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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. is diagnosed with breast cancer. Health shock as Kylie Minogue for 4-wheel drives. Calls for a special licence make a desperate plea for help. Drought-ravaged farmers

Good evening. Also tonight - 10-year-old boy. the first steps for a very brave but is a maestro on the piano. And the mystery man who doesn't speak that Kylie Minogue has breast cancer. We begin tonight with the shock news and only confirmed this morning, It was first detected last week

her Australian concert tour, forcing the star to postpone here in Sydney in two days. which was supposed to kick off

has begun immediate treatment. The 36-year-old Mike Munro has the story. She's grown up before our eyes, on 'Neighbours' blossoming from a tomboy into a international superstar. Australian concerts The next month of sell-out of homecomings. was supposed to be the happiest

the worst possible news. Instead, Kylie's been given got their fingers crossed It's just shattering and everyone's going to be OK. and hoping that everything's Kylie was diagnosed last week in Melbourne. while spending time with her family she's strong-willed girl, She's a pretty fit girl, and all our thoughts, and the world's thoughts and I'm sure all of Australia's

are going to be with her. in the early stages, The disease is said to be increase her chances of survival. which, it's hoped, will drastically slightly more aggressive cancers, It does seem that younger women have but on the other hand, more aggressive cancer treatments they can receive slightly to counteract that. late this afternoon, Kylie says: In a statement released

short of her 37th birthday, Just 11 days she's begun immediate treatment. with cancer in recent years - It's the third high-profile battle is a breast cancer survivor actress Belinda Emmitt only recently conquered lymphoma. and, of course, Delta Goodrem, in Australia for treatment, It's understood Kylie will remain close to her family, in London. rather than return to her home base through her management company And she's told fans will be fine that she hopes everything and that she'll be back soon. Mike Munro, National Nine News. Richard Wilkins joins us live now Nine Network entertainment reporter of Kylie's touring company. from the Melbourne headquarters of shell shock there? Richard, there must be a sense Absolute

Absolute shellshocked would be the

only word to describe the only word to describe the

atmosphere here. At the Sydney

Superdome, her Showgirl tour, these

tickets have been snapped up, extra

tickets went on sale. Rave reviews

from around the world and the news from around the world and the news

that the concerts won't be going

ahead because of this horrific

circumstance has left everyone

dumbfounded. Thankfully she's a

fighter? She's an absolute fighter.

She's battled all sorts of

adversity on the way to her

tremendous success. She's never had

it easy. The critics were out for

her in the early days. She took

care of them. She had a major

career resurgence a few years back

with the 'Spinning

with the 'Spinning Around' and

everything that came with that.

Surely shis will be her greatest

challenge but I'm -- this will be

her greatest challenge. True to

form, Kylie apologised to her fans

for postponing the tour. Thank you. of a fatal bus crash near Goulburn. Emergency services are at the scene and 14 injured At least 2 people are dead on the Hume Highway just after 4:00. after the minibus crashed

from Canberra to Sydney The 20-seater vehicle was on its way when it's thought to have hit a guardrail and rolled.

to be overseas tourists. Those on board are believed the monsters of the road, Some say they're

but rapidly taking over the suburbs. designed for the bush, Now the deputy State coroner proposals on 4-wheel drives - has put forward very radical must have a special licence that anyone who gets behind the wheel from the grounds of primary schools. and that all 4-wheel drives be banned this afternoon School's out at Mosman primary are thick on the ground. and the 4-wheel drives State coroner has her way. Not in the future, if the deputy wants to ban 4-wheel drives Jacqu?line Milledge acqueline Milledge

of primary and infant schools. from stopping within 200 metres

I myself think they're dangerous.

But you drive one? I do. But I've

also got four children. to ban 4-wheel drives Coroner Milledge also wants from entering school grounds. of 5-year-old Bethany Holder, The recommendations follow the death by a 4-wheel drive killed when she was run over outside her Collaroy school. were at the inquest this morning. Bethany's parents

They hope that those

recommendations get adopted by the

governments so that another death

wouldn't occur as per Bethany. about the proposals. But the Government seems lukewarm I'm

not sure how practical it would be

to attempt the too ban four-wheel

drives from the vicinity of schools. The

Coroner wants all four-wheel drive

owners to now undergo a spec

driving test. I don't believe a new

licensing regime or restricting

children from being dropped off

close to school is a sensible solution. for three years over the accident. Joan Waterhouse lost her licence

to give up their 4-wheel drives. She urged all city drivers

It ruined my marriage, I'm no

longer married to the man I was back then because of the stress. Mark Burrows, National Nine News. can sometimes deceive. Proof tonight the eye has defended a prison officer The Department of Corrective Services a media visit to Long Bay jail. who appeared disoriented today during to unveil plans for a new jail, The Premier visited Long Bay a good news day quickly turned sour, but what was supposed to be

into the view of the cameras - when this prison officer staggered at times nearly collapsing, clearly disorientated, saved by grabbing hold of the fence. officer to turn up to work There's no place for any prison

in that condition. in those sorts of circumstances, Department issued this statement Late today, the Corrective Services

saying the officer was on medication. asked to submit to a breath test. He's now on sick leave and has been and the officer is being spoken to. We haven't ruled out anything embarrassment for the Government, The incident proved a major overshadowing its announcement of a new jail. We've got to house the increased number of inmates. A site for the new prison will be selected by the end of next year.

In the meantime, Cessnock and Lithgow jails will be expanded to lock a further 500 prisoners behind bars. Nigel Blunden, National Nine News. Sydney has enjoyed a soaking in the past 24 hours, but the serious talk about the weather still concerns the drought. Thousands of farmers gathered in Parkes today to try and work out how to deal with the crisis.

The first step - more emergency funding from the State Government. They came by the bus-load, from Walgett to Wagga Wagga - 2,000 farmers gathered in the dust at the Parkes racecourse, each a victim of the worst drought in memory. Mostly they came looking for answers. Appropriate solutions to the drought instead of just band-aid situations. Grant and Dominique Nixon are typical of many. They exist on the equivalent of the dole and what grain they've harvested in the last three years is used to hand-feed sheep. The panic's out there now because of what we've used and how we're gonna get through. Now time is running out to plant this year's crop.

The time to talk is over - we can't afford to wait another day, another week, another month.

The Federal Government boasts it's provided over $600 million in drought relief, but farmers complain the eligibility rules are too strict. We need to make sure that what we do is appropriately accounted for. I thought that was a real politician's answer, Mr Truss, because we're not talking about... APPLAUSE But these farmers know their push for more assistance has to be justified.

So this is about telling politicians and city people that the drought is far from over and, if anything, it's getting worse. We are looking at what's virtually an unprecedented disaster in many parts of eastern Australia. Not only affects the farmers. It affects the actual townships as well. So now they wait in hope. I still think it's gonna end next week, so... The Weather Bureau says there's little chance of that. In Parkes, Brad Schmitt, National Nine News. The Sydney teenager who forced a change of school dress codes, allowing her to wear a Muslim robe, has sparked an angry backlash. Now fellow Muslims, including a senior community leader, say she went too far. Wearing her ankle-length coat, Yasamin Alttahir was back at school this morning after speaking out over her right to wear the religious garment called a 'mantoo'. Personally, I think it is unjust

Personally, I think it is unjust and I'll leave it to everyone else to decide. But some Muslim parents at Jasamin's school are upset by her action. I'm against it because they've got the Islamic uniform made out for them and I can't see why she has to wear a robe. And paren s of students And parents of students of Auburn Girls High aren't alone in their condemnation. One just has to look at the uniform in Muslim schools. Muslim schools do not require their female students to wear a mantoo and I don't think she should behave any different. is likely to cause confusion. School principals says the exemption Auburn Girls High is required to operate under one set of rules. Why aren't the same rules applied to all schools that receive public funds? Like many schools in NSW, you can incorporate a dress code that reflects religious faith within the existing school uniform policy. The Education Minister insists there's no confusion,

saying Yasamin's school uniform exemption won't lead to other students trying to break the rules with their clothing.

An exemption has been provided based on religious grounds. This young student feels it is important for her to wear this garment and an exemption has been provided on those grounds. Daniel Street, National Nine News. Terry Vo touched all our hearts after he lost both hands and a foot in a freak accident with a basketball ring.

Today, the brave 10-year-old from Perth took his first steps since that terrible day. Surprising his medical team by walking just three days after being fitted with his prosthetic foot, Terry Vo is clearly triumphant. It was amazing. The feat is all the more amazing because Terry couldn't use crutches to balance, the bones in his hands are still healing

from his horrific accident on Easter Saturday. He was trying a slam-dunk

when the basketball hoop and brick wall crashed down, severing both hands and his left foot. Perth surgeons reattached his limbs, but later had to amputate the foot because his muscles were dying.

Terry has taken it all in his stride. He's very understanding of what needs to be done and very focused on what he wants to achieve which is great, which you don't often see in a 10-year-old.

And what would be gruelling for any adult, six hours of physio a day, Terry simply gets on with in-between schoolwork. He's allowed home for a few hours, but returns to sleep at Princess Margaret Hospital, where staff keep a devoted watch. His enthusiasm, his bravey does make him that much more exceptional, yes. There's still a lot of work needed to get full hand function back, but that hasn't stopped Terry setting some goals.

I'd like to play basketball again - but not slam-dunk. Sheryl Taylor, National Nine News. In the news ahead - why our policemen have been sent home from Papua New Guinea. And the deadly trap set by insurgents in Iraq. VOICEOVER: The new Falcon MkII SR, including 17-inch alloys, sports body kit, six-stack CD, designer sports trim and leather-wrapped steering wheel. You'd better be quick... with over $6,000 of added value. Can't get enough of this. Everything you watch on commercial television is covered by a Code of Practice. The code relates to program classification, commercials,

and news and current affairs. If you see something you think breaches the code, lodge a written complaint with the station on which you saw it. If you're unhappy with their response, you can refer the complaint to the Australian Broadcasting Authority. If you'd like a copy of the code, visit our website for more information, or write or call us at: A Sydney woman has faced the fury of air travellers claiming to have been ripped off by an international travel scam.

The Fraud Squad has now joined the investigation into a racket involving hundreds of tickets that never saw the light of day. In good faith, these people paid for airfares, only to be left with a ticket to misery. A lot of people are frustrated, a lot people are angry. The Federal Court today heard that Lourdes Santos was involved in selling $1.8 million worth of airfares before she declared herself bankrupt three months ago. We need some form of recourse, some form of justice to get our money back. One couple, planning a trip with their two children back to England, lost their life's savings.

$10,000, so it's a huge impact on our life, yeah. I don't think I'll get it back but I just want to see justice. The hearing examined the relationship between Santos and Kogarah travel agent Habib Jabir. So far the number of people claiming to be victims totals more than 70 and they include holiday-makers, honeymooners and people who were planning to visit sick relatives. We thought initially it was only the Filipinos but we've got people from the UK, people from India and other nationalities. They were my lifetime's savings as I'm a retired man now.

She cleaned me out completely. Police are now conducting their own investigation. Adam Walters, National Nine News. In an embarrassing diplomatic wrangle, more than 100 Federal Police officers have been thrown out of Papua New Guinea. Locals gathered to farewell the Australians, who were stood down from duty last week when the country's Supreme Court ruled

that their immunity from prosecution was unconstitutional. They arrived back in Canberra this afternoon, while the two governments tried to sort out the mess. The future of Australia's billion-dollar aid program to Papua New Guinea remains unclear. In Iraq, the violence continues at a deadly pace. This was the scene in a Baghdad market, a car bomb killing several Iraqi soldiers. As wreckage burned fiercely,

the bombers waited until the scene attracted more security, then set off a second explosion. A total of nine soldiers died and many locals were injured. Now to a classic English mystery - a lost and anxious man, who won't say who he is and who comes alive only when he plays the piano. He was found wandering in a coastal town.

His photo has been shown all over Europe in the hope someone can identify the 'piano man'. He washed up in the town of Sheerness - no identification, even the tags cut from his suit and tie. He was soaking wet when police found him on a coastal path and he wouldn't say a word. So there are no clues on this person as to where he comes from, even that he comes from this country. In hospital, given pencils and paper, he began to sketch this grand piano.

So they took him to this piano in the hospital chapel. And as soon as he saw the piano, really, he went over to it and began playing. Not just tinkling, but playing like a maestro - mostly his own classical compositions off by heart - and he played for hours. Just as David Helfgott found his clearest expression in music and inspired the movie 'Shine', the 'piano man' also finds meaning and comfort at the keyboard. There is just one theory, for now. He may have attended the funeral of a young boy on the day he was found and remains lost in grief. To business news and Macquarie Bank has lived up to its reputation as the millionaire's factory. Chief executive Allan Moss earnt an extra $5.8 million this year, netting $18.5 million.

Head of investment banking Nicholas Moore made $18.2 million. Shares are up $1.80 after the bank impressed investors with a 67% surge in profits. Resource stocks were also higher, despite falls in commodity prices. The All Ordinaries index closed down.

Ken with sport is next, and everything's in place for a great State of Origin game I?

With the series celebrating its 25th year. Also George Gregan's performance-enhancing caffeine pill. And the surf and ski wipe-out at the Billabong Pro in Tahiti. Here's another real Scratchies winner's story. It was my flatmate, actually. Yeah, him and his brother, they found $2 on the ground and they had this big argument over who deserves it. And they said, "Alright, we'll split it - we'll get a Scratchie."

And they won 10 grand on the Scratchie. Went over to Indo and got a surf trip out of it. Spent 24 days on a boat. You could win 100 grand with the new $2 ticket - Star Wars. SONG: # Scratch me happy! #

(Whistles) And access to your money wherever and whenever you want. Or visit It's one thing to have a caffeine hit but it's another when Wallaby captain George Gregan admits he and other players take caffeine tablets to enhance performance. The practice is also common in AFL and while it's legal, the message it sends is causing concern. There's nothing illegal about this yet and according to the Australian Institute of Sport there's nothing wrong with taking caffeine tablets either. But it didn't make today's admission from the Wallabies skipper

any less startling. It can help your performance by up to 7% and this is all information that's been given to us by AIS sports physiologists.

The AIS have, as George said, endorsed the product and we certainly endorse our players to take it. Jones says it is one of many supplements the Wallabies use to assist their performance.

It's one of a range of legal performance enhancements.

There's No-Doz, there's bananas, there's carbo shots. Having no trouble staying awake - the finals-bound Waratahs, who announced in the city today that Al Baxter had re-signed for two years. But it was a departing player who wants to make a lasting impression. I'd love to. I'd love nothing more than to finish on a high note and be part of the the first team that wins a Super 12 for NSW. There was continuing speculation today that Wendell Sailor would be joining the Waratahs. Sailor is shopping himself around this week and the odds of him staying with Queensland are lengthening. He's a good bloke, Wendell, so I'm sure he'd fit in if he does come here. Danny Weidler, National Nine News. NSW referee Paul Simpkins says the Queensland crowd can give him its best shot in this year's first Origin game, but nothing will stop him from doing his job. In Brisbane, the Maroons are already in camp for next week's opening match The Blues follow suit tomorrow. They hate being favourites, but the fact is the Queensland players have that pressure on them this year, even if forwards Tonie Carroll and Michael Crocker have seen little NRL action through injuries and suspension. My legs are fresh. I've been off the drink for three weeks, so that'll probably help. In Sydney, Ricky Stuart's decision to ban the Blues' bonding session

has been welcomed by the players. But any thought it'll be a dry week is off the mark. I'm sure we'll be allowed a couple of beers, a couple of quiet ones. There's no harm in having a few quiet ones, just not a big bender, that's all. Hindmarsh joined a host of past Origin heroes to help launch a book marking the series' 25th year. He clearly remembers watching those early Blues losses. Oh, mate, I was very emotional back then, watching Origin, so then you'd take it out on your sisters, flog them around a bit. NSW policeman Paul Simpkins was also confirmed as the referee for game one. Origin's very important for everyone, players and referees. To get a second one is great. Barry Gomersall, Origin's most controversial whistle-blower, says he hopes Simpkins goes with his gut feeling

more than the technology on offer. Well, the standard of refereeing is as good as what the administration want, I'll put it that way. The amount of interference these guys in the middle have got now from upstairs - the microphones, everything else. Clinton Fletcher, National Nine News. Six Australians have made it through to the fourth round of the Billabong Pro in Tahiti.

Current world number one Trent Munro will take on another Aussie, Nathan Hedge,

after this terrfic ride in the third round. The 3-metre barrels had Mark Occhilupo flying, but the former champion was eliminated, while Damien Hopgood wiped out without injury when he came off second best to a surf ski.

He just couldn't get the rid away. No blinkers. After the break - Jaynie Seal with all the weather details.

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(Addams Family click their fingers)

It's been another gloomy day in Sydney with more welcome rain, but sadly not a great deal for inland areas. The temperature in the city is just under 15 degrees. The top was 20 which was actually average for this time of year. Let's find out where we got the rain.

And the city was smothered with cloud, bringing random showers, Frenchs Forest picking up about 46mm and Cronulla in the south receiving over 60mms, all since 9am yesterday. Not so much over the catchment areas

but we still have a few more days of showers, so fingers crossed.

Two lows in the Tasman Sea

have been pushing in south-easterly winds and showers along the east coast and ranges, also brushing eastern Queensland and Victoria.

This cloud in SA has brought hardly a drop of desperately needed rain and in fact, the rest of the country has been unfortunately dry. Raincoat weather again tomorrow for the NSW coast and ranges. Snuggle up tonight in the south-east under clear skies with more fog and frost, and in the south-west of WA, we are keeping a close eye on the 'next' front due in tomorrow,

which is likely to bring more severe storms and damaging winds. Be extra careful tonight if you're in Canberra, with slippery roads.

And looking ahead, the showers will start clearing by about Friday as the low moves away and with a high dominating our weather it should stay dry, with, unfortunately, no decent rainfall in sight for days, Mark.

That's National Nine News for this Tuesday. Here's Ray.