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(generated from captions) jail term to his children. how he explained his imminent Adler told became a traffic-stopper. his last lonely walk of freedom But it was not long before sped from home this morning. Hiding behind blinds, Rodney Adler as a director of failed insurer HIH. for improper conduct a minimum 2.5 year prison term is tonight beginning The former corporate high-flyer is now complete. Rodney Adler's fall from grace to a Silverwater jail cell, From a Vaucluse mansion Good evening. This is Ian Ross with Seven News. This program is LIVE captioned. he will strike again. as a victim warns And a serial paedophile to walk free she will face the death penalty. before hearing whether Schapelle Corby collapses in court Rodney Adler. for disgraced HIH director, at least 2.5 years jail Tonight - and I will be going to my room. a custodial sentence, I will be receiving is punishing me today. The government of Australia

the sobbing 27-year-old was obvious, six-month ordeal from Schapelle Corby's The stress and strain she had better not be pretending. the judge warning she had better not be pretending. out of the Bali courtroom, Corby had to be carried if she will face the death penalty. after she collapsed waiting to hear after she collapsed waiting to hear drug-smuggling trial is again on hold Schapelle Corby's Silverwater jail. at his new waterside address, He may well join Rodney Adler will be sentenced tomorrow. Ray Williams Former HIH chairman be taken off him. over the years, or wherever he's transferred them to his assets or his wife's, I would have much preferred jail is not enough punishment. She says and $250,000. for the loss of her business, who blames the HIH debacle That is no comfort for Lia Cutting, relate to the collapse of HIH. None of these charges I was a non-executive director $5.3 billion disintegration. did not cause the insurance giant's for which he has gone to jail today The offences for the collapse of HIH. Rodney Adler was not being punished Justice Dunford said of shareholders. against the interests will not tolerate criminal behaviour and the courts That ASIC, the community the big end of town to take notice - The corporate regulator warns saying Adler deliberately induced... a maximum 4.5 years sentence Justice John Dunford handed down Inside, Thank you very much. and I will see you. I will be away, but I will miss you, I don't know how long and I will be going to my room. punishing me today. government of Australia is but then you come out. The disagree with pa that punishment couple of hours you may agree or punish you to your room fore a When I punish one of you and I arriving at the Denpasar Court. who sexually assaulted him. being lured by the man he watches video of himself Terrified. But we can show you how he feels... We cannot identify this boy. and other children. he is scared for himself has told Seven News His most recent young victim for his latest crime. after serving six months walks out of jail this weekend worst serial paedophiles One of the State's next Thursday. Corby should appear in court Depending on her medical condition, It's not a traffic offence. There's a girl's life at stake. And someone needs to come forward. reward to clear her name. is trying to raise a $1 million Ron Bakir Corby supporter and businessman that justice is done. We are interested in seeing in an Australian prison. she will serve her time out so that, if she is sent to jail, they have lobbied hard and say gets a fair trial, to ensure Schapelle Corby they have done all they can The Australian Government says (People speak in foreign language) still unheard. their submission on sentencing by the prosecution's doctor, for examination to be taken back to prison But he then ordered her "I hope you're not pretending." The judge warned her, to assess Ms Corby. A doctor was called Corby's family was furious. jumped from the gallery to her aid. Her sister Mercedes the crowded courtroom she collapsed. Within minutes of arriving in It was not enough. before her court appearance. of comfort and encouragement Brent Hall offered words to the Australian Consul. Ms Corby asked to speak Visibly upset, who collapsed amid the crush. along with another prisoner had to be carried to the holding cell The former beauty student It was all too much. Leave her alone! Leave her alone! lashed out. upset by her pain and distress, Her sister Mercedes, REPORTER: How is your health?

of our health system. The Medicare safety net was designed to catch those falling from high health costs. But it has caught the government performing a policy backflip. Unless they are put on a sustainable basis, well, in time we just won't be able to afford them. Promise anything to get yourself elected, then after the election, present the Australian public with a bill. The safety net repays 80% of out-of-pocket costs once medical expenses reach a certain limit. For low-income earners that doesn't When Gallacher a high likelihood of reoffence. it seems that there would be predicting future behaviour, On the basis of past behaviour On the basis of past behaviour before he assaulted three boys. it took just four months The last time he was freed a handful of months out of prison. Gallacher has spent only For three decades, for 30 years. He's done it this many times 'cause he's going to keep doing it. for the rest of his life, He may as well go in there he will walk from jail. after the predator was sentenced, just six months And this weekend, attacked him in July 2003. The boy was 13 when William Gallacher that are so brazen about it. that there are people out there It makes me feel sick It makes me feel sick. in the community all of the time. This family hopes the system can get to Gallacher before he gets to another young victim. You wouldn't let an alcoholic have six months rehabilitation before you put him in a pub again, so why would you let a paedophile who's been doing it for 30 years? The Federal Government has broken a key election promise, making families with big medical bills pay more. The Medicare safety net is shrinking, because of the expanding cost and what they're doing where they are so that we can regularly monitor in a variety of forms that have completed their sentences on the monitoring of these offenders an even stronger emphasis There'll be will be near the top of the list. And Gallacher to scrutinise the worst offenders. up and running to scrutinise the worst offenders. Child Protection Watch Teams police hope to have But by July, his behaviour or movements. nobody will be actively monitoring is released on Saturday, kick in now until $500, up $200. High-income earners $1,000, up $300. Mr Howard denies breaking a promise. At the time of the last election we did not believe that it was going to blow out quite to the extent that we believe it is now. But a government review accurately predicted the $1 billion blow-out a month before the poll and a week before Mr Howard's campaign launch. We will retain the Medicare safety net. Labor will cut it out of the heart of Medicare. The Health Minister's promise was unequivocal. That is an absolutely rock solid, iron-clad commitment. John Howard says he always wanted the thresholds at these levels but the Senate forced them lower. The bottom line, though, is that Australian families will now pay more for their health care than he promised. Asbestos victims have appealed to Health Minister Tony Abbott to subsidise a life-extending medication. Doctors say the drug called Alimta improves a patient's quality of life. But it costs $4,000 a month. So mesothelioma patients want it listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme. Please, Mr Abbott, listen to what we're saying. These people need your help now. A decision is due at the end of the month. On Sydney's hyper-expensive harbour foreshores bushland is being sabotaged to make way for better views. But one council is fighting back, trying to shame a neighbourhood into dobbing in vandals who have killed 30 trees. tree-lopping It began with large-scale tree-lopping cutting an uninterrupted view to the harbour. But some neighbours are not impressed. They were nice young trees, but they were in the way. But now an even more sinister tactic. Someone has systematically vandalised 30 trees in the nearby National Park. Trees a century old are now dying. They've actually ringbarked it, which means they effectively stop the tree from taking up food and water. A National Parks investigation has failed to solve the mystery. Now there is a $1,000 reward for neighbours to dob in the culprit. It doesn't take Einstein to work out it was done for the purpose of views. It may be very hard to work out who is actually responsible. But locals are not sure who among them is to blame. Have a look at these trees here. They obscure views all over the place, and no-one's nobbled them. Some think they know but don't want to point the finger. You've got to live with your neighbours, and it's not an easy thing to do. Manly Council says its just a case its just a case of putting trees first and that residents with harbour views to keep them. should not always expect to keep them. Those who try risk fines of more than $100,000. Trees will grow. Your view may be altered, but there's no excuse for this. The cooling property market leading mortgage lenders has prompted one of Australia's leading mortgage lenders to branch out. John Symond is determined to find another way into our pockets with a new credit card. He is the king of home loans - now venturing into the murky waters of credit card finance. The banks and the big established global players prey on unsuspecting consumers, just as the sharks do. They are circling, but in his unique style, John Symond is determined to save you. And, boy, does this guy know marketing - big props and a big-budget ad campaign. TV ADVERT: There's more sharks out there than in here. But he has a simple message. You're being ripped off. Don't think you're alone. 10 million Australians have credit cards. We put about $131 billion on them a year. New research shows about 60% of us don't even know the interest charged. It is an average 16%. Most store cards are 26%. This one is 9.99% with a $49 annual fee and no reward points. Some cards have lower rates but their fees are much higher. Australians are, in some degree, apathetic about their personal banking. They don't make changes very easily and what we want to see is people questioning what's in their pocket. The banks are expected to bite back. If a card such as Aussie makes enough impact in the marketplace and takes away enough market share, absolutely, they'll have to move because it is a very competitive market. Seven Network management has apologised to viewers for last night's break in transmission during Blue Heelers. A power blackout caused a massive surge to hit our broadcast centre, knocking the network off air. Two back-up systems also failed. But Blue Heelers' fans won't miss out. Last night's program will be shown next Wednesday night at 8.30, followed by a new episode. Ahead in Seven News - The accidental release of a killer virus. Also, jockeys angry over a safety device they fear makes injuries worse. And the surrogate mother set to deliver quintuplets. SONG: # Sizzling at Hungry Jack's! # with tomato, lettuce and ranch sauce SONG: # Love it at Hungry Jack's! # The burgers are better at Hungry Jack's. Buddy Garden Companion with bonus tool set, $19.95, Adds up to 10 out of 10! And you can't beat 10 out of 10! Most building materials that contain asbestos are no problem if they're in good condition and they're left alone. But it's important that anyone who might do work on a building knows what they're dealing with. That's why there are new laws that require that you give anyone who might be affected, like tradesmen, tenants or potential purchasers, written information on what you know about any materials that could contain asbestos. For more information, see this booklet or the asbestos website. Thieves have driven a car through the windows through the windows of a service station in Sydney's south-west, making off with an automatic teller machine. A stolen sedan was used to smash into Woolworths at Revesby early this morning. Six men then ripped out the ATM and loaded it into a van. An abandoned car is being examined by forensic police, along with pictures from a security camera. A safety vest designed to save the lives of Australian jockeys is under fire from the people it is meant to protect. Riders fear it leaves them vulnerable and they are calling on racing authorities to consider other options. For over six years, jockeys have been forced to wear vests when they race. It makes some feel safe. Tough! But in a sport where danger is just a split second away. COMMENTATOR: Oh, Parameter is down so too is Belize and so too is Make Me Strong in a fall. Surprisingly, while jockeys think that this Japanese-style vest will prevent serious neck injuries, they are not allowed to wear it because it doesn't comply with international regulations. We'll re-look at that and see whether there's a means of introducing the Japanese vest. They are big animals and when you fall, you hit the ground hard, So not much is going to save you except for the bloke above. A flu virus that has killed millions of people has mistakenly been mailed to 18 countries from an American laboratory. Vials of the H2N2 virus were sent to almost 4,000 labs as part of a testing kit. It killed four million people in the 1950s and could do the same now if it escaped. We regret that this happened. We regret that this happened. It's unfortunate. Every lab that received the virus is Every lab that received the virus is being told to destroy it immediately. Australia is not affected. The mother of Michael Jackson's accuser bizarre behaviour has told of witnessing the pop star's bizarre behaviour towards her son during a plane trip. And begging jurors not to judge her, she broke down in tears as she described Michael Jackson licking her son's head over and over again. Gavin Arvizo's mother Janet said she was so tired at the time she thought it was a hallucination, so she did not ask Jackson to stop. and so too is Berrett. Darren Beadman has joined a growing list of jockeys calling for reform to their safety gear. If you hit the ground hard and you get whacked in the neck like that, I feel that's where a lot of the problems are coming through the neck injuries. Damien Oliver didn't agree with the critics until a fall last month. He fractured his vertebrae and won't race for a year. Some think racing officials need to think again. Personally if I didn't have to wear a vest, I wouldn't. Personally if I had a choice, I wouldn't wear one. REPORTER: Why is it so dangerous around the neck area there? There's no flexibility. If you look at that there, that's just like a piece of wood. The most sturdiest pressure point's up here at the top of your neck, which is where the incidents basically occurred from. Asian vests are considered to be more flexible and allow the body to roll naturally

Earlier, she refused to answer questions about her own alleged history of welfare fraud. An American woman who agreed to be a surrogate mother for a childless couple has been told she is carrying quintuplets, all boys. So Teresa Anderson and her husband have decided not to accept the $19,000 Teresa was charging. Well, we decided that they need it a lot more than we do at this point. Teresa says she has gained almost 40kg since becoming pregnant. She is likely to give birth by caesarean in about three weeks. Time for sport with Matthew White. And the Dogs finally get their man. Roscoe, Sonny Bill Williams is in Roscoe, Sonny Bill Williams is in the dog house for another two years. More on that next. Also, why Freddie won't step in to help save the Roosters. And another day of violence in the Champions League. It's finally official. Rugby League's hottest property Sonny Bill Williams is staying with the Bulldogs. The 19-year-old Kiwi has signed a two-year deal thought to be worth around $800,000. He always wanted to stay, and now Sonny Bill has finally put pen to paper. What does a 19-year-old do with all that cash? Buy a house for my mum that's what I'm looking at doing I am bringing her over from New Zealand and I'm really happy. Relieved, too, is as close as he'll come. There's no way, mate. I could most probably go out and play one game at a shoe launch A game of virtual soccer to go around again. I haven't got it in me to help a club out of a crisis. Brad Fittler rejected fresh calls coming to save them, either. there is no cavalry of the struggling Roosters, And unfortunately for fans grand final replay. and will miss tomorrow night's are sidelined by injury Mason and Sonny Bill what the budget is. but at least we know going forward, We've got to balance the budget to Willie Mason and Braith Anasta. who must now turn his attention to Willie Mason and Braith Anasta. top Dog Malcolm Noad

as he was led away. One kicked and punched Several men were detained. and rubber bullets. who responded with tear gas the mob turned on police, to target, With no Liverpool supporters managed to keep fans apart. but authorities vowed to settle the score 300 Juventus supporters were subdued compared to outside. Protests inside the ground at Heysel Stadium. when a wall collapsed for the death of 39 Italians still blame Liverpool and some Juventus fans Two decades on, Liverpool and Juventus. And a heartbreaking penalty and expect to make the semifinals. and just accruing bonus points We can't keep losing games three in a row, the Waratahs two. The Brumbies have lost for both sides. The match is a must-win the bus intact. But no, I'm pleased we can keep to glue a bit of paper over it. so we might have had our pennies here, Yeah, we like to watch for another two years. with Morgan Turinui re-signing today for another two years. will not need changing, and thankfully the photos on the bus by bus this afternoon The team left for Canberra returning to the side. with pivot Lachlan MacKay against the Brumbies, for Saturday's Super 12 showdown Only one change to the Waratahs in the country again, for a start. as good as I did last year but that's all I'd have in me, so it wouldn't last. The New Zealand Rugby League is again pushing for up to five Kiwis series. to play for each State of Origin series. The Roosters' English enforcer Adrian Morley is also looking into it. They have said if I did that, I'd have to give up playing for Great Britain. REPORTER: It's a big ask, isn't it? Yeah, I'm not prepared to do that. I wouldn't be able to step foot goal-kicking shoot-out has knocked Australia out of the Under 19 Rugby World Cup. With the scores locked 25-25 at full time, the young Australians missed two out of five to send the Kiwi Baby Blacks into the final against South Africa. The image of European soccer has taken a fresh battering with more violence in the Champions League. This time police were called in to use tear gas and rubber bullets in the quarterfinal between

good enough for Liverpool to progress on aggregate to meet Chelsea in the first ever all-English Champions League semifinal. It was the second day running of crowd trouble at a Champions League match. Italian authorities are still deciding what action to take after Inter's clash with AC Milan was called off after flares and bottles were thrown onto the ground hitting a player. These are the flares used, and were freely available near the ground for just $7. Bizarre isn't it Roscoe. Hopefully flex time they have a champions league story it will be about socker and nothing but socker It a $1.4 billion takeover plan. after it announced was halted Trade in Ramsay Healthcare shares lost ground today. And the share market but first finance. after the break, Nuala has Sydney's weather Yes, crazy. was like a report from a war zone The game ended in a 0-0 draw,

there was another reason And here in Hyde Park while it lasts. enjoying the warmer weather out and about There were plenty of people under the clear blue skies. in the high 20s with tops taking a run up appearance in our weather today Summer made a special guest Good evening. to walk through. Oxfam Fair Trade Coffee and Chocolate Sampling on all week. A mug of something hot would have gone down well in suburbs around Campbelltown overnight where the mercury dipped down to 9 degrees but then bounced back up to 29 today along with most of Sydney. 26 in town, which is still 4 above average. The sunny conditions aren't going to last. A front and trough line will move through tomorrow with some patchy rain and showers, though so far falls have been on the light side. Fair Trade coffee or chocolate come here to the Archibald Fountain between 12 and 2pm. It's good stuff for a very good cause. Any excuse to eat chocolate Did you say chocolate? We'll be there. And that's Seven News to now. I'm Ian Ross. Thanks for your company. Goodnight. Captioned by Seven Network Email - and feel like sampling some Tomorrow if you're in town ahead of a change around Wednesday. More of the same Monday before a sunny day Sunday. Becoming fine on Saturday impact on our weekend. The change shouldn't have too much in the afternoon. following that southerly change perhaps a thunderstorm patchy rain and with a few showers, 24 to 25 degrees as warm tomorrow, either. But then it won't be as cold as last night. will stop it from being as cold as last night. Increasing cloud tonight thanks to cooler southerly winds. behind the front Temperatures will drop