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(generated from captions) lives in northern California. Douglas Wood's wife Pearl and let Iraq look after itself. troops out of here the Australian troops, the British the American troops, family, friends, please help take Governor Schwarzenegger, Prime Minister Howard, a heartfelt message to John Howard. With a gun at his head he delivered for an American contractor. working on reconstruction projects has been in Iraq The 63-year-old engineer Please help. I don't want to die. the perfect target for terrorists. with an Australian passport - Douglas Wood is an American resident video of him begging for his life. His captors have released a chilling hostage crisis unfolding in Iraq. is at the centre of the latest First tonight - an Australian man with Natarsha Belling. Ten's Late News about eight weeks to train a cat. but we're saying, roughly speaking, within the two weeks He was pretty well trained a cat cut out for cleanliness. take some advice from is a pet hate, And if cleaning out kitty litter thank you very much. This is f---ing awesome, the bad books tonight? then why if he in popular TV personality last night, Rove was voted Australia's most Also tonight - and welcome to Ten's Late News. Hello. I'm Natarsha Belling the PM for his job? of Peter Costello taking on And what are the chances I just hope that he's at peace. wanted to leave this world. because I think that Rene in a sense, It's not such a tragic day, such an uncertain future. Why friends knew Rene Rivkin faced the circumstances are. It doesn't matter what You never give into terrorists. by not giving in to hostage takers. consistent with our position We'll continue to do all we can take a united stand. while Canberra's key rivals

who knew Rivkin well But those, like Alan Jones, "I'm devastated." with a text message saying interview request she responded to a Ten News The reporter so shocked by his death, to wife Gayle was over. Rivkin's 32-year marriage newspaper headlines declared Just hours before his death, to be left in peace. They obviously would like and upset. The family are obviously distressed The family say he'll be sadly missed. including daughter Tara. He leaves behind five children, by his 88-year-old mother. of the home occupied found him in a bedroom A family member in the early hours of this morning. exclusive Darling Point penthouse His body was carried from the roller-coaster ride is over. After 60 years, Rene Rivkin's taking his own life at the age of 60. the former high-flyer apparently in his mother's penthouse in Sydney, He was found dead Rene Rivkin. on the body of stockbroker has been carried out A post-mortem examination Fenn Kemp, Ten News. all too clear. the insurgents' message making their way to southern Iraq - 450 Australian troops are The timing is no coincidence. to destroy democracy. by people who want act by terrorists in Iraq, This is a disgraceful, despicable Nick Warner. intervention in the Solomon Islands, headed by the man who led Australia's A hostage team is on its way to Iraq the circumstances are. It doesn't matter what You never give into terrorists. by not giving in to hostage takers. consistent with our position We'll continue to do all we can The Prime Minister is standing firm. to secure his release. and others in the Australian Government they say they are placing their trust In a brief statement, that he will soon be set free. as they hope against hope an agonizing wait Douglas Wood's family now begins but to go home and plead for privacy. There was nothing to do Emerging, giving little away. of Foreign Affairs. were called to the Department Malcolm and his wife In Canberra, Mr Wood's brother it's her husband on the tape. She has confirmed

linked to the Alpine Offset held in a Swiss bank account over undeclared shares he was still being pursued by ASIC And even after his release, in the future? Will you continue stockbroking I'm well. Goodbye. (Laughs) REPORTER: Hello. for nine months worth of weekends. and sent him to jail that stripped him of his career over an insider-trading deal hunted by ASIC a lot to worry about - But Rene Rivkin did have I don't need them. your worry beads, Mr Rivkin? REPORTER: Have you got that he didn't need to feel. this huge sense of inferiority I think he was driven by He said he was. I think he was very insecure. He was very, very intelligent. clearly two people. Rene Rivkin was two people, for picking a winner. a man with a knack his money on the stock market - Born in China in 1944, he made big cigar and solid gold worry beads. Also ever-present, his trademark Art, wine, spectacular toys. and every luxury. filled with antiques multimillion-dollar mansions himself with beautiful things - And Rene Rivkin certainly surrounded As simple as that. that go up in value, that's all. I chose the ones that go down in value. or beautiful things that go up in value You can buy beautiful things a man with a seeming Midas touch. in every sense of the word - He was flamboyant Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. I just hope that he's at peace. wanted to leave this world. because I think that Rene in a sense, It's not such a tragic day, this time he overdosed on pills. It's believed to take his own life last September. But Mr Rivkin had attempted of bravery which I don't have. But it requires a certain amount you think about. and this is part of the thing I was often depressed because prior to Prozac incidentally, which I've thought about a lot, The ending of one's life - just pain. death did not frighten him, Rivkin revealed In an interview in 2003, just say he wanted to die. and he'd cry and in a dressing gown Rene would sit there It was a very sad state of affairs. which brought on massive mood swings. He also battled bipolar disorder, for a long time. say he'd considered suicide printing company in 1994. It went up in flames - a $3 million asset insured for $53 million. Rivkin was also tarnished by the presumed murder of Caroline Byrne, the girlfriend of his former chauffeur Gordon Wood. So there's a lot of secrets there and, I assume, because he had close associations with these individuals, he may have been able to share those secrets, but now those secrets have been taken to the grave. In the end, though, all his success meant little. It's all his fault. It is. I know it is. He brought it all on himself, but he was sick. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. A snake handler found dead in his home may have been crushed by one of his own pet pythons. Police say he was known to let the reptiles roam freely about the house. A Queensland native scrub python is believed to have squeezed the life from Erik Attmarsson. The 28-year-old's body found in his Tanunda home in SA. There was only one snake that was in the same room as the deceased and that was the python. The victim was the curator of a laboratory that milked snakes for the production of anti-venoms. Neighbours described Erik as a kind man who kept to himself and liked his music. A stand-off after a tense meeting between John Howard and the man who wants his job, Peter Costello. Mr Howard says it's unlikely his deputy will take over the top job in the next nine months. After more than three hours locked away with his leader, the Federal Treasurer's face said it all. I wish that we hadn't had this recent flurry but it happened. The meeting, originally called to fine tune the Budget, but the leadership tensions of the past two days taking precedence. Mr Costello leaving no doubt what he thought about the PM's comments. My view is that it is very, very unproductive for the Government to have that kind of speculation going on. Mr Howard sparked the renewed talk by telling reporters on a trip in Athens

that he could beat Opposition Leader Kim Beazley at the 2007 election. The PM maintains those comments were misinterpreted. He says he hasn't made up his mind about when he'll step aside. At present my sense is the Liberal Party is very happy indeed with John Howard as leader and Peter Costello as deputy. and sister team Camilla and Marc Rising to the challenge, brother with some of the talent on offer. aren't likely to be disappointed international buyers of this year's Fashion Week, deciding to pull the pin Despite a number of top designers and took seven days to sew. from 60m of silk georgette This stunning gown was made moves as well, beautifully." "When a dancer moves, the fabric and I thought, lightweight fabric, I use silk and open, by a grand piano. backed up, of course, from the production 'Grand' with the help of dancers his couture-like creations and showed off Akira Isogawa abandoned the catwalk her clothes, so I'm really excited. even though I always wear in five years I haven't seen a Lisa Ho show Aussie actress Sarah Wynter. Today's A-list crowd even included at last night's Logies. was worn by Bec Cartwright One of her stunning creations with a really rich colour palette. but sort of blending them together beautiful patterns and animal skins It was really about lots of and splashes of vibrant colour. masterpieces of exotic scarf prints but it didn't detract from her Big hair was the order of the day, inspired by women of the '70s. with her latest summer collection and stealing the show getting in early Australian designer Lisa Ho What a way to kick-start the week. it's been a big day as well. but, of course, here at Fashion Week, of opening night So they are the highlights that love different things. and people there's like gangs of friends world works, which is the way that the whole collection is it's all about tribes, The inspiration behind this UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYS and some of them from pretty cheeky. a total of 32 models, parade with dancers, gymnasts, This was much more than a fashion but they didn't disappoint. at Fashion Week, it's only their second time the fashion Assassin label, The big show tonight was from have been inside. Of course, the best outfits if no-one is using fur? Why are you protesting Fashion Week Lisa Ho showed this morning. one or 100, as you said yourself, It's not relevant whether it's fur, come on? Name the designers that are using All around the world. this year. that no-one is actually showing furs until someone pointed out and they made quite a bit of noise dressed as models, There were men with a few days growth arrived. when a group of fur protesters fashion you are ever likely to see Outside we've seen some of the worst here at Australian Fashion Week. It's been an eventful opening night Thanks, Natasha. Dan Nolan. Joining us now is Ten News reporter at the 10th annual fashion week. their talents tonight Designers have been showcasing determine how the papers were leaked. A full inquiry is now under way to from releasing the details. and newspapers but failed to stop TV news bulletins took the matter to court The Bracks Government he has a full copy of the papers. but a TV reporter revealed tonight It was due to be released tomorrow with the leaking of the State Budget. for the Victorian Government tonight An extraordinary breach of security Leonie Mellor, Ten News. very, very unlikely to happen. which I think is very, very, You're putting something to me a showdown will occur. Mr Howard's allies doubt unless a handover date is set. will have a fight on his hands his supporters saying the PM won't wait forever, The patient deputy the simmering tensions. did little to diffuse tense by other sources, as aimiable by the Howard camp, Today's meeting, described on that basis. A government cannot continue that borders on hatred. between Howard and Costello There is a poisonous relationship in relation to the leadership. there will be an orderly transition that at the senior levels I think the Liberal Party expects that changing any time soon. And he says he doesn't see

But with Kellogg's LCMs! just love them. because... you don't have to be there and no artificial colours, less than 10% fat puffed grains of white rice, having the goodness of LCMs Rice Bubbles, at recess. like eating something good sure kids do what they should, You can't always be there to make JAUNTY MUSIC AND WHISTLING about eight weeks to train a cat. but we're saying, roughly speaking, within the two weeks He was pretty well trained cut out for cleanliness. take some advice from a cat is a pet hate, And if cleaning out kitty litter for airfares. What a change in the law means their separate ways. why they're going driver and his wife reveal Also tonight - a legendary racing car when we come back. We're following that story thank you very much. This is f---ing awesome, tonight? then why if he in the bad books Popular TV Personality last night, Rove was voted Australia's Most Ebbeny Faranda, Ten News. for the rest of the week. with another 37 shows lined up fashion action to come, And there's plenty more to ditch those hipsters, girls. perhaps now it's time are proof the times are a-changing -

of most outstanding comedy tonight - Clearly, the true winner raising eyebrows. Only Ian Thorpe's new haircut bringing on an attack of good taste. The Logies' white carpet but not too many shocks. Lots of frocks his acceptance speech. for swearing during is in the bad books tonight on Australian TV But the most popular personality record haul of four. from equalling Bert Newton's is one Gold Logie win away Rove McManus a bruised ego and a huge repair bill. The driver wasn't hurt apart from like a can of sardines. The empty removal truck opened up and it would have been OK. Another few centimetres and took the top off his truck. who went under a low bridge An unlucky night for a driver This program is captioned live.

the commercial free-to-air networks. with three hosts from across to the new caring, sharing Logies Inside, guests were treated I really didn't expect this. Bec Cartwright definitely excited with her silver for most popular actress, thanking her dogs before her fiancee, Lleyton Hewitt. This is my first Logie, I've never got one before. I've never even seen one this close. I didn't realise they put your name on it. So that's nice, no-one can steal it. It was 10 for Ten in the Logie tally, including most outstanding sports coverage for the Bathurst 1,000, best reality show for Australian Idol, and even one for 'Neighbours', the show scoring the Hall of Fame award in its 20th anniversary year. (All sing) # Neighbours. # But the 47th Logies eventually became a rave for Rove, the smiley host winning for best light entertainment program, silver for most popular TV presenter, and the gold. His acceptance speech, though, not suitable for the kiddies. This is f---ing awesome, This is yours. Bravo. Ian Thorpe's hairdresser. of his first Logie in 16 years - and John Wood wasn't going to let go But there's no sharing the gongs, silver for most popular actor. Well, this is a turn-up for the books, thank you very much. What sort of language was that on national television? I know, look, I did think that would end up on the cutting room floor, if it didn't and anyone was offended by it, I do apolgise. All the mums out there think you are sweet. I know, I know, and my grandmother would be mortified. As usual, some hard partying rounded out the night, sore heads the guaranteed result. Angela Bishop, Ten News. A mother fed up with kitty litter has turned to Hollywood for inspiration. She's taught her pet cat to use the home toilet, saying good bye to the litter tray forever. He looks like a regular 6-month-old Burmese but, when nature calls, young Dougal is far from normal. He's been trained to use a toilet because his owner was fed up with kitty litter. I was really regretting the whole litter tray business. It had been eight years since I'd had a cat in the house, and I love cats but I hate the litter. Jo Lapidge then saw the movie 'Meet the Parents'. Oh...! Sorry. So, with no previous experience, the mother of two created the Litter Kwitter. It's a litter tray that fits on the toilet seat. Once Dougal accepted it, a new tray with a small hole was introduced, then another tray with an even bigger hole. Here's Doogal in the training phase when he was still learning his way around the loo. Now he's the master of his domain, using a standard toilet seat. He was pretty well trained within the two weeks but we're saying, roughly speaking, about eight weeks to train a cat. The Litter Kwitter has now received a Federal Government grant, even though it could cause gridlock at the bathroom door. Righto, Dougal, righto. Give me a minute. TOILET FLUSHES There you go. Jeez. Now, some might say the queue for the toilet is already long enough but, once your cat's fully trained, you should never have to touch the kitty litter again. Vets say that creates a more hygienic house and there's thousands of other cats who can do the same. Given the right circumstances and the right cat, it should be able to work very well. For more information, go to Dan Nolan, Ten News. Still to come in Ten's Late News - a legendary racing car driver and his wife reveal why they're going their separate ways. What a change in the law means for airfares. And in Sports Tonight - on your bike - Michael Clarke's intense Ashes preparation. a million extra vehicles so you get something extra. 110kW turbo diesel engine, driver's airbag and a sporty interior. a free bullbar and towbar. That's almost $2,000 of extra value. it's hard to see beyond all the things you've got to do. That's why your Westpac Home Finance Manager help out and clear things up with your loan. To meet your own home loan expert, just give us a bell. This program is captioned live. Touring car champion Peter Brock has announced his separation from wife Bev. Married for 28 years, the couple released a statement today, saying as a result of the demands of public life Peter finds he needs time on his own. Last year Bev Brock released a book she wrote about her husband, praising the racing legend. I love the guy. I love to see how he's evolved and changed. Peter Brock has won Bathurst a record nine times. Joining us tonight from CommSec is Julie arna, and at last some good news for investors. It was a great way to start the week, helping to wash way to start the week, helping to way to start the week, helping to wash away the way to start the week, helping to wash away the 3.6% fall we saw on the All Ords over April. Today the the All Ords over April. Today the biggest winner was OneSteel up 4.9%. Unfortunately the biggest loser was Wattle, Unfortunately the biggest loser was Unfortunately the biggest loser was Wattle, down 14.7%, and that was due to sales of their paint lines falling and also the resignation of their managing director. Now the All Ords did close below the key 4,000 point mark All Ords did close below the key All Ords did close below the key 4,000 point mark today, but at least 4,000 point mark today, but at least there 4,000 point mark today, but at 4,000 point mark today, but at least there were a few more smiles arn Wednesday sw D-day for interest rates. That is surely going to rates. That is surely going to be the big day for interest rates, Wednesday is the key day. If I was a betting man or woman, a betting man or woman, I Wednesday is the key day. If I was a betting man or woman, I would Wednesday is the key day. If I was a betting man or woman, I would say the RBA will leave rates unchanged at 5.5%. the RBA will leave rates unchanged at 5.5%. After the RBA will leave rates unchanged at 5.5%. After last the RBA will leave rates unchanged at 5.5%. After last week's the RBA will leave rates unchanged at 5.5%. After last week's economic data it looks like inflation is going to be okay. We are not really out of the woods at the moment. If we are looking at interest rates, I would say the next rate would possibly be around September. possibly be around September. That is one to really keep an eye on. Thank is one to really keep an eye on. Thank you is one to really keep an eye on. Thank you Julie is one to really keep an eye on. Thank you Julie ana is one to really keep an eye on. Thank you Julie ana joining is one to really keep an eye on. Thank you Julie ana joining us is one to really keep an eye on. Thank you Julie ana joining us from CommSec. To finance in detail and the All Ords jumped 26 points. The cost of domestic airfares will be less confusing with both airlines told to advertise the total price of a ticket. Virgin Blue and Qantas have promised to include all surcharges and taxes when promoting prices of their flights from next week. Travellers have been lobbying the carriers for the change, and last week the Federal Government said it would change the law was advertised. to ensure the total cost was advertised. The weather's next and then it's Sports Tonight with Ryan Phelan. Thanks, Natarsha. Coming up - a bump in the road for St Kilda with lynchpin forward Fraser Gehrig slapped with a 2-week ban for striking. However St Kilda is expected to fight the charge at the AFL Tribunal. Injuries hit the City and Country Origin teams hard. Plus why this tackle could cost Billy Slater a run in the first Origin. All the day's sport coming up in a moment. New Sorbent Clean and Fresh. Tomorrow's weather: And that's the latest from the Ten newsroom. Sports Tonight with Ryan Phelan is next. We'll leave you with the first look at Delta Goodrem's new video. I'm Natarsha Belling. From the Late News Team, goodnight. by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.