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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. for the first time. Cornelia Rau angrily speaks out in religion ahead of her verdict. Schapelle Corby seeks solace for petrol than those in Melbourne. Sydney drivers paying much more Good evening. Also tonight - head for the Persian Gulf. a long goodbye as more of our sailors Cornelia Rau, at the Baxter detention centre, the woman wrongfully detained

for the first time, has spoken publicly like a caged animal. saying she was treated

in Adelaide this afternoon, In an extraordinary media conference that she is not schizophrenic Ms Rau maintained and held in custody and that she was arrested her passport. simply because she could not produce the centre of an extraordinary story. For four months now, she's been

Cornelia Rau told her side. Today, for the first time, Ms Rau used her native German Seemingly relaxed, about her 10 months in detention. to describe how she felt (Speaks German) that I'm from Hamburg, Germany, That's just saying so unfairly in all my life. and that I've never been treated turned upside down, She spoke of having her life of being humiliated, first in Queensland. and treated like a prisoner, It was a very tormenting experience. I also feared for my life once. They gave me an injection there. Baxter detention centre. And then, at South Australia's like a caged animal. Locked up in a cage being schizophrenic. The 39-year-old denied and value every day. I'm very healthy For much of the media conference, about the world in general Ms Rau gave a personal commentary its politics and politicians. and Australia in particular, is the right person for that job. I don't know if Mr Howard is not part of her plans. Though a political future about the world. No, I just really am concerned It can be called a scary place. life and would like to be left alone. Ms Rau now wants to resume a normal

she says she will seek compensation. Although uncertain about her future, what I'm going to do. I've got to decide Lane Calcutt, National Nine News. as a drug smuggler The pressure of facing jail back to the church has driven Schapelle Corby as she seeks comfort from the Bible who've been visiting her in jail. and from Christian ministers back in January. Miss Corby was baptised in prison at the Bali courthouse, To Mark Burrows now is a regular at religious events and Mark, Schapelle Corby at the Kerobokan Jail. That's correct, Mark, taking part in one of those events, and we have tape of Miss Corby

with other prisoners. a gospel session of Schapelle Corby And this spiritual side is something we've never seen before, that is giving her hope. a newly found faith Schapelle Corby in the prison church, For the first time, embracing her new-found faith, for a gospel sing-along. joining other prisoners on stage of a terrified prisoner, And far from the images she seems happy and at ease here, at least, in jail. despite a looming life sentence a non-believer. Corby went into prison last year the death penalty, But when she initially faced she sought solace in the church. at the modest chapel. Corby is a regular there at least three times a week. She sings in the choir and prays in January by a Sydney pastor. She was baptised inside the prison walk and of her Christian maturity. It was a gateway of her Christian in a letter. Corby later thanked the pastor us know when we might fall victim The scripture here says that none of to a sudden disaster in a net or a bird in a cage. or find ourself like a fish of Kerobokan prison, Behind these walls

in good spirits, Schapelle Corby is said to be is now just four days away. despite the fact the verdict more than ever, Visitors today said that now, for support. she is relying on her religion when she was arrested Alli McCombe was with Schapelle Corby they saw Schapelle in jail today. and along with friend Glen Jeffers, Well, she's a strong girl and she's got a religion now and God is helping her, I suppose, released because she is innocent. and she knows she is going to be businessman Ron Bakir, Her biggest supporter, is now on his way saying the prosecutor was corrupt. after apologising for allegedly for this baseless assertion. I therefore wish to apologise apology accepted. From prosecutor Ida Bagus Wisantanu, we will allow him to come to Bali TRANSLATION: With an open mind, an apology is a great thing to do. because we believe to accept will be found guilty on Friday. Wis Wantanu is convinced Corby will be praying he is wrong. A small army of supporters National Nine News. In Bali, Mark Burrows, full live coverage of the verdict The Nine Network will have in the Schapelle Corby case straight after the morning news. on Friday morning from 11:30, right through the week And you can get more information by going to our website: of petrol prices - Now to the constant pain gets some relief and while the rest of the country

from lower oil prices, Sydneysiders aren't so lucky. a litre more than in Melbourne We're still paying up to 10 cents to cut their profits. where oil companies there are happy Oil prices have fallen almost 20%, are still copping the brunt. but Sydney motorists The signs say it all - a litre. Sydney's petrol remains above $1.06 prices are below 98 cents. In Melbourne, though, oil companies make. The reason is the profit margin one or two cents a litre They only have to raise that and they've made a massive profit. Shell and its partner Coles n Sydney, In Sydney,

for every litre sold. make a profit of almost eight cents petrol, they make just 1.6 cents. In Melbourne, for that same litre of is how vital competition is What this all shows to keeping fuel prices down. of the equation. Oil prices are only one part But without strong independents up to the major retailers, keeping competition for our fuel. we will all be paying more The price cycle means petrol in Sydney is generally cheaper on Mondays and Tuesdays. But elsewhere, the price war means that cycle has broken down, leading to cheaper fuel. and the 7oolworths Petrol Plus, The likes of the Coles Express and the Woolworths Petrol Plus, if they decide that they are not going to discount, then they can effectively hold up the market.

But there is another warning. As American motorists go on holidays later this year and use more fuel, oil prices could head back to record levels. We are certainly going to see upward pressure in the second half of this year on petrol prices. People will be paying more at the pump. So price-war or no price war, in just a few months we might regard these seemingly high prices as bargains. Ross Greenwood, National Nine News. State Treasurer Andrew Refshauge delivers his maiden Budget tomorrow. It's expected to allocate plenty of money

to the areas the Carr Government has been accused of neglecting, such as transport, schools and hospitals. Just hours before his moment in the spotlight, Andrew Refshauge puts the finishing touches to his first Budget. It's pretty exciting. But the Government isn't waiting until its official release the Premier and Roads Minister today pre-empting the Treasurer,

announcing a $151 million upgrade for Windsor Road - part of a Budget that will be flush with money for infrastructure - roads, hospitals, schools and public transport. I think the public wants to see more done. Yes, absolutely. We're in a much better position, if needs be, to do some borrowing.

Police will also win, with money set aside for pay rises of up to 24%, delegates today endorsing the increase that'll be paid over four years.

The Opposition, however, wants to know why property investors will receive little joy. There'll be some relief for the thousands hit by land tax, but the hugely unpopular exit tax on investment properties will remain. Just reinstating some form of a land tax threshold doesn't go far enough. There's got to be more from Bob Carr out of this Budget. The Government will be banking on an electoral boost from this,

its 11th Budget, particularly as a new poll shows that, after a decade in power, many voters believe it's time Labor lifted its game.

Nigel Blunden, National Nine News. Also on the Government's list of things to do, a major renovation along 25km of Parramatta Road. But the plans have angered a number of local councils which will lose control over decision-making. For drivers, traffic congestion is what makes Parramatta Road so ugly, but what's also ugly is the rundown and neglected infrastructure on either side of the road... It's about one of the most derelict and degraded parts of our city - vacant lots, for lease signs, for sale signs. Part of the $2.3 billion renovation will include widening the road, a new rail station and 70,000 new homes. It's a carpark now.

It'll be worse in years to come. You put 70,000 new dwellings there and it will be a disaster. And local councils say moving the road to State control is, well, sweeping away their power. It's a full-scale assault on council. Our greatest concern is that local communities won't have a strong say in the planning for the area. I think we should be at the table are being made. where these decisions are being mad The way in which this stretch of road is developed might have councils offside, but, according to independent planners, it's a facelift that's desperately needed. It's overdue. It needs to be done as part of a major part of keeping the city functional and being able to incorporate extra people in there. Daniel Street, National Nine News. There's been a shake-up at the top of the defence forces with the impending retirement of chief Peter Cosgrove. The navy has a new boss, Vice Admiral Russ Shandler, while former fighter pilot Air Vice Marshal Geoff Shepherd is the new head of the Air Force. The entire military top brass has some difficult issues on its hands. A new survey has found large numbers of soldiers, sailors and Air Force personnel want to quit, and that also has the Government deeply worried. No-one ever wants to say goodbye. It's never easy. Yeah, I'm alright about it, but I'll miss my family. Despite the uniform, able seaman Mathew Jervis probably couldn't get away with smuggling his 22-month-old son Hugo on board, the missile frigate 'Newcastle' sailing today for six months duty in the Persian Gulf. Oh, a little bit nervous, but, you know, spending time away from Lisa is hard, but it's a job that needs to get done and I'm looking forward to going to doing it. The impact on family life of long deployments, together with concern about poor pay and equipment shortages, The latest survey says almost one in three servicemen and women is unhappy. Too much is being expected of them, particularly in overseas operations, given the level of resourcing they're getting.

They wanted more money and less hours., so they're not all that different from the rest of the Australian community. But they are, of course, and the Government knows it.

It's always a challenge to retain highly qualified, ambitious people in the defence forces, and that is something that the Government has to keep in mind. It's a continuing problem and one that's self-perpetuating - the more skills and training that the armed forces give its people, the more attractive they become to outside industry. But on days like today, that doesn't matter much. All that really matters is getting Daddy back home again. Peter Harvey, National Nine News. In the news ahead - a Sydney mother's last chance to reclaim her abandoned baby.

And the museum worker's takeaway collection. The Foxtel Gold Medal Deal - save over $200 on Foxtel Digital. Installation in metro areas now only $67! Plus, you get two months of Foxtel Digital's best channels free. The Foxtel Gold Medal Deal. Call 131 787 today. A low-flying plane gave a couple in Sydenham good reason to hit the roof - what's left of it anyway. The house was hit by a vortex from a jet. Neighbours say it was more like a mini tornado, and it scattered Max and Cassandra Baron's roof tiles. They're getting lower. We can see the pilots on a lot of the big airliners, especially the big commercial white bodies. You can literally see into the cockpit from our backyard. Mr Baron says so far no-one is willing to claim responsibility. Now an update on Baby Jessica, the infant abandoned at Liverpool Hospital in January, when she was just 12 hours old. Today authorities made a final appeal to her mother, saying she has just two weeks to come forward or Jessica will be given up for adoption. For 4.5 months, baby Jessica has been unclaimed -

no sign of her parents, nor relatives, nor friends, not a clue about her origins. In January, her 21-year-old Thai mother left her at Liverpool Hospital, just a day old. Jessica has been in foster care ever since. We'd like Jessica's mother to come forward. Jessica's mother is not in any trouble, she hasn't done the wrong thing -

she left the baby in a safe place where all her needs were taken care of. This is the final plea to the young mum. Jessica will be placed in permanent care very shortly. It's a tragic story and nobody can imagine what pressures the mother was under, but we would like her to come forward and be involved in Jessica's future. And the NSW Government is about to commit more funding to support services for families. Tomorrow's Budget will announce a $20 million increase to so-called super-nanny services. 'SUPER NANNY'S 'JOHNNY BE GOOD' THEME MUSIC On the back of the success of the TV show, the Government wants to highlight the very real-life programs like Parent Line to help struggling parents. We deal with real people here and the callers here get practical, on-the-spot, instant advice. Home-based visits have also increased in popularity. Kellie Connolly, National Nine News. Hank van Leeuwen's house would have been a sight to behold.

The former worker at the Australian Museum had it crammed with every manner of rare and fascinating artefact from around the world. Trouble was, most of them weren't his. In court today he admitted to stealing 200 artefacts but disputed charges involving 35 other items, claiming he got those legally from somewhere else. In Iraq, rebels have freed three Romanian hostages and their interpreter after 55 days of captivity. The insurgents come from a different group to the one holding Australian Douglas Wood who was seized three weeks ago. In finance, the share market had a strong start to the week. Retailers jumped with Coles Myer up 24 cents. Gaming stocks were among the best performers - Aristocrat leapt 42. OneSteel gained 11 after approving plans for an iron ore project. Ken with sport next and the Blues made to feel right at home in enemy territory? That is, until Wednesday night. Also, will new spitting pictures help or hinder Manly's Shane Dunley?

And Mark Webber's breakthrough podium finish in Monaco.

For the debutants, Wednesday night's first State of Origin can't come quickly enough. The Blues trained without incident today and are fit and raring to go against Queensland and in particular

they'll target their champion captain Darren Lockyer. Two days out, and even the old Lang Park groundsmen are having a spray. This, they say, is cockroach killer, just in case the Maroons can't do the job. Mate, they can say what they want. It's a good tradition up here, actually. It's a great place to play footy.

There's going to be 60,000 people very passionate about Queensland. The Blues are building to one of the most anticipated games of the year.

Minichiello and Watmough are finally in full training, and everyone is ready to rip on Wednesday night. I think we're ready now. I think all the hype around the Origin, the way Ricky's been about how intense the game's going to be and how tired we're going to get.

Queensland will miss the injured Tonie Carroll, Darren Lockyer's front bumper when the defence is charging at him. The traffic in game one will be heavy and leading it the frontrower nicknamed 'Roadblock head' It will be heavy, I suppose everyone sort of knows, but I'm sure they've got the blokes there that will help him, I suppose. Carroll's a good defender but they're just going to have to play someone else that is going to do the same job. That job now goes to Chris Flannery and Michael Crocker. The captain has full faith in them. Yeah, Tonie's going to be a big loss but we have to move on. We have to focus on the 17 we've got now. While the two teams continue to keep a lid on their buildup, there's no denying the excitement among fans. Origin I sold out more than two months ago, every ticket available went in a blink. In Brisbane, Clinton Fletcher, National Nine News. In club news, the Dragons are in damage control after forward Willie Manu spent last night in jail and could face assault charges after an incident at a Wollongong nightclub. Manly, meanwhile, is hoping new video evidence on that spitting incident will help Shane Dunley. An altercation at this nightspot resulted in three people,

including Willie Manu, being arrested. Two of them went to hospital. Manu went to a police cell. Yeah, he was arrested by the police. The coach and I and his manager had a meeting this morning. We are looking to get to the bottom of the story as quickly as possible. Doust says that Manu is a cleanskin

and his actions last night were out of character. I think he was out having a few drinks with members of his family, as I said. It wasn't late by our standards or general standards. And the Sea Eagles are relying on this extra footage to assist them in the spitting charge against Shayne Dunley. He faces a maximum of five weeks on the sideline, or three if he pleads guilty. Josh Perry faces seven weeks for this high shot.

And the Tigers' and Raiders' trainers are under investigation for their part in this brawl. Danny Weidler, National Nine News. It's the biggest week in the Waratahs' history as they prepare for Saturday night's Super 12 final against the Crusaders in Christchurch. NSW will need to spring a major upset but the players remain confident

after what has already been a history-making season.

For so long they've been labelled the Super 12's underachievers, and even now they've made it into the final, their critics would have you believe the Waratahs don't stand a chance against the Crusaders. Others mightn't think so, but we think we're a good chance, so we'll prepare accordingly. Otherwise we wouldn't bother going over. It's obviously a big challenge, but we've been there before, we've played well there before and we have won there before, so everyone's fairly confident and excited heading over there. At today's session there were plenty of players carrying bumps and bruises following Saturday night's win over the Bulls, but while injury isn't expected to play a part, emotion will, with some of their most respected players departing at the end of the season. There's obviously some big guys leaving and guys who are pretty special to the Waratahs, so it would be a good way to finish their careers at the Waratahs. But standing in their way is the Super 12's benchmark side who handed the Hurricanes a 40-point hiding in last Friday's semifinal. COMMENTATOR: So dangerous on the counter.

They're very good at putting pressure on. We've got to make sure we can deal with that and give it back. To make the final is a pretty proud moment but, as we've said before, we're not letting it get out of hand because we want to go over there and win the thing. Paul Crawley, National Nine News. At last a podium finish for Australia's Mark Webber at the Monaco Formula One Grand Prix. Third on the grid, Webber had a poor start,

slipping back to fifth. Kimi Raikkonen cleared out and was never headed. The tight circuit is no place to be stalled. Coulthard's crew looked the real thing promoting the latest 'Star Wars' epic. Unlike some others, Webber stayed out of trouble as he battled and finally shook off Alonso. Webber couldn't hide his disappointment in finishing behind Raikkonen and team-mate Nick Heidfeld.

Anyway, yeah, could have been

better for me but great for the team.

Alonso continues to lead the drivers' championship. Webber is now fourth.

He's in front of Michael Schumacher. He's in front of Michael Schumacher.

Amazing. Let's hope he can stay there. After the break, Jaynie Seal with all the weather details.

CALM MUSIC Two identical cars - one travelling at 60km/h, the other at 65km/h. A sudden change in the road ahead. They react. A moment later, they brake. In the last 5m of braking, you wipe off half your speed. So this car is still doing 32km/h when it hits. This one also hits, but only at 5km/h.

Hi there, everyone. Yet another spectacular autumn day in Sydney after a chilly morning. The temperature in the city is just under 19, and we warmed up to a toasty 23, which is 3 above the average. After a foggy morning in the west

and the coldest of the year for some of you, including Penrith getting down to only five degrees,

we saw the sky glistening with sunshine for most of the day, and we will probably see the same again tomorrow. The cloud in the centre of the country looks impressive, but we have only recorded about 10mm

in western Victoria and south-eastern SA. A few showers have also moved into Tasmania, while the rest of us have been dry. And speaking of dry,

this high will stay put over the east so expect another night of bed socks and log fires. And raincoat weather in the south-east tomorrow with the next front arriving.

And as we look ahead, there is no sign of any desperately needed rainfall for Sydney or NSW,

just more chilly nights and warm daytime temperatures, Mark -

three above average for at least the next couple of days. Thanks, Jaynie. If you have a story to tell, you can contact us by going to our website: I'm Mark Ferguson. That's National Nine News for this Monday.