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(generated from captions) part of that wish. but they'll only get on property taxes, They also want more done Yes, absolutely. to see more done. I think the public wants on roads. including more than $150 million record spending on infrastructure, for tomorrow's Budget - to push his preferred message the Windsor Road upgrade Premier Carr visited is here to stay. but the controversial vendor duty on land tax, The Carr Government has caved in in tomorrow's State Budget. for mum and dad property investors some relief in sight But first this evening - detained in immigrations centres. Cornelia Rau, the woman wrongly And breaking her silence - to redevelop Parramatta Road. Also tonight - yet another plan Good evening. and Jessica Rowe. Ten News with Bill Woods for the Middle East. as more Aussies head in the defence forces And a morale crisis out from her Balinese jail. to break Schapelle Corby Allegations of a plot thousands in the NSW Budget. relief ahead for hundreds of Tonight - property tax backdown - This program is captioned live.

to break her out of jail. following speculation of a plot for Schapelle Corby tonight Increased security not do anything for too much longer. traditional voters and he couldn't their throat, it was hurting survival. The Labor caucus was at finally relent? It's called petrol finally relent? It's called petrol land tax. Why did the Premier or Blue Mountains won't be paying holiday home on the central coast and dad investors with a small was scrapped. Now the so-called mum because the threshold of $317,000 tax for the first time. That's 400,000 people began paying land Egan's mini Budget last year, some After the former Treasurer Michael Egan's mini Budget last year, After the former Treasurer Michael from the new land tax laws? are likely to benefit Paul, how many investors from State Parliament. And Paul Mullins joins us now Paul Mullins, Ten News. the limited land tax concessions. will be satisfied with industry or building unions it's unlikely investors, the property with the improvements, But while the public might be pleased shopping list include: Some of the items on the Government's borrow a small amount. to be able to - if we need to - We're now in a very good position capital works spending. to pay for the record will borrow confirmation that the Government his first Budget, was preparing to hand down As Treasurer Andrew Refshauge for another 12 months. NSW can not afford the vendor duty is to stay. And the 2.25% vendors duty properties are likely to pay more. but those with more expensive of the threshold - with a partial reinstatement for some small investors there'll be land tax relief Ten News can reveal

provide a substantial helping hand. but the Government obviously can but the Government obviously can There's no substitute for rain it's real and they're hurting. and his deputy in no doubt left the Prime Minister in some of the worst-hit areas but farmers may have underestimated the drought The recent Budget must be fair to everyone. as John Howard warns any response on a drought-relief package The finishing touches are being put a blank cheque from Canberra. have been warned not to expect Australia's struggling farmers In Bali, Martine Griffiths, Ten News. if convicted. sentence in Brisbane Women's Prison of Schapelle Corby serving her is keen to talk about the prospect But Queensland Premier Peter Beattie details of the baptism secret. Her defence team wanted to keep the world's largest Muslim countries. given she's been tried in one of says at least one Indonesian lawyer, It's a strange decision, since being baptised in prison. she continues to look to God Her family says light and it just looked very eerie. We saw her here in the afternoon Terrifying. to visit the jail. sippoerters continue As her judgment day nears, defamation charges. who says he won't seek the chief prosecutor, The apology seems to have placated I therefore wish to apologise. image of the Indonesian legal system and its negative effects on the controversy In view of the subsequent in return for a lighter sentence. they offered to take a bribe for intimating he's apologised to the prosecution with the Indonesian ambassador, After sensitive talks isn't smiling. bankrolling her defence but the Gold Coast businessman the suggestions, Her defence team laughed off the suggestions, Her defence team laughed off foreign people. They mentioned they were searching has forced a security crackdown. in the accused drug smuggler's trial the latest bizarre twist Dr Pangkahlia said to kidnap her out of jail. said that somebody planned rumours, you know, I got informed, somebody just, Indonesian doctor. and has reached Schapelle Corby's It started as prison guard talk offered to take a bribe. for suggesting prosecutors a public apology And her Gold Coast backer has issued

whacked. The Prime Minister says Labor doesn't understand the changes. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Local Government anger over a $2 billion makeover plan for Parramatta Rd. The revamp would see thousands more apartments and fewer cars, but critics say they've heard it all before. It's 25 kilometres of hell for motorists - a major road nobody wants to travel on because it's congested and full of traffic lights. The State Government once again trying to address Parramatta Road's problems. You've only got to look around Paramatta Road to see its dying, it's dying in its tracks. In parts it's derelict, with empty car yards and weeds. We can replan it and invest in new infrastructure to make sure we bring it back to life. The plan will cost over $2.3 billion, with 70,000 new apartments and creating 55,000 jobs. How can they possibly say Parramatta but they're just going to get who want to keep working These are people who are working, with welfare reform. This has nothing to do and on to the dole. they go off the parenting payment That's because from July next year even if they work part time. $236 a fortnight worse off, will leave them It claims the Budget proposals to get a job. designed to force single mothers But it doesn't support the reforms for more farm aid. Labor supports the need but done nothing. talked about it and talked about it that the Government has The real problem in policy is for at least four years. to reform drought relief the Coalition's been promising The Opposition says You can't pluck them out of the air. you really don't. You don't grow farmers on trees, farmers are an endangered species. Mr Anderson worried On the table, to the rest of the community. that's seen to be fair and it's got to be done in a manner in a constructive manner It's got to be done to dampen expectations. John Howard seemed anxious its assistance, With Cabinet about to review Road can take 70,000 extra dwellings when they're not dealing with the trafic problems. It's a car park now. It will be worse in years to come. Plans to beautify Parramatta Rd go back a decade A big push in 1996 came to nothing. The idea revived by the State Government each year since 2002. The mayor of Ashfield angry over the proposals. He says they amount to a State government grab for power. All we are is street sweepers, road cleaners, garbage collectors. Others want to cut congestion where motorists leave the M4 to avoid the toll. People come off the M4, get onto Parramatta Rd to run through Granville and they cause congestion, pollution in as you can see, noise. With the noise and traffic, no wonder businesse are dying. Here at Leichhardt, the shopping strip's been in decline ever since kerbside parking was resticted. Local councils and the government say new planning models and new infrastructure is the key to a better Parramatta Road. John Hill, Ten News. Poor pay and stress on family life is taking its toll on the defence force with a survey showing nearly one in three personnel want out. A wage rise is one measure being considered to keep the defence force up to scratch. It's a familiar scene - families farewelling their loved ones as another ship departs for the Middle East. HMAS 'Newcastle' will relieve the 'Darwin' in the Persian Gulf. For the 200 crew, the long absences from family take their toll. It will be easier once we go because then we know we'll be getting closer to home. A new defence survey of 8,000 military and civilian personnel shows dissatisfaction is highest in the Navy with 37% considering quitting. That compares with 32% in the Army and 24% in the Air Force. Prime Minister John Howard and his Defence Minister put the concerns down to a strong economy which has prompted members to look to better conditions to look to better conditions in the private sector. It's always a challenge to retain highly qualified and ambitious people in the defence forces. But they've hinted salaries may increase to keep pace with market forces. We have got to ensure that the defence force is properly remunerated for the very difficult challenges that we give them. Growing frustration in the ranks, a potential headache for in-coming defence chief Angus Houston. Certainly there are challenges there and I think I will leave it at that at this stage. Prime Minister Howard has called for a report into recruitment and retention in the defence force. But the survey shows it's not just about money, among the top reasons for quitting were the desire to stay in the one place and the impact on family life. Those on HMAS 'Newcastle' say spirits are high, it's saying goodbye that's hard. The morale on our ship is very high even though it's a sad day. Leonie Mellor, Ten News. Next, the teacher suspected of abusing some of Sydney's most vulnerable youngsters. Plus, the former Olympic cyclist charged with stalking, accused of terrorising his ex-wife. And raising the roof - the neighbourhood where planes are getting way too close for comfort.

This program is captioned live. At least 56 NSW Police face the sack for operating on the wrong side of the law. They're suspected of serious crimes including rape, kidnapping and assault. They're alleged rats in the ranks - police officers accused of ripping off drug dealers, taking bribes, even collecting child pornography. Some have been turfed out of the job, but 56 others are still facing the sack. There are a number of these guys who have actually allegedly committed acts of violence against other police. They've got to be removed. 62 officers are due in court on 182 charges - alleged offences such as kidnapping, sexual assault, negligent driving, break and enter, fabricating evidence... ..the list goes on. This veteran traffic cop was stopped doing 162km/h. Another officer was sacked for offering to let speeding motorists off if they bought him a quad bike. The Government says it's proof its anti-corruption measures are working. Since January 2003, there have been 21 officers removed from NSW police under the commissioner's powers. They're also catching a lot more straight out of the academy. We've dismissed 23 probationary constables since January 1, 2003, and that means that we're actually targeting officers who have a tendency to act corruptly early. It appears there'll soon be less incentive for corruption, with police union delegates today voting overwhelmingly in favour of a generous new pay offer. It would place police amongst the highest-earning public servants in the country. The proposed pay hike of between 17% and 24% could see a senior constable on around $70,000 a year. Those in favour say 'aye' and raise your hand. Decent conditions and pay go towards making us more corruption-free. Shaun Fewings, Ten News. A former street kid allegedly abused by a Sydney teacher has told a court he allowed the situation to continue because it was the lesser of two evils. The alternative was to endure sub-standard care in a state home for boys. Gary Featherstone is a former concert pianist and private school teacher now attracting attention for all the wrong reasons. He's accused of sexually abusing boys throughout the 1980s and preying on those most vulnerable. This man says he was just eight or nine years old when his abuse began. He was an orphan and had been made a ward of the state along with his brother. Featherstone allegedly befriended them and took them on trips to the movies and for weekends away to the Blue Mountains. But it's claimed he demanded sexual favours in return, starting with oral sex the first time the boys stayed at his home. A Sydney court heard the abuse included rape and being forced to sleep naked with Gary as well as sharing spas with his friends. And it's claimed it went on for almost six years. The man, who's now 29, cried as he tried to explain why he kept seeing Gary. He told a hearing it at least provided an alternative to life in an overcrowded boys' home where he was often beaten up and later punished for complaining about Featherstone. He described the 55-year-old as: All up, Featherstone faces 70 charges ranging from indecent assault to sexual assault with a minor. It's understood at least five alleged victims will give evidence against him in committal proceedings. The hearing continues tomorrow. Amber Muir, Ten News. Olympic cycling medallist Gary Neiwand has been bailed on charges of stalking his ex-wife. A court was told his conduct placed him in serious breach of an intervention order. Gary Neiwand threatened to rip his estranged wife's arm off if she lit another cigarette indoors and told her he'd urinated in her champagne before watching her drink it. The prosecution said, when told by his father-in-law such behaviour would see him making number plates in jail, Mr Neiwand replied, "And your daughter will be pushing up daisies." The Olympic silver medallist and Commonwealth champion is charged with seven counts of breaching an intervention order and one count of stalking Cathy Neiwand, who felt sick and intimidated. Mr Neiwand now lives with his parents, who sat through a successful bail application. Mrs Neiwand was not in court to hear evidence from police and Mr Neiwand's lawyer. Both sides agree access to children is the core of this case, a dispute which has since been settled. The magistrate was satisfied Mr Neiwand would now comply with court orders but said he would have to return to court to face a strong case of stalking. The magistrate said the retired athlete's behaviour amounted to abuse of his children and parents. Mr Neiwand also has two criminal damage charges pending and is a suspect in the scratching of his wife's car and theft of her champagne case. But there is no evidence of Mr Neiwand's guilt in these crimes, police conceded to the court. Paul Kennedy, Ten News. Cornelia Rau, the woman wrongly detained as a suspected illegal immigrant, has spoken publicly for the first time. Ms Rau says she was treated "very badly" during her 10 months behind bars in both a Brisbane jail and the Baxter Detention Centre in South Australia. The 39-year-old former flight attendant denied she was suffering a mental illness and says she will seek compensation. I was locked up like a caged animal and there isn't much space to move around. Ms Rau appealed to the media to let her move on after spending four months at an Adelaide psychiatric facility. A nasty surprise for the occupants of a Sydenham home - a plane's jet stream ripping off the roof. Airservices Australia is considering picking up the damages bill, which may exceed $15,000 dollars. Living under a flight path can be hazardous for your eardrums. But at Max Baron's place, it's become hazardous for your head too. He's facing a $15,000 clean-up bill after a plane's jet stream created a wind vortex, sucking half his roof off. I'm just so grateful we weren't home or my neighbours weren't down in the side laneway, 'cause that would've killed somebody. The tiles are pretty big, pretty heavy. Neighbour Peter Smith witnessed the extraordinary event from his backyard. I turned around and actually saw the tiles of that house over there completely lift up in the air about half a metre. Quite an incredible thing to see half the roof demolished like that. A vortex only occurs in very still conditions. Turbulence from the plane's wing tips produces a powerful burst of air strong enough to lift heavy tiles. It's not the first time it's happened either - the pub around the corner has lost tiles four times in the past decade. These vortexes actually occur quite regularly. Airservices Australia deals with three or four cases each year, some caused by planes flying at high altitudes. But Max Baron is adamant this one was caused by a rogue pilot. I'm angry because I know the aircraft are getting lower. I'm angry because I know It doesn't matter what they say, the aircraft are getting lower. There's no indication at this stage that the plane wasn't following its normal trajectory into the airport. Airservices Australia has paid the repair bill in similar cases and may pay this one as well. Dan Nolan, Ten News. A weather check now with Tim Bailey. Tim, not a bad start to the week? A weather check now with Tim Bailey. Tim, not a bad start to the week? I wonder how many sickies there were today. What a brilliant sky. As far as rainfall is concerned, the 7-day outlook says blue sky until next Monday. Not so temperatures - 23 tomorrow, although a bit cold at night. You'll want tomorrow, although a bit cold at night. You'll want your electric blanket tonight as temperatures go down to 3 at Richmond. We had too much blue sky, should have been a much blue sky, should have been a Saturday. Current temperature - 19 degrees. Look at Saturday. Current temperature - 19 degrees. Look at that for a perfect

Sydney sky. Low pollution levels all over. A sunny one tomorrow, tops of 22 and you can all over. A sunny one tomorrow, tops of 22 and you can pencil that in for the next three or four days. Ahead - baby Jessica, abandoned at Liverpool Hospital. What happens next if Mum doesn't claim her. And chaos as Laura Bush visits some of Jerusalem's holiest shrines.

Time to check the traffic with Vic Lorusso on the Mix traffic helicopter. You're above Frenchs Forest? We are, monitoring a heavy traffic run for drivers leaving the Northern Beaches after a smash on Warringah Road near the Wakehurst Parkway. We can see one tow truck left. Lengthy traffic delays, backed all tow truck left. Lengthy traffic delays, backed all the way back past the big KFC. There's also been a second accident impacting the run away from the north on the Wakehurst Parkway. We'll update more at 5:50. A last-minute plea to find the parents of a 4-month-old girl abandoned just hours after her birth. Baby Jessica was left at Liverpool Hospital by her young Thai mother in January. She was wrapped in a blanket with her umbilical cord still attached. Jessica was placed in temporary care but authorities believe it's time she was adopted out. Jessica's mother is not in any trouble, she hasn't done anything wrong. She left the baby in a safe place where her needs would be taken care of. Adoption proceedings will begin in the next two weeks. A foreign tourist who survived 10 days lost on Queensland's Moreton Island says the ordeal has changed his life. It's forced him to review his priorities, but not his love of bushwalking. His strength returning, his wounds healing, Ricardo Sirutis is a walking testament to the human will to survive. Marooned on Moreton Island for 10 days without food or water, the Colombian businessman was on the brink of death when rescuers finally located him. He recalled the moment his torment ended. When I saw the helicopter and the rescue team, I felt as happy as can be. The 47-year-old is still in hospital but doctors are confident he'll make a full recovery. He kept warm in the bush by resting during the day and exercising by night, losing 12kg during his ordeal. Push-ups or walking. It was terrible - you feel so cold if you don't do it, you feel frozen. The wealthy pharmaceutical executive says being lost for so long led him to rethink his priorities in life. My personality now is more strong. I value things that I didn't value before. It's not clear when Ricardo Sirutis will return to South America but one thing is for sure - his offer to take a new bride with him still stands. In a delirious state he proposed to Katie Avery, the SES volunteer who first found him. She's still thinking. She didn't say no. A grateful survivor still deciding how to thank all those who never gave up and ultimately saved his life. Jesse Grayson, Ten News. A remarkable end to a suspected abduction case in America, with an 8-year-old girl found alive after being dumped in a recycling bin. More than 100 police began searching for the girl after she was reported kidnapped. Several hours later, an officer saw a hand sticking out of a yellow recycling bin buried in a dumpster at a landfill site. She'd been left for dead. When you find a child alive in circumstances like this you have to call it a miracle. The abduction story proved to be bogus - police arresting a 17-year-old youth who'd been staying with the girl at her godmother's home. He's been charged with attempted murder and sexual assault. Angry protestors have mobbed American First Lady Laura Bush as she visited Jerusalem, warning her to stop hassling Muslims. The protest came as Mrs Bush toured the Western Wall and al-Aqsa Mosque, holy to both Jews and Muslims. SHOUTING AND CHANTING Police linked arms to shield Mrs Bush from the crowd as she left. She's on a 5-day visit to Jordan, Israel, the West Bank and Egypt to push for more political freedom for women. Next - all of today's action on the share markets. Also - health campaigners fuming over the cigarettes that sound sweet enough to eat. Plus - the $10 million boy and how he's surviving against incredible odds.

This program is captioned live. Time for another check of the weather. We keep saying it's great weather, but we're desperate for rain. Yes, there are hints that level 3 water restrictions come into place when we go under 40% in our dams. The outlook for rain is dire, there's not a drop expected for the next seven days. We'll get a change during the week that will be cold air rather than moist air. There may be a shower in far south-eastern NSW but that's it. Things are increasingly serious. Another fine and sunny day, tops of 22, coming to your place tomorrow. Health campaigners are fuming tonight over a new line of fruit-flavoured cigarettes. They want them banned, fearing the sweet smokes will encourage more young people to take up the habit. They smell sweet enough to eat, but these fruit-flavoured cigarettes are just as deadly as the regular ones, and they've got anti-smoking groups fuming. This is outrageous. It's just a cheap ploy to get young people to smoke. These cigarettes should be banned. The marketing tactics of the DJ Mix brand are also under attack - the brightly coloured packets even glow under disco lights. The young market is what they're going for - the smell, the look of it, the size of them as well. I mean, they almost look like a packet of lollies. While fruit-flavoured smokes are legal in Australia, there are calls for them to be taken off the shelves because of concerns they'll lure young women to take up the habit. I definitely think there is a certain amount of novelty to it. The packet looks good, it smells really good. Oh, just to try it, yeah, for sure, I'd probably get my girlfriends to try it. Imported from Hong Kong, they're now available in several capital cities in Australia. While there's a strong push While there's a strong push to have fruit-flavoured cigarettes banned in Australia, the Federal Government is powerless to stop them from being sold, instead leaving it to individual States and territories to legislate against their sale. As much as we might want to block these cigarettes from being sold in Australia, each State jurisdiction has to make that decision. it's not a good thing for the Government to do. The Australian share market has bounced back today. Craig James at Commonwealth Securities - the market recovery's really gathering pace. The recover is picking up. The share market gained 110 points over the last few days. share market gained 110 points over the last few days. Basically, investors are buying because shares are cheap. Share market valuations are at the cheapest levels in 14 years. The lower oil prices are also encouraging investors to buy on the stock market. We can't say the same about the Aussie dollar? No. Financial markets are about momentum and the green back has momentum, not the Aussie dollar, which could fall momentum, not the Aussie dollar, which could fall below 75 cents. This low Aussie dollar is wonderful for struggling farmers, but bad if you're planning to pack your bags for Europe or the US. Now to a story of a brave little boy who needs your help. 4-year-old Beschen Cove was born without an immune system. So far it's cost over $10 million to keep him alive. His fighting spirit amazing doctors and his family. Beschen Cove has endured more than most will in a lifetime, but he seems determined to fight. Can I have a kiss? He has X-SCIDs, an extremely rare condition which means he has no immune system. Even the common cold could kill him. He also suffers osteoporosis, meaning regular fractures. A virus he couldn't fight off led to a serious setback in the form of quadriplegic cerebral palsy, limiting his movement. He's just been allowed home after almost four years in hospital. REPORTER: Are there ever moments when you just think, "I can't, it's too hard"? Lots. And then he'll smile or he'll do something and you think, "Well, if he's fighting, I can fight with him." It's like having to put up with a newborn baby continuously. A recent bone marrow transplant means a gruelling schedule of medications from 8:00am until midnight. We do physio every day, we do occupational therapy we do speech therapy every day, administer medications, check temperatures. Beschen has already proven to be an enormous battler. At just five months, his mother was told it would be lucky if he lived a week - most children with his condition don't last through the first year, but, amazingly, doctors now hold a great deal of hope that Beschen may indeed improve, or even recover fully. So far, Beschen's fight to survive has cost the family and the health system more than $10 million. Carly's given up her job and dad Trent works long hours as a tiler trying to make ends meet. Physio equipment, that's probably the most expensive thing - we've just recently bought a chair for $5,000 because we had to have it. If you'd like to help, you can send a cheque to their local Lions Club. Hopefully become a normal little boy that can just run around and kick a soccer ball and go surfing with Dad. Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. Sport - and Manly are off to the judiciary over a spitting charge. Yes - Shane Dunley is facing a long suspension if he doesn't win. More shortly. Plus - a Bulldog fined after being arrested by Melbourne police. And all the Origin latest. Also - a flying Lote Tuquiri's sideline mishap with a camera. And how Mark Webber overcame a bad start to finally make it onto the podium. CALM MUSIC What you're about to see will change your mind about speeding. Two identical cars - one travelling at 60km/h, the other at 65km/h. A sudden change in the road ahead. HORN BLARES CAMERAS CLICK And both drivers first react. And then, a moment later... ..they brake. And things start to get interesting. Down here, the difference is extraordinary. In the last 5m of braking, you wipe off half your speed. So this car is still doing 32km/h when it hits. This one also hits, but only at 5km/h. So no matter how good a driver you are, 5km/h difference up there makes 27km/h difference down here. This program is captioned live. The State of Origin mind games have started - NSW coach Ricky Stuart reckons Michael Crocker will start at lock for the Maroons in the Origin Opener. Rob Canning joins us from Brisbane, where the Blues have wrapped up training. That's a bold prediction from Ricky given Queensland have named Chris Flannery at number 13. Yeah, it is, but it has merit because the Queenslanders believe they have such a big advantage over NSW in the forward pack. Stuart thinks Crocker fits the loss better than anyone thinks Crocker fits the loss better than anyone which may mean Webb comes off the bench meaning Flannery will start on the bench. Let's hear what Ricky Stuart had to say today. They said Flannery will start but what do you think,Crocker probably will. It really doesn't bother me because they'll all get a lot of time. For bother me because they'll all get a lot of time. For Maroon Casey McGuire, it's a late call-up and he hasn't trained yet? He made his debut in 1998 and now seven years later he is makingities State of Origin debut. He's stoked. Surreal feeling. I got the phone Origin debut. He's stoked. Surreal feeling. I got the phone call late

on Saturday night and thought the boys were joking, but when I found it was real I rang the family and we're very excited. And Matt King has interesting views on his clash with Billy Slater? Yes. He has an interesting look. He says he and Billy are intimate. Yeah, Billy and I are pretty Billy are intimate. Yeah, Billy and I are pretty close mates down there. There's not many single blokes down in Melbourne and we're two of them and we get along a bit closer than the other boys. He led himself down that road. We'll have a full wrap-up of all the news in Sports Tonight, Tim. Manly will defend a contrary conduct charge against hooker Shayne Dunley. He's been accused of spitting on Parramatta's PJ Marsh and faces five weeks suspension. There is no doubt Shayne Dunley did spit in the direction of his Eels opposite, PJ Marsh. Categorically, the player denies that he spat at anybody. It shows there is some form of spit coming out, but obviously the player didn't intentionally mean for it to be at a Parra player. Manly will look at more video material tonight, and legal advice in the morning will determine their approach. They may seek a downgrade. They'll defend Dunley because they don't want him to have a reputation as a spitter. I'm sure, too, the players on the field would have reacted rather violently if that's what it was considered, but it's a credit to PJ Marsh that he has not made any statements. Also facing a lengthy suspension is Knights prop Josh Perry. He could miss up to six weeks for a reckless high tackle on the Dragons' Michael Henderson. Canberra play-maker Jason Smith faces a lengthy period on the sidelines through a knee injury. He'll know results from scans tomorrow, but the club doctor is hopeful. He's pretty sure it's just my medial ligament, which is a good sign. I've injured both of them before and had both operated on. Out for nine weeks for one and seven for the other - hopefully not as bad as that. Bulldogs forward Brad Morrin has been fined $5,000 following a misunderstanding with a motorist outside the Bulldogs Melbourne hotel early on Sunday morning. He was picked up by a police officer and held in a cell for an hour. Morrin flagged down a motorist and asked for a lift. He apologised to the motorist, but police witnessed the incident and arrested him. Tony Peters, Ten News. The countdown is on to the Super 12 final between the Waratahs and the Crusaders in Christchurch. NSW had a light training session this afternoon, but Lote Tuqiri wasn't holding back - he ran straight into a camera. The Waratahs will be the underdogs, but they're not concerned about a lack of finals experience. We've got big match players and guys who have been on the big stage plenty of times before. We won't worry about that. It's about getting a focus on what will be right and what's important to beat Canterbury. The boys have a fan day tomorrow at Aussie Stadium before they fly out on Wednesday. Swans coach Paul Roos says the efforts of yesterday's match-winner Luke Vogels have made him consider more mature aged recruits. The 21-year-old thought he'd missed his chance at a career at the top level when he was passed over by every AFL club three years ago. But Luke was the centre of attention today after kicking the goals that secured victory over the Western Bulldogs. Senior football was a major goal for me and I've reached that and obviously I've got to reassess. The Swans are hoping Vogels will continue his good form when they take on St Kilda in Melbourne on Saturday night. Australia's Mark Webber has finally made it onto a Formula One podium. He finished third in the Monaco Grand Prix. Finland's ace Kimi Raikkonen led from start to finish. Monaco's the glamour grid of Formula One - Diego Maradona, Kid Rock and 'Star Wars' director George Lucas on hand for a race dedicated to the late Prince Rainier. After a minute's silence, Mark Webber's fans were ruing a disastrous start. COMMENTATOR: Fisichella has jumped Webber and so has Trulli. The two Williams are side by side up the hill. A terrible start for Mark Webber. Webber cursed his clutch, dropping from third fifth. No dramas out in front for Kimi Raikkonen, who'd started on pole. Big names joining the casualty list on lap 25 - Michael Schumacher's frustrating season continuing when his Ferrari lost its front end. While Schumacher continued, the 5-car jam ended David Coulthard's race, the job even beyond storm troopers in the pit. Even the straights were tough going - Patrick Friesacher spinning out after hitting the brakes too early, Jacques Villeneuve another feeling the force of a wall. Amid the carnage, Webber kept his cool on the tail of drivers championship leader Fernando Alonso, whose tyres were nearly gone. The Aussie made his move with four laps to go. But there was no catching Raikkonen's McLaren. COMMENTATOR: And Kimi Raikkonen wins on the streets of Monte Carlo. Webber seven seconds behind Williams team-mate Nick Heidfeld, two fifth placings Webber's previous best - Yeah. Not a bad day. It's really for the team today. I think both of us on the podium is a fantastic effort for BMW and Williams, considering the start we've had to the season hasn't been easy. At last a trophy in his 56th Formula One Grand Prix. Webber's third lifts him to fourth in the drivers championship. Tania Armstrong, Ten News. An approach shot to the final green has proved very expensive for Australian golfer Rod Pampling at the PGA Colonial in the US. The Queenslander was in contention for second place but a wayward wedge found the water from around 80m away at the 18th and it cost him an estimated $500,000. COMMENTATOR: What a mistake by Rod Pampling. Can't believe he did that right there. The resulting double bogie dropping Pampling into a 7-way tie for sixth place, while fellow Aussie Peter Lonard hung on to stay in a tie for third. American Kenny Perry won the tournament by a very comfortable seven shots. Later on Sports Tonight with Ryan Phelan, we'll talk to Rabbitohs stalwart George Piggins about saving Souths again. Plus - day one of the French Open tennis. Delays at Lidcomb? Yes. There's been an accident at Joseph street.

All three lanes heading back past Auburn. The traffic delays as you can see quite extenseive. Thank you, Vic. Next, Tim Bailey with the weather. Then - hitting the wall - marathon runners tackle one of China's great wonders.

This program is captioned live. Time for more weather. It's a full moon and a lot of people are probably feeling a bit strange. Jess was just saying she gets a bit funny during a full moon. What a bright day, a magic Monday. 23 degrees, we were four above average. It will be chilly at Richmond, down to 3. 4 degrees at Penrith. Another warm one on the way tomorrow, 23 degrees. As far as rainfall is concerned, the out look not looking good. The next seven days, we might get some in south-eastern Australia and that's it. Satellite - cloud is forming over northern WA in a trough causing showers and storms. Cloud crosses south-west WA with a tail edge of a front bringing a few light showers. Extensive cloud is spreading across SA and western Victoria Victoria. A cold front will come spreading showers across Victoria and Tasmania. There'll be storms over northern WA. Predicted precipitation - it's a sad story for the next week starting with tomorrow. Widespread rain in Tasmania, showers for Victoria and SA and possibly a light shower for south-eastern NSW. Wednesday - a high pressure system will cause showers to ease in Victoria and Tasmania. A trough in WA will cause rain over the Pilbara. NSW will be bone dry. For the next few days, blue sky, 23 degrees. A southerly change will move through in the middle of the week but will be cold air, dropping the temperatures to 19 degrees. No rainfall coming. Things look a little bit crook.

That's a forecast for level 3 water restrictions coming to your place real soon. See you again tomorrow night. One of the world's most scenic but punishing marathons has drawn more than 700 competitors to China. They came from around the world for the run along the Great Wall of China. Bemused locals looked on as the runners pounded up a hilly section, many forced to drop back to a walk on the steeper sections. And the only glory attached to the event is a silver medal saying you've taken part. That's the 5:00 News. I'm Bill Woods. And I'm Jessica Rowe. Sandra Sully will have the Late News at 10:40. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.