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(generated from captions) I loved you. Please, just let me drive! Phoebe, I told you I'm sorry. done to me. I hate... Pull over! I hate you for what you've Pull over! Argh! Stop. (TYRES SCREECH) Phoebe! This program is captioned live. Tonight - under fire - wounded during a deadly gun battle. members of Sri Lanka's cricket team consumers using other banks' ATMs. Hefty new fees kick in for his own robbery faces a Sydney court. And the lawyer accused of faking And he cable-tied my hands. Good evening. I'm Bill Woods. And I'm Sandra Sully.

kept interest rates on hold. Also, why the Reserve Bank And out of control - with his son on board. the rider caught doing insane speeds cricket team shot in Pakistan. But first - members of the Sri Lanka Australian coach Trevor Bayliss wounded in the terror attack, is among the team members who've been of police and civilians. which has killed

The day their cricketers became the

target of terrorists. 12 must he

gunmen opening fire on the Sri

Lanka team bus as it tried to get

to the second Test against Pakistan.

The terrorists killed at the five

Pakistani policemen assigned to

protect the team. The team captain

and five others were wounded from

Sri Lanka. The attack realised

long-held fears about playing cricket in Pakistan. Despite heavy

assurance from Pakistan officials.

I still maintain it is safe to play

cricket there. Some Australians

flat-out refused to go there. I

hate to think what would happen if

someone could hurt or killed. A

series of near-misses justified

those concerns. A few years those concerns. A few years ago,

New Zealand cricketers were

traumatised by an explosion that

killed six people near their hotel.

killed six people near their hotel.

Australia's tour of Pakistan was Australia's tour of Pakistan

similar fears. postponed last year because of

a strong vote of confidence The Reserve Bank has delivered in the Australian economy. not to cut interest rates, It has decided from overseas. in spite of more bad economic news was a grim setting The overnight news from Wall Street for today's Reserve Bank meeting. to its lowest level in 12 years The Dow Jones plunged as investors were spooked in US history. by the biggest corporate loss

in the last three months of 2008. Insurance giant AIG lost $98 billion no matter what. They're essentially bankrupt,

another $48 billion The US Government pumped in it shelled out last year on top of the $240 billion to keep AIG afloat. It's simply too big to fail. from the Reserve Bank. But there was no panic

It left official rates at 3.25%. by January retail sales figures It was encouraged and rose again. that defied predictions We've seen the positive impact can have. that our economic security strategy The Reserve notes has not experienced the Australian economy seen elsewhere. the sort of large contraction the Government's substantial stimulus The bank agrees over four months and its own 4% cut in interest rates

There is no evidence the cash splash from December - the stimulus package - if you mean has had any effect. The acid test for the economy in tomorrow's national accounts. will come The Treasurer seized on news by 0.8% in the December quarter. that Canada's economy contracted is not immune He warns that Australia too of the global downturn. from the impact to decline by $34 billion Our commodities exports are forecast in the year ahead.

I do expect recession. We are slowing rapidly.

in the figures coming out tomorrow, It may not be announced but it will occur during 2009. The Prime Minister says it will be provided. if further stimulus is needed We will see Australia through this crisis together -

and more productive nation a stronger, more resilient than ever before. it's now cheaper to buy than rent. In some Sydney suburbs later this news hour. We'll tell you where

and more confusing to use an ATM. It's now more expensive New rules kicked in today rival bank customers, allowing ATM providers to charge

a move that could spark a price war. How much are you charging at the ANZ your ATMs? for people to come and use That's undisclosed. Undisclosed? to make a statement on that. From me. I'm not allowed if you're not an ANZ cardholder. It's actually $2 must display their fee From today, all ATM operators

for any withdrawal or inquiry. on what they can charge. But there's no limit uses a Westpac machine, For example, if an NAB cardholder Westpac will slug them $2. a 50 cent disloyalty fee. The NAB will charge uses an NAB ATM, they pay $1.50 But if a Westpac customer

and 25 cents to Westpac.

won't charge their customers The Commonwealth and ANZ

any disloyalty fees. it's an early sign of competition. Consumer group Choice says over their shoulders They're all looking to see who's charging what, some volatility. so, yeah, there could be direction as opposed to up. We just hope it's in a downwards to use their own bank's ATM I'd encourage customers associated with their bank. or indeed a network ATM you can minimise your fees. If you do that,

to introduce variable ATM fees. Australia is not the first nation there was such a public outcry In 1999 in the UK over the scheme

altogether. their banks to eradicate the charges inside pubs and convenience stores. A growing number of ATMs are now It's feared these private operators may jack up fees

to take advantage of drinkers. James Boyce, Ten News.

to yesterday's violent invasion Three teenage boys have admitted of a Sydney high school. They faced court today as a "spree of terror". over a crime the prosecutor described A mother shamed by her son's violent actions. about what he's done. Yes, I'm very sorry three teenage boys Her child is one of at Auburn. who rampaged through a school Out of my (beep)ing face!

they're just doing their job! Lets go, hey, stop it, Tempers flared outside court after the boys,

who can't be identified, entered pleas of guilty. According to police, they were armed with a 60cm machete and a wood-handled axe when they stormed Trinity Catholic College. 40 windows were shattered. A teacher was pushed in the chest. The gang destroyed glass shelves and doors in the canteen, and smashed up two cars.

CCTV of the attack shows students running for their lives as the gang tore through the playground.

Two of the teenagers charged over the attack applied for bail in court but the magistrate bluntly refused. Here at the school, some parents were still rattled by yesterday's events,

choosing to keep their children home from class. Two security guards were on duty all day and police patrolled the perimeter. and come to school and find knives in the school and stuff like that, it's just a big shock to them.

The damage bill from yesterday's rampage sits at more than $30,000. Daniel Sutton, Ten News. A Sydney solicitor faces being struck off if convicted of organising an armed robbery

in which he was the victim. Peter Maatouk is accused of hiring two men to steal cash and a car during an attack on his Liverpool office.

In February last year, 33-year-old lawyer Peter Maatouk

claimed he'd been beaten and robbed at his Liverpool law firm and even spoke about the attack on television. We're all targets, we're all sitting ducks, really, so no matter what we do, we all take the risk every day in Liverpool. But police allege the story was an elaborate lie, and instead of appearing in court as a defender, the lawyer is now the accused. His story about the attack was so convincing detectives didn't suspect him until the robbers came forward and gave a different version. These pictures, played in court, show the lawyer telling police what happened. Hit me on the back of my head as he was pushing me and he was on top of me, holding me with the gun to the back of my head. Insurers paid out $113,000 on the wreck.

And he re-enacted the raid on the office safe that netted the thieves a large amount of cash. Out of there he took how much? Probably about $22,000-$23,000. Nothing else? That's all I had, that's all I had in the safe. Police have charged the solicitor with obtaining money by deception and making a false statement. He faces another court case over a charge

of perverting the course of justice. Maatouk has pleaded not guilty to the charges, and has told the police he was the victim of a $100,000 extortion attempt by two standover men. The case continues. John Hill, Ten News. Sport headlines with Brad McEwan. Brad, a tragic day for world cricket with the shooting in Pakistan. It's certainly overshadowed a huge win for Australia.

Ricky Ponting's team has taken a 1-0 lead in the Test series against South Africa after a convincing victory in Johannesburg. Man of the match Mitchell Johnson secured the win when he bowled Dale Steyn just after tea. The Aussies returned to the pitch a few hours later to sing their iconic victory song, 'Under the Southern Cross'. shortly. We'll have the day five highlights Also ahead, the Wallabies rookie who could be heading to the Waratahs. And we'll bring you up to date with the latest developments

on the attack Still to come - a poll surge for Premier Nathan Rees. Plus, Qantas battles to get its grounded A380 super jumbos back in the air. And the shopkeeper

who's an armed robber's worst nightmare.

CHEERFUL MUSIC With more space, a stylish new look

..the new Subaru Forester - a beautiful drive. If you knew, you'd be in a Subaru. The Premier has played down reports that his deputy, Carmel Tebbutt, has been approached to replace him. It follows good and bad news for Labor in the latest political opinion polls. You're the stars today. As the Premier took the stage for a photo opportunity he had reason to smile. Sydney will host the Edinburgh Military Tattoo for a second time, in February next year. I say it with delight that we've beaten off Auckland, we've beaten off New York and we've beaten off Melbourne Mr Rees may have been doing a similar dance this morning, with the latest Newspoll revealing as preferred premier. Mr Rees has risen to 34% approval, with Barry O'Farrell dropping to 29%. But those results are far from those needed to secure the Premier's leadership, with fresh speculation that his deputy, Carmel Tebbutt, has expressed interest in the top job for the first time. I keep my eye on the horizon - I don't get distracted from the main game. But that main game for Labor still looks bleak. Despite a boost in the polls for Labor, the Coalition still holds a 12-point advantage and leads the two-party preferred vote 56% to 44%. a solid party vote than a reduced party vote, but it demonstrates the amount of work that we have to do. That work truly began today with MPs returning here to Macquarie Street for the first sitting day of Parliament for the year. We've got a Mexican Premier, a siesta - 88 days off over summer. The Premier has promised Parliament will sit more often this year. And Josh joins us now from Macquarie Street. There's to be a radical overhaul of the State's child protection system.

An inquiry began into the system in

late 2007 after two horrific child

deaths. Today the Government

responded. It is basically a $238

million plan that will see the way

that the job protection service or

operate completely changed. Next

year, the way their children are

referred to the service will change.

All children that are not under

significant harm will go to well-

being units, controlled by being units, controlled by its other Government departments. That

will take pressure off the Poti

cases. This is a plan to ensure

that the serious cases will be

taken care of and there will be the appropriate serious responses. The

opposition has welcomed these

reforms, it's only fears that they

will take a very long time to

introduce. It is a 5-year plan and

some of those first changes are

going to come into effect in July. The grieving family of an elderly volunteer bashed to death in his Sydney home is pleading with the public for information. The bludgeoned body of 66-year-old German migrant Bernd Lehmann, who worked with intellectually impaired children, was found locked inside his Ashfeld unit. He was just hours from leaving Sydney to care for his dying 91-year-old mother.

Someone out there has taken away my soulmate. Police have no motive. They've offered a $100,000 reward for information leading to a conviction. The giants of the Qantas fleet, the A380 Airbuses, are gradually returning to the skies

after fuel tank problems left all three grounded. The 2-storey planes cost about $350 million each

and only began flying the L.A. route last October. But they're facing more than technical teething problems.

Air traffic controllers in Los Angeles have also complained the Airbuses are too wide for their airport.

They say if it wasn't for the recession-led slump in overseas travel,

they wouldn't be able to accommodate the A380s. Qantas plans to extend its A380 fleet to seven by the end of the year. Victorian authorities have been accused of creating unnecessary panic by suggesting the State was in for another wild round of bushfires. Conditions were nowhere near as severe as expected thanks to strong winds. A massive tree smashed into this house as wild weather lashed bushfire-ravaged Victoria. The home's owner was on the phone at the time. The plaster started falling around me so I put my hands over my head and thought, "Just get out." Victorians battened down the hatches as strong winds swept across the State, some fleeing their homes as a precaution. Just to be safe, we got out. We've got a 4-year-old, too, so that's what we had to do, yeah. We had to go because we had a lot of timber around us, Not all are happy with the repeated dire warnings since Black Saturday, which claimed more than 200 lives. To me it's put a lot of scare into a lot of people. I know it has for me. Authorities have defended their alerts, millions of mobile phone customers. including a text message sent to We would have been totally irresponsible to have not warned the community on the basis of the forecasts given to us. But while conditions weren't as bad as predicted, the wild weather has still caused havoc. The wind is blowing an absolute gale, whipping up a massive dust storm. The loose dirt and grit is the result of years of drought coupled with the loss of vegetation due to the recent bushfires. A number of fires continue to burn. Authorities are also angry their warnings may have prompted arsonists to light more blazes.

Schools and other services were closed. Fire-weary Victorians are praying the State's darkest period ends soon. Yeah, everybody wants to see the finish of it, for sure. Allan Raskall, Ten News.

Pretty hard in Western NSW? Yes indeed,

indeed, 45 degrees out in the west.

That was within 0.5 degrees of been an

an all-time record. In some parts

of the state, the temperature did

not dip below 27 degrees in the night.

night. The hot air is not really

coming our way. We will coming our way. We will do this

only change to mower which will not

temperatures down to 27 degrees or

30 degrees in Sydney. We will get

clear blue skies in does day and

fired a bullet temperatures in the fired a bullet temperatures in the

needed 20s. In a moment, we'll check how the market reacted

to the interest rate decision with the ING Direct finance report. Also, we'll hear from the teenager who copped a beating from police. It was horrible. And out of control - the rider doing insane speeds with his son on board.

Clothing maker Pacific Brands now faces a consumer backlash over plans to sack 1,800 workers. to reconsider its decision The company is being urged Still coming to terms with their employer's shock decision to sack them, these workers are willing to forgive and forget. We just want to ask Pacific Brands to reconsider.

The union is determined to help them fight, and urges Pacific Brands to explore other options... The message to Pacific Brands is, think again. ..saying the flow-on effect could see 3,000 more jobs at risk. They have suppliers that make yarn and fabric

and many contractors that make products. They are also asking for the backing of all Australians. Make ethical purchasing decisions. their hard-earned consumer dollar Understand that when they spend they need to think about what they are spending it on and how. But Pacific Brands says the decision is final

and the union needs to consider their 7,000 remaining employees. The ACTU will lobby the Government to make businesses receiving taxpayer support safeguard Australian jobs and limit executive salaries. We want to see Australian businesses take back their moral compass to work with the Government to see us through this difficult period.

Angelina Anictomatis, Ten News. Now to the ING Direct finance report with Jacqueline Maddock. Jacqui, what's been the share market reaction

to the RBA leaving rates on hold? Last night's horror lead from Wall Street has kept local stocks in the red, but the market rallied following the announcement as many investors took the decision as a sign of the central bank's confidence

that our economy is holding up well. There's also been encouraging news from the retail sector. Retail sales held up better than expected in January, helped by the heavy discounting shoppers enjoyed Sales rose 0.2% over the month to a record $19.2 billion, adding to the 3.8% sales surge over December. and current account deficit narrowing in the December quarter suggests tomorrow's national account figures might not be so bad. The All Ords lost another 1%, but Macquarie surged 10%. We saw a dramatic surge in the Australian dollar immediately after the RBA's decision as forex markets wondered if we've reached the low point

for the cash rate. And that's finance for now. It looks like Wall Street is set to open on a positive note. A snowstorm has brought much of America's north-east to a standstill. The icy conditions caused misery for commuters, shutting down roads and public transport networks from Boston to New York and Washington. Tens of thousands of air passengers were stranded as cancelled flights sparked a chain reaction across the country. Even the White House was barely visible in the wintry conditions, but not everyone was complaining. It's fun! Is it fast? Yeah, like a polar bear. Millions of children had the day off school and made the most of the snow. A teenager has spoken about being bashed by a US policeman in an attack that could cost his career. 15-year-old Malika Calhoon was arrested with a friend after they borrowed her mother's car without permission. After a heated exchange, Calhoon kicked off a shoe in the direction of the officers, sparking the assault. It was horrible. Like, my head hit the wall when he first came in and kicked me in the back, and then my head hit the wall

and then he threw me to the ground It was just horrible. The deputy sherrif has pleaded not guilty to assault charges. A ray gun has revolutionised cancer surgery in the UK. The billion-dollar CyberKnife targets tumours surgeons can't reach and patients can walk out immediately after treatment, freeing up hospitals, beds and staff. There's 38 tonnes of lead in the door and 300 tonnes more in the walls housing the CyberKnife. of the machine's X-rays But it's not the power that's so revolutionary - it's their accuracy. Through a heavy duty radiation gun, they're aimed to hit cancerous tumours

anywhere in the body, without damaging surrounding healthy tissue. These are often tumours which haven't spread around the body but are about to do damage by virtue of where they are. They're localised tumours but difficult for the surgeon to get at and difficult for orthodox radiotherapy to obliterate. Alan Bowley was told two years ago he had three months to live. His wife found CyberKnife on the Internet, and, after a course of treatments, he was able to return to work. There's no cutting involved, there's no anaesthetic involved.

It's purely lying on a table, do its business, let this wonderful machine I said to Jan, "I can't believe that that's done anything," but clearly, after the three treatments, I was already feeling the benefits. The pain was reduced, my appetite was coming back straightaway. So, yeah, to say it was life-changing is an understatement. The robotic radiotherapy system was developed in America. That's where Patrick Swayze has reportedly been treated with it In the UK, there's just the one CyberKnife private clinic, but the National Health Service is now looking into the new technology, because, unlike surgery, it allows patients to go home after treatment, freeing up much-needed hospital beds. In London, Danielle Isdale, Ten News. A British man has been jailed after riding his motorcycle at nearly 200km/h

with his young son clinging to the back. A police camera caught the 47-year-old Officers were left stunned by his reckless behaviour. the road surface was damp,

it was a single carriageway road and Mr Bennett had his 14-year-old son on the back

and his son wasn't even wearing protective gloves or protective gear of any type. The judge described the actions as unbelievable to six months jail. and sentenced the man Did the Reserve Bank make the right decision on interest rates? The experts tell us next. Also, new home sales on the rise - we'll tell you where the bargains are.

And a shopkeeper takes on bandits, hoping to protect his young staff.

Tonight's breaking story - eight members of the Sri Lanka cricket team have been wounded during a terrorist ambush in Pakistan. Australian Trevor Bayliss, who's coaching the side, is among those hurt. At least eight other people, including several police officers, died in the gun battle. We'll update the situation for you again in sport. A nasty surprise for people using ATMs today. New charges have kicked in, slugging consumers who use machines that don't belong to their own bank. The owners of the machines are now charging fees, adding considerably to the cost of transactions. And the Reserve Bank defies expectations, deciding to leave interest rates unchanged. The move is widely seen as a vote of confidence in the Australian economy. With more on the rates decision we're joined by Dr Shane Oliver from AMP Capital Investors. Dr Oliver, did the RBA make the right decision?

I think the Reserve Bank made the

wrong decision. They should have

kept cutting rates, a bit at a

slower rate than we have seen.

There is still an economic or

financial storm that is the ring

that is yet to hit the Australian

economy, so even though our economy is

is doing OK at the moment, it will

hit worse in two or three months'

time. Given that, should time. Given that, should consumers

lucky in their legs now or should they they wait for two or three months?

It is something they consumers and

homeowners should think about. I

think it is premature to Larkin

rates at the moment. I think that

in the next month and the months

after we will see the Reserve Bank

cutting interest rates again as

unemployment rises and the economy

continues to slow down. That means

we ate of Our top 10 trading ban is

in recession, we will follow them?

I think it yes, the economy will go

in recession it has not already. I

think the reality is that that big

slump in eight of out of 10 trading

partners will him back to power

exports dramatically over the next

six to 12 months and will drag our

economy into recession. Are we

stabilising? The handouts were

absolutely necessary. Were it not

from the Government's handouts, and

economy would be a lot weaker.

Going for it, those ones we will be

necessary in helping to ensure that

the downturn and recession in the

economy is Marburg than would

otherwise be the case. Thank you real-time. And the first home buyers grant is behind a surge in new home sales. and there are plenty of bargains to be had. Home sweet home thanks to a sweetened First Home Owner Grant

and low interest rates. $7,000 is a fair bit but when you get $14,000, it helps enourmously. Tom Rayner is one of thousands cashing in across the country.

Housing affordability is at a 5-year high. New home sales surged 9% in January alone. The demand since the First Home Owner Grant was announced has been extraordinary. Nearly all of the one bedroom apartments have sold out. And to ensure the next lot will as well, unprecidented incentives property developers are offering of their own. If you buy a house and land with AV Jennings anywhere in the Sydney metropolitan area, we give you another $8,000 cash. While the Government's incentive has led to a surge in home sales in most States around the country, NSW is dragging its feet. The hottest property oppurtunities right now exist in Sydney's outer west and Sydney's inner west. The further out you go, the further the Government's grant goes. You can really look at having half your deposit paid by the Governenment. That's not quite the case in the city, but it still makes better financial sense

for some renters to buy. The decrease in interest rates and increase in rents really means that that gap is a lot smaller today. But there's no relief for those stuck in the rental market, so long as the financial crisis saps enthusiasm from property investors. There's still a lot of pent up demand and that translates into tight rental vacancies. There's a shortage of housing stock in most markets. Ending the shortgage may mean extending the homebuyers grant. It's due to expire on June 30. Jaqui Maddock, Ten News. A shopkeeper on the Gold Coast has put his life on the line, confronting two armed robbers. 58-year-old Jim Gibson and struggled with the bandits, ending up with a split lip. He actually did what he did, he said to me, because he wanted to make sure my two female staff members were safe. Police say while he was brave, it's safest just to hand over the money. The thieves got only a small amount of cash. Brad is back with the day in sport. Brad, Australians have been involved in the shooting in Pakistan. Sri Lanka's coach Trevor Bayliss and two Australian umpires - we understand they're all OK. Details next. The attack has overshadowed Australia's first Test win against South Africa. Plus, razzamatazz from the Tigers, but Benji's Japanese loses a little bit in translation.

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This program is captioned live. Sri Lanka's Australian cricket coach, Simon Taufel and Steve Davis and Australian umpires in the shooting in Pakistan. have been involved It's been reported all three are OK. Azzan Raza, has been wounded. The reserve umpire from Pakistan, by up to a dozen gunmen The attack in Lahore

comes just a week for visiting international teams. after claims Pakistan is safe on day two of the second Test, They'd amassed 606 runs sport's trivial nature - but today's events have brought home being evacuated from the country, the squad on the team bus after masked gunmen opened fire for day three. on its way to the ground six police officers are dead Latest reports suggest and six team members injured, former NSW batsman Trevor Bayliss. including their coach -

comfortable in the country. Bayliss said just last week he felt Penny has been left stunned. Former Sri Lankan assistant Trevor Just a shock, I can't believe it. We are in the stadium what's happening out on the streets. so I can't tell you

throughout the cricket world, The news filtering including to New Zealand, Pakistan in December. where the Black Caps are due to tour

nine months minimum. To be honest, it's a long way away - security review of Pakistan. We've been thinking about the

Pakistan, albeit in neutral Dubai, The Aussies too have a date with for a one-day series next month. has remained silent So far, Cricket Australia on whether that will still go ahead. the Sri Lankan team's welfare For now, is world cricket's

James Sutherland Cricket Australia CEO is about to front the media to the attack in Pakistan. to give Australian cricket's response Aussies' Test win in South Africa. The shooting has overshadowed the took a 1-0 series lead Ricky Ponting's team

in Johannesburg by 162 runs. after winning the first Test It ended just after tea... Australia are one up. COMMENTATOR: Got him! Its all over! ..sparking wild celebrations featuring three debutants. from a team For me its a really satisfying game, who have played their first Test and I'm sure a few of the young guys

with what they achieved as well. at the moment are pretty happy the initiation continued. As the night progressed, the Southern Cross I stand, (ALL SHOUT) Underneath a sprig of wattle in my hand.

around the Wanderers, The team song echoing four Tests in a row. a ground where Australia's now won We just feel good playing here. getting booed - I don't know. Maybe it is something to do with bit more to play even better. It might just spur us on a little It worked on the final day. Oh, it's an easy wicket. First Amla, then A.B. de Villiers. Big shout - that's going to be out. they had Jacques Kallis too. Australia thought but his luck ran out on 45. He was saved by the referral system,

in the Test. South Africa are on their way down

with J.P Duminy. Peter Siddle won his battle He did a similar job on Paul Harris Mark Boucher. when Ben Hilfenhaus snuck one through Got him! was fast becoming a fading memory. If we play to that level the Durban Test match, then we're capable of winning there's no doubt about that. in a couple of days time It all starts again are a very good cricket team. and we know that South Africa Celebrations aside, is managing the workload Australia's priority now of man of the match Mitchell Johnson. a little bit weary as well, Legs are a little bit heavy, Australia, you ------- beauty! (ALL SHOUT) Paul Cochrane, Ten News. hasn't been put off Wests Tigers star Benji Marshall

to Japanese rugby. by the NRL's ban on a potential move last night, At the Tigers' season launch some Japanese. Benji showed he'd been practising (SPEAKS JAPANESE) in translation. But it was lost a little Instead of "good evening", "Good morning. My name is Benji." he said, than ever The Waratahs could be closer James O'Connor. to recruiting Western Force whiz kid his value on the open market The 18-year-old is set to test at the end of the season. when his contract finishes For now at least, limited to a Western Force stop-over O'Connor's presence in Sydney is en route to New Zealand. the east coast on a permanent basis But the lure of being back on to the young Queenslander. does appeal missing your friends and family. Yeah, it's pretty tough Apart from family, more game time O'Connor is keen to lock in and a permanent playing position.

a utility player, I don't want to become on a certain position. I want to work to keep O'Connor, The Force are desperate want the Australian Rugby Union but the 18-year-old's management to his contract. to look at a top-up component summing up all my options, Obviously we're going to be my focus is on rugby but for the time being all my opportunities at the Force. and I want to take were believed to be interested, The Queensland Reds but have since said on Drew Mitchell, their targets are set another player in NSW's sights. of Wallabies coach Robbie Deans The eyes were also on the Force today as he observed training. Matt Suleau, Ten News. with A-League combatants Melbourne and Adelaide

combining for the Socceroos on Thursday's Asian Cup qualifier against Kuwait. While tempers flared during Saturday's grand final, goalscoring hero Tom Pondeljak is confident the players can put their differences aside

for the national cause. It's all behind us now. We're here for the same cause and will definitely band together and play as one on Thursday. There are five Adelaide United players and four Melbourne Victory players in the 21-man squad made up entirely of Australian-based players. Sprint star Asafa Powell has announced he is poised to go under even time at Thursday night's athletics meet in Melbourne. but the Jamaican thinks he's the man to do it. It was an all-star cast on hand for the John Landy lunch,

Asafa Powell using the opportunity to declare his intention to become the first man to go under 10 seconds or better in Melbourne. The Jamaican has not run the distance in five months, but is flying after a personal best of 45 seconds in the 400m last week.

That was a big confidence boost in Sydney, so I definitely want to go under 10. I definitely would love to go under 9. Gold medallist Steven Hooker is aiming high, hoping to take Sergey Bubka's legendary 6.15m world record on his home track of Olympic Park.

On any debt I am a chance to jump

at six metres, that is the former I

mean it and that's what I would

love to do in Melbourne. Silver medal hurdler Sally McClellan is still chasing Melinda Gainsford-Taylor's 100m flat record that has stood for 15 years. love to do in Melbourne. This year

they have made it more public and

usually when I do that I it end up

breaking the record. And while Craig Mottram is not competing, he has revealed his comeback after missing the final in Beijing is mental as much as physical. breaking the record. The last two

months have been top. It was

disappointing in Beijing and

getting back on the horse has been a challenge. Ian Cohen, Ten News. Cricket Australia chief executive James Sutherland has just spoken at a press conference in Melbourne.

Here is his response to the shootings in Pakistan.

a challenge. He said the attacks

justified it cricketer Australia's decision

decision to cancel previous tours.

A honestly they had been issues

with security in Pakistan and this

confirms those issues and I think it

it is way too early to be making

any so predictions about the future.

Let's just see what the future holds. Later in Sports Tonight, we'll have all the latest from the shootings in Pakistan. Stay with us - Tim Bailey has all the weather details next. (GUITAR MUSIC PLAYS)

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A pretty nice day today and it

seems like there is some lovely

autumn weather on the way. I am

tried to organise that! It was warm

in Sydney last night, for above

average. The west of the state was

a very warm last night. A minimum

temperature of 27 degrees, 17

degrees above average. We almost

wrote the March record with a 45

degree day in the NSW's West. A

southerly change has got Sydney's

name on it. It will rush up the

coast, bring some call air and

clear the sky. We will then be in

for some beautiful autumn weather.

24 to 25 degrees, it clear blue skies.

If cloud band across the south in a If cloud band across the south in a

trough there is causing patchy

trough there is causing patchy

cloud across the south coast. This

is the map for tomorrow. Paid shop

will develop isolated storms in will develop isolated storms

Queensland and NSW. For a front

will affect Victoria and Tasmania

and a load will cause it wins and

reined in Tasmania. Ray and

Staunton nor the NSW, namely the

north-east. Dry in the south-west

of the state. Heavy cloud cover

tomorrow and some showers in the

morning. Before lunch time the

southerly change will clear things

up and then beautiful days for the

next three or four days. This program is captioned live. I'm Bill Woods. That's Ten News for now. Thanks for joining us. I'm Sandra Sully. throughout the evening, I'll be back with updates with Sports Tonight at 10:30. then the Late News Goodnight. by Red Bee Media Australia. Supertext Captions