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Tonight - the photo that shocked

Sydney. Paedophile Dennis Ferguson

on the beach near children. He, in

some ways, is the pin-up boy. A

teenager's bid to start a new life

turns deadly. The remains of a

woman found in a body bag in a

Sydney national park. It's bizarre.

And the shonky awards - Australia's

worst products exposed.

Good evening, I'm Deborah Knight.

And I'm Bill Woods. Also, soaring

living. utility bills push up the cost of

And "This Is It" - the premiere of

Michael Jackson's final show. I

know he's in good hands.

But first - the new scandal over

convicted paedophile Dennis

Ferguson, who's released a half

naked photo of himself giving the

thumbs-up in front of children at

the beach. Ferguson's now being

promoted as a pin-up boy and was

back in court today, battling a

community campaigner who wants him

to keep away from his suburb.

Dennis Ferguson and his mate Brett

Collins came to court to fight for

his right to live freely. Today is

the day in which we start to push

back. But the convicted paedophile back. But the convicted paedophile

wound up on the defence for

releasing this provocative photo of

the pair on Sydney's Coogee beach.

Stripped down to their Speedos in

front of children, they give the front of children, they give the

thumbs-up. He, in some ways, is the

pin-up boy. Unlikely pin-up boy but

the pin-up boy of people who are

entitled to come back, serve their

sentence and start a clean slate

and that's what he's doing. The man

he was trying to take a restraining

order out on today saw it much

differently. It's terrible, a differently. It's terrible, a

partially nude man on a beach who's

a known paedophile. Disgusting. Sean Killgallon is campaigning

against Ferguson moving into his

neighbourhood. It is saying, look

at, you cannot do anything about it.

The parents of the children in this

photograph have contacted news

agencies this morning, saying they

are outraged their children were

photographed, and if they realised

there was a convicted paedophile

left immediately. It's frightening, sitting behind them they would have

left immediately. It's frightening,

it's a bit sick really. Something's

wrong with that, seeing that photo wrong with that, seeing that photo

with the kids in the background,

photograph epitomises how children especially it's all set up. That

should be looked after, to have

their parents beside them and to

ensure that anybody who is of

concern has also their mentor

beside them. Some say there's only

one place he's welcome. Personally,

just out there on that rock, Coogee

beach, that would be fine.

Just last month the State

Government changed legislation so

it could evict Dennis Ferguson from

public housing. Today the Premier

has again weighed into the debate.

Reporter Brett Mason is at State

Parliament. Brett, Nathan Rees

didn't mince his words when

questioned about this defiant

display from Ferguson? The Premier

says he was second and dismayed

when he spotted the triumphant

photograph this morning. He said it

was designed to deliberately tease

his government but all it does at -

- did was frightened families. That

sort of grandstanding could easily

repulsed people and scare people.

Mr Collins has gone out of his way

to run a campaign. Mr Collins has

gone out of his way to inflame an

issue. There has also been more

public outcry over the release of

one of Victor Chang's killers? With

hundreds of transplant recipients

and thousands of heart attack

sufferers growing the list of

outraged people signing petitions.

Today the Victor Chang Institute

spoke for the first time and said

it was humbled by an overwhelming

level of support. So many people

still remember what happened and

personally I am delighted to see so

many people are mad at what is

going on, that you would want to

let someone like that out. It has

been questioned what can be

achieved by forcing Mr a limb to

serve his full sentence. Mr Chang's

family will fight against the

parole after hearing next Friday.

parole after hearing next Friday. A

woman's body has been discovered

inside a body bag in bushland on

the lower north shore. Police believe the circumstances are suspicious, but they haven't formally identified the

victim.Police search thick bushland

at Killarney Heights where Brett Spinks spotted the tan-coloured

body bag. He'd been bushwalking in

the Garigal National Park. It

looked like it was the shape of a

body and it obviously smelt bad and

had flies over it so I decided to

continue to investigate. I lifted

up one end, saw bits of clothing,

possibly pieces of bone, and I

clearly saw the band of a

wristwatch. The victim was fully

clothed with no obvious signs of

injury and, according to police,

had been dead for a number of weeks.

It's a female and we believe in her

late 40s or 50s. The body bag was

in lying next to the walking track

on rocks and sand where a creek

runs all the way down the ridge.

With their helicopter hovering

above, teams of officers searched

for items belonging to the victim.

The next challenge for detectives

is working out how the body came to

be all the way down here, 300 be all the way down here, 300

metres from the nearest road. One

metres from the nearest road. One

possibility is it was washed down a

creek or storm water drain in last

weekend's storms and torrential

rain. A postmortem is still under

way. Police will also attempt to

trace the origin of the bag and the

watch found on the woman's arm.

watch found on the woman's arm.

A student killed in a car crash

that's left her three friends

horribly injured was running away

from home. The passengers were

asleep when the 16-year-old L-

plater slammed head-on into a sedan

at Port Macquarie. The group had

driven non-stop from Griffith and

factor. police believe fatigue was a key

They were four friends running away

to Queensland - but they never even

made the border. At 6am, just north

of Port Macquarie, their white Ford

sedan veered onto the wrong side of

the road and slammed into another

car. The driver - 16-year-old Kayla

Green, who only recently left

Griffiths Wade High School - was

killed instantly. Her three friends,

aged 15, 17 and 18, suffered

terrible injuries. There was a lot

of blood and yelling and crying. We

were trying to do as much as we

could just to calm them down. Larissa Mueller only narrowly

avoided being hit herself. She rang

000 then did what she could to make

them comfortable. We just feel really sorry for the families

involved. Our heart goes out to

them. We did our best. It's

understood the driver took her

parents' car without permission -

after one of her friends in the

group had an argument with her

family. Obviously I'm concerned

that had they driven that quite

large distance, that fatigue would

be an issue. The 40-year-old driver

of the second vehicle was trapped

for an hour. All three surviving

girls remain in hospital in a

serious condition Their families

and classmates now united in

grief.A Melbourne Cup day interest

rate rise now seems a sure bet

following today's inflation figures.

A Melbourne Cup day interest rate

rise now seems a sure bet following today's inflation figures. Ten's Senior Political Correspondent Hugh

Riminton joins us now from Canberra.

Hugh, today's numbers were a

disappointment for borrowers? It

tends to take away any real

prospects most of us have of

avoiding another interest rate next

week. The Reserve Bank sits down to

discuss the future direction and

one of the key factors they are

looking at is the inflation rate.

The figures have come out above

expectations and the real stand-out

is the staggering increase in

utility bills, especially in Sydney.

Because of the logic of these

things, that inflation will now

feed into interest rates. Remember

the dark days of last year? Banks

collapsing, the oil price plunging, jobs disappearing, inflation

sinking with them. jobs disappearing, inflation

sinking with them. Not any more.

Annual inflation is now 1.3% - but

almost all of that has come in the

last three months. The inflation

trend lines since December are

inescapably up. I think it's a

pretty safe bet the Reserve Bank

will be looking very closely at a

rise of 50 basis points on

Melbourne Cup day. The markets

think 0.25% more likely. But the

real shock is in the detail - huge

rises in the last three months in

electricity, water and sewerage

bills levied by State utilities. electricity, water and sewerage bills levied by State utilities. I

am using less Power and the bills

are not coming down. Those

authorities responsible for that

increased their the responsibility

for accounting for to the people

they represent. So, given most

States are Labor-held, are they to

blame? I am not blaming anyone. I

am pointing to what the figures say.

The stock market and our dollar

both went south after the numbers

came out, but not all the signs are

bad. The very strength of the

dollar should help steady inflation

and keep some balance as interest

rates rise. I think once you strip

out things like electricity and

water charges, it shows underlying

inflation very much under control. Let's hope so.

The Prime Minister's Indonesian

solution is in limbo tonight.

Officials are still haggling over

how to remove 78 asylum seekers who

are refusing to leave an Australian customs vessel.

In the 10 days since Australia

rescued them at sea, 78 Sri Lankan

asylum seekers have been caught in

a limbo of international politics.

a limbo of international politics.

And now they've thrown a curveball

of their own, refusing to be taken

ashore in Indonesia. No asylum

seeker has any rights in Indonesia

because it is not the signatory to

the refugees convention. She is

making a document tree or on

conditions in Indonesia's refugee

camps. She says they range from

comfortable to appalling. Primitive

sanitation is often the cause of

debilitating disease. Food

poisoning, vomiting. The United

Nations staff, no-one answer.

Children behind bars. The will heat

guaranteed that no women or

children from the oceanic Viking

will be detained in the Indonesian

detention centres behind bars and

razor wire? The women and children

will be given the option of staying

in a how us. Jesse Taylor says

Australia and New Zealand should

offer to take all refugees in

Indonesia and give more funds for

media -- speedier processing. Poor

house says the Tamil refugees face

ethnic cleansing. He says it is a

new Bosnian. In years to come, some

people in this government will

regret their legs the on this

policy. Legendary 80s rock band Men

At Work may be used to performing

for large crowds, but today

frontman Colin Hay played for a

very different audience - a packed

court room. Hay, who co-wrote the

hit "Down Under", did a solo

performance on his guitar as

lawyers argued whether the song's

famous flute riff is a rip off from the children's classic "Kookaburra

Sits in the Old Gum Tree". The

publishing company of Kookaburra is

suing the band and its record

company for breach of copyright.

Still to come - three teenage

footballers charged over an alleged gang rape.

Plus, don't waste your money - Australia's shonkiest products exposed.

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This program is captioned live. Up

to 16 Melbourne footballers may be

charged over a drunken pack rape

ordeal involving two teenage girls

on Phillip Island. Three under-19

suburban footballers have already

faced an out of sessions court hearing.

Trent Cantwell from Lower Plenty,

Reuben Mineo from Bundoora and a

third boy who can't be identified

are the first footballers from

their suburban club charged over

what's alleged to be a relentless

sexual assault. The Montmorency

players are accused of being among

a pack of teammates who lured two

18-year-old girls to their Phillip Island holiday house, isolating

them in separate bedrooms, blocking

the doors with wardrobes and

repeatedly raping them. Mr Mineo told last night's hearing:

Neighbour Susan Holmberg says on

the night the rapes are alleged to

have happened she locked herself have happened she locked herself

indoors with her daughter as the

group spilled into the street. It

was quite intimidating because

there was quite a big group over

there. The women say they met the

men here at the hotel on Cowes'

foreshore. They allege they were

asked back to a party at the house

where they were given the

impression other females would be

present on the island. Police have

taken CCTV from our venue and from

other venues. The club has already

lost $10,000. We are disgusted to

think that anyone associated would

be involved in these alleged

incidents. The AFL is concerned the

damage has already been done. We

know we have a long way to go, and

this incident points A court has

been told jailed former judge

Marcus Einfeld has bi-polar

disorder, and the information

should be used in his appeal. A new

psychiatric report claims Einfeld's

condition was undiagnosed and

untreated when he was jailed for untreated when he was jailed for

lying under oath to get out of a

speeding fine. Einfeld is appealing

his 2-year sentence, and the court

has allowed the new evidence to be

argued later this year.

Consumers are still being ripped

off by some of our most reputable

companies. The cons have been

exposed by 'Choice' magazine in its

annual Shonky awards.

They're the awards nobody wants to

win, but, as always, there were

plenty of lemons to choose from.

Like the liquid chicken stock that

doesn't actually contain chicken.

That's so shonky. Eight of this

year's most dubious were dragged

out of hiding, awarded a Shonky by

comediennes Vanessa Wagner and Jean

Kitson. Where would we be without

choice? We'd still be buying trans-

fats because we thought they were

organic. There was the blender that

couldn't even cut cheese, leaving

behind bits of plastic instead. And behind bits of plastic instead. And

the plug adaptor claiming to reduce

your power bills by 30%. And do you

know how many electrons it saved?

How many? Zero. Qantas came in for

a serve for its $7 credit card

booking fees. Cutting you off at

the knees financially - these

airlines, is a metaphor for their

economy-class seating, which is

actually for amputees. A Shonky

also went to the phone card that

spruiks no connection fee, but

slugs you a disconnection fee.

There are still many things that

still leave a sour taste in people's mouths that aren't

strictly illegal, and that's where

the Shonkys come in. The problem's

not always with the quality of the

product, but how it's packaged.

These two cereal boxes look the

same size, but turn them sideways

and you can see the difference

between the old size and the new

one. While the big banks weren't as

shonky this year, customers are

still being warned to read the fine

print or risk seeing their hard-

earned money being lost.

Have you ever been for a ride in a

chopper on a motorbike while doing

a back-flip? It sounds impossible.

It is not.

He's known for his crazy stunts but,

even by Travis Pastrana's standards,

this one is out of the box. If

anything happens to the motorbike,

I die. If he goes too high, I die.

If I stuff up, I die, but apart

from that, it's pretty foolproof!

Foolproof - debatable. Spectacular

- definitely. The scariest thing

for me was the wind turbulence. You

lose focus on what you're doing and

the bike gets pushed around. The

first ever back-flip over a hovering helicopter landed safely

in Sydney's Darling Harbour. Thanks

for not killing me!

for not killing me! It's not the

first time the 26-year-old's put

his life at risk for a record, and

it's unlikely to be the last. He's

already jumped out of a plane

without a parachute - somehow that

ended well. He's ridden his bike

off a cliff into the Grand Canyon

and was the first person to ever

attempt a double back-flip on a

motorbike. His latest death-defying

instalment is all in the name of

promoting next year's Nitro Circus

tour, a trip around Australia which promises plenty of dangerous excitement.

It beats having a real job. Yeah, definitely.

Amazing shortly, why there could be

a dynasty of Why the name a dynasty of Why the name

synonymous with the Melbourne Cup

will be there for a long time to

come, with a fourth generation now

on track. Also, the security breach

that resulted in a fan scoring against Manchester United.

Thankfully it was a nice day for

that stump. It was good to see the

sunshine. 23 degrees today in

Sydney, one other of Penrith. Where

has the rain gone? The north coast

of NSW now, where Grafton has

received 122 millimetres in the

past two days. You have to go back

27 years to equal that record.

Coffs Harbour has only had 10

millimetres in the last 24 hours,

so the rain is easing in the mid-

North Coast. From up north to down

south, the photograph of the day:

This is a cracking shot.

All the weather details later. Next,

the illegal drug Andre Agassi used

during his tennis career.

Also, two people somehow survive a

fiery helicopter crash.

And scientists find the fossil of a

long-lost monster from the deep.

The bone is roughly the same

strength as steel.

VOICEOVER: Who's most likely to give you a family car that's the envy of all others? Ford. Of course. With improved safety the new-look Territory TX from $38,990 driveaway is our best yet.

This program is captioned live.

The very accident on the Pacific

Highway? It is blocked all the

northbound lanes on Spencer Road.

You can see police, rescue and

ambulance. There is a major

operation. It looks like they are

allowing one lane through. Our

position, we cannot show you the

extent of the delays but let me

tell you, traffic from chaps would,

I strongly recommend you avoid the

Pacific Highway. The delays are

significant. We are going to

monitor the situation. Our love

affair with the car is fast running

out of fuel.

Motorway costs, petrol prices and

the economic crisis are taking

their toll. I think you'd be mad to

want to drive into the city all the

time. And motorists aren't the only

ones feeling the pinch. Tomorrow on

Ten News - Sydney's transport

revolution. A helicopter has

crashed during a military display

in Ecuador. It was taking part in a

fly-past when it suddenly veered

left and spiralled to the ground. A

cameraman caught the final moments

as the pilot fought to keep the

chopper upright. The two people on

serious injury. board managed to escape without

Tennis legend Andre Agassi has

dropped a bombshell, admitting he

took hard drugs during his playing

career. The 8-time Grand Slam

champion has confessed he tested

positive to the drug crystal

methamphetamine and lied to

sporting officials to escape a ban.

He says in his autobiography that a

personal assistant offered the drug

to him in 1997 when his form was

poor and he was unsure of his impending marriage to Brooke Shields.

If you've ever wondered what the

most powerful predator of all time

looked like - here it is. It's a

sea monster that terrorised

everything in the ocean 150 million

years ago and its fossilised skull

has just been unearthed in Britain.

This skill alone measures 2.5 This skill alone measures 2.5

metres. This prehistoric predator

was arguably the deadliest,

strongest, most fearsome reptile to

ever grow our seas. What we have is

the skill of an absolutely enormous

marine reptile. It has been crushed

a fair degree. That would have sat

on top of the jaws over here. We

are looking at an animal about this

tie with the skill coming down

towards the mouth and both joining

up. It's how it a short neck, a

crocodile shaped head and huge jaws

that would have demolished its prey

in one snap. It made fast work of a

Tyrannosaurus Rex. The bone is

roughly the same strength as steel.

It gives you some idea of the sort

of forces that the Bight of this

animal could exert. The owner of

these remains would have been 16

metres long, almost as big as the

blue whale. The rest of the beast

is still buried somewhere along

Dorset's Jurassic Coast and

shifting a few pebbles will not

help boss of binders find it. It is

so huge most of the bones are in

tombs and a will double layers of

rock, meaning that landslide may be

necessary to honour them. Still to

come - the key to preventing

childhood falls. Also, the secrets

tackle modern illnesses. of ancient Chinese healing used to

It really has changed my life.

And "This Is It" - The premiere of

Michael Jackson's final show.

favourite washable paint. so it's Australia's

This program is captioned live.

Tonight's headlines - paedophile

another storm. Dennis Ferguson is at the centre of

His supporter Brett Collins has

released a photo of Ferguson near

children at Coogee beach.

Ferguson is also seeking an AVO

against a man who's campaigned

against him settling into Ryde.

The dream of a new life in

Queensland has turned deadly. A car

with four teenage girls on board

has crashed near Port Macquarie, killing the driver, 16-year-old

Kayla Green. Her three friends suffered serious injuries.

And police have just identified the

victim of a hit-and-run crash at

Hurlstone Park. 85-year-old Arthur

Waller was killed while crossing

Canterbury Road after failing to

access a nearby pedestrian overpass

because the lifts weren't working. because the lifts weren't working.

Medical experts say education is

the key to preventing children the key to preventing children

suffering serious injuries around

the home. In the past week alone,

the home. In the past week alone,

two children have fallen out of

windows - one to his death.

To children, the world is one big To children, the world is one big

playground - but it abounds with

hidden dangers. Death from injury

is still by far the biggest killer

of children bar none. It's the

silent pandemic. It's the biggest

reason for admissions to child

casualty wards. But while hospitals have streamlined their treatment

strategies, the flow of patients

hasn't stopped. Doctors say it's

time to focus on prevention. The

new era of health, particularly in

children, is education. It's not

legislation - that will often

follow later. Experts are pushing

for radio and print ads, as well as

the distribution of information

packs at childcare centres and

health clinics offering tips on

childproofing the family home.

Simple devices like these which you

can put on your window - and do it can put on your window - and do it

yourself - which really can save

children's lives. It may seem like

a simple idea but when similar

measures were implemented in Boston

in the United States, injuries from

falls fell by 95%. Medical experts

say there are three "don'ts" that

lead to the majority of childhood

accidents. That's the "don't haves",

through poverty, the "don't cares",

and then there's the biggest group

- the "don't knows", where parents

genuinely have no idea of the

dangers of the average household.

An education campaign is expected

to be launched by year's end in the

hope of reaping rewards as soon as possible.

Nathan Rees has been accused of

turning his back on children with

special needs. Parents with hearing

impaired children are pleading for

extra funding to keep St Gabriel's

School at Castle Hill open,

otherwise their kids may miss out

on learning important skills. They

say when they approached the

Premier, he was rude and unwilling

to discuss a solution. That we'd

basically been trying to manipulate

him and we did try to respectfully

explain to him that we made every

attempt. I believe a reproach

parses that reasonable presence on

the street. The Premier argues it

was a school board decision to cut

the service and the Government is

funding. only partially responsible for its

A world first study has found the

ancient Chinese exercise of tai chi

is helping people battle depression,

diabetes and obesity. Researchers

say the key is learning how to use

the mind and spirit to heal the

body. These four have never been body. These four have never been

healthier or happier. I can't

believe that is you! I can't

believe that is you! And this is

why. A program called "Smile Tai

Chi" that's opened up the secrets

of ancient Chinese healing. I am so

grateful. It really has changed my

life. The 3-month trial involved

people who were suffering

depression, diabetes and obesity.

Well, some of these patients have

had an amazing transformation -

suddenly able to exercise and

suddenly able to cope with life a

little bit better - and that

enables them to look at their enables them to look at their

health in a different light. From lowering blood glucose levels...

Well, I managed to avoid going onto

tablets. ..To beating the blues.

More relaxed, more able to laugh at

things. All participants also

stripped fat. It has been

absolutely spectacular. I am amazed

at the results. The program's been

devised by University of Queensland

scientist Dr Liu Xin. The study

involved three tai chi classes a

week - gentle movements that kick

start unhealthy organs and energize

the body. It is mind-body activity.

People feel very happy after

practising, very enjoyable. So

promising are the results that the

depression body Beyond Blue and the

National Heart Foundation have now

come on board to fund a major 6-

month study. Now to the ING Direct

finance report with Jacqueline

Maddock and, Jacqui, the start of

the bank reporting season isn't off

to a great start?

Michael Jackson's final performance

has been simulcast around the globe.

In Los Angeles, celebrity friends

and fans poured into the premiere

of his documentary, where the King

of Pop's brothers told the world

this ISN'T it.

this ISN'T it.

This is it. And IT was big. Under

swinging chandeliers and dancing

girls, thousands braved a blustery

LA day to witness bittersweet pop

history. Among them, an Aussie

dancer, handpicked by the King

himself. Michael was all about the

lights and the wind. Four proud

Jackson brothers came to support a

film they'd yet to see. And they

say this ISN'T it. He's the best at

what he does and he's always full

of surprises. Have the kids seen

the movie? Not yet but they will be

seeing it in a private screening.

Fans waited in single white gloves,

including Mark Sweeney, Who won his ticket.

ticket. Depsite the hype, pockets

of fans have boycotted the Jackson

movie, claiming the star was

airbrushed and even replaced by

body doubles to hide his failing

health. Claims ridiculed by anyone

here. Tonight we come together in

the name of one of the greatest

entertainers known to our times. "This is it" premiered simultaneously across 15 cities.

$60 million worth of rehearsal

footage of what would have been Jackson's London comeback tour.

Brits queued through the night to

see it. From Germany to Korea and

Beijing, they waited - and danced.

The documentary will spread through

110 countries - just for a

fortnight. A goodybe for fans - or

a way to pay back Jackson's debts. Brad's back with sport.

Had bars and end his training

career, he has his son Anthony to

take over, and some grandsons. We

will meet the next.

Plus, wiped out - the burst ear

drum that could cost an Aussie

teenager his first world tour win.

And the fans who are offside with

English officials. Not the kind of

goal you want to see. (AAMI THEME PLAYS) (WHIMPERS) With the money I saved on my car insurance with AAMI, I could lash out on a new paint job for (DOGS BARK) (GROANS) SONG: # Lucky you're with AAMI. #

This program is captioned live.

The Wallabies insist there is no

bitterness from George Smith after

his shock dismissal from the

starting team for Saturday's

showdown with the All Blacks. David

Bowcock praised the skipper for the

way he has handled his demotion. He

has been fantastic about it. He was

the first person to congratulate me.

He said, if I have any questions or

need any help, just talk to him, so

I will have a chat tomorrow. In

front of some enthusiastic locals,

the Wallabies stepped up training

for Saturday's historic Test in Tokyo.

As legendary trainer Bart Cummings

continues his quest for a clean

sweep of the Spring Carnival's big

races, another Cummings is starting

out, stretching the family dynasty

into a fourth generation on the track.

If bloodlines count, then this colt If bloodlines count, then this colt

is branded for success. 21-year-old

James Cummings is the grandson of

living legend Bart Cummings, and

the son of 11 time Group 1 winner

Anthony. Great-grandfather Jim

trained Comic Court to victory in

the 1950 Melbourne Cup. Certainly

it's in the blood. He is keen on

the industry. Last month, James was

in the second year of an apprenticeship with Anthony when

Bart offered him a job. His

decision to defect stables a

difficult one to tell dad. He said

to me he was 18 when he was the

foreman for his old man in Adelaide,

so I think he was quietly pleased,

seeing a little bit of history

repeat itself. It was a bit of a

tear. It's nice to have the kids

around and working with them. James

now looks after a stable of more

than 70 horses in Sydney, while

mentor Bart concentrates on his mentor Bart concentrates on his

spring hopes in Melbourne. He's got

a lot to learn, but given enough

time he'll put it together if he

asks enough questions. He's going

to be a great help in my career,

but he's also just a great help in

general. There's no question Bart's remarkable achievements will live

on in sporting folklore. Next

Tuesday, the 81-year-old will try

for his 13th Melbourne Cup, and now

it seems that name, Cummings, will

be associated with the great race

for many decades to come. I can

definitely see myself preparing

runners for the race and, with a

little bit of luck, we'll

definitely be there. Older brother

Edward might be there too after

recently deciding to fill the hole

James left. Dad's a very good

teacher. It might be a surprise for

him to hear that! Yeah, I am

surprised! While enemies on the

track for now, their pedigree

suggests a powerful combination for

years to come. It's probably going

to set up a great partnership in

the future if we both knuckle down

and, as dad continues to tell me,

have them surrounded.

Cadel Evans believes he still has

three to four years left to win the

Tour de France. The 32-year-old had

his worst result in the Tour this

year when he finished 30th as his

Silence Lotto team struggled to

provide the support he needed to win.

Not everyone is as committed as

what I might be. We'll see, we're

looking for bigger and better

things next year. Always looking to

improve. Evans has one year left on

his contract with the Belgian

outfit. He bounced back to win the

Road Race World Championship last month.

Manchester United and Tottenham

have both made it through to the have both made it through to the

Carling Cup quarterfinals. A header

from Red Devil Danny Welbeck opened

proceedings in the sixth minute. proceedings in the sixth minute.

Then the visitors went 2-0 up in

the 59th minute thanks to a piece

of magic from veteran Michael Owen.

Barnsley's best hope at scoring

came not from their players but from the crowd.

A perforated eardrum could end

Aussie Owen Wright's shot at a

breakthough World Tour win at the

Rip Curl Pro in Portugal. The

teenage wildcard was smashed in the

quarter finals just minutes after recording a perfect 10.

Today it packed quite a punch.

Aussie Alan Wright was the hardest

hit. This wipeouts ruptured his

eardrum and injured his neck. It is

unsure whether you will be able to

take on Mick Fanning in tomorrow's take on Mick Fanning in tomorrow's

semifinal. The surfer who already

took care of Kelly Slater ended

with a 10 just moments before the

incident. Fanning, not quite as

perfect in his quarterfinal, but

happy to be intact after a few

close calls. I got one where I

caught the lip and bounced on my

board, but I was glad to get on in

the end. The ratings leader is on

track to meet Joel Parkinson in the

final, the world No. Two Downing

Bobby Martinez with a 10 point ride

of his own - his mojos back. I'm

finally glad I got that monkey off

my back. It is good. An Aussie will

clinch the Crown. And practising to

survive a wipeout: Tomorrow on Ten

News, the Aussie surfer whose oxygen-starved survival techniques

have attracted interest from the US have attracted interest from the US Navy.

At 9:30pm we will have the At 9:30pm we will have the

highlight of the NBA season, highlight of the NBA season,

including Shaquille O'Neill - not

wanting to upset someone who is

seven feet tall - pretty poor. He

is not getting any younger! There

have been a few traffic snarls this

afternoon. Problems around

Macquarie Park at the moment.

Traffic is trying to head towards

Gordon - big delays at the moment.

We are right over the traffic as

you can see. No accidents or

breakdowns. An earlier Smash has

been cleared but the traffic is

still back into Chatswood. Tim

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This program is captioned live.

And there is a suddenly change

later tonight, but that is not the

only twist in this plot. We are

expecting it around midnight, but

there would be much rainfall, just

the odd shower, and a little bit of

a wind changed as it zips up the

coast. It will bring a different

day to today. It was warm, clear

and beautiful. Tomorrow, our

temperature will range 22-24.

Showers will decrease in the

afternoon, Friday looking OK, and

Saturday, I can guarantee, if you

are organising a few things,

Saturday and Sunday are the days to

excuse that barbecue. 27-32 on

Sunday, it's a beautiful weekend coming your way.

Moist easterly winds will continue

to feed the trough in the east,

causing storms in Queensland and


Storms and showers for NSW, mainly

in land in the north, but less than

10 millimetres. Showers and storms

for southern Victoria, southern

Queensland and the tropics. As the

crowd starts to creep in, as a

precursor to the southerly change,

there could be some thunderstorms

in the western suburbs or the

western reaches of the city. It

could happen in the next three or

four Arras. Early showers tomorrow.

Look allowed for the blue sky right

through until Monday or Tuesday.

Finally, a dog has been awarded

Queensland's highest bravery award

after using her paws to give CPR to

her owner. This man suffered a

heart attack two years ago while

working in his warehouse. The 80-

year-old was on his own but

regained consciousness after the

dog became a paramedic. He jumped

out from underneath and on to me

and just kept beating my chest with

its front feet. The dog can now

take it easy, though. Pigeon has

had a pacemaker installed. My dog

would say, great, now I can stay

inside! Good night. We will have

updates throughout the evening. The first bulletin tomorrow at 6am.

Good night.

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