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(generated from captions) as on the inside. is as fresh on the outside're done it again. (DING!)

This program is captioned live. free to walk western Sydney streets Tonight - a convicted paedophile despite new charges. to get their hands on new land Homebuyers queue overnight in Sydney's north-west. of great white sharks Fishermen capture a big group off the State's coast. And Ladies Day at the Derby -

girl power on and off the track. with Chris Bath. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. has been granted bail A convicted child sex offender of intimidating school girls despite facing new charges in western Sydney. Sarah Cumming is in Penrith - about this paedophile? Sarah, what do we know preying on young girls Chris, Marko Petric's accused of

at Colyton yesterday. as they walked home from school

a 15-year-old student Police claim he followed along Hewitt Street and made obscene gestures at her. intimidated another group of girls, It's alleged the 75-year-old then aged 12 and 13, in a sexual manner. including licking his lips at them when Petric was arrested, Court documents claim

and was watching young children he was topless swim in a nearby pool. of indecent assaults The court was told he has a history protection register 14 years ago. and was placed on the child similar offences He's been charged with more than a dozen times for 18 months. and was previously jailed

about child protection, Despite his concerns citing Mr Petric's age Magistrate Mahoney granted bail

for his sick wife. and the need to care Once he's raised his bail money here at Penrith he can leave the cells which is 750m from a school. and return to his St Mary's home are refusing to say Indonesian officials will be executed when the Bali bombers

but it could be as early as tonight. around Amrozi's home village Security has been stepped up and tourist spots around Kuta. Seven's Howard Gretton is in Bali. Mukhlas and Sumudra It's reported that Amrozi, their island prison off Java. are now in isolation cells in Elite troops are stationed there too have flown in and Balinese prosecutors by firing squad. ahead of the executions there is extra security as well. Also at Amrozi's home village,

the bombers' extreme followers. They are worried there about

And here in Bali, at night clubs. there are signs of more security Armed officers patrol at night Kuta continues to party. but against that backdrop, Halloween was a carnival atmosphere. with a few Aussie tourists We caught up to see what they thought.

Very aware of what's going on

in Bali, and I think we're very safe outside the clubs like, you know, like, security we feel safe as. security outside the hotels,

a long time ago I think it should have happened and it's just been delayed too long here with little kids, and now there's a lot of families and it's going to cause a problem I think. Justice will be done, different story. how it affects the tourists,

The tourists are back

nothing happens to ruin and the Balinese are praying the tourist industry. Back to you. will install security cameras The Coogee Bay Hotel following gelatogate. in its kitchen tomorrow in the cooking area Six cameras will be put in place of the tainted ice-cream scandal. to prevent a repeat

human waste in their gelato A Sydney couple claims they found last month. The hotel denies the allegations,

security to reassure customers. however, is adding the extra

land in Sydney's north-west The battle to secure new blocks of is so intense overnight to get their property. some buyers have camped out Developers say sales have tripled offered extra financial incentives since the Federal Government for first homebuyers. overnight Desperate buyers camped out in Sydney's north-west. to secure new blocks of land

Belinda and Liam Cadden in 18 months. planned to buy their first home to pass up. But a $21,000 carrot was too good we came out now to start looking. into it and go for it for once. I think the time is right to get

shopping. It's not just first-time buyers I think the bathroom should go here.

Yeah, we had our supplies. bottles of water. We had sandwiches, chips, first home buyer grants The developers say the increased across the board. are having an impact up 40% over the past three weeks. Our traffic levels have picked the previous months. Sales have tripled over So it's looking good at this stage. last month's big interest rate cut Real estate agents say into the market has also brought buyers back another predicted cut on Tuesday. but are counting on going to see increased prices, I don't think it means we're

will be in the market buying. but I think more people in three waterfront terraces Plenty of interest auctioned at Glebe. One went for $2 million. Finished... ..done... ..Congratulations. the two other properties The investor's happy even though were passed in. petrol prices are coming down. Interest rates have dropped, I think it looks pretty good.

Sydney drivers are furious to ease traffic congestion at the Premier's idea

for different times of the day. by having different tolls unclog the city's roads Nathan Rees says it would help even on weekends. which have become chaotic Peak hour in Sydney. Choking traffic and a long wait - on Saturday morning. But this is Parramatta Road It's a disaster.

Look at the traffic. is cashless tolls on major roads, The Premier's solution charge during peak times. so he can introduce a congestion onto the roads The idea is to encourage people when there's less volume of traffic so the roads on whole and on average move more smoothly. They already have one in London.

And everyone was really up in arms before it was brought in, and six weeks after it was brought in we were all driving around thinking "Wow, it was fabulous."

It might not go down so well here. I think they should make better infrastructure for railways and buses. There is no way that Sydney motorists and the NRMA are going to accept another tax on a city that's been taxed to the hilt,

A timed congestion charge will be bad news for workers in 9-5 jobs forced to commute during the busy peak-hour period and it's unlikely to take many cars off the road unless public transport is up to scratch.

Just yesterday, the Rees government dumped the north-west metro, forcing Sydney's growth belt to rely mainly on cars for the city commute. It can't work in a city where thanks to 13 years of Labor incompetence people struggle to get on buses and trains each night and each morning to get to and from work. Unhappy customers can switch banks more easily from today but the changes won't help mortgage holders.

One Federal politician says the reforms are nothing more than a tease

if we're still bound by restrictive contracts. If you're fed up with your bank it's now become easier to tell it where to go. The Government's Account Switching Package has come into effect helping Australians to swap banking institutions if they're not happy. Switching is already occurring. This will just simply make it easier.

I'm not certain there will be a rush but it will certainly make things easier.

But consumer groups want the changes to go further. Choice says customers should also be able to keep their bank account number when they switch. It happens in other countries, I believe in Holland. It's been suggested here that rather like porting your mobile phone number you have the same account number for life.

Independent senator Nick Xenophon believes mortgage-holders won't benefit from the changes

because they'll still be slugged penalties if they switch banks. He now wants those fees examined by a Parliamentary inquiry. Giving consumers more information without giving them more power to take on the banks over unfair conditions is really a bit of a tease. Fishermen have captured on camera a large group of great whites off the State's mid-north coast. Experts say it's rare to see 27 sharks swimming together. Sharks swimming within metres of a beach near Port Stephens. Whoa! Look at him! Fishermen saw 27 of these young great whites in the water in one day. Oh, they literally, you're talking 5 feet off the beach at times there. Like, they're right on the beach. They're about 2m to 3m long. Over three days, these sharks kept returning.

You know, we were doing a test there - we'd chuck out a mullet to 'em

and then throw a popper like a piece of wood. It's not known why so many sharks gathered in this one spot on the New South Wales mid-north coast.

Shark experts believe the group is heading south following the whale migration in July. They don't usually stick together in such large groups. They're real inquisitive - they'll come straight up to the side of the boat.

Swimmers can take some comfort though - juvenile great whites prefer to eat fish over humans. Derby Day divas thought they had the right look when they got dressed this morning but a celebrity American stylist put a quick end to that. Patricia Field was less than impressed

with what she saw at the track Melbourne. Derby Day - the place for the fabulous and filthy rich. Fashions on the Field was judged by 'Sex and the City' stylist Patricia Field but she wasn't impressed. Very provincial, I'm sorry to say. I haven't seen very much imagination here. So Sonia Kruger jumped to our defence. She's from New York for God's sake - isn't it like minus 20 there or something? Another import, Carson Kressley, was easier to please.

So they can't get rid of me - I'm like a bad rash that won't go away. But today's winner, a design student, followed the rules. Today is pretty much classic and traditional and safe for those who love their black. The men also keeping standards high. Going out on a limb - not always going for the conventional The guys are absolutely phenomenal this year. Our sporting men showed how it was done on the run - No interviews, I have got to get going.

While the Birdcage was a place for winners only. A trifecta which is very exciting - paid just under $1,955 My tip is Shut Up and Sing. It was the hang out for movers and the shakers as well as a Hollywood actress. Models mixed it with heavyweights and nothing was done on the cheap. This is millionaires' row where our corporate giants and our invited guests come to play. But there were concerns

the global credit crisis would ruin the party. Not so, says David Koch. In any downturn, it is the races and beer that are absolutely recession proof. And the carnival has only just begun. Still to come - new advice for pregnant women on drinking alcohol.

Also, the Terminator's fitness tips for Barack Obama. He needs to do something about those skinny legs. And the miracle twins born out of China's earthquake disaster. That's next.

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found dead in his Sydney unit earlier this year. Bernd Lehman was murdered in Ashfield in February. He died from severe head injuries. This is a particularly gruesome murder where he was bashed. Police believe Mr Lehman may well have known his attacker.

Police say Mr Lehman had been planning to board a flight at Sydney Airport the day he was killed. Sydney Police have seized weapons, including two AK-47 rifles Former Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger has joined John McCain, campaigning in the countdown to the US presidential election. Seven correspondent Chris Reason is in Columbus, Ohio and Chris, can Arnie really help the Republicans' day?

Chris, that's what they're hoping for here. This kind of star pulling power can only help encourage more voters to turn out to support them.

The latest of the most favourable polls say McCain is still in this race for the White House and he's keen make the most of his underdog status. Presidential candidate John McCain put some celebrity muscle into his campaign today - and the Governator immediately called for Obama to do the same.

He needs to do something about those skinny legs. We're gonna make him do some squats and some bicep curls to help his scrawny little arms. But in fact, it's McCain's campaign needing a workout. Slipping behind in this crucial state of Ohio - why?

We travelled deep into this rural heartland and found a real-life Hicksville. That's not sarcasm - that's the town's name. Do you get much grief about that name? Quite a bit. We're known as the hicks of Hicksville. (LAUGHS) Hicksville Mayor Larry Haver says this place is middle America. Part-farming, part-industry. ALL hurting.

It seems the worse the economy gets, the worse McCain's numbers got. There are hints of 'Deep South' in this northern State.

When you've got a name like Barack Hussein Obama, that's not a normal American name, OK? But many have had enough. I hope change is coming, we need it, we really do. I'm scared if we don't get it.

It's her McCain's now pleading with. Don't give up hope, be strong, have courage and fight!

John McCain has blitzed this State in the last week

but still the poll numbers are running against him. And that has him worried because no Republican has ever won the Presidency without winning Ohio. And while he ran hard, Obama was out walking - trick-or-treating with his daughter for Halloween night. His confidence obviously growing.

And Seven News will have live coverage of the US election count on Wednesday from 11:00am. Pregnant women are probably more confused than ever following new advice on whether to drink alcohol. The latest research shows one or two glasses of wine a week during pregnancy can be beneficial for the unborn child. But critics say the study wasn't long enough. They have no way of knowing if these children are going to have

learning difficulties or behavioural problems. It's very irresponsible. The research found light drinking won't put a baby at risk of mental or behavioural problems. A panda who survived China's Sichuan earthquake has given birth to twins. Dozens of the endangered animals had to be rescued when the country's top breeding facility was destroyed.

The quake threatened to almost wipe out one of the planet's rarest species. But just five months after being rescued the birth of the baby pandas is being called a miracle. The tiny cubs are being cared for by conservationists who say they're doing well. Sydney's streets got a little scary last night as the city's children dressed up to celebrate Halloween. There were witches, ghosts, goblins and ghouls - all with one message for the grown-ups.

Trick or treat. The little devils enjoyed an evening with cobwebs and skeletons. Hopefully there weren't too many nightmares afterwards. Time for sport with Alex Cullen - and we've just seen one of the biggest upsets in racing history. Claire Lindop has become the first female rider to win the Darby. Up next - Rebel Raider causes a boilover at Flemington.

Also tonight - Australia fight back in the third Test. COMMENTATOR: Is that alright? Is that alright? It's better than alright!

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Jockey Clare Lindop has created history, becoming the first female rider to win the Darby. Aboard rank outsider Rebel Raider, Lindop upstaged red-hot favourite Whobegotyou

to win the $1.5 million Group One race at Flemington.

A huge crowd packed into Flemington and all the money was on the Mark Kavanagh trained Whobegotyou for the big race. RACECALLER: Set, racing in the Derby and Whobegotyou jumped away with them, Pre Eminence didn't jump well. Whobegotyou fell towards the back of the field but fought back to be within two lengths of Rebel Raider as they sprinted for home. Whobegotyou's going to have a job to get to him.

Clare Lindop going for home here. It's Rebel Raider, Rebel Raider by two lengths

in front of Whobegotyou. Whobegotyou, he didn't stay, Pre Eminence third. The win was a shock for Whobegotyou trainer Mark Kavanagh but it was pure elation for Lindop who created history. I was able to relax a little bit, I was confident there'd be plenty of speed which it did help me to be able to slot in and work across and it worked out perfectly. It's not the first time she's turned a page in history. She won both the Magic Millions on the Gold Coast

and she just keeps on giving. Rebel Raider paid $76.80 the win and $14.30 the place. The quinella paid $69 even and the trifecta nearly $2,000. There was high drama in the Group One Coolmoore Stud Stakes with Wilander scratched after breaking through the starting stalls. Tindal was also scratched but it didn't bother race favourite Northern Meteor who easily outclassed what was left. Northern Meteor's under the whip, but he finds the line though this boy. It's Northern Meteor scoring from Fists of Fury

and All American.

Lovely to see that smile on your face, gee he's smart. I tell you it's hard to get off my face when you're winning races, isn't it? The smiles kept coming for Waterhouse with Theseo winning the Crown McKinnon Stakes in a photo to give her two Group One winners for the day. Johnathan Thurston is expected to line up against England

tomorrow night with the Kangaroos unconcerned about threats to target his injured shoulder.

The halfback faces a late fitness test but coach Ricky Stuart has told Seven News Thurston will be okay to play. Hooker Cameron Smith has other distractions with reports of a $3 million offer to join the Gold Coast in 2010. If I sign a long contract it could be my last one so it's something that can't take lightly, can't be a decision made over a couple of days or weeks,

it's got to be thought out properly. Meanwhile Samoa took a giant step towards the semifinals with a 20-12 win over Tonga in Penrith last night. Samoa will top their pool if they beat Ireland in Parramatta next Wednesday. Australia's cricketers have achieved their first objective, avoiding the follow-on as they bid for a series-saving draw on day 4 of the third Test.

Still no centuries from the tourists despite several good starts,

Virender Sehwag the best of the Indian bowlers in Delhi. With India's key spinner Anil Kumble off to hospital, it seemed Australia had finally caught a break in this series. COMMENTATOR: Sehwag will have to bowl a few overs now. That would normally be a relief but the part-timer spun out Australia's three best players. Hayden was first for 83, then Ricky Ponting on 87.

Oh that's through. It's bowled him, he's missed it. It takes something really special to beat Mike Hussey's defence. Rocked him, knocked him over. Of course you want every one of your batters to go on and make hundreds. That didn't happen today and it's gotta happen tomorrow. Michael Clarke's attempt was given great assistance. Bad moment for India and for Ishant Sharma. Shane Watson and Clarke were rarely troubled by the pitch or bowling. The wicket's still good and a long hop's a long hop anywhere. until Sehwag's spin struck again. Oh, that's turned. It's clipped the leg stump. Watson was his fourth victim. Sehwag had only 24 from 62 previous Tests. Clarke's half centaury pushed Australia past the follow-on,

but Kumble revived India removing Haddin, the skipper's first wicket of the series. India will really sense their opportunity here.

But the Aussies moved closer to a series-saving draw after lunch with Clarke calmly leading Australia's resistance.

And we're back with more sport a bit later when the Wallabies take on the All-Blacks in their Bledisloe Cup match in Hong Kong.

She's about to have one of those days. Next, she's in the Tablelands, where 100,000 sheep need shearing. She has to cut off Peter's plaster. DRILL BUZZES She's still got I-don't-know-how-many computers

Sandra works for Country Energy. Country Energy. We live here too.

What a difference a day makes! About 15 degrees as a matter of fact.

Temperatures across Sydney were around 2 degrees below average, only reaching 21 in town. Right now it's 15. Despite a southerly change it stayed warm overnight, making today seem quite cool by comparison. Some light drizzle around the suburbs, with 21 degrees the top at Homebush, Liverpool, Richmond and Penrith. 22 for Campbelltown and Parramatta. 21 degrees for Cronulla and Terrey Hills. A cool 15 degrees in the mountains.

Around the nation tomorrow -

mostly fine in Brisbane and Canberra,

stormy in Melbourne, fine in Hobart,

showers easing in Adelaide and fine in Perth. It'll remain cloudy across Sydney tonight with the chance of a shower and looking much the same tomorrow though slightly warmer. Parramatta, Liverpool, Richmond and Campbelltown expecting 25 degrees.

22 for Cronulla, Manly and Terrey Hills. 24 for Gosford and Homebush. 26 at Penrith, and 20 degrees in the mountains. Looking ahead - isolated showers until Thursday, with a cool 19 degrees forecast for Tuesday. Looking fine and warm heading into next weekend. And that's Seven News to now,

but I'll be back with updates during the evening.

I'm Chris Bath. Thanks for your company. Goodnight.

Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia

Tuesday, August 2, 2005, Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris. 297 passengers are boarding Air France Flight 358 bound for Toronto.

Ah, far isle. Left-hand side. Merci beaucoup. Philippe Lacaille is travelling with his wife and two of his four children. This is also another leg in a long journey for JoAnn Cordary-Bundock, who's returning from a trip to Thailand.

the last two days before the flight, I re-routed myself on to come directly to Toronto. from Bangkok through Paris As the passengers continue to board, gets settled in to the Airbus A340. the flight crew 57-year-old Alain Resais. The captain is for more than 20 years. He's been with Air France 43-year-old Frederic Noh. His copilot is

Do you want to start or should I? Why don't you fly first? for landing in Toronto. And then I'll take over I'll check the weather. On this flight, will handle the take-off in Paris Captain Resais the two men decide that and Copilot Noh will land in Toronto.

Check. Destination Toronto Pearson. copilots can get more experience. Crews often split the duties so that

one other person in the cockpit. Resais and Noh are joined by I'm Miles Trochesais. I think you've been expecting me. the son of an Air France employee. Miles Trochesais is the cockpit's jump seat for free. He's allowed to ride in I've done this before. I just want to let you know I promise I'll be quiet.

is one of the safest in the world. This Air France plane first went into service in 1993, Since the A340s an excellent safety record. they've had NOH: Air France 358. Air France 358, Runway 27 Left, AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL: clear for take-off. Clear for takeoff, Air France 358. Have a good afternoon, gentlemen.

before 2:00 in the afternoon, Just a few minutes the sky above Paris. Flight 348 powers into