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(generated from captions) live on television. it was caught from another angle, by suicide bombers in cars. It was one of two attacks on the ground. and leaving dead and wounded part of the street a huge blast wiping out that rocked Baghdad tonight, This was the moment caught on camera. First tonight - a terrorist attack and he won't admit his guilt. He's done the wrong thing and then billing both families. covering it up with another body accused of cremating the wrong body, And a funeral director about it. and why we're not going to be happy about the medicare safety net What the Federal Government's doing an election promise not met. iron-clad commitment. That is an absolutely rock solid, Also tonight - and welcome to Ten's Late News. Hello, I'm Sandra Sully tracked down to his US hideaway. And Australia's own Dr Death and I will be going to my room. a custodial sentence I will be receiving is punishing me today. The Government of Australia hears the news he's been dreading. disgraced high-flyer Rodney Adler Also tonight - coming up in the Late News. that led to those incidents The distressing event the Gold Coast beautician collapses. And later in court Leave her alone! All of you! (Screams and shouting) as her sister tries to protect her. at the Schapelle Corby trial in Bali Tonight - high drama This program is captioned live.

In Bali, Martine Griffiths, Ten News. they will press for a life sentence. it's almost certain Sources have revealed the judges to impose next Thursday. what punishment it wants The prosecution will now reveal which they insist planted the drugs. the conviction of a baggage handler for information leading to have offered a reward All this as Ms Corby's supporters for further treatment. and she was taken back to jail which doctors say is stress-induced, was extremely high, Her blood pressure Will you have some commonsense? the bloody place. Let some air get in Get out of here! Schapelle? when she fainted. soon thrown into chaos The packed, hot Denpasar courtroom but she was still required in court. and a doctor was placed on stand-by, Consular officials went to her aid to her cell. and forced himself through the crush A guard scooped her up down with her. bringing the Queensland woman who collapsed, the accused drug-smuggler, handcuffed to It was too much for the prisoner Leave her alone! All of you! (Screams and shouting) tried to force cameras away. after Schapelle Corby's sister quickly turned ugly Her most dreaded court appearance leading to an adjournment. fainted and became hysterical, The Gold Coast beautician which could be death by firing squad. about her penalty, as prosecutors started submissions has collapsed in a Bali court Australian Schapelle Corby The toll is 15 dead and 20 wounded. the intended target. appears to have been near the Interior Ministry building a police convoy Iraqi officials say debris scattered over a wide area. by the massive explosions, More than 15 cars were destroyed believed to be among the dead. several children on a busy street, The blasts came in quick succession

But then you come out. with that punishment. you may agree or disagree for a couple of hours, and I punish you to your room that when I punish one of you I said to them to his four children. his likely jail sentence and revealing how he'd explained in the media spotlight was in more familiar surroundings the former corporate high-flyer Before today's sentence, his jacket hiding the handcuffs. bound for jail, Rodney Adler leaving court of a spectacular fall from grace - The starkest example with a 2.5-year minimum. He's been sentenced to 4.5 years former HIH director Rodney Adler. Jail tonight for disgraced Martine Griffiths in Bali. Thanks, Martine for the update. next week. No doubt the next instalment Sandra. Denpasar courthouse for this trial. to the increasingly bizarre until she's expected to return It's another week was very, very high. her blood pressure from the pressure of the case, she collapsed and that doctor said that major hospitals, was from one of Bali's in the story, who you probably have seen who was called to the court, The doctor and is under great stress. from diarrhoea, vomiting she's been suffering she told judges During the dramatic hearing and she's in a much better state. or so since she left court Tonight it's been about five hours she's had time to relax. We understand and her state of health tonight? but what about Schapelle Corby their patience is running out, You're certainly implying because the 27-year-old was too ill. has been adjourned the Indonesian drug trial is the second time Now today, Sandra, medical condition is. no matter what Miss Corby's would be going ahead next week, the prosecution's final submissions Outside the court he told reporters was thrown into disarray. as his courtroom and at times seemed exasperated Schapelle Corby, from doctors who treated to see the medical report The chief judge has demanded to react favourably at all. The Indonesian judges didn't appear Yes, Sandra. looking on. there were three angry faces was going on in the courtroom Martine, while all that commotion Martine Griffiths. is Ten News reporter And on the phone from Bali tonight

of his duties while a director. The corporate regulator has chased Rodney Adler along with several other HIH executives for years. Today's judgment finally bringing the case to a head. One of the reasons I pleaded guilty was to bring this awful situation to an end. Former HIH chief executive Ray Williams will be sentenced tomorrow. He also faces jail and will no doubt have his former colleague's fate in mind. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. Australia's own Dr Death has been tracked down to a hideaway in the United States. He fled overseas after accusations of deadly negligence in an Australian hospital. The man dubbed 'Dr Death' fleeing his palatial US home, by a satisfied ASIC chairman following one of the most severe sentences for corporate crime. Mr Adler was in a position of trust as a director of HIH but he put his own financial interests before the interests of HIH shareholders. While Rodney Adler's offences occurred in the dying months of HIH, the judge was at pains to point out that they were not related to the collapse of the insurance giant itself. They were, however, still serious breaches A point echoed was attacked by Justice Dunford. the seriousness of his breaches But his efforts to play down The judge was scathing. and for corporate dishonesty. for misleading shareholders Adler pleaded guilty to four charges you. away. But I will miss you and see don't know how long I will be I for misleading shareholders Adler pleaded guilty to four charges and I will be going to my room. a custodial sentence I will be receiving is punishing me today. The Government of Australia

and the media. He bolted to Portland, Oregon, after accusations of gross incompetence leading to the death or serious injury of as many as 14 patients in the regional Queensland city of Bundaberg. His neighbours stunned to find out why he'd suddenly returned. Oh, I'm shocked. It's one of our neighbours, it's a nice, quiet cul de sac. Dr Jayant Patel spent two years as director of surgery at the hospital, where it's alleged he botched operations and attempted surgical procedures way beyond his ability. He scored the $200,000-a-year job despite being linked to three deaths in the US which lead to a gross negligence plea and suspension of his medical licence. A fact Queensland Health somehow missed. I'd like to say to those people that I am extremely sorry. Late today, Queensland Health Minister Gordon Nuttall said he would accept full responsibility. If I'm negligent in any way in terms of my responsibilities and what I've needed to do and what I need to do, obviously I need to consider that. The hospital's district manager has stepped aside pending an investigation. The superintendent's been advised to reconsider his position. Patel could ultimately be extradited from the States and forced to face victims' families, without a getaway car. Emma Dallimore, Ten News. A funeral director is facing fraud charges for allegedly conning grieving relatives. Prosecutors say he mixed up the cremation and burial of two people, then hid his mistake and billed both families. Adam Lee runs a business called Caring Funerals, but nothing could be further from the truth, according to two families who used his service. The Joneses arranged to have their 100-year-old mother Daisy cremated in November 2001 and around the same time, Rosemary Davidson organised a burial for her husband Errol. But the funeral parlour mixed up the bodies, cremating Mr Davidson by mistake. We were stunned. Of course we were stunned. We couldn't believe that this could happen. A mortuary assistant says Lee told him about the error after returning from a Melbourne Cup Day function on the eve of the Davidson funeral. But he says, rather than informing the family, Lee insisted they go ahead with the burial and put Mrs Jones's body in the large coffin in Mr Davidson's place. The elderly lady's body weighed nowhere near that of Mr Davidson's. So, the court heard, extra weight was added to the coffin to fool pallbearers, including a house brick, a concrete block, and a container filled with water. The final straw - Lee billed both families for a job done. The whole case only came to light when the assistant, wracked with guilt, rang the Health Department. The Davidson coffin was exhumed and Mrs Jones's remains found inside. The impact on my family has been absolutely disgraceful. It's cut our family to pieces. More than three years on, the pain still obvious for the families involved. He's done the wrong thing and he won't admit his guilt. Lee has pleaded not guilty to two counts of obtaining money by deception. The case returns to court later this month. Amber Muir, Ten News. The PM reveals the future of the Medicare safety net, and no-one's going to be happy. We're following that when we come back. Also tonight - Sam Newman tells us about a mystery woman who's come into his life. I heard a smashing window, and I came down and saw a person in my house. And a new twist in the Michael Jackson case has a woman squirming in the witness stand. I think today we went from Neverland to fantasy land.

This program is captioned live. A low-key start tonight to royal duties for the new royal couple. Charles and Camilla took a break from their honeymoon to open a new play park in Aberdeenshire. It was their first official duty since becoming husband and wife. As a piper played in the background, Camilla cut a ribbon at the entrance to Monaltrie Park to the cheers of hundreds of locals. This public appearance coming half-way through the couple's holiday at Birkhall on the Balmoral Estate after their marriage at Windsor's Guildhall. The Prime Minister has admitted breaking an election promise by making the Medicare safety net less generous. He says a cost blow-out made it too expensive for the Government to keep its word. The Medicare safety net was central to the Government's big health pitch at the last election, the PM spelling it out in the great debate. There's over $300 a year. You get 80% of the excess back. Health Minister Tony Abbott imploring voters to believe there'd be no backtracking after the election. That is an absolutely rock solid, iron-clad commitment. But not any more. The safety net stays but the Government can't afford the promised generosity. The thresholds will rise from $300 to $500 for low income earners and from $700 up to $1,000 for everyone else. The Prime Minister says the safety net is still generous but he admits it's also a broken election pledge. Well, certainly we didn't say we were going to increase the threshold, no, but at the time of the last election we did not believe it was going to blow out quite to the extent that we believe it is now. Some blow-out - from around $400 million to close to $1 billion. from around $400 million to close to $1 billion. This is so typical of John Howard - say anything, do anything, promise anything to get yourself elected, and then after the election present the Australian public with a bill. The new higher thresholds mean that it will take around 33 visits to the doctor before the safety net kicks in for low income families. The Government argues the higher thresholds are the only way to make the safety net affordable into the future, but that's unlikely to ease the concerns of many families struggling with ever larger medical bills in tight household budgets. The AMA is also outraged. If you go to the Australian public with a promise and expect to the Australian public to vote for you then I expect you to get your figures right. Greg Turnbull, Ten News. Asbestos disease sufferers are facing a new battle, HMAS 'Kanimbla' is steaming for Singapore tonight on the first leg of her journey home. of Nambour, north of Brisbane. Whenever we see a clear blue sky, a starry night, a stretch of beach with a good break, he will be there with us. It's been a traumatic two weeks for the crew on board the 'Kanimbla' but they're finally coming home, the first plane-load arriving at Richmond Air Base this afternoon. Their mercy mission to earthquake-devastated Nias complete. It's been a tough job for the ADF but, as always, they've done it superbly. The order came as crew members erected a poignant memorial to their mates - a permanent reminder of the sacrifice made. We have got to come away from here very proud of what we have done. There has been a tragedy as part of it but we have also done some fantastic work and helped some real people in need. Now it's time to move on. Obviously the grieving process is long and we'll have up and downs The crew's job is done but they're still grieving nine mates who lost their lives in the Sea King tragedy. Another service for another life lost, this time navy pilot Jonathan King, laid to rest in his home town but we're really now moving into a phase where we're remembering the fantastic people that we had rather than the tragedy that took them away from us. The laughs, the jokes and the times that we had together with those people. ADF crash investigators will remain on Nias with an RAAF Hercules trying to determine what caused the accident. Final preparations are under way for a national service of thanksgiving to be held here in Parliament House's Great Hall tomorrow. Family members will light candles as the nation remembers the nine men and women who lost their lives. The 'Kanimbla' is expected to arrive in Sydney on April 30th. Leonie Mellor, Ten News. When we come back - Sam Newman tells us about a mystery woman who's come into his life. I heard a smashing window, and I came down and saw a person in my house - A new twist in the Michael Jackson case has a woman squirming in the witness stand. I think today we went from Neverland to fantasy land. And in 'Sports Tonight' - Sonny Bill Williams reveals why he asked the Bulldogs for a maximum 2-year deal. SONG: # How will you feel when it happens # When a Lotto win finds you? # 'Cause it's the big red ball # That makes dreams come true... # Sold! # The big red ball # That makes dreams come true. # This program is captioned live. A bizarre day of testimony in the Michael Jackson paedophile trial. The mother of the alleged victim claims the star told them their lives were in danger. After almost two weeks of enduring embarrassing and graphic testimony, it was Michael Jackson's turn to watch someone else squirm. I think today we went from Neverland to fantasy land. The star witness, the mother of Jackson's alleged victim, a woman whom the defence says orchestrated the case to try to make money. Her credibility took a battering from the start. The first thing she did was claim privilege to avoid answering questions about welfare fraud. The damage is done. The jury has been told by the judge effectively she's accused of being a liar and a thief but I don't want you to infer anything from that. In an erratic performance on the stand, she went on to claim Jackson's camp held her family against their will, warning them killers were out to get them, following her son's appearance in a controversial documentary on the star. What we did get was a witness who was scattered, who was strange and at times really bizarre. She was to be the prosecution's trump card in proving conspiracy allegations against Jackson, but during her testimony the jury appeared to lose interest.

At least one juror fell asleep. This is make or break I think and it may very well be break for the prosecution. Michael Jackson left court smiling. In the US, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. To the latest on finance and CommSec's Tom Piotrowski. Tom, a pretty savage sell-off for stocks today. What was behind it? Well, there were a number of reasons, sand remarks the local markets are paying attention to what is going on in the US. And last night, wall street took a nosedive from a retail sales north 12 months. An important from mining stocks, a sharp reversal in mining reports. Higher oil price cos crimp demand mining reports. Higher oil price cos crimp demand for higher materials. Today we saw BHP down by 4%. Which accounted for a quarter of overall loss. Tom all prices have fallen recent lirbgs yet investors haven't taken interest. We have seen too many false starts for the oil prices to celebrates 14% fall in the last trading days but now it's a he question of getting but now it's a he question of getting oil out of the ground and more of refineries being table process petrol, gasoline and heating oil and jet fuel. Thanks, Tom. CommSec's Tom Petrov sky. So to the day in detail - A security scare for controversial AFL personality Sam Newman. He tackled an intruder in his home, the woman blaming her behaviour on alcohol. Emerging from a police station five hours after her starring role in the latest instalment of the Sam Newman soap opera. They do say five minutes, you're famous for five minutes, so here I am. Tatiana Micunivic's brush with fame came after a night of drinking with strangers on the beach. She says she and her companions entered Sam Newman's heavily fortified property nearby, before one of them smashed a side window. I was at the wrong place at the wrong time and I drank too much. The startled media personality took matters into his own hands, apprehending the heavily intoxicated woman. I heard a smashing window, and I came down and saw a person in my house - not in my house, in my property outside my house - so I took them inside it's a Tszyu out there. And the streets of Sydney - John Bowe in the naked city. They kept going. Adam Ramanauskas out for the season. and it wasn't good. another verdict today but the Bombers heard against a 2-match suspension, Carlton's Heath Scotland appealing Yes, Sandra. tonight. and a rare AFL tribunal hearing with Bill Woods and then it's 'Sports Tonight' The weather's next Gerard Scholten, Ten News. broke his nose. while another's ex-boyfriend One ex-girlfriend drove over his leg involving the former footballer. in a string of controversies It's the latest any better security than that. don't know how you can have doing what she's doing - we've got her on camera We've got her on camera coming in, mate. Can't get any tighter than this, to upgrade security. but he says he has no plans the first time it's happened For Sam Newman, it's not and criminal damage. including attempted burglary charged with numerous offences She'll face court in June All captured on security cameras. the incident happened at his home. and it was just a coincidence before today, she'd never heard of Sam Newman Incredibly, the 37-year-old says and called the police. by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext Captions from the Late News team, goodnight. I'm Sandra Sully - is next. 'Sports Tonight' with Bill Woods And that's the latest from Ten News. of a full recovery aren't good. they say the chances tonight - The doctors are making no promises when fighting with another panda. fell off a cliff It's thought the 20-year-old last Monday. was found by the side of a road whose name actually means 'healthy', 'Kang Kang', ever performed on an animal. of its kind to try what is the first procedure has been brought together in China A team of doctors on a fractured vertebra. is undergoing pioneering surgery A paralyzed giant panda and mostly cloudy in the Alice. Late thunder is forecast in Darwin in Adelaide and Perth. A mostly sunny day Showers clearing in Melbourne. Sydney and Canberra. showers for Brisbane, Tomorrow's weather - This program is captioned live.