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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Hello again. I'm Ray Martin. Welcome to A Current Affair. and humiliation of a 16-year-old, It was unbelievable intimidation inflicted by his boss. the boss who tried to break him. Now this young apprentice confronts Burnt with a lighter... this young bloke? You didn't victimise No, I didn't, actually. ending a lifetime of snoring. Also tonight - ev n better news f r their partners. A br akt rough for sufferers, even better news for their partners. A br akthrough for sufferers,

ad s $40,000 o th valu of a ouse. Plus the half-a,day makeover hat adds $40,000 to the value of a house. Plus the half-a-day makeover that

the breach of trust First up on the program, Karen Ellis in jail. that has landed 37-year-old teacher with a 15-year-old student. She had sex Today, an appeals court agreed wasn't punishment enough. that a suspended sentence six months behind bars. So Karen Ellis will now spend

So tell me how are you feeling? Mrs Ellis. Ben didn't want y u to go to jail, He didn't want you to go to jail,

very thankful for his feelings? you must be thankful, you must be escaped the hardest lesson of all - Six months ago, teacher Karen Ellis with a 15-year-old student. a jail term for having sex a bit alright and so did I. Everyone at school thought she was the Victorian Court of Appeal But today, overturned her suspended sentence. six months in jail. The mother of three will now serve it a very appropriate sentence, I was very pleased, I think because I think it sends a strong message in the teaching community. to those people

Dr Michael Carr-Gregg adolescent psychologists. is one of Australia's leading

and he's very angry. We've spoken to the young man today on this teacher, This boy had a crush

have a relationship with her, he no longer has the opportunity to I imagine it's a loss. He would be angry. doesn't consider himself a victim. It doesn't matter that the boy The victim is us. We, the parents, are the victims in the education system. because we now have less trust Australian Family Association, says Damian Tudorhope, from the the first time. Karen Ellis should have gone to jail, through this sentence The community is saying if teachers do this sort of stuff a community expectation then there would be at the end of the day. that there would be a jail sentence She knew it was wrong from day one the advances. and she should have stopped what they're doing. At 15 they really don't know He really needs care and guidance. it's actually doing to him. Makes you wonder how much harm offender, how did that affect you? The fact you're a serious sex from the judge, weren't they? They were very strong comments No comment. sparked outrage. This walk to freedom in November A male teacher, Gavin Hopper, had been jai e o 3.5 years had been jailed for 3.5 years

with a 14-year-old female student. after having sex

and 'cause she's blonde Because she's female and 'cause she's pretty, good luck to him and it's wrong. people go six of the best, as what Hopper did. What she did is as bad Derryn Hinch, from 3AW, says with the jail term. justice has been better served

The suspended sentence was wrong and she deserves to be in jail. and she's now in jail I'm a teacher, I'm married. She said you're only 15, It's wrong. Do you forgive your wife, Sir? No comment. under age is a paedophile. I think that having sex with someone any difference, male or female. I don't think it makes So she's a paedophile? I'm afraid so. is that she won't be seen that way The only issue of course because of her gender by the community and I think that's unfortunate.


Very sexest, yeah. As far

as I'm concerned, 15 and 16,

there's not a lot of difference. I

don't see a lot of difference there's not a lot of difference. I

between a 15-year-old and a

17-year-old. If you think that's between a 15-year-old and a

harsh, what if this 37-year-old

teacher was male and the

15-year-old student was female, and

she was your daughter, would you

have sympathy then? from Melbourne. Martin King with today's big story there's usually a mix of emotions - When you start your first job,

sometimes a bit scared, you're a bit excited,

in the real world. wondering what it's going to be like For this young man,

were a horror story of harassment, his first weeks as an apprentice physical pain and humiliation - have been taking care of him. all from the man who should when you had to go to work? How did it feel I hated going to work. was the cigarette in my eye. The final straw thought it was funny. He was laughing, At 16, Jake Gabr elz k At 16, JaC Gab ielz k

mentally and physically - was left scarred emotionally,

with a Sydney company. all in his first year as apprentice Electric Company and that was good, I did work experience with Banabelle and they said it was all good money I had fun there and that's what I wanted to do. to learn the electrical trade, But after leaving school in Year 10 he copped from his supervisor, nothing prepared him for the abuse Richard Hundt. and flicked cigarettes at me. Burned me with cigarette lighters carry all the gear up the stairs, Hit me with pliers, made me

with all his tools in it like two ladders and carryalls up the stairs, and while I was walking

or something like that. he would punch me in the back when I was sitting down having lunch Kick me in the shins with his steel caps on. for this brutal treatment? And what reason was he given with people better." "Teach you how to communicate It was character building. @ with building, it's all good for you." He goes, "It's all character was any example. Not that Richard Hundt or a wimp or a girl. He used to always call me a pussy How did it begin? It began with his keys -

he started stabbing me with his keys

for some reason. He had a problem with me, crimes was to take his lunch to work. Incredibly, one of Jake's apparent

Do you think you did anything to actually encourage him to behave the way he did towards you? Yeah, bringing my lunch to work. That's one thing I regret - bringing my lunch,

I should have just bought it. He had a problem with my sandwiches. He wanted them. Fresh out of school, Jake thought this was an apprentice's lot. Yeah, I thought it was normal apprentice stuff, first apprenticeship and stuff like that,

so I thought it was like normal. But others realised it was anything but normal. Oh, I went to tech and I had a huge third-degree burn on my neck. I went to tech and everyone was, like, "No, that's not right. You shouldn't be copping that abuse." It even became sexual. He grabbed my balls once and - or actually three times. How did that make you feel? I mean, you were a 16-year-old kid.

Oh, degrading. Kind of made me feel that little and that.

Which I was little at that time, but they still shouldn't have done that to me. Then there was the time he was hogtied. They ended up coming over and grabbing cable ties and hogtying me on the ground. People were walking past and laughing at me and stuff like that. It wasn't very good. But the abuse just kept coming. In fact, it got worse. He flicked a ciggy straight in to the corner of my eye

and I just lost it then. My mum has one eye and I know how valuable eyes are,

so I left after that. Jake took his concerns to a local solicitor, who lodged a complaint with the Equal Opportunity Tribunal.

On Monday, he finally got justice,

the tribunal awarding him just over $15,000 in damages. I should have stood up for myself back then. Now 18, Jake's decided it's the time to stand up to the man who made his life hell. Excuse me, Richard. Richard, do you know this young fella? Yeah. Do you think you owe him an apology? No. Did you victimise this young bloke? No, I didn't, actually. Tell me why you assaulted me, why you abused me, why you touched my balls, mate?

The specific events here were quite nasty indeed. Bernie Kerr is the solicitor who helped Jake win his case.

No young people should ever have suffered that sort of bastardisation, the difference now is that if they are subjected to that

they can take action against the people who inflict that upon them. It was you touching me. You touching me, mate. You touching me! Jake Gabrielzik can't face returning to the electrical trade. Instead, he's taken up plumbing. But the nightmares he suffered in his 16th year are never far away.

One was the worst, that was one about him pouring petrol, Richard Hundt pouring petrol on me and setting me alight on fire. Then I wake up after that, so I don't know if I died or not. Look at yourself.

You'll cop it, mate. Go on. Look at yourself. You'll cop it. I'll cop it, mate? He just doesn't know when to stop, does he? He just doesn't get it. You can let us know about any other cases of workplace bullying, particularly where young people are copping a raw deal.

OK, here's a twist. A local council trying to stop retailers opening up on its shopping strip. Not all stores, though - just those so-called '$2 shops' which it claims lower the tone of the neighbourhood. How much did you pay for your chocolate licorices? $2. That is a bargain. I think they are good, you get good bargains and you can buy lots of things. I think they are great. I love going in. Ladies and gentlemen, if you're a lover of Clint and his Crazy Bargains

or perhaps Ronny and his Chinese umbrellas or maybe it's the melodious or odious sound of a street spruiker... Shed a tear with me, for word at the local $2 counter is - the end is nigh. Well, I don't like them. And Steve Chayter isn't a disgruntled customer.

He's a local councillor with the power to rid the neighbourhood of what he doesn't like. What we are doing is limiting the amount of $2 shops that can come into Campelltown. Steve says the town already has enough $2 licorice, dirt-cheap scouring pads and plastic flowers, so council have banned any more discount outlets

from opening in Queen Street. It's outrageous. This is a free country. A super sweeper - $2.95...

Meet Harry Gee, spruiker extraordinaire and defender of retailer razzamataz. I don't see anything wrong with it. They're trying to say they make the place untidy. Well, I tell you what - have a look at our shop, it's absolutely brilliant. Well, he is a spruiker. Like Tom McDonald, a class act - there's nothing he can't sell. Oh, c'mon, guys. This is unreal! Look at that. Do you use anti-dandruff shampoo?

Me? No, I don't use any shampoo. Tom reckons if Campbeltown Council give bargain shops the brush, they are merely being snobs. Now tell me, are you getting a little bit snobby? Not at all, not at all. I shop at them myself. We all love a bargain, but you can have too many of them. They'll lose the business down the main street if they get rid of all the $2 shops. This is Campbelltown -

nobody can afford to shop at David Jones down here.

Cherie Bulmer is manager of one of the five bargain shops on this street. She says the council is out of touch with what shoppers really want. So you reckon there's a future for these shops? Definitely, down here. Then why is yours closing down? Existing stores won't be forced out. It's just that new ones won't be allowed in. And even some bargain shoppers reckon council might have a point.

How'd you go, ma'am? Good. What's your reaction to the news that they're going to stop more $2 shops in Campelltown? There's enough here already! Too bloody many around.

If you're going from top of Queen to the bottom, you've got more than 100 bargain shops. What's this? A rat in the ranks? But then again, this gent distinguishes himself from the bargain shops. His fine offerings are pure quality, mate. Not like the bloke next door. I reckon it's rubbish, absolute rubbish.

A matter of personal taste perhaps. Meanwhile, spruikers like Tom feel they may be on borrowed time. But Harry Gee is convinced the red-hot special will always have a place in Campbelltown. We'll still be here in another 40 years, mate. We're never going to give it away. James Thomas trying his hand with the spruikers of Campbelltown. Stand by now for a record renovation attempt. Just half a day to add $40,000 to the value of a home. BIRDS CHIRP, RADIO PLAYS SOFTLY LIVELY CARNIVAL MUSIC MUSIC STOPS Phew! VOICEOVER: New Sorbent Clean and Fresh. Moist personal toilet wipes. DING! SPLASH! LIVELY CARNIVAL MUSIC If you've seen our previous stories involving the Reno Kings, you'll know they don't muck around when it comes to doing up a house and hopefully adding to its value. But this time it seemed they'd taken on mission impossible. In just 12 hours, they boast they can do a make-over that will bump up the value of a home by - wait for it - $40,000. I can't believe you got us into this, Paul. Do you guys really think you can pull this off? MUSIC You think it's bad outside - wait till you see inside! If ever there was a renovator's dream, this is it. We bought this place for $335,000, we're going to spend about $20,000 doing it up. We think we're going to make about $43,000 and we're going to do it in 12 hours. Yes, that's the challenge - more than $40,000 profit in just 12 hours. Everything has to be done - that's the scary bit for me. There's at least four weeks work here. Reno Kings Paul Eslick and Geoff Doidge claim that in half a day, they can make what the average Australian earns in a year. And they plan to do it by transforming this neglected house in inner-city Brisbane. Guys, this place is awful.

Well, it is now but when we gap-fill all this, it's going to look fantastic. Now, one room would normally take a day. I'm going to do this whole house in one hour. Well, they've talked the talk, can they walk the walk? 20 tradespeople, 12 hours, to make more than $40,000. It's 7am, the countdown has started, let the renovations begin. WHIMSICAL-SOUNDING MUSIC

It's only been an hour and I'm tired already, mate. I could just stand here and rest all day now. Keep going! Come on! Move it, move it! You wouldn't normally see this many tradesmen turn up for a job, let alone be here at the same time, but the Reno Kings have saved money and guaranteed work power by also employing a swag of first-year apprentices from a training school. I'm cleaning up.

We're going to clean up $40,000 today. It wasn't long, though, before cracks started to appear - and they weren't in the house. Now we've got no power, so I don't know what's happened. The other problem is who worked out how much deco we need? Because we're short. Don't look at me! I'm sure it was you. No, I'm bloody sure it was you. Is it working? It's not working. Every feature of the tired old 3-bedder had to be either replaced, repainted or rejuvenated. To do that in just 12 hours meant sticking to an extremely strict schedule and it was too strict. Now, they said the gap-filling in one hour - I don't think so. So what's the problem? The problem is we've dug it out too deep in the driveway with the excavator. Are you going to get it done? Well, quite frankly, I don't know at this stage. Tempers started to flare. What are you doing, Geoffrey? You're just looking.

I'm thinking. Start doing something when you think then. VAN'S HORN BLARES DRAMATIC MUSIC A beautiful bite to eat temporarily eased the tension but it also slowed down production. Get a load of this - look who isn't working now! Reno Kings, front and centre, back to work! Where did she get the megaphone from? Yeah! Now, a 12-hour reno might be the way to make money, but it's not the way to win friends. This is the vinyl layer, the carpet boys - they're here, and this is the kitchen team. They're all waiting and they're not happy. He's behind schedule.

I'm not behind schedule. You are behind. They haven't installed the kitchen yet. Haven't they? No, nothing's ready. It'll probably be two or three hours. Not good enough, is it? No, not really. The carpet layers arrived here because they there was a miscalculation with the timing, on their behalf of course, nothing to do with me. As if the schedule wasn't tight enough, here comes the rain. This is another delay they can't afford.

How are we going to finish now? I'm feeling at this stage, it's just getting a little bit beyond us to be quite honest with you. Frustrated vinyl layers then walked off the job without finishing, and more rain wiped out at least the last hour. OK, now time is up. Tool's down, boys. SIREN WAILS Oh, sorry about that. Just another 10 minutes! Tools down, it's over. 7pm. Oh, gee, we got so close. Just another hour and we were there, you know.

Inside, the tiles in the kitchen weren't laid, the front verandah wasn't painted, and the bathroom, well, it wasn't even touched. Outside, the Reno Kings ran out of filling for the front pathway and the fence wasn't finished or painted. All that said, though, take a look at the transformation. OK, let's do the sums. The house cost $335,000. The 12-hour transformation - $20,000. So to make the $40,000 profit the Reno Kings are chasing, this house now needs to be worth $395,000. And it was up to real estate agents Wendy Bell and John Calleja to mark the Reno Kings' scorecard.

I think it would sell for $400,000 now. Yeah, somewhere between $380,000 and $390,000. Take the average, and the Reno Kings just scraped home. The average renovator should look at their own home and think what they can do and look what we've done in 12 hours, so I think it's been a success. Amanda Paterson there. And you can chat with the Reno Kings at our website from 7:00 eastern standard time. Just go to: Alright, if you snore, or your partner does, don't miss this next story. (Snores) It's just one of those products that works straight out of the box. I think it's a lifesaver for wives just having a good night's sleep. Welcome back. Have a listen to this bloke. Who could put up with that every night? Well, thanks a to a new treatment, his partner doesn't have to anymore. What does he sound like? Like a Mack truck driving down the street. Yeah, really loud. LOUD SNORING A big grunting, a big grunting sound. Especially when he's lying on his back and it's really loud and really long. LOUD SNORING For years now, the marital bliss of number 10 Flinders Street has been shattered by the grunts and snorts of a man for whom snoring is a badge of honour. Are you embarrassed about it? Nah, it doesn't bother me. Everybody snores in their own little way. LOUD SNORING As long as I get a good night's sleep, that's all that matters. LOUD SNORING I get into bed and I think, "Aw, I'm tired. "I want to ha e "I want to have a good night's sleep." And he is... (Imitates snoring) It's an age-old story,

helped along by fatigue, middle-age spread and a few too many beers. A quarter of Australian men over the age of 40

and 1 in 10 women snore every night, all night, and for those lying next to them, the peaceful business of sleeping becomes a fond, but distant memory. LOUD SNORING Martin, how bad is your snoring? Well, I've been rated with a black belt. They've tested it here. Just below 90 decibels. Whatever that is - I think that's worse than a lawnmower.

Martin de Haas has been snoring since he was 12 years old. He's now 53 and it's been years since he woke feeling refreshed, but his snoring has developed b t his snoring has developed into a far more serious health issue. When does snoring become a problem? When you stop breathing, so when you develop sleep apnea,

so we don't think that simple snoring per se is a risk factor for any major ongoing events, but we certainly know now that sleep apnea can increase your risk of heart attack and stroke

and high blood pressure. INCREDIBLY LOUD SNORING Dr Jack Philpott is a sleep specialist. He's road-tested just about every gadget on the market said to cure snoring, from neck braces to tennis balls tied to your back

to the newest device, a mouthguard called Snorban. And it's this moulded piece of plastic

that Gary says has fixed his snoring for good. Basically, your top teeth go into this area here, OK, go into this and then your bottom teeth in hot water, and once you've moulded it so it actually moulds to your mouth you actually press it around and then it's just a permanent fit. that worked straight out of the box, It was just one of those products even the first night, you from breathing 'cause what it's doing is stopping through your mouth, so you breathe through your nose through your nose. and so you tend not to snore but silence, In the hope of hearing nothing in Gary and Tanya's bedroom. we rigged up an infrared camera the mouthguard. He went to bed without LOUD SNORING

had had enough, in it went. And at 2am, when Tanya CRICKETS CHIRP I just didn't get woken up anymore. I think it's been really successful because it's an alternative to surgery. Kaye Murray has the Australian licence to sell Snorban over the Internet, it costs $187 - far cheaper than what a dentist would charge for a specially fitted mouthguard.

Does it work for everyone? No is the answer to that. But, as I say, we have a really high success rate. They're not without problems - they can move your teeth, your bite is not quite right so when you wake up in the morning and you can't chew properly they can lead to pain. and, very rarely, this device might work for some, Our sleep specialist agrees sleep apnea, but for those with undiagnosed only work in one in four patients. Dr Philpott says a mouthguard will devices over the Internet You do not want to buy one of these or out of the newspaper that you're snoring. because your partner has told you by a doctor. You want your snoring seen who say Snorban has been a godsend. But it's wives like Tanya for wives Now I think it's a lifesaver just having a good night's sleep. CRICKETS CHIRP in the other room. It was either that or sleep I guess married people don't sleep in separate beds, do they? Ros Thomas in Perth. Now, for everybody, and we know you're out there, desperate for a snoring guard - just contact us and good luck. Back in a moment.



They reckon it's an epidemic - those mobile phone ring tones. teenagers hooked on dialling up rort - cashing in on our kids. But what we'll reveal is a massive Ding, bing, ding, ning, dong! Ring tones are a bit of an epidemic. Ding, bing, ding, ning, dong! are ripping kids off. These companies I don't think they should be able to sign up to a contract to get minors their parent's permission. without having She was being ripped off. They are ripping off kids. one of our stories tomorrow. Ring tones running up big bills - See you tomorrow. Thanks for your company tonight. Goodnight. by the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions