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Tonight - confronting a killer - a

grieving mum disowns her father grieving mum disowns her father

after he wiped out her family. A

desperate British father joins the

search for his son, missing in the

Blue Mountains.

He'll be OK - he's a brilliant boy,

we're not going to lose him. we're not going to lose him.

And sent packing - a feisty middle- And sent packing - a feisty middle-

aged shopkeeper fights off a knife-

wielding bandit.

When we are fighting, nothing to think.

Good evening. I'm Bill Woods. And

I'm Deborah Knight. Also, a boat

builder jailed over the deaths of

four yachties. And the breakdancing

babies funking it up down-under.

But first - a gut-wrenching day in

court for a woman whose mother and

two children were murdered by her

father. Today she looked him in the

eye and vowed to wipe all traces of

him from her life. She came to

court to confront her father, the

man who milled everyone she lived

for - her 52-year-old mother, her

7-year-old son and her 5-year-old

daughter. He killed two totally

defenceless children and their

grandmother. There will never be

forgiven us, they were never be

understanding. In June last year,

inside the family's Cowra home, the

grandfather stubbed -- clubbed and

stabbed his wife to death before

murdering the children. He was

rested a hours later in a motel

room in Hay. The grieving mother,

who cannot be identified for legal

reasons, described who cannot be identified for legal reasons, described finding her

slain family. She read her impact statement.

"when you go could back to a jail

cell, you'll never see me again. I

will destroy every cell, you'll never see me again. I will destroy every document that

shows you were a part of my life." will destroy every document that shows you were a part of my life."

Lawyers for the murderer argue that

he should not be given a life

sentence because the crime was not

the worst of its type. They say he

was a devoted husband and caring

father a grandfather, who was

depressed and had confused ideas. I

personally do not by depression as

an excuse and never will.

Depression has not made me going

kill anybody. The grandfather will

be sentenced on 7th August.

The father of a missing British

backpacker has arrived in the Blue

mountain's to help rescuers

searching for his son. Jaymie Neil

vanished a week ago. Richard Neale

was born in Australia and grew up

here but this is a side of the

country he has never experience. My

boy he's very tolerant of court and

if any anyone can survive this, he

will. He has arrive from London to

join the search for his son US has

been missing for a week. His father

says the as bushwalking and

mountain-climbing experience, but

Jamie's belongings, including his

mobile phone, remain in his hostel

run. If here has been outside mobile phone, remain in his hostel run. If here has been outside

without shelter for it so many days

we would have serious concerns for

his safety after this period of we would have serious concerns for his safety after this period of


He booked and paid for a tour of

the Jenolan Caves but never turned

up. They hope this image will jog

people's memories. Taken from a

CCTV footage, it shows the 19-year-

old carrying his distinctive

burgundy day pack. Anyone with

information should contact Crime

Stoppers. In the meantime Richard

Neale has no choice but to be

positive. He is a brilliant boy. We

are not carried to loosen.

A mother of two has bravely forced

off a knife-wielding attacker tried

to rob the shore. It has but

warnings from shopkeepers, saying

they wore arm themselves to stop a

crime spree. Yiping Zhao was back

serving customers three days after

a terrifying encounter with a thief.

As he tries

As he tries to open the Teale,

Yiping Zhao makes a run for it but

the bed at absurd by the arm and

they get into a bar a struggle. The

attacker is smashed up against the

aisle. At that point his knife East freed.

When we were fighting, there was

When we were fighting, there was

nothing to think. Yiping Zhao

insists her action was in self-

defence, not an act of bravery. I

just want to keep myself safe. The

same attacker attack a 17-year-old

girl at a postal shopping park,

taking her gold BMW at knifepoint

before holding up a store at

Riverwood. Authorities today

repeated their warning against

anyone taking the law into their

own hands. Some shopkeepers say

enough is enough. This corner shop

has been held up twice in two days

this week. The night shift person

should be armed. That is what I

believe because it is very unsafe. We believe because it is very unsafe.

We would discourage people from

fighting back. They are to comply

with the offenders and fighting back. They are to comply with the offenders and get the best

description as possible. Security

around the stores has been

increased and opening hours altered.

The Chinese have finally allow

Australian officials to speak to a

executive locked up as a spy.

Anger at the Communist regime in

Beijing was loud and clear today.

Protesters from the Uigur community

gathered outside the Chinese

Embassy in Canberra, under

surveillance from officials inside.

(ALL CHANT) Freedom! Freedom!

The freedom of Australian Rio Tinto

executive Stern Hu is now in doubt, with Chinese authorities holding

him on suspicion of espionage,

arising from his involvement in iron ore price negotiations.

It's very hard for the Australian

Government to frankly see the

connection between what might be

daily commercial negotiations or

matters and national security issues.

But Mr Hu is accused of stealing state secrets...

Including bribing internal staff

from Chinese steel companies.

Foreign Minister Stephen Smith has

been forced to rely on Chinese

media websites for details.

I would have, of course, much

preferred that this information

would have been given to us much earlier, through official diplomatic channels.

Australian consular officials were

today granted access to Mr Hu, who,

Chinese authorities say, has been

well treated. One of us. He's one

of us. He has been denied basic human rights.

Greens leader Senator Bob Brown says that Beijing... Has declared, effectively, his

guilt before he's even been charged.

He's backed an Opposition call for

direct intervention by the PM.

The PM's done nothing.

But Chinese authorities have warned

Australia against politicising the

case. Murray McCloskey, Ten News.

World leaders have applauded

Australia at's position at tackling

climate change.

In a diplomatic double act with

Barack Obama, it's easy to be upstaged.

The eyes of the world are on L'Aquila.

Hold on, Kevin - you've got back-up.

We hunt in packs. (ALL LAUGH)

While Kevin Rudd may lack the US

President's smooth sound bites...

We have a choice - we can either

shape our future or let events

shape it for us.

..the PM's punchline struck a chord

with the crowd.

We launch officially the Carbon

Capture Institute, to make one

practical contribution to this

great challenge we face of dealing

effectively with climate change. (APPLAUSE)

The Major Economies Forum didn't

deliver much else, with developing

countries acknowledging - but not

agreeing to - the G8 nations'

concrete targets to slash carbon emissions.


As if sharing the stage with Barack

Obama wasn't enough of a rush for

Kevin Rudd, he spent the morning

with a man just as - or perhaps

even more - recognisable across the

globe, Pope Benedict XVI. The

Pontiff invited Mr Rudd to his

private study at the Vatican, discussing everything from

Australian wine...

You can think of us when you drink

it on hot summer days. Australian women - one in

particular - Mother Mary MacKillop,

who the Pope is considering

declaring a saint, 100 years after

her death. In Italy, Danielle

Isdale, Ten News.

Adam Hawse with Sport Headlines and

the Aussies turn around the first

Ashes Test? Yes, Deb.

The Aussies are on their way to a

big score. They'll resume at 1/249

in Cardiff tonight. After England

reached 435, day 2 was all

Australia with centuries from

opener Simon Katich and skipper

Ricky Ponting - both are not out.

And a wild ending to Sydney's big

night of boxing at Luna Park. Ahead

we'll show you the controversial

blow that sparked the post-fight

fight. Also coming up in sport -

Queensland has brought in the big

Queensland has brought in the big

guns for Origin III. They had a

tank turn up to their camp today.

Still to come, workplaces braced

for a severe flu outbreak. Plus, celebrity Sam Newman

questioned over an alleged road rage attack.

And life after 'Masterchef' -

they're back in the kitchen after

dipping out. By passion for food

will evolve into a career in food.

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This program is captioned

This program is captioned live

The owner of a company that built a

yacht that sank, has been jailed

for manslaughter. Four people

drowned when the Excalibur drowned when the Excalibur

overturned in a storm off Port Stephens. Alexander Cittadini owns the

company that built the ill-fated

yacht 'Excalibur' that capsized in

a gale off the NSW coast in

September 2002, with the loss of

four lives. Today he was sentenced

to three years jail - with 18

months non-parole - after being found guilty of

found guilty of manslaughter.

The four who died when the million-

dollar yacht's keel snapped were Christopher Hayes, Ann Maree Pope,

Peter McLeod and Tracy Luke.

An inquest found the 'Excalibur' overturned because during

construction the stainless steel

keel had been cut through horizontally then welded back together.

Even though Mr Cittadini was

unaware of the yacht's keel being

weakened, he was held responsible.

The judge ruled that, as the

engineer and manufacturer,

Cittadini was criminally negligent

and that he should have had a

system in place to detect and

rectify the weakness in the keel.

Judge Norrish said:

But the judge accepted that the

keel had been cut secretly, without

Mr Cittadini's knowledge, and that

had he known he would have rectified

rectified the problem. Lawyers for the Melbourne businessman have

lodged an appeal against their

client's conviction and sentence.

Medical experts have warned of the

worst flu season on record. As

swine flu continues to spread,

there are predictions up to 60% of

workers will be struck down,

costing businesses more than $1 billion.

The flu season has come early and

this year it has added bite.

There's a couple of people who've

been confirmed with swine flu, so

his floor got fumigated yesterday

and they were told not to come in

today if they've got pregnant wives

or girlfriends at home. What we'd

be expecting is about 20% of the

population by the end of winter

will get it. That's double the

number affected by flu last year,

and it's already crippling the

workforce. If you look at a bad

season, up to 40% of people can be

off with the flu, so that's getting

close to $1 billion in cost.

Businesses are bracing - putting

staff through training programs in

bid to protect their workplace.

There are no longer enough

resources to test and treat

everyone with a suspected case of

swine flu. Medical experts warn

those suffering even mild flu

symptoms should stay away from work

for at least a couple of days. That

will mean a tough winter for

workplaces - especially small

businesses. Each employee who

catches the flu costs their

employer more than $950. If people

are sick, you don't want people to

come in and keep battling on,

everyone does want them to take the everyone does want them to take the

time off with swine being so

prominent. High-risk patients -

such as pregnant women or people

with serious health problems -

should see a doctor. You do expect sicker people, and unfortunately more deaths.

Number plate theft is being

targeted in a new police operation

in Sydney's south west. Stolen

plates are most commonly used in

petrol station drive-offs. 8,500

were taken in the last financial

year. As part of the offensive,

police will fit one-way number

plate screws to vehicles brought in

to so-called pit stops around the

south west. We are reducing the

opportunity for criminals to be

able to use stolen number plates on

vehicles to commit offences. The

screws can only be removed with a

special tool. Pit stop details are

website. on the New South Wales police

Controversial football personality

Sam Newman is expected to be

charged by Victoria Police over an

alleged road rage attack. It's

claimed the former Geelong star was

involved in a heated argument with

a female driver who knocked his

vehicle, after he parked his car

too close to her. He got out,

cracked it, started screaming,

using swear words and terrible

language, got back in his car and

grabbed his door, rammed it into

his car, put a dint in the door,

drove off. Newman refused to

comment on the incident after he

was interviewed by police.

Revesby Workers Club is leading the

charge to change the way the

State's registered clubs do

business. It's just opened a state-

of-the-art childcare centre and gym,

with revenue set to rival its

earnings from gambling.

In the shadow of one of Sydney's

biggest clubs, lies the key to its

future. It's a childcare centre for

up to 90 children, making it one of

the largest in the State. It's

really hard to get in anywhere, so

I've been waiting and waiting and

waiting, and I just happened to be

in the club and the gym and heard

they were opening a daycare centre,

and I said,"Oh, wow, cool,

excellent, I'm going to put my name

down for that". And with opening

times of 7am to 6pm, the club's

keen to stress it's not a drop-off

point for parents wanting to play

the pokies. The main operations of

the club are in the evenings and

the childcare centre won't be open

then. It's a deliberate shift in

business focus that's setting a

trend for other clubs to follow.

Dee Why's already hot on its heels.

Gambling is a heavily regulated

industry and subject to changes in industry and subject to changes in

regulation and tax rates so it's a

little uncertain there. Far better

to have a childcare centre where

you can have a dependable source of

income for many years. And the

club's plans don't stop with club's plans don't stop with

childcare - next up is the building

of a Coles supermarket and 26

specialty shops, and after that

they're considering a hotel. It's a

long way from a beer and pokies.

This a club that recognises that

the needs of the community are

changing - that the things people

want from the club are changing.

Those changes will take Revesby's

dependence on gaming for revenue

down from 75% to about 50%. We

believe that's certainly heading in

the right direction. And to help

its youngest patrons do the same, they've introduced a volunteer

grandparent scheme too. I think it

keeps you young - stops you getting

any older. That fits Revesby's any older. That fits Revesby's

philosophy to a tee. Tim Bailey

joins us now for

joins us now for the weather. He is

in the snow. Tomorrow is Saturday,

that is the first piece of good

news. All week they have been news. All week they have been

saying showers, Gray, well, we can

update that. On the bright side, it

will be sunny on Saturday, 18

degrees. Sunday will clear for a

Sunday, Sunday afternoon. Look at

the beautiful light across

Kosciusko. We are at Thredbo. The

winner of the Harvey Norman winner of the Harvey Norman Panasonic Weather photograph

competition, have a look at this

one. A wonderful photograph.

one. A wonderful photograph. Look

at the White paddocks. You win the camera.

Thank you for being involved. Tom

Morrow, a fine and sunny Saturday.

A postcard from cos EOS go coming up at

Next, Schapelle Corby's birthday

behind bars.

Also, exhumed for cash - the people

peace. who weren't allowed to rest in

And the break-dancing babies

funking it up down under.

tissues feel to you? How do new Kleenex Silk Touch They feel like his ears. Kind of like this. Something like this. (BABY GIGGLES) New Kleenex Silk Touch.

You won't believe it. Feel the difference. and yeah. The doctor came in

That looking sheepish, slightly infected.

the one household item you could

never live without? Umm, - time to get

This program is captioned live. A

traffic check. It is all bad news

for traffic heading west tonight. for traffic heading west tonight.

This is a terrible accident on the

M4, just before Eastern Creek. It

is a city bound smash so it is

going against the peak. All lights

a block off. Take a look at city

bound traffic it goes all the way

deep into some Mary's. St Mary's

every line is slowing down to take every line is slowing down to take

a look. The knock-on effect as

around slows to take a look at the

accident scene goes back all the

way to Parramatta. It will be a

long and slow trip home for

travellers using the M4 tonight.

Schapelle Corby has celebrated her

thirty-second birthday inside her

Bali jail cell. Her sister,

Mercedes, and brother Michael

brought food and geese. Flowers

were also delivered to the jail.

She was briefly allowed out of the

prison for depression and continues

to battle mental illness.

Struggling. Corby is serving 20

years for smuggling marijuana in to


Now to the ING Direct finance report with Jacqueline Maddock.

Jacqui, the battle of the media

moguls raged on today? It sure did,

Deb, as James Packer made it clear

he isn't about to let his family's

private company, Consolidated Media,

be bought out from under him by

Channel Seven owner Kerry Stokes.

Earlier in the week, Mr Stokes

surprised the market by spending

$180 million, upping the network's

stake in the Packer company from 5%

to 18%. Consolidated Media holds a

25% stake in pay-TV company Foxtel,

which analysts believe Mr Stokes

has his eye on. After a firmer has his eye on. After a firmer

finish on Wall Street and a bounce

back in base metals, local stocks

have ended the week on a high. back in base metals, local stocks have ended the week on a high.

Among the miners, Rio Tinto put on

1.6% - that's as an executive,

Stern Hu, remains detained by the

bribery. Chinese Government, accused of

Oil has regained some ground after

a 6-day slide.

Rechristen scheme to make money

from the debt has been uncovered in

the United States - mac eight

prison scheme. Bodies were being

removed from their graves are

workers could resell the pots and

pocket the cash. A mass grave of

more than 300 bodies has been

discovered at the rear of the

cemetery. I have 23 family members cemetery. I have 23 family members

appear. I have grave sites that

haven't even been used, hence those

that are missing. This is

ridiculous. Four people had been

charged with dismembering human

remains and a face 30 years in

prison if found guilty. The Chinese

Government has moved thousands of

troops into the troubled Xinjiang

province. The city of Urumchi is

still locked down after clashes at

the weekend killed more than 150

people. Convoys of paramilitary

police have been patrolling the

city to separate the ethnic Uigurs

from the Han Chinese. The mainly

Muslim uigurs are upset at the

recent massive influx of Han

migrants into the region.

Roller-skating, break dancing

babies had become a hit on the

internet. Needs have watched any internet. Needs have watched any

meld the viral ants, which have

marked Australian connection. It is

a simple formula - had babies on

skates, watch the internet hits take off.

The latest file at Sensation has

been the talk of the water cooler

crowd, which is just as well which

is because it is for a French water

core company. This is the baby for

that particular shot. The baby were

that particular shot. The baby were shot in a studio in

shot in a studio in Prague. The

babies could barely walk, let alone

state. The team in London turned

them into dances. They would have

rocked the baby jelly backwards and

forwards with the particular break

dance move in mind. And then they

filmed a professional dancer doing

the moves and programmed a

computer-generated's baby to do the

news. They would have put it all

together over a park seen what was

shot in Melbourne and made to together over a park seen what was shot in Melbourne and made to look

like Manhattan. Even with this kind of technology

of technology doesn't always work.

It is really only one in 100 that

have the matter success that this

at has. Cute kids help. You feel an

attachment to this kid wants to

disassemble them and recreate them. disassemble them and recreate them.

You can't get too attached. The

rest of the world already has.

Police called to calm down some

irate Qantas passengers. Also

George Clooney in Italy's

earthquake zone. And new Koreas for

people who had missed out in

'MasterChef'. My passion for food

will evolve into a career in food. Economy with great performance too. How do new Kleenex Silk Touch tissues feel to you? They feel like his ears. Kind of like this. (BABY GIGGLES) Something like this. New Kleenex Silk Touch. Feel the difference.

Top stories this news hour. A boat

builder has been jailed for three

years over a yacht that broke up at

sea. Four people died when their

vessel capsized off the Mid-North

Coast seven years ago on a voyage

from the Whitsundays to Sydney. A

feisty mother of two has sent a

bungling bandit packing. Yiping

Zhao fought off the knife-wielding

man who tried to rob her shop at

Peakhurst in Sydney's south. Other

retailers plan to arm themselves

after a series of robberies.

And Australia has signed off on a

global deal to tackle global

warming. The agreement reached in

Italy means Australia must do much

more to slash greenhouse gas emissions.

George Clooney has lent his star

power to the earthquake victims in

Italy. The actor turned activist

turned -- toured 10 cities which

house thousands of people still house thousands of people still

Hymas after the earthquake. The

figure helps when cameras follow

around and see the Kents. The hope

is there you see the a tent - mac

hope is there you keep the

attention George Clooney. George

Clooney had to film in Italy later

this year. Tempers boiled over at

Perth airport. Tempers raged at

Perth Airport this morning - police

called as tired and frustrated

passengers vented their fury.

They'd been waiting more than eight hours.

I'm not here to argue. All I'm

telling you is what I've been told.

Well, get your bosses in Sydney

who've had eight hours to sort this out. I suggest you

Your bosses in Sydney and sort it

Your bosses in Sydney and sort it out. Your bosses in Sydney and sort it out.

230 people were scheduled to fly on

Qantas Flight 648 from Perth to

Melbourne just after midnight. But

the flight was delayed several

times before being cancelled just

before 8:00 this morning.

Passengers were told to get their

bags, go home and ring Qantas to

rebook. But many refused.

Hey, let us know what's going on!

Don't walk away, you coward.

Qantas says the plane was struck by

lightning 30 minutes out of Perth

last night. Maintenance checks

revealed two areas needed repair.

Qantas eventually rescheduled

another flight to Melbourne this

afternoon. Most passengers rebooked

on the 2:30 flight, finally leaving

more than 14 hours after they were supposed to.

We are deeply sorry that we've

upset people's travel plans, but

frankly I make no apology for putting frankly I make no apology for

putting safety ahead of schedule

any day. putting safety ahead of schedule any day.

The service was disgraceful. The

way they handled the whole

situation was really, really bad.

I don't know why I fly Qantas - I don't know why I fly Qantas -

probably because it was cheaper

than Virgin. And now I know why -

because they're no bloody good!

Cooking schools across that cooking

schools across the country are

reporting a massive surge in

interest across the back of

'MasterChef'. They both reached the

top 20 in 'MasterChef' before

bowing out but their skills in the

kitchen are still rubbing off. My

grandson said to me "you just cook. grandson said to me "you just

cook." "Deri be a story, just

cook." Tom has been rubbed out

twice, but he wouldn't miss

'MasterChef' for anything. It was

great to go out of my comfort zone

and to make great friends. He had

thousands of fans across the

country. This could be a third

have career change. Tom and Jaymie both

have -- my passion for food will

involve it to a Korean food. - mac

my passion for food will evolve

into a career in food. Plenty of

practice, plenty still required for

garlic crashing 101. You have more

garlic on your fingers than on the

board. A lot more successful -

cooking skills happy to cash in on

'MasterChef' mania. People who are

the standard foodies all the Dakin

people, we're getting a lot more

mainstream people coming through as

a result of 'MasterChef'. Be

prepared to join the waiting list. prepared to join the waiting list. a result of 'MasterChef'. Be

Sport is next with Adam Hawse, and

Rabbitohs players are on notice to

perform? Yes. If Souths don't

perform against Penrith tonight the

coach is promising mass sackings.

We'll have the details next. And

why there's more than a ton of

reasons for Ricky to rejoice.

Plus a boxing blow-up in Sydney.

This program is captioned live.

Australia is looking to further

crush England's confidence tonight

when play resumes in the first

Ashes test. Both Simon Katich and

Ricky Ponting have unbeaten

centuries and are poised to erase

England's 186-run lead, especially

with paceman Stuart Broad carrying a calf injury.

Two men with Ashes scores to settle,

Simon Katich and Ricky Ponting were

looking for both runs and

redemption. On the charge to his

38th Test ton, Ponting passed

11,000 Test runs. Just the fourth

man in history to do so. And there

was a milestone too for Katich.

COMMENTATOR: Simon Katich - first

Ashes hundred. The pair remain

unbeaten - their partnership

currently 189, the deficit still

186 - the job far from done. I've

been through that before, there is

plenty of work to do. 5:55pm we can

complain about the ball going soft,

but that is the way of the game. While England's bowlers toiled

almost fruitlessly for two and a

half sessions, so too did the

Australian attack in the first hour.

In the space of 75 minutes, the

English tail hit an incredible 99

runs. But in a match with constant

momentum shifts, the tourists are

on top at the end of day two.

Although some English fans are

still getting carried away.

Injury continues to disrupt the

Blues build up to Origin III in

Queensland. Captain Kurt Gidley and

Ben Creagh both sat out today's

session as a new face made his way

into the fold.

18th man Luke Patten slipped

straight into the understudy's role

at fullback. Skipper Kurt Gidley

has until Monday to prove he's over

a rib injury, while Ben Creagh

nurses a foot complaint. The

continuing disruptions, music to

the Maroons' ears. New combinations

for them - I think it helps us,

definitely, the more changes the

better. The all-conquering

Queenslanders had some heavy

backing today as they eye off their

first series sweep since 1995 in a

battle that could double as

Lockyer's Origin farewell. The

Blues however are determined to

play gate crasher. We're preparing

well and ready for a big one, mate.

Hopefully, we can spoil their party.

The Bulldogs have lost Kimmorley,

Ennis and Morris to the Blues, Ben

Hannant to an Origin injury while

Eastwood and Goodwin are suspended.

Still, coach Kevin Moore believes

they can beat the Warriors away on

Sunday. Oh, certainly we'd be

really confident heading over there.

We've played well all year and the

blokes we're bringing into the side

are good players and have played

plenty of first grade, so we'll be

confident. The same can't be said

about the Rabbitohs. They face the

Panthers at ANZ Stadium tonight,

With the axe ready to swing after

last weekend's 54-20 loss to the

Wests Tigers. I'm embarrassed by

the way we've played and I'm

disappointed for our members who

come and pay their hard-earned

money to come and watch us play.

them better. They deserve better and we'll give

Sydney Swans co-captain Adam Goodes

says his side can still make the

finals despite conceding they're in

a rebuilding phase. The Swans play

Essendon tomorrow at the SCG, and

Goodes says with no Barry Hall or

Michael O'Loughlin from next year,

it means they must continue to look

to the future. A lot of positions

will be up for grabs, it will be

good to see how our younger players

a bike and to what the common --

competition is. Hopefully they can

build again. The Swans are 10th,

and haven't missed the finals since 2002.

A mixed day for the Australians at

the Tour de France. Cadel Evans

shooting up 9 places to 26th while

Michael Rogers plummeted to 159th.

As the tour entered Spain, wet

weather made the going tough.

Rogers coming unstuck on the

slippery road, he's now more than

14 minutes off the pace. The

slippery road claimed more victims

just before the end before Norway's

Tor Hushovd led a mass sprint to

the finish. But yet again, Fabian

jersey. Cancellara keeps the leaders yellow

Australia's Billy Dib has won a

controversial opening to the new

Superboxer series. His Japanese

opponent Kenichi Yamaguchi came

dressed as a ninja and early on it

looked like Dib might need his

sword as he took a bit of a

hammering. But near the end of the

first round, Dib landed a late blow

which saw the fight stopped in dramatic fashion. COMMENTATOR:

Seems to have lost control. Not

what we need. Despite the dubious

late hit, Dib takes home the WBO Asia Pacific featherweight title.

Holden's Will Davidson has set the

fastest time in practice for the

first ever Townsville 400. The new

street circuit officially opened

for business and it caused a few

headaches for the drivers who put

down their first laps. No dramas

for Davidson though, who finished

ahead of Michael Caruso and Jason

Richards. Cars feeling good but

again the track is going to be

changing all weekend so we got to

stay on top of things. Good track,

though, a lot of fun and you really

have to work hard the whole lap.

Ford's championship leader Jamie

Whincup overcame some early

navigation issues to finish fourth fastest.

In a first for any Australian

national team, the Hockeyroos are

going all pink in support of the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

The girls will wear these pink

bodysuits on Sunday at the

Champions Trophy tournament at

Sydney Olympic Park against

Argentina. My mum died of breast

cancer when I was three, and so,

yeah to be in Sydney, and to be

wearing these pink uniforms to

support the National Breast Cancer

Foundation, it's really special.

First up, Australia takes on

Germany tomorrow.

To the Tips and Michael Sullivan's selections for Randwick tomorrow.

Highlights from the NRL and AFL

the weather details after the matches tonight. Tim Bailey has all

from the outback to the coast, Beautiful NSW - there's no place like it. or more affordable way to see And there's no better than with CountryLink. over 360 NSW destinations From July 1, on the CountryLink network kids can travel anywhere for just $1 all year round by one full-fare paying adult. when accompanied Conditions apply. Call CountryLink on: CountryLink travel centre. Or visit your nearest

This program is captioned live. How

has the drive going at the start of

the school holidays? The M4 has had

a bad smash at Eastern Creek, it

has blocked the citybound traffic.

Everybody is slowing down to take a

look. It is a car park from

Parramatta to the start of the

mountains. Very slow traffic on the M4.

Before we go to the weather we have

some breaking news and a man has

been killed at the running of the

Bulls in Spain. The first death at

the event in 14 years. The man was gored

gored in the neck and lung by a

bull that had separated from the

pack. 10 other people were

hospitalised after the fourth of

eight runs at the festival. The

last fatal goring was in 1995 when

a 22-year-old American man lost his

life. The nationality of the man

who died today isn't yet known. Tim

Bailey, lots of snow keeping the

snowboarders happy? It is

sensational. This is the snow

grimmer, they come into fact

colours. They push all the snow

around and make the runs like

corduroy. Fabulous stark! These

machines push the snow all the way

back up the hill. I could not come

down here without sending you a

postcard from posse of scope rock.

I call it the roof of Australia,

where the clarity and blueness of

the sky is a match. Up here, you

can see for ever and you can feel

it. The uniqueness of the high

country, the space and quiet. It

settles you, and its boils you. A

nice place to contemplate the

weekend, up here on the road. What

a fabulous place? Come down and

have a lock. The good news for

Sydney - we have pushed the showers

a wave. Saturday, fine. 19 degrees.

It worked out perfectly.

Cloud is scattered cloud is

scattered along the east coast of

bringing a few showers. It streams

across WA, SA and Victoria,

moisture is drawn self. Tomorrow -

a trough and slow will generate

gusty winds across SA, Tasmania and

Victoria. A high will keep more

than NSW clear, allowing morning

fog around the coast. Drips and

drops across rooftops and crops. 5

to 10 millimetres. Rain across the

SA, and Victoria. Like coastal

showers poor southern WA. As far as

the high country is concerned, the

blue sky will disappear tomorrow as

a front moves across Thredbo and

Perisher blue. It will be glad here

at first. Let us go interstate. Have a lovely weekend.

Madam Tussaud's has unveiled a new Michael Jackson Madam Tussaud's has unveiled a new

Michael Jackson wax work to

celebrate his life. The King of Pop

is sculpted in his prime. He's

depicted in a classic on-stage pose,

complete with accessories. It's

just an immense figure, I'm just so

happy I'm here today with Michael

standing behind me. Madame

Tussaud's prepared the work over

the last four months for Jackson's

London concert series that was due

to begin next week. It's the 13th

time they've sculpted him.

That's Ten News for now, I'm Bill

Woods, I'm Deborah Knight, thanks

for your company. We'll have for your company. We'll have

updates throughout the evening

before the Late News with Tim Webster at 11:20pm. Goodnight.

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