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# Just where to start? # Then would I know # Into your heart SONG: # If I could see UPBEAT ROCK MUSIC # Tenderness. # can be such a long time # Oh, this all-night longing # Tenderness You can't stop pushing it? # Is your love like a button? always find you unimpressed? # Why should the morning # Tenderness of second best, pet # When you're sick to death # Where is it? # Tenderness # Tenderness, tenderness # Tenderness # Rings, but none on my finger # I held your hands # Where is it? # Tenderness # Where is the tenderness? # Tenderness # Where is the tenderness? searching for a little # It always leaves me # But next night you're not that one night you're here # Make sure # Just half a chance to go much further with it # But I was scared # We danced and danced # Rings, but not on your finger # I held your hands # Where is it? # Tenderness? # Where is the

# Till I'm six feet underground # I'm gonna feel this way GUITAR SOLO # I need you around # Crazy as it sounds # And I need to be found # Because I'm lost # And make you my girl # I'd change your mind # One thing in this world # If I could change # My love is burning me down # Tossing and turning # Turning # I need you around # Crazy as it sounds # Till I'm six feet underground # But I'm gonna feel this way # Just leave you alone # Then I would probably # To be on my own # If I could stand # I need you around # Crazy as it sounds # And I need to be found # 'Cause I'm lost

to farewell Rene Rivkin. And family and friends turn out catches everyone by surprise. Also tonight - a celebrity pregnancy and welcome to Ten's Late News. Hello. I'm Natarsha Belling in Iraq. the fate of an Australian hostage And how one man could determine to John Ford? What would you like to say Martine from Channel Ten. MAN: John Ford's been stabbed. Schapelle Corby heard some dire news. marijuana smuggling suspect The moment going to prove. what the Indonesian arrests were This was a larger syndicate than in Bali. facing heroin smuggling charges dramatic day for nine Australians Tonight - why it's been another This program is captioned live. the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by # I need you around. # # Crazy as it sounds

to tell the truth. as proof John Ford risked his life to use the attack Her lawyers are planning has been stabbed in jail. after learning her star witness is in shock Accused drug smuggler Schapelle Corby Leonie Mellor, Ten News. the four face life behind bars. If found guilty, more arrests are inevitable. Police say as well. we will want to match that heroin up that were executed today, that come out of the search warrants If there are any traces discovered on the Bali Nine. to see if it matches that allegedly on the heroin found on him Tests are being carried out were going to prove to be. than what the Indonesain arrests that this was a larger syndicate Our theory from the beginning was in the syndicate. does appear to be involved shot by Indonesian police last week, the 43-year-old Nepalese man, And Commissioner Keelty says believed to be Burma. on where the heroin came from, they now have strong leads They say on three previous occasions. into Australia the four successfully smuggled heroin Police also will allege They will appear in court tomorrow. and April this year. between August last year into Australia, with conspiring to import heroin The four have been charged that we executed today. through the search warrants into Australia, indicating previous importations We found now similar wrappings, wrapping paper and other material. Police seized travel records, 19 and 24, were arrested. Two men and two women, aged between with the Bali Nine. they believe are linked across Sydney and Brisbane 50 AFP officers swooped on 14 homes but was part of a broader syndicate. in Bali were not a one-off incident, is that the arrests that took place but was part of a broader syndicate. in Bali were not a one-off incident, is that the arrests that took place What we will now be alleging This time, they came on home soil. before more arrests were made. it would just be a matter of time has always said Police Commissioner Mick Keelty across two States. after police raided homes Four more people have been arrested in the case of the Bali Nine. A major development tonight

in the prison world. Schapelle's older sister, Mercedes, tried to protect her from hearing about the attack. It's just callous. The Gold Coast woman was very calm, though, as the prosecution had its final say. They told the court John Ford's evidence was hearsay and reminded the judges she was caught red-handed with 4.1kg of marijuana in her bag. The judges nodded throughout the prosecution's final say, which they didn't do when the defence entered its final submissions. Even her lawyers are starting to talk about taking the case to higher courts, which indicates they are not optimistic she will be acquitted. Fellow Queenslanders who don't know the 27-year-old say they won't give up. Because we're Aussies, and we stick together. The defence says it will tell the judges about John Ford's attack during its reply next week. It's highly unlikely the three men who decide Another day of anguish. MAN: John Ford's been stabbed. Martine from Channel Ten. What would you like to say to John Ford? Schapelle Corby supporters had tried to tell her the Victorian prisoner who testified in her trial had been stabbed in the back before she left jail, but the message didn't get through. For them, the attack was retribution for naming the alleged owner of the drugs put in her boogie board bag and for telling police a drug-smuggling syndicate operates at Australian airports. Finally this is proof that because of what he did for Schapelle, to give a statement of evidence, he got trouble in jail. Lawyers claim he was paraded in front of inmates before giving a statement which made him a dog the former beauty therapist's fate don't already know. The verdict is expected on May 26. In Bali, Martine Griffiths, Ten News. New hope tonight for Australian Douglas Wood, being held hostage in Iraq. The Government believes he's still alive, but admits saving him won't be easy. The release of this video five days ago was the last news Douglas Wood's family received. Now, at last, some hope. We believe... he is still alive. As well, a powerful tribal chief in Iraq, Sheikh Hassan Zaddan, has told an Australian reporter he's met the kidnappers. He claimed that he was in good health, was being looked after, was being fed. While little else is known about Mr Wood's situtation, it's believed those holding him are from a hardline fundamentalist group. An Australian hostage team is in Iraq trying to free the 63-year-old. The Government is saying little about the team's progress but has praised the cooperation from the Iraqi Government. The head of the emergency response team, Nick Warner, has met with the Iraqi PM and the PM has been tremendously supportive. Foreign Affairs officials are in close contact with Mr Wood's family, including his two brothers, who've pleaded on Arab television for his release. A spokesman for the family says they're doing well under the circumstances and has flatly denied reports they're thinking about paying a ransom to the kidnappers, saying that question hasn't even been considered. The kidnapping is proving to be a delicate diplomatic exercise for the Australian Government. The Foreign Minister has again hit international news channels, explaining our presence in Iraq and the refusal to negotiate with the kidnappers. John Howard remains upbeat. We haven't given up hope, by any means, and we won't give up hope and we should be positive. But we should also recognise how very hard it is. Laurel Irving, Ten News. The Federal Government has issued a new travel warning. There are increased fears of a terrorist attack in the Philippines. The Department of Foreign Affairs has issued a warning about travel to tourist areas in that that country, saying Australians need to take extreme caution. Coastal areas are of particular concern. Mourners have turned out to farewell stockbroker Rene Rivkin. Family and friends paid their last respects to the 60-year-old businessman who took his own life. The funeral of former high-flying stockbroker Rene Rivkin who suicided, following a bout of deep depression. About 300 mourners gathered to farewell the man whose last years saw him fall from respected financial guru to convicted criminal and finally prison inmate. Rivkin's ex-wife Gayle who divorced him last month, told mourners she wished he was still around, because he meant so much to her. Among those at the funeral, model agency boss Bessie Bardot, designer Peter Morrissey and Sydney talkback host Alan Jones. Former Labor minister Graham Richardson came to say goodbye, as did former Qantas director Trevor Kennedy. Along with Rivkin, they remain under investigation by the Securities Commission, following the destruction of printing company Offset Alpine, which delivered them millions from an insurance pay-out. Richardson made an early departure to avoid the media. Rene Rivkin's sons spoke of a loving father, whose motto was "live life to the fullest "as long as you don't hurt anybody along the way." They said after losing millions of dollars, their father had also lost the will to live. But in earlier years, they said he was at his happiest playing the stock market or enjoying good food and the company of friends. Recognising the damage bi-polar disorder had done to Rene Rivkin's mental state, the family asked mourners not to send floral tributes, but instead donate funds to a charity that helps others who suffer from depression. John Hill, Ten News. A jail term has been more than doubled for a volunteer fire-fighter who confessed to deliberately starting bushfires. A court today ruled the original sentence of weekend detention was grossly inadequate. When David Mills took police on a tour of his handiwork last year, he was at a loss to explain his actions. The 24-year-old volunteer firefighter picked a day of high winds and extreme heat last summer to light fires one kilometre apart from each other in the Ku-ring-gai National Park. Then he joined his Rural Fire Service mates to help put them out. But by that stage, the fronts had joined, causing an inferno that burnt for four days, destroying 1,500 hectares of bush and leaving a $1 million clean-up bill. When the matter went to court, Mills claimed he'd been depressed after breaking up with his fiancee and losing his gardening business. A judge accepted he was sorry for what he'd done and ordered Mills serve 21 months weekend detention. But prosecutors appealed the term, claiming it was manifestly inadequate and today the Court of Criminal Appeal agreed. Mills wept as his sentence was revised from part-time to full-time imprisonment and the term doubled to five years and two months, but that's still well shy of the maximum 14-year penalty for arson offences. We take this matter very seriously and anyone intending to join the Rural Fire Service with these sort of motivations in mind, should think very seriously. Mills will be eligible for parole in 2008. Amber Muir, Ten News. Still to come - a celebrity pregnancy catches everyone by surprise. Also tonight - who is this Australian and why is he the centre of attention at the Michael Jackson sex trial. And Australia's hot young designers steal the show at Australian Fashion Week - some for unexpected reasons. This program is captioned live. A publicity stunt has gone drastically wrong in Canberra. Over 100 people, many of them children, found themselves trapped in the National Library for several hours, when suspicious envelopes were discovered in the mail room. Turns out they contained sand, sent to over 100 people by a charity to promote a ball. We sincerely regret any inconvenience caused to the institutions, emergency services and the police. The stress was too much for some, counsellors brought in to help calm nerves as the visitors were finally allowed to leave. The Department of Immigration and Questacon were also locked down for the same reason. A history making election win for British PM Tony Blair, sweeping to victory for a third term. But voters have shown they're not entirely happy with Labour. Tony Blair might have secured a historic win, heading back to 10 Downing Street, but this is not the ecstatic face of victory you'd expect. The newly elected British PM putting up a positive front as he claimied his third straight term in office, a Labour first. APPLAUSE But his popularity and party have taken a major hit from voters angry over his handling of the war in Iraq. And we've got to listen to the people and respond wisely and sensibly. But they have made it very clear - they wanted to carry on with Labour and not go back to the Tory years. Our PM was among the first congratulatory callers to his close wartime ally. I have long regarded Mr Blair's courage on the issue of Iraq as displaying strong leadership. But on the day of his 52nd birthday, Tony Blair is not celebrating. His authority dented, and facing a less-than-positive legacy. I'm not quite sure of his place in history. History will determine that. I wouldn't like to predict it. Labour had secured a parliamentary majority, but much reduced, losing a swag of seats. Blair, however, safely holding on to his own despite a challenge from the father of a soldier killed in Iraq. I hope in my heart that one day the PM will be able to say sorry. That one day he will say sorry to the families of the bereaved. The once-renowned Labour Party pin-up boy given more reason to meet his promise of standing down as leader before the next election. Deborah Knight, Ten News. Two Australians have taken the stand at the Michael Jackson paedophile trial. Both admit sharing a bed with the star as young boys, but deny he ever molested them. Wade Robson was five when he won a dance competition in Brisbane, where the first prize was meeting Michael Jackson. He soon became one of the star's special friends. For almost eight years he regularly visited Neverland Ranch, almost always sharing the singer's bed. MAN: Wade! Today - as the first defence witness in the star's paedophile case - he emphatically denied anything inappropriate ever happened. I think many of the jurors looked at Michael Jackson and thought "I wonder." Prosecutors hammered the now 22-year-old, showing him some of the 10,000 pornographic magazines and books seized from Neverland Ranch, repeatedly asking him if he thought it was normal for a man to share his bed with little boys. He said if it was Michael Jackson it was fine. Another Australian also came to the star's defence. Brett Barnes, now 23, of Melbourne, says he shared Jackson's bed countless times from the age of 9 to 19 after meeting him through a fan letter. When lawyers suggested he'd been a victim of sexual abuse he lashed out, saying it was ridiculous, and accused the prosecution of dragging his name through the dirt. The prosecution went on to show Brett Barnes photographs from his time travelling around with the star. At least one of them showed him as a child and Jackson wearing nothing more than underpants. Even though they were defence witnesses, in some ways I think they helped the prosecution. Whatever the score after the first day of the defence witnesses, Jackson left the court smiling. Former child star Macaulay Culkin is expected to be on the stand tomorrow. In Santa Maria, California, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. When we come back, a celebrity pregnancy catches everyone by surprise. Also tonight - Australia's hot young designers steal the show at Australian Fashion Week - some for unexpected reasons. "Win For Life, come on. Come on..." Yes! Yes, yes, yes... The brand-new $4 Win For Life Scratchie could win you 50 grand a year for 20 years! That'll put a spring in your step. SONG: # Scratch me happy. # This program is captioned live. A pet owner faces a $20,000 fine for using electric shock collars on his dogs. They're banned where he lives, but not across the border in Queensland, where he bought them. Animal lover Gavin Price admits his dogs can get a little rowdy. So when a Tweed Heads council ranger suggested he buy special collars to stop them barking by administering an electric shock, he followed orders. It wasn't until an RSPCA officer knocked on Mr Price's door that he realised he'd been breaking the law. I couldn't really say much. I said, "I can't believe you're doing this." The officer issued him with a notice to appear in court for using the shock collars which are prohibited in NSW but not in Queensland, where he bought them from. But the pensioner says it's not hard to misunderstand the law because the collars are advertised in NSW papers. I feel like I'm being used as an example. The NSW RSPCA says they're banned for good reason. The collars, in delivering an electric shock to an animal, is painful. It's also stressful to the animals. K9-collars sell about 100 a week and claim the product is harmless. It gets a little static correction like when you touch a car or TV. It's one sixth of that. While the collars aren't banned in Queensland the RSPCA can prosecute if there are visible signs of trauma around the animals' neck. young designers thrown in together, 10 of Australia's hottest It's called the New Generation Show - to take to the runway. for our hottest young designers and today it was time to a close Australian fashion week is coming Chloe Baker, Ten News. which each carry a $6,000 fine. on three charges in a fortnight Mr Price will face court should ban them altogether. and the State Government that's not good enough But the organisation says

for the last couple of weeks. celebrate in terms of the markets There hasn't been that much to for the stock market on Monday? time being. Things are looking up interest rates are on hold for the and the markets alike, which means which is great news for borrowers raise rates by 0.25% in March, inflation had eased since the bank risks contributing to rising the Reserve Bank said that the economic cycle. More importantly, have to go up again in this current surprised if interest rates didn't today did restate that it would be today? Natarsha, the Reserve Bank Tom, great news for home-buyers Tom Piotrowski. At Commonwealth Securities, Dan Nolan, Ten News. We worked our arses off. Yeah, it's all worth it in the end. it gets a bit tough sometimes. I just don't give up because some advice for the up and comers. Today, they had their own show, and were in it last year. Millich and Morton to springboard to starmdom. the New Generation Show Many big names have used to get the female hearts racing. wheeled out Geoff Huegill while the ARX label in the Gail Sorronda collection, Perhaps a little too much exposure and to international buyers. We get great exposure to the media it kind of puts us on the map. It's really important because break into the US market. They hope today's show will help them from the Flamingo Sands label. A mix of feathers and flesh the next Tsubi or Sass & Bide. all striving to become 24-year-old Amber Renae is the designer behind ARX. She turned to fashion after getting bored with her job as a civil engineer. Did work there for about a year and just didn't really think it was my thing. So followed my dream, as you say, and yeah, now I'm a fashion designer. Finally some good news - the US jobs report for April was released and economics' expectations on this number were blown out of the water.

Jobs growth for April in the US was much stronger than what the market expected. At the very least, this will be an important result as far as rebuilding the confidence of local investers and also putextentially make sellers think And we can re-build them - the V8s back in one piece for Barbagello. at the AFL between teams on the rise. Another hard-fought Friday night until the other side woke up. It was a game that looked one-sided, City-Country collision. in Rugby League's for higher honours and tradition Tonight it was players competing Thanks Natarsha. it's Sports Tonight with Bill Woods. The weather's next and then with the baby expected in October. Bec is three months pregnant, they started dating. only six weeks after in late January, The celebrity couple became engaged families are delighted with the news. saying the couple's respective tonight confirming the pregnancy, with Bec and Lleyton's publicists but the speculation leaked out today, with a magazine next week, through a tell-all interview to make the announcement The celebrity couple did plan are expecting a baby. Lleyton Hewitt and Bec Cartwright, Australia's couple of the moment, Confirmation tonight, next week. Thank you. twice before pulling the trigger

This program is captioned live. To the national weather. The synoptic chart shows a ridge of high pressure will clear patchy rain from the south east corner. The high will bring warmer winds to WA. A 34-year-old single mum the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext Captions by From the Late News team, goodnight. I'm Natarsha Belling. for Sports Tonight with Bill Woods. Stay with us now And that's the latest from Ten News. including a new car. Melissa takes home a swag of prizes, of healthy, happy, confident adults. the next generation and that is raising the same goals, We all are working towards saying they had a common bond. the other nominees, The Queenslander praising or drug addictions. with learning difficulties for a number of foster children after caring Melissa Davies won the award Australia's Mother of the Year. has been named

Brad Green's first tonight so far and he's kicked one. Holland has been great to stem the flow. Ben Holland producing a blinder That's grounded. from the umpire. Ben Hudson had some help He's kicked it, his first. Ian Perry did it on his own. but then it was all Adelaide. after the break, Nathan Brown stretched the margin He likes it. at quarter-time. the Dees had a 4-point buffer but when Neitz kicked his first, the Melbourne defence, Nathan Bassett hounded Up he goes - Russell mania! COMMENTATOR: a minute later. Robbo adding to his highlight reel half-way through the opening term. of the game then kicked the first goal until Russell Robertson marked, The fiery start failing to escalate and Scott Welsh saw was red. but all Brad Miller for breast cancer, The MCG may have been a sea of pink Where we bring you the big news. This is Sports Tonight. Hello. I'm Bill Woods. And the strain of a 12-year streak. The hicks versus the slicks. the teams that would be king. Tonight - This program is captioned live. The BAR ban. The WPS re-build. And the ABC of experience. AFL - and Melbourne is back in the winners' circle after a hard-fought win over Adelaide at the MCG. But footy was not the only focus on a night when the league promoted breast cancer awareness. gave Melbourne back the lead and, from there, the game became an arm-wrestle as both sides stepped up the pressure. Brock McLean giving the game a touch of class. Never takes his eyes off it. When Rhet Biglands kicked the Crows' first for the second-half, Neale Daniher was fuming. not to take risks - we played some safe footy, and that's what you get when you play safe. We're not a very good club yet, so there's gonna be some pain along the way. A lot of pain. State of Origin trial or not, there was plenty of feeling in tonight's City Country match. A heap of blood, a whole lot of sweat and at least two teeth have been spilt in a ferocious match at Lismore. but I thought just our capacity on skipper David Neitz, Demons face a nervous wait finishes with a flourish - Started so slowly, a hard-fought win. Davies' second sealing but it was all Melbourne. a glimmer of hope, Perrie gave Crows' fans the Dees looked unstoppable. and when Adem Yze nailed a set shot, at the start of the final term the momentum Aaron Davies' toe poke gave Melbourne Melbourne are in front. Hold the record book, that gave the Dees a narrow lead. to Simon Godfrey by an unlikely after-the-siren goal His temper kept in check We matched it for most of the game, or we can open it up and win. to know we can scrap or win, and it's good for our players that sort of contest Very happy to win with hamstring tightness. who left the ground at half-time after just 18 minutes. City ahead 14-0 when Eric Grothe Jr scored. Things were getting ridiculous when City had its second. And they'd hardly settled in had taken their seats. before much of the crowd Penrith's Luke Lewis over which started stronger in Lismore. but it was the City side Country might have started favourites

was sin-binned, it was a telling blow for the City side. They hung tough for 10 minutes - Anthony Watmough over for what would be the match-winner. Roberts crossed again for Country, but City had all the answers. looking for Tupou's teeth Country spent half-time to make the lead 22-0 at the break. a brilliant try Steve Menzies finishing off on half-time - City rubbed salt into the wounds As if that wasn't bad enough, in this tackle. the Rooster losing both front teeth got a whole lot worse soon after - But Anthony Tupou's rep debut Trent Barrett's pass ruled forward. Country had their best chance - They added a penalty goal before Brent Sherwin's field goal wrapping up a 29-22 win. The injury round-up - Rene Matua is out of the Bulldogs clash against Brisbane with an ankle injury, Preston Campbell doubtful for the Panthers with concussion. On the positive side, City coach Graham Murray thinks Manly forward Anthony Watmough is ready for the next step. I was really happy that he got the try. He's been a trumendous bloke in the camp. He's been a real character. He's got a trumending future, that bloke. Yeah, Choc, Anthony Watmough, mate, he gives his all. I thought Boomer was tremendous tonight as well. Ryan Cross, everyone played their part. but, a few minutes in, Amos Roberts found what he was looking for. Playing out of position at halfback, St George Illawarra's Trent Barrett crossed for Country in the very next set. Five minutes later, the number seven from Temora put Origin selectors on notice - Country right back in it, down 22-18 as Barrett blitzed them. It was Barrett who set up Country's next raid, but Ryan Cross ran down Preston Campbell and, even though Cross

They were three guys that really, I thought when I was out there, played really well. Our first half was a bit of a write-off, to be quite honest. Obviously really proud of the way the guys came back in the second half. The Waratahs have defeated the Reds for the first time in Super 12 history to stake their claim as serious title contenders. The pre-match banter put to rest as Ewen Mckenzie and his men let the score board do the talking. It was smoky reception for the Reds and a horror start, the kick off sent out on the full. Then a string of penalties allowing the home side to draw first blood. COMMENTATOR: Not a bad kick. the crowd like it, the touch judge likes it. Workhorse Phil Waugh instilling the passion with a monster hit on John Roe. Oh, what a great hit. And Phil Waugh, an enormous man. The Reds' captain left nursing his ribs as the Waratahs continued to build momentum. Mat Rogers dancing around the Queensland defenders, but the tryline was proving harder to crack. The Reds' chances falling away with Chris Latham. A Rocky Elsom shoulder sending the fullback from the field. Generous applause for Chris Latham. The traditional spice still present, but it was the Waratahs six points clear at the break. Peter Hewat extending the lead with two mere shots at goal, then crossing the line with a touch of genius. The intercept king with another staggering steal, this time from the hands of Junior Pelesasa. With their record on the line, the Reds fought on, then found themselves in space. Lloyd Johansen linking up with Ben Tune for a classic length-of the-field fight-back. But the Waratahs were chasing their own slice of history, Gareth Hardy putting it beyond doubt, the 9-year hoodoo snapped in style. The Waratahs now assured of a home semi final. I had nothing to prove to the Queensland guys. There was a lot of talk during the week that they were going to single me out. I was happy the way things worked out. Just had something to prove to myself and something to prove to my team-mates. We've got to correct this this history thing so you guys can go away and write this this history thing so you guys can go away and write something different next year. You'll have to be more creative. Our guys really tried to stick it to them and they resisted and won the game. I don't know if it was mental toughness or whatever but they committed to their game plan and executed it very well. And another rugby milestone was achieved tonight, this time at Eden Park. The Hurricanes defeated the Blues for the first time in Super 12. Flanker Ben Herring was the unlikely hero, breaking a 3-3 deadlock just minutes into the second-half. COMMENTATOR: It sits up for Herring, Ben Herring. With captain Tana Umaga celebrating his 100th game for the 'Canes, the men in yellow then turned it on. Winger Lome Fa'atau sparked a magic 80m raid down the sideline. The Hurricanes securing their place in the play-offs when Fa'atau stretched out over the white line. We'll be back with some revved up cars and some revved up people. It took all the king's horses and all the king's men to put Baird's car back together again. BAR Honda aiming to beat their ban. And the Saints in for a struggle.