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(generated from captions) (SIGHS) NICK: This engagement's gonna end.

very soon and not in marriage. Oh, yeah. It's going to end There will be no wedding. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by Tonight, Kyle Sandilands suspended

- the shock jock taken off air over another controversial outburst.

Tensions high in the suburb of

Auburn following a crowd's standoff

with police.

with police. Good evening, I'm Bill

Woods. And I'm Sandra Sully. Also,

the Premier's backflip on a McGurk

inquiry. And the Aussie farmboy

States. turning heads across the United

But first, the radio career of Kyle

Sandilands could be over following

the controversy that's erupted over

his latest on-air scandal. 2Day FM his latest on-air scandal. 2Day FM

management have hauled him off air,

describing his comments about the

Holocaust as Ten's entertainment

reporter Angela Bishop joins us now.

Ange, can Kyle survive this one? Who

Leases are almost a serious one yet.

Austereo has reacted so could

swiftly. It was only just after he

got off them this morning when he issued

issued an apology. Austereo said

they he would be suspended from they he would be suspended from

Radio 4 stop he is in Los Angeles.

Austereo want to talk to Kyle

Sandilands face to face. That will

Australia and only happen when he comes back to

Australia and they are trying to do

that as soon as possible. For a 7

second's delay was activated after

the first lie detector incident.

Here is how the incident unfolded.

It shop shock-jock Kyle Sandilands

three weeks that comment to get

himself off air.

himself off air. You put her in a

concentration camp and you'll say

the weight fall off her. I could

not care what he says about May,

the second part about concentration the second part about concentration

camps is a bad taste. Magda

Szubanski's father was a Polish Resistance fighter.

Resistance fighter. This guy has

clearly no idea what occurred in clearly no idea what occurred in

that situation, how can he be so

blase he?, Kyle Sandilands took

himself off air after the lie

detector, this time detector, this time Austereo took

him off their straight away. I did

not mean to offend her or anyone

else would those comments. I will

call her. Top advertising executive

Harold Mitchell said that even

though he earned so much money and though he earned so much money and

has such great ratings, he may not

be able to keep his position. Who

will listen as here tomorrow

morning? Kyle Sandilands was sacked

on Australian Idol. Australian Idol

host androgyne and Danni Minogue it

morning with should be on the radio tomorrow

morning with Jackie O. Police say

the mob of their tribes has to

start a riot at Auburn last night

are cowards. Offices have denied

claims are that they started the

violence by hitting a woman. They

raided homes during the religious

it period of Ramadan the point Summed

it had not called off this morning.

150 men of Middle Eastern heritage

had taken over the streets as a

show of intimidation towards police.

It was fuelled by rumours that

police had raided a house and - a

woman. The situation escalated as

both reinforcements were called in on

both sides. Projectiles were thrown

at the Laser but a full-scale riot

-- riots was avoided. 50 officers

were invading after a recent

on shootings. This manner faced court

on an assault charge. His lawyer

said that the manor was defending

his mother. The police came to the his mother. The police came to the

property without a search warrant.

It's a took place when the It's a took place when the families

were breaking their fast for

Ramadan. This is very bad. At that

time, it is inappropriate and

disrespectful. Winds run the

schedule. We will not be dictated

to by criminals. A backflipped

tonight from the Premier. He says there is a

there is a need for a Parliamentary

inquiry into the corruption

allegations stemming from the

murder of Michael McGurk. Only

yesterday Nathan Rees said to that

the Porsche of for an inquiry was

only a stunt by the opposition.

This morning, and Nathan Rees was

calling the push for the inquiry as

stupid and absurd.

stupid and absurd. Only a couple of stupid and absurd. Only a couple of

hours ago, the Government had to

vote for an inquiry. The homicide

squad and the ICAC will investigate

the will murder and claims of

higher ranking corruption. They

will look at the planning history

of this phase

of this phase of land for star of

this is where the secret recordings

took place. The Premier is very

unhappy about this development and

he had to backflipped. It made for

not in an uncomfortable question time. I'm

not in the business of Spain ball

it or intimidated across the

chamber by years. Nathan Rees has

the attention span of a goldfish.

His are Park House members have

voted for it. But in

voted for it. But in order to gain

the votes to deliver the inquiry,

it had to widen its tie-up -- at

the terms of questioning. Everyone

in the Parliament will be

questioned. The government questioned. The government

ministers I have spoken to have

said they would have welcomed be development.

development. A clearer picture

tonight of what Sydney bars might a

new metro will look like. The exact

route has been revealed, but anger route has been revealed, but anger

is growing. Critics wanted scrapped

as a property and has a fight for

their compensation. It will start

ads Sydney's Central Station. It will then

will then go to Pyrmont and Rozelle

in the Inner West. It will cost in the Inner West. It will cost

$5.3 billion. It is the most

significant role -- project since

the Harbour Bridge. They offered us

peanuts. That is so sad.

peanuts. That is so sad. Here they

are protesting outside the State

Parliament. The government promised

these buildings. at DKB -- keeper that the saga of

these buildings. Barry O'Farrell is

attempting to pull the rug

underneath this whole project. We

were stunned those projects as

quickly as possible. The government is in the

is in the process of signing on

companies to a builder Metro. There

is no way they will cancel the

project when it is in operation.

The teenager and then share are

Jessica Watson said that she will

continue to sell around the world

and her after a devastating crash at art

and her first night as saying. --

says. It was not the way her dream

run was supposed end. 16-year-old a

young Jessica Watson was trying to

stay positive. Page.'s hole damaged

and a Mars destroyed. Supporters lined up the

lined up the sea wall to welcome

her back. Had his appointment was

harder to hide. All that work we

put into the boat, it is very

disappointing. This is the bulk

carrier that crashed her dream. It

was fully loaded and on its way to

Hong Kong

Hong Kong falls of Jessica was

heading to Sydney to start her

world record an end. It was a very

scary incident. It is great that I

knew what to do. The bigger ship is

indicating that they did not see

her. Jesse Martin hair once the

Helms-Burton title that Jessica Watson.

Watson. This is just a freak

accident. The Australian as safety

and transport bureau will

investigate. Despite a 10 our own

journey back to shop, Jessica

Watson has said this has made her

more determined to carry out her attempts.

attempts. I thought, ah well I can

actually handle this. How did she

survive ain't collision at sea -

they are very big boats those

container ships. We will get there

one day. Souths are trying

one day. Souths are trying to sort

out that close season blew. David

Fa'alogo and fronted the inquiry

today. The battle for Best dressed

happened last night.

happened last night. Braith Anasta

arrived with a new brunette. Many

of the men brought models.

of the men brought models. One of

the biggest names in Australian

swimming is considering retirement.

You'll be surprised to it is.

Retells slumps for the second term

running. What that means that the economy next.

economy next. the highly trained

dogs sniffing out a mobile phones

in jails are. The reason that so

many Sydney Cup also

VOICEOVER: It's bigger than ever. Saturday. M Day is Mazda's only one day, once a year sale.

M Day. This Saturday at Mazda everywhere.

This program is captioned This program is captioned live.

Australia's shopping spree is over.

Retail sales have dropped for the

second month running, with experts

predicting an interest rate rise is

now unlikely before Christmas.

Retail sales dropped 1% in July,

the second fall in a row a sure

sign the cash handouts are losing

their impact. While their impact. While the big

department stores are doing better

as shoppers are lured by the sales,

the government says the figures are

a reality check, especially as in

the same month housing finance fell

2.3%. Sobering facts which indicate

we have a long, long way to

charting the course to economic

recovery. It could give the Reserve

reason to delay any interest rate rise.

rise. Today is one reason to

suggest that it's more likely to be

after Christmas than before. And

this morning after a brush with the Liberals' Wilson Tuckey, the Treasurer rejected Opposition calls

for the stimulus to be wound back.

Stand with me Wayne. Geez, your

make-up looks good this morning. Ah

here we go. There you go. The only

person not supporting stimulus is Malcolm

Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberals -

they stand out not only nationally,

but internationally. Some shoppers

are buying that argument. I think

it's helped everybody, really.

Everybody was excited about it

coming in. Probably that stimulus

needs to continue. We're not out of

the woods yet. The Government

certainly has to recalibrate its

stimulus spending as economic

conditions change. But the problem

is the economy is continuing to send confusing signals.

send confusing signals. Explaining

the result, Westpac says consumers

are relieved the economy avoided

recession and even greater job

losses. Job security, that's what

it's all about for us.

An accused gold digger has been

charged with murdering his wife, 4

years after she plunged off a cliff

on a camping trip. Desmond Campbell

claims wife Janet accidentally fell

40 metres after she became disoriented going to disoriented going to the toilet at

night. The pair had been married 6

months when Mr Campbell, an

experienced camper, pitched a tent

20 metres from the cliff in the

Royal National Park, south of

Sydney. The victim's family told an

inquest, Campbell had a reputation

as a gold digger. He'll face court

next month.

Sniffer dogs are now being used to

find mobile phones in our jails. find mobile phones in our jails.

The dogs are so good, prisoners are The dogs are so good, prisoners are

being warned they can't even hide tiny SIM cards.

In the prison system, sniffer dogs

have mostly been used to search for

drugs but now they'll also be

hunting mobile phones. Good boy.

Good man. It was this case last

December, where prisoners used

dental floss to pass a contraband

mobile phone between cells that alerted authorities to the alerted authorities to the scale of

the problem. In the hands of a

violent criminal, it could be used

as a weapon to organise a hit on

somebody. The dogs are trained to

seek out the smell of lithium in

mobile phone batteries. Although I

thought with the mobile phone it

would be difficult because it's

just such a fine odour we were

trying to find. Up till now, phone

searches have been slow and labour intensive.

intensive. It has been difficult

but we use a number of strategies, targeted searches based on intelligence, random searches and

we also use mobile phone detection

devices. Jails across the State

will be searched. The dogs are

getting so good, they've been able

to track down a single SIM card. We

want to be able to make sure our

prisons are secure and the

community's safe and nobody in our

prisons is using a mobile phone. And by the

And by the end of the year, prison

authorities are hoping to begin a

national trial of a mobile phone

jamming device at Lithgow jail. Now

the first two dogs have shown they

can sniff out phones, more canines will be trained.

At a chilly nights ended, At a chilly nights ended, but a

warm bounce -- does about?

Last night they went down to 10

degrees. But 21 and degrees today, degrees. But 21 and degrees today,

one above. 21-22 in the greater

West tomorrow. On Friday, 23 to 25 West tomorrow. On Friday, 23 to 25

degrees. The when bad - the weekend can be described as

can be described as a beach weekend.

Our weather photograph is a cracker.

It is of it storm over a cropper.

He's in the running to win the camera.

Under the television at 555. Next

up, a war crime up, a war crime investigation

launched into the death of

Australian newsman. Also, a veteran

pilot saves the day after a plane

accidentally takes off. I was not

panicked, that is not the word, it

was more petrified. New technology

helps the Beatles make a comeback.

MAN: Great Aussie snag - beef, pepper and spices - lightly charred on a barbie. Mmm. And what makes them taste even better

is that every one we sell during our hospital appeal will help raise more money for kids' hospitals all over Australia.

That'll be your fifth act of charity today, wouldn't it, Rodney? I believe so. BOY: Please give generously to the Woolworths Fresh Food Kids Hospital Appeal,

and help us help sick kids. COMPUTER: Temperature 22. VOICEOVER: Who's most likely to give you the only car in its class with voice control? CD changer. COMPUTER: Track number, please. Track... (BARKS) Four! Track four. SONG: # There's a great and faithful dog # That always likes to work (BARKS) # He's the German shepherd... # Who's most likely? Ford, of course. Introducing the new Ford Mondeo.

A Australian Federal Police have launched a

Crimes investigation into the 1975

killing of five Australian

In East Timor.

We have been flying a PM for from

Holmbush to Penrith. There is a lot

of traffic. Lots of motorists

heading west. It is usually not as

bad as we are saying now. It is

jam-packed will ride up to camera Road.

Road. Parramatta read. Hopefully

when the sun dips over the

mountains, are we will see the traffic ease into the West.

traffic ease into the West. We Australian Federal Police have

launched a war crimes investigation

into the 1975 killing of five

Australian newsmen in East Timor.

The AFP launched the investigation

after the New South wales coroner

ruled in November 2007 that the

five newsmen were executed.

Indonesia has always claimed the

men were killed in crossfire

between Indonesian troops and East Timorese Fretilin forces. However,

the AFP has warned the

investigation is likely to be problematic after problematic after such a long delay.

It looks like we are growing in

confidence. That is no longer being

translated into spending. Consumer

sentiment has risen, but high minor

approvals has fallen. We had a big

fall in retail sales.

fall in retail sales. Despite a

strong lead from Wall Street, the

negative delayed a put pressure on figures.

Tomorrow is the all-important a

employment figures. A massive bomb

has been found in Northern Ireland,

raising fears of a new wave of

Republican violence. The homemade

device was found on a country road

just inside the UK, with device was found on a country road just inside the UK, with a command

wire - to trigger the explosion - stretched wire - to trigger the explosion -

stretched across the border. It's

believed dissident Republicans were

targetting police. The purpose of

this is really to show that a new

generation has taken up the baton

and is waging war against the

British. At 270 kilograms, this one

was much bigger than the deadly

bomb that tore apart Omagh in 1998.

A retired pilot has been praised for saving for saving the Daily it at an

airshow in Britain. The boma was

not supposed to take off. The co-

pilot on the ground at so early

pushed so hard on the throttle. To

Y keep the power on and to fly the

circuit of land. Order like trying

land straight red. He landed the plane

plane averting disaster. The

Beatlemania is once again the

sweeping the globe in the digital

age. Fans have snapped up the

remastered albums and a computer

game with the Fab Four as you have

never seen or heard them before.

Beatlemania are was in the 60s.

Beatlemania are was in the 60s.

They are not confined to history. A

regional final, and it is like

you're there with the Beatles are.

When a CD is came out, it was like

there was a barrier. Now fans can

there was a barrier. Now fans can

listen to digitally remastered

albums are unsafe. A computer game

has been released as well. There

Rahme virtual versions of all the

Fab Four. It has been a lot of fun to go.

to go. You can play along to your

greatest hits. Early reviews are

positive. Members of a tribute band

were a little biased. It was great

fun. It was really great. It gets

young kids into the Beatles. They

will sell more records.

will sell more records. It is

introducing a new generation to a

time us and talent. Still to come,

the multi-million-dollar school

development that parents do not

want. The death of legendary actor

Ray Barrett. The Aussie farm boy a turning heads turning heads and Hey, we don't choose the dreams, but with Lotto's massive $20 million Superdraw, we could make plenty come true. That's right - $20 million. So get your entry in by Saturday, September 12, and you could... life. # a Lotto # Live

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16-year-olds schoolgirl Jessica

Watson is bowing to press on with Watson is bowing to press on with

her around the world of voyage

after disasters struck in her first

night at sea. Tensions are high in

the Sydney suburb of Auburn. There

was an overnight stand-off with

police. A huge crowd gathered after

a series of rate.

a series of rate. -- raids. Kyle

Sandilands has been suspended once

more. He suggested that Magda

Szubanski should go to a

concentration camp at to lose

weight. Parents are furious that $2

million is being spent to tear down

for Customs at Abbotsford so they can be rebuilt.

can be rebuilt. They are meeting to

vote whether the money should be

sent back to Canberra. Parents want

more classroom space up to be made.

To read down and rebuild these for

Rome's is on its way. Directing

Rome's is on its way. Directing

additional classrooms would make

much more sense. If we spent $2.5

million and spend all that money

and will not be in a better

situation. These buildings are in

poor conditions. The speed of

poor conditions. The speed of

rolling out 10,000 school building

projects is causing headaches

across the country. It inherently

involves compromise. We are under a

time pressure. Should we as a

community allow the waste of $2.5

million? Late today, the government

offered a concession to continue

talks tomorrow. The outcome of

tonight cos like meeting remains to

be St. The state and federal

governments will be humiliated if

staff and parents he did decide to

hand back their handout. The state

Registry has made a

Registry has made a record of

marriages. Number nine it

represents a longevity. This little

boy told 40 hours to arrive into

the world the world. They will be

very stable a motion way and very

well grounded. They well grounded. They will have

abundant domestic was -- support. abundant domestic was -- support.

According to Chinese superstition,

it was a very good day to get

married. Especially at 9am. We are

very lucky to have each other and

our love for last forever for

our love for last forever for star

of nothing is guaranteed. There

among 80 couples that were married

today. Its busiest day on record.

They had been a drop in marriage numbers.

numbers. 7 - 07, 8 - 08 and now 9 -

09 became very popular. She did not

mention any pay rises. One mention any pay rises. One of

Australia's finest actors died

after a brief illness. Ray Barrett

who starred in a score of films. He

has passed away in hospital. He was

in Baslow man's Australia. He

returned from 20 years in Britain.

He starred in the films, 'Don's He starred in the films, 'Don's

Party', 'Goodbye Paradise' and the

'Chant of Jimmy Blacksmith'. A

Queensland cattle farmer has

swapped life on their land and took

Los Angeles. He is a model in

Hollywood. Maitre William Fordyce.

He is a fifth-generation cattle

farmer. It is a long way from the

family farm in central Queensland.

This isn't exactly how the blokes

in his area or dead. A lot of guys

at Higham don't know. He was

countered by an agent in a Gold

Coast pub. I think I am really shy.

I don't talk. Helping him settle in I don't talk. Helping him settle in

as another Australian. With an as another Australian. With an

expanding celebratory portfolio,

this photographer is teaching the

model how to be relaxed. I have to

be relaxed when I am dealing with

people. Otherwise I can't get out

there. They do not know this year.

You have to get right into it. He

has many many offers for

advertisements. There are not many

girls in my mind country town. I am

single. Watch out.

single. Watch out. This remark is

A swimmer is taking a break from A swimmer is taking a break from

the ball. Making his mum proud -

and Jarrod is at the taking his

position as player of the ear. position as player of the ear. A

magazine of maker beef, pepper and spices - MAN: Great Aussie snag - lightly charred on a barbie. Mmm. taste even better And what makes them during our hospital appeal is that every one we sell kids' hospitals all over Australia. will help raise more money for of charity today, That'll be your fifth act wouldn't it, Rodney? I believe so. BOY: Please give generously Hospital Appeal, to the Woolworths Fresh Food Kids and help us help sick kids.

the size of things? What if your hunger decided new XL burgers. Introducing Hungry Jack's Single, double or triple beef, and barbecue sauce. with cheese, bacon The XL burgers. Let your hunger decide the size.

This program is captioned live.

South Sydney chief executive Shane

Richardson will front the Rabbitohs

board tomorrow to deliver his

findings into the now infamous

altercation between coach Jason

Taylor and departing forward David

Fa'alogo. Fa'alogo and his manager

Gavin Orr met with Richardson at the club's headquarters at

lunchtime. But they were remaining

tight lipped. Is it true that Jason

had been hitting you, slapping you,

David? Taylor was just as reluctant

to talk on the red carpet at last night's Dally M awards.

In a boost for the Gold Coast ahead

of their finals clash with the

Broncos, veteran Preston Campbell

has re-signed for another two

seasons. Meanwhile Parramatta coach

Daniel Anderson is hoping Jarryd

Hayne's Dally M medal win will help

inspire his team.

No bubbly for Jarryd Hayne the day

after winning rugby league's most

prestigious award. The Dally M

winner for 2009 is Jarryd Hayne.

(APPLAUSE). With his mum Jodie by

his side, it was the highlight of

Hayne's career. Now his coach hopes

it rubs off as they seek redemption

against the Dragons. Yeah, it's a

great boost for the team. We got

pole-axed last Friday night and to

have Jarryd win the Dally M medal

is a real boost for us. We did get

a bit of a hiding so we need to be

on our game on Sunday or we're

going to get a hiding again. On a

night when league's finest footy

stars and frocks came to the State

Theatre, it was the Eels fullback

who completed a remarkable personal

turnaround. Only last year he was

shot at during a long night at

Kings Cross. But those wild days

are behind him. I'm

are behind him. I'm so proud of him,

how he's grown into a young man now.

He's not that boy anymore, he has

grown into a young man. The other

big winners, the Bulldogs - 7

awards in all heading to Belmore

but the celebrations have been put

on hold. It was just a good night

for the club and nice recognition.

Now it's all done and dusted. We've

just got to get our minds back on

the job at hand this weekend.

Helping with that is injured

playmaker Brett Kimmorley - he took

aim at critics of his replacement

Daniel Holdsworth. I know there's

been a lot of pressure on the team

for changes and for DJ not to be

picked in the side. But he's the

best halfback we've got at the club

at the moment and we need to

understand for him to play well we

all need to play well. Kimmorley

still targeting a comeback in week

three of the finals. Britain's

great tennis hope, Andy Murray, has

crashed out of the US Open. He was

outplayed by Croatia's Marin Cilic

who's moved into the quarter finals.

Rafael Nadal also won through after

a first set hiccup. Kim Clisjters'

became the first unseeded player in

a decade to reach the semi finals.

She'll play second seed, Serena Williams.

Right from the start Andy Murray

looked out of sorts. He battled to

find a line early on, blowing two

set points. Marin Cilic pounced.

From there the Scotsman capitulated.

He could manage to win only four

more games. The big Croatian racing

through the next two sets. Last

year's finalist once again failing

to live up to his pre-slam hype. By

M de sub-prime did in. Clients

don't know how long or rather

quicker it will take me to get

overact. Another big upset looked

on the cards in the night match -

Australian coach Roger Rasheed had

Gael Monfils all fired up and he

won the first set in a tie-break.

But like he always does, Rafael

Nadal found something extra. After

levelling it, Monfils called for

the trainer. The Spaniard sensed

the opportunity - the Frenchman

eventually hit the skids. The third

seed prevailing in four and also

re-claiming the world number two

ranking. Nadal will play Fernando

Gonzalez who was so disgusted with

his early form he was ready to walk

but like Nadal he fought back from

a set down to knock out a Frenchman

- Jo Wilfried Tsonga. And Comeback

queen Kim Clijsters will square off

against Serena Williams for a spot

in the women's final. With her

husband watching on, the Belgian

easily dispatched of 18th seed Li

Na. Williams powered past Italian

Flavia Pennetta. She has and that

faced where she is here to do

business, but that does not mean

you don't have a chance.

Triple Olympic Gold medallist Libby

Trickett is contemplating

retirement from swimming for a

possible career in the media. The

24-year-old was at Parramatta Eels

training today undertaking work

experience as a part of her

journalism studies. Trickett

confirmed via a statement that

she's currently taking a break from

training and will use the time off

to decide whether she'll continue

on to the 2012 Olympics in London.

The Athlete at the centre of a

gender storm has undergone a make-

over. Caster Semenya has been given

a new look, courtesy of South

Africa's 'You' magazine. The 800-

metre world champion thinks all the

attention is a joke. Certainly

thousands of fans aren't put off by

the controversy. I can't wait to

tell my dad I shook hands with Mr

Mandela. Semenya is expected to

learn the results of gender tests

ordered by world athletics

officials within days.

And tomorrow night on Ten news -

the bush lad who's started all over

again after nasty farm accident. I

say that he has not slowed it down

at all. He has made a bit of a

detour in his life. Now he's a

world champion water skier. That's

tomorrow night on Ten News.

In Sports Tonight at 9:30 on ONE,

we'll see how the Melbourne Storm's

Adam Blair fare's at the NRL

judiciary as he bids to beat his

chicken wing charge.

The latest on the M are two.

People will get home late out in

the North West. This is the build-

up behind the breakdown. It goes

all the way back to Lane Cove Road.

Tim Bailey's next with all the

weather details.

This program is captioned live.

A community care which is 80 years

the young. That team have played my favourite spot.

We are doing it and live from the

Jubilee Park. In in Khaleda. Every

Saturday and Sunday, the air is

thick with hockey. Say hello to the

Gleed hockey club who turned 80

years of age next year. The suburb

of and Libra than 150 this year --

the suburb of Khaleda.

The family club? It really is. 80

years we are next year. We have

lots of families and the kids start

from to make years and go up to two

very old. One of our players played

100 games. We are not mucking

around. Have a look at these do it

here. You say family, enormous

success with your men's team. What

I love about your club it started

at grassroots levels. You men's

team had been playing all the way

through. First-grade have one of

three premierships in the last five

years. All those guys have come

right through from juniors. There

are brothers. One of them, started

in at the very first grade. At a

round of applause. Has he woken up

yet? No, he has not. He is still

asleep. You know, the weekend is

going to be sensational. He does

not care. I hope you do, 27 to 30

degrees on Saturday and Sunday for

Sydney. 21-22 tomorrow. On Friday,

it starts to warm up. Around 25-27.

Big blue skies coming to your place.

Cloud over the South East,

generating showers in south-eastern

NSW, eastern parts of Victoria and

Tasmania. A high pressure system

will clear showers from the South

Jie Zheng keeps the rest are

generally sunnier. Wind developing

in the SA and the WA. Drive for

virtually all the NSW and

Queensland. This is in the

grassroots of the Glebe District Hockey Club Qui club.

Congratulations. Happy birthday. 80

years of next year. I am glad it's

fine on Sunday, we have to Julian

Thames in the Grand Final. Best - Julia and Thames.

If you like to be involved, get to

our website. Thank you very much.

That kid is like me, he can sleep

through anything. That's Ten News

for now, I'm Sandra Sully. I'm Bill

Woods, thanks for your company.

We'll have updates throughout the

evening before the Late news with

Sports Tonight at 10.30 Goodnight.

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