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(generated from captions) more than just the media. but had to deal with his way into court, had difficulty negotiating The 68-year-old founder of HIH to make any comments this morning. it's not really appropriate for me I think you'd appreciate Adler, he was giving little away. But, unlike former colleague Rodney to receive his punishment. as he arrived a sense of foreboding Ray Williams may have harboured to receive his punishment. as he arrived a sense of foreboding Ray Williams may have harboured fellow director Rodney Adler. three months more than two years and nine months, for a minimum HIH founder Ray Williams today jailed criminal behaviour will be punished. warning to corporate Australia - First this evening - the resounding this Sydney house has had. how many near misses And you'll never believe an NRL club. threatening to tear apart the shocking sex claims Also tonight - Good evening. and Jessica Rowe. Ten News with Ron Wilson name of Australia. They were doing good deeds in the and Jessica Rowe. Ten News with Ron Wilson of the Sea King tragedy. And honouring the victims for hospital. Schapelle Corby to leave prison thrown behind bars. Tonight - the HIH boss This program is captioned live.

illness to delay her trial. has denied claims she is faking Schapelle Corby Accused Bali drug smuggler Eddy Meyer, Ten News. while his appeal is heard. if he should get bail until a hearing can determine Ray Williams will remain in prison criminal behaviour. but very, very expensive for plainly criminal behaviour, responsible that the courts have held him A great deal of satisfaction more generally. and to the public confidence to the Australian economy this collapse caused to reflect on the damage for all business in Australia It is timely for the corporate regulator. It also marks a satisfying week by this plea of guilty. have been made out in our class action Well, the facts that we are alleging today's judgment, another step. some of their money - to try to recover in a class action are determined to go ahead in the dying days of the company who bought shares Around 3,000 shareholders by the collapse of HIH. many people had their lives ruined There's little doubt that It has validated some things, yes. having been apologised to? REPORTER: But do you feel better now to the victim who heckled him. He did, however, personally apologise immediately. and there will be an appeal lodged as manifestly excessive The defence regards the sentence this morning. in the sentence that was handed down Mr Williams is bitterly disappointed Even so, the term came as a shock. age and generosity to charity. his previous good behaviour, for Mr Williams' early plea, The judge accounted Justice James Woods saying: and for failing in his duties. being reckless over the financial state of HIH, to misleading shareholders He pleaded guilty owing $5.3 billion. at the time it collapsed, his position in the company a severe term, reflecting parole for two years, nine months - Ray Williams will not be eligible for Sentenced to 4.5 years, you're sorry to me? Mr Williams, are you going to say composure, his son leading the way. Throughout, he maintained his that apology. I'm wondering if I'm going to get Do you? do you remember me? Mr Williams, Dianne Burton,

from Italy earlier this week. that arrived in Melbourne in a container of ceramic tiles The haul was discovered the Australian market. enough pills to flood valued at $250 million More than a ton of ecstasy at the Port Melbourne docks. in a container of ceramic tiles 5 million tablets found bust of ecstasy tablets. It's the world's biggest penalty. reveals if it's seeking the death Thursday, when the prosecution enough to make it to court on bed. Doctors say she should be fit from the jail cell to a hospital Attempts are being made to move her things or might not be accurate. things or might not be understood might be two different skpdz the way it's bine bin damaged her chances. What I they believed, though, they may have backed away from the claims. It's Ms Corby's supporters have today behalf tried to bribe the defence. allegations a person acting on his the chief prosecutor is angry after - something's got to work out. And all be the best love, just try and wants her to stay strong. It will I've got no energy. Her father diarrhoea, I've still got vomiting, faking her illness. I've got warned the Gold Coast woman against ordered a full medical report and suspicions of the chief judge. He The medical emergency raised the coming in, everybody was crowded. because I saw so many news people Schapelle? I was even shocked her blood pressure soaring. Schapelle? her blood pressure soaring. caused her to black out and sent caused her to black out and sent 27-year-old's body shut down, which The doctor who treated her says the after her dramatic court collapse. accused drug smug lfr is depressed Prison officials revealed the yesterday but still not very good. sister's health. Better state than prison deeply concerned about her Schapelle Corby's sister left the by accusations of corruption. And her case hasn't been helped

15- and 17-year-olds is extremely young. The 15-year-old boy and 17-year-old girl have been arrested with a 21-year-old Cabramatta man in a Hong Kong hotel. It's alleged they planned to swallow condoms containing 1kg of heroin before catching a flight back to Australia. Police are still trying to determine where in Sydney the drugs were destined. Possibly here on the streets of Cabramatta, where dealers 15 and younger have been plying heroin for years. Two men, aged 21, were arrested last night at this Sydney service station. They've appeared in court today, accused of being the principals of the smuggling operation. Shaun Fewings, Ten News. One of Australia's most notorious killers could soon be free thanks to a loophole in NSW legislation. Bronson Blessington was just 14 when he was jailed for life for his part in the 1988 rape and murder of Janine Balding. Today, a judge ruled Blessington can apply for a release date, but the age has surprised me. back to Australia, to bring heroin or other drugs Mules or couriers have been used I'm absolutely shocked. from Hong Kong. to smuggle heroin in their bodies it's hiring Australian children by a Sydney drug syndicate - And an alarming new tactic That's when police pounced. tried to access the consignment. where two men to a Melbourne address, The shipment was allowed to continue street-ready pills. containing around 5 million they found dozens of packets When officers took a closer look, between eight pallets of tiles. revealed a hole X-rays of the container across Australia. and the supply of ecstasy in relation to the nation that could have wreaked havoc 5 million tablets - and the Australian Crime Commission. by Federal Police, Customs after a joint 4-month investigation Four men have been arrested but the Premier is confident it won't come to that. Blessington is one of the State's 10 worst criminals. I can assure the family that we will do what it takes to see that this offender stays behind bars and dies in jail. Blessington is one of the State's 10 worst criminals. His prison file had been stamped "never to be released". The first Australian to be charged under federal anti-terrorism laws says he regrets his actions. Zaky Mallah threatened to launch a suicide attack against government workers in 2003 when his passport application was rejected. But at trial, Mallah claimed he never intended to carry out the threat. The 23-year-old told a sentencing hearing he had learnt his lesson while on remand in solitary confinement and realises he needs psychological help. The Muslim community has vouched to support him on release from jail. As a community, we As a community, we have some responsibility to help him adjust. Mallah will be sentenced next Thursday. An apology from the PM tonight for breaking an election promise on the Medicare safety net. But that's not good enough for the Opposition, calling for Tony Abbott to resign as Health minister for misleading voters. Arriving at work today John Howard was well aware of the political consequences of breaking a solemn promise within six months of an election. I understand people will be critical and I regret this. I'm very sorry that it's occurred. Pre-election Medicare ads now sounding hollow. Are you taking anything away? VOICOVER: No. Everything that is currently provided by Medicare will stay. From next January, the Medicare safety net thresholds will rise from $300 to $500 for low income earners and from $700 to $1,000 for everyone else, belying the words of Health Minister Tony Abbott before the election. This is an absolutely rock-solid, iron-clad commitment. Even in our jaded system a resignation follows such a performance. Tony Abbott should go. When I made that statement that was my absolute belief - that there would be no change to the safety net threshold. The Prime Minister standing by the Health Minister, but keen to avoid making the same mistake when asked if there'd be any more changes to the safety net. We don't have any in mind but I'm not going to to give an iron-clad guarantee in relation to that. The Government insists the higher thresholds are the only way to make the safety net affordable into the future, but the Opposition and the medical profession say the Government knew that and should have come clean before the election. This is a class A, rolled gold, world's best practice piece of deceipt. Reports suggests some specialists put up their fees to take advantage of the safety net, and now that the thresholds have been lifted, patients will just have to cop the higher charges. Greg Turnbull, Ten News. Tears and candles today to honour the nine men and women killed in the Nias Sea King helicopter disaster. The PM praising them as tough, courageous and compassionate. Together they came to share their grief - mothers, fathers, partners and mates, their loved ones taken so tragically. Dignitaries and defence personnel packed Parliament's Great Hall to remember, to honour and give thanks for the sacrifice the six navy and three air force men and women made. An emotional John Howard paying tribute. He'd met some of those who died during his recent trip to Aceh. They were doing good deeds in the name of Australia and that is what is so heartbreaking about the event that we mark today. Thoughts too, for the two men who survived that fateful crash, Scott Nicholls and Shane Warburton, still recovering from their injuries. Family members lit memorial candles as the names of the dead were called. The Indonesian Ambassador praising their efforts. Indonesians grieve with Australians at this loss. They died helping our neighbours, one terrible tragedy on top of another. For some, the emotions spilled over. The families presented with portraits of the loved ones they'll be forever proud of. The men and women who, as the Prime Minister said, epitomised everything good about the Australian way of life. Their commitment, their decency, their love, their compassion, their cheekiness, their cheerfulness - all of those things that are so beautifully Australian. Leonie Mellor, Ten News. Still to come - a mother's emotional plea to help catch a killer. Also tonight, the terrifying wake-up call - we'll tell you how many near misses one house has had. And the life and times of John Paul II - why Catholics are upset with a movie about the Pope. We'll have that story later this news hour.

This program is captioned live. A lucky escape this morning for one Carlingford resident when a truck lost its trailer, careered off the road and narrowly missed a house. Incredibly, it's the sixth time it's happened in the past two years.

It's hard to believe no-one was hurt when his truck crashed in peak hour this morning. The trailer slammed through two telegraph poles, a fence and three trees, before coming to rest just metres from the front door of a house. The accident created traffic chaos, blocking one of Sydney's busiest roads and waking John Allen. I heard this noise out the front. I clothed myself and came out and there was this semitrailer right across. His attention then turning to the usually busy footpath and bus stop. Well, it was a bit scary and I got outside to see if there was anybody there. John Alan is counting himself very lucky. This isn't the first time a road accident has wound up in his front yard. Six times he's been forced to rebuild this fence, the RTA still refusing his call to install a safety barrier. They've rejected us on that, saying there's an insufficient number of accidents there to justify the expense. The police and RTA are still investigating why the trailer broke free of the truck. John Allen hopes this latest accident will make the RTA take some action. School kids go early too, so we were very, very lucky that no-one was hurt. Tim Potter, Ten News. A distraught family's plea tonight to help catch a killer. Police believe dozens of people might have witnessed the attack but are too afraid to contact police. A distraught mother desperate for answers over the killing of her son. 33-year-old Minh Duc Nguyen was gunned down as he walked back to his car after leaving a dance party at Cabramatta Leagues Club at 3:00am on Sunday. Almost a week on, police still have no motive. He was a good son and brother, we are all very sad and miss him a lot. We need to know why somebody did this to him, please. His family says it was a rare night out for the normally hard working tobacconist, who went alone to the dance party. This photo shows those who can help. At the time of the attack, about 30 of them were on the balcony of the club above the crime scene. Everybody sees what's happened because their heads are turned that way. So we want those people to come and tell us what they saw. Police have launched a dragon line campaign for non-English speakers, hoping someone will come forward. Minh Nguyen leaves behind a little boy who turned six just three days before the murder. The family had been about to have a big birthday party but, tragically, instead of celebrating, this little boy was told his father had been killed. His son understands his dad is gone and he has cried a lot. We went to the temple yesterday to pray and he was praying and crying a lot for his dad. Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. The former owner of three childcare centres is on bail tonight after being sentenced over child pornography. But his freedom could be short-lived - he's waiting an appeal on a 1-month jail term. He's already lost his livelihood. Now Scott Thompson could lose his liberty. The 41-year-old left court grim-faced, his lawyer doing the talking. An appeal has been lodged. Of hundreds of people targeted during child-important raids last year, Thompson was one of the highest-profile. He ran three Melbourne childcare centres. Parents left fearful by his arrest. It's tragic. I wonder if he's been safe the whole time. Today Thompson pleaded guilty to transmitting child pornography and possessing more than 1,600 images. His lawyer told court the centres catered for children younger than the victims shown in the images and claimed Thompson had already suffered undeserved punishment. The 41-year-old forced to sell his previously profitable business at $1.2 million loss, and so reviled he couldn't get a volunteer job helping homeless men. But the prosecution said the case had also caused distress to the centre's children, their parents and staff. Thompson accused of actively encouraging child abuse around the world by knowingly downloading the images. The magistrate said it was important to send a strong message about child pornography. Thompson ordered to serve one month of a five-month jail sentence. Whether he will, now the subject of appeal. Christopher Still, Ten News. Warnings tonight Sydney is facing a rental crisis. Vacancy rates are at record lows, rents are on the rise, and the Carr Government's land taxes are copping the blame. Property industry leaders arriving for talks with the Treasurer present a united warning to the Carr Government - dump the controversial vendors' tax or see a worsening rental crisis. We've seen a major drop in the vacancy factor in NSW to a 5-year low of 2.2%. And it's claimed, as a result, rents are skyrocketing. The property lobby says the vendor duty and a widening of the land tax net has killed off Sydney's real estate boom, costing jobs and sending investors interstate. This is a tax which is backfiring badly in revenue terms. We know it's not making the money it was supposed to. We clearly have seen a pretty dramatic decline in building commencements - 25% off the peak. The Government has pledged to review property taxes as part of next month's State budget. But at today's talks, Treasurer Andrew Refshauge was giving no guarantees. He said he understood where the property industry was coming from but the Government had little room to move because of an alleged GST shortfall from Canberra. Obviously we have a tight budget that would be dramatically better if we got our $13 billion back. Paul Mullins, Ten News. Time for a check of the weather. Tim Bailey - this grey, cloudy over cast weather ahead of the weekend? Guess what, Ron? Totally confident because - yeah, it does look a bit grey around the gills. But it will nick off - 11 or 12 tomorrow we'll have blue skies across Saturday and Sunday, that is a promise. 22 degrees before it gets its act into gear. Live from Darling Harbour. Hello, folks! Yes, do you want to

know the good news? Crowd rr yes! Tomorrow is Saturday. You can hardly tell this fella has been dressed by Darryl Lee, ladies and gentlemen. We get all sorts down here. Yeah, so the weekend - it's a bit grey at the moment apart from the odd berserk people around town in the school holidays. Sunshine and blue skies, 24 degrees on Sunday. Skywatch - there it was, only grey all day. Currently around about 20 degrees, no problems with pollution levels. See you again in 10 minutes. Put your hands out, tetch the television, feel the love, ladies and gentlemen! See you soon. Next in the 5:00 news - Camilla's first official royal outing. And what a cracking dress! The cheeky Bollywood actress who outshone Nicole Kidman.

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This program is captioned live. Time for a check on the traffic around town with Vic Lorusso in the Mix 106.5 traffic helicopter. And of course it's not just the road traffic that's affected tonight, we've also got a major disruption for trains? Rail commuters heading home out of Sydney's CBD heading towards the Central Coast via the northern line will be delayed as the result of a northern line will be delayed as the result of a police investigation at Concord West. We've got no trains moving towards Ryde or Strathfield or Hurstville. It's going to impact you if you are heading towards the Central Coast and also leaving out of Sydney's CBD there will be lengthy delays. An update at 5:50, with Jess, Ron. Thank you. The controversial world-first roadside drug tests have highlighted an alarming rate of drug use among motorists. They show drugged driving is almost four times more prevalent than drink-driving. As far as weapons against drugs go, this is proving a winner - Australia's only police drug-testing bus. Victoria's Police Minister and Assistant Commissioner of Traffic on board and alarmed at its success. I'm concerned and surprised that so many Victorians are taking drugs and concerned and surprised and disappointed that so many are then getting into a vehicle and attempting to drive it. Just four months into the 12-month trial over 4,619 drivers have been tested - 63 returning positive results. Almost 3,500 car drivers were tested. 47 with drugs in their system. While almost 1,200 truck drivers were tested, 16 with positive results. On average, that's 1 in 73 motorists under the influence of drugs compared to an average of 1 in 250 caught drink-driving - and it's a fatal combination. 31% of motorists, drivers killed in motor vehicle accidents, were testing positive to having a drug in their system other than alcohol. The world-first drug tests got off to a controversial start. But the Minister says a 3-step testing process ensures their integrity and, when the trial is complete, it will consider more drug buses. The Victorian Opposition says the figures prove action is needed now. If one-third of motorists that have been killed on Victorian roads that have an illegal drug substance in their body, something obviously has to be done to fix this problem. Mignon Henne, Ten News. A Sydney man arrested by American police fearing he was a suicide bomber has been deported from the US. Wen Hao Zhou was sent packing this morning after spending two days in a Washington immigration centre. The 32-year-old was crash-tackled and arrested on Tuesday when he sparked a security scare outside the Capitol Building. Police thought he had suitcases containing bombs. Earlier he'd demanded to talk to the US President. More harrowing stories are emerging about Australia's 'Dr Death'. 250 innocent victims met in Bundaberg last night sharing their medical nightmares at the hand of Doctor Jayant Patel. Nobody can fix me up now. It's believed Dr Patel has fled Oregon for New York before flying to India. At his luxury US mansion today, a sign demanded the media go away. An American mother says during a gall bladder operation, he put a hole in her intestine. I was in the hospital for five weeks and I was sick for probably six months. It's believed Dr Patel is linked to the death or serious injury of 14 former patients in Queensland and possibly three deaths in the US. has claimed the lives of at least 15 people. and possibly three deaths in the US. has claimed the lives of at least 15 people. Several Australians are believed to be staying at the hotel, but managed to escape the blaze. Firefighters were able to rescue some people from the building, but others were forced to leap from windows to avoid the flames and choking smoke. The blaze occurred in the capital's ninth district, a popular tourist spot, and took more than an hour to bring under control. At least 57 people were injured. Indonesia is on volcano alert with fears of an eruption causing thousands to flee their homes in trouble-plagued Sumatra. Clouds of volcanic ash continue to circle Mount Talang, which erupted on Tuesday. Locals have relocated to makeshift camps, abandoning their villages on the mountain's slopes. Scientists believe the increased activity in the region's 11 volcanoes has been triggered by December's massive earthquake and tsunami. A warm welcome on a chilly Scottish day for the new royal couple. Prince Charles and his new bride, Camilla the Duchess of Cornwall, interrupted their honeymoon at Balmoral to carry out their first official engagement as a married couple. They've opened a playground, Camilla doing the honours, cutting a ribbon to the park entrance to the cheers of hundreds of locals. A very revealing dress has upstaged Nicole Kidman. Leaving little to the imagination, Bollywood star Sofia Hayat captured plenty of attention when she dared to bare at the London premiere of 'The Interpreter'. Dressing a little more appropriately for London's 12 degrees, Nicole Kidman covered up in a velvet coat. Still to come - the biggest market sell-off since September 11. Also tonight - why some Catholics are angry with a new movie about the Pope. And the strange, but very cute, playmates at Western Plains Zoo.

M3 Power, from Gilette. This program is captioned live. Tim Bailey, I hope you are forecasting a nice weekend. Jess, am I ever? In good forecasting a nice weekend. Jess, am I ever? In good spirits, it's a feel-good Friday, folks. It's a bit grey tonight and it will be tomorrow at times but we have some sunny periods coming your way - 22-23 degrees. Sunday, I am just pumping blue sky out across the Australian suburbs - it will be an easy one and Sydney will do around 24-25 degrees. It is the good-looking day of the weekend. 24-25 degrees. It is the good-looking day of the weekend. All right - NSW: That's it from me live from Darling Harbour. See you at 5:55, when it's almost the start of the week. I could almost kiss them on had the lips. See you then. It's the Golden Arches' golden anniversary. The hamburgers that revolutionised the take-away world had its humble beginnings in Illinois 50 years ago. Now there are over 30,000 McDonald's restaurants around the world, serving 50 million people a day. Despite a glut of bad publicity last year, McDonald's profits have fattened up 40%. A sharp fall for the stock market today. Julia Lee joins us at Commonwealth Securities. Why did the Australian market finish the week on such miserable note? The Aussie share markets has had a shocking end to the week, Ron. We've lost $16 billion of value inn one day - the equivalent of every Australian losing $1,000 today. It's mainly been the big falls in the US, which has caused falls in the rest of the world too. the US, which has caused falls in the rest of the world too. Thursday and Friday have been the largest 2-day fall since September 11 tragedy. Which stocks took the biggest hit? They were pretty much all across the board. Mining and the wrerezors seblgt sector was hit toughest, followed by health care. CSL and Blue Scope Steel fell about 4%. John Paul II's life is already on show on the big screen. Some Catholics have slammed producers because the movie's release comes less than two weeks after the Pope's death. As cardinals agonise over just who should take over the Catholic Church's top job, this is how movie moguls believe the man once known as Karol Wojtyla should be remembered. The 2-part film was shot in Poland and put into production several months before the pontiff died. We were trying not to copy Karol Wojtyla, not to copy his gestures, his voice, but to give the symbols, to try to touch the fragments of his great personality. It takes viewers through his teenage years, the personal battles through war and communism and his rise in religious ranks. It cost $20 million and despite critics saying it has come far too soon, producers say the Vatican didn't object. What the Vatican but is upset about are attempts by the outside world to find out what is going on inside the Sistine Chapel. They have brought in engineering experts to do a sweep of the building where the conclave is being held in search of bugging devices. While some Italian newspapers believe Germany's cardinal, Joseph Ratzinger, is firming as favourite, bookmakers are keeping themselves busy hedging bets on the name the new Pope will take. Leading the list is Benedict, ahead of John Paul and John. Frank Colleta, Ten News. Sport with Tim Webster, and it's a league grand final replay with a difference? Yes, their place on the ladder is very different, more shortly, including a Roosters great talks about dissension at the club. Also, shades of 'Rocky' as Kostya Tszyu trains in downtown Sydney. And Peter Lonard's stunning round in the US. Just how close he came to achieving one of golf's best ever rounds. COMMENTATOR: And right on top of the flag at 17.

The Roosters are furious that a malicious email has taken the focus off tonight's grand final re-match against the Bulldogs. The malicious blurb alleges a love triangle is at the heart of the Roosters' poor start to the season. Tony Peters joins us, and that email has really angered and hurt the Roosters? Yes, to say the least. The Roosters say it's unfounded and certainly very damaging. The love triangle rumour started before last year's grand final involving two players and a woman. The email goes on to claim a player is on the outer and will leave the club. It also claims issues have split the players into two groups. Brad Fittler now a kicking coach of the club, denies there's any dissension. From what I've seen at training, they're sticking tight. I see them as a close group. Any late changes to either side? Bulldogs are as per program, Tim, but Robret Relf makes a return tonight to the club program, Tim, but Robret Relf makes Schifcofske, the NRL's top they've re-signed Clinton privatisation. And the Raiders - Constantine and the club for between Greek businessman Con talks may take place next week against the Warriors. I believe he'll make a very welcome return elbow and also to the shoulder and elbow and also to the shoulder and He's had two operations to the make a shock return this weekend. and raiders? Danny Buderus will though. Good news for the Knights be on the wing. We'll have to wait, Webb to lock. And Chris Walker may could play at five-eight, Stuart rumoured changes mean Amos Roberts premier league. The Roosters a return tonight to the club in

very distressed yesterday. I'm a gear stolen from a hire car. I was Bowe had $10,000 worth of driving the weekend, former series champion the Adding to the stressful start to when nature takes its course. these things will always happen draw, at the end of the day, and disappointing. It's the luck of the some of the guys which is organised. It obviously affected clock. We will be ready but not too clock. We will be ready but not too teams frustrated and racing the only arrived yesterday, it had dlidlaied due to bad weather and the boat carrying the cars was lugistically challenging but when The trip has always been has proved a last-minute nightmare. Transporting the race cars for this weekend's second round. just getting to New Zealand for the V8 Supercar teams Plenty of drama looks likely to be the unlucky one. but recruit David Spriggs for O'Loughlin, on who will lose their spot their decision The Swans have yet to make play a game. footy stuff. The next stage is to good start with his fun runing and help me out as well. He's had a that's why the other boy there to blown a little bit but I think certainly fixes it up and I'll be being out there and running around Do as much training as you can but in his right knee. due to chronic tendonitis preseason preparation and has had a limited this season O'Loughlin has not played at all against the Crows at the SCG. for Sunday's match Michael O'Loughlin by the return of star forward The Swans have been boosted marking his number. and was presented with a special cap of the Brumbies, McKenzie was a foundation member the game with interest. the Kiwis, they are all watching from overseas - even in the discussions it's elevated, and for lots of reasons it isn't an important game There's no point pretending and Wallaby selection. for State/Territory bragging rights the players vying losing streaks, Both teams want to snap masked the underlying tension. between rival coaches A friendly handshake in Canberra tomorrow night. in a crucial Super 12 clash the Waratahs take on the Brumbies There'll be plenty at stake when on 'Sports Tonight'. report from the grand final replay 3-year contract. We'll have the point-scorer at the moment, to a 3-year contract. We'll have point-scorer at the moment, to a

selections for Rosehill tomorrow. To the tips and Michael Sullivan's selections for Rosehill tomorrow. To the tips and Michael Sullivan's begin in July. The World Championships going forward to Montreal. for our 4 x 200m relay team and looks great eighth fastest ever in Australia - 1:59:00, Certainly a great performance - for the distance. one of the top 10 Aussie's ever In the process becoming in the world this year. the ninth fastest 200m freestyle time The 16-year-old clocked the Australian age titles last night. after a stunning performance at in Montreal at the World Championships has staked her claim for a relay swim Brisbane swimmer Bronte Barratt daughter Anastasia dance for joy. Tszyu's effort was enough to make his him? with him or am I going to play with going to do. Am I going to brawl He doesn't know what exactly I'm of the preparation for Hatton. But the work-out is part the lightning-quick Sam Soliman. he had to move fast to avoid While floored by the adulation, to the middle of the city. by running from Circular Quay Kostya did a 'Rocky' with England's Ricky Hatton. ahead of his bout for a public sparring exhibition but today he halted Sydney traffic in their tracks has stopped plenty of opponents World champion boxer Kostya Tszyu over Frenchman Thomas Levet. still good enough for a 2-shot lead before a bogey at the last, But he could only manage par when he fired this shot. he was already 10 under Going into the last two holes, opening round of 9-under 62. Lonard shot 11 birdies in a sizzling in South Carolina, Playing at the Heritage Classic to shoot golf's magical number, 59. The big Aussie was on target at the Masters. just a week after he missed the cut in the US A super round for Peter Lonard here on Ten from midday on Sunday. And you can see all the V8 action been approved in Wellington. month whether a street race has the raceway. We'll know in the next the V8 Supercars will be seen at years. And this is the final time the V8 Supercars years. And this is the final time been a bit of a tough couple of rather than up for the front. It's was just running more midfield think I actually went anywhere, I seems the kid is back. I don't start to a season in years. It at the opening round - the best this weekend after finishing second gear. Craig Lowndes is pumped for not the same as having your own to get through the weekend but it's accumulate enough bits and pieces to accumulate enough bits and pieces bit better now. I've managed to

shore will be delayed due to heading home towards the north the train lines for commuters unfortunately a police operation on Pymble. We broke some news - towards the Pacific Highway through All three traffic lanes head down as a result of a breakder there. driving up towards the big dipper wuroopbga to Berowra. Traffic some big delays northbound from wuroopbga to Berowra. some big delays northbound from toward the Central Coast, we've got traffic leaving Sydney and heading F3sent looking great? No, Jess. For Mix 106.5 traffic helicopter. The weekend. Back to Vic Lorusso in the Thank you, Mr Webster. Have a good And that's all after the late News. in AFL. And Collingwood take on the Kangaroos between the Roosters and the Dogs. by the grand final re-match highlighted in Sports Tonight The usual big Friday That's it for now. Concord West train lines being changed. Get Concord West train lines being changed. Get onto CityRail if you are heading home on the trains this evening. Tim Bailey will have the weekend weather details next. And then the cute playmates loving life at the Western Plains Zoo.

Most building materials that contain asbestos are no problem if they're in good condition and they're left alone. But it's important that anyone who might do work on a building knows what they're dealing with. That's why there are new laws that require that you give anyone who might be affected, like tradesmen, tenants or potential purchasers, written information on what you know about any materials that could contain asbestos. For more information, see this booklet or the asbestos website.

You know wherever Tim Bailey goes, he draws a big You know wherever Tim Bailey goes, he draws a big crowd. He's been entertaining the crowd during the commercial break with some animal noises. I'm only concerned with your credibility. Exactly, that's why we're going straight to the weather. You're wondering what I've been doing during the commercial break but you won't find out, I'm afraid! Darling Harbour, this is where Friday nights turn into the weekend. I love where Friday nights turn into the weekend. I love the sniff of that weekend in the nostrils. What have we got for you? I'm going for partly sunny periods and around about 22 degrees. That could mean partly cloudy periods, partly showery periods, but I'm sticking on the bright side of life - partly sunny and 22. I'll bank on a sunny Sunday and 24 degrees. The sunny and 22. I'll bank on a sunny Sunday and 24 degrees. The best day of the weekend. It's Friday and it's creeping all over me. Cloud over eastern NSW is forming in a trough causing patchy rain and storms. Jet stream cloud along the southern coastline is not bringing rain. Patchy low cloud along the Queensland coast in onshore winds is bringing the odd shower. The map for tomorrow - on a Friday is bringing the odd shower. The map for tomorrow - on a Friday night, I study it all day long so I can get it right for you on a weekend. Onshore winds along the east coast will maintain showers mainly over

the Hunter. A high in the south-east will generate a cold morning and a sunny day in western NSW, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia. Rainfall map - Rainfall map - showers along the NSW coast, mainly the Hunter and mid-north. Isolated showers along the Queensland coast and far northern tropics. By Sunday, day two of the wonderful weekend, a weakening front will brush the south coast of WA with a cool change and light showers. Warmer northerlies will develop over south-eastern Australia. Onshore winds along the east coast will ease, causing showers to clear from the south. Just a showers to clear from the south. Just a gorgeous time in Sydney. Autumn weather has been spectacular and aren't Friday nights just there to be savered, folks? We love it, we can sniff the weekend from Darling Harbour. People all over the place. Give us a wave, folks! Look at that. In around about, according to the producer, 55 seconds, it's officially beer clock. I love that sort of talk. Straight back to I love that sort of talk. Straight back to the weather because it's important to me - it is a clear, ladies and gentlemen. That noise I made during the commercial breaks, folks, I have to show you what it was - the Tasmanian love call. It's the weekend. See you on Monday. I love

it, Tim. Thank you. Finally, a strange friendship has been formed at Dubbo's Western Plains Zoo. When she was born, white rhino Amira had to be separated from her mother because of a medical condition. So, to make sure she didn't get lonely, zoo staff brought in a mate - Gertie the goat. Physically, the pair have nothing in common, but it hasn't stopped them becoming the best of friends. And Gertie is trying very hard to teach her new pal some party tricks, but so far she hasn't had much success. That's the 5:00 news. I'm Ron Wilson. Goodnight. And I'm Jessica Rowe. Sandra Sully will have the late news after the movie. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.