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(generated from captions) Tonight - in Schapelle Corby's drug trial The Chief judge from the Australian Government. told to ignore a letter in Western Australia A tornado cuts a path of destruction

leaving millions of dollars damage. Police investigating claims of a Sydney man. jealousy triggered the murder of a Sydney man.

taking on Coca-Cola And the local council over access to a precious resource. This program is LIVE captioned. This is Ian Ross with Seven News. Good evening. are urging Schapelle Corby's judge Prosecutors in Bali

an Australian Government letter to ignore in his decision. that could play a vital part It details new accusations

by baggage handlers in Sydney of drug smuggling makes no direct mention of her case. but, importantly, for Schapelle since day one, Lawyer Lily Lubis has been battling sent her its crucial letter, but when the Australian Government it could not even get her name right. The Corby legal team says

of the government's frayed lifeline, the spelling mistake is indicative not even feature in the document. and it is furious that her name does they got to help in the proper way. If they want to help,

And wee not asking them to come and

bust out of jail, we're not asking

them to fabricate a story, we're

asking from day one, please tell us

exactly what is happening there. with the spelling corrected, It made a midday deadline, but without Schapelle's name. Bali's chief judge is still waiting. He hasn't seen it yet, have any bearing on the verdict. but it's too soon to say if it will

John Howard is defending the wording. The letter is not interference. the provision of factual information The letter represents are entitled to have. that the defence lawyers the letter has no legal standing. The chief prosecutor says is Australia's top cop, Mike Keelty. The latest arrival to Bali police chiefs conference, He is here for an ASEAN a week after he cast doubt of tampered luggage. over Corby's defence claims he has no vendetta against her. He says

will not visit while he is here - This is one place Mr Keelty reluctantly call home. the lockup that the Bali Nine

Investigation ers believe they are

closing in on others . packing tornadoes A savage storm front has hit parts of Western Australia causing millions of dollars damage. classrooms were torn apart In Perth's southern suburbs, and houses lost their roofs, while in Bunbury was crushed by a crane. the local radio studio early this morning It swept off the Indian Ocean and ripped through Bunbury first. Winds were over 140km/h. the front to be so fierce. Residents were not expecting Many were caught in their pyjamas... from doing any more damage. ..desperate to stop the driving rain for even the local church. The forces of nature were too much its roof was peeled off. Like many of the buildings here, was flung across the town. Corrugated iron ABC Radio was off the air.

from a nearby construction site. Its studio was crushed by a crane Car yards were flattened. No street was safe. A tornado also hit in Perth's south. for the children in Bicton. There was no school There was no school

were strewn across the playground. Pieces of classroom were covered by uprooted trees, Basketball courts so, too, suburban backyards.

Our jacaranda's down. were smashed Our Christmas tree, huge trees, Water in every room. out of the plate-glass windows, It blew the rubbers and they are 10 foot windows. seen anything like it in 20 years. Locals say they have not The violent storm stopped traffic. were knocked out. Over 50 sets of lights CHAINSAWS BUZZ were not taking any chances Workers on this building site as their crane rocked in the wind. the sun came out. This afternoon, began the massive clean-up. Many, still without power, a murder at Bexley overnight Police believe might have been prompted by jealousy.

two women were at the victim's flat Witnesses say followed by gunshots. when there was a furious argument Now, three men have been questioned. was taken away this morning, The body of 30-year-old Wasim Ama 10 hours after he was gunned down with two female friends. spending a night

from a semiautomatic pistol Neighbours heard three shots

just after 11pm. Ama was hit in the chest and leg. took the firearm with them, The offenders elsewhere. or they may have disposed of it guns drawn, Several hours later, in a silver Holden Astra, police intercepted three men from the crime scene. having followed them apartment block before the shooting. The same car had been seen in the visiting Pamela Its driver was apparently Ama was later gunned down. in whose flat Neighbours say looking furious, the driver returned to his car, before kicking in a fence. Then I saw him, later on. He raced through the fence, he was running with a mobile phone up the passageway here, and he ran in that direction, he ran back again. and a short time later have told police Pamela and her friend when Ama was murdered. they were not in the building Seven News has learned with an abusive boyfriend Pamela had recently broken up only just been released from jail. and that one of the men involved had and one of the suspects Both the victim for drug offences, each have previous convictions appears to be only a coincidence. but sources have told Seven News that the most likely theory is At this early stage that turned ugly. this was a love triangle run over and killed in a schoolyard, The parents of a young Sydney girl,

inside the gates. say no cars should be allowed has also been told An inquest into her death

should undergo special training. people who own four-wheel drives was a lively fire-year-old Bethany Holder of this four-wheel drive before she fell under the wheels inside her school ground. inside her school ground.

for the inquest into Bethany's death. Her father, Daniel, has one message or vehicles at all, Why should cars, be allowed to be driven through schools?

Crash investigator Aaron Kraefft agrees, telling the court - The court heard the blind spot in front of the Nissan Patrol extended seven metres, prompting this call from a road safety expert. We have special licences for truck drivers. I think there should be some sort of special training

for four-wheel-drive owners. Professor Grzbieta also said a bullbar on a four-wheel drive was like putting a gun in someone's hand. Studies have shown the damage they can cause, and in a metropolitan built-up area, is it really necessary? The coroner said to Mr and Mrs Holder

that nothing could compensate them for the loss of their daughter, but she said the court would do all it could, in Bethany's name, to make it safer for other children. The driver of the car will give evidence tomorrow, not to revisit her guilt, but to help the coroner to find out exactly what happened and to work out how to stop it happening again. A Sydney woman has been ordered to pay $37,000 in costs over animal cruelty charges. Throughout Carol MacIver's home, the RSPCA found 20 dogs kept in what the magistrate described as appalling squalor. The magistrate's indicated that she believes the cruelty is at the top end of the scale, and we agree with that. The magistrate said the cruelty was not malicious, but was caused by severe depression. League legend Mal Meninga faced trial in Canberra today over a pub brawl two years ago. The 44-year-old Test great is accused of punching Grant Richard Hurley after Hurley struck up a conversation with Meninga. Hurley admits he has been banned from several hotels for fighting. Meninga denies the assault charges. Job agencies which are paid to find work for the unemployed are facing a $500 million funding cut. Canberra says

it is because fewer people are out of work

but the agencies warn it is the disadvantaged who will suffer. As a future prime minister, Peter Costello has to get the youth vote. I got it! I got it! I got it! I got it! Not quite - but he has got problems with the Job Network. A hidden Budget nasty slashing $500 million of support for the most disadvantaged jobless. So, at the same time as they're putting more disadvantaged job seekers into the market, they're reducing the amount of resources available to support them. Mr Costello says it reflects record low unemployment.

In a buoyant labour market, with more jobs available than ever before, you would expect the costs of getting people into work would be lower, rather than higher. But it comes in a Budget aiming to force nearly 200,000 stay-at-home mums and disabled people

from welfare to work. They have high levels of disadvantage which are about

which are about their personal circumstances, not about the labour market.

And they need a lot of support to get into a job. And as Labor finalises amendments that double the Budget tax cuts, Peter Costello has conceded that average Australians are still doing it tough. I reckon you'd be struggling on $40,000 to $50,000 in Australia if you're paying a mortgage and raising some kids. That covers 75% of the work force. If Peter Costello really supports those struggling families on $40,000 and $50,000, he will be supporting Labor's propositions. Vivian Alvarez, the woman wrongly deported from Australia to the Philippines four years ago, could receive an unprecedented multimillion-dollar compensation claim. Court Judge Marcus Enfield will lead a team will lead a team of high profile lawyers in the case with one flying to the Philippines today to talk to Ms Alvarez. It seems to us that we're addressing new law in this country, and, at the moment, it's really a fact-finding mission. The case is starting to gather public support with protesters in the city today calling for a royal commission. Australia's Muslim leader Sheikh Taj el-Din al-Hilaly remains confident hostage Douglas Wood is alive and will be freed by his Iraqi captors soon. It is now believed the kidnap ordeal may have begun when the Australian was betrayed. Whatever hopeful sign Sheik al-Hilaly is waiting for, it was not this. (speaks foreign language) Another tape of two more hostages - truck drivers accused of working for the Americans.

The kidnappers are not the ones who took Douglas Wood, but the threats are the same. (speaks foreign language) Sheik al-Hilaly still believes Douglas Wood will be freed. Sheik al-Hilaly has not been able to contact the kidnappers directly. He has been trying, mostly through appeals in the media. REPORTER: Has any ransom been talked about, any money been paid? There are reports from Baghdad that Douglas Wood was set up. Lured to what he thought was a business meeting. What a thrill to be in Baghdad. US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has made a surprise trip to Iraq. I just took the helicopter in. This is a spectacular city. She met the Iraqi Prime Minister. Australia's Foreign Affairs Department will not say if she was asked to mention Douglas Wood. A local council is taking on one of Australia's biggest companies in a stoush over its water supply. Coca-Cola Amatil wants to triple the amount of water near Gosford. it takes from the Peats Ridge spring near Gosford. This is how little water the Central Coast has left. Dams in the area hold less than 24% of their capacity. But just kilometres away,

Coca-Cola is pumping millions of litres of water from an underground aquifer at Peats Ridge. Truck after truck leaves the area with bottled water bound for shops around the country. 25 million litres is sucked from the ground each day but Coke wants to increase its take to 66 million. The council hydrologists believe the flow into our rivers by 41%. it will diminish At a time of drought, this is a crazy thing to do. Gosford Council has no authority to stop Coke pumping more water from the aquifer. The State Government has already given approval. Now the council is going to the Land and Environment Court, ready for a long battle. We think Amatil should do the right thing -

hold it back. Don't go the economic rationalist point of view - money, money, money. You've got a responsibility to the people. A review of the environmental impact is being done but Coke wants to start taking the extra water now. The department that's conducting the review is the same department that's already approved our extraction. Coke pays about $1.43 for every million litres it extracts from the aquifer.

That is less than it costs to buy one bottle of the water. A high price, say residents, to buy back their own water to buy back their own water should the dams run dry. Ahead in Seven News - The long way for treatment is finally over for a cancer patient. A gas leak forces the evacuation of homes in Sydney's south. And the world premiere for the final instalment in the Star Wars saga. Traffic in Sydney's south is getting back to normal

after a major gas leak this afternoon. GAS HISSES The pipeline was ruptured during work at Bay and West Botany streets in Rockdale. fearing a possible explosion, police closed off the intersection and evacuated nearby houses. No-one was was injured.

The area was declared safe after about two hours. Menopausal women now have access to a new form of hormone replacement therapy. This tiny stick-on patch contains oestrogen derived from the soya plant. It delivers a low dose straight into the bloodstream.

So it provides a constant amount of hormone to the woman throughout the time the patch is applied. will benefit. A million Australian women will benefit. A cancer patient, fighting for life-saving surgery, will finally get the treatment she needs tomorrow. Pamela Grady had been given six months to live,

then was told to wait two months for the operation. Weeks earlier than expected, Pamela Grady arrives at St George Hospital

for an operation to save her life. Very frightened, but I don't have a choice, so... Pam has stomach cancer and needs an expensive procedure called a peritonectomy. David Morris David Morris is the only doctor who can do it. We close the theatre to save money, and we have, for over a year now, being trying to get a second operating day for peritonectomies, and we've just been unable to do that. Pamela got the okay after another patient was taken off the list - 11 others are still waiting. There's no way she would have lasted another month. We won't know that we can operate

until we know there's an ICU bed tomorrow. You know, if there's no ICU bed, we can't operate.

Pamela's operation will last about 17 hours, involving a team of 20. And there is good news for others on Dr Morris' waiting list. More surgeons have now agreed to perform the difficult peritonectomy.

I know that we'll get centres going in Brisbane and Melbourne quite soon. Tomorrow's operation is Pamela's last hope. Seeing my grandchildren Seeing my grandchildren when I wake up, that's what I'm really looking forward to. The final instalment in the Star War saga has won over critics

at its world premiere in Cannes. Creator George Lucas walked the red carpet with the cast, including Hayden Christensen, Samuel L Jackson and the new-look Natalie Portman. Episode III, Return of the Sith is the story of Anakin Skywalker's transformation to Darth Vader. I thought it was brilliant, it was really great - the best since Empire Strikes Back. It opens in Australia on Thursday.

Time for sport now with Matthew White. A bolter for the Blues?

One bolter, we're not talking bout

your horse selection, either, more

on that later. Newcastle's Steve Simpson is the biggest surprise in the State of Origin squad. It's a New South Wales line-up that features only two debutantes. More on that shortly. And road rage - a rough ride in the 250s. GURGLING So you could win a truckload of cash.

Manly forward Anthony Watmough and Melbourne Storm winger Matt King will make their State Of Origin debuts

in game one against Queensland. King is on the end of a backline which features Dragons' Matt Cooper, Mark Gasnier and five-eighth Trent Barrett.

Danny Buderus is hooker and captain, is a surprise selection on the bench. while Newcastle's Steve Simpson There was no room for Braith Anasta. Having been tipped as the bolter, has now hit the big time. Anthony Watmough You're an Origin player, mate. isn't it? Um, yeah. It's pretty unbelievable, 10 weeks ago, If you'd have asked me I would have laughed in your face.

He is not the only surprise. and working part time as a garbo, Three years ago, Melbourne's Matt King quit the game. for the soul, I don't think, Being a garbo is not the best thing every day, waking up, at North Sydney and, yeah, I was playing a first-grade team to aspire to. and we didn't have Five Dragons made it winning the battle for No.6. with Trent Barrett a little bit more comfortable For me, it makes things I've got outside me knowing that the two centres I play with every week. failed to make this squad While Braith Anasta selectors were quick to point out for the rest of the series. he is by no means out of the picture The way Trent Barrett's been playing he's more or less just got the nod in front of him at the present stage.

Newcastle's Steve Simpson is a surprise starter on the bench after not making the initial squad. While the only fitness concern Anthony Minichiello is Roosters' full-back because of a bulging disc. who will not train until Thursday this afternoon I get a cortisone injection it'll be okay. and the doc seems to think in the Queensland side No place for Penrith's Rhys Wesser the bolter on the wing. with Ty Williams Scott Prince for the half-back spot. Club-mate Jonathan Thurston beat to make the Maroons. The pair are among six Cowboys

Just a quiet few beers with the

boys, get a phone call, pack my

bags, on the the plane in the

morning, I thought it was a G up. No.1 world ranking Tiger Woods has kept golf's

finished equal third after Vijay Singh at the Byron Nelson Championship. Vijay needed to finish outright third or better and almost pulled it off after this ace on 17.

COMMENTATOR: And he's watching this one closely.

CHEERING And for good reason - a beautiful hole in one a beautiful hole in one from Vijay Singh! American Ted Purdy won the event by a shot finishing at 15 under after a final round of 65.

World Champion Valentino Rossi of the Moto GP category has continued his dominance with a win at Le Mans.

trouble in the French grand prix. The 26-year-old avoided the early down! It's Carlos Checa! COMMENTATOR: Oh! There are riders with seven laps remaining He grabbed the lead three wins from four starts. and held off Sete Gibernau to make it by 37 points. He now leads the championships

was an early casualty, In the 250s, German Steve Yenkner run over after coming off his bike. three straight wins and led briefly Aussie Casey Stoney was chasing before fading to fourth.

took the chequered flag. Danny Pedrosa is finally under way The Billabong Pro in Tahiti. at the famous Teahupoo break

because of a lack of swell The men's event has been on hold on offer for the heats. and there was only 1.5 metres

Reigning world champion Andy Irons, all had comfortable wins. Kelly Slater and C. J. Hobgood for the rest of the competition. The swell is expected to get bigger

On Friday I have a great tip off a

bloke for the horses and I put

$2.50 each way. I put $10 each way,

the track slowed it down. You

finished 8. My 1 the week before

finished 7 My tipping career is over. Nuala has Sydney's weather after the break, but first finance. on the share market. It was a dismal start to the week It was a dismal start to the week

Domino's Pizza made a strong debut.


Good evening. those mild autumn days, Just when we were getting used to took us by surprise today. a wintry blast during the day. We had scattered showers on and off has been pretty disappointing. but the rainfall across Sydney at Observatory Hill and the airport, It was wettest here a couple milimetres, but we are only talking about hardly any over the catchment. it has felt really cold! For the first time this month May day this year. It was our first below-average Over in Western Australia, is weakening quickly the nasty front that battered Bunbury as it crosses eastwards. itself at home just off our coast Closer to home, a low is making and looks like keeping us in cool with onshore south-easterlies for the next few days. That means scattered showers along our coast until around Thursday. Interstate, a much calmer day in Perth tomorrow. A few more showers tonight will stay with us on and off tomorrow and then the cloud and showers on Wednesday The showers are set to ease and then clear by Thursday and slightly warmer weather with a return to mostly sunny and slightly warmer weather

just in time for the weekend. Rosco, I remember saying to you some colder weather. I was actually looking forward to I take it all back! but not the cold, thanks. I'll take the rain

Had to come sooner or laelter. And that's Seven News to now.