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(generated from captions) That story soon. defies belief. How he got the job in the first place blamed for more than a dozen deaths. but now he is on the run, ran one of our major hospitals, Also, this doctor in a moment. in a moment. holding their breath - that has Aussie companies The shopping revolution smaller manufacturers. It will be the death knell for about to disappear off the shelves. that thousands of them are Tonight we can reveal to buy Aussie brands. Most of us prefer Australian made and owned products? Is this the end of I'm Naomi Robson. Goodnight. Thanks for your company. I'm Ian Ross. them. imagine cha she was going do with I hope you are not out bid. I can't Jack Johnson's Jocks. I'll be bidding for these. take a look on line. who has the hottest jocks, If you want to see If you want to see on eBay. The bidding has already started Back to these daks. Fine Monday. Showers Tuesday. just a coastal shower about Sunday. That should clear during Saturday, with patchy rain developing. The cloud is back on Friday up to 28 in the west. Tops reaching the mid to high 20s, once some early fog clears. under mostly sunny skies but we'll warm right back up tomorrow thanks to the clear skies Tonight will be a little cooler with some cloud and patchy rain. due to reach us on Friday and trough line ahead of the arrival of the cold down the east of our State tomorrow, will direct warm northerly winds On the charts, the high in the Tasman 10 to 20 in the mountains. and pleasant tops around the mid 20s, leaving us with a mostly sunny day for long, Early cloud didn't hang around Moving right along to the weather.

and small businesses for thousands of manufacturers the end of the road and it could spell A huge upheaval for shoppers are disappearing before your eyes. Lots of familiar brands and products are about to hit the shelves. Hundreds of new products for the supermarket revolution. Get ready Let the consumer have a choice. to have a monopoly. We don't want people for smaller manufacturers. It will be the death knell with the supermarket chain. very definitely, The power is definitely, will be an economic disaster. they say for a shopping revolution are bracing themselves thousands of people who work for them home-grown companies and the As Helen Wellings reports, by minimising your choice. to maximise profits Australia's biggest retailers the plan by one of Tonight we can reveal about to hit supermarket shelves. wait until you see what is If you think that is bad enough, and the growers don't see any of it. there are massive profits there As you can see, for those figures. Thank you to the Weekly Times Tomatoes, a mark-up margin of 350%. Table grapes, a mark-up of 300%. Eggs, a mark-up of 280%. with a staggering mark-up of 2,500%. we are slugged In the supermarket for their spuds. Farmers get up to $140 a tonne Next, potatoes. A mark-up of 1,500%. in the supermarket. We pay between $2 and $5 50c a kilogram for Valencia oranges. a farmer gets paid between 30c and Example No.1, are being squeezed dry. of how struggling farmers Here are a few examples when you next go shopping. something to think about Before we get fully under way, of Dancing with the Stars? make it to the grand final So how did Ian Roberts with cement feet. and a dancing building a dead man walking He has been called We are victims of our own son. of the young tearaways speak out. now the parents pay for the crimes of their children, Plus, the campaign to make parents

own-labels have built up over 20 in the UK Retail consultant Robert Clark says the top of the range. and then they've got garlic and basil varieties and we have got Tesco's sort of basic olive oil, and here we have got Right, here we have the olive oils 40% of overall supermarket sales. especially in the UK where they are of supermarket generics overseas, is based on the huge success major supermarkets with own-brands This new move to flood the in a few weeks. Expect to see them on the shelves in a few weeks. Expect to see them on the shelves "George J Coles". and the superior brand, "You'll Love Coles" "Coles Smart Buy", They will call them cheap, medium and expensive. three tiers of new ones - and bringing in that you have come to know all the home brands Coles are going to be ditching products with the Woolworths label. and introduce a new range of premium with Coles but they will soon go into battle their Home Brand Woolworths are keeping and this is one way of doing it. out of what they currently sell of actually making more money out of what they currently sell so they have got to find a new way is not growing dramatically Our population than from manufacturers' brands. profits from their own house products supermarkets can make far bigger Barry Flannigan of Retail World says to maybe a third of what you buy. of products in the shopping trolley to actually lift the number Coles now want within two years. in their stores to 30%-40% of the products in their stores want to treble that but now Coles Myer around 12% of supermarket sales own-label brands make up At present in Australia, that sell them. products made by the supermarkets own-label or house brands - An explosion of new That biggest thing? in supermarketing. in most people's lives the biggest thing that will happen I think this is probably can drive up their profits. so the supermarkets so the supermarkets and probably more than one, of an own-brand product is now the subject that you see in the supermarket Virtually any product years in all sorts of product ranges.

Robert Stockdill of the independent Food Week publication says it is already happening. that's had 40% of its range deleted, I know of one multinational that's had 40% of its range deleted, virtually overnight. Coles and Woolworths are basically screwing suppliers to the wall, but at the same time, it's been said there's only one thing worse than not dealing with Coles and Woolworths, and that's not dealing with Coles and Woolworths. Here in the heart of rural Victoria, 3,500 dairy farmers are anxiously awaiting their fate. They supply the Murray Goulburn Co-operative, but they have just heard the disturbing news that Devondale cheese, which is made with their milk, is to be taken from the shelves of Coles and Bi-Lo to make way for own-label products. It's a fair chunk out of our market that we're going to have to make up and hopefully somewhere else or in other supermarkets. its "Value" range of 1,200 products. "Finest" range products are bought by 71% of customers. In fact, the premium ranges at Tesco and the big Sainsbury's stores generate a staggering $2.1 billion a year in sales, but at the expense of other manufacturers' brands. What tended to happen was the smaller manufacturers got squeezed. They couldn't get shelf space because of the growth of own-label. 84% of its customers buy has five own-brand ranges. Tesco, the UK's leading supermarket, That is exactly what critics predict in Australia. Products that are not the top sellers could collapse under the weight of the supermarket's new own-labels. They'll just drop off the shelves, they'll not be there, they'll be there one day and not the next. Brendon Kennedy's family has been supplying milk to Murray Goulburn for three generations, but with 500 small dairy farmers in Victoria gone bust in the last three years, he is now praying that small Aussie growers will not be displaced by own-labels made from cheaper imports. We want everyone to have a choice. It's Australian-owned, it's proudly Australian, all the way from the producer to the end product is made here, and we'd like to see everyone have a choice to get that. We recently had a major project, Helen. We spent well over $100 million relaying all our stores and that's been in preparation for this project so we have made some new room in our stores. Coles would not talk to us on camera, but Woolworths chief Roger Corbet claims Woolworths will not knock out other manufacturers as long as they sell well. We're not about deleting, but customers will finally make their choice. Roger Corbet says Coles is more likely to push out slower sellers. We will only have two price points. I understand Coles are going to have three price points and I think, if you did that, it would have a significant impact on the secondary brands in the marketplace. But some Aussie companies have told us they have been put on notice BEEPS from a big manufacturer. than they will on a product, say, on that product So they actually make more money they want to sell it at. at the price in their own supermarkets and then they can sell it really set themselves, which they can which they can get a price from the manufacturer, They can go to a manufacturer, that will call the shots. it is the supermarkets But once again, for own-label brands instead. for some to supply ingredients Talks have already begun they are not necessarily doomed. As for smaller manufacturers, embrace these new supermarket brands. whether Australian shoppers It remains to be seen you're the biggest selling brand. it's whether or not it's who can afford the shelf space, It's what's got power, Best doesn't come into it, no. or face their products being dropped. just for space on the shelves, sums of up to $2 million a year some say they have been asked to pay In fact, the shelf in one of the two chains. to keep their full range on to pay as much as $800,000 a year that they've been asked on a no-names basis, We've had companies tell us, to be on the shelves. to show why they should continue by the supermarkets

She has been left with horrible She has been left regular doctor manded treatment. bruise and sent her home. Her diagnosed a gallbladder attack as a also lost her life. Dr Patel with me I'm going to die. Darcy too care in Brisbane. Doctor something emergency transferal to specialist intervened and stopped his Injured in an accident, Dr Patel Injured in an tkhrebgttkrecker of surgery. died where he was the his hands. Tessie Bramich's husband been maimed, disfigured or died at may be dozens of patients who have be impossible to determine. There lucky ones. The deadly legacy could the anguish, barrel is one of the the anguish, was nothing they could do. Despite liver and I was going to die. There said I had secondary cancer of the funeral but he was very wrong. He cancer and told her to plan a diagnosed Beryl with tirlinal any carpet. Dr Jayant Patel lives and it can't be swept under people hurt, people have lost their in Australia. There are so many surgeon to ever practice medicine Jayant Patel, the most incompetent They call this surgeon Dr Death, Dr to unravel his questionable past. was a simple Internet search when all they had to do to practise how he was allowed into Australia are wondering Now red-faced authorities of deaths and serious injuries. and he is being blamed for dozens is just being realised his deadly legacy Two years down the track, biggest regional hospitals. was in charge of one of Australia's For years, Dr Jayant Patel but no-one wanted to listen. by his colleagues, He was referred to as Dr Death Helen Wellings with that report.

Helen Wellings with that report. away with it. have victims and how could he get have victims victim and all these people are patients have the last word I am a Dr Patel has fled the country. His the system has let the people down. system. We have let the people down, basis I apologise on behalf of the through the net. From a personal isolated case that just slipped and his dodgy background is an chief health officer says Dr Patel chief health officer people of his history. Queensland's happened is that he has misinformed Bundaberg. Ian Fleming suffering at done before or during his job in minutes on line yet no checks were beat. This journalist spent 10 registers and it came up in a heart We did a Google search of Internet medical board and Queensland health. should have been apparent to the should have been apparent to the resulting in patient deaths. This tkpwroes negligence in the US that Dr Patel was found guilty of worse, it has now been uncovered today." nothing was done. What is many patients have you killed ago. One doctor would say, " How joined Bundaberg hospital two years joined Bundaberg hospital two years story. Concerns began soon after he one mistake. This was a horror a doctor make a mistake. Not just bad enough as it is without haveing I don't real eneed. This world is has been stressful and it is stress scars after a rushed operation. It the hand of Dr Patel. What has some to light is to light is astounding that a person could have surrendered his medical licence in New York and be directed as the director of surgery in Queensland. I'm not sure I have easy answers to any of those questions. What clearly has

We are victims of our own son. to blame. because that's the quickest person It's easy to blame the parents except themselves. Their parents blame everyone Coming up, kids out of control. who is voting for Ian Roberts on Dancing with the Stars? Still to come, overseas-trained doctors. of about 2,000 today started a comprehensive audit The Queensland Medical Board Dr John D'Arcy reporting there.

for the crimes of their children when they run riot, when they run riot, destroying and stealing the property of others? people you know, stealing off us. Desperate, she tried everything. I've had him to counselling, to psychologists, psychiatrists. Stealing off friends, stealing off his every move. trouble would soon shadow When drugs took hold, he would find it. If there was trouble, per se. not your average child, sort of, and being generally naughty, like lighting fires in bedrooms He was doing things since the age of 12. their son has been off the rails Peggy and Bill Ford say We are victims of our own son. by their wayward children. and battle-weary left broken, mentally scarred Two parents at breaking point, I could get him any help. was the only way having him put through the system Having him charged, We hit brick wall after brick wall. There is no help for you. is a nightmare. Being through it as a parent Here is Sophie Hull. Tonight, you be the judge. Should parents be held accountable "sewer rats" and "street vandals". The kids who have been dubbed cannot control their tearaway kids. Now to the mums and dads who cannot control their tearaway kids.

broke the windscreen with her face. and she went into the windscreen, Hit a tree daughter had been in a car accident. when Robert awoke to the news his Things came to a head can't do this, can't do that. saying parents can't smack kids, they get these hand-outs right from early on, She figured out, from school, whatsoever to tell her what to do. They told her I've got no right She had the rights. All Robert could do was watch. running with a gang of car thieves. Soon, she was out at all hours, I was too strict. we... had to be home for dinner, roam the streets at night, we didn't let her we didn't let her have fun, Victim Pete Smith's snowballing crusade driving around, breaking into cars? at 1 o'clock in the morning, What's your kid doing By the time she got to 14, she was an absolute nightmare, met with some really wrong people. Rob Anderson knows Peggy's story Rob Anderson knows Peggy's story all too well. As a doting father, he watched his daughter spiral out of his care and into a world of crime. Apparently, this would have been the wake-up call he and his wife had prayed for. I think it was a wake-up call but she got worse. She went out more joy-rides, more stolen cars. I tried to get help. I rang up different places. All I was told was she's not bad enough yet. Wait until she gets bad. How bad does she have to get? She nearly killed herself. I'm trying to sue the parents. It's never been heard of but I think it's about time we took the step because the courts aren't teaching the kids nothing. So we teach the parents, so then it will rub off and teach the kids. Robert hoped snowballing crusade to make parents of young crims pay has terrified these parents. They contacted us, angry they were being targeted for the sins of their children. Actually, I got pretty upset. It's easy to blame the parent, that's the quickest person to blame. They have to be punished - punishment, then you learn. Both Peggy and Robert are appalled at the suggestion the law should come down on them. They say the law and system have let them down. They set her up in a foster home. She got given clothes. She needed a bed, so they went out and chose a bed. A 14-year-old kid, they bought her a brand-new queen-size bed, a new colour TV. I don't have any guilt and I don't blame myself for the way my son is. I don't feel that it's necessary because I know I've done my best. If you're not responsible for his actions, who is? They're ultimately responsible for their own actions. They make the choices. You guide them, you hope you give morality, a sense of worth. Ultimately they make the choices. I think the kids should do something to be made to pay it themselves, so they know what they've done, and hurt them with it. There is nothing out there for the parents. Sure, some parents might not care too much but there's a lot of us that do. That report from Sophie Hull, the producer was Darren Ally. You can have your say on that issue too by leaving your comments on by leaving your comments on our web site or just give us a call. Now to a story of two justice systems. While Schapelle Corby sits in a Bali jail, facing a potential death sentence if found guilty of trying to smuggle 4.1kg of marijuana in Bali, it has come to light that a 45-year-old Melbourne schoolteacher was found with 29kg of marijuana in her home - yes, 29kg! Police tell us that is enough dry marijuana to fill a garage. The schoolteacher, Jennifer Scott of Sherbrooke, was given a 12-month community-based order and no conviction was recorded. Now Ms Scott wants to return to teaching, claiming her morals are impeccable. On that note, we will take a break. When we return, the latest Dancing with the Stars controversy. How did Ian Roberts beat Holly Brisley to make it through to the grand final? I picked him from the start. Thank God it wasn't a competition solely about the dance because if it was, I wouldn't even be in the competition.

He has been described as a dead man dancing, He has been described as a dead man dancing, but somehow, Ian Roberts has defied critics yet again to advance through to the grand final of Dancing with the Stars. The question everyone seems to be asking is - just who is voting for him? Sophie Hull reports on the latest controversy surrounding Australia's favourite dancing show. Let's check the scores right fou. Very happy with that. I think that the the first 10 of the series. Their impicable cha cha may have won over the judges the judges but it wasn't enough it save them from being dumped in spectacular fashion. Leaving us tonight, is holly and Mark ! The verdict shocked the audience and leaves Tom Williams and mark to battle it Williams and mark to battle it out. The decision proved once and for all this is much more than a dancing competition. But questions are being asked. Just who is voting for Ian Roberts? It is the question the once hard man of rub by league is struggling with. Don't make him

cry. Give me so much faith in people again, people again, people who , people have fantastic, people are people, God bless you, thank you very much for accepting me into your home every week. It is not just the judges score this show. This show is all about the judges score and you at home having your say and your say is quite important Last night illustrated that point night illustrated that point to a T. Behind on the board by 20 votes, it was home votes that pulled them through. But it is hard to imagine any of Ian's victims from the football field casting their vote his way. Thank God it was not a competition solely about dance because I because I couldn't be in the competition. It is reality TV that makes people feel good. It would be nice to make the final but once we got second, with the way the audience had been voting, they had been voting for the guys, we knew we would be out. Hot favourites holly And Mark were let to put a holly And Mark were let to put a positive spin on the evening. It's the way the cookie crumbles. The whole week he was doing foot steps and stuff and I said it doesn't matter so hong as we have fun in the semi finals and I think we did that. Started with a cha cha and finished with a cha cha. Can't complain, complain, had an amazing experience. On the streets most were less gracious. Holly is fantastic. What is going on? Ian Roberts has two left feet. He shouldn't be here. I used to do ball room dancing and it annoys me that he is still here when there are better dancers. Ian is a nice

is a nice person, he is cute but I reckon holly should have stayed.? It is fantastic he got through, he is having so much fun and I didn't think people see that. I picked him from the start because one, he is competitor, two, he is performer, through acting and three, he has been a champion, so he knows what it feels like it feels like to win. Now Ian has found support from an unlikely source, his competitors. It is no surprise to me, his audience is massive. He is one of the most intriguing men I have ever met and they want to know emore about him. SONG: # Walk on by. Sophie Hull reporting there. The Ian and Tom grand final showdown will be broadcast live next Tuesday on the Seven Network. Coming up, the new treatment for allergy sufferers that is having amazing results.

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