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(generated from captions) he gives customers a better deal. all because Plus the man the banks hate Also, is Derryn Hinch's career over? are at stake. because millions of dollars in the Corby case The truth has paid the price has been hoodwinked. How the Australian public have been convicted in Australia. and she could easily It is a strong case Tonight we set the record straight. for smuggling marijuana. with a crushing 20-year sentence had her youth taken from her Schapelle Corby where only a few hours ago from Denpasar in Bali I'm Naomi Robson reporting

have invested heavily in this story. Some parts of the media that hasn't been bought and paid for. in this case There's barely been a word uttered the media and money, big money. the Schapelle Corby case apart is What sets insect-ridden jail. in a rotten, dirty, humid, the rest of their lives and ends up spending or wherever they go for holidays, goes over to the Pacific, goes over to Asia, that their pretty child Maybe it's everybody's worst fear and the Middle East. circumstances across South-East Asia There are others in similar as a very real outcome. and four more face death two have been sentenced to death In Vietnam alone, to the Anglo-Saxon look. that is different of an ethnic background they might be Australian citizens they might be male, They might not be as pretty, several facing the death penalty. on drug charges, pining away in foreign jails says there are dozens of Australians now criminal barrister, Nick Papas, Former chief magistrate, the Bali Nine. and we're not just talking about Schapelle is far from alone, It may surprise many to hear It may surprise many to hear in the world. facing trial for their life in custody This is not the only Australian "I'm a victim of fate." please let me out. "Please let me out, as the little princess in the tower Ultimately, she has been portrayed love affair with Schapelle Corby. He's amazed at the media's and successful criminal lawyers. is one of Australia's best known Philip Dunn QC the whole story. This is an absolute media beat-up, and stage-managed from day one. has been blurred, vetted the truth about Schapelle Corby As Rodney Lohse reports even in an Australian court. enough evidence to convict her But you will hear there was always anything like a 20-year sentence. her crime wouldn't carry Under Australian law sympathy for the young woman tonight. but most Australians will be feeling will go on for years Schapelle Corby's guilt or innocence First, the debate over and lowers cholesterol. It's also good for your heart And the new weight-loss bread.

to Corby's guilty verdict may have contributed the intense media scrutiny He believes But Nick Papas goes further. but in the end, it will eat her up. along by it for a while It can be handy to be tugged it can turn into a whale tiger. by the tail, is when grabbing the media doesn't understand is What Schapelle Corby but at a price. escape her Indonesian jail cell may ultimately help Schapelle Philip Dunn says the media circus "Please save me." of the tear-stained face saying, and you wouldn't have the publicity another drug trafficker Here she'd be just is in your hands My life at the moment the storytellers want us to see them. The facts are framed the way there twice since 2000. but we're told she's been four or five times Schapelle has been to Bali got it right Most of the people in the street six or so times from Bali. I've heard that she's travelled which has been skewed. which brings us to another fact on a girl's adventure to Bali, caught up in a terrible mistake that she was an innocent of Corby, the storytellers were trying paint It didn't fit the picture So why wasn't the public told? the marriage was never a secret. her family said When it was finally revealed, Schapelle has been married. In truth, I'll never have children. I'll never be married. Here's how it works. The truth has been manipulated. and stage-managed. has been vetted, sanitised, heard and read A lot of what you have seen, Corby has to come home. on their investment, to get the best return and for those parts of the media The family has literally been bought,

In Australia, the Crown would find it the Crown would find it difficult to succeed you're innocent. then you have to prove there is an indication of guilt once the prosecution prove In Indonesia, legal system. because of the different being found not guilty in Australia Schapelle had a better chance of both Papas and Dunn also agree That being said, opening of it. was already trying to stop the When we opened the second zipper she tried to stop them opening the bag. that said Schapelle and the two customs officers airport police officers the testimony of the two And there is still no going past the difference in weight you'd notice you'd think if you picked up the bag the weight of the drugs in the bag, I would have thought does look pretty guilty. Schapelle Corby easily be convicted in Australia. It is a strong case and she could the same circumstance in Australia? had she been facing trial under be any different So would Schapelle's fate any differently as far as I can see. before it. She is not being treated that it gives due process to people system has to be given due cred and corrupt. The Indonesian legal Indonesian legal system is flawed underlying theme that the is a says he is concerned as a acquiting a drug case. Nick Pap it on the judges' record of never media's main focus however has been give evidence on had he behalf. The a Victorian prisoner going over to ex sampling is the whole process of terse from our government. A goods Australia. Along with hearing let would never have been accepted in allowing hearsay evidence that bent over backwards to be fair even In fact the Indonesian judges have English straight out of the trees. P The judges don't even speak not helpful. back to the court in Indonesia is reporting things that might get ing The fact of the media is

already registered her name as a business. Shall all up Schapelle as a free woman would have been worth about $2 million in the first year. Her mother is already under contract to a television network. This media circus was a distraction from the one issue that counted - her defence. The problem has been that some of the critical evidence they relied on was pretty much worthless in formal terms. Tim Lindsay is a spwert in Indonesian law and says Schapelle Corby's sentence could have been far harsher. In many sense it is would be considered a light sentence by Indonesians, and it may well be that the prosecution chooses to he appeal for a harsher sentence. The so-called successful businessman who is backing Schapelle Corby - and I say "so-called" advisedly - he is touted as wealthy, but Ron Bakir is still a mystery man. He is a one-time bankrupt and founder of phone retailers Crazy Ron's and Mad Ron's. The success of those companies depends who you speak to. David Richardson tries to lift the veil on this mystery man. because of the various questions that could be asked to raise doubts about the case. You would have to say that it's a fifty-fifty bet. Kerry packer's nine network are prepared to pay $500,000 for the television and magazine rights. Then there is book deals rumoured to be worth $200,000. Public appearances and endorse plgts. Her Gold Coast backer Ron Bakir has FRENZIED SHOUTING For Schapelle Corby's No.1 supporter Ron Bakir total disbelief. What you feared. Clearly shaken, he still believes in Corby's innocence. The Good Samaritan who has poured bucket-loads of money into Schapelle Corby's case. Why did you get involved with her? Because no-one else did. The girl was sitting there proclaiming her innocence for a number of months and everybody just sat back and did nothing. It could have happened to my sister. What's in it for you? Nothing's in it for me. Emotionally, that's all it is. Truly? Time will tell the truth. Time always tells the truth. Find out. He is better known to Today Tonight as the mobile-phone seller Crazy Ron or Mad Ron. He has battled the big boys He has battled the big boys at the mobile-phone game but he has never taken on an opponent as big as the Indonesian justice system. It was an expensive gamble and today he lost. What does all this cost you? It has been an expensive exercise. We're not prepared to disclose what it has cost us. Just ballpark? We're not prepared to do that. It is not an issue of money. Whatever it cost, it cost. on an innocent girl's life? How can you put a price on an innocent girl's life? You can't put a price on an innocent girl's life. then let it be. So if it cost a mountain of gold, then let it be. These are the words his creditors don't want to hear because while Ron Bakir has spent a small fortune on Schapelle Corby, he is now a bankrupt. Nearly $2.5 million in debt. He has been forced out of his position as director of the mobile-phone companies but incredibly he set up another company for Schapelle Corby Schapelle Corby Pty Ltd. Why did you set that up? I set it up for two reasons. One reason was to protect her name, because no-one in the world is entitled to her name but her. No-one in the world. The other reason is legal reasons that I'm not prepared to go into. You are supposedly organising a book deal. True? There's been offers on the book deal. There has been no deal done. And what is your cut of that? Nothing. Not $1. Not a cent? Not $1. Movie? I haven't spoken to anybody I haven't spoken to anybody personally about a movie. No-one at all? No-one about a movie. Yet that is what Schapelle Corby Yet that is what Schapelle Corby Incorporated is designed to do. Ron Bakir maintains it is nothing more than a $2 company that has taken nothing from the public. Just a $2 company? That's correct. There's no donations made to it? No. There's no money in it? I have collected not $1. From anyone. Even behind these walls Schapelle Corby Limited will still tick along, a thin mattress laid down her new home is a bare cell, her bed a thin mattress laid down on a raised platform she shares with other prisoners. Compare that to a typical prison cell for women in Australia like this. Just two to a room. They have access to electrical appliances, kettles, TVs and radios and each cell has its own toilet - a Western toilet. Guilty, but according to Ron Bakir this is far from the end of Schapelle Corby's story. Do you feel hurt that people think that you are in it for the glory, the kudos, the money? Absolutely. It upsets me and it saddens me because people just pre-judge. You know, we spent a lot of money trying to help this girl and people just want to accuse you. I will fight. I believe in her innocence and whatever it takes. As I said, if it's going to cost us a mountain of gold then let it be. We will fight. Use all the resources we have. However long it takes? Whatever it takes. It's a big call, Ron. It is a big call and I stand by it. You always expect the unexpected from Derryn Hinch. When TV legend Graham Kennedy died, Hinch came out on his Melbourne radio program and declared Kennedy was a homosexual. It didn't rate a line. The next night he went further The next night he went further declaring Kennedy died of aids. That rated the headline he was seeking, but as Glenn Connley reports, nothing like Hinch expected. For a broadcaster who has always prided himself on tough, investigative journalism, Derryn Hinch seemed to lose all his most basic journalism skills yesterday, airing on Melbourne radio a vicious editorial about the death of Graham Kennedy which not only had no factual basis but was totally and unequivocally wrong. I've worked with Derryn for a couple of years and I always thought he was a friend. I didn't think that he was an outlier. Hinch began his daily drive-time talkback program declaring Graham Kennedy was gay and had died from AIDS-related pneumonia, an assertion apparently based on Kennedy's biographer, Graeme Blundell, telling the shock jock when he last saw Kennedy the king of television had grey lesions on his face. Dr Hinch put two and two together and came up with a thousand. I rang 3AW, spoke to their program manager five spoke to their program manager five minutes before Hinch went to air and said "Listen, you'd better stop this man "because he is going to go on air and lie". He didn't stop, he went on and lied. Graham Kennedy's closest friends, Noeline Brown and husband Tony Sattler, are furious - not just at the unsavoury and baseless nature of the Hinch attack, but because they told Hinch's boss before he went to air that a blood test just nine days ago proved Kennedy was HIV negative. It just seemed to be a mad invention of Derryn. Because Graham Kennedy did not have AIDS and there's proof that he didn't have AIDS and it sort of is really insulting to the families of people who have died from AIDS. Today, Hinch's radio colleagues were united in their condemnation were united in their condemnation of the human headline, calling for him to be sacked. John Laws branded Hinch a coward, Mike Carlton called it incompetent, insensitive, gutter journalism, and Ray Hadley blasted Hinch as an A1 idiot. As a very young editor of a newspaper would have sacked anyone who had done the same thing and not checked and look hey he could have checked with me in a plipbtd and I would have told him, no, there's nothing to the story. Today, despite the evidence, Hinch was sticking to his guns declaring he would prove his extraordinary claim by interviewing one of Kennedy's former lovers. This man, Rob Astbury. In recent months he has been trying to flog a so-called tell-all book about his relationship with Kennedy and a number of other gay personalities in Australia - a book which no-one will touch. Despite the big build-up this is the best Hinch could come up with. Were you and Graham Kennedy lovers? "No comment" Shame, shame. Glenn Connley reports. And coming up, the man hated because his deals are too good.

In the first year of business, mortgage broker Wayne Ormond's turnover has gone from $0 to $100 million. That's because he returns to customers the commission he gets from the banks. As you'd expect, the customers love the idea. As for the banks, they hate him. Karryn Cooper reports. They wanted us to stop and effectively, they wanted us out of business. When we met Wayne Ormond 12 months ago, he was on a mission, waging a one-man war with the banks. The big brokers, of course, don't like us, big brokers, whenever they possibly can, talk about us in the press as being companies that shouldn't exist because we give money back to customers. So Wayne started his own broking business called Refund Home Loans. Wayne's philosophy is pretty simple - take money from the banks and give it to the customers. In our first year, we've written just over $100 million in home-loan business which is quite good for a start-up company. From that, we've given back over $250,000 in client refunds. And it works like this. Every time a mortgage broker signs someone on for a home loan, the banks and lending institutions pay them a commission. Refund Home Loans gets paid the same commission. The big difference - half goes into the pockets of the customer. For the last five years, Colin Morrow has made a living buying and renovating houses. Over the eight loans he's taken out, this father-of-three has been putting his refunds to good use. I know everyone is a bit happier if they can get a bit of money, a bit of cash, back in their pocket. At the end of the day, yeah, it all helps, so I think it's just good competition, good business. And he's not alone. The commissions received are certainly very generous. It gives Refund enough and certainly the customer. It's win-win for everyone. Peter Roderick was so impressed with the money-back concept, he left his well-paid management job and bought into the business. Since Wayne launched Refund Home Loans, the single-branch operation has now swelled to more than 30 franchises around the country. And now that he's on the inside, Peter says the banks and some mortgage brokers are taking people for a ride. Certainly, if you are receiving a lot of money and not doing anything for it, then you are certainly abusing the customer. To give you an idea, the figures go something like this. For every $300,000 home loan signed, around $2,000 gets handed to the broker as commission. In the last financial year, Australians took out more than 660,000 home loans. Of those loans, an estimated 35% were set up by mortgage brokers who have sucked up a staggering $828 million in commissions. It's no surprise the big lenders and brokers don't want to give that kind of cash away if they don't have to. We got a refund of $1,750. Alison Turner spent her refund on a family holiday after taking out a loan that she says also saved her thousands. Alison says the money back offer is an incentive that's commonly used in the UK and can't understand why it's such a novelty here. The banks don't see it that way. The banks don't want people going into branches and saying, "How about giving me $500 back "with this home loan I'm about to take out." That's what they don't want to see, so they wanted to stop us in our tracks, if you like. So what some of our richest banks did is resort to dirty tricks. The ANZ, Westpac and St George all refused to deal with Refund Home Loans. But that didn't sit so well with Wayne or the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. The ACCC has spent months investigating those banks. That decision is expected very soon. We were giving a refund, because we were sharing our commission with our customers and those three banks didn't like that. Wayne Ormond of Refund Home Loans is giving a Today Tonight viewer the chance to be their own boss and own a franchise for free. Just call this number to be sent an application form. After the break, the new generation of breads. Now the variety they say can speed up your weight loss. Well, I've dropped two dress sizes and I've lost 10 kilos. Bread's the staff of life and it's really important to our health. But Albert here has dreamed up a Holden factory bonus Air! and the 4x4 Cab Chassis from $26,990. Both with airconditioning. Albert, you're a genius. No wonder Holden means a great deal to Australia. Hey, Skaifey, is this the special edition Commodore Equipe? Yep. With a 5-year warranty. Yeah. How do you guys know so much? Because this is our car. Yours is over there. SKAIFEY: Oh! VOICEOVER: Don't miss out on the special edition Commodore Equipe. Because from $33,490, There are dozens of different types of bread on the market. Everything from plain old sliced white to the new breads offering all sorts of health benefits. Dr John D'Arcy has this report on the latest on your daily bread. Walk into any supermarket and you're hit with a smorgasbord of bread. There are now at least a dozen types of bread all promising different health benefits. There's a lot of range, but I never really looked before. And if you need any proof that the type of bread you eat does affect your health take a look at Irene who was a white bread devotee. She made the switch to wholegrain six months ago and the weight fell off. Well, I've dropped two dress sizes and I've lost 10 kilos. Bread that has the grain in its intact natural form is more slowly digested and that's where the benefit is. Leading nutritionist Dr Kaye Foster-Powell knows her bread and she says you can't beat unprocessed grain. It takes longer for us to chew it, more signals to the brain that we are actually eating something. It needs to be rich in nutrients, It needs to be rich in nutrients, high in fibre, satisfying, full of whole grains and that really means, something like this, low GI. We changed from white bread to multigrain. I like multigrain, the kids like wholegrain and it didn't take long for them to get used to. I like multigrain, the kids like wholegrain and it didn't take long for them to get used to. that was all it was. It's just the lower GI foods, that was all it was. They used to say if you're worried about your health it ain't the bread, it's the spread. Now, that's true, but there's a lot more to consider about bread than its colour and the packet that it comes in. So how does your bread rate? White bread - low in fibre, low in fat but loaded with salt. Wholemeal - high in fibre, vitamins and minerals. If it's made with wholemeal flour - no guarantee. Multigrain - high in fibre, low in fat. The more seeds the better. Soy and linseed - high in fibre and protein, high in fat - but good fat. I've tried to exercise but I'm just so busy with the kids, the sport and everything else, so nothing else has changed except for the types of foods I pick. I just get the low GI foods. Now most breads don't show GI - or glycaemic index levels - because they are so high. The exceptions are Bergen and Promax. GI is all about the level of sugar in your blood and the hormone insulin. We know now that high insulin levels are associated with most of our diseases of today, lifestyle diseases. lifestyle diseases. Central adiposity - so just that thickening of the waistband - that's associated with high insulin levels. Heart disease, even certain types of cancer. If you're eating foods that produce a large insulin response you're going to put on more weight. So we need the foods that are low in GI that don't produce such a high insulin response. Dr John D'Arcy there. Next, a world exclusive. Can you believe it? Eight babies under 14 months? Impossible? No it's not. That's next.

an authentic wood-fire taste straight from your oven. Now to one of our stories Monday night. The incredible story of the Aussie mother of quads who has been given the news she's pregnant again... with quads again. CHIRPY MUSIC It's probably a world-first. A lot of kids. A lot babies. Let's have some more babies. And that's it for another week, Thanks for joining me. Don't forget our world exclusive on Monday. Until then, have a great weekend. From Bali, goodnight. Captioned by Seven Network Email -