 Government MPs with the support of the Labor Opposition could see the legislation passed. We want to facilitate it and we want an end to the shambles that Liberal Party migration policy has become. Senators Brandis and Troeth joined 10 others the rebels claim as rusted on. The official count is 9 but among the 34 who are listed as opponents of the bill

many argued for change. John Howard he summed up the mood in the party room as wanting to see the mandatory detention policy administered more humanely, fairly and speedily. He proposed negotiations with Mr Georgiou with a report back in a fortnight. The Victorian MP agreed to wait another three weeks before introducing his bills. Mr Howard is desperate to head off Labor's plans to force a vote.

Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Golden girl Cathy Freeman has attacked Australia's track and field program,

calling on athletes to lift their game. The face of the Commonwealth Games accusing the sport's management of complacency. 288 days out from the Commonwealth Games, the spotlight was supposed to be on major sponsor Qantas and its new 737, decked out in Games livery. But instead, the face of Melbourne 2006, Cathy Freeman, stole the headlines, delivering a scathing assessment of her sport. Obviously, I'm going to be highly critical, as we all should be, in our own little way. The 400m Sydney gold medallist urging athletes to lift their game, labelling the sport's governing body 'complacent'. Complacency is dangerous and so it's always important to try and better yourself,

focusing on your weaknesses and your strengths. Despite sweeping changes at Athletics Australia, she's warned not to expect a swag of medals from our track and field team. It's no surprise. I don't think it's not going to be as high as what other sports are going to be producing, like swimming, for example. The former star urging her sport to look to cricket as a model for success. But athletics' newly installed hierarchy says it's on the right track. AA boss Danny Corcoran rang Cathy Freeman to set the record straight. She now understands that we've got these pressing financial issues that we've had to deal with, and to dismantle s ome of the programs because of funding. Despite her outburst, track's golden girl is still welcome at track HQ. We invited her, when she's in Melbourne, to come back and let's sit down and go through what you think the issues are and how you think you can address them with us. Gerard Scholten, Ten News.

What does Tim Bailey want to be?

About 10 degrees warmer, I think.

That southerly has goose bufrps.

What do you want to be? We're at

the wall by fan day. Say hello to

all your friends. Later on the

telly, not just the true stars, but

George Gregan's going to have a

word to you as well. Today, fine

and sunny, 20 degrees. Put it on

your fridge. I shouldn't get money

this week, fine and sunny and 20

degrees. Anybody can do that.

Skywatch - you'd reckon I'd know it

after 15 years. Blue, sunny, 20

degrees. Chilly, 17 right now. No

pollution this week. Next week -

dry , sunny, 19 to 20 degrees. 15

years and I'm still getting it wrong

See you again in around about 10. Next - a brutal triple murder and the dramatic police chase that led to five arrests. And a celebrity heiress meets her perfect match.

This program is captioned live.

Time to check on the traffic with

Vic Lorusso on the Mix traffic

helicopter. I whinge on about it

all the time, but trucks don't have

a place in peek hour traffic. No.

People heading to bifr pool will

agree with this. It's broken down

on the Hume Highway just past the

M5. Peak hour traffic is queued.

It's going to be a very slow run

home for traffic to the south-west.

The best away around is by the M5.

Leaving ya the Harbour Bridge is a

slow run as well. Australia's ambitious plan to upgrade the Navy has moved a big step closer, with Adelaide chosen to build three state-of-the-art warships. The Air Warfare Destroyers will be built by the Australian Submarine Corporation

in a project worth a massive $6 billion. The most important thing they will do is provide a protective bubble as it were over whatever area they're working in. The government is yet to decide on the design, but the first ship is due for completion in 2013. It's a triple murder so horrific even the most experienced police are shocked. Three men bashed to death in a south Queensland home. The teenagers accused of the killings arrested at gunpoint after a dramatic car chase. A dramatic arrest

after one of Queensland's most violent multiple murders. Five teenagers captured at gunpoint 100km from the crime scene. They're still being interrogated over the discovery of three bludgeoned bodies in a Toowoomba home. This is a fairly horrific, a very horrific crime and quite a violent crime. Police found the bodies just after 1:00 this morning after a nearby resident raised the alarm. The three male victims, aged between 17 and 30, had suffered severe head injuries, the house covered with their blood. It's believed a metal pipe was used in the attacks. Officers are trying to determine the role of an injured 16-year-old who was found near the crime scene. He has received an injury and he did go to the Toowoomba Hospital earlier this morning but is now assisting detectives. Scientific officers spent the day hunting for clues left by the killers. They're expected to work through the night. Until scientific officers have completed their work, the bodies will remain in situ. Despite the extreme violence, The five suspects are due back in Toowoomba this evening for further questioning. Police keeping tight-lipped about possible motives for Towoomba's most shocking crime. Jesse Grayson, Ten News. A move to cash in on tobacco sponsorship by bringing forward the 2006 motorcycle grand prix has enraged the anti-smoking lobby. The announcement coming on World No Tobacco Day. A smoker for more than 50 years, Max King was diagnosed with lung cancer six months ago. The disease and intensive treatment proving the biggest challenge of his 71 years. You take one step and you hit the floor, you hit the concrete.

I've hit the lawn, fallen in the bath twice - torn myself to pieces. He says marketing is a big influence on would-be smokers. The GP Corporation is pushing to bring the 2006 event forward, to beat a Government ban on tobacco sponsorship. We have an obligation of the duration of the 5-year contract.

2006 is the last year of that 5-year contract.

The AMA president is outraged. We know tobacco should not be part of the Grand Prix. If they're trying to break the spirit of that ruling then it's reprehensible. The national Quit program has a new phone number - 13 QUIT - and a slightly new direction. Less than 10% of smokers chose to enlist the help of programs like QUIT, but those who do double their chance of success. Safeguarding future generations is now at the heart of the QUIT message. Children of parents who smoke are twice as likely to be smokers so if we can encourage parents to quit we're hopeful that not only will we be saving their own life, but potentially that of their children as well. Max King's responding well to his treatment, but has a clear message for those considering the deadly habit. Don't do it. Just don't do it. Luke Waters, Ten News. Still to come - when Paris met Paris - everyone's favourite celebrity heiress to wed her namesake. Also tonight - the winner is... Miss Universe 2005 is Canada! And why Australia's songwriter of the year couldn't sing her own tune at the APRAs. # Could you leave me with a scar? #

This program is captioned live.

Tim Bailey, I just love the

Wallabies. So do I. I'm dreaming of

being a Wallaby. We're at the fan

day in North Sydney, 10,000 people

here. We'll have George Gregan on

the television shortly and talk to

him. You're feeling chilly at home

and I am too here. The coldest day

of the year , minus3 at Dubbo.

Let's look at the map.

The fan day at North Sydney Oval,

we'll bring more to you in the next

20 minutes, including the skipper,

George greegan. It will be good fun.

See you at 5:55. At just 21, Missy Higgins has become the youngest winner of Australia's most prestigious songwriting award. At last night's APRA awards, Higgins showed she's left her mark on the industry, winning Song of the Year for her hit 'Scar'. And especially because it's voted by all you guys, who are musicians and songwriters, that's just the greatest honour. With Missy overseas touring, Kasey Chambers performed the award-winner on her behalf.

# So that I do remember to never go that far # Could you leave me with a scar? # 15,000 songwriters vote in the awards. It was a day in the red for the Australian share market today. Craig James at Commonwealth Securities - it seems we're reining in our spending.

Is that the real story? It's not

the real story. We've had a half a%

fall in retail tried in prip, but

what's behind the figures is the

warm, dry autumn, that's caused

retailers to cut the prices of

seasonal items. We're probably

still buying the same amount of

goods, just cheaper. What's

happened to the Aussie dollar?

Investors are moving to the

greenback from the euro and the yen

and the Aussie dollar. We had

figures on Australia's current

account deficit trade situation

today and that blew out in the

latest quarter. Thanks, Craig.

Celebrity socialite Paris Hilton is to getting hitched - to Paris. The billionaire heiress has announced she'll marry Greek shipping heir Paris Latsis, the 54th richest man in the world.

Hilton has revealed they'd like to have children within the next two years. The two Parises haven't yet set the date, but celebrity watchers are wondering if they'll tie the knot where else but in Paris. Tears amid the tiaras today as Australia's Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins handed over her crown. A disappointing finish, though, for this year's homegrown entrant, failing to make the final 15. Miss Australia, Michelle Guy, had a 1 in 80 chance of winning this year's Miss Universe Pageant. But with no country ever winning the crown twice in a row, her hopes were diminishing even before she took to the stage in her heavily criticised national costume. Not even making the top 15,

Michelle quickly kissed the crown goodbye. The start of this year's quest marks the end of tiara duties for Jennifer Hawkins.

The whole year has been like a complete fantasy, really. It's like, you've got the crown, you've got the dress. The 800 million-strong audience shown what the beauty queen has been up to over the past 12 months - living it up in her New York apartment and spreading world peace. But the time finally came for her to give up the crown.

Some of the world's most stunning beauties had to endure three rounds of tough competition, parading stunning evening gowns and revealing swimsuits to try to win over the panel of 12 judges. And it seems to have worked. You know, I have never checked out women like this before in my life

and I'm kind of liking it. And then there were five - it all boiled down to the dreaded final question. I consider myself the kind of person who always looks at the glass half full instead of half empty.

Well, the glass was definitely half full for Canada's Natalie Glebova. Miss Universe 2005 is Canada. Jennifer crowned her successor and the spotlight quickly shifted. The new Miss Universe taking the crown and all the glory - well, at least for a year. Ebbeny Faranda, Ten news.

Sport with Tim Webster - and the Panthers have a big heart to heart session. Yes, a reality check. More shortly.

Plus - why Ricky Stuart is set for an Origin backflip on selections. Also - Andrew Johns gets ready to put pressure on for a Blues role. And the surf break called Restaurants serves up perfect 10s. This program is captioned live. NSW coach Ricky Stuart says underperforming Blues players are in serious danger of being dropped for Origin II in Sydney. Stuart's extraordinary backflip

comes just days after he pleaded with the selectors

to stick with the same side. An Origin luncheon today - the main course served up with comments some in the Blues side would find hard to stomach. After the game, I did say I'd stick with the same 18 players, but to be quite honest, after seeing what players dished up on the weekend for their club teams, you can only ask for so much loyalty. Stuart wouldn't name the players under the pump to perform, but did hint at some shock selections next Monday. I've spoken to a couple of players from outside of the squad. I've told them to make sure their form is on this week. One of those not in the original squad is former Blues captain Andrew Johns, who today confirmed he's back from a broken jaw.

Physically I'm in so much better

shape than in February or March. I

have so much more power. If Johns sparks into impressive form against Brisbane on Sunday, the pressure mounts on current number 7 Brett Kimmorley. If they win on whatever day it is and he plays well, then obviously it's gonna continue to build, so, mate, all I can do is play good.

It's hard if you talk about it, but

it's the furthest thing from my mind.

Shane Webcke says he won't come out of rep footy retirement

and replace the injured Steven Price for Queensland. Coach Stuart thinks nothing is surer. I expect them to play Webcke. They are gonna do all they can to come down here and shove it up us on our home ground. Rob Canning, Ten News. Penrith coach John Lang met with his players today and outlined the urgency of their situation. The Panthers have lost four games in a row and sit in third-last place. So time is fast running out for the boys from the base of the Mountains. Panthers premiership-winning coach John Lang has been around too long to be fazed by his team's desperate plight. He refutes any suggestions that internal problems may be affecting his side's performances. I don't think I have ever struck a team of players

who are in more support of each other. They don't dump on each other, they don't try and shift the blame onto somebody else. That said, prop Joel Clinton blames himself and others

for Penrith's plight. The guys like myself and a few of the other boys haven't been playing our best footy at the moment. Individually we have, but as a team we haven't been gelling, as you would call it,

or playing for 80 minutes.

Coach John Lang spelt out the equation to his players - they need to win 8 of their remaining 12 games to make the top eight. With two byes to come, that would give them the 28 points they need. The Panthers face neighbours Parramatta in the western derby on Sunday.

It's a tough ask, the way we have been playing, but we are the sort of team that could win 12 out of 12. But it's a matter of knuckling down and playing our best football. Penrith are resigned to Campbell leaving for the Gold Coast in 2007. Tony Peters, Ten News. Australia's 2007 World Cup rugby campaign is under way with the naming of a 32-man squad for the Tests this winter. It will be pruned for the upcoming test against Samoa on June 11. New South Wales breakaway Rocky Elsom plus Queensland forwards Hugh McMeniman and Stephen Moore are the only newcomers to the team. and they won't be taking any chances against Samoa. At their best, they are a very good side.

They almost beat England, who I think beat us in the World Cup so we will certainly field our best 22. Reds veteran Ben Tune also back after a 2-year absence. Swans coach Paul Roos and AFL boss Andrew Demetriou have buried the hatchet over the controversy surrounding Sydney's style of play. Demetriou was in Sydney today as part of a conference on the game's future in NSW. A month ago, Paul Roos refused to speak to AFL administrators after a difference of opinion with Andrew Demetriou over the Swans' playing style, forcing the game's head office to postpone the meeting until today. Roos and Demetriou catching up before the conference and agreeing to put their differences behind them. To be honest, the first thing I said was,

"I've moved on from what you had spoken about."

We always have little issues with

clubs, all 16 of them, but we all

clubs, all 16 of them, but we all move O we're a big enough industry to do that.

When Roos did address the meeting, he spoke not as the coach of the Swans, but from the perspective of a father who has two young sons playing the game and just how difficult it is to play AFL football growing up in NSW. For Dylan and Tyler Roos, to play AFL football is going to be a long shot, the way the system is at the moment. Andrew Demetriou and his AFL team hope to address those problems by doubling the budget for AFL football in NSW to around $20 million, the money to go into school programs, more and better venues to play at and developing talent,

with the ultimate goal a second team in Sydney's west. Probably not in my lifetime at the moment. I'd be extremely surprised. In matters on the footy field, the Sydney Swans are still smarting from their lacklustre performance against the Saints last weekend.

The Swans' next chance to prove the

critics wrong with come against

Carlton on Sunday, Barry hall

taking his turn to lead the club. We had a

We had a disappointing week last

week. Pretty excited and very honoured. Australian Open champion Marat Safin has been bundled out of the French Open by clay-court specialist Tommy Robredo. The hot-tempered Russian was in a fiery mood - he smashed a racquet

and then put another one through an advertising board underneath his chair.

Warning Safin. COMMENTATOR: Ah, warning Safin. Safin recieved a code voiolation for his outburst, which didn't hurt as much as losing the match 8-6 in the fifth set. Perfect conditions at today's surfing event in Fiji, with equally perfect results. Four surfers getting full marks from the judges at the break called Restaurants. Florida's CJ Hobgood grabbed the day's first perfect 10, but the sibling showdown of the Irons brothers had the crowd cheering. Bruce upstaged his three-time world champion brother Andy Irons with this magnificent effort through the tube. Kelly Slater joining the perfect 10 party. He also disappeared behind a sheet of water for what seemed like an eternity before emerging clean as a whistle on the other side. And as you can see he was pretty thrilled with himself. Later on 'Sports Tonight' with Ryan Phelan - we'll chat to Ben Tune about his remarkable Wallaby recall, and reveal the three-times Olympian giving the Bulldogs an edge. And weather with the stars is next.

I'm George Greg an, we'll be back

after the break to watch Tim Bailey

get another weather wrong. How does

he do it?

This program is captioned live.

Time for all the weather details,

good, bad, indifferent, right or

wrong. You're getting strik, I can

relax. Don't think for a second I

appreciate the stick I'm getting

here. Don't think that I cop it

very often. George, lovely to have

you with us. This balancing act,

you with us. This balancing act, captain of the Wallabies, the

family, the travel, how do you

manage it? It must be draining.

It's part of your life, really, and

you deal with it and plan ahead. We

have very forward planning

management and coaching staff at

the Wallabies so you know your year

in advance. Fantastic support from

your family and wife and kids.

Marry the world's most tolerant

woman. Yes. It's something we've

dealt with for so many years. The

next level is the family, but it's

all good. The culture surrounding

the Wallabies is amazing. The fan

day, we've had 20,000 people. You

must you proud to lead an outfit

like this that have captured the

people's hearts. Yes, we get great

support. It's been really good

every year and reinforces to

every year and reinforces to the

players the wonderful support we

get and specially seeing the young

kids with their gear. Samoa

Saturday night. The family game is

$40 for an entire family to see

George Gregan play. Telstra Dome?

It's a day game. Fantastic, the

families can get out there and

watch a big Test match and get home

in time for bed. Not only getting

the weather wrong but also the

times for the games. All the best,

George. You're a fine leader. Thank

you for your weather photographs,

they're going so well. I have fans too.

Satellite - cloud spreads over WA,

no rain. Tomorrow's map - a high

pressure system will generate a

cold and dry day in inland

Australia. Predicted precipitation

- isolated showers along the NSW

coast north of the Hunter. That's

it for NSW. Thursday - a large high

over south-east Australia will

clear drizzle from SA and Victoria.

What is the best part of being a

Wallaby? Playing Test matches and

getting wonderful support when you

run out to your home ground venues.

The opportunity to get on the

weather and - let's have a go at

this. We'll cut to the maps at

George Gregan has an attempt at

tomorrow's forecast for captain cities.

Always sunny in the life of George

Gregan. Thanks for having us, see

you tomorrow night. He's great. That's the 5:00 News. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Jessica Rowe. Sandra Sully will have the Late News after 'Rove'.

We'll leave you with a final tribute to the king of television, Graham Kennedy. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.