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(generated from captions) contact us by going to our website: If you have a story to tell, you can This program is captioned live. Affair on this Friday Night. Thanks and welcome to A Current They're hard-working Australians at the hands of a rogue builder. who've lost thousands of dollars of not delivering, He has a long history didn't bother warning his victims. but incredibly, the consumer watchdog I've

lost a lot of money. lost a lot of money. I would lost a ot of money. I lost a lot of money. I l st a ot of money

to him. go to jail with what I'd like to do go to jail with what I'd like to do

putting the banks on the spot. Also tonight - $9 billion in fees? How do they justify TV makes us smarter. And the professor who says teach us something worthwhile. He claims even the trashiest

that really turned sour. First, the Lotto jackpot fell into line 12 years ago, When the winning numbers

were lovers. Michael Waring and Virginia Ellis But their relationship was torn apart prize-money and what happened to it - by a bitter dispute over the a fight that's still not over. people think they can win Lotto All I can say is that fantastic, altogether, and that's their life, that way. but it doesn't always work out Didn't work out that way for me. couldn't believe his eyes Cabbie Michael Waring when his numbers came up. Well, nobody knew. I kept it a secret. I didn't tell anybody, $500,000 richer, he was set for life, the hard-working taxi driver thought but then the winner's bubble burst. Where did it all go wrong? got greedy. I think the lady, Virginia, fortune with his then lover, Michael Waring shared his good

fellow cabbie Virginia Ellis. into a joint account. We put the money Therefore, I didn't worry about it. for retirement for me I thought it was going away and it didn't do that for me, account to another account she just moved money from one taking it all. and she controlled all the money, for another woman, It was only after Ms Ellis left him that he discovered he'd been cheated. she walked out Well, it was shock the day that I found out what happened and it was only days later to all my money. to buy a house, The money had been used Virginia Ellis's name only. problem was, it was in in a bitter 3-year battle The grab for cash ended up here in the NSW Supreme Court. finding in Mr Waring's favour, The judge this week just over $320,000. ordering he be paid a relationship with her. Well, it was proven that I had And to prove that relationship, Michael Waring was questioned about imaginable, some of the most intimate details including parts of her anatomy. they needed to know The colour of her anatomy parts, and so I said what I said in court. wants to put it all behind him. Now the Blue Mountains cabbie just Virginia Ellis has other plans, It seems, though, the decision. lodging an appeal against I feel sorry for her. in the long term. She is the one losing Simon Bouda there. to us on advice from her lawyer. Virgina Ellis didn't want to talk As you heard, back to court for an appeal. she is planning to take the case OK - only a week ago, of service from banks. we reported on the declining levels keep going higher and higher. The fees, of course, Now we know just how high - $9 billion a year. they've reached a staggering isn't it? $9 billion a year is too much, It's no surprise it's that high. Is it too much? Well, we're talking about every year. hundreds of millions of transactions Mr Bell, is it too much? I don't think so. of contempt for their customers. Australia's banks have been accused when we wake up to news like this. No wonder people are bank-bashing in bank fees last year - We paid $9 billion before. an increase of 4% on the year with charging so much for so little. No other business would you get away You're a banker? Yes. We're doing a story on bank fees. No comment. What do you think about them? Terrible, it's disgusting. Over the past eight years, quadrupled to $9 billion a year - the income banks made from fees has or $285 every second of every day. that's $17,000 a minute laughing all the way to the bank It seems the only people and their shareholders. are the bank bosses How much is there? You've got some money there.

You count it for me. You count it for me. the banks are making from bank fees, $285 every second,

$285 every second. That's a very cute little trick. has a cute little trick too. David Bell of the Australian Bankers Association As chief executive

of fees sound fair. his job is to make $9 billion worth I don't think it's too much. It reflects what it costs in Australia. to run a very good banking system how angry they are about bank fees? Do people express to you how upset, and if they do then I explain No, they don't increased competition in banking the Reserve Bank has regularly found in better customer outcomes. has resulted to hear that. I think they're pleased They suck. Suck. They what? Yep. They suck? million out of our pockets last year. Credit card fees sucked an extra $620

We now owe $30 billion on the plastic just keeps on growing. and the fee frenzy for the banks but what can we do? It's vulgar, actually, Don't put up with paying 16% or 18%. there's offers of 12%, 9%. Go to your bank, tell them if they say no, go elsewhere. Ask them to match it - There's one thing you can bank on from the Consumers Association - according to Lisa Tait fees will keep going skyrocketing steps in. unless the Federal Government from $1.7 billion to $9 billion, Since 1997, bank fees have gone up really is a bit rough. so I think that Is $9 billion too much? It certainly is because we're paying a premium for what is poor customer service. I'm going to get a job with the banks. That's my thoughts. There have been more bank closures, service has gone down, there have been staff cuts. Meanwhile, you people have been making record profits. Your executives have big fat salaries and now you're raking in $9 billion in fees. how does that sit with the average consumer? If you balance off bank fees compared to savings in interest margins because of competition, customers are better off

and I challenge you to run that statement. I challenged Mr Bell to step outside and talk to ordinary Australians, to hear how they feel about the banks' $9 billion bonanza. Well I'd have to talk to my advisors to see what my schedule is like. No prizes for guessing he was too busy. I mean, the whole idea about automating everything and making it electronic is that they would reduce the costs. They just optimise their own costs, but keep taking the money. Ben Fordham there. Here's another one that'll make you angry. Consumer watchdogs are supposed to protect people. But this dodgy operator has ripped off scores of honest customers. His industry watchdog didn't give the victims even a word of warning about his abysmal track record. Now, they're out of pocket to the tune of $1 million or more. Gary Myers, you are just a scumbag.

If I got my hands on him, I would go to jail with what I'd like to do to him. A pig. A pig. Look, I know this is awful to say, but shooting would be too good. Well, what is the reason for this fury and who is Gary Myers? He's a pool builder who somehow has managed to stay in the business of ripping people off for at least the past six years despite being bankrupt, despite the authorities and their rules. I just don't know how he can sleep at night, him and his whole family. The Myers's pool buildings have now sent three companies to the wall, taking with them people's dreams and money. We have paid him 99% of the money for that concrete hole in the ground. Coral and Kevin are just some of perhaps 40 or 50 people Gary Myers and his family have ruined

and that doesn't include dozens of suppliers and sub-contractors also owed tens of thousands of dollars. We're coming to the end of our life and as pensioners, and things like that and what happens we get caught by a scumbag like this. And whose is the beautiful rock landscaping on the pool? That's the bush rock waterfall that we paid $4,500 for bush rock waterfall. That's right, 14 rocks for $4,500. Goes to show, as Beth Sirrow discovered, robbery doesn't require a gun. When you have waited so long to get a pool with water in it,

it's actually quite exciting to get water in it. Only problem is, the water won't stay in the pool, this $36,700 and the pool is cracked right through from top to bottom, the pumps burnt out, the filtration system doesn't work, she's been in the pool just once. No, and that's what I can't abide the lies, the non-returned phone calls, the false promises, I don't believe people can be so untrustworthy. I've lost a lot of money. And her peace of mind. Myers drove Doreen to the brink of a nervous breakdown, Myers Pools took my plants from the front yard and put them all around the swimming pool and then charged me $2,500 for landscaping. My own plants! Gary Myers? David Margan, A Current Affair. Just wondering, Sir, what you might have to say about those 30 or 40 people whose pools you haven't finished that are just a hole in the ground? I wonder what you have to say

What do you have to say to them? Anything at all? Not at the moment? Why not? Wh ot You were certainly trying to collect your money from them, weren't you? Do you mind? How come you don't have anything to say now. It is a public meeting. Well, public means shouldn't the public be able to say what they feel? Given the record of the Myers family, how could this be? Those investigations are private. Due to privacy laws in Queensland.

Many of these people rang the BSA Many of these people rang the BSA

Many of these people rang the BSA or checked the website to verify

the credentials and standing of

Gary Myers. This is what they were

told by the BSA. They said they've

got nothing against them and

everything , they're cleanskins.

everything , they're cleanskins. They were investigating them and

had even suspended their operating

licence for a time. Why didn't they

warn the consumers, the very people

they're supposed to be protecting?

Well, you won't believe the answer.

Well, you won't believe the answer. Those investigations are private. Due to privacy laws in Queensland. By concealing the truth, they deliberately misled dozens of consumers

who then lost thousands of dollars as a result. But the consumers were told the truth. If you omit information and you fail to tell people, a firm is being investigated and there is a question mark about them,

you have lied to them by not telling them the truth. Our investigations, it's just like the police, our investigations are confidential. And it could be to the detriment of the builder if we tell the consumers. I'm annoyed to think that we relied on them for the information and the information wasn't forthcoming. They're now currently being banned for five years. That's a bit late now for these good folk and unfortunately it's not true, the Gary Myers family is still out there hiding assets like this house and despite all the fine words of the BSA, still working. Nooooo. What? Noooo. Are you a thief or just incompetent, Sir? David Margan there in Queensland And we'll try to keep tabs on where Mr Myers pops up again. You just know he will. Alright, remember these scenes? Earlier this year, there were days of riots and civil disobedience at Macquarie Fields in western Sydney. It was sparked by the deaths of two local youths in a car crash, following a police chase. Well, three months on, the suburb remains a fractured place, still wracked by all the social and economic issues which fuelled so much of the unrest that boiled over onto the streets. Take a look at this.

Alcoholics like you that don't get

off your arse. Call yourself a

(bleep) mother. Someone who takes

their kids and sits them at the pub

with a packet of chips and a

drink... I didn't. I'm your

daughter and I (bleep) know. They

see everybody, some people get

bashed and everybody. Robert Kelly

has lived here all this life, he's

Jesse Kelly's uncle. They're

drinking, drugging, stealing cars

for fun. I think for fun I thinC

drinking, drugging, stealing cars for fun. I think it's a way of life for the youth. W lfare for the youth. Welfare won't even

take him. No-one wants him take him No-one wants him for the youth. Welfare won't even take him. No-one wants him because

he's apute rud little thing. Like

he's apute rud little thing. Like you. If you don't get out of here,

I'll smack the nearest bit of wood

over your face. See you later. 10

over your face. See you later. 10 years ago, 5 years ago, I would

have been the first person in there

punching on it. I want to watch my

punching on it. I want to watc my punching on it. I want to watch my kids and all of these kids grow up.

kids and all of these kids grow up. Now, where can I go and do that in peace? Disturbing, isn't it? That's part of a warts-and-all documentary by Sarah Ferguson to be shown on the 'Sunday' program this weekend. It's compelling viewing, because of what it says about the failure to address the problems of Macquarie Fields and other places like it across Australia. Next, the expert who says even the trashiest TV programs can be good for you. He likens 'Big Brother' to Shakespeare. Design and build the home of your dream . Enjoy the histo ic ie s Have it all at Wells Station Country living in the city. It's been unkindly called the 'idiot box'. Generations of Australians

have been told watching television for hours on end is not always the most productive use of their time. Well, now one expert begs to differ, claiming every show has something to teach us. 'HOME AND AWAY' PLAYS Come on guys, let's go Come on, guys, let's go and do some homework. Let's go. Reni Clements has no time for much of what's on TV. I'd rather they not watch the soapies that are on of a night-time. I'd prefer they didn't watch things like 'Big Brother'.

I don't think it's suitable for children watching. VOICE-OVER: Someone's falling for Kate. Giggles like a schoolgirl in love... And Christie's just falling... It makes you think, it helps you to form relationships. Well, maybe this will help. Who'd have thought 'Home And Away' or 'Big Brother' could make you a better person? Well, according to Professor John Hartley from Queensland's University of Technology, even the trashiest TV shows are good for us. Oh, yes, it can definitely be a force for good and not just in terms of enjoying the programs you like, it can actually help you think. First time stripping! So what redeeming feature d es the good professor find does the good professor find in the likes of 'Jerry Springer'? It is clear the kind of problems that are discussed on these programs are all real human issues and if people can think about them,

then they may be getting some thoughts about their own situation that they might find later on - who knows? But isn't this just an awful slob show? An excuse for people to take their clothes off and behave badly? It does have its moments, but we all have our underside as it were. I actually like the people he uses on his show. They teach me all sorts of things. They teach me how to be overweight, have no teeth and dress badly, something I've always wanted to learn how to do. Radio funnymen Merrick and Rosso thinks Professor Hartley's lost the plot with his reading of the merits of TV. Commentator Adam Spencer agrees. I think that's like saying if your kids went to McDonald's every night to get dinner, they'd learn a bit about economics, counting the change on the way home. Even some of the guys are getting a bit catty now. But the professor's not done yet. When it comes to reality TV - shows like 'Big Brother' - you won't believe what he compares it to. OK. Give me a hug. I'm saying 'Big Brother' is the Shakespeare of today, not necessarily at the level of writing but certainly in the function it performs for the people who watch it. Do you think many high school teachers out there would agree with you? No, I think they're probably chucking their rubber bricks at the TV right now. You learn that if you lock up a group of bogans in a house for 40 days, they'll get drunk and try and have physical congress with each other. Who didn't know that? 'Price Is Right' made me smart. Higher and lower, so you know the difference. Which one is lower? Yes, lower is down and higher is up. Before 'Price Is Right', I thought the price was wrong. 'Dancing With The Stars' - there's a fantastic entertainment element with 'Dancing With The Stars' educationally. Call now for a fact sheet.

If you want to look like a bullfighter, get the outfit. Shows like that show people who are not professionals trying to do something which is quite difficult like ballroom dancing are a wonderful incentive to say, "Get up off your bums and do something." So you're saying they're inspirational? I think they're inspirational. There might be the occasional small redeeming feature on modern television but the vast bulk of it - don't kid yourself that it's doing you any good. A quality poem - but those days are behind me. I don't shell for nobody no more. Back at the Clements' household, the kids have done their homework the ki s have d e t eir homework and are glued to 'The Simpsons'

and sadly for Professor Hartley, they don't think TV shows have anything to teach them. It's just good for entertainment. And not much else? Nah. 'Big Brother' the Shakespeare of today? I wonder whether the professor thinks it's tragedy or comedy? Chris Allen with a very different take on what we watch. Coming up, the school where everybody is seeing double. WOODEN BOARDS CREAK (Screams) Ow! VOICEOVER: Not too handy around the house? MAN: Darling! We know some people who are. Darling, I think I've hurt myself!

It's been bigger than State Of Origin football. A war of words, a battle of the sexes. Last night, 'Footy Show' legend Fatty Vautin came face to face with the sworn enemy, Rebecca Wilson, the outspoken critic who says the show's lost it. You saw what happened on TV. But what went on off-camera?

Why would you put yourself through

this? I'm asking myself that now

with only minutes to go till I go

on set. You want to pull out? I'm

buggered if I know. This is a show

that you bagged? Tfrpblgt is. I

used to just laugh out loud, giggle

uncontrollably at Fatty. I used to

think he was the funniest thing. I'm not I m not

I'm not funny. My kids don't laugh

at my gags. Have you had any

marriage proposals? There has been

a few. So you got the emails then?

I feel like he's lost interest, his

I feel like he's lost interest, his eyes have glazed over and he didn't

care as much about the show. I

think the fact I'm a girl I'm fair

game. Rebecca is being made up,

down the long corridor, well away

from the boys' locker room. We're

going to kill her with kindness.

She comes here, she's got to

establish her credibility now. If

the crowd lycra becka, that's

fantastic 'cause it's good for the

show. There's a lot of talk that

boys would freeze her out. I mean, these blokes are gentlemen. Just one thing - this is electricity, alright? In Studio 2, the crowds are being warmed up. But diehard fans are a bit cold about the new girl. No, I don't like Rebecca. She knows what she's talking about, but she's trying to be a woman dominating a man's world. I've been there, done that. I've god credibility, Ray. Credibility with a capital 'K.'' She has got nothing. Every war, there's a fallen warrior. And every conflict, there's a casualty. Reg Reagan has been The Footy Show's favourite hitman, but now Reg has hit the gutter. People think that I've been sacked. I haven't been sacked. I've been warehoused. That's TV talk for benched, Ray. I got a job offer from my great mate Sam, actually. Sam Newman? No, mate. Sam Chisholm - your boss, Ray. Your boss, OK? You know him? Yeah, mate. We went to Nam together. Vietnam? No, mate, Nambucca Heads. In 1979, the Nambucca Nuggets. I can tell you some good times there, Ray. Look, they all love you. Hey, mate, how are ya? Say hi to your wife for me. Look, I am, mate. I think it was Willie Nelson

who wrote the song 'Like A Bridge Over Troubled Water'. Tough times on The Footy Show at the moment and I'm going to be that bridge. G'day, mate. How is she going to go? There's a lot of bad blood between Rebecca and the boys. Yeah, there is, Ray. Can I tell you something about television. How long have you been doing television for - two or three years, Ray? Well, you don't need to get along to make good telly. I'll give you the classic example, Darryl and Ozzie. Hated each other's guts. Darryl actually ate Ozzie at Thanksgiving one year in America. That's a long story. So they don't need to get along. With or without Reg Reagan, The Footy Show must go on. The Fat Man and the boys are clearly crowd favourites. Who do you want to be sitting next to, Fatty or Sterlo? REBECCA: Hopefully, Matty. He's the nicest one. I love Matty. Despite all the hype, the showdown is a fizzer. That special guest is Rebecca Wilson.

APPLAUSE When Rebecca comes out, it's a bit like a family feud, with the relo that you have to put up with even though you've got nothing in common.

She's never pulled on a jockstrap, never been in a scrum. I mean, how many Tests has she played for Australia, Ray? Zero. None. Reg, you've never played for Australia.

Icy. You know, Frosty. Got to be a big girl.

She's not a bad sort.

I'm not going to climb over you to get to her. But these are for you. Good luck, mate. Thanks, fantastic. Winners don't need luck, Ray! Fatty and his merry mob can go and get stuffed! Maybe John Cleese in 'Fawlty Towers' had the answer - "Please don't talk about the war." Back with more in a moment. Now to one of our stories next week - Australian women and sex. Official research findings, an expert therapist and real couples tell it like it is, bringing all of us up to speed on what's happening in relationships between men and women. The issues, the problems and the answers.

It is enriching to a relationship It is enriching to a relationship

It is enriching to a relationship to have good sex. Sex, where is it?

to have good sex. Sex, where is it? I think we're too busy, too I thin we're too usy, too to have good sex. Sex, where is it? I think we're too busy, too tired.

Have no time and we're Have no tim and we'r too Have no time and we're too stressed.

It's the gluthat keeps a

It's the gluthat Ceeps a

It's the gluthat keeps a relationship together. Fire up the

relationship together. Fire up the spa bath. Light some candles. A bit

of a massage. Cheers. Here's to you,

you sexy thing.

That story on Monday, along with plenty more. We'll look forward to your company then. Have a great weekend and take care on the road. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.