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(generated from captions) what I got. FILE FOOTAGE: I deserved exactly to having sex with a minor, The 37-year-old had pleaded guilty but, look, she's devastated. We'll look at the rights of appeal it's been a pretty long road. and as you could expect, at the moment, She's taking it pretty hard which polarised public opinion. with a 15-year-old student as the result of a 6-week affair Karen Ellis is in jail tonight serious harm. she may have done the boy was not a sexual predator, said that although Karen Ellis Three judges in a Melbourne court was overturned on appeal. after an earlier suspended sentence has been jailed for six months with a 15-year-old male student A female teacher who had sex which fell out of the sky. almost hit by a Navy target drone Also tonight - a group of fishermen Good evening. to the battlefields of France. Australian war veterans return desperately waits for news. The family of the Australian hostage who had sex with a student. Jail for the female teacher This program is captioned live.

by officers working under cover. and intelligence gathered raised by community groups, The raids were based on concerns in heroin, cocaine and cannabis. DARREN BENNETT: They're dealing to the neighbourhood. are causing a disturbance arguing that these people to the Residential Tribunal We'll be presenting evidence of court hearings. he was pre-empting the outcome This Minister later denied morning's police investigation. of each tenant arrested in this is seeking the immediate eviction The State Government even without a conviction. be tossed onto the street, demanded those arrested Controversially, the Housing Minister there's no doubt about that. on the streets of Redfern - who are selling heroin to people a significant number of people We've certainly dismantled just after dawn. and a nearby townhouse four public housing apartments as police raided arrested She was 1 of 14 alleged dealers They got me for f--k all! They're arresting me! with the news of her fate. did her best to wake everyone a suspected drug dealer public housing estate were sleeping, in this high-rise As most of the residents a major operation. Police claim they've smashed apartments in Redfern. during drug raids at public housing arrested this morning has promised to evict 14 people the Housing Minister of innocent until proven guilty, Apparently abandoning the principle Nick Coe, National Nine News. never to work with children again. as a serious sex offender, She's now registered Ellis's career is in tatters. Despite the support of her own family of former teacher Gavin Hopper, The case drew comparisons with that not sufficiently condemn her conduct. and that the court could be seen to are treated differently that men and women in similar cases otherwise there could be a perception at least part of her sentence in jail it was critical that Mrs Ellis spend? said Presiding Justice, Frank Callaway, so many people. and think about how she's affected for a while Hopefully she'll sit in there with her son. it's ruined the family relationship who first suspected the affair, says The victim's mother, sentenced to six months behind bars. reducing Ellis to tears as she was Three Appeal Court judges agreed, victim's willing participation. despite her guilty plea and her against the leniency of the sentence, appealed But the Office of Public Prosecutions

Nigel Blunden, National Nine News. to Canberra to whinge. before he starts pointing his own house Bob Carr ought to clean up He's attempting another GST con. and cut business taxes. to join the other States demand if he bows to the Federal Treasurer's services will suffer He's now warning signing up to the deal six years ago. That didn't stop the Premier and per capita we get less back. than any other State Per capita we pay more GST fair share of the GST. we're being dudded out of our that shows 9 in 10 believe of the State's businesses it's seized on a new survey over hospital waiting lists, is enduring political pain And while the Government the long-term problems. as opposed to tackling to do something It's about being seen This is more politics from Bob Carr. it's all a quick political fix. The Opposition says and cut waiting times. to target short-stay operations today promising dedicated wards to be much shorter, the Government wants those queues until the election, While it's almost two years to drive those lists down. and we'll keep working hard in the latest figures, encouraging improvement There has been good progress, over the summer months. particularly a fall of 2,000 people any success, the Government is at pains to trumpet waiting for elective surgery, With more than 66,000 people to speed up day surgery. for a further 100 beds $25 million has been set aside to cut hospital waiting lists. is making another attempt The State Government against normal protocol. and a private cell Adler was given a television set on his first night behind bars A prison officer says special treatment in jail. that Rodney Adler has been given has rejected claims The Corrective Services Department Adam Walters, National Nine News. every day of the year. is a 24-hour struggle, the drug trade here is that their battle to overcome for Redfern police but the tragic reality might have lasted three months, This particular operation since February this year. and it's been going using a range of tactics covert operation, It's been an ongoing

In homes and public places across the country, Iraqis watched Douglas Wood's brothers Malcolm and Vernon beg for his safe return. (Speaks Arabic) This man says, "I don't think Australia will change its opinion "and withdraw from Iraq just for the sake of a hostage". Malcolm Wood described his brother as a man of integrity, a warm and generous person loved by many. We, Douglas's family, ask his captors to return him to us unharmed. So far, though, no response from the insurgents holding Mr Wood. Foreign Minister Alexander Downer, in Washington for talks with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, pledged everything that can be done is being done. The family really cares about him and they miss him and they want him back. We've far from given up hope. And the Prime Minister hasn't ruled out recording a video message of his own to be screened in the Middle East. I'll give very careful thought to any advice I receive. out recording a similar message. Prime Minister Howard hasn't ruled to try and secure Mr Wood's release, As international efforts continue being broadcast in Iraq. despite a plea from his family of Australian hostage Douglas Wood, Still no word on the plight and will appear in court next week. He's been remanded in custody for similar offences. was already on bail by parishioners - Biswash Paudel - who was detained left the central crucifix blackened. It damaged the altar and carpet and to the altar of St Mary's Cathedral. has been charged with setting fire A 34-year-old man from Nepal Video appeals may help sway the Iraqi public, but they're unlikely to tug at the heartstrings of those responsible for Mr Wood's abduction. And even with international help and an Australian team on the ground, the Government admits it still doesn't know where Douglas Wood is being held. James Talia, National Nine News. It's decision time in Britain, with voters choosing between PM Tony Blair and his Conservative opponent Michael Howard. The election campaign has been dominated by the issue of trust and whether Mr Blair lied about the reasons for joining the highly unpopular invasion of Iraq. But with a strong economy and a large majority, the Labour Party is expected to maintain power. Nearing the 60th anniversary of the Allied victory in Europe, a team of Australian war veterans has arrived in France. They've begun a tour of northern battlefields, paying tribute to the diggers of World War I as they prepare to honour the lost mates of their own war. It's been a long journey - in more ways than one. The last time these men and women saw Europe was in the dying days of the Second World War. Those who really fought the Germans. The journey back to France took a toll they would have ignored when they were first here and they still won't admit defeat or anything like it. How're you feeling? Very well, indeed, very well, indeed. The city of Amiens, in the heart of the worst fighting of the first war - areas, some of them, fought across in the second great conflict. It was a horrible, dirty place where everybody shot at you, it was dangerous to be there and I never saw one thing that I liked about it. Others coming overland running straight into French resistance fighters suspicious of anyone who looked different. Only because of your slouch hats you would have been wiped out. We were prepared to kill the next truck that came along. But the places they now want to acknowledge come from that previous war - some of the most important battle sites in Australian history, the great monuments at places like Villers-Bretonneux where Australian soldiers, some of them fresh from the Gallipoli campaign, stopped the supposedly invincible German army in its tracks. The link between the wars and succeeding generations of Australians is this astonishing place - the 13th century Cathedral of Amiens. In the first war, Germans tried to destroy both city and the church. The Australian army stopped them the first time. Australian pilots did the same in the Second World War and people here still say, never forget the Australians. Peter Harvey, National Nine News, Amiens, France. As far as fishing stories go, this one is totally out of the blue. A group of anglers off Jervis Bay got the fright of their lives when an unmanned drone from the nearby naval base nearly crashed into them on a test flight. It landed about three metres from us with a parachute and it frightened us pretty bad. The Navy says the drone normally used for target practice malfunctioned and the parachute failed to deploy properly. Still, despite the close call, locals were able to take it in their stride. Oh, well, there's another couple of hundred thousand dollars down the gurgler. Yeah, that's it. And parking at Marrickville Metro was very nearly a health hazard today when a driver accidentally drove off the first storey carpark, landing on vehicles below. I went into a shock. The driver claims he pushed the correct pedal, but the car wouldn't stop. His victim was very understanding, making sure he was OK before he was taken home by police. In the news ahead - the first look at the latest Harry Potter movie. And the jewel in the gown of Fashion Week. our super. SONG: # Stop, stop and think # Yeah # Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah... # millions more Australians will be eligible to choose the super fund # Think about what's coming around # Just stop, stop and think # Oh, oh, yes... # So take the time to think about it. # Just stop to think... # There's no pressure. or call 13 28 64 for a copy. Read it carefully because the choice you make now can make a big difference to how much money you'll have when you retire. # Oh, oh, oh... # Super Choice. # Think about it, baby. # Coming in thick and fast this evening, a sight and smell we normally associate with summer - bushfire smoke, from several hazard reduction operations around the city. It certainly made for a picturesque sunset. At Killarney Heights, it looked as though it was getting close to homes. But the Fire Brigade assures us this was all routine and at no time was any property under threat. In our Health Watch segment tonight, encouraging news for sufferers of prostate cancer, which currently claims the lives of seven Australian men every day. Now the first medication found to improve survival rates has been approved by health authorities. 73-year-old Bill Spice has been battling recurring prostate cancer for 12 years. He's had 33 radiation treatments. His body has become resistant to current hormone therapy. Last year, scans revealed Bill's worst fears - the cancer had spread to his skull, shoulder and ribs. When my daughter died, I was terrified. When I saw that cancer, that was the next terrifying thing in my life. But Bill has had an amazing turnaround with the chemotherapy drug Taxotere, most famous for its success with breast cancer. International trials of Taxotere involving Australian men with advanced prostate cancer showed it reduced risk of death by 24%. It reduced the pain associated with prostate cancer. Second, it actually improved the quality of life. Approval of Taxotere for advanced cancer has been welcomed by specialists, but patients still have to foot the bill. Taxotere has been so effective for advanced prostate cancer new trials have just begun to test it as front-line therapy straight after surgery to try and improve the cure rate. I think this is the first major advance in prostate cancer for many years and it's a marker of really big things to come. Bill has only been receiving Taxotere for eight months, but he and wife Jean are already planning an overseas trip, and more. Now we're looking forward to 50 years of married life on St Valentine's Day next year, and, certainly, we're going to have a party. Sheryl Taylor, National Nine News. A turn-up at the court martial of American soldier Lynndie England, one of the accused in the Iraqi prison abuse scandal. The military judge has declared a mistrial, after evidence which suggests England was a stooge for other US warders at Abu Ghraib. From the set of the next Harry Potter movie, the famous friends are completing their scenes for 'The Goblet of Fire'. Jump! This time, Harry has to worry about Voldemort's return to power, Ron Weasley realises Hermione is a girl and she finds an admirer - and it's not Harry or Ron. The movie is out in November. At Australian Fashion Week, it was all about jewellery and accessories today. In fact, that's all some people were wearing. Just five years ago Sarina Suriano was designing washing machines in Milan. Does it feel like it's going to fall off? It was obviously good training - she's now one of our most celebrated jewellers, showing at Fashion Week for the second time. It's very hard the second time round - Her designs are hardly practical - this piece made entirely of red coral. Even the nails match and her centrepiece is this pearl-studded shawl. So how much is this worth? God, I don't know. I think it's about $150,000. And how do you feel wearing that amount of money? Oh, I love her! Inspired by the beauty of the Sahara Desert, Sarina's pieces are strategically designed to cover just what's necessary. UP-TEMPO MUSIC Sold worldwide, she boasts Jude Law and fiancee Sienna Miller as her clients. And a far cry from the football field, Roosters' Craig Wing turning heads in pink. Ah, I don't know about the choice of colours or I think I probably would do a few more buttons up, but that's what they want. Looking a little uncomfortable during rehearsals, he's launching Howard Showers' menswear line. Allison Langdon, National Nine News. In finance - Westpac announced a record half-yearly profit up 8% to $1.3 billion. But the news did little for Westpac's share price. Elsewhere, late buying in resources and the airlines boosted the market. Ken with sport is next and City-Country players chasing a possible six State of Origin positions? While a great game won't guarantee selection. Also Jason Stevens gives the Storm a verbal grapple tackle. And Wendell Sailor reveals his footballing future. GIRL: I've got Mother's Day all wrapped up, with 25% off the hottest new women's clothing at Kmart. That's 25% off active wear, beautiful knits, greatcoats and more. Excludes underwear and Bonds clothing. Hurry in for great Mother's Day gifts. (Giggles) Country coach Craig Bellamy disagrees with State of Origin counterpart Ricky Stuart over the status of tomorrow night's clash against City in Lismore. Stuart's convinced it's a genuine Origin trial, but Bellamy believes it's simply about where a player comes from, not where he's going. While players see it as a State of Origin launching pad, today a reality check from the Country coach. I don't think you can call this game a selection trial for Origin. Bellamy's aim - not to belittle the pride in City-Country, but simply state fact. Scott Hill was the man of the match in this game last year and didn't play any part in the Origin series in the three games. With Test players not available, the talk is up to six Blues jumpers are still up for grabs. The thing is, if there is a game scheduled in a rep season, every player wants to play in it, no matter what. Although not everyone is totally convinced. One of our players that was ruled out basically was ruled out by his club 'cause he didn't turn up to the medical and I don't think that's right. Meantime, that grapple-tackle controversy just won't go away. The latest twist - an extraordinary attack by Storm skipper Robbie Kearns, who labelled Jason Stevens a 'grub'. Yeah, Robbie, you're not on my Christmas card list anymore. But Stevens believes it's now time for the NRL to step in and get tougher on the grapple tackle before someone gets seriously injured. Yeah, I believe it's a dangerous tackle because when someone's got you around your neck and squeezing your throat, that's a dangerous tackle. In Lismore, Paul Crawley, National Nine News. On the eve of Super 12's ultimate grudge match against NSW, Queensland winger Wendell Sailor has revealed he'll ignore the chance to return to rugby league and stay in union. He's also given his strongest hint yet that he wants to stay with the Reds. In town for the clash with the Waratahs tomorrow night, big Wendell Sailor has had far more than Friday on his mind. The former Bronco has been approached by NRL teams, and over the last two weeks has been considering a switch back to his old code. Going back to league, a lot of the guys have asked me, a few of the Broncs boys, and it's something that, I suppose, in the last couple of weeks I have thought hard about, but I've really enjoyed union and I suppose the 2007 World Cup it's something that probably burns, especially after losing in 2003. Fear of failing in league isn't the reason he's staying put. I've got no doubts that I could go back and play rugby league and be competitive. But Sailor isn't changing codes and doesn't want to leave his home State. At the moment it would be very hard for me to leave Queensland. I'm a pretty loyal sort of bloke. Sailor's team-mate Elton Flatley has a different set of concerns about his future, with a series of head knocks putting a serious doubt on his career. Flatley was in Melbourne today consulting a specialist. He trains and then he gets dizzy spells. He'll ride a bike and then he'll get dizzy spells, so that's not looking good for him. Or for the Reds - their unbeaten Super 12 record against the Waratahs under threat. At the moment, if we turn up to play like we have in the last couple of months, they could easily put 30 to 40 points on us. Danny Weidler, National Nine News. A bombshell for the Sydney Swans ahead of Saturday night's crucial clash against Essendon. With Stuart Maxfield standing down as captain, because he's living part-time in Melbourne to be with his children after separating from his wife. There's this great opportunity for someone else within the team. There's a number of outstanding leaders in the club. Brett Kirk will be stand-in skipper against the Bombers. So much big football this weekend. I hope you've got your seat reserved already? Right in the middle of the couch. After the break, Georgie Gardner with all the weather details. And Disneyland celebrates 50 years of happiness. Good evening. 19 degrees right now in Sydney as we see out another fine autumn day. It was hazy, though, as a result of backburning in the city's north. Today's temperature was right on average in the city, getting to 22. To see again how the day unfolded, let's go to Skytrack. And as our camera pans from the north-west, you can see the smoke which blew across much of the city, although it was thicker across northern suburbs. By late in the day it had started to break up, making way for patches of blue. To the satellite image - and there's plenty of cloud sweeping across the continent, bringing rain and thunderstorms particularly to WA. Looking ahead to tomorrow, and a cold front will move north-east along the coast of NSW, meaning isolated showers on the State's North Coast and they'll also develop along the coast and ranges south about Sydney. Around the rest of the country: The Bureau says a shower or two and 19 degrees on Saturday and Mothers' Day. Then the showers should start to clear, Mark, on Monday. Thanks, Georgie. As if the place isn't happy enough, Disneyland has a big reason to celebrate. The tourist attraction is 50 years young today and getting ready to entertain a new generation of children. Like any 50th birthday bash, there was a big turnout, old friends and a few surprises. You can forget about all your troubles and you can be a big kid. Even if you're an adult, you get to be a kid here! This is how it started in 1955 - Walt Disney building a fantasy land for families. ARCHIVE MATERIAL: To all who come to this happy place, welcome! Even the young are happy to shed a few years. I get to be an 8-year-old again. I love it! Disneyland remains a favourite with locals and tourists alike. We've just been, I think, about 14 times on the roller coaster, While the traditional features of the park have withstood the test of time so far, no-one is pretending that this is the way of the future. Disneyland is now introducing 15 new shows and attractions to thrill the next generation of youngsters who want more bang for their buck. The answer? The park's first interactive ride. MALE VOICE: Blast him with everything you've got! But for Frasier star Kelsey Grammer, MC at anniversary celebrations... (Gasps in shock) (Gasps in shock) ..Disney was not quite the happiest place on Earth. In the US, Christine Spiteri, National Nine News. That's National Nine News for this Thursday. I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.