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(generated from captions) (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) any doorbells ringing. I'm not hearing coming to the party. Doesn't look like Walter's What do we think's in 12, Kerry? the $10,000. Why not? I reckon I've got OK. I want to open 5. Alright. Because it's all about Betty. Come on, Betty. What was it there? Oh, yeah. 50 cents. for the correct guess, Kerry. So that's $500 Making it $5,450 all up. Very good. Not a bad way to return on 50 cents. Show me the money! I'll get rid of that thing. out of ourselves anyway, Betty. Well, we avoided making a monkey No, I think it's a super outcome. It was a fluctuating kind of game reasonable in the end. but we got away with something Thanks for being with us. Hey, thanks, Kerry. to the Isle of Wight. Hope you do get over obviously, Betty. Send us a postcard if you do, everyone. See you next time on the Deal, Thanks for being with us. This program is captioned live. Tonight - and his two sons one casket for a father after a drowning tragedy. farewelled Bangkok Airport Rioting protesters take over trapping Australian tourists. drop below $1 a litre. Petrol prices across Sydney

on American television. And Nicole Kidman's awkward moments Please, let's talk about the film. (LAUGHTER) with Ian Ross. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. have turned out More than 600 mourners to support a south coast woman, to her fiance and two little boys saying final goodbyes who drowned at Tathra last week. Riley and Travis shared one coffin, Shane O'Neill and his sons they shouldn't be separated. the family deciding

for a town wrapped in grief. This would be the hardest day Toughest for Stacey Lambert, who lost everything. the young mother she was to marry The bodies of the man and those of her two sons shared a single coffin -


Shane O'Neil - butcher, footy player, fisherman. who loved the sea like his dad 4-year-old Riley and Travis, 15 months. That was the family's decision. they died together In the sense, together. and they will be in the casket to wear bright clothes Mourners were asked of lives lived to the full. in celebration

A test of faith. "Where is God?" We have every right to ask, what she wanted to say. A minister asked Stacey I am with you. Shane, Riley and Travis, Have fun. Stay safe and warm. Go fishing. Tell me what I'm here for. suffered by this young mother The terrible loss just months from her wedding day has touched the nation. There is money in an appeal

Support of all kinds for stays

need to be Support of all kinds for Stacey will

included Shane's rugby league mates. A guard of honour and just enjoyed life. He was a down-to-earth person for a private cremation, As they left some country music... of the outback club # # He's a member ..because Shane was a country man. but special bloke What they called an ordinary with two special sons. The surviving twin boy on the Central Coast from Monday's drowning tragedy remains in critical condition. on the right 21-month-old Matthew, with family at his bedside. is in Sydney Children's Hospital His brother Ethan couldn't be saved into a backyard pool after the toddlers tumbled near Woy Woy. at St Huberts Island the boys had done swimming lessons. Their uncle says In breaking news, at Long Bay jail security has been stepped up after an inmate escaped. and a man-hunt is under way tonight has exclusive details. Reporter Lee Jeloscek Lee, what can you tell us?

was embarrassingly simple. Ian, the escape plan Seven News has been told

Long Bay's front gate the prisoner simply walked through just before 3:00 this afternoon. He was wearing civilian clothes to the private contractors and sources say he even waved responsible for security. his name is Alex Mihali. We understand had another six months to serve The 50-year-only for driving offences. in minimum security We've been told, by a Corrective Services officer Mihali was caught earlier this week to be supervised. in an area where he was supposed Management was informed at the time decided to try his luck again today but it seems the prisoner and succeeded. This is sure to fuel debate contractors are up to guarding on whether private security some of the State's toughest jails. Ian. over a boat crash on Sydney Harbour A man's been arrested that killed six people in May. is accused of driving the vessel 24-year-old bartender Percy Small off Bradleys Head. that collided with a fishing trawler on the Sunshine Coast this afternoon He was taken into custody tonight. and is expected to be charged died in the crash. Four women and two men are among thousands of tourists Australians trapped in Bangkok. out of the airport Tonight, they're been ordered after police clashed with protesters of the Thai Prime Minister. demonstrating against the return coincides with a royal visit The uprising by Denmark's Princess Mary. This is what confronted travellers busiest airports - arriving at one of Asia's protesters thousands of anti-government from the capital. blocking the main highway of the new $6 billion airport, Rallying in the shadow

eventually pushing their way in and roaming the departure terminal. This was the only check-in queue. have avoided confrontation. So far, riot police right now. I have no idea what's happening Airline staff were overwhelmed. Stranded Australian tourists underwhelmed by the lack of information. They haven't told us anything. Like, we don't know whether to leave or stay. The protesters aim to stop the prime minister flying back into the country - the most destructive act in a 6-month campaign to topple him. Bangkok's getting more dangerous, shots fired as pro and anti-government protesters clash in the heart of the capital. So far, though, remarkably few casualties. Warnings not to visit here came too late for Australian-born Princess Mary of Denmark and her husband Prince Frederik. Guests of 81-year-old King Bhumibol, the world's longest reigning monarch. The Queen has backed the demonstrators. While most flights were cancelled,

some Australians did get home tonight. It was actually pretty hectic. I had to run 3 kays to get to the airport. Tonight, a worrying development with reports these stranded passengers have been ordered to leave the airport. The future of almost 400 ABC Learning Centres is in doubt tonight after a review of the collapsed company. Two-thirds of its centres will remain open next year but there's no guarantee for the rest which care for 30,000 children. For the thousands of staff, parents and their kids left in limbo, ABC's receivers finally had some good news. For 72% of families with children attending ABC Learning centres Out of more than 1,000 centres, around 650 are viable and so will stay open in 2009 despite the company collapsing with debts of a billion dollars. The receiver says he sees a positive future for ABC Learning. But it leaves almost 400 centres without a guaranteed future. 57 of them are in Sydney, spread throughout the city. Took three months to find a centre with availability, then to hear it's under threat? We're shocked, surprised. It's a good centre. This is just terrible news because it condemns them and their centres to a potential death sentences. The receivers held out some hope for those centres still under threat saying some may stay open,

but they need more time to work out if they're viable. Their fate will be decided within a week. This extra time is important to ensure we make the right decision about the future of these centres. a self-fulfilling prophecy as parents and workers, in coming weeks, start to look for new alternatives whether it's new jobs or new centres for their children. Find out which centres are safe or under threat at our website. Sydney drivers are celebrating the cheapest petrol seen across the city in nearly two years - less than $1 a litre.

Reporter Sean Berry is at a Wentworthville service station, and, Sean, are the dollar dazzlers likely to last? Sadly not, Ian. Motoring groups say the oil giants will hike their prices again. But this independent retailer is promising to keep his down for the next week. Petrol dropped below the $1 mark. No protests, no shopping dockets, just cheap fuel. Pretty good. Just $40 to fill the whole tank. Heaps better! (LAUGHS) As Sydney fuel prices plummeted, petrol stations at Denistone, Wentworthville and Forrestville hit the 90s. Petrol prices haven't been this low in Sydney since Australia Day 2007. Just four months ago, prices peaked at an average $1.64 a litre.

They were still as high as $1.50 just last month. But as the international oil price fell over the past four weeks, so, finally, did petrol. And it's still falling. That is fantastic news for a city that's been paying too much for petrol for far too long. This driver reckons he's still paying too much for diesel. They might be happy about that, but what about diesal?

Mostly, they were happy.

Hope it stays like this 'til Christmas! (LAUGHS) If you didn't fill up today, you haven't missed out -

the owner of this Wentworthville station says he'll keep the price below $1 and he's selling at a loss. We are gonna fold as a business because we can't survive with these margins. But I'd rather die at my own hand supporting the community than die at these big corporations. The NRMA says prices should keep falling until Christmas in theory. Drivers will have to wait and see. Ian. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has finally used the 'D' word - deficit. He says times will get tougher for the Australian economy before they get better and it may be necessary for the Budget to go into the red. Back from Peru, the Prime Minister looked grim and in parliament, we learned why. If global growth slows, he warned, so will Australia's. Under those circumstances, it would be responsible to draw further from the surplus and, if necessary, to use a temporary deficit. Deficit - a word the Government had tried hard to avoid. But for many Australians, already a harsh reality. New data shows the foreclosure crisis has spread well beyond western Sydney. Now, even one of Australia's wealthiest suburbs has been hit - Vaucluse. I guess it's just an indicator that rising interest rates and the impact of the financial crisis impacts everybody. Vaucluse ranks 7th in the nation's top 10

for mortgage delinquency. This Wentworth Road mansion, a recent foreclosure. Sold for a bargain - $20 million. I feel very sorry for them if they've been in this position. I don't see any happiness whatsoever for their misfortune. New South Wales has 19 of the top 20 delinquent postcodes. Nelson Bay near Newcastle is the State's worst. Katoomba too. Also listed - Our prediction is western and south-western Sydney might have peaked already. Australia-wide, the number of mortgage delinquencies has rocketed 13% in just six months. And with economic problems and unemployment on the rise, that figure looks set to increase further. It will get worse before it gets better. Taking a look at how the market closed. Mining giant Rio Tinto fell 34% after BHP Billiton dropped its takeover offer. The ASX 200 lost 83 points. Actress Nicole Kidman has endured an awkward television interview with American talk-show host David Letterman. Nicole was expecting to promote her new epic 'Australia' but was instead frustrated by questions about her husband. On live television, things don't always go to plan. Do you know what the clip is?

Oh! God! I thought you were telling me to be quiet! (LAUGHTER) Sorry, I'm so sorry! The clip... You know, this is not a rehearsal.

(LAUGHTER) Nicole Kidman visited David Letterman to promote the film 'Australia' but he just kept asking her about her husband. How's that going - how's Keith Urban doing? He's a country music guy, isn't he? Yes. But - but also, he's a countryman of yours - is that correct? So, then he moved from New Zealand to Australia... This is about my husband! Did he come to Nashville because...? Why are you so obsessed with him?

Though exasperated, the Oscar winner kept smiling. Please, let's talk about the film. So he did. 'Australia' - 'Crocodile Dundee 2'! No! Two stars who just couldn't gel. I get the feeling that you're not coming back. Are you coming back? (LAUGHTER) You mean you won't invite me back, or...? No, no, of course I'll invite you back but I think something's gone wrong here. Kidman was better received at the UN where she presented a petition protesting violence against women. I am here to act as a voice.

I do not have the answers. Still to come - the boy with a car key stuck in his head. Also, the zero-tolerance push to shut down under-performing schools. And a tall order arrives in Sydney by special delivery. That's next. (LAUGHTER ON TELEVISION) (SNIFFS) (MYSTERIOUS MUSIC) Spraying air fresheners masks odours It attacks the source of the odours and kills odour-causing germs on hard surfaces... ..for a clean, fresh home. Petty criminals could soon choose to perform charity work instead of copping a fine. But the alternative will only be available if they can't afford to pay up. They'll have to have a cognitive impairment, intellectual disability, mental illness, be homeless.

Offences like fare evasion, littering, illegal parking and speeding would be forgiven. The Government has also written off $56 million in unpaid fines. A teenager celebrating schoolies week on the Gold Coast is in critical condition after contracting meningococcal disease. She's now being treated in Brisbane's Mater Hospital. Up to 13 of her friends have been given antibiotics. All schoolies are now being urged to look out for symptoms, including headaches, nausea, neck stiffness and rashes. The man in charge of New York's public education system is urging New South Wales to adopt a zero-tolerance policy and shut down badly performing schools. The Premier says he won't go that far yet but they will be on notice to improve. He's the zero-tolerance man of New York schools.

And today, Joel Klein met Nathan Rees to inspect a new computer system measuring students' performances. It empowers the teacher. The Premier's hoping to empower parents adopting a version of Mr Klein's controversial league tables in all but name. Parents will soon be able to view results for all schools on the Education Department's website.

We absolutely believe that parents have a right to know about the performance of their school. In New York, it goes much further. Schools meeting the standard get extra funding and a green cross on a website. Schools that fail get a red cross the first year. After two years, two crosses. After three, they're shut down. At one, only 30% of students graduated. We have shut schools that were underperforming. About 70 of them over the past six years. It put the Premier on the spot. I, I've simply said it's premature to be going down that path at this stage. But you would possibly support it in the future? Look, that's a much broader policy discussion. But for now, parents will be kept in the dark.

We asked the Education Department if there were any schools where more than half of the students had either failed or not graduated. It didn't get back to us. An American toddler has had surgery to remove a car key which became lodged in his brain. The key went through Nicholas Holderman's eye socket when he fell over in the family's Kentucky home. Understandably, his parents feared the worst. it's different. I said to Stacey, I think he hit the recliner." "You might want to check on him, will make a full recovery But amazingly, the 20-month-old and still has perfect vision. a special welcome to Sydney today. Two giraffes were given were given a police motorcade Forrest and Ntombi

through the city streets after arriving from New Zealand. They're in great shape. As they lift them off this morning, was having a real look around Ntombi, the female, as she hung there every aspect of what was going on. and was inquisitive about to Dubbo's Western Plains Zoo. They're on their way and will meet the public next month. Time for sport with Ben Damon with a warning. and Andrew Symonds gets off in the second Test He's been cleared to play but the Aussies have another problem after spinner Jason Krejza went down at training in Adelaide. And big, bad John ready to huff and puff around Huntingdale. If I quit, I'd weigh 400 times what I do now. This Thursday's Powerball jackpot is $6 million. For more chances to win, ask for a Powerball Megapick. $6 million Powerball jackpot - you could spend the rest of your life. to get his life back on track Andrew Symonds has been warned over an ugly clash with a fan despite being cleared of blame at a Brisbane pub. in the second Test, While he's free to play spinner Jason Krejza is in doubt at training. after injuring his ankle Kids love him

to be the problem child but he continues of Australian cricket. and never will be. Andrew is no saint they say Symonds is not to blame But for a change, at this hotel in Brisbane on Sunday. for the clash with a fan Andrew did nothing wrong. and difficult incident or issue In fact, he coped with a challenging quite admirably. to visit the hotel But I regret making the decision into a compromising position. and I realise I put myself Despite the damage his battle with alcohol has done in recent years, Andrew's ability continues to save him.

If he wasn't worth it, he wouldn't be sitting here right now. And he knows what committment is required for him to stay around. Security won't follow him from the nets to the nightclubs but counselling will continue. And I know that actions speak louder than words and this is how I'm to be judged. He'll play

appears no hope but a shattered Jason Krejza at training. after the spinner injured his ankle It didn't look good. I would imagine Somebody will be flown in, later this afternoon, yeah.

. Selectors have decided that

someone will be blue spinner. John Daly has asked Australian fans as a bad influence not to write him off Masters. as he prepares for tomorrow's says The man being labelled a train wreck on a good show at Huntingdale. he's right on track to put is back Down Under. That big, bustling swing Love him or loathe him, he really is a good guy. John Daly insists and it's how...I'm a fighter, I'm a survivor and I'll get through anything people can throw at me. The 2-time major winner spent a day in jail last month

after a drunken night out at a restaurant in America. Debate rages whether the smoking and drinking Daly is a good role model for kids watching tomorrow's Masters in Melbourne. There's a lot of stress for me. And if I quit, I'd weigh 400 times more than what I weigh right now.

the American a walking train wreck. Stuart Appleby has called is happy to have him here. But Robert Allenby

I think he's a great guy. I don't have a problem with John. with him. I've always got along really well Daly has promised one thing - any more putters in the water. he won't be throwing

Stupid for what I did and that really hit me hard. but I'd lost my mum of returning to the AFL are fading Ben Cousins's hopes after both St Kilda and Brisbane on the fallen star. turned their back Cousins today announced for the National Draft he would be nominating but no clubs plan to pick him. a thorough process We think we went through on good facts, good information and the decision was based and I think the right call in the end. The final hope for Cousins is next month's preseason draft. Sailors will lay wreaths at the start of this year's Sydney-Hobart to remember six sailors who died in 1998. Returning skipper Ian Kiernan is amazed at new safety measures to protect crews. Oh, it's been remarkable! I mean, I went and did the sea safety course and I was not really amused at having to do that because I thought I knew everything. than what I went into it. I came out a better sailor a fourth straight line honours win. 'Wild Oats XI' is attempting

They are saying this could be the

year that they break 24 hours. Give

them a stiff breeze, could happen.

Sara's next with the weather you, Ben. They will be praying for wind. Thank They will be praying for wind. Thank

the Martin Place Christmas tree? and it's almost time to light up Ian, the countdown is on tomorrow night. with the celebrations kicking off including the weather outlook I'll have all the details brown spots on my skin but at my age it can cause that's out of the question. and for me Radiance Restoring Day Cream VOICEOVER: New Age Re-Perfect from L'Oreal Paris, and sun protection. enriched with vitamin C The formula helps reduce the appearance of brown spots. And the tinted effect also illuminates my skin in an instant.

New Age Re-Perfect Radiance Restoring Day Cream from L'Oreal Paris. Yes. Hello. A little local knowledge goes a long way. That's why ActewAGL's award-winning contact centre is staffed entirely by people who live right here in our region to help you power ahead. so that we can do our very best You know Christmas is getting close goes up. And tomorrow night, in the festivities we're all invited to join for the Christmas concert. from 6:00. There'll be live entertainment the lighting of the tree. And of course festive today. The weather wasn't very temperatures cooler than expected. A bit gloomy in fact, with 20 in town which is 4 below normal. in the mountains, Drizzle brought a cold day a top of 11 degrees. storms across much of the country Right now we've got showers and

for WA, with severe storm warnings out and northern NSW. southern Queensland eastern Australia tomorrow A trough will deepen through

dragging more moisture across our State leading to widespread showers and thunderstorms ahead of a clearing change on Saturday. Showers and storms for most capital cities tomorrow, There's a strong wind warning for Sydney It'll be warmer tomorrow with a few showers and thunderstorms developing, mainly in the afternoon and evening. Freshening nor-easterlies

at 24 or 25 degrees. will cap the city and coast will increase on Friday. Those showers and storms A clearing shower on Saturday. Then fine and sunny from Sunday. With more than 50,000 lights, 8 days to install. this giant tree took 12 people, one person to flick the switch. Tomorrow night, it'll take just of the colouring-in competition - The winner Billi Moss.

about lighting up the tree? How do you feel

Really excited to see Santa. I

Really excited to see Santa. I will

make sure you do a fantastic job. Go girl. And that's Seven News to now. during the evening. But we'll have updates thanks for your company, I'm Ian Ross, goodnight.

Hello, I'm Matt White. Tonight - How money really can change a life. This lady went from plain Jane to beauty queen after winning on 'Deal or No Deal' Also, Britney Spears' new release.

And we have her mum's only Australian interview. To And faulty furniture, all the way from China, just in time for the Christmas Sales. First, the family feuds that are literally leaving people out on the street. Evictions are never easy. So imagine the scene when a daughter out of their house had to force her parents in a dispute over money. It happened this afternoon,

it's happening more often. and as Rodney Lohse reports,

The cases will have the whole world.

You are absolutely crap. Thank you. You are absolutely crap. Thank you. Crap.


This is not a bank moving in, this

is where children turn on parents

and parents fight their children and

it's all over money. He can take my

granddaughter. He won't let me see

my graund r granddaughter. He can

use fall language. Glenn and Heather

are being evicted by their own

daughter Just turn the camera away

from me, please. They are just one

couple in a sea of family discount

couple in a sea of family discontent

I will blow the place to bits. I

didn't do anything. They reckon I

pointed a gun at him. Believe it or not, Tate Wilson and his son-in-law Piet Snip were once on such good terms Tate let Piet build this home on the back of his farm. Do you have a deed of title or anything over this land?

No, it was all verbal with a handshake. A gentleman's agreement was what he called it and I've got witnesses to that as well. But after the death of Tate's daughter and Piet's wife Janice, the relationship between the two men

became all shotguns and ornery looks. A fair dinkum feud that's now been in court for years

as Tate tries get Piet and his sons off what he calls his land. I can't understand why the law allows it, I just don't understand it. Why does the law allow this to happen? Well, the rental agreement's there. I don't care who pays it, it's absolutely disgusting. It's disgusting

It's disgusting. Do you still love

your mum? Absolutely. Doug Thorpe might love his mum, octagenerian Ethal Wridgeways, but in his eyes she's still a bad tenant