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(generated from captions) on the Illawarra coast. On the charts, and southerly winds the cold pool of air responsible for the showers towards Queensland tomorrow. will shift up the coast to move in over our State That'll leave room for the large high

to mostly fine and warmer weather bringing a return into the weekend.

of a shower along the coast tonight There is just the chance and again tomorrow. to mainly fine conditions. Otherwise, it's a return should be a little warmer, That means temperatures though not much. After another chilly night, to around 20 to 21 degrees tomorrow. temperatures will warm As for the latest on our weekend, it's looking very user-friendly.

23 on Sunday. Sunny and 22 Saturday, but no sign of rain. More of the same Monday and Tuesday, And that's Seven News to now. for us to investigate, Don't forget, if you have a story we would like to hear about it. and click on the news tips link. Go to our web site I'm Ian Ross. Goodnight. Thanks for your company. Email - Captioned by Seven Network

What is the world coming to? that question in a moment You may be asking a vicious attack on this young man. when you hear what a judge said about so much as a finger to help him. He almost died and no-one lifted I've probably never been so gutted.

Also, executive salaries gone mad. The high fliers an $18 million salary bonus. who have just awarded themselves is worth $18 million a year. I don't think any executive or are they? Plus, Aussie fruit and vegetables - in the supermarket? What are you really buying that have been banned in Australia Traces of chemicals are being found on imported produce.

And the simple way to find out is performing at school, if your child and you can do it from home. the expression "Love thy neighbour". But first, we've all heard of But as a young man found out today, is not enforceable by law. the expression looks at a legal judgment And Chris Simond about community values. that tells us a lot

He stabbed me 10 times. I got a

punctured lung, collapsed kidney. I

could feel the warmth, blood, all

over my back and everything just

went a bit hazy. An innocent night

out on the town with friend 7 years

ago nearly cost Eron his life . We

went and saw the security guard and

asked there is guys out there with

knievs, can we stay in here. He

refused us, locked us out. After an

altercation with a gang of yougts

on Sydney's George street, Eron

attempted to take refuge inside

Hungry Jack's. He was thrown out by

the security guard. One of the

youth immediately attacked him with

the knife. Stabbing me and I kind

of made it around the corner. I

remember dropping on my guts here

and that is when it went pair

shaped. This is the 8 and 9

stabbing. Yeah, 10 I I think. I

tried to keep moving but just

dropped. That is when I felt the

blood and stuff. I think about it

pretty much every day, how lucky I

was to get away with it. I hear

stories every day of a person

getting stabbed and they died. I

wonder why. Joseph Milson was

arrested and charged and has

already served a four year jail

sentence for the brutal attack. He

is now back on the streets.

Meanwhile Eron has been fighting a

lenty legal battle for compensation

since 1988. He won the first round

against Hungry Jack's claiming the

guard locking him out resulted in

the assault. The decision was over

turned. Yesterday, his final

appeals were heard mt Court of

Appeal. Frblgts I have never been

so gutted. Pretty devastated. 7

years? Yeah. To finally get justice

and then have it slammed in your

face like that. Yeah pwhr after

After the initial victory, Eron had

fallen in the final hurdle.

I find it a little bis disturbing

because we are talking about a

security, not just your average Joe,

off the street, someone trained to

deal with conflict and they

rejected the person nfs need of

assistance. Victims of crime

advocate, Howard Brown is appalled

by another court decision that

abandons the innocent and helpless.

Anyone in the store wasoed a

doughty of care, as were the

employees. No official comment by

Hungry Jack's today, satisfied the

prime responsibility was the safety

of customers and employees.

Reactions today with good

Samaritans. It is disgusting. You

should be helping other people. You

have got to be able to hold your

head up in society. That bloke has

done the coweredly act. The

security guard should have called

the cops. If someone had opened the

door and let you in, none of this

would have happened? All they had

to do is lock the door, the cops

would have been here in 5 minutes.

I could have died and left my kids

without their dad and my grandkids.

The case of security guard Rob

Smith is a complete about turn to

Eron Broughton's experience. While

patrolling schools in Perth, rob

and reiania Johnson saw a woman

beaten up in a service station and

went to her rescue. They were both

bashedmism but worse was to come.

Their workers compensation claims

were rejected because the assault

didn't happen on school grounds.

We're in the public, we have a duty

of care to protect the public. I

don't want any reward for it, but I

don't think I should be condemed.

When you have your life past by

your eyes,

your eyes, and you survive -

survive, you have do deal with it.

When you know there is a good

chance it could have been avoided,

it is more difficult to deal with.

What did you want from Hungry

Jack's? I guess an apology. It

scares me that this is going to

happen to someone else and they

aren't going to be as lucky as me.

Chris Simond reporting there. released a brief statement, Late today, Hungry Jack's saying the company "is pleased the New South Wales Court of Appeal. "with the unanimous decision by

the principles "The decision clearly vindicates as central to the conduct of case." "which Hungry Jack's deems of the burgening business world. Now to the fattest cats are the highest paid in Australia. Macquarie Bank executive

And we now know by how much. more money per day The bank's top two executives make earns in a year. than the average Australian In fact, to an incredible $69,000 a day, their $18 million packages equates

Comments such as pigs in the trough,

it's feeding time in the monkey

cage. I can't see how any job can

be worth that. Frblgts it is called

a magic money making machine and

that is pretty right. The number of millionaires generated by Macquarie

must be out of proportion to any

company in Australia. Very, very,

good and nobody is that good. -

Kerry McCann betkpins at the top.

- begins at the top.

Is it any wonder, guess who decides

their pay rises? They do. Most

large Australian companies have

their remuneration set by

independent directors. With Kerry

McCann bank, the policy was set by

-- Macquarie bank, it was set by

the executives. Stew rlt Wilson is

CEO of the Australian share holders

association. He has been flooded

with calls by angry Macquarie bank

share holders. They are a

profitable company. The question we

ask is would it be less profitable

if the pay was halved Would it be?

It would be less profitable. They

all getting performance for it. You

will find that Allan Moss's pay

packet rose by 47 percent 48

percent which is what the net

profit rose by in the year. Yes, he

can justify it. Trevic Psychos is a

senior - is a senior writer at the

Financial Review. The top 7 of them

I think took something like 89

million home after bonus day. This

is a huge rake off, if you like,

but unlike some other chief

executives round they have runs on

the board. It is hard to take in

people earn that money. If I was a

share holder I would want to

question is it the best way to use

the profits. You can actually feed

one third of African nations. Would

the executives still enjoy

excessive pay packets if the

company's profits were not so high?

One would like to think this would

be the case. But corporate history

proves this untrue. Many continue

to revel in exoritant wages while

their own company profits spiral

down hill. Here is a good examal.

He earned $2.9 million last year,

even though his company's net

profit fell by 65 percent. These

salaries are obscene. They are

about greed, not about need. ACTU

president cannot believe the gall

of the executives. You can bet if

the profit was tprev percent, then

while a CEO might have taken one,

the share holders wouldn't have got

it in the dev dend and no worker

would have got a 47 percent

increase in their wage. It is no secret that Australia is seen to be over-governed. We are literally being smothered by rules, regulations and red tape. Unfortunately, we are expected to know all the changes. As Rohan Wenn reports, there should also be a rule against stupidity because ignorance is no excuse. It's complicated, it's confusing and it's just really over the top. We are being over-governed, there's no doubt about that. If you want to run a small business in this country

you'd better love reading because, believe it or not, thanks to Federal, State and local governments there are 20,000 pages of legislation there are 20,000 pages of legislation every small business owner is legally expected to have read and understood. You've got your end-of-day invoicing, you've got your end-of-week invoicing and your end-of-month.

It's just a mountain of paperwork. Cafe owner George Lekkas got into the coffee business because he loves serving people. But sadly, these days But sadly, these days he spends the majority of his time serving the petty whims of bored bureaucrats. I would think twice if I was going to get into it today. It's a lot harder than what you initially think. In rural Australia, it's a similar story. As the Farmers Federation's Paul Weller explains, even the most basic farm work routinely falls victim routinely falls victim to government red tape. And, incredibly, if relatives want to come for a country break, well, the government wants to regulate them too. If my nieces and nephews come out to the farm and wish to wash the dairy down, I've got to have a police check before I can let them wash out my cow yard or even feed my dogs.

Guidelines, rulings, determinations, interpretive decisions. Superannuation is a pretty simple concept.

Each week a bit of money gets put away and when you retire, you get it. But as lawyer Heather Gray, from Holding Redlich, explains the bureaucrats have managed to turn that simple idea into a mind-numbing mess. We had a look at the legislation the other day and actually counted up how many pages were in there, and we worked out it's about 28,000 pages. At three minutes a page, that's 1,400 hours of reading. We're drowning in red tape.

Shane Bowering is from Red Tape Busters an organisation dedicated to helping ordinary Australians navigate the oceans of red tape in their everyday lives. There's requirements as to where you can plant your trees and your fences and boundary and overhanging trees. Legislation's everywhere. Some governments have acknowledged the problem by setting up red-tape task forces, but Shane says that only seems to create yet another layer of bureaucracy. Whatever those task forces are doing, they're useless. So I guess that means we'll all just have to stay used to seeing red. Coming up later in the program, the simple home test to check on how your child is coping at school.

And after the break,

a Helen Wellings investigation into fruit and vegetables - what are we really eating and where is it coming from? We need imported produce to be clearly labelled. The product could be contaminated with high levels of chemicals.

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Now to Australia's fresh fruit and vegetables, the pride of our country. But why is it that we're eating so much old, foreign produce from countries where the fruit and vegetables are sprayed with chemicals that are banned here? Well, tonight, in a special Helen Wellings investigation, we reveal how foreign produce and supermarkets untested. is being dumped in our stores and supermarkets untested. Where do they come from? Walk into any supermarket in Australia and you'll see produce there that is not clearly labelled as grown here or coming from overseas. How much is imported? 20% of food products comes in from China, at this stage. Just how clean and green are fruit and vegetables in the shops? Traces of chemicals that have been banned in Australia are being found on imported produce. We are exposing our consumers to potential risk and harm. Aussie-grown fruit and vegetables are known to be among the best in the world,

but an invasion of overseas produce into our shops is threatening to take over.

Tasmanian vegetable grower Michael Badcock says the new global economy is killing our local market. I believe we will lose our industry here will be eating products and that the Australian consumer will be eating products that we can grow here, but they will be coming from overseas. We've seen, in the last four years, a 40% increase in imports of frozen vegetables, for example, a 21% increase in fresh imports. Euan Laird of AusVeg, Australian Vegetable and Potato Growers Federation,

has seen 900 growers, all family businesses, go bust lately and that is just the start, all because of falling exports and rising imports. We've had a 7,000 increase in asparagus in the last 12 months, a 25% increase in garlic being imported into Australia, frozen potatoes, substantial increases.

Just listen to the figures! Garlic - a staggering 95% of it in our shops is imported, mostly from China, yet it can be sourced all year round in Australia.

Peanuts - 15% to 20% are imported, but in supermarkets 40% are imports. Frozen vegies - we now import over $100 million worth a year, mainly sweet corn, peas, beans and spinach. Vegetable production is a hands-on thing, it absorbs a lot of labour, it needs a lot of labour to prepare it. In China, wages are around $2, and less, a day. How can we compete against that? Queensland vegetable grower Howard Poole says

the biggest problem with a lot of imports, especially from some parts of China, is very dodgy, dangerous practices. The common practices in China is to use any sort of organic waste. This includes human waste, pig waste, chicken manure.

These pictures will shock, but the facts need to be told. Untreated human excrement from this farm's toilet block is used as fertiliser

is used as fertiliser on hectares of vegetables. Cauliflower, celery, cabbages - all sorts of vegies grown for export. I guess consumers have to ask themselves would they eat produce fertilised with human waste. That's been outlawed in Australia for centuries, yet they're still using those practices overseas. That is the fundamental question. How safe is this food coming in?

Chinese farmers still use chemicals that have been outlawed in the western world over the years.

That is another shocking revelation. Dangerous carcinogenic chemicals are being used in vegetable and peanut farming in China and some other countries - chemicals that were banned in Australia decades ago because they accumulate in the body because they accumulate in the body and cause serious illness and death.

We have got clear evidence to show some of the imported produce coming in has traces of Dieldren, organochlorines, all sorts of pesticides that we are no longer able to use in Australia. So if those products are being used overseas comes into Australia, and that product comes into Australia, we're exposing our consumers to potential risk and harm. It is the same danger with some imported dried vegies, fruit and herbs.

This confidential report by the Department of Primary Industries reveals 16 out of 50 dried foods tested - that is one out of three - contain chemicals including DDT, Dieldren and other cancer-causing organochlorines. seeds, bacteria, viruses and fungi Also, many had traces of foreign that could introduce foreign diseases into Australia. They certainly don't understand how to use chemicals and when to use them and when not to use them and at the end of the day the product could be contaminated with high levels of chemicals. In Australia, our machinery delivers the minimal amount of chemical we need to do the job. It is a tiny amount, controlled down to the last drop. But, unbelievably, imports don't have to meet the same strict food safety standards

as our locally grown foods. But the worst thing, those tests do not even screen imports for the real dangers -

DDT, Dieldren, heavy metals and faecal coliforms, like human waste.

They are going the lowest common denominator in some of this testing, forcing regulations on our own growers, but not complying other trading partners to meet the same standards. Here is the crunch. Just when Aussie farmers are being wiped out by imports, our food authority is planning to water down

on unpackaged produce, country-of-origin labelling on unpackaged produce,

so shops do not have to tell us the food is imported, unless we ask a salesperson. But with strong objections from the public and Aussie growers, and the fear of terrorist contamination on foods from overseas, Dean Stockwell of Food Standards Australia New Zealand tells us they are now backing down. The feedback we're getting is that the proposal is not one that's realistic for many of the consumers and producers sure the proposal is reworked so we're looking very hard to make sure the proposal is reworked

and reconsidered to include their views. We need imported produce to be clearly labelled so consumers can make an informed decision about the produce they're buying. Helen Wellings with that investigation.

Coming up, cutting through confusing school reports.

A simple home test to determine if your child is really coping. It's all really, really straightforward. Which word in the following sentence is an adjective. Within one second, you've got your whole report back.

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There used to be a time when parents could easily find out how their children were doing at school from their report cards. Their children either received an A, B, C or D, et cetera - pretty simple, really. But these days, a lot of parents complain that because of political correctness, they would almost need a degree just to understand their child's report card. To cut through all the confusion, Rohan Wenn has uncovered a simple home test

that can help parents find out just how their children are doing. REPORTER: This student's got some Ds, some Es, an F down here. Looking at this, how do you think the student's going? Not very well. In today's society, we live with a lot of political correctness,

and it's very difficult for teachers today to be honest with their comments in school reports. How do you think this student would be going?

Not well. These days it almost seems like parents need to go back to school just to understand school reports. As, Bs, Cs, Ds, marks out of 100, have been replaced with ambiguous terms, like "established", "developing", and "beginning". "Established" means average, obviously, in this case. Well, in fact, "established" means you're doing well.

Oh, I see, okay. If you were a parent and you got this, could you work out how your child was going? Um, no. I'd have to talk to the teacher. There's a lot of parents that are frustrated about what they need to know. Gail McHardy from Parents Victoria says the new styles of school reports are confusing and unhelpful. Parents want to know exactly what their children are learning.

Which is why the Australian Council for Education Research has created the iAchieve testing program. As Professor Jim Tognulini explains, the online system gives parents a clear set of marks, scores and results, without the politically correct mumbo-jumbo. The important part of the information is what did you get right, what did you get wrong, which skills appear to need some extra help. I pay a lot of attention to their school reports, and feedback from teachers, and that kind of thing. But it was just much more detailed. Penny Maher put her two children Jed and Hannah to the on-line test, and she felt the feedback was fantastic. You get a little ID code, which the kids can have, and make a password of their own,

and then it's all really, really straightforward. Which word in the following sentence is an adjective? The children answer 40 questions per subject, and once it's over, they receive instant detailed marks and comments about what they know and what they need to brush up on. There's quite a few things, such as working on the kids' grammar, that kind of thing, a bit of spelling, that, yeah, I'll be able to work on with them. And if parents want the results presented in the old-fashioned style, with a percentage mark and an A, B, C, D, or F, well, the program will do that too. The beauty of it is, you do the test, you submit it, then in one second you've got your whole report back. Then at the end of the year, the child is given a second test to see how they have improved,

and what areas still need a little attention. The whole process is focused on improving learning. It's not focused on passing, It's not focused on passing, failing.

At the moment, the testing program is available for maths and English. But the Council for Education Research will expand the service into other subjects over the next year. It costs around $100 It costs around $100 for each subject. That covers all the testing and the re-testing. And as far as Penny is concerned,

that money is simply the price you pay for clarity.

And there are additional details on the home test on our web site - And coming up, pizza put to the test. The worst and the best.

Wait here, darling, I'll be right back. Move your car. SONG: # Lucky you're with AAMI. #

Now a look at tomorrow night, when we put pizzas to the test -

every major takeaway and supermarket favourite. Okay, kids, here we go - dinner. It just tastes so good. Should we be eating thick or thin pizza? Be aware of the toppings. I'll have that story for you tomorrow night, and I look forward to your company for that. So until then, I hope you have a great evening. Please take care, and goodnight. Captioned by Seven Network Email -