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(generated from captions) a woman's time, and it paid up. Telstra gets a bill for wasting Plus, proving that time is money. they've got no respect. They're out of control, for the crimes of their children. in forcing parents to pay as victims of crime join him justice turns into a national crusade Also, an Aussie battler's fight for justice turns into a national crusade That story shortly. the prices you pay? How do they justify they think they can get away with. The mark-up is set at whatever don't want you to know about it. but businesses don't want you to know about it. where hikes of 200% are commonplace Lifting the lid on price mark-ups, Tonight -

jail. There's no control, obviously, friends. The parents should go to Work mates 1200% behind me, family, $4, because he's also a victim. fellow came up and tried to give me and swelling the fight fund. An old frustrated public donated thousands wave around the country - a radio call has snowballed into a community. What started as an angry crusade has hit a raw nerve in the lowest of the low. His one-man we teach the parents. This is the we teach the parents. This is the teaching the kids nothing. So maybe time, because the courts aren't heard of, but I think it's about the parents, which has never been time to pay up. I'm trying to sue look at that. I'm sick of it. It's attention to the parents. Have a with the kids, so he's turned his He came to a dead end in the courts driving around breaking into cars? who did it. What's your kid doing the door, the parents of the kids vandalised. On the other side of Smith, his car trashed and around the country. Wharfie Pete stop me. The door knock heard an hour ahead, and nothing will will stop me. I am going 100 miles Nothing And here's Karryn Cooper. of their tearaway kids. for the actions They're now planning to sue parents to join his cause. and victims are now lining up has snowballed The growing wave of discontent certainly touched a raw nerve. Well, Pete Smith for the crimes of their children. to make parents pay a lone crusader's campaign we reported on But first, only a week ago, We'll unveil the real culprits. on the hospital system. for putting strains And don't blame the elderly

away with it. Teach your boy a they do. You can't expect to get got to be held accountable for what held accountable. Ifrplgt they've campaign, she too wants the parents his address. Inspired by Pete's with it, all because he lied about neither did anyone, so he got away neither did anyone, so didn't know where he lived, and that put me at the end of it all. I to the court about his address, so trick up thrair sleeve. He'd lied to pay compensation, but had a pleaded guilty. They were ordered the car thieves, as in Pete's case, make up for what they did. In court, they'll never have to pay out and they'll never have to pay out laughing at it all, thinking by two teens. I think they're just had enough, her beloved car stolen property. Melissa Nelson has also no respect for other people's They're out of control. They've got drag them through the courts. If we identify the parents, we will option but to take on the parents. option but to take on the powerless, Fred is left with little point, and with local police watch the cameras. At breaking reinstalling them with cameras to we're in the process of cameras which were ripped down, and teenage vandals. We've installed extreme lengths for the gang of shouldn't have to go to such name it, it's done. He says he defecating in public areas. You past years. Breaking window, been vandalised 80 times in the shopping senterize he owns have their children. The two Brisbane straight to jail for the crimes of he had his way, parents would go Pete's taking the soft option. If the parents. Fred Bothma thinks and the responsibility lies with

claims division, and most people can be brought through the small themselves. Any claim under $10,000 claim, because they can do it encourage people to pursue a civil anyone. Hopefully this may Australian up to $6,000 to sue it could cost the average it could day in court, Elyse White estimates a price. While Peter is having his what happens. But justice comes at will last for 12 years. We'll see got a good choice? The judgment His solicitor, Elyse White. Has he scores of others supporting him. courts. His fight is about the will soon be before the civil will soon be before the civil did it happen last time? His fight So this is the second time? When the end for me and everyone else. I'm going to fight this right to with it, what's next? I'm moving on. for their son. If they get away compensate or take responsibility compensate or take the car, who have refused to fight the parents of the owner of is a tragedy. They're now having to town. For him not to have the car centre. I have to pick him up for take him to the rehabilitation world came crashing down. I have to into their parked dar car, that into their parked dar world. When a driver bore head on Jewela and John's car was their his car. He can't walk to the bus. lives. My disdaibled husband needs of the boy who destroyed their Julia Roufos's plea to the parents your sons. Teach his schoolmates. your sons. Teach his lesson. Teach other boys, teach

at that time. It couldn't wait, otherwise the Tax Office does fine you. So she called Telstra. They told her the software was faulty. But Microsoft and it had to be handed in and it was due on the 28th It was a Business Activity Statement trying to fix the problem. spent five hours who works from home the small-business owner important documents, blamed the telecommunications giant. So she billed them. Two months later, Amber received a credit for $150. I was quite glad to be heard. I was extremely glad they had listened to my letter and saw my frustration within the letter. If Kenneth Ivory was to do the same thing and bill Telstra for his lost business, he claims they'd have to pay up to $5 billion. If any other business operators didn't have the protection of Commonwealth Government, as Telstra have had, they would be in jail. When the telco changed telephone prefixes back in 1993 his business number was not reconnected. When Amber was unable to fax and that's what they got charged. my customer was getting that day that's the rate at the time, because that's what I was charging at $30 an hour I invoiced them for five hours Incredibly, they paid up. after her fax line failed. for wasting her time Amber Pryor invoiced Telstra has taken on the big guys and won. This mother-of-three for all Telstra customers. I think it should set a precedent Here's Erin Edwards. and Telstra paid up. for a little over half a day's work - she invoiced the phone company the run-around, Fed up with being given for wasting her time. she sent them a bill with Telstra's bad service, who became so frustrated Now to the woman on everyone except themselves. And they're quick to lay the blame we'll hear their side of the story. Well, tomorrow night, the parents of tearaway kids? And what about Karryn Cooper with that report. learn. be punished. Punishment - then you Don't back down, and they have to teach them. Move ahead with it. the courts won't help them, we'll could bring that. Take them on. If could bring that. Take them on. If

So he never received thousands of calls. We would've had at least 125 franchises nationally, we would've been in the overseas countries, America, Canada and the United Kingdom. Unlikely to have any success invoicing Telstra, the small-business owner has instead taken his case to Helen Coonan, the Federal Minister for Telecommunications. Kenneth Ivory wants compensation and says the lost business has ruined his life. It's destroyed us. According to independent accountants' reports, we've suffered in excess of $5.37 billion nationally and internationally. The disgruntled customer has now created his own web site to shame the phone giant - and there's no shortage of hits. j NATIONAL NEWS..... PAGE 128 j Nothing has changed, nothing has changed. And until there's a cull of the Telstra board completely and the senior management, nothing can ever change. Telstra says its complaints have fallen to the lowest level in three years and that around only one in 1,700 calls to the industry's watchdog relate to the telco. relate to the telco. But that's no compensation for Kenneth Ivory, who's still battling the phone company. And as for Amber, despite her success, she no longer does business with Telstra. I think a lot of people don't check their bills. Telstra gets away with a lot. I think Telstra gets away with a lot. If everyone did, years ago when I had breast cancer, My first bout with cancer was 28 life-threatening illness. she's battled that on three separate occasions, you'd never guess than you might think, who's further into her 70s To meet Marjorie Patullock, are being blamed unfairly. a new study says older Australians But, as Glenn Connley reports, only today. was spreading this doom and gloom And the Treasurer, Peter Costello, and it's only going to get worse. are a drain on our health system that the elderly particularly by governments, Now, for years we've been told, That report from Erin Edwards. how much money would they owe us?

as anything else. Let's face it, the recommended fee that you get back from Medicare does not come anywhere near what you are charged by the surgeons, anaesthetist and hospitals, too. Australia's ageing population has long been lauded as the greatest threat facing our medical system, even our whole economy. But we can now reveal that grandmas and grandpas need feel no guilt we are ignoring the fact that we are the problem with the burden of chronic disease. The results of the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare study come as no surprise to health economist Paul Gross who says, quite simply, we're paying the price of being an unhealthy lot. The biggest threat to us today is obesity. I mean, I suppose when you look at someone who's 40 years old diagnose and treat illnesses science has enabled us to prevent, is making us sicker younger, While our lifestyle it's a double-edged sword. Dr Anthony Hemley says the economy a hell of a lot more. it means it's going to cost despite those conditions, now and keep them living longer given the fact that we can treat it and diabetes, and they've got hypertension who are the problem, If we believe that it's the elderly it takes me straight to a hospital. the ambulance comes, When I'm sick, I call an ambulance, in the world. I think it's the greatest thing of our public health system. Not surprisingly, Michael's a big fan but I have heard about $3.5 million. because I'm not an accountant, and I'm not confirming it and I'm not confirming it I have heard a figure mentioned, he's cost Medicare a fortune. as a public patient, He's the first to admit, and has done so since he was just 37. which causes repeated heart attacks, has a rare and deadly blood disorder Michael Buckland-Ware Confirmed 13 at the moment. have you suffered? How many heart attacks on our health system than the oldies. are in fact a bigger drain that middle-aged Australians A new study has found their local GP or hospital. next time they visit is as much about money in 2005 Australia that good medical care Marjorie knows more than most ago when I had bowel cancer. and the third time was nine years when I had bladder cancer, the second time was 12 years ago

Now, his 12-year-old brother Andrew has been diagnosed with the same condition. You could go into a coma and that is life-threatening. You could die from it. With regular hospital visits, subsidised insulin and a host of other medical needs, the boys, through no fault of their own, now face a lifetime of reliance on our public health system, when he was just five. became an insulin-dependent diabetic Nine-year-old Steven Amos would wish they had diabetes. I don't think anyone so they don't do them. They don't have to do things People do tend to be more lazy. wouldn't have occurred. those conditions well fed and less exercised, when we weren't so opulent, Years ago at a younger age now. We are developing those conditions much earlier than we used to. like heart disease and cancer # Let's go travellin'. # # Bop, the travellin' bop # Let's go travelling # Hey, bop The travellin' bop # Hey, bop, bop SONG: # Hey, bop, bop SOFA SQUISHES TELEVISION PLAYS SOFTLY we've crunched some numbers... Tonight, are buying things for. what the retailers for the consumers to know It's always useful We expose the worst offenders. mark-ups on everything we buy. just visit our web site at - including advice on healthy living, on that story, And for more information Glenn Connley reporting there. have to change, we all do. not only does the system itself health system in the future, an affordable and effective if we're going to be able to enjoy Experts like Paul Gross say We depend on them. to hospitals in the western world. We have the highest admission rate on acute hospital beds. We are relying excessively the results make perfect sense. day in, day out, For those using our medical system they suddenly become extremely ill. of their life, and then the last two or three weeks healthy up until their 70s and 80s Many of my patients really are quite On the latest figures - less than anyone else. children, of course, cost the system Despite growing juvenile diabetes, per year. for a diabetic patient a year, that we spend on average Per person, it's about $2,500 as mum Vivian explains. out of their own pockets, a substantial amount on top of that not to mention

and you'll find these mark-ups - Head into your local newsagency on the brand and store location. anywhere from 10% to 200%, depending the mark-ups vary dramatically - As for clothing, like the contraceptive pill and HRT. an extra $10 for common medication That means as much as 75%. Some pills are being marked up Let's begin with prescription drugs. to the wholesale price. the amount the retailers are adding What we're highlighting is I think you'll be surprised. The difference? for exactly the same thing. and what the retailers are paying on what you're paying for some goods Tonight, we've crunched some numbers thanks to retail mark-ups. we're being overcharged just how much But what many of us don't know is on everything from food to fridges. we spent a staggering $14 billion Last month alone Aussies love to shop. There's absolutely no doubt It's time for a retail reality check. with our consumer price check. Well, here's David Richardson are we really being made to pay? just how much extra like food and clothing, When it comes to everyday products got us thinking. are substantially marked up But news today that some common drugs are substantially marked up are slugged with. which we, the consumer, and mark-ups they pick up a number of taxes they pick up a number of taxes products go from wholesale to retail, Now, we all know by the time

You've got to pay wages. in all sorts of businesses. which has gone through the roof your public liability, You've got to pay and what we pay? between what they pay why is there such a difference But first, That good news in a moment. the price hikes. But there are ways of avoiding than they buy it wholesale. for 6c more a litre Most retailers are selling it And then, of course, there's petrol. family fridge. and $120 to an average washing machine adding $70 to an average their mark-up is just 10%, As for whitegoods, competition means by 25% on the wholesale price. most products are marked up a supermarket, keep this in mind - And next time you're in just for long-service leave, workers comp, insurance and all these things. John Fowler is the Small Business Association's chief executive. What do you think a reasonable mark-up would be? A reasonable mark-up would be if you buy something for $10 selling it for $20. I don't particularly like a lot of the costs I see for articles that are probably worth a lot less than what they're actually listed as costing. I used to work in retail. Some of it's genuine and some isn't. Pretty horrendous, actually, in a lot of stores. I like to buy bargains, so, yeah, I shop around a bit. It's impossible as a consumer to know how much mark-up there is on a product and the only thing that keeps mark-ups and high prices in check is competition. Nicola Ballenden from the Consumers' Association says we are shopping blind because wholesale prices are kept secret. the retailer is adding. We have no idea exactly how much the retailer is adding. It's always useful for consumers to know what the retailers are buying things for at wholesale, There's standing overheads of about $60 a week

like to be in paparazzi-free zone. I tell you, if I put my name behind something, believe me, I'm involved. but I don't think they're going to tell us. The best bet consumers have is to support moves to ensure competition in all of these fields - competition for electrical goods, competition for clothes, competition in food and competition in medicines. These are really important factors and they will serve the consumers' interest in keeping the price down. And small business blames the big boys for pushing prices up. All the garments coming into the country come in for $2 or $3 and they're sold for $70. So the big retailers, all of the big retailers, they'll make $60 a shirt! Are consumers being ripped off? Bloody oath! They're being ripped off by the big stores like you'd never believe. And in the short term, the Consumers' Association says never be embarrassed to bargain, to haggle, for everything. The best bet for consumers is to always see if you can negotiate on price and see if you can shop around. Use your telephone, use the Internet, see what you can find out on price. Some good advice there. David Richardson with that report. And you can let us know which products you think are too highly priced on our web site at - or give us a call. And coming up - Ivana Trump goes shopping for Aussie millionaires. (speaks with accent) It will be grand style. It's going to be for people which

Um, you know, when it comes to pain relief, Try Voltaren Emulgel. Watch! Ooh! Ah! (Groans) Wee! Flamboyant socialite Ivana Trump is looking for Aussie millionaires. The former model, former ski champion and former Mrs Trump is in the market for wealthy Australians to join her in her latest venture on the Great Barrier Reef. Here's Sophie Hull. It may look like a patch of dirt, it's had the Trump touch, but by the time it's had the Trump touch, this will be one of the country's most exclusive addresses. (speaks with accent) It will be grand style. It's going to be for people which like to be in paparazzi-free zone. Ivana Great Barrier Reef is 42 condominiums styled by the first Mrs Trump, starting at $3 million. And if you're after an income from your investment, forget it. They can't be rented out, You have to live there. If that sounds like a tough sale, who better to help millionaires part with their money than Ivana herself? So would you say you were the original Apprentice? We really started together, and slowly, slowly, building after building, more experience. We never had partners. We were always just two of us. Don is a visionary guy and he's brilliant with financing and getting the money and investors, and I was sort of management, cleaning up the mess after him. The Trump split was one of the most public, bitter divorces of its time. But now, more than 15 years later, Ivana is having the last laugh. She's turned her $25 million divorce settlement - a relatively modest slice of the Trump billions - into more than $100 million. And she's known for keeping company with younger men. I have so much energy I really need a guy which has energy and can keep up with me. Ivana's business empire encompasses books and merchandise, as well as grand-scale property developments. But it's raising three unspoilt children that she's most proud of. A lot of people think all billionaires' children turn out like Paris Hilton. How did you avoid that? I see so many of my friends' children - they don't want to get up before 11 o'clock. They don't need to. The parents are giving them the cars and they're giving them a lot of money and the kids end up being so restless, don't know what to do with their times, and they just go onto drugs and onto alcohol. So I make sure of that, that my kids were so busy all the time, they could not get in trouble. Ivana's next foray will be into reality TV, of course. Her show is to air in the States and it's called... You want me to say it? I do. It's okay. It's called Ivana Young Man. For Ivana Young Man, she'll play matchmaker, helping 40-something women pair up with 20-something men. And, for a woman in her mid-50s, Ivana knows all about snaring the younger man. And looking this good And looking this good is half the battle. Now it takes me longer and longer every morning. You know the feeling. No, it's - I eat healthy and I go to the gym and I do a lot of sports. I might not look like it. Realising you have to be happy and content with yourself, and I think it's more the choice, you know, rather than too many creams and all that stuff. Just taking care of myself. Sophie Hull with Ivana Trump there. And coming up, the supermarket revolution - and how Aussie brands VOICEOVER: From tomorrow at Target, excluding sleepwear. are being squeezed out.

SONG: # Sizzling at Hungry Jack's! # with tomato, lettuce and ranch sauce SONG: # Love it at Hungry Jack's! # The burgers are better at Hungry Jack's. Now to tomorrow night, and the Aussie-owned products being bullied out of business - the shopping revolution that will force one in three Aussie brands off the shelves. I know of one multinational that's had 40% of its range deleted virtually overnight. Let the consumer have a choice. They'll just drop off the shelves - they'll not be there. They'll be there one day and not the next. It's already happening. And I'll have that for you tomorrow night. So until then, I hope you enjoy your evening. Please take care, and goodnight. Captioned by Seven Network Email -