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(generated from captions) for tough measures, Also tonight, 4-wheel drives targeted and 19 days out of date. bought chicken that was 14 months and 19 days out of date. bought chicken that was 14 months and 19 ays bought chicken that was 14 months I and you're charged full prices. but still on the shelves food that's months out of date for Australian shoppers - And tonight - the shock We'll get to that in a second. and breast cancer. The big news is Kylie and welcome to A Current Affair. Thanks,

and now Kyl e. Ky ie and now Kylie. Kylie is one of our golden girls and if you're not really into her music you can't and now Kylie. been Belinda Emmett, Delta Goodrem diagnosed with cancer. There's Australian celebrities have been Australian celebrities have been quite surprising how many young that the cancer is severe. It's that the cancer is severe. It's And the magazine's editor believe its cover to make way for this news. And the its cover to make way for this news. immediate. 'Woman's Day' has pulled immediate. 'Woman's Day' has pulled we're getting is that if had to be need to be taken. The indications need to be ta en. The indications need to be taken. The indications deciding on what sort of treatments next few days will be spent at this time. And I suppose the flights so that he can be with her at t is at this f ig ts so that h ca be wit her flights so that he can be with her the country. He's cancelled those was supposed to be flying out of speedy recovery. Kylie's boyfriend was speedy recovery. Kylie's boyfriend her all the best for a complete and and lighting candles. Just to wish People will be wishing and hoping disbelief of that of the world. entertainment reporter reflects the it knocks you for six. An somebody who is so loved to boot, When it's a celebrity and it's now faces a fight for that life. concert of her life, Kylie Minogue eve of the biggest Australian right throughout her career. On the determined girl. We've seen this ght t oughout right determined girl. We've seen this everything she does. This is one does seem to be unstoppable in Kylie is such a ball of energy. She breast cancer. instead she's now fighting sell-out national concert tour, She came home to star in another that's shocked Australia. First, Kylie Minogue and the news This program is captioned live. it's given them a normal life. Chronic sufferers find in asthma treatment. Plus a fantastic breakthrough special licenses. and drivers would need banned altogether from schools

help but like the girl. She's so persistent and always trying new things and tackling new projects. She's out there and always been a great ambassador for this country. And I think now is the time when everybody, whether you're eight years old or 80, whether you're in to her music or not, get behind her. to her music or not, get behind her. She'll be right, mate. Michael is also a close personal with breast cancer. She apologised for disappointing her fans. It says a lot about her, doesn't it? Can you believe it. The furtherest thing from your mind. That's Kylie. She's just a caring, great girl. I know that her fans' disappointment is not the word for the fans, they'll be feeling everything for her and be with her. Let's hope it's a quick, speedy recover and the Showgirl will be back in action better than ever. how were you told? You have known her for so long, How did you find out, Michael? and good luck, mate. look, you're my girl by any chance, If she's watching this of support she can. I'm sure she'll be getting every bit tight family, the Minogues. They've always been such a great and close to terrific treatment? that she is close to family that it happened here in Australia, In a sense, she was lucky about awareness for women been done in the last period of time it really adds to everything that's out of all of this Really, if anything good can come in quite regular check-ups etc. She's one that's always believed pretty early on. but I believe it's been caught it's pretty hard for anyone to know the next few days And really until she goes into qualified to talk about it. I'm not a doctor and I'm not really cancer is or is it too early to know? Do you have any idea how severe the And we're all hoping for the best. She's quite a fit girl. She's a trouper. and she's a fighter. she's got a very, very strong family is that she's in Melbourne, this whole thing If there's one thing about how is Kylie coping tonight? I guess the most important question - Michael, thank you for your time. friend.

and see the best happen for her. Because, like I said, she's one of the greatest I've ever seen. In the whole time I've ever worked for her, she's never raised her voice at me. I hope, Michael, that Kylie can feel the good wishes and the prayers and the warmth that is coming to her tonight from Australia? It's coming from everything where. I've never had my phone ring like this. I've never walked out of my office and seen what I've seen today. Thank you for talking to me. And take care, mate. by today's recommendations his view has been vindicated Harold Scruby believes anti 4-wheel drive campaigner into Bethany's death, Giving evidence at the inquest death and destruction on our roads. are causing an inordinate amount of or weapons of mass destruction vehicles know that these urban assault All experts in motor vehicle safety the ground. whose bonnet was 110cm above Bethany was invisible to the driver, Standing at 102cm tall, by a 4-wheel drive. when she was hit and killed had no choice But 5-year-old Bethany Violet Holder the kind of car I want to drive. I am going to continue to choose and as long as that is consumer choices and people still can make This is still a free country on the driver, not the car. No, I think it depends because you drive a 4-wheel drive? from dropping your kids off at school Should you be banned get a special license. and to make their drivers from school grounds a call to ban them on 4-wheel drives in Australia - for a get tough policy Now to the latest call Thanks, Ray. Pleasure. want to do is protect her And the main thing that any of us for the assault of what's to come. and got ready to prepare Had a bit of a cry and a cuddle He came round and told me the news. and said, "I've got some bad news." and her long-time manager rang up first thing this morning, I think she must have found out I was woken up this morning by,

have no place around school zones. 4-wheel drives, over two tonne, The coroner has recommended that Jacqueline Milledge. from deputy coroner Journalist John Cadogen writes and to pedestrians. to smaller vehicles 4-wheel drives pose a danger There's no question that and they have visibility concerns. than your average car they roll about eight times more they handle extremely poorly, they h ndle extremely poorly, to stop at 70m/h, They take about 10 metres longer for '4WD Magazine' The evidence is overwhelming. That's just selfish nonsense. and my children. It's certainly safer for myself if it's driven well. if it's driven well. dangerous than any other car I don't think that my car's any more for their choice in car. It's penalising people I think it's ridiculous. I think it's ridiculous. for all drivers of these vehicles. special licensing requirements to introduce the Roads and Traffic Authority And she wants extra driver training. be required to undergo of 4-wheel drives the coroner also recommended owners in school zones, In addition to a ban while he doesn't deny they have safety problems, he's no fan of Harold Scruby's push to demonise 4-wheel drives. Harold is an illogical hater of 4-wheel drives. They exist and we need to deal with them on the road and the best way to do that is to make the people who operate them safer. But John Cadogen doesn't go along with the idea of a specific tougher licence for 4-wheel drivers. A licence for 4-wheel drive owners is a waste of the community's money because we need to police it and put all these pegs in the ground to make it work. If we spend all the money instead on community education the message would get through louder and clearer. But speak to people on the street and you wonder if any of the concerns involved with 4-wheel drives are actually getting through. It's a safe car for my family and that is really important for me and I am very careful at school and I usually park behind the post office

so it doesn't come near the school. We have to start measuring not just how safe the vehicle is for the driver, but how safe it is for other motorists and other pedestrians and then charging accordingly. We should have higher green slips fees, higher insurance fees so that we tax these vehicles off the road. You can't see the kids, mate, you can't see them from the front. You can't see them from behind and no-one wants to see a kid get injured. I only just got this one and I feel the difference between this and a normal sedan. I don't feel as sure in it and especially manoeuvring around the schools and that I think we should be especially careful. Some drivers acknowledge their car can be more like driving a truck, but if you can afford it, technology might provide some answers in this divisive debate. How do you find the camera? Great. It gives me another feel of vision that I didn't have before and that's a safety aspect, one of the reasons I bought this car. Carl Effenberg says the camera mounted at the back of his Lexus is like having an extra eye. And while Harold Scruby says it is a step in the right direction, he believes the best four-wheel drive is no 4-wheel drive at all. Please listen to what has happened in this case, this is a child, a beautiful young girl whose death was unnecessary and avoidable. When you are buying a vehicle think twice - these are the genuine weapons of mass destruction and we don't need them on our roads. James Thomas with that story. There's been an overwhelming response around Australia to our phone poll on Schapelle Corby. Last night we heard Schapelle's mum say that the letter finally provided to the Indonesian court by the Australian Government was a waste of time. In our phone poll we asked whether you thought the Government has done enough to help Schappelle Corby. And the answer is a resounding 'no' from 95% of the nearly 33,000 callers. Alright, we move on to another issue that drew a heck of a reaction last night - our story on stranger danger. Remember the shock that parents felt as every one of their children let someone they didn't know into the house? It was all too easy. He ruined my life and I was scared. And he's lower than dirt. That's what he is, lower than dirt. No 10-year-old should ever have to feel like that. When it happened, I just like kind of froze. I just remembered Mum telling me just be safe and brave and all that and that's what I did. You were very brave. I said no to him. She said to me last night, "What would have happened to me if the person would have caught her, you know, taken her?" That was a very hard question to answer. Sheryl Allport's daughter, Danielle, was playing outside her Sydney home when she was approached by a man in a car, it's something she'll never forget. I just think that they are mongrels, bastards. Why destroy somebody else's life. It's frightening, absolutely frightening. According to police inspector Nick Bingham, Danielle took all the right steps. What was good about it was that she didn't go over near the car, didn't approach the man and went and told her parents straight away. You did all the right things that day, didn't you? Yeah. I'm really proud of myself. But, as we discovered last night, many kids simply forget about stranger danger when they're at home alone. What's your name? Simona, is it? Yeah. Nice to meet you, Simona. How's that make you feel? That shouldn't be happening. Virginia Giacomazzi's daughter, Simona, was one of seven children we tested in a stranger danger experiment where a private investigator posed as a potential predator. The results were chilling. Have you got a pen? Yeah. Oh, no, no, no. He's inside the house. No, no, no, no. All seven youngsters let the stranger into their homes. It's a fear of all parents, but as I said, you don't just throw your children, tell your children how to swim and then throw them in the water. You give them lessons, you work through a plan. We need to teach children safety has written books on personal protection for both adults and children. Give them positive things not just, "Don't talk to strangers or don't open the door". Give them procedures that they can follow and get in the habit and routine of doing. With Ms Holden's help, A Current Affair has compiled "we live in a good neighbourhood, it's a quiet street." Danielle Allport is proof that it could happen, anywhere, any time. Why should you be a prisoner in your own home like I was? Basically, I was too scared to go out. Simon Bouda once again. And don't forget you can go to our website to download that mini poster to hang by the front door reminding children of what to do and who to call if a stranger turns up while you're not at home. plans and safety lessons as well. Former police officer Julia Holden a few simple rules to follow. Speak through a locked door. Always keep the person outside. Find out what the person wants - the reason the person is there. And express, politely, "no" if they ask to come inside. The E stands for? Express politely no. And that's exactly the message teachers are now trying to get across in schools, it's OK to say no to any adult, friend or stranger, at the door. What's something you could say? James? My mum's in the shower, she can't come to the door just at the moment. That my mum's having a little rest. So what would you do? Someone knocks on the door and says, "I've got a parcel for you or for your dad, what would you all do? Tell them to leave it there. But then he says, "I want a signature for it? Say my mum's busy. Come back later. Yeah, that's the best answer. It's just that the whole thing - "It'll never happen to us,

Now, when you go shopping, how often do you check the use-by date on the food you buy? Our hidden camera investigation shows why you should. For more chances to win, ask for a Powerball Megapick. You could: Take your marks. Go. Introducing the FOXTEL Digital Gold Medal Deal. Connect to FOXTEL Digital and get the ultimate package of all the very best channels for two months absolutely free. Well done! That's a personal best. FOXTEL Gold Medal Deal. Get two months of the very best of FOXTEL Digital free. Call today: If you're a bit blase about checking out the use-by labels on food you buy, then what you're about to see may change your mind. Our hidden camera investigation around the country turned up scores of items that had long expired in terms of freshness. Some may also have posed a health risk. I bought some cream cheese and it was a week old. I bought a packet of chips and it was six months past its used by date. I bought some biscuits and they were about two months old. They're out of date, out of quality, and out of safety. And they're on sale at a supermarket near you. What happens if my child What happens if my husband had got sick? Is that OK? I don't think that's OK. Fiona Cachia-Gilmore was shocked when she bought this frozen chicken for the family dinner. We sat down to eat it and as my husband went to put it in his mouth, he realised it wasn't fresh, it didn't taste right, so he ended up spitting it out. When Fiona checked the packet, she found the chicken was 14 months and 9 days past its best before date. My main concern is my two younger children, the 4-year-old and the 2-year-old, they don't know what off food tastes like. That experience is beyond belief, is intolerable and not acceptable. And there should be some recourse taken. Marketing expert Barry Urquart says all too often customers are left paying full price for out of date products still on the supermarket shelves. If you are going to promise the delivery of freshness, then you must deliver it at all times, that is Sinequa none, second to none. Just wondering why you're selling chicken that's 14 months out of date? Sorry. No comment. I'm sorry. There's no management. They're at meetings today and I cannot help you. I'm sorry. Fiona bought the chicken from this Bi-Lo store in Melbourne. How often do you check your shelves and check your stock? We do shelf checks on a regular basis, thank you. How regular? No comment. Sorry. No comment. No comment. So you don't know how this was able to slip through for 14 months despite regular checks? It's not just Bi-Lo. This week, A Current Affair went to 18 stores around the country, and found 67 items for sale which were out of date. Considering most retailers have various quality systems in place, it's certainly surprising to find so many products outside the use by dates still on the shelves. Microbiologist Derio Comar says some of the out of date foods we found could be harmful. The key danger foods I think are things like soft cheeses, sliced packed meats. They shouldn't be eaten beyond their use by date. Woolworths say they're "the fresh food people". But at their Crows Nest store in Sydney, we found this smoked leg ham - 14 days past its use by date. And bread, covered in mould - 12 days past its use by date. If it looks bad, it probably will taste bad and you shouldn't eat it. In Melbourne, Coles at Richmond was selling fresh orange and iron drink - seven days past its use by date. Tasty cheddar cheese - three months past its best before date. In Adelaide, Foodland at Collinswood, crumbed calamari - 16 days past its best before date. And this low-fat cottage cheese - 21 days past its use by date. I certainly wouldn't eat cottage cheese that's 21 days past its use by date. Could it be dangerous? It could be. Products are stamped with either a best before date, which means it's OK, even though the quality might not be so good. Or a product is stamped with a use by date - these aren't OK, because they could make you sick. There are various types of food poisoning ranging from things that simply give you a tummy ache and a bit of diarrhoea and vomiting to things that can cause death and sometimes abortion or loss of a child if a woman's pregnant. It's against the law for stores to sell products that are past their use by date, but policing it is up to local councils. Barry Urquart says it's up to us to be vigilant and complain. Take immediate action, take your receipt, go back to the store management and hold them to account. And in most instances you'll get a positive, immediate reaction. Back at Fiona's place, frozen chicken is no longer on the menu. I think stores should clean up their act and make sure this doesn't happen again because one day it could really do some damage and it's not fair. Ben McCormack there. In a statement, Coles says it's investigating the out of date product we identified in its stores, including that 14-month-old chicken bought at Bi-Lo. So far, Woolworths and Foodlands haven't got back to us. Next, some really good news for asthma sufferers. Just listen to people who've lived with it all their lives.

Welcome back for a terrific story about an important breakthrough in the treatment of asthma. So many chronic sufferers and it's changing their lives. But as so often happens with improvements in health, there's a catch. It ain't cheap. You are fighting, fighting to take a breath and your body is fighting against you. And in the back of your head, you've got that fear, the raw panic that this could be the last couple of breaths, the last thing you're gonna know. Clinton Beacher lives each day at the mercy of his chronic asthma, it controls every aspect of his life, a disease that holds him and his family to ransom. I could get out of the car and cop a breath full of pollen, have an allergic reaction to it, my asthma goes berserk and within 20 minutes I'm on the ground fighting for air. And you live with this? Every day, every day. And he's not getting any better? He's getting worse since he came off the drug. That drug is called Xolair, a genetically engineered antibody that blocks the highly allergic pathway that leads to severe asthma. Two years ago, Clinton Beacher was given Xolair as part of a drug trial, within six months he was almost free of asthma. So whether you were part of the clinical trial for Xolair, were you needing any of this? It was on stand-by out of habit, but pretty much I cut down to virtually nothing. Brilliant, it was just amazing. Well, that's the word I would use as well, relative to how they were, they have gone from being cripples to leading normal lives. Professor Phillip Thompson is the director of the only lung institute in the country, at Perth's Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital. It's here a handful of chronic asthma sufferers have been injected with Xolair once or twice a month as part of this research. We managed to get them off their steroids, I saw 30 and thought, "Oh, goodness. I didn't think I would ever get here." And I did. Lyndell Gore is halfway through her Xolair trial. She's about as bad an asthmatic as you'll ever meet. It's not uncommon for her to spend four months of the year in hospital. And a lifetime of high-dose steroids to try and control her asthma has left her with a legacy of serious health problems, from osteoporosis to stomach ulcers, to diabetes. So for you to be handed a drug that allows you to wean yourself off steroids, what has that been like? It's so exciting. It's so exciting. I haven't been in hospital since October and for me that's almost miraculous. But this drug comes at a price - $15,000 for a year's supply. So far, Xolair's American manufacturer is yet to apply for an Australian Government subsidy that could have Xolair listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme and its price slashed. Now, patients have to try and find that sort of money themselves. So you can't afford to spend $15,000 a year to get this drug and yet without it, you have no idea what's in store? Russian roulette. I'm like a lot of asthmatics. There are so many people out there who really need this. For Clinton Beacher, euphoria has turned to desperation, he's finished his part in the drug trial, and Xolair is no longer available, already, his condition in steady decline. My asthma is getting worse, I'm getting to react more to the allergens the way I used to and I think it's literally a matter of time before I have another serious attack and I'll be on my way to hospital in an ambulance. You've been given a gift, and then you've had it taken away. Bit like a slap in the face. Ros Thomas with that story. Perth's Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital has become the first public hospital in Australia to subsidise Zolair for three patients with severe asthma. They reckon it's cheaper than keeping them in hospital. And good news for Clinton Beacher he has been invited to continue his Zolair treatment through the hospital free of charge. Back in amoment. GENTLE AMBIENT MUSIC # Whoa-oh Mitsubishi Electric. Feel it.

Tomorrow night, the deceitful Casanova who's now stirred up a posse of no fewer than 12 angry girlfriends. He's cheated them out of more than $150,000 and they're bent on justice and revenge. Your scamming days have come to Y u scamming da s have c me t an Your scamming days have come to an end. Just over $700. $10,000. You weren't thinking of doing a runner? I'm weren't thinking f doing a ru ner? I m hurt- I m hurt, I'm weren't thinking of doing a runner? I'm hurt. I'm really angry. You go from I'm hurt. I'm really angry. ou go I'm hurt. I'm really angry. You go I'm hurt. I'm really angry. You go from girl to girl to girl, leave them heartbroken and penniless. I couldn't believe he did it to so many girls. Are you going to pay them back. A dozen women after his blood and just wait till you hear how he's been spending their money. That's one of our stories tomorrow, along with an intriguing look at the big savings available at auctions. Cars, white goods, electronics, furniture. There are all sorts of big bargains to be had. We'll show you how tomorrow. See you then. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.