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(generated from captions) of Gosford grandmother Ann Parker. for the manslaughter changing his plea to guilty Instead, he dropped a bombshell with fake plates and registration. uninsured rig including driving an unregistered, comparatively minor traffic charges to answer a list of went back to local court Today the former truckie He was on bail. who was killed in the crash. for the family of Ann Parker avoiding a painful trial pleaded guilty to manslaughter David Lawler on the Mooney Mooney Bridge. for last year's deadly pile-up after accepting blame is facing a long jail sentence A truck driver Good evening. This is Ian Ross with Seven News. This program is LIVE captioned. a potentially deadly winter virus. And a warning to Sydney parents about flooding homes and stranding drivers. A burst water main causes chaos, latest multimillion-dollar drug bust. A huge heroin haul in Australia's over a deadly freeway pile-up. pleads guilty to manslaughter A truck driver A truck driver Tonight -

arrived in Melbourne from China. It's alleged the containers but clearly not enough. to try and avoid being detected, went to a lot of time and trouble who modified the shipping container The individuals said to be carrying chairs. of two shipping containers hidden in the roofing in hundreds of small plastic blocks, The drugs were packed of heroin in Australia. nearly two years now This is the largest seizure for a large amount of heroin here. We are talking about more than 115kg of heroin. In just one haul, campaign against illicit drugs. in the recently successful police It's the latest coup conspirators were arrested in Sydney. but three of the five alleged The haul was intercepted in Adelaide has been seized by Federal Police. heroin worth $60 million In the latest big drug bust by his runaway rig. when they were hit for two other drivers seriously hurt to grievous bodily harm charges He will also answer until 18 August for sentencing. the case has been adjourned Now that Lawler has pleaded guilty I'm at the greater loss without mum. but at the same time as well, and obviously his family's affected He's there with his family Like, it's definitely hard. that's killed your mother, you know. It's definitely hard to face the man it's much, much tougher. But for Mrs Parker's family taken into custody. he was immediately Today as his family looked on they weren't working properly. Worse still, he had known Lawler's brakes were faulty. Police found on the F3 last October. on the Mooney Mooney Bridge involved in the pile-up She was in one of 35 cars ran over the top of her tiny Hyundai. when Lawler's 8-tonne prime mover Mrs Parker was killed instantly It's good. it's starting to wrap up the case. It's a little bit of closure that especially for me and my family. not that it changes a great deal, of closure - I suppose it's a little bit

as a bit of a mess. today described security here as a bit of a mess. of Sydney Airport, Max Moore-Wilton, Disturbingly, the boss as you go through the gates. you're checked through security If you go to the football handlers voted in favour of it. but today the airline's baggage search their workers only airports in the UK and Hong Kong Qantas says to Carl Scully. but I don't have to answer might want to know something Carl Scully have been installed before now. He also says hidden cameras should without having their bags checked. with the ease of a swipe card and that Qantas workers can come and go Carl Scully says it's a joke that Qantas workers can come and go by Carl Scully. before I'm being lectured to and the other authorities the Federal Government I think I'll defend from the New South Wales Government. That's a bit rich, coming at Sydney Airport. in terms of baggage handling that more needed to be done in the past to the Australian Federal Police We have, of course, conveyed "I told you so." The Police Minister says, over how it was able to happen. But now the blame game has begun while evidence is being gathered. all suspects are under surveillance Qantas says other people. we will start standing down I would say that some time next week and more will follow. over the cocaine smuggling racket handler has been suspended from work Qantas has confirmed one baggage for passengers' luggage. and plastic wrapping including new surveillance cameras an upgrade of security The scandal has also forced to import cocaine. over an alleged conspiracy baggage handlers at Sydney Airport Qantas plans to stand down more of the syndicate. It's alleged he is the organiser was arrested in Hong Kong. Last night a 29-year-old man with contacts overseas. and organised syndicate this is a sophisticated Federal police allege charged with drug-related offences. Three appeared in court today they were arrested. and a Hong Kong resident turned up, Yesterday when three Sydney men Yesterday when three Sydney men would be the distribution point. It's reasonable to assume that that in Minto. went by rail to this Sydney warehouse Eventually, the containers quietly removed the drugs and waited. Federal Police to an Adelaide storage But after being transported to an Adelaide storage

the Croatian-backed organisation wasn't given a fair hearing. An independent inquiry found the club didn't do enough to prevent riots during games against the Serbian-supported Bonnyrigg White Eagles. Australian Muslim leader Sheikh Taj el-Din al-Hilaly hopes to know by tomorrow, whether hostage Douglas Wood will be freed. The Mufti remains confident of convincing Iraqi insurgents to release the Australian, last seen on video almost a week ago. In such a dangerous place where another car bomb killed 17 people today Sheikh al-Hilaly says he is doing his best to try to reach the kidnappers and save Douglas Wood. We will do our best, our best to bring Douglas home as soon as possible. Sheikh al-Hilaly has met other Muslim leaders in Baghdad and says he is optimistic even though earlier reports the kidnappers had extended their deadline were wrong But the Supreme Court today ruled after two separate riots last month. Sydney United for four matches Soccer New South Wales banned into the State League. has been allowed back suspended over fan violence A Sydney soccer club and will reappear next month. She did not apply for bail who remanded her in custody. Ian McRae, Today she faced Penrith magistrate in January. with murdering her six-month-old baby The 24-year-old is charged with a dose of methadone. accused of killing her son has appeared in court, A Kingswood mother being slipped inside. commercial quantities of drugs to prevent unwanted their bags shrink-wrapped in plastic Passengers will be able to have about baggage tampering. to ease fears a new service will be available But he also announced or at best vague. Nothing more has been heard of Douglas Wood since the original deadline passed on Tuesday. Nothing either way. We've heard no information that he has been harmed so in that respect we can take comfort. Over the weekend the commercial organised by Douglas Wood's brothers in Australia will be shown on Arabic television. Similar to the web site, it asks for any information. It is our duty for our religion, for our honour, for our nation, for our country, for our society, for our country, for our society, we do our best. Sheikh al-Hilaly says he hopes to know something by tomorrow. An Australian woman wrongly deported to the Philippines has left the Catholic hospice where she has been living for the past four years. Vivian Alvarez is being taken to Manila for medical treatment and to be reunited with other members of her family. I'm still alive, that's good. Mrs Alvarez has indicated she wants to return to Queensland where she has two children. The Federal Government says her case will be referred to a wider investigation, into immigration bungles. The Prime Minister has detailed a $250 million plan jobs and preserve old-growth forests. he says will save Tasmanian timber jobs and preserve old-growth forests. Labor welcomed the announcement but environment groups fear it's a con. Morning, Prime Minister, welcome to the tallest hardwood forest in the world. John Howard hadn't even been to the Styx Valley before agreeing to save it. Now he and Tasmanian Premier Paul Lennon have decided to lock up more old-growth forests without losing jobs. A true balance between the preservation of jobs and the provision of hope and a future for the timber communities of Tasmania and the environment of Australia. It will cost $250 million to keep the chainsaws out of a million hectares. Clear-felling will stop within five years, with bait poisoning banned on public land by year's end. This is a chance to end the conflict over Tasmania's forests, a conflict that has existed for far too long. Not likely. What a lost opportunity - two parts poison, one part champagne. The money is five times that promised during the election campaign when timber workers hailed Mr Howard as a saviour. Mr Howard will get a taste of how his new policy will play when he attends a workers' convention in Launceston tomorrow. It's likely to be positive. And Kim Beazley is positive in the Budget. his tax cuts trump those outlined in the Budget. Those on $50,000, of course, only get $6 from the government and $12 from us. But Labor will still block Peter Costello's cuts. Labor is going to vote against tax cuts. That is because Labor stands for higher taxes. Tougher water restrictions could be triggered for Sydney as soon as this weekend. Our main supply Warragamba Dam has dropped to a record low and overall water storage is down to 40.2%. Stage three restrictions will be considered at 40% though the government won't say what they will be. A burst water main has caused widespread flooding and brought the south of Perth to a standstill. Several homes and offices were swamped. Drivers in both small and large vehicles tried to make their way through but without success. The flooding cut the main freeway out of the city causing long traffic delays. The main has been turned off and the water is now receding. Parents are being warned about a dangerous winter virus that has come early this year. Bronchiolitis may seem like a common cold in some children, but in newborns it is potentially deadly. Baby Tyrese is struggling for air. He has bronchiolitis, a virus that blocks the small air tubes in his lungs. An hour before we visited, An hour before we visited, he had stopped breathing altogether. I just was scared. I just grabbed him. Apparently I ran out with him upside down, the nurses said. I was just scared. I just grabbed him and ran. Bronchiolitis is the most common cause of admissions to the Sydney Children's Hospital during winter, and unlike bronchitis, it is contagious. We may get 300 or 400 children with bronchiolitis each winter

requiring hospitalisation. Dr Morton has seen 50 cases this month alone, prompting a warning to parents. Fast breathing, coughing, breathing difficulty are the signs. In older children, the virus may seem like the common cold but in babies under six months, it can be deadly. A third of babies who contract bronchiolitis end up with full-blown asthma. Which is why it is important the condition is monitored early. A vaccine is being developed, but it is still a few years away. For more information on bronchiolitis, go to the Seven News web site and follow the links. Keep an eye on the kids and take them straight to the doctor's if they get a cold or if they look like they're sick because it came on with Tyrese really quickly. Ahead in Seven News - Pregnant Bec Cartwright's shock career move. Also, new questions about American TV's obsession with car chases. And a pair of plasticine heroes return to steal the show at Cannes.

With Holden's new 5-year warranty? Yep. $5,000 worth of... Because this is our car. Yours is over there. SKAIFEY: Oh! VOICEOVER: Don't miss out on the special edition Commodore Equipe. it's not hard to r cognise great value. Telstra says it is determined to beat residents in Sydney's inner west over the installation of new mobile phone towers. Transmitters will be forcibly erected on a building and his neighbours. despite opposition from the owner and his neighbours. Like it or not Hurlstone Park is about to get a mobile phone tower. My neighbour is being forced My neighbour is being forced to put a tower on his roof against his wishes. And we think that is completely un-Australian. Telstra wants this - a mobile base station on this building to give passing train commuters a better video phone service. And what Telstra wants, Telstra gets, even when the building's owner says No. Under the Telecommunication's Act it can put phone towers almost anywhere it likes. We were just alarmed in fact, concerned, surprised that there was such a far-reaching power. Residents are appalled and many fear for their health. There isn't any real clear evidence that shows that the radiation from these towers isn't going to have an impact on my tumour. We probably will have to move. But Telstra insists there's nothing to fear. You'll find a base station on the roof of a building would put out less emissions than, say, a TV set, a radio or any sort of household appliance inside. The problem for Telstra is the community doesn't believe it and on Sunday, the residents of Hurlstone Park will join others here in Norton Street, Leichhardt, for a rally. The tower is just one of thousands planned. If you buy a house, you should decide whether someone puts a phone tower on top of your roof or not. Los Angeles police have shot first and asked questions later for the second time this week and again, it was live on television. We won't show you We won't show you the moment of horror but media helicopters followed this pursuit all the way to its deadly conclusion. He's got a gun. He's pulling the weapon. They're shooting him. Police aren't apologising for their actions. Instead, it is LA's television stations under fire for being trigger happy. An unusually unglamorous movie couple has stolen the limelight at the Cannes Film Festival. Animated favourites Wallace and Gromit are about to star in their first full-length feature. Gromit, old pal, I'll need assistance. Ow! I never thought, you know, playing with plasticene could be so glamorous as this. The new film sees the heroic pair pitted against an evil bunny the Were Rabbit. It is set for release in October. Silver Logie winning actress Bec Cartwright has shock news for Home and Away fans. After 6.5 years, Bec has announced she is leaving Summer Bay. Just last week the 21-year-old announced she was expecting a baby with fiance Lleyton Hewitt. Now, Bec says she needs more flexibility at such an important time in her life. Time for sport with Matthew White and plenty of Origin stars on show tonight. Roscoe, selectors will be keeping a close eye on the Dragons-Panthers match. More on that next. Plus, the softer side of the Waratahs' hard man. And Stuart Appleby back to form in the US.

12 State of Origin hopefuls will be on show when the Dragons take on the Panthers to begin round 10 of the NRL tonight. Among them, St George Illawarra centre Matt Cooper, who has overcome a groin injury and has Origin on his mind. We don't want to think about it too much. Could go out there and have a shocker. Bad luck. Tomorrow, Queensland places will be under scrutiny when the Cowboys take on the Broncos, while the Dogs play the Eagles, and the Rabbits meet the Storm. On Sunday the Sharks take on the Raiders with Adam Dykes given the task of trying to contain veteran five-eighth Jason Smith. He is probably my favourite player to watch. Really looking forward to playing against him. He is a ma jigs with the ball. So that's the Raiders versus the Sharks in Canberra. Also on Sunday, the Knights tackle the Tigers and the Warriors are up against the Roosters. It's just over an hour until kick-off in the Waratahs Super 12 match against the Blues at Aussie Stadium. It's the last regular game of the season but with a home final on offer, veteran Nathan Grey could be headed for a perfect farewell. Among his team-mates he's Mr Waratah, a father figure the younger players look up to. Nathan Grey's taken on the father role at home as well. Little Georgia is just seven months old. Go for a swim, yeah? (laughs) I was ready to be a dad and wanted to be a dad so I really enjoy looking after her. But when playtime ends, Nathan's Rugby brain switches on. New South Wales is arguably in its best position ever to win a Super 12 title. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't in the back of my mind. It's the one thing that I haven't been able to achieve. I've been with the Waratahs for eight years now. New South Wales always seem to struggle at this end of the year but it's now or never for Nathan Grey's Super 12 dream. He's leaving the Waratahs next year to play rugby in Japan. It would be nice to go out with a big bang for him. I guess he embodies the spirit of New South Wales. He plays the game that hard and tough, and week in, week out. He's everyone's really good mate. He's a champion bloke. He'll do everything he can to make sure we go as good as we can in this competition. A win and a bonus point over Auckland tonight will mean the Tah's first-ever top spot finish. Love knowing that their last memory of the Waratahs for 2005 was when they were losers. It is nearing half-time in the Crusaders match with the Hurricanes. The Crusaders must win with a bonus point to have a chance of finishing on top of the ladder. Stuart Appleby has the lead after the first round of the Byron Nelson Championship in Texas. Appleby fired a seven-under 63 to lead by one. Fellow Aussies Gavin Coles and Paul Gow are three shots behind. Appleby hasn't had a top-ten finish since winning at the start of the season but he upstaged the star-studded field especially on the greens, with just 22 putts. COMMENTATOR: Eight birdies, one bogey. He has set the early mark. South African Ernie Els is a shot back along with American John Daly. An American has taken control of English soccer's glamour club Manchester United and the fans aren't happy. Several hundred fans protested outside Old Trafford against Michael Glazer. They fear he will raise ticket prices and tear the heart and soul out of the club. Glazer also owns the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Red Devils. and now has a 70% stake in the Red Devils. The supporters here know what it's like to fight off predators and if he thinks that he's going to waltz into Old Trafford without a battle, he's got another thing coming. in a Colombian soccer match Meanwhile, riots in a Colombian soccer match have killed one person and injured 23 others forcing officials to abandon the match. Down to business. Max press nel remains on holidays, my racing tip last week flopped so the responsibility now belongs with this man, Ross kos runner for the week end After much agonizing I have chosen at Randwick tomorrow nom 3, race 9. How did you pick that I was up all night picking that. It also reminds me much a crazy weather man. I saw it in a form guide? liked one of these. Pity. I would've it's 'factory bonuses' Ah, obviously MOBILE PHONE RINGS takeover announcement. ahead of a possible shares was halted Trade in Macquarie Capital Alliance ended the week lower. The share market but first finance. after the break, Nuala has Sydney's weather

There were a few isolated storms the mercury to just 17 degrees. and today the showers kept 36mm all up since yesterday, around Richmond, weather hitting our mid-north coast. with the most of the wet weather on the much-needed rain we largely missed out looked threatening, but even though skies for Friday the 13th were suitably ominous Today's cool and grey conditions Good evening. and heavy showers overnight. Terry Hills was dumped with 21mm. But today it was back to a few showers, 10mm the most in Bankstown. The cloud and wind being churned up by this low hit the mid-north coast much harder with almost 130mm of rain in Coffs Harbour up until 9.00am. Showers will start to ease as the low gradually moves away. But another low near South Australia could trigger the next bout down around 21 degrees, 14 in the mountains, care of those fresh and gusty winds. Same again on Sunday. Cool with cloud about and a shower or two but there won't be too much in it. That could change on Monday and Tuesday when showers are expected to increase again. Let's hope some of those showers fall over our catchments. Roscoe f you like the wintery weather, this weekends is for you. Hope you have a good one. And that's Seven News to now. Don't forget, if you have a story for us to investigate, we would like to hear about it. Go to our web site - and click on the news tips link. I'm Ian Ross. Thanks for your company. Goodnight. Captioned by Seven Network Email - Temperatures will stay cool, and for tomorrow as well. is the forecast for tonight Cloudy with a shower or two of showers early next week.