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(generated from captions) for this Thursday. That's National Nine News Here's Ray. This program is captioned live. to A Current Affair. Thanks and welcome more of in this country? What's the one thing we don't need regulations from council bureaucrats. How about ridiculous rules and petty They're driving people nuts. The

c uncils are out of control. councils are out of control.

For a long time councils are out of control. Fo a long councils are out of control. For

For a long time I thought they councils are out of control. Fo a long time I

needed to lift their game. amazingly cheap airfares. Also tonight,

Now you can fly interstate of a taxi ride to the airport. for less than the price but do they actually work? And those detox diets - all the rage, he's been called a monster. First tonight, been locked away for life. He's a serial rapist who should have But in an unforgivable foul-up, to strike again. Gary Narkle was allowed to walk free the price This time an innocent teenager paid

man where he belongs - behind bars. for the law's failure to keep this How do you describe Gary Narkle? he is a sexual monster, His whole history shows a serial sex offender. Is he a walking time bomb? He is. know, he's done his time for that, What Gary's done in the past, you you know. He hasn't murdered anybody.

not if, It was always a matter of when, would strike again. serial rapist Gary Narkle charged with multiple sex offences This week, 50-year-old Narkle was against a 16-year-old girl, from prison a free man just 11 months after he walked after a legal stuff-up. failed him a long time ago We feel that the justice system when he went to prison.

has today spoken for the first time Gary's sister, Roseanne, is misunderstood about the brother she says have led him on. and the women she claims the wrong impression They might be giving Gary that they want to go with him. There is no doubt frightening of sex offenders. that Gary Narkle is the most almost 40 years. His sex crime career spans in maximum security prison. For half that time, he's been Narkle has been diagnosed personality disorder with a dangerous and severe which is untreatable. says But the West Australian Government to protect the community. there's been little they could do you needed more time, It's all very well to say 16-year-old victim. but explain that to his latest

could have done There's nothing the law Mr Narkle up. which would have locked

He was a free man in the community, of a previous failing in the system. he was there because is under pressure to explain Attorney-General Jim McGinty could be freed to rape again. how a man like Narkle Over a year ago, released on a technicality, when it was obvious Narkle might be to safeguard the community. Mr McGinty promised he would act

to rushing legislation I will not be party which is flawed, that is not properly prepared, to the community. and which will be a disservice through Parliament. You don't rush half-baked thoughts When you have a serial sex rapist condition, with an untreatable mental what do you do with them? before the courts, Well, when you get him numerous times in this State, and he's been before the courts

the community can be protected. you give him a sentence,

and throw away the key? And what is that, lock him up, Well, he should have been. Broadcaster Paul Murray says system to have let Narkle walk free. there's no excuse for the justice psychiatrists and psychologists say Well, if you have a look at what the about this bloke, he's a psychopath. it's been well known that he's at complete danger And they all say

of reoffending again.

have to be told in the court How many times does that story is to protect the community, before a judge says, "My duty here forever." "I'm going to put this bloke away That's a view shared by one of Narkle's alleged victims. She was too traumatised to give evidence against him for the fourth time, so his trial was aborted. He's definitely a monster. I mean, what I saw in his eyes was just animal like, it was terrifying. Gary needs help, we know that. And that's all we want for him. till the day he dies. We don't want Gary to be locked away Gary Narkle is now in custody again.

to finally get it right. The justice system has another chance Luck's a fortune to this bloke. 25 years of his life behind bars, Even though he's spent more than he should never be at liberty, made about him a long time ago. and that decision should have been for three decades. I mean, the fella's been offending He's entitled to a trial, innocence but if he's found guilty, he's entitled to the presumption of Mr Narkle on our streets again. I think we've seen the end of

there'll be no more excuses. Yes, you'd hope this time

to medical help Gary Narkle is entitled no more chances to run amok. but please, OK, now to Kylie. days ago was enough of a shock. The diagnosis of breast cancer three under way - Now there's another battle her privacy. this one's about protecting

If this is what it's like with our media in a feeding frenzy, when the foreign press fly in. just imagine the mayhem of Kylie's condition, Since news broke of the notorious paparazzi it's been rumoured plane loads are about to hit town. it's cancer, so they're coming, Let's face it, it's Kylie,

it's just a matter of time. if you're only 3-foot tall And heaven help you then back to health. and trying to love your idol privacy laws around medical records, We have very strong laws - of our treatment. about access to details the clinician and the patient These are private matters between in laws as private matters. and they are enshrined of it in the last couple of days Media morality or the perceived lack of the Victorian Premier. has been enough to raise the hackles

Neil Mitchell believes And top-rating Melbourne broadcaster there's good reason. I think it's appalling people around the house. that you've got police escorting she doesn't need. I think it's just adding a pressure Huh? Did you get her? Did you get her? Now, as a journalist, this is a very fine line to tread. I'm one of them, this is part of what we do, and to pretend otherwise would be cross hypocrisy. But take a look at what's going on here.

This is gross. Don't forget we're staking out a woman who is trying to fight cancer

and we all know one of the worst things for cancer patients is stress.

How's Kylie doing? Now, I know I'm not the only one here who has a problem with this but we're here because we think this is what you want to see. So you tell me - where do we draw the line? To physically get so close to them, there needs to be a boundary. I think they should respect her privacy and certainly give her a bit of space so she can recover properly. I think it's disgusting. My friends saw it this morning driving to work. If it wasn't such a serious matter, it would almost be laughable. This is one postman who won't ring twice at this address. But believe or not, it gets even sillier. Jamie? Where are you going? Jamie Faucett is the Aussie freelance photographer who pursued Kylie for two hours

until he snapped a pic near her French island retreat. Jamie! He's gone around the other way. Insiders tell us that this celebrity picture

was worth close to $100,000. And his efforts with this celebrity earned him an interim AVO, an apprehended violence order. He fought it and avoided prosecution. As you can see, when he wants to be, he can be just as elusive as the celebrities he targets.

It's alright when you're on the other side of the lens, isn't it? She's a person like everyone else. She knows Australia is behind her and we support her with her health problems, but we should give her a bit of space. Chris Hill there watching the Kylie-watchers who've invaded Melbourne. This next story sees two suburban mums from Australia

pitted against one of the biggest corporations in the world. It's all about the cartoon logo they designed for their small business. The big international outfit reckons it's too close to theirs. So you be the judge. Did you guys copy the Power Puffs? Absolutely not, no. Are you sure? Absolutely. Yes, we're certain. Anika and Joanne swear they're innocent, but this cartoon controversy has them in... Serious, serious trouble!

(All) Why? We are between a rock and a hard place. So how did you react when you got this letter?

Absolutely gobsmacked. Had you ever seen the Power Puffs before? Not at that stage. Come on? No, we didn't know who they were. Surely you guys are big Power Puff fans? I'm 35 years old and I don't know who the Power Puff Girls are.

Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup are threatening to bring down a small Australian business. They've got a team of legal people.

We'd really like for you to come downtown with us so we can ask you a few questions. How many lawyers have you got on the books? One.

Anika and Joanne are the proud creators of Walkabouts, these tiny plastic tags that can help identify lost children. Their business was registered four years ago. They've issued the trademark on the basis we're not infringing on anyone else's trademark. The characters are Charlie and Lulu, after Lucy, my daughter. Male and female characters for a start, not three female characters. They're also characterised by their big shoes with a 'W' on it which represents Walkabouts. So I don't know how people can be confused. Time Warner, an $80 billion American company,

reckons Charlie and Lulu look deceptively similar

to the Power Puff Girls. Well, aren't you all cute and bubbly. Now things are getting ugly. The women have been told to get rid of Lulu and Charlie or they could be fighting it out in the Federal Court of Australia. Could you imagine getting a product to market, try and get the brand out there, a new innovative product, trying to develop the brand.

Then the lawyers step in? The lawyers step in and say, "You have to change it now." We then have to go to retailers and say, "Sorry." Destroy the stock? Destroy the stock. And start again? Start again and you have to change your whole public image, that's the hardest part. Thankfully, someone has stepped in to help. All of you - deafen yourselves to their heartless words. I'm pretty angry about it, actually. Time Warner haven't got a leg to stand on. Charlie and Lulu are a home-grown Australian product, they've got nothing to do with the Powder Puff Girls. Let these women get on and earn a quid. NSW Small Business Minister David Campbell has fought these battles before. Most recently it was against an American corporation threatening Aussie ugg boots. Do the little guys ever win? Well, I think the little guys do win, in terms of ugg boots. Australian businesses are still trading as ugg boot manufacturers.

But will anyone listen? No. If we get to court they will most definitely kick our butt. Not because of their case, just because of their cash? Yep. Absolutely. Pull your head in and back off. Let these women continue to build their business and earn a quid. Come on, girls. Ben Fordham there. We've made repeated calls to Time Warner for their side of the story, but so far, silence - loud silence. Next, dopey council regulations - they just don't know when to stop.

Welcome back. Here's an issue that gets all of us hot under the collar. Local councils ruling and ruining our lives with endless regulations. Some we need for public safety, but far too often these days they seem to come up with red tape that's just an expensive pain in the neck. I think it's disgusting. You can't fine a child.

I think it is absurd that they are not allowed to. That is really silly. The councils are out of control. For a long time I've thought they've needed to lift their game. They just pass all these bylaws, regulations, without considering what people really want.

They come up with a regulation that ties the whole population up in knots.

And the end result is we can hardly move. Philip O'Caroll runs Cobbers, a group of concerned citizens who want to break free from bureaucratic bullying. It's so uncreative to simply say, "OK, we're going to make a law for everybody, everywhere, "all the time." It's just not cricket here at Boroondara City Council -

you hit a six and you will get caught out. The council has an obligation to people's safety and property that adjoins a sporting field. It's a law that has some locals stumped. I think it is a bit silly. I can see the point because there are cars going below but I think a big fence would be a better idea, 'cause you have to hit a six in cricket, that is the whole aim.

Maroonda City Council in Melbourne's east wants to cut your grass. Anything above 10cm is a big no, no. I think it is ridiculous. Dale Morgan lives opposite the council chambers. She won't be mowed down by bylaws. I think a lot of them are knee-jerk reactions and they need to be thought out and maybe over time they will become a bit more sensible but I think they are quite silly sometimes.

As silly as this - vacuuming banned between 10pm and 7am in the Brimbank and Cardinia councils. Cats have been kicked out of the new suburb of Waterways. If you live in Hume, you can only have two ferrets without a permit. Geoff Lake is president of the Municipal Association of Victoria. Believe it or not, he defends these measures,

saying they're there to preserve and protect. I think they are both relevant and necessary. Wouldn't you agree some of these crazy laws are absurd?

Sometimes they can see a little bit verging on the absurd, but it is important to remember that the only reason a council will enact a set of bylaws is to ensure the safe and comfortable development of neighbourhoods.

In the city of Yarra, children's toys left on the road, footpath or council land invite another blitz. And in the same council, even sleeping dogs can't lie in front of their own home without a leash. Cable's owner was slapped with a $153 fine for that one. I was pretty upset about it. I mean, $153 for a dog laying on the footpath doing nothing.

You'll also be slapped with a $205 fine for feeding our feathered friends in Melbourne's CBD. Councils aren't interested in making a buck out of these things.

So it is not a ridiculous revenue-raising exercise? No, it is definitely not a ridiculous revenue-raising exercise. It's rare that fines are actually issued. If you stand up and take a stand, you get whacked by the big stick of bureaucracy. They come out of the cupboard and want to whack you one. Remember Peter Pickup? He was whacked with a fine from the Ballina Shire Council just for dumping grass clippings around trees on his own nature strip. Do you reckon this is worth a $200 fine?

No, it is probably worth $200 to the tree, but it is not worth a $200 fine to me.

No, I think that's bloody ridiculous. For goodness sake, give us room to move, we will live our own lives, thank you very much. Only when something's really serious do we need the heavy boot of regulation. It's just bureaucracy for the sake of bureaucracy. I think they're just making laws they can enforce just to keep themselves in a job. I think it's nuts. Elise Mooney there. How many other examples can you think of? Let's know - tell us about them. We could start a whole TV series. Still to come tonight -

volunteers road-testing detox diets to see if they do any good. And incredibly cheap air fares - you can fly interstate for just $28 - so where's the catch?

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A red-hot price war has broken out over airfares in Australia. Two million flights are being made available under $30.

For that amount you can't go more than 20km in a taxi in any of our major cities. But now it will take you interstate by air.

That's very cheap. How good's the service going to be? Sounds like a good deal. You can hardly get a couple of pizzas for that? Yeah, but aren't there taxes and things attached to that as well? Well, no, there aren't. The catch is that these rock-bottom fares are for one-way trips only and you can only book online. The cab fare to the airport is dearer. Check out that smile - how good is it? And it seems JetStar and Virgin have more in common than a big grin -

they love a dogfight, but the good news is we're the winners. What do you think? Good stuff. When JetStar decided to celebrate its first birthday

with one million flights at $29, Virgin Blue hit back with a million more at $28.

Virgin have reacted to JetStar, they typically do. JetStar usually leads the way on these things.

Well, we just thought it was a little bit of fun.

It's our competitor's first birthday so we thought we'd get in on the act and wish them a very happy birthday and, more importantly, for punters out there who have supported Virgin Blue. The fares are probably the lowest they've ever been in that environment. It's great for the Australian consumer and it's just a very competitive market. Allen Joyce from JetStar is not letting Virgin spoil the party. Now they're matching Virgin's $28 fare. So it's cheap getting there, but what about on the return leg? We have equal amounts of fares at the $28 in both directions, so what you have to do is pick the days that you want to go out and come back. For consumers, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are great days to travel and if you go out and back on those days you'll find cheap fares. But Virgin's Amander Bolger won't go as far as guaranteeing you'll get a cheapie when it's time to head home. Whether you get a $99 fare on the way back or a $39 fare, or a $199 fare, at the end of the day it's still a fantastic bargain. But some passengers will never be persuaded about no-frills travel. If I told you you could get a $29 flight with JetStar or a $28 flight with Virgin, would you switch?

Wouldn't switch? No way? No. Comfor . How come? Comfort.

A man who knows what he likes! Alright, how would you go if you had to give up what you like to test one of those so-called detox diet kits. Take it easy. You don't have to do it. Just watch our guinea pigs make the sacrifice for you. Oh, no! Come back. See you in two weeks. The couple. Is there anything left? This is ridiculous. The coffee addict. Ready for another coffee?

Yes, please. The fast food fan. I gorge, gorge, gorge, gorge.

And the celebrity. All have one thing in common - the 'D' word. Well, I don't think I really need to do a detox diet but it is the latest buzz word. It's claimed our bodies can no longer cope with what we shove in our mouths. with what we shove in our mouths. So a thriving industry has emerged to cleanse us of pollution, preservatives and processed products. The detoxification program is a very useful part of modern-day living to help balance our lifestyles. I have yet to see the evidence that it's worth the effort and expense of having a detoxification diet. And there's great debate as to whether it's any good for us.

Jeff has no idea what he's in for.

Yeah, two weeks. 15 long, long days. For the next 10 to 15 days, this group of people will detox themselves. Each will try one of the top four detoxing kits on the market. As well as taking the preparation,

they must cut out alcohol, salt, wheat, sugar, preservatives, milk, and much, much more. What you need to do is put police tape around the kitchen like a sealed off area. People who have undertaken the Blackmores 10-day detox program report lots of very positive benefits such as clearer thinking, more energy, clearer skin and just greater vitality and wellbeing. GP Richard Gordon disputes the Blackmores case.

The liver is a detox system, that's exactly what the liver does - it takes all sorts of chemicals that we eat and it detoxifies them. But Deborah, who's battling weight problems, and Jeff, a smoker and drinker, are going ahead and will do it cold turkey. Yeah, water. Apparently I can have a little bit of lemon in it. Nice. That's going to sustain me for 15 days.

Could I have a skim latte, please? And Nicole, who some days has five coffees... And on a bad day, oh, about 10 cups. ..knows it's time to do something about her caffeine addiction. Why have you decided to do a detox diet? Just to feel better, lose a couple of kilos, feel better about myself, be healthy. Doing the weather on the 'Today' show Doing the weather on the 'Today' show takes Stephen Jacobs all over the world - a man who eats on the run. Oh, just a snack, Brades. As you can see, when you're on the road, it's hard to eat properly, so I'm on a seafood diet - whatever I see I eat. OK, it may not be quite that bad, but there are people not far off it. I'm sick of being sick. It's lunchtime for Sunita and fast food is on the menu again.

You should get the whole lazy Susan and just park it there. She's chosen to join her workmates for a Chinese meal. I eat a quarter of my meal and she eats hers and the rest of mine. Sunita loves her tucker, but knows it's doing her no good. I have probably 15 to 20 excess kilos going on there.

The defining moment came when...

I got the whole pinch test done and got weighed and all that and they said I was 49% body fat. Half of you is fat? Yeah, I'm half fat. This will be her last supper. e re going to f llow their progress We're going to follow their progress over the coming weeks but already some are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Best thing about the detox is the retox. Cheers!

Brady Halls with the opening round of our detox challenge. We'll check in with that foursome again soon. Back in a moment. Right now, Target's having a three-day sale

with 15% off storewide,

Tomorrow night - we catch out the dodgy builder who just never delivers. His victims have forked out over $1 million for nothing. But cop this - the industry watchdog knows what's going on, but they just look the other way.

You're just a scum bag. I would go to jail with

You're just a scum bag. I would go to jail with what I'd like to do to

to jail with what I'd like to do to him. We've paid him 99% of the

money for that concrete hole in the

ground. I've lost a lot of money.

How are they allowed to keep on

trading? The rights of thieves who

trading? The rights of thieves who steal your money is more important

than your right to know they're crooks. David Margan's special investigation tomorrow night when we'll also look at Australian television - what's good for you and your family and what's not and which shows could even make you smarter.

Can't wait for that. See you then. Thanks for your company. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.