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(generated from captions) I'm Naomi Robson.

Kylie Minogue's cancer shock. In a moment, We will cross to the man behind Kylie's amazing rise to international stardom. behind Kylie's amazing rise Also, the last words on the argument perform at school. about how boys and girls of a 30-year study We have the exclusive results of Australian students. involving tens of thousands in your room and do your homework? REPORTER: Do you have to be told, get Yeah. Plus, body image. want to change how they look. Eight out of 10 women and girls that is not good news for us. There is a trend happening out there

Also, healthy takeaways. to the marketing hype? Does the reality live up that's available in-store. People need to read the information to force four-wheel-drive owners And to the move to obtain a special licence. follows the death of a child, The call who just did not see her. run over by a driver But first, to the shock announcement

is suffering from breast cancer. that Kylie Minogue the shocking news this morning, The tiny singer was told has been postponed. and her Australian tour Showgirl tour manager, A short time ago, I spoke to her Michael Gudinski.

Michael, thank you so much for

joining us. You and Kylie go back

such a long way, you discovered such a long way, you discovered her.

This must have come as such a

shock? It is devastating news, she

almost feels part of the family,

but hopefully, it has been

discovered pretty early, and

everything will be okay. But,

really, the next few days are

pretty critical. How did you find

out? Her manager found out this

up to Sydney morning because we were all going

up to Sydney for the full show

rehearseles. I got a pretty urgent

call from Terry. He came around the

house and put his arms round me. We

had a bit of a tear and that was

that. The one good thing that will

come out of this, there has been so

much promotion about breast cancer

is and it really rams it home when

no-one someoneo young and so special,

no-one is incapable och getting it,

and it it helps many girls to check

up earliers, it will make our girl

happier. It is not the time to be

worrying about business, tours,

apart from the girl herself. My

hearts and hoe men either hearts

are with her. She has been on the

road quite a bit, woern down and road quite a bit, woern down and

tired? She arrived in Melbourne

last week and looked fantastic.

Kylie works hard. I have often seen

her tired, but obviously, something

was not right and fortunately she

has got a great support of family

and it is in Melbourne. Let's just

all have a bit of a pray for her

tonight. I'm sure that we're hoping

everything will booo cay. Does she

everything will booo cay. Does she

have anything to say to her fans.

People will be pouring out their

hearts. Her quote was and I hate to

read the quote This is so Kylie,

I'm sorry to disappoint the tans.

don't think anyone would be Well, she is a caring girl and I

disapoined. Everyone will be

feeling and with her. , " feeling and with her. , " Hopefully

all wim work out fine." so we all

say. We soernly hope she will be up

and around very quickly. Thank you

so much for joining us, we wish her

all the best. Take care. Michael Gudinski there. breast-cancer diagnosis The news about Kylie's Molly Meldrum. has devastated our own music guru,

Um, we go back

Um, we go back to Olivia and she

was sort of, that was hard to

believe, you know. The way Olivia

handled it and has , and is still

handling this, is just awesome. Of

course, Delta with a different, not

breast cancer and now Kylie, I'm devastated. I can't do it. on the Sunrise program And Molly will be a special guest tomorrow morning. Now to girls versus boys, have been confirmed. and our suspicions girls are ahead of boys academically, For many years we've known that

one step further. but now we can take it has now revealed A groundbreaking study socially, emotionally and physically. that boys are also at a disadvantage looks at the great gender divide. And Glenn Connley is the best student? Who would you say

Ashleigh for sure. Yep, definitely me.

Why's that? Because I do my work, basically. is a hard-working young student Ashleigh Zaharin with stars in her eyes. consider myself a good student. Actually, yes, I would

No. Never. I always do it. to go and do your homework? Do you have to be told

your room and do your homework?" Do you have to be told, "Get in Yeah. What's going on? Mum always says, "You're in year 11. "You're not doing any homework." but I do. I'm just, like, "I've got none" -

I just don't do it. just 20 minutes after his sister, Ashleigh's twin Jesse was born

is light-years from Ashleigh's. but his outlook on study Jesse would rather go fishing. Quite simply,

Girls want to do well. "I'll take it as it comes, Boys just think, I'll just go out with my mates." "I'll just do the work whenever.

Jesse's not a bad kid. engaging young man. In fact, he's an intelligent, In fact, he's an intelligent,

facing our education system, He's also symbolic of the problem at an unassailable disadvantage which some experts fear puts boys

in our schools.

girls in our school system You will never find boys out-perform as it currently exists. is an expert in boys' education. Ian Lillico He says modern teaching methods mean much of what is being taught boys are unable to absorb

in today's classrooms. When it comes to what they learn the boys will absorb less of that evidence suggests that evidence suggests that is giving a lecture to the class, and if the teacher

is giving a lecture to the class, and if the teacher evidence suggests that the boys will absorb less of that

actually written instructions. when it is something, it's quite different. When they are making or doing are supported by statistics. Ian's fears In an amazing 30-year study, which followed thousands of students right through high school and into the work force, in almost every aspect of school. boys fared poorly against girls in reading and related skills Girls perform better than boys Girls perform better than boys

period of longitudinal studies and, in fact, over the 30-year that gap has widened a little. John Ainley from the Australian Council for Educational Research,

which has conducted the ongoing research. Back in 1978, more boys than girls went on to complete year 12. In the early 2000s, and in fact In the early 2000s, and in fact since the middle of the 1980s,

more girls than boys have been completing year 12, and the difference is about 10 percentage points. While the experts and the statistics all point to some serious problems with the way we're teaching teenage boys,

it doesn't seem to count for much once boys reach the professional work force. Academically, boys may be well behind girls

when it comes to basic literacy skills, overall school results, university entry scores university entry scores and rates of degree completion,

but in the real world, boys climb the corporate ladder into management jobs much quicker than girls and take home a much heftier pay packet. Girls in general still earn less than boys, still go into less senior positions still go into less senior positions in their mid-20s. long periods of time and listening, Where kids are sitting down for you will never find that girls out-perform boys. Ian Lillico says everything from sitting quietly in a classroom

to the colour of the classroom itself suits girls over boys. Certainly our secondary schools need a massive shake-up in terms of the ambience, and kids who go home to a television which is coloured and there's surround sound and it's quite stimulating - but they are sitting in a barren classroom, a blackboard with chalk which is black and white, which they turn off. These days they are not stimulated and boys and girls both require that stimulation,

and if schools don't match what they have in the homes, then I think they are going to be obsolete. If I just knuckled down and did it, and not worried about other things like my mates and stuff, I'd breeze through is easily. Jesse's a perfect example. He loves the great outdoors and admits his solid results could be much better if there was more outdoor, hands-on learning.

When the work has to be done, I do it, like, push myself to do it,

but other times with my mates around, just mucking around - I'm with them half the time. When it's serious, I get serious and do the work.

Despite the male domination of high-paid management roles,

the experts say there are signs this problem is already exhibited itself in the workplace. I think if you go into a fast food outlet, for example, you will find predominantly girls serving you and boys working in the background.

We have the lowest percentage of boys in front-line positions in the Western world. In other countries, you have a mix of boys serving you and a mix of boys and girls doing the background work.

Some courses have shifted

considerably from being male

preserves to being now a little

more women than men in those, I

speak spivly of medicine and law. John Ainley and Ian Lillco both say while boys mature slower than girls, this problem goes much deeper than that. They also assert that a lack of male teachers is only part of the problem.

The big issue here is not what or who's teaching our boys -

rather, the methods we're using to teach them.

For boys, the first step is to get them off their backsides and up on their feet. Too many kids are sedentary these days. They are sitting down at school, sitting down at home. They are mollycoddled. They are driven to school. They go on school buses and if we are setting two hours of sedentary homework on top of that, we are certainly part of the demise. Glenn Connley with that report. Now to four-wheel drives and how one of Australia's most senior coroners

is recommending radical changes, calling for owners of four-wheel drives to get off the road

unless they have a special licence. Here's Sophie Hull.

Because I can drive one of these,

does that mean I can drive one of

those? Legally you can, but there

are a lot of differentbrens. Do you

think you could point out some

differences. I think there's a real

good chance The idea was simple,

test visibility from the four-wheel

drive. Alongside me professional

driving instructor Ian Luff. Behind

me, the unexpected. What could have

been a small child. You didn't see

that, did you? I didn't. Well,

there was a child standing behind

the vehicle. This is the reality of

an accident like that. In 2002,

little Bethany Holder died after

being knocked down by a Nissan

patrol. These are her parents,

Daniel and Lisa. This is the woman

who was driving the car, Joan

McLenin. This tragedy is just one

of at least 12,000 accidents caused

by poor driver vision across the

country, every year. With that in

mind, this afternoon a coroner,

looking into the death of Bethany,

recommended speciallysins for

everyone behind tprourpld weighing

more than two tonnes. It is a move

supported by Joan. I don't think

they are a safe vehicle. I don't

see the point of having them on

city roads. If she h.d. around here,

that is her height there, and that

is the view from over there coming

through, so definitely would not

have been seen in a vehicle of this

height. So, roughly, out of line of

sight somewhere. Professor Raphael

Grzebieta is an expert and provided

opinion. I think special training

should be provided in vehicles

larger than two tonnes, in other

words, four-wheel drives that are

in that category, but also trucks

as well as, which are at a higher

level. Today there was support for

special licences in double day. I

think it is a good idea. They are always double parked outside

schools, which is annoying for

regular drivers and they really

don't seem to care because they are

sitting up so high that they think

they have the right of way. Most

don't know how to drive a

four-wheel drive I suggest, it has

become a common vehicle for mums

with kids. A lot of those females,

I would suggest, are not very

capable drivers of that size vehicle. I think

vehicle. I think it is unfair to

single out four-wheel drives because I don't think the

four-wheel drive is the problem, I

think it is the people driving them.

What I would like to see is more

stringent driver training across

the board. But pat calnen from

Four-Wheel Drive Monthly magazine

says special liceenss is taking it too far.

too far. They are not more

dangerous than any other vehicle on

the road. If you look at the front

profile of vans, talking pedestrian

safety, they are less safe than a

lot of tprourlds. Recent NRMA

figures back it up. These are

figures with cars with good vision. For

the record, other cars the NRMA say have good vision are --

the holders say they have never

been looking for blame. They just

want to make sure an accident like

this never happens again, a special

licence, they say, is a good start. And the New South Wales Government is now reviewing the coroner's recommendations. So do you think four-wheel drive owners should be required to hold a special licence? Well, you can let us know your thoughts on our website at - Or give us a call. And later in the program, how much fat is in the latest so-called healthier takeaways?

to reveal. We will have some shocking findings Coming up after the break, Australia's body image crisis don't like the way they look. and why so many women and girls don't like the way they look.

they were more beautiful. 94% said that they wished of our body in general. We have an over-consciousness beautiful than the average woman? Do you think that you are more No.

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Now to the disturbing statistic are not happy with the way they look that 94% of girls to look more beautiful, and would like think they are less attractive while 80% of women

than the average woman. so obsessed about how they look So why are women and girls feel inadequate? and what is it that is making them so obsessed about how they look So why are women and girls feel inadequate? and what is it that is making them Well, here's Rodney Lohse.

It main part of the job is to bring

the image into the print. Gone. Gone. Don't like pimples or freckles?

Add flesh. Ribs protruding? Add tan. Looking pale? Add tan.

and like redder lips? Teeth could do with a polish It's the click of a mouse. of say five, 10 things So, Peter, is there is checklist you take out of every picture? Anything obvious - blemishes. Definitely.

had a cold sore, a scar, So if a girl in any way. it doesn't enhance the photo But by bringing the picture to life, he is creating body-image problems some argue of Australian women and girls. for hundreds of thousands

in a time and a society Well, I think we're living about the body in general, where we have an over-consciousness that the society is promoting, and the various ideals that you need to to be thin. such as the fact Associate professor Eleanor Wertheim and body image, and says is an expert in eating disorders and body image, and says

huge bearing on women's self-esteem. magazines and the media have a When the media has shows where they are showing people getting plastic surgery, because they are promoting that as a way of fixing imperfections,

that we are not okay as we are. they are really promoting the idea But with computers, plastic surgery. stars do not even need stars do not even need

Many stars employ retouchers, pictures are even sent to magazines. people who fix up their faults before Frances Sheen, New Woman magazine. any imperfections you might have, It just means that any kind of pimple or two,

you can iron them out. At FHM Magazine, they do their own retouching, but editor John Dastik says at changing body shapes, they draw the line his readers with what they demand. and argues he is simply providing they are not day-to-day. Magazines are fantasy, average-looking women on FHM If I presented day-to-day I wouldn't sell any magazines. make the day-to-day girls feel? But how does that it is a serious problem. Well, it seems to begin introducing courses Serious enough for schools Serious enough for schools

the self-esteem of students to help lift in the body-beautiful vortex. caught up a really distorted body image. Usually, the girls have they're larger than they really are, That is, they think and they don't think they're attractive enough, the confidence and self-esteem and they don't have to do what they want to do. is from Girls on the Go, Julie Thomson a program aimed at early intervention of developing eating disorders. with girls who are at risk I used to take diet pills. In year eight, and the way I looked. I was really down about my weight Part of the course shows girls are not always true depictions. that magazines And, certainly, some magazines take it to the extreme, shaving off kilograms digitally.

Even FHM can give girls smoother legs and better lines. Their recent pictorial with Nikki Webster, for example.

We did... she's got very... there was a lot of hoo-ha and furore about what we did to Nikki. The pictures somehow escaped into the press, and there was a backlash to that. But we didn't enhance Nikki's breasts, we didn't add anything to Nikki's body, we didn't give her Kylie Minogue's bum. So I think the criticism was a bit unfair. But actress Jamie Lee Curtis was the pioneer, so to speak. When she appeared untouched, it was a revelation and a triumph for real women.

I work less and less and less, and I'm getting older and older and older. and it is not just schoolgirls. But it wasn't enough, Ask anybody, their body they want to change. and there will be something about My weight. as well. It would probably be my weight, My height. But more disturbing, change everything about themselves. one in four teenage girls wanted to of the options we put in the survey, To say... "everything" was one was I think quite concerning.

from marketing company Heat Group, Gillian Franklin is

into women and body image. who have just completed a survey a red alert to parents, I think it should be

happening out there. saying there is a trend That is not good news for us. As for blaming the magazines, we need to look at ourselves. Gillian disagrees and says a lot of peer pressure today. We know there is People start blaming magazines and the media. Personally, I don't carry that. I think it is up to the parents. is a product of parenting. I think self-esteem is fashion models are too small. I think the bigger issue these days Whoever is to blame, the fact remains the same Australian women have serious self-esteem problems. Just how many, is disturbing. to get worse before it gets better, It is likely this problem is going unless girls start learning young.

beautiful than the average woman? Do you think that you are more No. That report from Rodney Lohse. from McDonald's to Subway. Coming up - health takeaways We will look at the latest so-called less fat and kilojoules? and which ones contain You may be surprised at the results. to be on a weight-loss plan, Very difficult, I guess, into your diet. and incorporate those types of items You really need to minimise them.

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You could: marketed as the healthy alternative Now, to the latest meals

when it comes to fast food. by Australia's leading dieticians But a survey just completed so-called healthy alternatives shows that these to the marketing hype don't always live up and kilojoules than hamburgers. with many of them containing more fat

with the startling findings. And here's Helen Wellings Australia is in the grip of an obesity epidemic. In fact 60% of adults are overweight and 20% are obese. The main culprit - fatty fast foods. I'm not buying it I'm not buying it for its health reasons. I'm buying it because I'm hungry and I want to have a hamburger.

Generally, probably given up on believing in what the advertisers are telling us. Reacting to public concern, fast-food outlets have jumped on the bandwagon promoting healthy menus. Subway led the competition. Now, McDonald's have added Deli Choices to their Salads Plus menu. It is now offering eight toasted bread rolls. Hungry Jack's also have introduced a fresh new range of five baguettes. But just how low fat, low kilojoule and healthy are they?

If people think or know that some of the choices are healthy they might be thinking any choice on the new menu is healthy and that's not the case. Dietician Sharon Natoli, director of Food and Nutrition Australia

says some of those healthy choices are as fatty and calorie-ridden as the normal burgers.

If you are having a big mack or a

bacon role, then you are getting a

third of your daily fat intake in

one go, but the saturated fat

intake in one go which clogs up your arteries

your arteries and increases the

risk of diabetes. But some Hungry

Jacks baguettes can be even worse.

Karen nucoaty's advice. Karen nucoaty's advice. Fast food

does equal fat and kill jowls. We

are seeing choices but people need

to be aware och take away foods can

be part of a healthy diet, but once a week or less. Coming up, driver-licence lunacy. The woman who lost 40 demerit points in just 3 months, and she is still allowed to drive.

Now to one of the stories Now to one of the stories I will have for you tomorrow night. The woman banned from driving on our roads. She lost 40 demerit points, but she is still allowed to get behind the wheel It's ludicrous, really. I'm going to be, you know, driving around with 40 points clocked up and it's perfectly legal. I shouldn't have been able to walk into VicRoads today and say, "Here's $41. I'd like my licence back."

I reckon the system's a joke. That's tomorrow night. So thanks for your company tonight. And until tomorrow, I hope you have a great evening. Please take care, and goodnight. Captioned by Seven Network Email -