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Tonight, punishment for James

Hardie bosses - former directors

fined and banned for deceptive

conduct. I would have liked to have

seen teh penalties be a lot higher.

A new twist in the Lin family

murder, the mysterious letter that murder, the mysterious letter t murder, the mysterious letter that

names the killers. And the Aussies

exude confidence ahead of tonight's

Ashes decider. I know there's a lot

of excitement that things are going

really well for us. Good evening,

I'm Deborah Knight. And I'm Bill

Woods. Also tonight, our soldiers

in the firing line as Afghanistan

goes to the polls. And putting the

plus back into fashion - the new

catwalk trend turning heads. If you

look at the statistics, the average

Australian woman is a size 14. But Australian woman is a size 14. But

first tonight, punishment has been

handed down to 10 former James Hardie executives and directors,

all fined and banned from running

companies after being caught-out

lying to investors. But asbestos

victims claim it's peanuts compared

with their pain and suffering. And

Justice Ian Gzell and was scathing Justice Ian Gzell and was scathing

in his judgement. He found that

James Hardie Limited and's

executives misled victims. 10 of

former executives were found to

have broken the corporations Law.

Beazer McDonald was fined $350 and

bind -- are banned from managing a bind -- are banned from managing a

company for 15 years. Meredith company for 15 years. Meredith

Hellicar was fined that if $5,000

and banned from

Hellicar was fined that if $5,000

and banned from managing a company and banned from managing a company

for five years. James Hardie

Limited also broke the law by a

publishing false information to

increase the sales but them of

their shares. Victims' groups were

disappointed. The fines are peanuts.

They were not be paying them anyway.

The disqualifications have to hold

a directorship is very satisfied. a directorship is very satisfied.

James Hardy will is based in

Holland but is moving to Ireland to

minimise tax. There has been a new

twist in the Lin family case. An

anonymous letter naming the killers

has been revealed. Detectives deny

saying the letter. Ten News

understands that this letter was

tight. It named a man and a woman

for all the responsibility of the

Lin and's families. It is

apparently one of several letters apparently one of several letters

so that it had been received.

Senior police were refusing to

confirm it. There is no such letter

that the solicitor up has provided

to the investigators. I'm not going

to comment on any evidence. The

family and the lawyer made no

comment today. The family home has

been handed back to the family. It

is no longer considered a crime

scene. The police say that they

have no more word a weapon --

murder weapon or any suspects. They

do not believe the daughter is in

any danger. 18 full-time detectives

have a lot to do. Train passengers

can now blame poor maintenance for

some of those long days -- delays

suffered during peak hours.

Hundreds of take services have been

cancelled because of mechanical

failures. Nathan Rees says Bain

keeping an eye on public transport.

City rail is getting a multi-

million-dollar spring-clean. He

reminded him it is yesterday that

95% of trains are run time. There

are still hundreds of feet hour

delays and cancelled services

because of Falsey trains. The

trains are cancelled or running

late. In the last financial year, late. In the last financial year, trains are cancelled or running

they had been 550 peak-hour

breakdowns. They were orgy took

equipment failures. There is a huge

issue with mechanical failures.

Royal Corps said that until it is

better than it has ever been. better than it has ever been. The Royal Corps said that until it is

number of pick our trains has. Down

on significantly over the last

three years. Mechanical flail --

failure is the biggest hurdle to

reliability. We are looking to

constantly to make a trains more

reliable. The Coalition has united

to cast a government's clean energy

bill. It will provide up to 20%

about power in the next decade.

They claim energy message came from

the first MasterChef winner.

MasterChef Julie Goodwin was

cooking with gas at Parliament

House. The MPs rush to get her up

Zinnia Judd. They claim energy

message was the flavour of the day.

What I did not realise is how

claimed girl at the -- burning

Natural Gas is. No-one voted

against it. The Greens are the most

reluctant. Concert -- compensation

is too generous. The big energy

guzzlers and win. Now it gets

harder. They Carbon Pollution

Reduction Scheme is going to be

difficult Toolangi. It may be

difficult. They Nationals in the

Senate may choose to take a

different approach. That is up to

them. Party leader, admits to his

party and has discussed quitting

the party read. We did not told

about severing the relationship.

Terror attacks and bloodshed have

not deterred voters in Afghanistan.

Australian as soldiers are in the

firing line as the polls open for

the second presidential election in

Afghanistan. These are the defiant

ones. They have rejected threats.

Security is a small price to pay

for a diplomatic country. Hamid

Karzai and pleaded for no violence.

Three people were killed when the

Taleban took hold of a bank.

Polling stations have closed down

in areas where there is a strong

presence of the Taleban. In Helmand

Province, many polling stations

will not open because of the threat.

The Afghan army and police are

doing their best. They have an

extensive network of checkpoints.

They are doing all they can act to

ensure that people can vote safely.

The events of recent times are not

unexpected. They are ready for any

contingency. This family has

returned for the promise of a

better life. It is very hard she

says, sometimes I have to choose

which children will eat and which

children will go hungry. The first

swine flu vaccinations are going to

begin next month. Nicola Roxon,

Health Minister said that 2 million

doses will arrive next week. It

will be another month before the

tests have finished and they know

that the vaccination is safe. The

first tests will be completed and

we will prioritise to ease the most

at risk. 121 table would swine flu

have died in Australia. It is

unclear whether the epidemic has

peaked. She is very lucky to be at

the Ashes Test. Everyone is talking

about this crucial cricket match.

Everybody has their fingers crossed

for an amazing week of cricket. If

the weather holds out, but the last

dregs of the British summer whale

showed plenty of sunshine. The last

thing that England one's is a

rained forced draw. That would mean

Australia would win. For many of

the Australians, this will be their

biggest ever Test. For England's

retiring Andrew Flintoff, this will

be his last. There has been great

excitement at around the Gerber the

last few days. We are very excited

about it. The Australian skipper

believes that these matches. I'm

really enjoying cricket at the

moment. I'm not putting a time from

on when I'm thinking of giving up.

I have enjoyed the last 12 months.

Analysing with a fresher a bunch of

guys. For it has been sold out for

months. Sculptors are selling

tickets for more than $2,000 each. tickets for more than $2,000 each.

I am the most popular person in

England. Come next Tuesday, no-one

will want to know me. To leaving

the Australian team will be able to

key Europe is friendly? We would do

our best. English fans will be

sitting in base rates. They want to

see Ashes history. Australia needs

of the support they can get here,

and that time. Turner televisions

on and watch an egg -- a great

Australian performance. More on the

Ashes decider later in sport, plus

the most puzzling question at the

world athletics championship. Is

south Africa's Kaster Semenya a

woman or a man? For now at least,

Kaster is the women's world

champion in the 800 metres after

blitzing the field in today's final.

Greg Inglis is also plain. Another

Premiership pad out announces his

retirement. Up next, more fallout

for Kyle and Jackie O, taken off

air in Melbourne. Also tonight,

jail for the reformed killer who

confessed to murdering a Sydney

security guard. And the classic

Aussie artists about to be inducted

into ARIA's Hall of Fame. I just

can't sing it without you.

Tight white sailor's outfit. And

Indonesian sailor's outfit. I had

no opinion. I had no brain in those

days. He was working in a factory

when he got his big break in Jesus

Christ Superstar. He sings lovers

in the air. I'm living my dad was

my dream. He brought us here to

achieve a better life. He did it.

This was the first hit a ball

mental as anything. He played his

first gig after ALP has died.

Ian you can

U. This is the likely result.

You go out and you show off and

people tell you have great you're a

new get paid for it.

They will be joining at the

induction in Melbourne next .

Some pretty clever lines there.

Let's talk about whether and an

Zillah bishop joins us and the

location looks familiar. If you are

watching that last story, John Paul

Young was on the pontoon just out

there in 1976. It was cold Fourth

of July. AC DC were waiting in the

wings. There is some history. It's

a lot warmer today. It up to 20

degrees. That was three above-

average. We had a nice cloud cover.

It did not get too cold overnight

down to 10 degrees. Right now it is

18. We have a few warmer days ahead.

Cloud coming in will keep the

warmth in. Only one night to go

before we give away a camera thanks

to Harvey Norman. This is the moon

over a lake. As I said, a bit of

clout over the weekend but not

before we have a very warm day

tomorrow. I'll be back with the details later.

Up next, E Australian woman voted

more powerful than the Queen.

Also a fresh wave of violence in Iraq.

The eight year-old wing walker

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Go let us take a low ebb and

traffic for

Here it is an amazing afternoon.

Hong we are flying over the best

city of the world. That is a

Harbour Bridge. It is looking quite

good. Outbound, it looks good.

There is a possible breakdown

heading into that a Harbour Bridge

tunnel. It has just happened in the

middle of the time. That is heading

towards the eastern suburbs.

Australians will be able to head

through Denis Healey and airport in

as little as 80 minutes. Kevin Rudd

and his Kiwi counterpart have

agreed to electronic passport

checks and special passenger

clearances which will make the

crossing as simple as a domestic

flight. The news game should be in

place by next year. The boss and an

Australian bank has been named more

powerful than the Queen. The chief

executive of Westpac Bank has been

named to the 18th most are powerful

woman in the world. She was named

underneath Pepsi and Coca-Cola, but

she was way above Michel a bummer.

Australia has scored well on the

cost of living. Sydney came second

to Zurich. It takes 14 minutes here

it all worked up to buy a Big Mac

hamburger. Insurance stocks had the day's biggest gains.

At least 95 people are dead after

the most violent day in Iraq in 18

months. A string of co-ordinated

blanks - rugger blasts obliterated

government and commercial buildings

near the heavily-fortified green

zone. Tribal meetings were

happening when the blasts began.

The city was scorched. The bridges

collapsed into rubble. One truck

bomb dug a huge crater outside of

the foreign ministry. From the

smouldering terrace -- chaos, the

injured emerged. This man's window

shattered. Six blasts throughout

the day has left scores of people

dead and more than 400 people

injured. These bombings are ghastly

acts of that need to be condemned

by everybody. All targets were next

to Baghdad's heavily-fortified

green sand. This raised questions

about Iraq D security. The vast

number of a map -- Iraq is believed

in a peace and security. Two

members of out tired or have they

no detained after another car bomb

was intercepted. Arcadia. Police

have arrested two men over

Britain's biggest ever at jaw heist.

Last rate, has got the end --

Scotland Yard to release security

video showing the two smartly-

dressed men walking into an

exclusive London Stock, then

walking away with $80 million worth

of gems. A 50-year-old man has

already been arrested over the

robbery. An eight year old boy is

on top of the world after a record-

breaking stunt. Tiger Brewer took

to the skies on his grandfather's

bi-plane, to become the youngest

person in the world to 'wing walk'.

Tiger soared through the English

air at 160km/h, returning to the

ground after a 25 minute flight. He

described the experience as amazing,

but complained it was just a little

bit windy. Passengers left

terrified by a bomb scare on a

flight to Melbourne, that's next.

Also, Voting underway in

Afghanistan - we'll hear from our

reporter in Kabul next. And the big

new trend on the Sydney catwalk

that's sure to shock the fashion world.

Tonight's headlines - punishment

has been handed down to 10 former James Hardie executives and

directors. They've all been fined

and banned from running companies

for deceptive conduct. There's a

new twist in the Lin family murder

case, with claims of an anonymous

letter naming the killers. The

family lawyer says he's handed the

document to police. And voting is underway in Afghanistan's presidential elections, putting our

troops on the front line. Taliban

threats and attacks have so far not

deterred people from electing a new

leader. Al Jazeera's correspondent

in Kabul, Nick Clark, filed this

report for Ten News a short time

ago. Not their day is finally upon

us. The Hamid Karzai has pleaded

with the country's 70 million have

registered voters to bring peace to

this land. Already we are hearing

reports of violence across the

country. Direct attacks for on

polling stations. They had been

fired at schools used as polling

stations. Here it could ball, -- at

Kabul there has been attacks on the

compensation. And in the south,

there were at a dozen explosions

going off. They targeted these

devices and set them off

intentionally. There were also more

to us. We heard a boon to the east

of the city's. Polling stations are

open. Voters are turning up. We do

not know how many people are

turning up. We will know later in

the day. The day is upon us. Voting

has started. The Taleban violence

has also started. Immediate bomb

scare on a plane from Singapore to

and Melbourne. A Singapore Airlines

call centre in India received a

detailed threat, claiming

explosives had been planted on

board. It prompted a thorough

search mid-flight, leaving

passengers terrified for their

safety. Nothing was found. Big

cheer and a clap - yeah, I think

everybody was very glad. To touch

down because we didn't know what

was going to happen. The plane

landed safely. It is Thursday, it

is a snow report. We will enjoy

some warm temperatures. Tomorrow,

all we are looking at a top of 25

degrees. There are some great

Snower to report. degrees. There are some great Snower to report.

For 4 when the details at 6pm.

Any trend has been unveiled at the

Sydney - and as the ball during one

of the hottest debates in the

industry. A new trend has been

unveiled at the Sydney Fashion

Festival, fuelling one of the

hottest debates in the industry.

Models wearing larger sizes have

graced the catwalk, and they say

dressing in double figures is a lot

more fun. The clothes were not bad.

Rarely seen at a major fashion

event, models looked like women. It

was a first. The entire share was

devoted to people from size 14, to

sires a tame. The girls look sexy.

The have got boobs, they have got

heaps. They are gorgeous. Them low

to hot. They looked fantastic.

These women are beautiful. And navy

had a battle convincing the

modelling industry that they are

the norm. I think I represent the

ent average woman. There was plenty

of some dark Power up on the mire runways.

What is coming up in sport? We will

tell you who will play in the Ashes

Test. Greg Inglis is back at the

storm. The NRL's most accurate

goalkicker. This woman

scene, and then my dad was I'm gonna take out Medibank Hospital and Extras cover and I'm gonna get my second month free. To join or switch, visit Medibank or call: And do it by September 30. I feel better now! Dinner's ready. Hang on. Where are you going? Sorry, I'm going out. Book club tonight, remember? VOICEOVER: 55-minute roast chicken.

Be growing speculation Australia

will go with an unchanged team for

tonight's deciding 5th Test at the

Oval. Rain is forecast. The chances

of Nathan Hauritz playing have

diminished. This Test will define

Ricky Ponting as a captain. He has

rebuilt the team after trailing 1

Mill. It leaves bitter memories

from four years ago. There's a lot

of excitement. Things are going

really well. It's so important that

we put that behind us and focus on

what we can do. No-one in Australia

is contemplating a loss. That would

be disastrous. He is showing no

signs of stepping away from the big

stuff. I'll need a break some time.

But that would be for a while. I am

really enjoying it. I hope I can

make some runs this week. He Inglis

talking up a good game. He it's

pretty hard not to be motivated.

Hopefully the crowd will get behind

us and it has potential to be one

of the great Test matches. Andrew

Flintoff returns for his last Test.

England is putting aside talk of

conflict. All indications are he

will be fine. He is obviously in

far less discomfort. There will be far less discomfort. There will be

extra pressure on him for the last

game. He knows it's such a big game.

Extra pressure will come yes we'll

see how we fare up. Australia has

to make a choice between Stuart

Clark and Nathan Hauritz. England

will play both spinners. Melbourne

Storm superstar Inglis was back at

training today. They are

investigating about his assault. He

is still barred from playing. I am

disappointed today. I think you

should respect the privacy of the

matter. It's certainly will not

come from us. The NRL has backed

the decision. Wendell Sailor has

turned up the heat against the

Broncos against that game in

Melbourne tomorrow. He said he

would teach the rookie a lesson. He

is sporting some appropriate attire

after his infamousmedia conference.

No comment. His new media mentor No comment. His new media mentor

has passed the test. He was a bit

shy. He did know what camera to

look at. When you score a try I

don't mind the cameras looking at

me. Wendell Sailor will give out a

lesson tomorrow night. He will face

windows dine tomorrow. Winterstein.

I went to his turf and he will come

to a good night. I am looking

forward to a good night and will be

a great test. Let's hope he can

back it up. How about this for a

challenge? He will attempt a kick

from touch. Just two metres from

the corner post. He just needs one

shop. He has 50 cold - - 50 goals

from 50 attempts. Here is the

secret to his success. I just say

don't miss. No rituals. He is on a

run of 14 straight goals. The

Panthers were made all the points

they can get. I lost to South in

the final and they will almost be out of reach.

2009 may well be remembered as the

year of the goodbyes for the Sydney

Swans. Jarred Crouch is the latest

to be fare well. Michael O'Loughlin

and Leo Barry will bow out after and Leo Barry will bow out after

Brisbane. For me playing football

what has been special and has been

the guys are playing with them they

have been incredibly lucky and

they're all some guys. The 31 euros

feels best. will be remembered as one of their

He had 194 consecutive matches.

She finished fifth in the 100

metres hurdles and her preparation

was hampered by a back injury. In

July Sally Broke the national

record in Monaco. Two weeks ago a

back injury forced her to take a

break from training. After a quick

start it was easy to see the

disruption had taken its toll.

The race went to Jamaica. It was

always going to be tough. I tried

my best. But oh well it sucks. She

just needs one throat to qualify.

They will be concentrating after

missing out on the final. There is

controversy in the women's 800

metres. The governing body is

launching an inquiry into the

winner. She won by over 2.5 seconds.

She came through. We want to focus She came through. We want to focus

to see if this person is a lady.

To date, Heather Swan climbs

mountains. She hopes to inspire

others to conquer fear with her others to conquer fear with her

book. Heather Swan takes tips from

her husband before doing what many

would consider just plain mad. would consider just plain mad.

Heather Swan is one of the best

base jumpers. In 1995 she was a 35-

year-old single mother who had

enough of the corporate world. As I

was getting old roles getting more

fearful. I did not want that to

continue. I really have to address

this. If you want to the feeling

she must work on it. Her life

changed direction. This man helped

her conquer her fear. Three years

later she married him. A I heard

him speak and I was so impressed I

married him. Our after six years of

training and many sacrifices along

the way they took their partnership

to India. 22 days of trekking. They

recorded the highest base jump.

They were using wing suits. We were

simply committed and we stepped off

and it was magic. She achieved an and it was magic. She achieved an

extraordinary thing. She committed

to that process and overcame her

fear. This mum likes to impress

teenagers. For those who work nine-

to-five working each day the

message is this - for the chance to

fly high you have to take the risk

of a harness. Just try something

you thought you could not do and I

guarantee you will be able to do it.

Terrific stuff. Let's see house the

poor affairs in the athletics

championships later. A wonderful

scout for Chris Guccione.

Let's check out with fit Le Roux so.

Right here the road remains closed.

We have a big traffic delay.

Traffic towards North Parramatta is

affected. There is a serious crash.

He Angela Bishop is back. It will

be a bit warmer? That's true. A

little cloud will give you were

spectacular sunset. Sydney just

have one in the last 10 minutes. It

will keep temperatures nice and

warm. We only put down to 10 last

night. A top of 21 in the city and

23 in the West. Right now the

temperature in cost that is 21.

The wind is from the west.

There is cloud over north of NSW.

There is a wee drop. That will

cause patchy rain. Cloud over

Victoria will cause scattered

showers. The cloud in Western

Australia will generate some

showers. Tomorrow a front will

bring strong winds. That will

affect NSW and South Queensland.

Wind will bring showers to Western

Australia. The front is approaching.

The showers will spread through NSW.

Showers or Victoria and Tasmania.

Showers will be increasing in

Western Australia. Patchy rain on

the interior. These warm dry

conditions mean that catchment has

dropped below 60%. There has been

no rain fallen the last 24 hours.

There has been some rain in Broken

Hill. That is about all. Serious

warmth is ahead. But first of all

let's check interstate.

Sydney it mostly sunny tomorrow.

A cloudy weekend. Hot on Monday and Tuesday Sonny.

Thanks for your company. We will be